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pick good, go well, because i can't afford to lose. i don't belong. you know, it's a really nice place, but now you know only because i can't afford it. he says if he can't find anywhere else to live that car, he drives to work will also then become his home. gabriel zondaway. how does eda, east brunswick new jersey? ah, this is 0. these are the top stories. governments are racing to evacuate. people from ghana start with less than a week to go until all foreign troops leave. panic is growing among thousands. we're still trying to get on a flight said campbell airport. but the u. s. embassy in capital is asking american citizens and not to travel to the airport. it's advising those already there to leave immediately because of a security threat. alan fisher has more from washington d. c. well,
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there seems have been a specific threat made against people gathering. i'd say the airport, particularly americans from ice. ok, which is the militant groups off shoot in afghanistan. it is carried out a number of attacks across the country during this year. certainly the airport was considered to be a vulnerable target. it's something that the americans are aware of. undoubtedly during the conversations with the taliban, it's something that has come up. in fact, you remember that just on tuesday, joe biden essentially saying to the taliban, you have got to keep an eye on ice or cake. supporters of bolivia as form an enter him president jinny. 9 years have marched through the streets of la pas to demand of a lease from prison medic say on yours. is it a stable condition after you try to take a long life? she's been charged with genocide. over the death of protesters in 2019 u. s. federal appeals court has upheld the conviction and death sentence of dylan roof for recess, murders at a black church. 9 people died when roof was white. open fire worshippers at
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a church in charleston and 2015 roof is the 1st person in the us to be sentenced to death for a federal hate crime. rapidly signing bush fires, threatening homes and businesses in san bernardino, in the us state of california and firefighters. se windsor making it difficult to contain people living in the area have been advised to leave. a landmark case accusing indonesia as president and top government officials of failing to come pollution in jakarta has been delayed for a 7th time. it was filed on july 2019 against president joker with dodo jakarta. the governor and 7 other officials, attorney for our curfews being put in place in julian city of joss after gunman killed at least 36 people during a raid on a manly christian community. but he say 10 suspects have been arrested. there's been going tension in recent weeks following the killing of dozens of muslims in the city. those are the headlines. the news continues here on our 0 after minor g
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area. goodbye. if the country about to collapse before the kind of reform you're talking about can take place, we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world. we live in. why are we not in the best situation? why has that money been responded? how did that happen? counting the cost on al jazeera about my field with beautiful things as well. something that may be perceived as a land with potential. my name is viola stevo. this is
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my jerry monning. okay, was the one that one was doing. push it back. i let it lean back. i think it's a fuck. i think you need to put a line like the line. yes. yes, exactly. but they get me so well. so already she knows exactly. yes. oh
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oh ah. this is penny bigger. she's the creative designer for the klan label under the house of the federal. and she also happens to be my daughter, my 1st georgia. welcome about a p. i'm eager to hear about what transpired limits good. you know, several ruth, the fact that we have an opportunity to establish a platform or what is pretty much the premier, the spoke platform for managed. where in the u. k. u, here have a real easy yourself. top drawer. it's not just getting a nigerian brand on sub row, it's getting the 1st female brand on top be
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they are prepared to actually have do allow from dealers to have a row on the window. so that's, that's a nice one. take the extra things for, for glad to several rows prepared to look at the booth. i can see that none is arranged when he should be able to buy off the rack with jealousy. good. the book she does with pieces is very, very glamorous. and the few things i, i am so proud when i wear them with what jolla has done over the years. in terms of design, klan came in breaking down that design and making those designs
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available in a much more diffused form. this means that we can have the advantage of commercializing whilst at the same time, reaping the rewards of our this for clothing. we want to make more scars, so that people can tie this. african african tend to interrupt. and it's also a way of just injecting it, but of color into your outfit. it's exciting. the working with focus. you always have all these crazy idea then they come through in the group. but what i tried to do this sort of rain in so that we can rain is such a target market because that's really all this is about we how we actually use bob down to to think about it like wow, what does she think about me as her walking path now. yeah,
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but the thing is that we complement each other so well. she and her this does have brief new life into the business because if there is going to be longevity, the job have to come in and revise scenes and turn things around that. oh, okay. so dawn, she is a beautiful don't you think it is a little bit high? i find there's a symbiotic relationship between both plan and deal that i think that it's very healthy tenny is disciplined by her mother's knowledge. and dealer is, i believe, freed and inspired by teddy's contemporary. you know,
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we met several years ago when she had a legal matter a lot of international my life in another life she wanted to be a model. can see that ah, ah, so you see the flow then when you walk it was 5. wow. walk out this was the area in which colonial must be larger. this is where old money resides, but now the noble rich have taken over. you can see
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that in the new building. pardon? i keep writing. good morning, beth cade, my house keeper, the my home. we tend to be very bad with morning work drugs on on to so leaves and we're in bed and then i usually have to go and we have to we have meetings and then she jumped, jumps up and then she tries to get to the office ahead of me ah, the ah oh,
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i think i already have the money. okay. must be a huge client because police lander with weaver gone, we always say no. you go in somebody i me ah, i'm surprised that what i've ended up doing because it was not evil in my time. it wasn't on the card for me at all. let me go and my money came quickly. i'm john
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driebe. okay. i started business administration and got a degree from the university of miami, florida. however, i was very much drawn towards the art ah, the path that my parents have was to give their children the very best of education so that the children would come back to and rich the business. and therefore, through that and rich nation, most parents who spend the children abroad to grow and that's really what is at the back of their life. most of those parents have businesses in the private sector. the children obviously have to take
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over the business that they can last long into the future the the land is indicated to walk like mine. so i was able to forward with him forward quickly calculated my commission. and to, to my surprise, what i was due to was more than my why yes,
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salary. when i left the business on defense making up to one of the many to the road, it isn't a bad business. my father said this is what you were trained for to come into the family business. so i looked at, you know, and i thought i'd also want to, to, with the, my 5 to me. can you compare how much you would be making if you sold one car compared to spending one dresser? if that's what you want to do, you have to send for yourself. i'm not going to get
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your last thing. we thought i had to part ways where i had to go and find my own purpose. it's part of our culture to, to look our very, very best for, for a special occasion. and we have many occasions here. there's always a wedding, always a birthday party, a celebration of some sort, and for that people will spend money to look very good for that on one occasion. so that's the way it's always been even with the hand woven fabrics that are my favorite. they're actually called, i shall key, which literally translates to top draw clothing because they'll
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hand me to me on the goons and they're fabrics of great antiquities. so even in those days they were special. you can imagine what it's going to look like when everything is caught to fit you know? yeah, this is how this is how we do it. babies. especially when i'm alone. i what i call the tuning break. yeah. the i go out into the, the, into the villages to source for fabrics that authentic african
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fabric these ones fabric stayed back to the 11th century. i feel woven on those things that were using the lead in century. we caught it out and made it look like leave. as i was growing up, i kid, i saw that additional clothing. our style were always made out of me. and for the longer full time, i thought that was authentic african fabric to my great shock. i discovered that these were actually suite for adults, and i thought we must be able to produce our lease since we lost the public so much . and we were then, traditionally i am going to try to make a nice that is african from the beginning to the and
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i was going to show you the notion this place is no 4 to tie techniques that the techniques that deep back sent you is ah, the good news so this is the person who does all my title, everything you see on the catwalk. they do it here. we want to get all this is ethnic fashion. this is what the world is looking for. the world is looking for a different people want to be able to feel as if that part of a story. i think what he's doing is that he's applying the resist candle wax.
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yes. bring that up on the news . ah, i've been a transition that i've been taught africa, although most people believe it comes from the west and what, what i'm of the contract opinion. because i have been into it for very long time. and my parents, they wouldn't be for the i've all the western people into africa the whole day when you watch where you've been, ross, you have to tie the area that will don't know what they call local, painted with into ok. design wire. when apply. okay. she lead definitely my life.
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okay. yeah. so do i live with you? i died at marty. we got the what about oh sure, we're good day. you know that if you look when she's in the bathroom with that, let me let me go when she will do problem. no problem. i can do it. don't matter. you have to i would die. leave you a little bit, my storekeeper giving the wrong fabric. this fabric, this is the, this is the original one phase, a little change, then it's going to, it's going to render things differently. a little by little ended up as if it was not the
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me which means flowing water or food. cascading down. very nice. long for me, but you feel nice to have a problem with the sleep using that program as a function of our age. wow. you speak for yourself. alright. okay. ah. so, so we are putting the story in order, which means looking at stock, repricing everything and making sure that everything's ready for our clients. essentially invito. that's fine with security champagne glasses. just so much the good until i when i was younger and i just didn't realize that,
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but it was definitely exciting to help out backstage helped us model help pick him up for you is that the kinds of things that i was interested in and sometimes occasionally maybe i might go out and take about with any of the children was going to be interested in doing this. any grad research with the law degree funding was to exit. but i had all along noticed how much time and for colors for putting things together. one summer i came back to labor and i'd seen a top, i like top shop and i thought, you know, why couldn't i do something similar to this in the car? i was making this into production. my mom didn't know about this. my sister loved it, so she's been to make more actually make a correction and we give it
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a name called clan. it was a summer venture and it became something bigger. in the next 10 years. are you projected to be in the next 10 years? i expect to be a global brand. what is it a day time dress. so it's a picnic, the beach or to a garden party. like that. me the the with the news.
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ah, hoping in this kind of stressful environment is, is quite a feat going through the traffic to the power gets caught, transportation problems, you know, your stuff have to come from quite foss, entrust big. it's great. you get stress because they don't get to, to work. you know, you know, and once that happens, it's like that. and as many hours in the house, you would like. it makes me feel that much more fulfilled when i achieve all that i achieve. go. do you know that it seems like i have actually
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lost wildly you know, because i passed everything on. i have to come into a by linda to come on on round also now i'm gone before they run country for the police, cut me me . i me done to deal when i thought had to be record night for the clothing. i think i just was bad wasn't being presented at all on the world stage in terms of fashion.
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and was i i had all the on pretty much stuck against me, but i didn't he that i being and i was for me because i just, well, you haven't seen. and there's no more like me. i slowly was showing made like when i won the africa design competition and things and african went to the new york fashioned week and showed like that for the 1st time in history. my father came and he actually gave interviews and they asked him,
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so how do you feel having such as talented doctor? and he said, honestly, i never encouraged her. i said she was with you have come home. i didn't know this was have called me today on the, on your law on the in my yeah
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i i i i oh, yes, life you see a bit high or the use of the ball is one of us. right. i do not know an individual that is followed in your life football. my name is nadia is your development manager? it is my nigel. my my on are you there? ah, reporting in the field means i often get to witness, not just news isn't breaking, but also history. as it's unfolding probably from serbia hungry directly one day i might be covering politics and covering protest. what's most important to me just
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talking to people, understanding what they're going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. we believe everyone has a story worth hearing more than 10 years after the global financial crisis. you've taken home more than $480000000.00. your companies now bankrupt our economies in the state of crisis. i have a very basic question. this is their mini lost their home, the us held responsible. i will be fabulously wealthy and i will not take any price for it. thank you. lloyd. the man who still worked on al jazeera with more than 200000000 cases because of 19 worldwide government backing to fight fresh wave of the virus. a new barrier that has been a 3rd and the number of people working vaccination appointment from human coast to
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political and economic pool out. i'll just bring you the latest on depend amick. this will have vaccinated more than 1100 people here. all of them migrant farm workers, people on home testing because they think that there is the risk to democracy, special coverage on i'll just there are oh i the scales continues a couple airport as thousands trying to force their way onto evacuation flights after the taliban takeover and in the meantime, they tried to control the crowds and back doing that by shooting guns in the air by using both the canons and vibrating to push them back. i
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know about this and this is the 0 live from home. also coming up monks on the covered fun line.


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