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tv   [untitled]    August 23, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm AST

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revolution. remember, you can find much more on our website address, but that is our to so you don't comb lighthearted stories plus, of course that focus on afghanistan view. check it on the website slots. more so for come, stay with us. i here with al jazeera, a quick reminder over top stories for you know, the taliban says it will not extend the deadline for western forces to leave afghanistan. us presidents, jo, biting this under pressure to keep american troops on the ground beyond august 31st to continue evacuation efforts of mcbride reports from compo this deadline is something of a movable feast. originally it was that it may the 1st or event, but that was under the trump administration piece. deal with the taliban last year
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. now as part of that deal, the taliban agreed to whole talk with the then afghan government. they didn't tell talk. so joe biden felt justified, i think in april when he extended the deadline to the symbolically very important september 11th. now, since then, they by name july brought the deadline forward to august the 31st. so he set that deadline in theory, he can now unset it at the taliban, has threatened before with the extension of deadlines, etc, that it would take action. it would target us troops. i think it remains to be seen . whether that's going to happen. the world health organization says 500 tons of medical aid for f. galveston are stuck in the u. a because of the kale, so that the couple our ports says critical supplies will run nights in 10 days. china says it's closely following developments in afghanistan. it's foreign ministry is calling for the formation of an inclusive government page. it says it's prepared to work with the taliban. u. s. regulators granted full approval to
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advisors can go to virus vaccine emergency approval was granted in december. the decision that could boost the vaccine rollouts by convincing more unvaccinated americans to get the job. millions of people in vietnam's commercial hub who sheeman city are born from leaving their homes for at least 2 weeks. police and soldiers been deployed to enforce the countries and severe coven restrictions, yet infections of sewing, at $737.00 people have died in just 24 hours the highest since the panic began. and at least 22 people have been killed during flood from the us state of tennessee, as follows, record rainfall on saturday. i school crews searching for dozens are still missing, but power cuts are hampering. those efforts will move all the headlines to keep it here on al jazeera, talked to al jazeera is coming up. next. the taliban has taken control scanner.
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20 years also, it was supposed from power. the country now faces a new reality. how will that impact the people as events unfold in the world react day with the latest news and analysis format? with me, the international conflicts have for hundreds of thousands of people to flee the homelands over centuries, forming migration would that shape today's global diplomatic policies. with widespread conflict across the middle east, many people risk all they have to get to europe seeking safety and a better future by sea and by land. and although the most common route to europe is across the mediterranean sea, a new one appears to be opening to the border between ballard and it extends from the baltic. states of latvia lit way near to poland,
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brussels as accused battle russian president alexander kush anchor of attempting to destabilize the block with a hybrid war, using migrants as a weapon. i'm sorry, class and, and vilnius modern, 4000 miles away from ballard. so far this year and footage recently released bite and it's wayne border got services, a family show migrant. i've been forced into the country by bella was security forces you officials to help emergency talk to discuss and integrated with funds. while the cons, we have to clear an emergency of travel through the way the and capital to see what lies ahead, diplomatically and also at a humanitarian level. this away the prime minister in geneva, she will need to talk to al jazeera, a miscellaneous, a prime minister in monica. thank you so much for talking, sarah. thank you for having you. you've called at a high with war with bella,
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both people from iraq, from different countries being sent deliberately to the border of your country. how is this organized, who is behind it, and what is the role of president alexander lucas shanker? in this? first of all, they are invited to be arrests, and we've seen the attempt of look shanker regime to get more roots that with fly over to misc we, we hear about negotiations with countries, for example, like pakistan and others opening gulf of, of new new new roots we know that the travel agencies that are close to regime because whole sort of business is close to regime in that country, are also part of it. and when we see on the bill or sion propaganda tv, a military guy commencing the option of opening up
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of belarus as a tourist destination. these are the sounds a little bit. we're not mentioning the people, the uniform people that we physically see at our borders. also in this attempt of people from iraq or other countries, what time to to, to cross the border needle, or you could vince that alex on the look of shank and russian officials are personally involved. he simply declare that, that he will flood european union of a quote with drugs and my france, and that was his threat. so of course, you have to take all the worth of look a shank with a doze off, critical thinking. but when he did that threat, right, yeah. do you believe that he was actually going to do it? well, you can never rule out anything. he's saying, given that we already seen number off or illegal migrants
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highest in comparison to, to last year. and there was a video that i think was widely seen also on, on different media resources were actually uniform. people in the riot police uniform were trying to push people into the country. and as a matter of fact, they themselves have crossed the border and they themselves can committed criminal offense on and our criminal court. this is not just the game of look a shank or his black male on european union trying to press european union to sort of lift up the sanction really hurting his regime. but there is more to this because, and that's time of the year a little bit later. but the preparations are ongoing. there is a military exercise. we're b, l, a russian, the russian army is about dissipating it up. yes. and this is not the 1st time this is happening and every time this is happening,
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we are at high level of alert because we know a lot for some countries. unfortunately, the borders are conditional thing. and we've seen the proof of that in 2008 and soccer law in 2014 and in ukraine you say in this way, nor is alert in what way are you prepared for an incident, the military aggression, anything that you just mentioned, that's something that is not only for us, but also for our international partners, and we are in very close and day to day cooperation on, on the situation. so are there for example reinforcement from nate to at the moment in lithuania, to prevent possible? well, i don't think that i can't speak about the details but, but i know that we are on a very close cooperation with, with our partners on day to day business. and of course everybody's watching about closely. we have people who are already present here and the level of
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information or alertness of, of our partners. i think it's at the, at, at the right level, you really stood up for the opposition and bella was right. you have actually given protection to a position data line, a ticket sky. you have stood up also for the human rights violations against human rights violations happening in bellows. how far is lithuania willing to go to, to take it to keep that position? because it's costing you a lot at the, at the same time, right? migrants coming into the country, you have to deal with more than 4000 people at the moment. sanctions, bella was of course, was also an important partner trading part for the the way, the yeah. so how far can this pressure go until you know, you can go any further? well, i think that i've had the puzzling when, when people say that we are supportive to be rational position. i would claim that
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that lucas shank with opposition to his own nation. and in this case, i very much doubt that there is any majority behind. look shanker any more because similar things happened 10 years ago or 15 years ago, and it was a habit of lucas ankle to deal some people then trade them for some benefits and that's how he kept going. but i think after 2020 there is a certain point of no return and the not live union position. i mean if union is in the position, definitely, and we are strong advocates office position about this position of european union. and there was no disagreement in the block, but you know, next door, you're right physically we are next door. yes. but the same arguments held where there was a debate about russia imposing sanctions. i would say on home, people after crimea, where europe and union and post sanctions and,
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and russia and both factions that made foot more expensive or some, some products that usually came from european union, unaccessible for, for, for russian people. so this was not the faction against european union by the sanctions, against against the russia people, but still there was impacts on, on the trades that we had a big part of re export because the geographically we close, the big part of free export went to, to russia, there was a decent share of agricultural production that went to russia and we had to pay this. is that too expensive for us? but, you know, when you deal with the markets that are no rule of law, countries that are not stable regimes where you can be sure that your rights will be protected. that there is a court system that the functioning about. the private property is respected, then you might get higher returns. but the risks that you have usually
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much higher than in this boring europe where, where we recommend our, our, our businesses and our, our companies to put preference. so there is still some business interest, but people should know that they come with high risk. but why do you do it? why? why have you stood up so so strongly against what's happening and bellows? is it? is it, is it a human rights issue for you democracy issue or is it also security issues? we know that when you have no rule of law just behind your borders, it's always a danger for, for your own interest. so that's why we've been vocal for eastern partnerships for so many years. we think that we are a good good model to watch that actually you can free the country and that soviet type of economy where everything is under a central plan. the, again, as it looks like a big, you know, a, a bicker sort of a mechanical thing. but within it you see that while income in the baltic,
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countries are increasing by 20 percent in 5 years. do have a decrease of real income in baylor, as of 20 percent doing the same time you are on the front line, right? yes. you can only do this. lithuania is a relatively small country. you can only do this if you have the backing, the full backing of the european union. and you have that european union, a took very reasonable towns and very reasonable negotiations position, for example, with iraq, which is very important because all arguments so to say in front of countries of origin somewhat limit that may be but your opinion has quite strong arguments. when it deals with the countries for what you mean is that there was a context with iraq, right? to prevent direct flights from back to 2 minutes to continue. so people couldn't so easily go to bed as before. it's not just about their flights and limitation of
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flights because i don't know how the government was about how the people are being used for the goals that have nothing to do with the welfare of those people. at this situation they had just used as an instruments for very evil intentions that this about this final question question. let's talk about the people right. that we also met them in several camps. of course. yeah, lithuania, small country not really prepared. right for more than 4000 people arriving. so the situations are quite difficult for them. people have told us, like we escape a prison like they described a situation in northern iraq as living in a prison. now we're here in a prison as well. how is this possible? we are in europe and we're locked up. how are you going to deal with all these people and humanitarian needs? not that this country has
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a very big problem to accommodate 4000 people. no. but because during the be on the russian crisis after the election force in august, i don't know a couple of 1000 people came here. some may be crossing the border, illegally like that, like those people, some special to mentor in these us. and it's not a problem for this country, whatever small it is to, to host $4000.00 people. the problem is that we were never on the whatever route off migration. so the cases that were happening on our border were either easily manageable for us, or they were manageable at the, at the border health. now we have a different situation when people from different countries, the rocky wrong african countries will study in minutes. and all of a sudden decided that they may be, might also try to, to,
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to cross the border. decided to come here. but they know they are doing this illegally. i mean, they know they are doing this illegally. yes, there is a technical. they didn't because they said we got a visa in mince and they were promised that it was easy then to talk man. so this is not the know, but the people were not well informed about, well, and i think they were not well informed intentionally, because as a matter of fact, they were mis informed. but if you say we can actually handle more than 4000 people, why are they in such a dire situation than right now? well, the problem is that the risk of procedure that you need to undergo, even if you want to request the file. and from what i can guess, there will be a limited number of people who will actually be able to ground bear their request political asylum because they are, they can be persecuted for political views or, or some, some, some other activities. and most of people most probably are coming go because they
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just want to live in a different country most probably somewhere in the and western union. so this is not the ground for, for asylum. but they're out of course procedures that we need to undergo. and we will be undergoing yes, the reset logistical issue that we need to host people somewhere until their, their requests are being processed. and you think they're being treated in a, in a proper humanitarian way. we know that there are all sorts of problems because nobody was prepared to have a big number of people with kids, of different health conditions, not speaking a language that we can speak. and there are all sorts of problems that come from it . but we, we are trying to move as soon as we can s s. s move as we can in trying to make those conditions better. there are so many people who live in,
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in the border crossing points. we are trying to read as many houses modem houses as we can to sort of put people in a better situation. we have a special center in, in our country. and you all know that deals with people who are already on the integration programs and they know how to teach the kids. they know how to treat the families they, they have this experience, but they do not have a capacity to locate them. so we're increasing the capacity and as soon as we do it in a couple of weeks, we will shift people from, from the places where they are. we are trying to arrange interpreters because the very big problem is that people are, we have no documents. so we need to identify them to sort of register them to know who they are, what are their special features and what we can do about it. but at the same time, the government has decided to not let anyone enter anymore, right? the moment since the beginning of august,
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people have been pushed back. more than 1000 people have been sent back from the border. what is the legal base for this? because lithuania has also adopted the un convention for refugees. so the red cross and other international organizations are worried that you're violating this international agreement. well, i know that the debate, but there are so many international obligations that our country is trying to fulfill. and one of the obligations is to guard the eastern border of european union and the change in agreement, and also the support people's human right. yes, but then we need to, to see what is the proper way to do this. there is a convention about the human ride, but the convention does not say that anyone can cross whatever border at any point of time because they will to do so. if you think that you have a ground to appeal for asylum, then there are legal ways of loading the document against the union government in
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a border crossing point. and also now at the embassies and belarus, is not a country that i would deem to be unsafe. for iraqi people who are coming, they are with these us for terrific purposes. i understand what you mean, but at the moment people are being pushed back. the battle russians are not letting them back in. they're pushing them back again. so people are basically locked up in the middle between the 2 countries. warning shots are being fired that were fleer being hurt by the valuation officials. i wouldn't call that a safe situation to send people in to, well, yes, but we also need to ensure that this does not open up new ways and means for lucas shank or to invent call. they can press on our country more than these people are victims of a political situation that they have no understanding of, but they're still human beings, right? yes, this is something i agree with, but the border crossing points were legally you can present your asylum case
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because if this is like, you know, nobody, nobody is guarding the border. so then we are just administrating whatever number of people are coming here illegally. and i must stress that, and i think be the big problem is that people are in be legally in contrast to what is happening here. they are legal, they have please of the documents that some of them decided to abandon because they were recommended to do so. but this is a very delicate situation. what i'm struggling to understand is the double standard is in the way bell, russian, people who have been fleeing the country are most welcome here. right? to accept them here. the people who are coming from iraq and other countries, maybe even also from afghanistan, are being sent back in this, into a situation into a country that you already have described as being unsafe. so it's a double kind of treatment. well, i would say that b, r is unsafe country for b,
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o r s, children list, civil society activists. and of the people who have a descending opinion from the regime. this, i say, is safe country. but take those people who come to be us on their own. will they buy a visa, the by a trip and the well as far as they come, they asked us as is there a sort of major intention the, i don't think there is a major safety concern and this quite different. i would not see that the both tumbled. i would say that the order doesn't shooting out water does not help, but 1st and foremost, people come to the country. and this would be a very, a very smart thing to rethink that wise because i know that there are still options that are still marketed among iraqi people to to come to be all the rest of wire, for example, connecting roots in, in other places like symbol others,
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but the bus, any 11 to find himself or herself in this situation. i don't know, i would not like to do now. also concerned of course about what's happening and i've gone east and right. and you already set are the governments that there are concern step look shanker, will use these people also to come to your board or what, what you, what you do with them. well, i would not relate the i've gotten some situation directly to lucas shank or will of doing or not doing something. yes, he can try to deal with taliban and open up the route from couple to to minutes. but. but i think the major concern is that there will be a broader problem with migration, and this will not be a specifically live union problem. but i think that this is something in the europe in union should be prepared also on traditional rules of migration. but you are
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a new route and it's a possibility of what we want to say that there is no new route. how are you going to present that day? well, because people who are coming here for political reasons, and we know that a might be people coming from, i've gotten the sense for political reasons that are people that we want ourselves to help them and coming to, to talk to our country. ah, they still will be able to come because this is what the conventions about refugees is about. you are planning to build this long fence right. 500 kilometers long at your 760 long kilometer border with bell ruse. you need money for that right from the you. during a meeting with the interior minister, there was this call for money to build this wall. will this sort of be possible that you will make this country into sort of a fortress against the outside world or unfortunately, it can happen. i don't know whether you will rethink the stands to
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finance the sort of investment. so we, that's a mind to implement this project, whatever. i think your opinion will have to rethink its strategy because it's not just the problem of the countries that are at the border. because usually they would serve as a transit countries for, for other countries. essentially high level of welfare to finally host the people who are legally crossing. and this becomes a very easy, very easy way than we all know about. this is not, this is not what, what is in the interest of european union because there should be rules. we think in what way you said you should, we think it's, it's regulation so well, i think if there is a need and of course this can be disputed and debated and agreed upon some, some, some special special mechanism. but if there is a need to have a physical border,
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then it to my opinion, it also should be considered for eligible for, for finance. does that you also support the pushback that the government is doing right now? well, i don't think that somebody could support activities while you know, some people are feeling may be unsafe and disappointed. but so there is a balance between 2 things because european union would not support us in not being able to protect the boarder. either we might a 17 year old young man from iraq from northern iraq. his name was ali, yes. him and one of the camps and he said, my dream is to study in this way and wants to become a chemist. what are his chances? well, the ra visa for studying as well. so when he's in one of the camps right now, yeah, well, he might be in one of the camps right now. so we will definitely talk to him as to
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all the other people and see what options we have. students who have been studying in our universities also from iraq and syria and other countries, medical studies and others. so the legal ways of coming to country literally as open to become a multicultural society. well, you know, it is quite multicultural society for ages because historically people who work from different nationalities and who sort of a heritage of our country being the top, ours for, for example, or carry or other people that might sound quite exotic for, for, for a european country and they all live together and there was no the whole run does she get out? was there for some time, was a multinational, it was a multinational country and, and because the people here are quite reluctant, right? we spoke to some people, they say, we don't want these migrant here. i don't think that people are sort of, you know,
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hostile. i would say that the problem is the whole situation and all this illegal immigration is not the problem that the guy from the rocky will study chemistry of the university. because there are people who are studying and nobody is sort of very much carrying about the fact because it's normal to just to meet different people who can come here for touristic purposes or whatever. but the problem is what we see at the borders because it shakes a little bit the the, this was tied to a big number. you do not know worldwide. busy that what stuff, what will happen to people, what, what impact will it have on, on, on our daily lives. as soon as the situation is sorted out and the government is able to sort of arrange the living condition, the asylum procedures, the interpreters, the school for kids of a, of the things that's on the sensory and people are a little bit this part to do it to better conditions,
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i don't think this will hold this way. any prime minister in the us when you too. thank you so much for helping me out. ah, the news news news
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with me. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm sam is a. this is the news our live from. don't coming off in the next 60 minutes. talking tough. that's audubon says foreign forces must not extend their withdrawal the on the august 31st deadline running low crucial medical supplies and food dwindling at cava lab both while many wait to be re located.


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