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it's in isolate capacity, so i think we're going to stay locked down in various forms in place until away we really do hand over to those explanation levels and that's probably not going to happen in october. that's probably november. so we'll see, i think a gradual shift to transition to where we can rely more on those fact same levels. so i think this is going to be a process that then transitions us out of covered 0 thinking which is where we got to in the last few months, much more into that how we live. we've covered that particularly trying to get those levels up. so we can handle g or and not rely on lockdown while japan is suspended $1600000.00 doses of the maternal vac, seen after reports of contamination of the jobs distributor, identified particle matter and it's vials more than a week ago. both japan and the dentist said no safety or efficacy issues have been identified and the suspension was just a precaution. government exists that will have little effect on the countries vaccine rollout. still had hillman usa,
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as well as prime minister and in the us hoping to persuade president joe biden again to deal with the wrong of gunning songs. former women football, captain towns, owners there. there's more work to be done to say god, athletes, despite many being evacuated from the capital. we'll hear from her insult. with peter. ah! hey there it's august the 26th. here's her headlines. quite a dumping of rain toward the northeast of spain, over 2 hours. 115 millimeters. not seeing that on the radar today. on thursday, just some clouds may be a scattering of showers for northern portugal, the northwest of spain, some big storms through the balkans, continuing eastern shores of the adrian, sea, albania, macedonia, and into bulgarian. you know, for parts of italy, naples, a hailstorm,
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we saw the hail about 5 centimeters and the weather disturbance still play games can deviate into the baltic states. it's pressing further toward the south. it becomes a story for central europe and winds a big story here as wal scandinavia baltic states got up to 80. but particularly along the west coast of norway, germany southern germany could also see similar wind speeds and the netherlands. your winds could wind up to about 50 kilometers per hour con, across greece and turkey. i don't think that's what weather is going to scoop in to swoop in, i should say to it's stumble, just some increasing cloud cover with the high 31 degrees across africa. we've got storm clouds gathering rate across nigeria. so lycos has a high of 29 degrees on thursday. that's a snapshot of your weather see in a bit. ah,
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that light emitted from history kept alive only in the family tales of those justifying. had to release for people who didn't seem to be damaging story. as the polish women and children who endured the siberian black refuge in africa, never to return again an epic or to see billions memory is our homeland. are now to sierra i'm the like of us in the south of india and find out call me back in this cave brought an extensive mining operation to a grand corona virus wept across the world with devastating effects. and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade. here in vietnam, we visit a rescue center for some of the worlds most threatened to animals and joined the call for an end to the global wildlife ride on al jazeera.
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ah the ah, look back, you're watching the i'll just have a nice with me. so rahm the reminder of all top stories, thousands of people hoping to leave off telephone before august. the 31st deadline being told not to go to campbell airport, the us and its allies of war and about a possible attack. also, the delta, very interest being blamed for rising cave in 1900 cases in australia and new zealand. australia is reported a day, the record of more than 1000 new infections. the zealand tests the more than $270.00 cases. and japan has suspended 1600000 doses of the maternity vaccine after reports of contamination of panama data sets. so they say feel ethical issues have
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been identified and suspension was just a precaution. now the african girls robotic team arrived here in cats are a few days before the taliban take over. the leader says she hopes the girls can return to kinda some help shape their countries future laura, but manly went to meet them known for their innovation and ingenuity. the african girls were thought ex team has competed around the globe on projects, including building events later with comp on the far right part is about solving the communities and our community problem. and i'm so interested to in the future to serve my people and help my people they had left couple days before it was taken by the taliban. speaking from doha, they say they hope to return. it's in normal that everyone are very bad. and i hope that they can continue,
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and i wanted from the new government that lived it and of a new generation would they get on board to continue their education? although we'll take us about what they want for the future as a country transitions and the future is uncertain. it can be overwhelming. and the team leader tells me it's untenable to coordinate getting all girls who want an education out of afghanistan. instead, she wants to engage with the taliban and for both sides to build trust, we have to making sure that our younger generation have access to the tools and guidance to making a better afghan respond to become the next scientist, interpreter and technologist. this is what we needed for afghanistan. this is what our vision for the african, the afghan girls report exchange. so they hope to continue their education here and cut the foundation. the future is enough on the sun. they hope that life on the taliban rule is different from the 1900 ninety's. and they want to continue to
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compete around the world. the taliban has promised they would respect women's rights within the norms of islamic law. a spokesman's twitter page shows girls going back to school board despite the assurances summit can see the telephones, games as dangerous for women. the former captain of the african women's football team college up her pals herself. a refugee has been helping to get her former team out of kabul since the fall of the ball. it, her things have become very hopeless for people there. and especially women and girls are very afraid of the future. and some fear that progress will be in parallel. i'll disappearing their hopes on reform and to work towards a positive future for women and girls. laura, by the man, the odyssey ra,
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is ready, prime minister of tale. bennett is in washington for his 1st official visit abroad . he's already met the secretaries of state and defense top of but it's agenda is stopping us efforts to restore nuclear deal with iran. and he's expected to meet president joe biden later on thursday. or abdul, hamid reports north west jerusalem or what to expect from the visit. he was once a us citizen, son of immigrants who settled on the west coast. now, enough tally bennett is going to the white house as prime minister of israel, a key ally of the united states, but whose relations with democrats in the us was somewhat fraught during the premiership of his predecessor benjamin netanyahu. it's been very clear from the beginning that the goals of both naphtali bennett and foreign ministry, iowa paid, were to rebuild the bi partisan nature of the relationship that they thought was lacking during the 12 years under. net anyhow,
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who really focused on the republican party. also the top of the agenda is iran, israel, opposing efforts made by the, by the administration to return to the 2015 agreement, which by this predecessor pulled out from an after the targeting of an israeli managed ship. and the gulf of oman. bennett is trying to bring about an international consensus when it comes to retaliation, but gone other days of trump, when israeli prime minister appeared to be able to dictate the middle east foreign policy of the white house. the bye didn't administration favoring a 2 state solution. when it comes to dealing with these really palestinian conflict, bennett has already scored a point with the by the administration new as council, it's hearing occupied east jerusalem. that deals with palestinian was by the trump administration. there was talk about reopening it, but that the request of israel, the state department, has shown that plan,
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at least for now time to allow the new israeli government to pass the budget indic nested by november, necesary for the ruling coalition to survive. the democratic administration is fully aware of the very delicate nature of israel's coalition. and the fact that basically the israel's prime minister is, is trading on eggs all the time. and therefore he has to be very cautious. very careful. since bennett took off is the us state department, has made statements against house demolition and illegal jewish settlement expansions in the occupied palestinian territory. which bennett has been an advocate of since his entry in political life can claim these good steps, but not enough. its lip service, barden should say, the only solution is to end the occupation because the image of israel today in the world is one of apartheid ethnic cleansing, and racism. it's very uncomfortable for the us to be associated with that. yeah,
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opinions are changing into us when it comes to israel. ben is visit, comes with, and progressive within the democratic party are pushing to recalibrate the relationship between the 2 countries. calls for conditioning military, a to israel, and open criticism. have moved from the fringe to the floors of congress with that in mind, bennett stuff is challenge is to convince the american public that he is the face of a government which is inclusive in more than just to name that. i mean, i just either was jerusalem along ok. the casing indonesia as president and top government officials are failing to kind of pollution in jakarta, has been delayed for a 7 time little suit bought by citizens demand strict standards of pollution and for them to be actively enforced. they were filed in july, 2019 against president joker were due to jakarta, the governor and 7 other officials bond. and andrea knew as a climate and energy campaign. with greenpeace, he says,
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the constant delay show that demanding clean air from the government is not so easy process. again, we need to wait for another 2 weeks to have been to the citizen having to clean ada. so. busy at. ringback least the mending part of the competition, the only demand for the government to do their job, to control pollution and taking a strategic plan and action. and so i'm behind me. inflation is on the rise in the us reaching its high levels in decades. and that's forcing the cost of living and hitting people who are the lowest wages quite hard. gabriel is on the report. so from east brunswick in state of new jersey . it's another day heading into work for brian cool us. and it's no easy commute to
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get to his job as a banquet server. it's a 160 kilometers, almost 2 hours each way from his home and east brunswick, new jersey to his job in atlantic city. he doesn't do it by choice, but out of necessity. it's the only job he can find where he makes enough income to survive each month. but barely. people, i don't always think realize what it's like to have to live on half a penny. you know, i call it sometimes splitting pennies. brian is one of an estimated 125000000 americans who live paycheck to paycheck. it's now even made harder by rising inflation. for many years, the inflation rate in the u. s. hovered around 2 percent, but it's been steadily increasing this year to where it's now about 5 and a half percent. the highest. it's been since $990.00 food, rent, energy, new cars. those are the sectors that have seen the biggest price jump. and
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economists say, it only takes a slight increase in inflation to cause a huge impact. the perception that inflation is a problem could lead us to make some very bad choices in terms of the economy. if we, god forbid, raise interest rates right now. well, unemployment is still elevated. that could be a real economic disaster, anti poverty advocate say inflation is only a small part of a bigger problem. the income inequality that has been growing over the last few decades is really the key concern. we've had weighed stagnation in this nation since the early 19 seventy's and wages have for decades not kept up with the high increases in costs of living. for brian, he faces a new challenge. his landlord raised his rent. he can no longer afford it, so he'll be evicted next month. like picking up well because i can't afford to lose
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. i don't belong. you know, it's really no place, but now you know, only because i can't afford it. he says if he can't find anywhere else to live, that car he drives to work, will also then become his home. gabriel's condo, eda, east brunswick, new jersey, violence between supporters and opponents, oblivious jailed. former intern president shinning and as breakouts on the streets of la pounds on wednesday, hundreds march, calling for her release. doctor saying is, is in a stable condition, as does she tried to take her own life? she's been charged with genocide in connection with the deaths of protest as in 2019 indigenous activists in brazil waiting for the supreme court to make a crucial ruling rights to their ancestral land. members of $170.00 indigenous tribes, the camping out of the capital awaiting the decision which could come as early as thursday. one. okay. and a kim has moved from the capital brazilian,
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the crew to, to set up 10 to test for cooper 19 before marching and dancing under the scorching sun on their way to the supreme court in a building stand in front of the presidential palace. and as for the future of more than $300.00 ethnic groups, will be decided in a landmark case setting a precedent for $800.00 land dispute. this is the most important judgment in the history of additional people because it will define the saddles, the jury, the saddles of the indigenous lands here in brazil, the land disputes center around the interpretation of the 1988 constitution. it says indigenous people have a right to claim ancestral territory, but there is a question mark on how far back that extend. indigenous groups argue that they've been expelled from their ancestral territory for centuries,
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and are still being attacked by farmers miners and margaret big farming groups and the countries right when leader said, there should be a time limit. philip, if they probably can look us on our president valuable scenario and the powerful farm lobby site, only those who are living on the land before the 19 ac constitution was approved. have a right to turn them into protected reservations, but we say that's unconstitutional. many digits, people were expelled violently from their homes. they should be able to return to their lands without fear for their lives. indigenous leader and the sound a little cool, because she's had several death threats from people wanting to mine gold in her village. that does not impair, give me call article meg. i stood up to the men who threatened me because that's what we must do. we cannot give up. all right, jesse, if we do, the amazon rain forest will be destroyed and our people as well. we will continue to defend our right protesters. we're hoping their case would be moved on earlier
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this week. regardless, the wednesday postponement was received with prayers and a peaceful walk back home. birth at the camp activities continued throughout the night. indigenous leaders, we're supposed to sit there preparing their people for another long day on thursday . they will march once more to the door of the supreme court to defend their rights . monica and i just 0 brazil. yeah. well, still had hail the news, the worst team in the major league baseball final winter game feature will show you how they did it in for a
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with me. ah ah
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a type of fault. thank you. so guardiola has hinted he might leave mentioned the city when his contract expires. at the end of next season. corello joined city in 2016 and has won 3 primitive title in that time. he says depends to have a break after what will be 7 years in charge of the city. the 50 year old hopes to take charge of a national team off to that is going to lead in france now a nice have been ordered to play the next home game against bordeaux behind closed doors. this comes off the ugly scenes on sunday. when home fans invaded the pitch and confronted plays from the visiting team. i'll say who play dmitri pie? yeah, it's even had a bottle thrown at him. match was abandoned with 15 minutes to go. the drove all the groups the age of the champions league takes place late, and mo,
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devon club sharif tid spoke, we'll be making their debut. the 1st thing from over to make it the saw in the competition of the, the thing freedom, a czar grid. 3 know, on aggregate on wednesday, it throws up the possibility of some of the biggest stars and will football likely . and they'll may feel grossly on rinaldo playing as shit, if 12000 feet the stadium in the countries capital. the former captain of the african women's football team has told al jazeera they still work to do, to safeguard athletes that remain in the country. carlita popo has been working with human rights activists, lawyers, activists, as well as the football players union fee for to secure the evacuation of a former teammates around $75.00 plays. and some of the family members were flowing out of couple on tuesday, the past few days we have been working a lot to to get our place to safety, the protection it's been
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a week now. does i have worked together with, with great team. people here outside of get a stone and a great organizations like the pro, would the government support of the government of the us and canada we could manage to, to, to get our place outside of getting the 1st women's national team of, of guns done the work continues, when you get out of the, of the country of your country, there is no more national tv. there will be any other like, and that would be an anti national anthem of your country that will be played for you. they'll be another refugee team because our lives are now ref dees. and they see asylum like thinking back about the days that i placed for the very 1st national people for my country replace for the 1st time in the
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history. the best feeling that when we had the national anthem, we saw the flag of our country. we, we, we had the budge of the national team on our chest, that it was the most beautiful feeling, but they have to, that's somehow play. they have taken some from us from all of us who wanted to play phone country and bring price book and she will. number 5, sophia kennon has withdrawn him next week. the us open to testing positive cove at 19 despite being fully vaccinated. the american is the latest high profile player to pull out the final tennis major of the year in new york. just in the last 2 days, 23 time grand slam champion. serena williams announced she would not be competing due to injury and on the main side, neither f l l know roger federal will be present. then from a to time us open champion, venus williams is also out of this year's event. the 41 year old has failed to recover from a leg injury. it means they will not be
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a williams to stay in the main draw flushing meadows for the 1st time since 2003 england batting themselves into a strong position on day 2 of the 3rd cricket test against india in leads, the host resumed play on 120 with our loss after burning the tourist for just 78 on the 1st day. re burns reach 61 before leaving is wicked in the 1st hour of the 2nd day. slay the english on 140 for one. head of the opening round of golf bmw w chavis, former world number one re mcelroy says he is probably play too much golf. the northern irishman is hoping he's tied miss will not stop him from having a good tournament, though. i think i feel like a lot of guys feel right now a little g. it is a little tired. and of the season there's been a lot of golf. yeah, so a lot of travel so yeah, and i'm just sort of getting through a major league baseball is finally some good news for baltimore orioles friends on
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wednesday, they had long last recorded a when a 16 victory over the los angeles angel smith's and 19 game losing streak for the orioles. a welcome result, although they still have the worst record in the entire league. for me to one is back this weekend for 3 weeks, some a break, and next the stop and is ready to take the fight for the titles will champion louis hamilton for stop. and so a 33 point lead over his rival turn into an 8 point deficit in just 2 races. the red bull racing driver is determined to catch even said his counterpart before the end of the season, talking with the race in belgium on sunday. i mean, 1st of all, because i'm, i'm happy that we are in that fight that we can actually, you know, have a good it instead of always driving behind the leading driver or a team. and then of course the grades for the family, because now these, you know, they turned and they turn up for the weekend and it's still not fully show, of course, who is going to win the race. and before sometimes it was
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a bit of an easy guess who was or what team was going to win the race. right. so i think it's better for everyone. murder g p races at the british grand prix at silver spend the sunday to the marquez brothers have been taking some time out visiting match. the said he's training ground a time world champion. mock marquez was accompanied by a younger brother alex as they met with the club store players and pe guardiola. and the respect for each other is mutual. i think his boss on a fun and he was born in catalonia, where we were born and listened when a people like him can visit as you have on or is while carlo complement for us. so hopefully he can, the time he has spent here with us, you can feel at home and always will be more than welcome for me. but going to the allies, one of the, of the bedrooms that you try to analyze, you try to learn about the about he may, because the way he, he do or he speak goes on and the way he, he, he,
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he gods. because in the end he's a trainer, but the for me is the way that you call j to is impressive on and yeah, was a nice talk and i chatted with him on a few things. it's day 2 of the paralympics in tokyo will period power thing champion go. ling ling has one. her 1st gold metal. the chinese started a world record in the $100.00. i mean the 41 kilogram event by the thing, 109 killers, the netherlands, i forgot they 1st go to the game such cyclist clarissa class and told him home with a pilot ymca promise to win the women's liking. be 1000 meter time trial. several of the venues intake you have had to be specially adapted for the paralympics. this time lapse shows a 2 week process to get the olympic venue for the 3 by 3 basketball and sport climbing, converted into a full bowl. 5 assigned pitch for the paralympics. that's all the sports me. so thanks very much peter. more news on the inside of the break with emily into length
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of the news i see. see like ah ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, amber and as morocco records with the impact the with 19 the country votes in parliamentary elections that will shape the future by listening to the media. how they operate, the stories they cover. and the reason why the 911, the top of the world, 20 years on the war that followed has finally ended, and i've got to son. but that's what caught this a didn't real, obviously, unique, attractive on happy in history,
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through the eyes of the fearless and vision we to make it. germany, go to the polls and elections the, the i'm going to merkel replace after 15 years in power. what will the results mean for german and european union? september on al jazeera, frank assessments the spyware? it is a lesson against freedom, surprising informed opinions. what you saw happening is from march to there was 42 . there was petune is the critical debate. here it's not between kula and any other group. we are confident here that 4 years re running that even people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera is the country about to collapse before the kind of reform you're talking about. can take place, we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in. why are we not in the best situation? why has that money been responded?
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how did that happen? counting the cost on al jazeera ah the us and its allies are wanting people not to go to cobble airport sighting a possible attack for me. i feel i'm still interested to in the future to their, for my people. they left half denison just before the taliban took over. we have from the girls were bought. it came about the hope they have for their country. ah, hello, i'm emily angland. this is al jazeera, alive from joe. how are coming up.


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