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issue here, and that's going to pull a rush of cool air right across south africa in the days to count. but let's talk about those winds for cape town, gustin up to 72 kilometers per hour on thursday that sure weather season. the more than 10 years after the global financial crisis, you've taken home more than $480000000.00. your company's now bankrupt our economies in the state of crisis. i have a very casey question, a 1000000 lost at home the us who held responsible. i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not take any price for it. thank you lord. the man who stole the world on al jazeera with more than 200000000 cases because of 19 worldwide government. a batting fight, fresh wave of the virus, a new barrier that has been a 3rd and the number of people working vaccination appointment from human call to
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the political and economic pool out. i'll just bring to the latest on the pandemic . this will have vaccinated more than 1100 people here, all of them migrant farm workers, people on home testing because they think that there is a risk to demography special coverage. and i'll just there. oh, a hello again, i'm let's remind you about top stories here that our president joe biden has refused requests from us allies to delay troop withdrawal from afghanistan to allow more time for evacuation. huge crowds of desperate afghans have continued together
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outside couples and forces, palestinians in gaza, currently protesting at the border with israel. this comes off the a 32 year old man, was killed by israeli forces on the weekend. i'm off and other groups in gaza trying to renew oppression on israel to break it siege on the morocco is pulling algeria decision to cut diplomatic ties completely unjustified and says it rejects the reasons behind them. are they all very and foreign minister has a curious his neighbor of hostile action now police and tons and in commercial capital, doris alarm has killed a gunman who shot 3 officers and a security worker. 6 other people were injured in the attack outside the gates of the french embassy. please say they are trying to identify the attack as well as his motive. brazil supreme court is due to make a decision about allowing indigenous communities to reclaim last ancestral lands.
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thousands of people have set up a protest count as you can see that in the capital brazilian head of back ruling rights group has appealed a space interpretation of the law which recognizes claims only if the tribes live there in 1988 will filed claims before then, but indigenous people say many of their communities were expelled from their lands, decades before. well, let's be to monica yanna. can. she's at a protest. canton the heart of the brazilian capital monica. this is a decision that obviously has huge implications for a number of indigenous groups. so katie, no surprise, we're seeing the level of protest up quite a turn out within that yes it is. you must understand that they come from all over brazil. so some, some of these indigenous people live like a 2 hour flight away from the capital brazilian. some need 6 days to get here because you need a boat. then you need to take a very long ride through, through roads that aren't really paved or anything. so it takes
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a lot of effort and they are here because this is very crucial to them. if the supreme court accepts the ruling of setting of a cut off date and not allowing and borrowing any claims made by people who are not occupying their land before 1988, then this could, this would be a big setback for them. there are a 100 pending cases, many cases that have already been denmark, been decided, lines that have been marketed can be revised. and this is happening in a government that is clearly on the side of the big landowners, the mining companies, the loggers. so it is a worrying situations. we spoke to many of these people yesterday we saw their vigil at night and we're still following them today as. as you can see, they've come from all over the country,
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wearing the beads and feathers of 170 different indigenous groups. more than half of those in brazil chanting and praying each in their own language. in the hope the supreme court will hear their voices. it's the largest indigenous gathering in the capital, brazil you since 1988. that's when the countries democratic constitution was approved. giving native brazilians the right to reclaim in several lands, but they're back again, fearing those rights will be curtailed. this week the supreme court is expected to make its ruling law would, at least it's allowed dispute between the shock, like people who claim their territories and the southern states of santa katerina, and peak lost those who say they have no rights because they weren't buying those lands in 1088 when the constitution was approved. to set a jurisprudence for hundreds of defending cases, we got sold. fisher,
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glenn chieftain, says setting a time limit is unconstitutional and unfair to my part. we were living in our lands in 1988 because had we stayed there would have been exterminated. now we have been hunted down by the land owners, so they put a price on us. they pay people to kill us and ask them to bring our ears as proof of brazil's indigenous groups have forever been at risk from land grabs, illegal mining and logging, and they say a tax have increase in stable. so now to became president with him, promising to stop creating reservation and further exploit the amazon rain forest there, hoping the supreme court ruling will protect them. well, so the expectation is that this vote that the supreme court will vote today this case, but it can be postponed yet again. this word supposed to have been decided last
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june. it was postpone till august. it was to be voted today just afternoon. but the supreme court will 1st decide another case on the autonomy of the central bank. so here people are extremely worried, but they're going to stay in this camp for a whole week. and they say that they are going to fight till the end because this survival depends on this decision. we watching that really very closely indeed keiana kev on the ground for us in brazil. thanks monica. now the u. s. supreme court has ordered the biden administration to reinstate a controversial program for asylum seekers and rule that ending the remain and mexico program violated federal law. the trump error policy requires asylum seekers to wait in mexico while the applications are being processed to be a backlogs. though mean that many people are stuck living in camps month leon
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fresco is a former us deputy assistant attorney general in charge of immigration. he says this ruling opens up new challenges for the biden administration. well, the truth of the matter is the leeway is going to be up to 2 different kinds of parties. the 1st are the plaintiff, and the litigation, which is texas, that missouri meaning if they believe that the bind administration is not implementing that quickly enough. they can fool for sanctions in the lower court, and then it will be up to the court to decide whether the buy them in that region is acting in good faith in implementing the program. so this is going to be for new people moving power. so nobody is going to have to be reported because of this. but what this is going to do now is if there are people from 3rd country, from that mexico meaning central america, south america, africa, because there's lots of different kinds of people now showing up on the other border. if those people are placed back into mexico, then the question is,
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what is mexico going to do? because mexico does not have to respect the american judicial court ruling. and so this could set up a potential diplomatic crime about mexico deciding not to accept people that america trying to remove back at the mexico that are not mexican national. the have the truck, them, it is strange. and ultimately they resolve this by threatening the large fire of mexican good. i don't know of the, by the ministry it is going to do that. or the court would force them to do this in order to accomplish this program. because that's certainly not the kind of thing i've ever wanted to get their jurisdiction on. is how the us govern foreign policy . so we will have to wait and see. let's return at our top story, the taliban takeover f canister on and its implications. right now, thousands of african refugees abroad are saying they're facing even more uncertainty now. missile met some of them in new delhi. we're outside the united
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nations high commission for refugees. all un, it's the, are in use any more than a 1000. i've gone national movement, living in new delhi, have been on hunger side. they've been here protesting for 3 days, day and night. they're demanding the refugee agencies foss, shasta asylum claims research, and then also guarantee them security. i get some people in afghanistan may die one day because of the rule. we refugees in india feel like we die every day. it's like being imprisoned, was just gonna shut them out of the month. we'll stay here until life a fill out a mind, even if it takes months, just like the union farmers have been protesting, we to will keep sitting here. a protest has been growing up, does not exist. nice convention north side of the country on the u. n. a or a god. now this announcement was not recognized by the
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muslim limited opportunity or even meanwhile, hundreds of afghans are trying to enter pakistan, the talk and border crossing, but with no proper documents, many of them are unable to get through. some of them debate has this report now from the pakistan afghanistan border from the, from atlanta son i've just entered the door on the box is fine. if i this is the main border crossing between the 2 countries for trade and for people. as you can see, taliban fighters are manning all the border posts across the country with neighboring countries, including central agents, states, market fun and iran. and these fighters have been telling us that they're allowing everyone to cross the border. now the problem here, as you can see, hundreds of people have been gathering every day since double came through the control of the taliban. on august the 15th. and these people have been trying to get inside pockets on the funny authority say that they will only allow people who
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have the right documentation to make sure that no extremist element, no terrorist groups are no infiltration of blood funds. and dick need, they said my family and kids are crossing package, john and we have been waiting at this border crossing for one week. and we'll be here until we're allowed to go and go back and forth, trying to earn a living in this area for humanitarian reasons, the soldiers have not been stopping them, but they've been carrying cigarettes and other things that they've been trying to smuggle across the border and make a quick buck. people have been thing, the desperate not just to cross into august on for safety. but because they have tribal ties on either side of the line which divides the country. and they want to visit their family. they want to go and meet people who are sick and who passed away, but so far is they don't have the right documentation. they're not going to be allowed inside. focused on reading on and the u. s. vice president has accused china of bullying. it's southeast asian neighbors come la harris directed the criticism
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towards beijing. while meeting the vietnamese president and 100 harris's and vietnam, as part of a tool aimed at countering china's growing influence in the region. country has worn out from the malaysian capital. the us administration has described rivalry with china as the biggest joe political test of the century and common harris's trip is about convincing nations in the region, in se asia, but the us can be a counterbalance to china is rising influence. now the 2 countries have already traded accusation several times during her visit. here, harris has accused china of using collage and intimidation in pursuing its territorial claims in the south china sea. saying countries should find ways to increase pressure on china to make it abide by international laws. in china has hit back and editorial in a state one day. he has described harris's visit as
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a way to contain china and accused us of trying to drive a wedge in relations between southeast asian nations and china. a chinese foreign ministry spokesman said the situation in afghanistan is an example of the u. s. as selfish foreign policy now, events of galveston have overshadowed harris's trip. she will have to work harder to convince friend partners in the region about us as credibility. and so her speeches have emphasized the us as commitment to not just southeast asian nations, but to the broader in the pacific region. the us administration has framed harris's trip as not just about strengthening ties, but also about broadening the scope of engagement in the region. and that's why they've seen her meeting, not only government officials and singapore and vietnam, but in singapore. she had meetings with businessmen to talk about keeping supply chains open and in vietnam, she officiated the launch of the u. s. as centers for disease control and prevention, southeast asian office in hanoi, and as, as an example of the u. s. as interest in public health infrastructure in the
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region. then as well as government has filed a report with the international criminal court, saying us sanctions represent crimes against humanity. it says the restrictions of block money to purchase coven $19.00 vaccines. the u. s. has imposed sanctions for 4 years now to pressure president nicholas maturer to leave office. washington argues that his 2018 election victory was for dylan. while confuse me, a wildfire that started a week ago in the u. s. state of california and destroyed hundreds of homes already is now moving closer towards the lake tahoe and the sierra nevada mountains. only 9 percent of the so called cold fire has been contained, firefighters are still busing, that and many other wildfires in california and nevada. thousands of people have already been told to leave their homes on tributes, have been pouring in for the rolling stones drawn charlie watts who died at the age of 18. the band mates,
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mick jagger and keith richards paid tribute to the drummer on social media. what had played with the band since 1900. 62, appearing on every studio album, his family said he died peacefully in hospital. the beetle, paul mccartney, and ringo starr have also paid tribute. queen, runa, roger taylor said, what simple style was a lesson to us all hostile ahead here on alpha 0. it's a great start to england. in the 3rd cricket test against india, it will have all the apps for you shortly, and ah
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cruise with me. ah ah
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ah well come back. now romania has become a dumping ground for most of europe's illegal waste. and government officials have told al jazeera that criminal organizations within the country have even made it a big business. andrew simmons reports now from bucharest. this site was registered as a recycling center, yet it became a mountain of waste mixed with building rubble ignored by local authorities for more than 10 years. until now, a stick. a lot of plastic domestic waste may be induced to other ways in that part. the new head of romania is national environment agency, octavian. but chombo knew nothing about it until sewage pipes beneath the tip collapsed a few weeks ago, flooding a suburb of bucharest, aside from the acrid stench,
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and the colossal scale of his tip and others like it. romania now has an even bigger problem with illegal waste. go east to the black sea port of cassandra and rubbish is a criminal commodity worth millions of dollars. and a determined prosecutor here is taking on the cartels. the model for the problem of illegal waste trafficking is compatible with the drug trafficking to you don't. it's faces an overwhelming challenge, but he did smash one or daisha plan to import a shipment of toxic waste from italy, so called business men were involved and they attempted to bribe local officials, whales from other european consignments, like these sho, recycling centers as destinations. but instead they go to basic consideration sites all landfill dumps, pollution on a big scale. this is part of one consignment from the u. k. host of cop 26, the u. n. global warming summit due in november,
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needs to says the u. k is incorporating enough on getting prosecutions. i was to have a more collaboration of, of, from the part of the british authorities were fighting against the crimes. and then the crimes regards, not romania and not going to beat them. in my opinion. it's a huge problem for all the product. october on baton who says his investigation team is poorly paid and it faces intimidation from criminals, exposing your family, your life. it's a problem. it's a big the mound. but child who stands beside symbolizes a different era of waste crime. you know, dwarf by matthew cartels, bribery, corruption here and overseas. and there's pollution never seen before, coupled with inaction and apparent indifference in other european states. andrew simmons al jazeera, bucharest. well, it is now time to sport, and his peter,
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thank you so much. the head of wool football fee for president johnny infant has written 2 u. k prime minister bus johnson urging him to lift quarantine restrictions for football to allow them to play world cup qualifying matches. in 15 also says that clubs have responsibility to lead players travel. the english premier league is refusing to release nearly 60 players. they need to go to countries on the you k read list. that's because they need a quarantine for 10 days on their return. the primitive play is affected include some of the biggest stars, like egypt, mom, a fellow who plays for liverpool, his clubs, the major business, mena, and allison, cannot play for brazil, which like egypt is also in the u. k. read list and others include manchester cities, gabrielle jesse and edison, who will also be unable to represent parasol if the restrictions stay in place. the spanish link is also supporting any clubs that don't one place to go to south america, which means year ago, i would be without libby, suarez. but it would be argentine of
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a worst hate as they would be without 9 of their score. this problem has been exacerbated by fi fi extending the international window in south america to catch up on the 2 rounds of qualifying that we missed because of the pandemic. infancy though is urging a rethink. and since many of the best players in the world, competing leagues in england and spain, and we believe those countries also share the responsibility to preserve and protect the sporting integrity of competitions around the world. percentage a man ever reportedly rejected an offer of $188000000.00 from round the dreadful killing him. buffy saying it isn't sufficient. the good club prison florentine paris has made no secret of wanting to sign the 22 year old striker before the transfer window closes next week. but a won the world cup with france as so for refuse to sign an extension to the current deal with p s. u, which expires next year. so with football and good news for talk them fans with strike a hurricane confirming. he'll stay at the club cane said on twitter that he'll be
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100 percent focused on helping the team achieve success in speculation about a move to english premium champions. manchester city, is it difficult for plan who clearly wants to leave to regain their motivation to play for their club? my think it's, it's up to us and heavy body. the play himself to, to get this motivation because there's shouldn't be any kind of, of doubts in terms of money motivation. but to play vice disperse england have made a very strong start to the 3rd cricket test against india in leads, bowling. the term sounds just $78.00 and it won the cross, but all england foster jimmy anderson harring through the indian tub border at hayley and picked up 3 wickets in the opening session during the prior scope of indian testing. but i totally in the 37 for no loss in response to the great chance of back in india out of the game. but son's head coach miss bow huck won't be
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joining he scored on the flight home from jamaica of the testing positive. because 19, you now have to stay in the country and quarantine for 10 days. he saw finished a tour with the new for beating the host from the 2nd phase to draw the series one all shaheen. a free to 4 week. it's on both the window is up to 219 in the 2nd inning. so when by 109 runs, 23 time grand slam champion serina williams will miss the last tennis major of the season in new york because of her torn hamstring. the former will. number one pulled out of the us open because the injury is not healed completely in time for flushing. meadows. 31040 next month is just one grand slam single title, short of record, hold it. margaret caught baton is running after williams to reach the mark. she has not won a major title since the australian opened back in 2017 when she beat us as the venus in the final. since then. she struggled with her health and fitness,
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suffering a pulmonary embolism after the birth of her daughter. as well as injuries to her ankle, shoulder and achilles tendon at wimbledon. earlier this year she fell hard twice and limped out of a 1st round match with that torn hamstring. but she's not the only big name who's missing from this use a tournament line up. roger federer who turned 40 earlier this month, as one of the ref on the dell are also both out through injury the last time none of these plays were in the draw was all the way back in 1997. meanwhile, former will number one and the murray has been knocked out of the last tournament before the u. s. ok, by american from to cfo at the winston salem open. murray, who was a wildcard for this event, has been battling injuries in the last few years, including a growing problem as a limited time on court. this season,
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i've got the stones parallel peons have escaped the turmoil in a couple and been taken to a safe place. according to the games organizes 23 year old ty quando fighters could daddy and discuss through the same a suli were transported from the african capital by the australian defense force in the last few days, the international paralympic committee. so they've been taken to an undisclosed location where they are receiving counseling and won't be competing at this year's games. could daddy was to be the 1st female to represent half gunning stone at the paralympics. and there were 24 gold medals up for grabs on day one of the paralympics in tokyo. on wednesday, the 1st went to a straight in cyclists, page greco, who won the 3000 meter pursuits on the vener. jerome track with a word written performance and british cyclist theory, a story who's competing in an age games. 115 gold medal in the c 5 individual
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proceed. final breaking her own will record in the process. she still got 2 more events to go as well. boxing legend, oscar delaware has been training hard, had become back. find your job for next month. the 48 year old is not fighting for a title, but will be involved in an officially sanctioned fight. that will come to the oval record. delaware is nicknamed, the golden boy will be up against you. f. c champion veto belford the 6 weight division champion, retired 13 years ago. he was beaten by many pac. you and your, you're going to go for the fact that i have wanted to fight for a long time since i retired. i wanted to fight again. i think the fear of failure, the fear of confessing myself. i can't do it. i think that's what was kind of blocking me. the new yankee use, hot streak is showing signs of ending, but now 111 in a row. and that happens to be the longest winning streak. and 36 years later, when came against the atlanta braves on tuesday, b j la may used to run home in the 5th inning. one of the highlights in
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a fine for when for new that's always full scene for them all coming up again late in the sunday. thanks so much pisa. well, that is it for me to pay for this news out, but don't go away. i'll be back in just a couple of minutes with much more of the days news here on here. say with the me in a kale of q presidents, venezuelan, military defectors, me american math, and reese, ah, and to bizarre, he had told daisha attempt at regime change in the ball of
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every republic, venezuela. people in power. the bay of pigs on al jazeera who the conflict between the if you can government and the regional take great people, the directions fund has kill thousands and internally displaced more than 2000000 over the past 7 months. 350000 people in the region are facing famine, according to the united nation, which says that our vision is being used as a weapon or for those who managed across the border say it's not because conditions have improved back home. they say to continue to be targeted because if they have many problems are being reported and all becomes taken refuge. and here are some ideas the discover, a world of difference determination. i'm coming down,
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we are moving the freedom plan. so the 16 corruption compassion, the l just 0 world selection of the best films from across our network of channels. the. ready race to leave afghanistan evacuations, pickup paces, countries scrambles, have fly out troops and civilians by tuesday. the sooner we can finish the better us president biden has refused to delay the withdrawal, saying there is a risk of attacks against foreign soldiers. ah,
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hello there, i'm paying this is out there at life and also coming up.


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