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tv   [untitled]    August 26, 2021 8:00am-8:30am AST

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protecting. ringback me in the the chaos continues in capital airport has 1000 tried to force the way onto evacuation flights after the taliban takeover. ah madison, this is a life from del, have also coming up, welcomed in mexico. more than 100 people arrive on flights from ghana stand delayed again. a landmark judgment on pollution in jakarta is put off for the 7th time is prime ministers in the us. he's meeting president biden later, hoping to persuade them against
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a deal with around ah, i'm going to begin, and i cannot stand as less than a week to go before the deadline to complete evacuations. but the us is telling the citizens not to go to the airport because of a security threat. it's urging americans already there to leave. panics, growing among thousands are still trying to get on to flights. more than 88000 people have been flown out of couple by the us and allied forces since the taliban takeover. let's speak to charlotte dallas, who's in cobble for us to bring this up to date. what the situation is like at the airport following these warnings? yeah, we're getting more threat distributed around i so different western countries putting up saying do not come to the airport because the threat of an i full attack is quite high. the americans did put out
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a threat of that nature earlier in the week. nothing has really eventuated after that, the telephone scene to special forces to secure the perimeter. but still western nations incredibly worried about this. actually telling people not to come to be a force we know about 1500 us passport holders remain in cavil, were meant to be evacuated. we understand that they stuck into 2 out of the why, if you will missions with the ascending helicopter to try and retrieve these people and get them to the airport because of the threat. tell about also saying to us, we're also trying to secure the parameters. we're also at risk to i so we also understand that they've got to kind of new strategy to get people and we were witnessing that gifts today with their putting people on buses, essentially pre facing them at different places around cobble checking that they've got the paperwork they need to get through and then taking those buses as kind of a streamlined process to get past the taliban. that had been working quite well.
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yes. today but then we understand last night that the taliban started stopping some of those buses on route to be a force and checking people documents via whether or not some people say they didn't get through after that. but we understand that the us and the taliban have a deal with a telephone or on districts. instructions not to let anyone through without a passport, without a green card, without verified documents. and there's some confusion about what a verified document looks like. let's take a quick look at parts of the wider situation and in the last few days, particularly we've seen pictures from people of people, enough kind of stuff struggling to get money out of 80 ends and from the banks. and of course, there is a wider situation financially as well. just talk us through what the financial situation looks like over the coming days for people when, if you want to talk about a crisis point, at least in counsel the most visual crisis point to the west is the airport. but the ask and the biggest crush, the point is money and the economy. and what is going to happen?
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how is the taliban going to run everything? when many western nations, the i, the world bank are starting to freeze funds on them. as a day to day mission, prices of food have started going up, especially in the south. the banks being close to 10 days they are in new york and gets today. but you could only get up $400.00. the world bank said yesterday, a hosting funding for all projects because they're concerned about the telephone takeover, especially when it comes to woman's rights. the problem with that is that according to a number of analysts, they say that the world bank actually covers about 30 percent of the government's budget, so that teachers salaries, that nurses, that the telephone says, you know, will bank funds run $2300.00 small hospitals. the process going to if you free, so fund, because you're concerned about women's rights. what does that actually mean to people on the ground? well, you know, struggling to get access to these types of basic resources. charlotte,
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thank you very much indeed that charlotte bellis in couple turkeys had begun evacuating his military personnel from cobble airport the taliban reporter. they asked for technical help from ankara to run the airport, but once its troops out of the country. before the august 31st deadline, turkey has been part of nato's mission in afghan austin. and as hundreds of troops stationed there, the un secretary general says all steps are being taken to keep operations running as i've got to stand faces and mounting humanitarian crisis agencies. air lifted some stuff from couple to cars like stun what a temporary office has been. set up. my canons good more from the united nations dealer and says a 3rd of its international stock have now been relocated from oregon is done to its temporary base in context. on, in addition, it says a number of gun nationals have also been brought out of the country. though there are no specifics as to the exact number. the staff had been told to work from home
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unless it's necessary for them to go into you and offices to complete their work. the secretary general held what is called as a virtual town hall with you and stopped in the course of the day. he is said to reassure them that the un is doing everything it can to protect their safety. but he also says that it's necessary for the us to carry on its activities. enough gone is done with a view to the mounting humanitarian crisis. the un spokesmen confirms that they will be a substantial staff in country, but would not be drawn on the exact number that is needed for the us to be able to continue its operations. all of that is still being worked out right. we are ongoing with a number of programs that we've talked about. debris of p units, f u n h c r w h ho. obviously, as the situation stabilizes or we will have
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a better idea of what we're able to do with the humanitarian needs are. and what the staffing is, will be that we need to run those programs. and most importantly, the funding that we will need to earn this program that being a number of reports about discontent among un staff about the lack of action in terms of protecting their safety. the un spokesmen refuses to comment on the specific allegations, but he did confirm that a number of letters had been received from various unions, which are being considered by the secretariat, mexico's accepted it 1st group of refugees from a dentist on more than 100 people arrived overnight on 2 separate flights. i know wrapping reports from mexico city. this is the moment afghan refugees were 1st greeted by officials in mexico city on tuesday night. there were rival follows what mexican authorities have described as a difficult journey across 6 countries. in the pre dawn, hours of wednesday,
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a 2nd flight arrived with more than 100 other afghan nationals, many of them journalists and other media workers seeking refuge in mexico, all of whom were welcomed personally by mexican foreign minister. marcello evidence that we might be very far away from what is happening in afghanistan, but the human cause, the protection of the values that we identify with the mexicans, have led to a commitment from us. so they can be in mexico when it comes to rolling out the welcome meant for refugees. mexico has a long tradition. this, historically, mexico has been a top destination, especially for people who are fleeing political situations. as was the case with chile, argentina in spain, mexico has always been an important and welcoming nation across mexico many or expecting the country will welcome more afghan families in the days ahead. probably shelters like this one near the outskirts of mexico city. see their doors are open
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to anyone seeking a safe space and a meal is not the name of it. if we don't discriminate, if people want to come from a stain or anywhere else, they will be well received. the arrival of refugees from afghanistan also spotlights. how mexico is already hosting a growing number of displaced people from around the world who are seeking asylum. so far this year, mexican officials have recorded more than $64000.00 asylum application. and data suggests that 2021 is on pace to set a new record for the number of people seeking asylum in the country. some experts have warned that mexico's ability to care for every 1 may be limited due to the growing populations of migrants and refugees, fleeing crises in haiti, venezuela, and countries and central america. mexico is one of only a handful of latin american countries, including sheila and coast rica that have offered a commitment to aiding refugees from afghanistan. monday,
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the rap alone al jazeera mexico city. some afghan nationalist arrived in uganda under ideal, arranged by the united states. officials say the evacuees will only stay in the country for a short while before being re settled elsewhere. the group of $51.00 men, women, and children were subjected to security screening and covered 1900 quarantine procedures. uganda is agreed to a quest from the us to temporarily taken 2000 afghans. still, i had on all to 0 thousands of indigenous people protest in brazil as a supreme court case to threatens to limit their rights to install land. as us inflation jumps to its highest level and decades, warnings of low wages and income inequality. ah
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hi, again, we're talking about the 3 h's across the middle east, hot, humid and hazy. so let me show what's going on. we do have a wind blowing down from the rock through to the gulf. that's shamal. when and on thursday we could see those got up to about 45 kilometers per hour. so that spins around the sand and dust. we do have high humidity for places like cats are so high, right? we talked humid and hazy relative humidity, 85 percent. so your core temperature is 42. but it will feel about $52.00 and will lock into that pattern for the next several days breezy conditions across southern areas of pakistan, karachi, so sand and dust storms. the concern here 39 degrees will be the high in the hor, on thursday. we do have some energy moving across the bulk ins, but i don't think that it's going to push into is stumble. so we look at the next 3 days, a mix of sun in cloud, and your temperature is actually above seasonal. and we'll get into the breezy conditions on saturday, tropics of africa. we have our storms through ethiopia,
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and also galvan and cameroon, right, through to western africa, whether france lands into the western cape, we'll see winds in cape town, about 72 kilometers per hour. this is thursday, look at saturday brings a cool pool of air. we've got snow in the suit to to contend with the the venezuela colombia has become a dumping ground for trespasses as desperate people transgress and illegal passage to feed an emerging fuel trafficking market. we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire, risking at all and his whalen columbia. on al jazeera. oh,
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a watching auto reminder of i tell stories, this, our governments are racing to evacuate. people from gaston, with less than a week to go until all foreign troops leave. panic is growing among fighters, and we're still trying to get on the flights of capital airport. but the us embassy in capital is asking american citizens not to travel to the airport. it's advising those already there to leave immediately because of a security threat. mexico is accepted as 1st group of refugees from a canister on more than $100.00. people arrived overnight on 2 flights. a landmark case accusing indonesia, president and top government officials of failing to limit pollution in jakarta has
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been delayed for a 7th time the lawsuit brought by citizens once strict standards for pollution and for them to be actively enforced. it was filed in july 2019 against president joker with dodo jakarta, governor, and 7 other officials. well, let's bring in bond and adriano in jakarta. he's a climate, an energy campaign. way the green piece is good to have with us and i'll just say that i would imagine the fact that this has been delayed, yet again. must be frustrating for those involved in the case. but of course also those who are concerned about pollution in jakarta. yes i actually use also what. busy the feeling to be because the better mix wouldn't be to be, but again we have to wait for another 2 weeks to have been to the citizen having so. busy much
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mandy, for the competition, the only demand for the government to do that just to control the pollution and taking strategic plan and action certificate behind behind me. what has been the courts reason for delaying this case? so many times do you know so there's so many reasons. first because of my commission because of the object having been and then the judge needs to be more not going to do so to me and leave. now today it's because one of the jackie sees every monday, so ended up to have to remind out of it
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by taking a long ways to the defendants. in this case, as we were talking about very senior and very influential, people who are still in positions of power. do you think that that is having any bearing on the judges being careful about producing decision on this? so what we can do because we don't have any of these, you know, stedman from them. so we can assume that it might be right the more time to read the better because the document and also the condition. you don't have any idea why the the late to get and get in the meantime, tell me about the kind of conditions that people in jakarta are facing and has the government since this case been broad,
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hasn't done anything to try to change the circumstances. well actually the soon as the local am i been and to be honest. yeah. so when the when did by the government, let's say the by regulation for the adequate to be standard and also be required. an update to mobile. what is happening? so we filed pace, and now we know that jeff valley in particular has been sort of july while delay completion. jeff valley government taking action. a lot of yeah, i believe. but if you think back in july increase combat the june, like the increase,
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the base is like twice if we the action now that might be happening. and so many people will export by the i was reading the one of the defendants suggested that the people of jakarta themselves were at least partly to blame because they were using scooters and motor bikes and other methods of transport for getting around the city and of course burning rubbish and dumping rubbish and so on. is this something to that? should the people of jakarta been taking responsibility for their own emissions for their own contributions to pollution in the city? we cannot deny that actually because there is the but the only one who can control. busy and regulation the government so. busy the huge power in government to actually employee by the
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bonded adriano. we appreciate you being with us and i'll just 0. thank you very much. indeed for your time, sir. thank you. heavy rains have left several communities in columbia. under water river swelled inundating tons and destroying plantations. the rainy seasons already killed dozens of people and damaged thousands of homes. that way you, the house is flooded in water up to your neck. my mother in law also lost everything . her chickens also drowned. we need the government to help us. we're like a ghost town together with them for other every time there's a wet season, we have this problem, year after year, until the national government makes a final decision on a dime. we will always continue to have this problem. meanwhile, the colombian authorities say they've seized more than 1.2 tons of cocaine from a dissident armed group. they say 2 foreigners and a columbia,
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and we're transporting it on a boat headed towards central america. group, allegedly responsible is an offshoot of the fox develop organization formed by those who rejected the piece deal with the government. and as you see, the sark with the heavy loads of fog decision and tough last over 42 millions because you avoided the trafficking of and distribution of more than 3000000 doses of drugs to countries in the region. supporters of bolivia jail, the former intimate president janine and yes have been marching through the streets of la paz, demanding, her release, medic say, as is in a stable condition after she tried to take her own life. she's been charged with genocide over the death of protesters in 2019 indigenous activists in brazil are waiting for the supreme court to make a crucial ruling on rights to their ancestry lands. members of 170 groups are in the capital resilience to keep the decision rights group appealed against the states view. the tribes can only claim land if they lived there or made their claim
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before the law came into force. 30 years ago. indigenous people say many of their communities have been expelled decades before the mob. our people were decimated. we were 1000000, and now we are very few. many of our people can't even say who they are anymore. this invasion was huge and this time limit must be removed. we cannot p with our lives. one again i have is outside the supreme court in priscilla. it's been a very, very long day. there was a screen set up. 8 here behind me, where they were listening to the supreme court justices vote, but instead of voting on the indigenous issue, which is which should have been addressed today. early in the afternoon, they started talking about the central bank and a proposal to make it independent from the government. and so during the whole afternoon,
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you had all these different indigenous people. just camp out here listening to this, to this wrong session in receipt. but they were chanting, they were praying, they're waiting for it to end because next in line comes the decision on, on their, their, their issue which is who have the right to claim indigenous land. only those that have that word there until 988. so what happens to those that were expelled from the land before that? there's land is trying to also be environment because by allowing a commercial agriculture or illegal mining by making it easier for land grabbers, it also contributes to deforestation. also, even if people don't occupy the indigenous lands, they're encroaching these reservations and they're poisoning like the water. the fish are no longer the can no longer eat their staple food,
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which was fish because it's poisoned with mercury. so they're all these different issues which are dressed. 24 years been put in place, and then jerry, city of joss after gunman killed at least 36 people during a raid on a mainly christian community. police, a 10 suspects have been arrested. there's been growing tension in recent weeks following the killing of dozens of muslims in the city is really primary enough to balance in washington for his 1st overseas state visit is meeting the secretary of state and defense tougher. bennett's agenda is stopping us efforts to restore a nuclear deal with iran. he's going to meet us president joe biden at the white house later. i don't know how many has more from west to send them and what to expect from the visit. he was once a us citizen, son of immigrants who settled on the west coast now enough tally bennett is going to the white house as prime minister of israel, a key ally of do united states,
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but whose relations with democrats in the us was somewhat fraught during the premier shape of his predecessor benjamin netanyahu. it's been very clear from the beginning that the goals of both naphtali bennett and foreign ministry, iowa paid, were to rebuild the bi partisan nature of the relationship that they thought was lacking during the 12 years under nathan yow who really focused on the republican party. also of the agenda is iran, israel, opposing efforts made by the, by the administration to return to the 2015 agreement. which by this predestined sir pulled out from an after the targeting of an israeli managed ship in the gulf of oman. bennett is trying to bring about an international consensus when it comes to retaliation, but gone other days of trump, when israeli prime minister appeared to be able to dictate the middle east foreign policy of the white house. the bye didn't administration favoring
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a 2 state solution. when it comes to dealing with israeli palestinian conflict, bennett has already scored a point with the by did administration new as counseling here and occupied east jerusalem. that deals with palestinian was by the trump administration. there was talk about reopening it, but that the request of israel, the department has shown that plan at least for now time to allow the new israeli government to pass the budget indic nested by november, necesary for the ruling coalition to survive. the democratic administration is fully aware of the very delicate nature of israel coalition. and the fact that basically the israel prime minister is, is trading on eggs all the time. and therefore, he has to be very cautious, very careful. since bennett took off is the u. s. department has made statements against house demolition and illegal jewish settlement expansions in the occupied
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palestinian territory. which bennett has been an advocate of since his entry in political life. a kid place these a good steps but not enough. it's lip service. barden should say the only solution is to end the occupation because the image of israel today in the world is one of apartheid ethnic cleansing and racism. it's very uncomfortable for the us to be associated with that. yeah, opinions are changing into us when it comes to israel. ben is visit, comes and progressive within the democratic party. are pushing to recalibrate the relationship between the 2 countries called for conditioning military, a to israel, and open criticism have moved from the fringe to the floors of congress. with that in mind, bennett stuff is challenge is to convince the american public that he is the face of a government which is inclusive in more than just to name that how many edges either west jerusalem, the us state of new york's revealed that more than 12000 corona virus. dest went
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unreported under a former governor, andrew cuomo, the new governor cathy hostile says it brings the number of deaths in the state to more than 55000. the previous records have excluded those who died at their own homes and other locations colonial resigned following the sexual harassment scandal earlier this month. and he faced criticism for under reporting corona, virus data amount involved in a plot to kid. not the governor of michigan state has been sentenced to 6 years in prison. a group of 14 men planned to abductor gretchen hitler from vacation home last year. it was in retaliation for covered 1900 restrictions that she had imposed . ty garvin is the 1st to be sentenced, and the only suspect to plead guilty. inflation is on the rise in the u. s. reaching its highest level in decades, and that's forcing up the cost of living. hardest head of people who own the lowest wages. i was under reports from east brunswick in new jersey. it's another day
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heading into work for brian cool us, and it's no easy commute to get to his job as a banquet server. it's 160 kilometers, almost 2 hours each way from his home and east brunswick, new jersey to his job in atlantic city. he doesn't do it by choice, but at a necessity it's the only job he can find where he makes enough income to survive each month, but barely people, i don't always think realize what it's like to have to live on half a penny. you know, i call it some time splitting penny. brian is one of an estimated 125000000 americans who live paycheck to paycheck. it's now even made harder by rising inflation. for many years, the inflation rate in the u. s. hovered around 2 percent, but it's been steadily increasing this year to where it's now about 5 and a half percent. the highest. it's been since $990.00 food, rent, energy,
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new cars. those are the sectors that have seen the biggest price jump. and economists say, it only takes a slight increase in inflation to cause a huge impact. the perception that inflation is a problem could lead us to make some very bad choices in terms of the economy. if we, god forbid, raise interest rates right now. well, unemployment is still elevated. that could be a real economic disaster and anti poverty advocate say inflation is only a small part of a bigger problem. the income inequality that has been growing over the last few decades is really the key concern. we've had weighed stagnation in this nation since the early 19 seventy's and wages have for decades not kept up with the high increases in costs of living. for brian, he faces a new challenge. his landlord raised his rent. he can no longer afford it,
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so he'll be evicted next month. like take a go. well, because i can't afford to lose. i don't belong. you know, it's really no place, but now you know, only because i can't afford it. he says if he can't find anywhere else to live, that car he drives to work will also then become his home. gabriel's ando, juanita, east brunswick, new jersey. ah, this is al jazeera, these at the top stories. there's less than a week to go before the deadline. to complete evacuations from of ghana, sam, but the us is telling us citizens not to go to the airport because of a security threat and searching americans already.


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