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tv   [untitled]    August 23, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm AST

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way people empower the bay of pigs on al jazeera. ah, me, this is al jazeera. ah, hello from ha. how am i here with you are coming up for you in the next 60 minutes . violence. coble airports, western security forces and afghan guards engage in a fire fight with on identified gunman. as the evacuation goes on, the taliban says it will not accept the extension of the august 31st deadline. the western forces to withdraw a rear storm lashes, the north eastern region all be united states flooding booths,
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leading thousands without power, and more than $12000000.00 people in syria and iraq or losing access to water agencies born. this might make things worse for the struggling region. and i'm fine . how much would the memorable moment for one of your top football clubs by munich salute the legendary gold cora and then the latest strike? another record. mm hm. we begin in afghanistan, where the taliban says us and allied forces must leave the country by the august 31st deadline. as agreed, thousands of troops are deployed in cobble where they're carrying out. it's the biggest humanitarian air list. any history. the evacuations have been chaotic,
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and there are reports that on identify gunman have killed a man at campbell airports during the fall fight involving western security forces . were you as president joe biden says, his forces have expanded the perimeter around the airport to accelerates the evacuation process. and while those evacuations orange away, the telephone says it has sent sciences to sheer to cancer and taliban forces. the group says it's looking to negotiate rather than fights. well, for more or less, let's start at the airports. we can speak nodes. i'll just leave charlotte bellis he joins as on the phone at charlotte. you're at the airport. just give us a sense of what the situation is like right now. why? where about 500 meters from the north gate, which is where everybody's been off still has been the last few days been asked to go to thousands and thousands of people trying to get through the gate and shot
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that we have western security. she's looking them from, from the same line, but there's really no movement. it is incredibly hot down here the, the hydrogen which, where we've moved down to where the normal that's being controlled by special t, a funded unit. used to come under the intelligence school. they have been shooting in pair gun shop to the crowds and they are essentially controlled in this area between the gate that is shot and the taliban. and get to this area. we had 3 tele bombs, which i had to give you a little bit of appreciation of really how hard it is. if you have a us citizenship, what any type of waste in the back to leave it back to when you get through. this is charlotte were all for hearing reports of
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a fire fight to the airport. i appreciate your call in the crush right now. and it sounds like a very challenging situation to put it mildly, but have you and your team learns anything more about not fire fights at the airports. we understand one person has been killed. we did ask about that at the north gate where it was supposed to have happened. people that have been here to the cases and things that people have set up here. they said there was a big fight, but it happened late yesterday and that they were involved in that they were involved in the client. i wrote down the most some a lot of confusion, but there's also a lot of wire happening. just had a crowd of people in front of it. it is and asking
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and title, and there are children here. they are a woman here. i'm ok, charlotte bellis will let you go and try and get to a place of safety if it exists. but thank you for giving us a sense of the chaos and anarchy happening around campbell airport. we appreciate it speaks in well, let's say crossover, and i see rob mcbride's he is life for as a combo. rob, we've been hearing about the ongoing chaos there at the airport. but another interesting development that has happens in the last iris. so is that taliban announcements that is not going to extend the deadline for western forces? she would draw a just rather interesting is it not given a lot of the discussion in us in the us in the u. k. is all about trying to stay there as long as necessary to get people light. what more are you hearing?
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yeah, i mean it's interesting wording about the taliban giving permission to extend it for them to give permission to mean this deadline has been something of a movable feast. remember that made the 1st with that is the 1st deadline for us and native policies to withdraw from afghanistan that was agreed under the piece deal with the taliban under the trump administration last year. and i also was part of that deal. the taliban agreed to talk to the i struck on the government at the time. well, they didn't hold those talks. so invited jo 5 denounced that april. he was extending the deadline to the symbolically important september 11th. they felt justified in doing so that the thinking being well, if the taliban can break the deal, we can break it to 5 and extend the deadline. and then this august, the 31st deadline was again a put in place by jo bite. and that was put in place in july, he brought forward effectively his own deadline. and so he set it to august the
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31st. if he set it, then presumably he could onset it, which he seems to be doing. now because of what's going on at the boat, also at the urging of boris johnson, the u. k. so what do, what the taliban will do? everybody is unclear. they have said they won't allow it extension. it's a red line. they have in the past that when they extend to the last time they were going to target us forces, they didn't do that. it remains very doubtful that they would do it at this stage because they have an awful lot of other concerns. rather than a continuing scrap with the americans, they've got a countries around, they've got to get a country to get in order. they've got to deal with relations with their neighbors . try to freeze assets abroad and everything else that running the country involved . so you do get a sense that well, the other got to talk tough. they probably, it's in everybody's interest that they do give us the u. k and its allies. that the extra days it needs to get the people out and the taliban can get on with running
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the country will be, have to get on with running the country. as he said this also rumblings about it's a nascent resistance movement. will more, can you tell us about this? yeah, this is in the pan g valley that's north of cobble. it's. that is the traditional home of resistance to the taliban. it was the home of the northern alliance 20 years ago. that was the spring board for the us to intervene after the twin towers came down as sweet the taliban from power. so it was the natural place that a resistance would fall. and again, it's the son of the to the line of punch, who is something of a hero, especially among the g community resistance fighter. he has been in the past year with around 2002500 troops. and also a couple of government ministers from the collapsed regime. but it's, it's difficult to say how serious
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a resistance this is. there is speculation that masoud may have been in negotiations to to basically put down their arms and to support the government that seems to have gone away. there might be some resistance, but we do know that the taliban themselves are taking this seriously and they pretty much surrounded the valley with superior forces. so it is something of a stand off, but it remains to be seen if the resistance has the force to survive this. ok, bob nick, right there. joining us live from kabul with the latest developments. thank you, rolled i'll just say it was charles stradford has more on the evacuation efforts over ghana, stun heading east towards cobble airport. this flight is part of an international effort to move thousands of people out of afghanistan because they are afraid of the new rulers of their country that has suffered decades of war. for about an hour, which is 2 and
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a half journey over to libel. this is the call goes late on board, i drove it. fedex expected to return a call to see the whole of their country. we land on the nato controlled side at the airport. the situation is calm, fall removed from the chaos outside the privilege offense, controlled by the taliban. long lines of africans wait in single file to bold the plains. these are some of the 10s of thousands of people try to flee. cobble today we arrived here, i suppose about half an hour ago. they're all full, military and civil chinese, the loading up with people. so they are too afraid to remain in this country. i think this is devastating to the,
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the 50 that i called home the city that gave me the chance to be why i think there's a lot of roy emotions, these are really emotion i live by. and a lot of memories are not a contradiction that a lot of been a lot of suffering. but yet cobble gave us the threat somehow. and that's what you're seeing here is the pre mother probably being forced beneath all about what maybe act it's all about, of course have said that they will be no reprisals against people who works with policies or western media organizations for days that family members speak to people,
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i don't believe that according to so i'm assuming they're all tens of thousands of people who over the last 4 years of work with nato, who have worked itself with western media. and it is these people that you see here today when all the way off as a ride. the last few minutes we've seen helicopters landing also, it's our arrival situation. but there is a lot of tension as what is being described as one of the largest l. if history continues katara has the air lifted sizes of people from off can stand and is hosting them before they're moved on to other countries. many of the evacuees are being housed here in doha, and they've been speaking to odyssey with lower birth and manly about everything they've left behind. if they come on, the kill you or maybe injure you, what will be happened for our family?
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speaking from the vacuum compound in doha, that her asked for high density to be disguised, fearing taliban reprisals against her family, which is my mom, had sick. i was take care of her because he had the operation. oh, he's alone with my sister, my father. broader your body above your such mission. this compound has been built for the football walk up 2022. but now it's filled with about $500.00 african refugees. few expect to the taliban takeover over going to be so rapid. when the army group took the country, cut out in the u. s. military organized evacuation flights from couples. as soon as the next flight arrived, we would have 800 evacuees evacuated through this process. most of them i should say, are female students or kids or families,
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in addition to journalists. now for those we have this accommodation we're in, can, i mean, currently it's almost maximum capacity currently towards around $500.00 plus. and we're currently preparing an over compound that can accommodate even a bigger number. category authorities have set up a cobit 19 testing center and organized truckloads to supplies the about q. we also had special arrangements to support the children. i was led to the temporary home, the group of 7 girls, or 20 years old, born in the same year that the u. s. had invaded afghanistan and overthrown the taliban. they escaped together a one point holding hands in the crowded airport while their lives were under constant threat to marguerite. please area or i have no choice to shoot you.
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so i take that you, you are your commander. it is said is that they have to deal with protect has there are some international people living in the, on the stone. so i will be concerned if everybody louise and taliban has complete control. and then the 2 colors, the true side would be shown. the other side of the story there's we are the generation that we grow up in the 21st century. we're open minded when school high school university. and we pose a like a like a direct threat to them. when i asked what hope they had the future, they told me they can't look forward only back at the people they left behind and to focus on getting them to safety. lore about mentally odyssey era to us president joe biden says the air lifting of americans and vulnerable afghans is
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accelerated on 28000 people have been air listed from comp, will airport since the taliban to control the capital. the lavelle was more he was supposed to be concentrating on a hurricane, but all the journalists wanted to know about was this. the discuss a lot with tommy bon. that's the question he's been asked again and again. i think the august 31st deadline, will you extend that deadline assign from president biden's got a movable date, might not be movable. after all, there's discussions going on among us and the military about extending our hope is we will not have to extend. the pictures have been dramatic and heartbreaking. babies born on planes as families flee some dying as they cling to jets, taking off others trembled to death outside the airport. a massive, logistical, and humanitarian nightmare. we are approving that we can move the thousands of
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people a day out of couple. and a lot could still go wrong to move out 30000 people. and just over a week, as a great testament to the men and women on the ground and campbell and arm services domestically, president biden is being hammered from those who prefer donald trump was a complete and total surrender. and embarrassing failure to believe that those who really didn't terrorist organizations that want to attack the united states now have an entire country as a sanctuary from which to do so. i've even by his own people pose out here showing president biden's approval is down to 50 percent. another poll said he dropped 8 points on last month. the general consensus among americans, they do approve of the withdraw. just not the way the president is handling it. 26 countries have now agreed to take refugees and once they leave, cobble and efforts are really pressure on the current processing centers which are reaching capacity before they brought to the us. i've been
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a personal contact with the leaders in many countries, including cutter, germany, spain, italy, you a and others. they're making vital contributions for many traps in carbo with no way out. that seems a long way away. my heart vague for those, those people you see those terrified of the taliban are less interested in sympathy . they wants action now and to get out as quickly as they can fill of el al jazeera washington. thank you more still ahead only use our including us vice president come harris is in singapore as part of efforts to strengthen the tale with science . asia will bring you a, an update on that story on lincoln's old a bit of festival, despite a cold with 19 look thing. i'm kale, fixing. the french match is as fans and explain what triggered the
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trouble lisa in ah, china says it's closely following developments in afghanistan. it's foreign ministry has just held a news conference and said most chinese nationals have safely returned home. the government says is prepared to work with the taliban. ok. so jim, case on poll. we hope it's going to stay and conform and inclusive and open government, which adopts a phone and domestic policy that's prudent and moderate, where we hope elected the will of the people in an international community. let's get one from katrina you. she joins us live from beijing. katrina just explains a bit more about this. the policy china has on afghanistan, we heard the wishlist and from the foreign ministry spokesman, but they are prepared to work with the taliban for no.
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that's why china has been maintaining close communication with the taliban in the lead up to its takeover of afghanistan. china is really concerned about how this is going to play out for china and for the region. it's looking at this as one possible opportunity for beijing, for example, looking at maybe expanding it's i could talk economic investments in the country, looking at some minerals or resources in the country that wants to really stay close to the taliban in case it can make the most of those opportunities, but at the same time, china is really very anxious about this situation. it doesn't want to see the country become a hot bed for extremism and for terrorism, especially because china shows a very small border. we're going to start in the past separatists have use this border to enter china's she's young region. so trying to really wants to look at
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what it can do to play a role in afghanistan reconstruction, so that it might help to maintain stability in the region. but also, so it can protect and potentially expand its or an interest. and at the same time, while china says it's looking to work with the taller bond, it's also looking at this opportunity as basically a p opportunity to criticize the us and point out that this is an example of us failure and us unreliability. and the reason above the u. s. argument would be that there withdrawing, so they can focus more on countering china. and this all comes, of course, as the vice president heads to the region, how are the chinese reacting to this? well, tyler doesn't like it. of course, china sees the asia pacific region, the asia region as its own backyard, and in the long term, china wants to become the most powerful and the most influential player in this
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region. so it wants to sort of capitalize and what's happening in afghanistan and say, well, how can we use this as a sort of power vacuum that the u. s. is leaving not only in terms of the us leaving its millet, its military absence, but also in terms of trying to instead emphasizing its own power and emphasizing its own capability with the withdrawal of the us in mind. so you do have couple of hours going around to some of these countries that are very close to china geographically and trying to see that and is seeing it as the time for china to really step up and demonstrate its own power. and so what we saw on the weekend, for example, was trying to testing out to brand new short range missiles, which it says can bypass electro magnetic interference. now, the aging has been a bit coin thing where or when they might use this new weaponry. but it's very clear that this new weaponry can be used in the south trying to see it can be used
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against taiwan, which aging sees as its own rogue province, for example. so trying to, in one way is kind of saying, look, you might have come la harris in singapore, but look at the honest on this could be a warning to countries. this is what aging is saying that rely on the u. s. for military and security support that they should not count on the u. s. but maybe they should be turning more towards beijing or at least heating. what aging sees as the line or the direction that the asia pacific region should go in. and at the very least thing, twice before. antagonizing beijing. ok. katrina you there. bring in the view from china. thank you very much indeed. katrina yes. vice president come. harris is in singapore. to reaffirm washington lines is in the asia pacific region. harrison's match with the thing, a pre and president and prime minister. you discuss number of issues including
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teachers, islands, and china. see the crisis in me and my and the situation in afghanistan. there is no question there will be and should be a robust analysis of what has happened. but right now, there is no question that our focus has to be on a vacuum waiting, american citizens, afghans who worked with us and vulnerable afghans, including women and children. that has to be our primary focus and where we are placing our attention on the issue of afghan assent. and to that end, we have seen a successful draw down of the embassy. and thankfully, without any american casualties. the china cl, competing claims in countries around this is on the agenda for the report. some call them for us. vice president kamala harris's visit to southeast asia,
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is part of a u. s. outreach to asia. now in a news conference on monday in singapore, vice president harris talked about the us as commitment to a free and open in the pacific region, and particularly to maintaining freedom of navigation in the south china sea. this is a body of water which is important, not only because it's a trade route, but because it's resource rich and china has laid claimed to large parts of it. there are also several countries in the region that have competing claims over the south china sea. and it's increasingly turning into a security flashpoint, partly because china has grown more certain it's claims. and partly because china views the freedom of navigation operations conducted by the u. s. navy, in the south china sea as provocative. now, commonly harris's visit is intended to signify 2 countries in the region that the u . s. is committed to keeping a rules based international order and in keeping the south china sea open. now,
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part of the u. s. policy will be about strengthening ties with countries in the region. so the u. s. can be seen as a counterweight to china's growing influence. now, how is china viewing visit? while china's official sin one use agency portrayed harris's visit as a drive to contain china. and it also describes the us approach as outdated cold war thinking intended to create division and confrontation. now one of the things that harris will have to contend with during her visit is answering questions about of gonna start collapse and answering questions about us as credibility and commitment in keeping his foreign policy promises. in the us, at least 23 people have been killed. shoeing floods with central tennessee, you know, the 430 millimeters of rain fell on today. shattering a previous records rescue crews is searching for dozens are still missing. the power to hampton move efforts, floods forced away roads, destroyed homes,
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and tropical storm on re, is battering a stretch of the northeastern coast of the united states, just hours after being downgraded from a hurricane. millions of people embracing for flash floods, violent winds, and power cuts. john henry is in montauk in new york. on re rolled into rhode island on massive waves making a rare and raucous landfall in new england. downgraded from a hurricane on sunday, unrestricted new york before becoming the 1st tropical storm to land in the smallest state in 30 years, threatening the north east coast of the us on re reserved the brent of its fury. for rhode island, snapping trees like twigs in kent, exploding electrical transformers in newport and battering in beaching boats in jamestown. president biden declared a state of emergency in new york, connecticut,
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and rhode island. and while new englanders are used to dealing with some tough weather. this storm has potential for widespread consequences across the region with significant flooding power outages that could affect hundreds of thousands of people. and so we're doing everything we can now to help those states prepare, respond, and recover for a broad swath of the atlantic coast. that process has already begun. the storms spared the worst for a long island, which fear to direct hit, but it's still whipped up high winds and high waves. and here is elsewhere. it's the water that's causing concern. storm waters flooded streets from hoboken, new jersey to western rhode island and left tens of thousands without power. still some in its wake say it might have been worse. today. we've got a direct hit basically from hurricane henry or tropical storm and re winds are pretty high this morning. power stayed on almost all the way through. we just lost
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it about, i would say about an hour ago. but other than that, we have no property damage at our place. we got very lucky, but on re isn't finished yet, as it slowly winds its way up the new england coastline, leaving a path of torrential rain, wreckage, and ruin. john hinder and al jazeera montague, new york. phil heads on al jazeera, the fight for several months in point engines. people are preparing to march on the capital foss, so it really takes a short cut just a day to the start of the took your parallel picks. we'll have more with santa later. ah.
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hello there. there's still a lot of dry and sunny weather to be found in southern parts of europe over the coming days. but it is going to feel slightly cooler as temperatures lower and they already have across northern areas thanks to a weather system that's working its way across those central areas of europe. now that where the systems pulled away from the british isles and move in areas of france, the things are looking more settled and sunny here, but it's looking very wet. indeed, for parts of germany, we've got a red alert off for the east and we saw severe flooding here last month. we could see more of that in the days ahead. for poland, we've got thunder showers and heavy down pools on tuesday, and the weather moves further east as we go into wednesday. so it's going to be better or worse. ukraine and parts of western russia that see some heavy downpours in the days to come. we're also seeing if you shop a thunderstorm sweeping across more than areas of a city, but it is looking fine and dry down in the south grief seeing a lot of sunshine come through the temperature in athens. so.


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