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the astonishing story of the polish women and children who endured the siberian refuge in africa, never to return again an epic or to see billions memory is our homeland are now to sierra oh this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm sammy a than this is the news our lives from coming up in the next 60 minutes. no extensions. the tyler bond remains defined, consisting there'll be no change to the august 31st deadline for foreign troops to leave afghanistan. g 7 lead is hold a virtual meeting to discuss the situation in afghanistan. how to help refugees?
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a slow down in vaccinations in haiti, the challenges facing a much delay drives to protect people against coven, 19, and vulnerable, and too young to be vaccinated. the fries in child cove, in 19 cases, has doctors in the us pleading for others to get the job at december. the sort of the parent fixed open in tokyo county son's absence from the games is not with the flag and the message from other refugee athlete. will hear from them in the next hour. ah, it's just after the 1500 g m team, we begin with the crisis in afghanistan where the head of the cia has held the meeting with autonomy, bonds, top leadership in cobble. it's the highest level talks between the bible administration and autonomy. bon, since the arm group took control of the capital. despite that baton bon and says it
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will not allow western troops to remain in cobble beyond the august 31st deadline. in the briefing within the last half hour, the pentagon maintains it'll still be able to meet its target to meet that deadline . well, that means the evacuation of thousands of foreign nationals and at risk afghan scrambling to get out. and that must happen all before the deadline. by the other one ok here, we will not allow an extension beyond august 31st. so the u. s. should remove and evacuate all personnel by the deadline. all their contractors must leave. we are not happy to extend the deadline. and after that, we will have a separate stance and position following the deadline. this lumnick ambrose is trying to encourage people to go home, but the americans are inviting people to the airport. their at 1st policy is continuing to board people on plains. the airport access route has been close to
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avoid stampedes. the us president joe biden is facing allies as an emergency virtual meeting of g 7 nations. apart from evacuations, the block is expected word to autonomy bound to form an inclusive government. all face sanctions. hours earlier, the un human rights chief accused the taliban of math executions of civilians and restricting women's rights. she says afghans fear reprisal killings. we have several correspondence covering all the latest developments on the story in the dean baba is in london running through the g 7 virtual meeting hosted by bars johnson white house correspondent, kimberly how kit will have reaction from the u. s. but 1st, let's go over to charles stratford. he's in the afghan capital cobble. so charles that start with the latest burning issue of that deadline didn't come up. do we know in the talks between the chief muller but although well
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certainly according to the taliban press conference earlier today, they said that they couldn't comment on this meeting. one can only presume it was very much at the forefront of those talks. but as we've just been reporting the thought about now have said that they would not agree to any degree to any kind of extension of that deadline of august. the 31st, the american saying, well that's ok. we might have to work even harder, but confident that they can get at least the remaining americans out of the country before then. but it's really important to stress that they are all tens of thousands of people that are not americans that are in some way associated with having worked with either the foreign media or nato forces, their extended families in the last 20 years, who continue to mass around the airport and who continue to desperately wants to
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leave this country. one could only presume that now that the deadline has been denied to be extended by the taliban. and the pentagon saying, well, we're just gonna have to work out to be confident that we could do it. we're going to see even more people arriving. and of course, even more pressure on the nato forces and on the telephone outside the airport to deal with, with these huge numbers of people. so, of course has massive implications with respect to security. so yes, state is going to be very interesting to see how this develops in the next few days up until that deadline of august 31st and foremost we know about the un human rights sheets concerns about reports of abuses will to be fair. this, by the time we're all these questions at this press conference and the risk bombs was pretty weak. they honed in on specifically issues of women's rights. and the
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response was on the lines of taliban in the streets. those basically policing the country at the moment needs to be better trained. they said that women who should women who are at home should remain at home until more training is given to taliban commanders fighters potential. that's only about police in order to not basically abused women's rights here earlier this week, this out of onset, that those, anybody accusing the tale bond of fusing people's rights should get in contact with the tal yvonne and an investigation into those allegations would be made. and those culpable would be punished. they've been very keen, obviously, to legitimize themselves in terms of the international community. they say they
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have changed their comments today. certainly in this press conference, when tackled about these allegations made it, the human rights council were very weak. and there was huge distrust in the international community, amongst rights organizations. and fundamentally, why the people here are many people here who say that the tolerable haven't changed . and they really have to put their money where their mouth is and prove that these promises sort of these commitments that they say that they've made, that they will stand by them. so a lot of questions and a lot of uncertainty. and does it say the comments made of this press conference about about right of uses. we're pretty weak. charleston, so thanks so much for that. let's go announce our white house correspondent, kimberly how could this live now from washington dc. kimberly, we heard it from john kirby moments ago. these pentagon spokesman,
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we heard it yesterday from jake sullivan. it sounds like the us line is strengthening towards the we will get out by august 31st. as the taliban digs in their heels. is that what's going on? well, certainly appears that way. however, the person making that decision, if you are the president, joe biden, the commander in chief of the us military. and he is expected to speak in the coming hours following his virtual meeting with g 7 leaders. as we've been reporting, joe biden, under a lot of pressure to extend that august 31st deadline, so that the evacuations of those who wish to get out of afghanistan can continue. so the us president deliberating on that, but he has to make that decision today because as early as friday, those 6000 us soldiers that are assisting in that effort would need to begin their withdrawal. it cannot happen overnight. and so this is something that is being
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discussed widely here at the white house. but in the midst of all of this, john kirby speaking from the pentagon, the defense department spoke. person saying that the pace of those evacuation has intensified just to the last 24 hours. some 21000 have been evacuated, going through countries like germany, then on to for military bases. here are the united states where they are being process. now given the fact that there are still great crowds at the airport, the u. s. military also saying that it is handling the situation in terms of increasing food as well as medical supplies and even sanitation in order to assist those that are waiting. but all of this is happening in coordination with the taliban. and as we know, there has now been a disclosure by a number of media outlets here in the united states that the top by william burns, of the ca, the director meeting with the taliban. discussing that timeline the taliban saying
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that in fact, it will not extend it even as joe biden had initially said, this withdrawal can take place that pembert eleven's when it would be completed. then pushing that back to august 31st. so the u. s. taking all kinds of opportunities to explore whether or not this could be extended the taliban remaining firm. the question becoming for many in the united states is what type of coordination will there be with the taliban? following august 31st, the pentagon, spokes person john kirby saying that he would not speculate on that only that, that coordination remain in place as it stands right now. and that the evacuations are being done with a sense of urgency. we've also got the issue of that g 7 meeting. what kind of message was the us president? is he giving to some of the allies who are keen for an extension of that deadline? well, that is what we're waiting to hear from the us president. we had heard initially
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that he would be speaking of 16 gmc, we are hearing reports of that may be delayed by some hours. we're still trying to get clarification on that. we also know that we'll be hearing from the white house press secretary where she will be giving the details of that virtual meeting. again . we can't underscore enough, the pressure that the u. s. president is under by allies like britain and france in order to try and extend that august 31st deadline. the u. s. has so far not made any indication that that would be extended. so we're watching very carefully to see what more the white house might have to say in the coming hours. all right, thanks so much. kimberly how get balance continue this phone now with nadine bobby's live from london and talking about the g 7. it's clear listening to the comments of the german foreign minister and the dean. i mean, he said, neither i nor the us can get this done by august 31st, always seeing to very different narratives or perspectives of this evacuation
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process and how it's going between the us and its allies in the g 7. well i think it's fair to say that we're seeing various governments which are not the us saying they'd like to have some more time. but it really does depend on the us and on the taliban in afghanistan. so a bit of realism as well. the, the facts that we've seen in the last few hours, both the pentagon and the taliban spokesperson seeming to be speaking from the same page, saying that there is no change to the time table is what lies behind remarks such as those by the u. k. defense secretary ben wallace on tuesday, who described the likelihood of an extension for those allots as flame and saying
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it was on likely, although he did say that the u. k. would like some more time if possible. he said, if there wasn't an extension, then it would not be possible for the u. k. to get everybody out whom they'd like to evacuate from afghanistan. he did say that the u. k with its royal air force planes have taken out around a 1000 individuals over 24 hours. so nothing like the numbers that we've seen, the us military move out, but still a very big effort going on, which they'd like to continue. similarly as you referencing hi, come on, the german foreign minister saying that if everything ends on deadline, that won't be enough time, not just for germany, but for the us to get out all the people that they had hoped to. and so he's calling for a plan with the involving the taliban to continue evacuations. beyond those ellis also, we're hearing that italy, which is
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a member of the g 7. he's now looking for another summit of the g. 20 industrialized nations to include russia and china to broaden the pacific. i think there probably is some kind of acceptance perhaps behind the scenes, but that will. ringback be no extension and that still will be humanitarian crisis with thousands of people trying to leave. i've got this done. all right, let's thank the dean, bob of and thanks for that. we can speak now with richard ponzio. he's the director of the global governance justice and security program. the simpson center is also a former us state department adviser for afghan. assigning joins us from washington . d. c. good to have you with us. so as we heard, very german farmers is saying, the us nor germany cannot get these evacuations done by august the 31st moments ago we heard a very different message from these pentagon spokesperson john kirby saying,
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we believe we can get this done by the end of the month who's right it is absolutely correct that those who atkins in particular have worked with western countries in the last few years. there's no with just a way that they could be evacuated in a safe, orderly fashion by the 31st of august deadlines. pentagon, as you noted, is reporting that it can get americans out, but the americans of state, again, again we have a commitment to those who have worked with us soldiers, but we jump to john kirby was saying we the goal remains. they think they can get as many americans as ivy's, as well as africans out as fast as possible. not just americans. they don't seem to be some kind of divergence and perspectives between the us and its allies about what is possible to achieve by august 30. first to the i take the view that if they're saying they can get americans out, it's probably logistically feasible. but s i d, 's, afghans who worked with the us,
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let alone other western countries. logistically impossible. i agree with the veterans groups in the united states and of course, nato allies who said we need at least a couple more weeks, 3 to 4 more weeks. i find a hard believe that the taliban will not get in on this point. they're making statements to the contrary, but they're going to be in need of financial assistance. and the critical issue of recognition, which is being discussed in the last few hours at the g 7 meeting that's going to be fundamental to the level of cooperation with the taliban regime going forward. that was that lead us nicely. next question. do you think it's likely that tyler bond would really want to escalate things with the u. s. at this point over an extension? or do you think they might give in? i mean, country of course, could everything by saying publicly and as far as we know privately, remember over the last week or so they've been making statements about we will not be harboring international terrorist. we will be supporting women. we will be
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working for an inclusive government, one of the key points, the security council mother partners in the region have been advocating. they have a continuation of the war in the country valley about a 100 and some kilometers north of afghanistan. but the critical areas of leverage by the western countries for 2 fault one issues of foreign aid, but even just holding onto the reserves and the african reserve bank, billions of dollars. secondly, the issue recognition, and by all accounts, i think the g 7 country will stay united. it's a big question about china, russia, of course, in the past pakistan, saudi arabia, you a all recognized the previous time the taliban rule, they expect expected to come around in the coming weeks. but the issue will be political and human rights conditions being met. i think we'll see more more statements including through the security council as we saw last week, that certain conditions will need to be met for recognition,
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which is something that taliban regime very much craze. it wants international legitimacy in the eyes of its neighbors. and these are the pressure points where i think we're going to see some kind of a given take in the coming weeks on this critical humanitarian situation. the feasible thing that maybe the evacuations could continue, but under the auspices of a different force, a different label. perhaps i assure you that this was at the top of the discussion in the last 24 hours. the secret meeting that you reported on between the director bill burns and the central head of the tale by moving at the moment. bar adar. they do not like the optics. that's absolutely correct. and if they can work out an agreement already, you know, steps to increase the perimeter around a problem to help of activities that had to have been discussed not negotiated. i
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could see unilateral decisions being made by the united states in the west. i think they have a position of strength and there is a lot at stake here in terms of how things are being viewed in the u. s. and other western public opinion. but i think that taliban the same time and continue to want to focus on the bigger picture which are steps to build some kind of representative government. the big question is, will they bring in non taliban political groups? will they go beyond tokenism as it relates to some type of role for women and respecting women's rights? these are the big questions ahead of us. all right, thank you very much for your analysis. on the growing uncertainty about what lies ahead for the scan, the sound is only added to the wise of internally displaced people. many were meant
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to be moved to proper shelters by the government. now that task will likely fall to the tiny bon, rob mcbride's reform from cobble they came here to escape the horrors of war, but now the fighting is largely done. the future does not look any less bleak. this 110 to shed by 4 families from afghanistan, northern province of tough like miriam, a widowed mother of 6, who says she had to sell possessions to move here and escape the conflict. got on the market it another then forgot. no one helped us when we came here, we sold a tv and a carpet and have been economizing like eating less. but the money ran out 3 days ago were not in good shape. located on the outskirts of cobble this open piece of land was overrun with displaced people as the taliban closed in on the capital. and does the government attempted to move them to more organized camps? with the collapse of that government has come,
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the end of any official help adding to cobbles, growing crisis of people displaced by war. that journeys began from places where the conflict has raged around afghanistan in recent months and the taliban victory as brought a degree of stability. but for many, still, no clear idea of where to go next. on the other side of the shed tent, hulu has it right, wants to take his family of 9 back to their home. but he doesn't know if the house he is still paying rent on is even standing vehicle. them with the one on one that was we don't have any money left to go back and set up again in our old place if the government can look. so that's better. right now that government doesn't exist yet. when it does, it'll be up to the taliban to provide support and tackled the many other crises facing us kind of down, robert bride al jazeera, couple thousands of african refugees in indonesia,
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calling for their rights to be recognized. many are unable to work or study and some of waited close to a decade for resettlement. jessica washington reports from jakarta, indonesia capitol. this former military compound is now home to hundreds of refugees from a kind of stone. there's little to do here that wait and worry. but in this, that's not a life that we're living. we live in depression when we are stressed all day. and a full time has been following news about have gone stun, waiting for information about the town he left nearly 7 years ago. for more than a month, he has not been able to contact his wife or his mother. whatever day and night i think about him. the taliban has captured medicine. i'm worried and i don't know anything about how they are. since the taliban take over, they have been regular protests outside the u. n. refugee agency office and foreign
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embassies here. calling for refugee writes, and to speed up the resettlement process. if you jeez, are allowed to stay in indonesia while waiting to be accepted by other countries, but they are not allowed to work well. go to school. refugee advocates say indonesia should see itself as more than a transit country. sooner or later. elimination is gonna be not only transit but the destination country and the government to be aware and prepare that needs. and government says it anticipates that more people may try to leave. i'm going to stone, but indonesia is not a place for permanent resettlement. could be just a moment and it's just that our policy is clear. we are not a destination country. we did not sign any international convention, refugees ah, outside the u. n. building in central jakarta,
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a group of young men can hear every day, waiting for news about their resettlement, and hoping to hear from their families. there are more than $13000.00 refugees in indonesia and more than half off from a long ways to be re settled is no even more stressful as they are increasingly concerned about the people they left behind. abdullah says he hasn't been able to reach his mother or sister in mom and i have too much distress, but i cannot help myself. how can i help my people or my family that's done? it's done. like everyone here, he worries about his own future. and the fate of his family. jessica washington out to 0 to carter. the world health organization is warning the people in afghanistan could lead to arrives in cove at 19 infections. the un body says it's concerned about low vaccination rates and the virus spreading among internally,
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displaced. people also wanting, i've kind of found only has enough medical supplies to 7 days. will the $500.00 tons of supplies, including surgical equipment and malnutrition kits stuck in to buy because of restrictions at cobb lab, pulled both delta and various. i've been documented in atlanta. and we are concerned that the current appeal and increasing population movement could lead to a spike. and with less than 5 percent of the population fully invested in the conflict is embarked in investing 19 vaccination across the country and delaying routine immunization which could lead to further outbreaks. us vice president campbell harris says president biden's decision to withdraw american troops from afghanistan is right and courageous harris made the comments during her 1st official trip to southeast asia. she's held talks with leaders and singapore in
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vietnam, promising ongoing support for the region, including the ongoing territorial disputes with china. florida st. louis has more from the malaysian capital column pool. comalla harris is the 1st us the vice president to visit the vietnam on wednesday, shall meet at the vietnamese prime minister and other government officials. and the talks are likely to focus on economic cooperation the pandemic, and also security issues. now with regards to security issues, a key area for discussion is likely going to be the south china sea. vietnam is a clayman country to the south china sea. but by far the biggest and most assertive claimant is china, which has laid claim to large parts of the south china sea and has built military installations as well as engaged in confrontations with fishing vessels in the area . harris in a speech delivered in singapore, on tuesday, a tuesday,
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china of collision and intimidation, and said its actions not only undermine the international rules based order, but also threatened the sovereignty of nations. but she went on to say that the us is not asking nations in se asia to pick sides. but rather the u. s. is here to stand with its allies and that it's engagement in the region is about advancing shared interest. those interests include trade and the economy and working together to combat the pandemic. and the us wants to broaden the scope of its engagement with countries in the region to strengthen ties with felton's asian countries to counter a rising. china. harris also has to convince southeast asian countries of us as commitment to the region. and that may be slightly more difficult, but her trip happening against the backdrop of the collapse of gun this done. they're bound to be questions about whether the u. s. can be counted on to keep its foreign policy promises that i had on al jazeera life under curfew. we take
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a look at how people in australia figures are coping with another fellow because 19 locked down. and soon as he has to go, crisis deepens nearly a month after the president dismissed the prime minister and suspended parliament. the more bad news scanner sans cricketers, he will have the license in the sport coming up next. ah hello duster farms. really the name of the game for this weather report across the middle east and beyond. so let me show you what i'm talking about towards react medina and mecca. we'll see the san spin around here. and also at times we'll habit shamal wind blowing down the goal. so that's going to also kick up the sand and
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does 4 countries like q 8 and also cats are on wednesday and in the days to come bit of a closer look now. and we can see it toward that southwest corner. the does see our arrows going around. that's indicating that we'll see that sense spinning around. also sandstorms, quite likely for southern areas of pakistan, so impacting karachi 34 degrees on wednesday. the heat is building in the north before you're up to 40 degrees across turkey. it is mostly quiet that we do have a brisk wind at times, blowing through the boss for it, impacting its stumble, and you're up to $31.00 degrees through the tropics of africa. we've got our storms come in and go in in the usual spots that we would expect to see them flare up moving east to west along the gulf of guinea, further toward the south. okay. wanted to show you this. so johannesburg, 26 degrees. that's looking quite good, right? but prepare for it. we know what goes up must come down temperatures down to 12 degrees and we'll have some frost as well to content with the
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news. i'm unlike of ours in the south of india and find out, call me back in this, steve brought an extensive mining operation to a gun. corona virus wept across the world with devastating effects, and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife raised here in vietnam, we visit a rescue center for some of the world's most threatened to animals and joined the call for an end to the global wildlife earth right on al jazeera in back because it's german government panic. they didn't have the infrastructure they needed. they promised adult in 5 days, but it's been a year examining the headlines. is this another potential flashpoint for conflicts, voices from different corner? every house here has someone who has made it to the top of ever it's not just one but several times.


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