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tv   [untitled]    August 26, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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far from ideal i've been covering all of latin america for most of my career, but mil country is alike and it's my job to shed light on how and why me ah, what's you know there with me a whole robin in doha reminder of our top new stories thousands of people hoping to leave. i've done this time before and august. the 31st deadline of being told not to go to cobble apples. the us and allies have warned about a possible attack control a balance of law from cobble. we just had a producer go to the airport to see for himself what the situation is. like you said, it is incredibly teams and we have been going down the most days and it has been been and he said it is much change from now. people very concerned about this threat from i saw people gathering, they've actually pushed back from the perimeter. the taliban. very. he asked if we
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could fill when they say no, please leave. get out of here. immediately. they had put buses around the entrance to the south gate with a big round about yesterday with thousands of people down there. they said that they had pushed people back now, and those buses were blocking the gates so that nobody could get through. and also people are being pushed back from the perimeter in the areas also. so the telephone really getting people away from the airport now talking to them earlier about this threat, they said from what we understand isolate planning, car bombings in and around the airport. and that they want to cause maximum damage, what it means for the people that are evacuating and still left and column. we know there's about $1500.00 people with us still in and around kabul, it means that us special forces other, other nations is using special. so to try and extricate the people by a helicopter,
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into the airport, and try other avenues to get people in with only 5 days left to these evacuations. all foreign forces have to be out by tuesday, several countries already wrapping up the evacuations. partly because of the security concerns hungry, the netherlands belgium in poland halting flights front says it will stop and lifting people from cobble on friday evening. japan has suspended 1600000 doses of the maternal vaccine after repulsive contamination both to panama, denise, they know safety or efficacy issues have been identified in the move was just a precaution. the delta variance has been blame for arise and over 1000 k 3 strange and new zealand, australia report to the daily records of more than 1000 new infections. the zealand has seen more than 270 cases since now, brake began last week. the good, but the government says it's determined to stamp out the virus. nothing at the moment apiece to us to be necessarily unexpected. but we do need to be
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incredibly vigilant. you will have heard, i say many times before, delta has changed the rules of the game and that's why we changed our game plan. no one wants to be locked down for ever, and i can tell you now that is not our intention is we have new toes for managing carpet and we will use them. but for now, what we vaccinate elimination is the goal. and we can do it straight line contests as reported an annual loss of more than $1000000000.00 caused by cave in 1900 travel restrictions. but the carrier is planning on turning around what it called a diabolical year in december. when the country will reopen. to international travel too much for our curfew has been reinstated in central nigeria, up to government killed at least 36 people on wednesday. that happened in the region of jobs north during a raid on a mainly christian community. supporters oblivious former interim president janine
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and n sar demanding heavily from prison medic saying, as if in a stable condition after she tried to take her own life, she's been charged with genocide over the death of protest as in 2019 colombian authorities as these more than 1.2 tons of cocaine from the dom group, or they say to foreigners, under colombian, we're transporting, it's all about added to central america. the group allegedly responsible is an offshoot of the fog carrillo organizations a rapidly expanding bush, far as threatening homes and businesses in san bernardino. in the us state of california firefighters, the winds are making it difficult to contain people living in the area have been advised to leave the holiday stories on a website that al jazeera dot com. i'll be back with more news and half. now we return now to witness, so to stay with us here alone there. oh, i
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me who i the last images i found long after she was gone, where images of her childhood they were taken in late 943. it a refugee camp. you're mount clemons era. the footage was meant to be edited and narrated over for war time newsreel for the village of women and children in this still reappeared in africa. after disappearing into siberia, they might have thought the camera was capturing their story. the newsreel was
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never made. the images were sent to london and sat on a shelf for 75 years. for me grew up hearing about this place. it was a story that had spent a lifetime hearing ah, the 1st thing i can remember about my polish grandmother is her voice. i was 4 years old, laying on the floor in montreal and looking at a world map. she hovered over me and whispered about where she grew up before it ever understood that she was from poland. and what that meant. i knew that she lived in east africa as a refugee. oh, as i get older,
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she told me that being deported from poland to the soviet union when she was 11 years old. and of 10 years wandering displaced, she spoke of bearing family in siberia, catholics down in iran. all i was surrounded by women like her telling the same stories. oh, but i didn't pay much attention to them. the 1st time i picked up a video camera. i was 15 am, and grandmother walked in to fran, getting back with the blank wall, which was all that anyone seemed to know of her story. i then when i was 19 university, i wrote about polish refugees in africa. a professor challenged my history though.
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he never read about it and asked me to check my sources. so the flower is going to be on their way. no. yeah, they are now. it's okay. well everyone. poland is poland. and my family name is carrie. was 22 brothers and assisted in me. part of us we haven't done parents both sites, but they were living separate. and what they said is that each of well, life was in the village where you're born in poland. and what was,
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you can tell me the name of the village and what kind of community it was like. well, have to, it was us had the call or send those to vic and to everybody live for their own land. so it wasn't, wasn't a village which is house next to each other. this is everybody live on his own land . and i can't really say magic because i don't remember much from poland. i remember more from the time they took us to say video. that's part of member oh i
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oh, they took us february 10th saturday, pick up my grandparents. we didn't we just so hadley to the window because the day was very coke and they block our door so my mother was crying and begging them to. she want to see her parents,
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they just took them, both of them put their slaves in over the my way. about 2 hours later they came for us, one of those, so just told my parent, you'd take whatever you can. what are you going to you will need it? and my father knew when they take us to say, i owe from 940 to 41. the soviet union emptied eastern point. 2000000 people considered hostile to talk patient and use them to create new colonies to force labor across siberia. the children like my grandmother, were too young to work, were sent to school to be transformed into the next generation of soviets. while their parents were used as force laborers and forests, cotton fields in mind,
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she described to me as a prison where there was, there were new fences around the camps. but if you walked away from them, you'd be surrounded by millions of square kilometers of siberia. the 1st time i went back to the village and my family was from, i had to realize that it wasn't even in poland anymore. at the end of the 2nd world war, it borders had shifted 300 kilometers west as if the entire country had been lifted up by the war and displaced. which is how i ended up in dollars. when russia land claimed by 7 different countries over the last 100 years, making it hard for anyone to find their ancestors. look
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at the border. my bags researched by soldiers who asked me what i wanted to film. and i told them where we were from. but i didn't even know where that was me the under the fuel, bella, ruth, the ruins of hundreds of villages occupied by the soviet union at the beginning of the war. burnt down by the nazis in the middle of it. and then bulldozed by the soviets when it was all over the me i was going directly past or my grandmother had been born. but i wouldn't know that for another year. the me a year later, i went back with an old polish map. it seemed to lay the world in my grandmother's memory onto the landscape. but half of the villages on it had been arranged. and
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those that were left and bella rush names, which is why instead of a place called the strategic, i was in re johnny, a neighboring town where my grandmother had been baptized making 40 as dizzy. and we will, if you could, when you said you was on the phone, was listed as a thorough book. you guys were near that he used to lose. you don't you don't know where they need to live for that. just give me a rough no more me by the sea bottom of sheet and i used sheep. no, you have to let you go through the lease going
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round for boys. you position at greenwich. ah ah, i looked around for days trying to some anything connected to my family. and now only a few hours before you're planning on leaving the country. i was turning down the road towards the village. they had been deported from more than 70 years earlier. ah . what was the question when you're off to you? because you just weren't sure
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what your judgment on those you want to know. did you get a chance to look just say, you know, you know the quarter was actually it was awesome. you can get a get, can you and you can yes. even though the good evening, susan. this. sure. his sure his thought is,
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you know, find out that there's an yet i've gotten oh guys will yes you should be done with her and to know that he is a guy in a bit of the way she does not have any idea because i didn't get it yet, it was, i do show here. it was who saw the yeah. the sun smell that they would. yeah. they would there was for janik eula. yeah. casa and paul dick with the baby. they moved it to me. scott about this. just bear with me. when you get this,
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i get a pen. yes. what this i was you. yeah. i mean that's if i didn't get it because the tears that a get him the old and let's go to get us to come for you to get a plan. what would you tell you pay them? well, yeah, shell. so now you're going to get it that's the way let yeah. for all should know was so did you live on the stream on this side, on my side or i think on this site you were still part of like they were living there much give you to week marion were close going this way. we drove like this
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and the return on the road and we came and they said it all the land here long to get it. yeah. what i showed you a picture of the parlance through that low. it was a little bit too fast for me and the excitement and little widow through the press. little it's nothing there was really nothing the the
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ah, the polls were given papers, releasing them from thousands of forced labor camps across the barrier. the irony of being liberated is that they were even miserable inside the camps with their train tickets, clothing, food, money, or support the ways of starving deportees needed to make their way alone, to where the polish enders army was forming in the southern part of the soviet union as i i
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oh, i in 2 years after disappearing into siberia as for slavers, the deportees reappeared again in iran as refugees the wonders upon the face of the earth, paid fields from poland nearing the end of one of the most amazing marches in history. 3000 miles, they've walked to find a haven of rescue in american and british newsreel like this one, film polls arriving in iran. the refugees in them were real. but the scenes were all staged. these films also shifted the facts. the british american newsreel is
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claimed that the polish refugees for victims of the nazis, not of the soviets, from one little town and poland, a 1000 men, women, and children land from the nazis into russia. when the not the followed they pushed on through mountain desert, 3000 miles to persia haven in iran on the field. behind the scenes, the british were helping the post government in exile gather testimony about what the polls the device. in 16 years before alexander such, an eton would even start reading the leg archipelago. 118000 post citizens in iran were testifying about the repressive force labor system in the soviet union. but their voices would almost totally disappear.
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i while they were recovering in iran, one of the 1st things the refugees did was posed for a family photograph. why would refugees rush to get their picture taken? maybe to show their families spread out in other places that they were alive. in looking at these women and children, maybe it was to prove to themselves as well. the deportees had no images of siberia, but these photos captured in iran feel like monuments to what they survived. this photo taken into ron is the earliest image of my grandmother's life. all of the family photographs from poland had been lost during the deportations. my great grandmother is 36 years old. her son is 10. my grandmother is barely 12.
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0, it's fraction of a 2nd into ron is of a fragment of family in the middle of war. and everything else was gone. memory was the one thing that could only be taken with their lives. yeah. okay. well, i mean if i drive for you so much to them and that's what i got them tonight. if i was asking maddie
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stephanie swell or he was born in the standing swell was named in 100 all of our face blown head. lou, i know you forget it's 19 for a living sake. be too late for that was 942 beginning of making force to do anything and control and the kid when and does not do one. yeah. see if we spend an hour or $2.00 to $92.00 to $94.00 today. and i suppose you're one that's doing some plate. you have to pay yeah,
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because i have the papers be that when we arrived to east africa with the in the 1943 we did shit up. just been just talking about anyway, she actually got 19 for she's not the man but she won't show up in a month. i don't know nothing about the data but the updated the thing. it's
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not easy to look me up and you need to know more and then i'm going as a back to the toes trying to figure that no, no, no good day to say from recess my to last night and much 11. and here it says, live here. ok. is that one m b date? 1943. looks like 43. when the i don't know, i want to look my handwriting found so you can get on with them. i know they flag this. i don't know. i'm not,
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no. oh i if they couldn't agree on the things they live through together. i wasn't sure what i was supposed to remember. ah, coming into the war with nothing but a handful of documents. their history mostly existed in memory. when they had different memories of the same events, what did it mean for the history of the biggest companies in the world today? all of them speak take with algorithms that they're called, the move that we use, the more data we pritchard wearing them. it's a great race. the data and big companies around the empires are rising on a wealth of information and we need the commodity. in the 2nd 5 part series 90 re
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examined whether corporations colonizing internet like me, the popularity and power of big text on a jazzy into a story alone, deception life and death. an israeli spelling operating on the deep cover in syria . knowing that discovery would mean certain death algae, 0 well health gripping story markets by l. e. calling operated on the cover in syria, in the $960.00 notation career that ended in public execution. l eco. and most of the agents on al jazeera, the right here to report on the people often ignored, but who must be heard? how many other channels can you say will take the time and put extensive thought into reporting from under reported areas. of course we cover major global offend, but our passion lives and making sure that you're hearing the stories from people in places like how was fine libya and her region, and so many other. we go to them,
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you make the effort, we care. ah, watching everything mr. hall rahman endeavor, reminder of our top story, thousands of people hoping to leave. i've got this done before the august 31st deadline. i've been told not to go to cobb lab port the us and its allies have warned about a possible attack shala bell. it has the latest from the capitol. we had heard of the potential isis attack earlier in the week, but no one really took it seriously. it came from the us is just a possibility because of how fluid it was around the what, how many people were crowding around and how hot it was to look after the security within those crowds. but now many nations coming out.


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