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tv   [untitled]    August 26, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm AST

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those last flights have already left the airport so that from the netherlands, belgian denmark, and now germany lot, wrapping up all their evacuation efforts. the dutch government saying they might have left some africa nationals who were eligible for relocation behind. there is nothing that they could do. the information they were getting from the us with the situation was deteriorating rapidly on the ground and they needed to get the personnel out. the u. k. had planned to have 11 planes leave from cobble at port on thursday. whether or not this attack will change the schedule. remain to be seen. charlie, you are saying that some of the schedules may change. i believe something like 11 british military flights were planned for thursday. do we have a sense of where that process is now all people still going to be evacuated today or has that all been halted. so we haven't had an update on how many of those flights had already left pre this explosion and how many still to go. we also don't
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know if 11 is the only number of flights that the u. k. was planning on it could be that they are planning to have flight leaving on friday. remember that, you know, the u. k. has vested invested a lot in afghanistan. they will not want to be seen to be leaving any, any earlier than that. so we have to and they've admitted that there are a $1000.00 interpreters who eligible for relocation to the u. k. still in afghanistan, who are trying to leave the country. and that's who they're trying to facilitate, but they were anticipating an attack. so they will, they will have a contingency plan and pay to work around what has happened. there's a lot of u. k. personnel still in the still processing visas, including the u. k. and bassett. a to scan is done. laurie bristow, he's saying he's going to be one of the last one lead wanting to make sure everyone who can, who can, and want to leave through the u. k. relocation program gets on,
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gets on a flight. so we'll have to update you on whether or not the schedule is going to change. charlie angela, that was all the latest for us from london. thank you so much, johnny. well, if you are just joining us now, i'm in the stall, the t a and this is the news i live from headquarters here in doha. as we continue our coverage of breaking news from afghanistan, there's just been an explosion possibly more than one explosion just in the past. outside couple airport. the taliban is saying at least 11 people have been killed and many more injured. this all comes after the u. s. a straightly, i'm the u. k. all warned people to stay away from the airport because of what they called an imminent threat from an eyesore of shoes in the country. thousands though have still been gathering outside the airport for days in hopes of fleeing the country after the taliban took over. well, we have multiple correspondence covering this for charlie. what you've been hearing that is in london. alan fisher is monitoring reactions from the pentagon can be how
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kids is outside the white house. 4th, but 1st let's speak to rob mcbride. he's in the ask on capital a couple, rob, obviously a very fast moving story. we're hearing reports of deaths and injuries. what do we know now? that's right, well this happened just under 2 hours ago. now that is that one of the gates a day, one of the gates at the airport it's i, b gated, one of the gates where people who eligible for evacuation flights have been taken through. but it's also one of the gates which has been thronged by many more people, hundreds of thousands of people trying to get all to flights, clamoring with pieces of paper that says that they're entitled to get onto flights away. we've seen all of these chaos exceeds this explosion happened. one reports of one explosion with reports possibly of a 2nd blast. but this happened just under 2 hours ago. our colleagues use bureau, which is a couple of kilometers away from here, but closer to the airport they heard the blast. it was confirmed by other sources.
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they went down there. and by the time they arrived at the seed of the block, they so literally schools of people rushing towards them, a large crowd rushing towards them and some very agitated taliban people firing into the trying to clear the crowds away, trying to push journalists away. colleagues from al jazeera arabic were pushed away, had their equipment damaged. so some very chaotic scenes down that we understand. among the injured and dead, there were at least 10 people have been reported to have been killed, reports of around 50 or more having been injured. and we know from the scenes that to be reached, guess that many of these injured have been fairy to nearby clinics and hospitals. also, we've had a confirmation from the us. the 3 of its soldiers who were at this gate have been injured. one of them is said to be a serious condition. we've had other reports now from other media saying that the
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data has pulled some of its soldiers back from other gates, deeming them to be unsafe at this moment. so that's the situation we have at present. but still, very chaotic tend scenes down there really raising the whole tension level across cobble this thursday evening has call us rob, as we've been reporting that have been these warnings about a potential threat from ice. okay, around me and for the day is now what sort of security plans had actually been made or will put in place to try to address it. i believe we have just lost rob there. we'll get back. get back to rob as soon as we can. but let's now speak to alan fisher. he is in washington dc monitoring reaction there for us allen. i know the pentagon was supposed to be briefing what a half hour ago, but that's been pushed back. what do we hearing from them now? we are hearing from an named us official. the 3 americans have been injured. that is not confirmed by the pentagon,
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depending on what you to start with. a briefing about 35 minutes ago initially. lucas, if that been postpone push back to 3 pm local time, would know, seeing or in the pentagon website that, that briefing has been delayed and may start shortly. so that's something that we should keep an eye on. the clearly, the pentagon obviously want to get information from the people on the ground. it's just over 12 hours ago with the u. s. embassy and bill one, the americans not to go near the airport or to start doing up at the gate around the airport. because the mere view, there was a credible threat from the off shoot of i saw i saw k, which operates, and taliban is carried out a number of attacks across i've got this done over the course of this year. that was always on the mind of the americans. they were very much aware of it in fact to bite and talk about it on tuesday. essentially what he was saying to the taliban is what you don't go on with these guys either. make sure this doesn't happen. but it is, charlotte bellis was explaining in the last hour betty much
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a soft target. you have thousands of people there. they can easily walk into that area. there is no one policing who can come in and come out of the area. some of them are carrying bags, all it needs is a backpack on someone's back, and the suicide bomber can cause a great deal of damage from initial reports. that seems to be what has happened in the cabal. now, that had been contingency plans drawn up. they were presented to joe biden on wednesday morning. clearly what has happened in the last 12 hours may well mean that the ministry of defense here has got to go back to the drawing board and draw up new contingency plans to give to the president. because he still very much of the mind that they can get this operation done by august the 31st. what was interesting over the last 24 hours or so joint, who is the main spokesman for the pentagon? said look, there is the potential that if there are americans trapped in car bull,
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they may send the military in to get them. so that would be sort of an extraction force essentially. and clearly given that there are discussions going on on a daily basis between the taliban and the united states. that this would be something that the taliban would give their tacit agreement to, to allow the americans to get and get their people and get them to the airport. and we know that the americans and the germans over the last few days have used helicopters from the pre designated points to live people as well. so all of these auctions are no on the table, but certainly the americans still want to, to tell people that they think they can get this operation done by august the 31st . remember the figures coming from the pentagon in the last 24 hours where the 1500 americans in afghanistan, they have made contact with about 500 of them. they think some are intending to stay, but those who want to leave the determined that will they will get them out by that deadline. allen, you mentioned that we have heard that some
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u. s. service members are among those injured today in the blog. i believe they're also expected to increase. do we have a sense yet of a response to any of that from the pentagon? in no way, we will likely to get that in any briefing as i say, the fact that the injuries are being talked about by an unnamed us official. that is no official confirmation from the pentagon that any americans were injured. any americans were killed. it was clearly a what a for the us side during the planning of this operation, they felt that there were vulnerabilities there. they felt that while the taliban would work with them to try and make sure that all foreign troops, what out of the country by august the 31st there was this concern about i saw k, which is a spin off of essentially taliban and iso the to do not have
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a working relationship, they do not get on. and it was hope that the taliban would be able to monitor and keep a lead, essentially on ice or but given that they operate in such small cell groups very much the way that al qaeda used to operate. it was much harder to monitor them. although the americans where aware that there was this threat to the extent where they felt it was eminent and issued that warning just over 12 hours ago to americans to see, stay away from the gate. the problem is you can issue these warnings that can be covered by the media here in the united states. they can get some coverage and can it's done itself. but not everyone has easy access to all this information. and so some people may have woken up this morning, decided that they were going to the airport to try and get through. this was the day that they were going to essentially get the departure confirmed and just got caught up. and what has happened in abby gate in the last couple of hours? alan fish are there with all the latest for us from the pentagon,
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and we'll be covering that briefing for you live here on algebra. that's now speak to our white house correspondent, kimberly how kit. kimberly, i know that present biden has already been briefed about what's happening and couple. what else are you now hearing from the white house? all we know if it was more than just a briefing that the u. s. president was in the situation room for an extended period of time. this is a classified setting where he is surrounded by the highest level security officials in the united states where he is able to get in the intelligence in real time and to make decisions and coordination with the commanders on the ground in afghanistan . and that is what he was doing until very recently. it's not clear if he is still there. now, what we can tell you is that the u. s. president schedule has not changed. and he is scheduled in the next hour to meet with b as railey prime. minister and as
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a result, we are expecting to hear from the us president. now this has been the pattern all week. and today as we've seen, the pentagon, these ratings have been delayed and times they've been council. but so far we are not hearing that that visit between the really prime minister in the us president has been rescheduled. now the americans, as well as the world, the eager to hear from the us president because not only had the white house and the buying a ministration through its embassy in afghanistan, been warning the 1500 americans that are still there or that there was the potential for some sort of attack, but there has interrupted the evacuation flights significantly and the question becomes, you know, the us person will have to make a decision. now will he extend that august 31st deadline. he has had it contingency plans drawn up. and he said that august 31st deadline was firm based on the evacuation being able to continue safely and smoothly. the other factor,
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all of this for the president, gives me, is that he has the calculation that the longer the us troops remain in country, the greater the risk. something he said repeatedly and that's why he was pushing for the august 31st deadline. but obviously all of this has changed, and so we're watching very carefully to see what the president will say now, with regard to what we can confirm so far, the biden administration is confirming that there have been us an civilian casualties. but we have not had any number. we've not had any firm details. all they have confirmed is this was a complex attack that occurred at the abbe gate and also at or near the baron hotel a 2nd explosion. so as a result, we are watching very carefully to see what more the white house may update us on. i and that could be happening because the next are in addition to the pentagon. kimberly, as you say, this didn't come as
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a huge surprise given the threat level. and there were those contingency plans being put in place. do we yet have any sense of whether those contingency plans might actually have to change now or whether there is contingency plans? were actually meant to deal with a situation like this. well, it both could be true. the u. s. military, even before the president has requested it, is always drawing up contingency plan. my husband is a veteran of the us military. and so as my photographer standing behind this camera and they will both the test, but rarely does a plan ever go as scheduled. in fact, just the opposite is what they plan for. and that is really standard protocol, the u. s. military. so as a result, we know that there has been plans for things to go wrong. whether that is made public relatively, i'm pretty sure it isn't. but what i can tell you is that these plans are in place
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. the question becomes, the commander in chief, the president has to decide whether to execute on the plan. all the u. s. military commanders can do the general's can do is advise the president. but you have to remember the president is the highest military official in charge of the us military. and he needs to make that ultimate decision. he has been very forthcoming to the us public up to this point about why he was sticking firm on the august 31st deadline, even as members of his own democratic party on capital hill us veterans, we should point out have argued that this was dangerous, that this could cost american an afghan live, he was warned about this. there have been classified briefings on capitol hill. and yet the president stood firm and he made the case that he was standing for that withdraw date because each day that the u. s. military and service members are there beyond august. 31st is additional risk so their lives. now the other thing we should point out is that the united states has been very clear in the secretary of
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state said this about 24 hours ago, but not everyone may get out, but they will be evacuation by the with military, with ended august 31st they expected that there would still be pathways for other people to leave afghanistan if they want to. but there was very little clarity on how that might happen. all of this is continuing to be thrown into chaos as a result of these explosions. not one, but 2 is confirmed by the by ministration. kimberly how can there for us outside the white house. thank you so much. kimberly what we can now go back to the corresponding rub bride. he's in the africa and capital couple. rob, as we were asking you before, there have been these warnings about this threat from ice ok around the airport area. and there had been some security plans made to address it. can you talk us through what that might have looks like. that's right. i mean, these threats have been around for ready for much of this week. we 1st heard about
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them earlier this week about some vague threats of from iso. it seems to make that it might target something like this. i still tend to thrive on, on chaos and disorder, and it's a chaos situation ready that he could easily add, you know, it's a very vulnerable target. so they were been in the last 24 hours 36 hours. we started to get far more concrete warnings and also by multiple sources. in fact, we were talking to the security source just earlier today that was from h and this is to take the up, but i apologize. we do appear to be having some audio difficulty. is that with our connection and cobble will we bring you all the latest from there as we get it? but for now,
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let's speak to charlie angela. she's across all the european reaction for us from london. well, several countries are already wrapping up there about creations, partly because of the security concerns. germany hungry, the netherlands, belgium, and poland starting their flights. charlie, we know that 11 british military flights were planned for thursday, and now despite those other countries halting the l. s, i man, imagine what's happened now might also change things for the u. k. it might, we'll have to see the prime minister boris johnson has been briefed on the rapidly fluid situation. he's sharing a cobra meeting later on today. but we already heard from the armed forces minister earlier and they knew that this attack was imminent intelligence was that they thought it was going to be coming within hours. so they will have contingency plans in place. the 11 military planes that was scheduled to take off on thursday, well,
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hopefully be carrying some 1000 scan interpreters who eligible for the relocation program in the u. k. whether or not those will be the last flight remains to be seen. the u. k is cut very tight lipped about when exactly they will be pulling out . they said they didn't want to create any kind of stuff paid at the airport. b. o, correct? and saying that a number of nathan have already pulled out germany to adding to that listed last evacuation flight left. just before this explosion near b gade, we have had some word from frances, the french president, and you will not call who has said that there are 20 buses with french citizens and africans on board somewhat inside the apple. but some a still being held outside. cobble airport and they are really desperately trying to get them into the put but they're saying they're safe evacuation might not be successful. they're in talks with the taliban to try and facilitate safe passage
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into the airport. but those 20 boxes obviously, of key concern at the moment in terms of casualties. italy has reported no casualties on the side. but the location of these attacks one being outside the barren hotels, particularly concerning for the u. k. this hotel has been used by u. k. personnel on the outside of the hotels, the lodge bonus, a british passport holder, that was where lots of africans were coming. some holding bushes possible to try and apply for the visas to get process. and then they were being taken through into the airport. so with inside the hotel, they're all civil servants who've been processing visa applications. so a lot of concerns about the well being at the moment. to charlie angela, there was all the latest european reaction for us. thank you so much, charlie. while meanwhile, the pentagon spokesman has just twisted, we can confirm that the explosion at the abbey gate was the result of
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a complex attack that resulted in a number of us and civilian casualties. we can also confirm at least one other explosion at or near the baron hotel, a short distance from abbey gate, and we will continue to update. there will be a briefing lease and we bring you that live here on out to 0. for now, let's bring in david, just rush, he's a professor at the national defense university here. and catherine is also a former pentagon director of arabian peninsula fez. he joins us from durham professor yourself, i believe, subbed in afghanistan. can you give us a sense of just how something like this might have been carried out near such a heavily secured area like the well, it's not. the attack wasn't in heavily secured area. that's exactly the problem. so normally soldiers are trained to operate at a distance from civilians and basically push civilians away when you have a situation like this where you have meritorious and desperate civilian to,
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you know, you can't disburse with threats or gunfire. they're desperate, they're sympathetic. it's a pretty simple matter for any determine down to me, whether it's the taliban or isis, or whomever, to infiltrate this body and carry out an attack. you know, the soldiers don't have any control over anything beyond their perimeter. and it looks as though the taliban doesn't either. so it's, it's difficult situation for the soldiers and pretty easy for the attacker. on hearing from the pentagon. this was a complex attack that resulted and in these casualties already. are you concerned that we may see more today or in the coming days? yeah, i mean there's a lot of nightmare concerns here. i mean, one of the problems is that, you know, you're dealing with a large number of desperate people who do not behave as rational people. you know, they don't know when you know what the next plan a lift off is the last plane. and so if you're a soldier where you want to say, ok everybody spaced out,
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let's look at you. they're not going to follow that. they're going to come rushing . because for them, it's literally a matter of life or death. and the problem is the soldiers when they see people coming at them, now that there's been a suicide bomb, they don't know if these people are suicide bombers as well. so it's very, very hard for soldiers. you know, there's, there's the possibility. ready of shooting people, you don't want to shoot. there's possibility of unfriendly engagements. there's a possibility of additional attacks. it takes a bad situation. this attack, which is in violation of any custom of warfare chicks, a bad situation and makes it much, much worse. professor, you are also a senior official at the pentagon. i imagine it's very, very busy afternoon there, right? that was the 1st priorities in that building right now in terms of ascertaining what's happened and what happens now. that's a good question. so the 1st thing we know is that 1st reports in war are always strong. so, you know, reporters have been reporting numbers of breast casual leasing. you'll note that the spokesman admiral kirby has been
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a little bit more circumspect. he just said that there are casualties. so i think the 1st thing they're trying to do is actually get ground truth, find out what's going on. the 2nd thing they're trying to do, i would imagine, is to make a policy decision as to, is this a situation where our presence is actually not going to achieve our goals. now that the refugees and the u. s. forces seeking to process them are being targeted. do we need to have a different approach and that approach may well be, look, if we stay here, we're just, you know, being a magnet. it could be all the way from reinforce our position, move out, conduct more aggressive patrols to a total withdraw, just recognizing that the potential is dysfunctional. so they'll look at that that will be based on information that's coming in right now. and you know, we probably won't get clear decision on what the course of action is until it's being executed. well, there hasn't been yet any kind of responsibility,
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but you know, there have been these warnings that the ice okay. threat, particularly in that area near the airport. is there really any way to try to lay that kind of threat when we're looking at a, a complex and 10 situation like the one in couple? no, i mean, you know, if you had the ability to take all the people seeking enter the airport, say right, everybody, you're at a 10 meter interval. you know, let us see, you stop get up, but reports i'm seeing the pictures i'm seeing or just of a massive humanity. and nobody wants to be at the back of the line because you might be left holding the bag. so it's very, very hard and you know, there's a lot of people who have a motivation to carry this out, not just ice ok to calibrate themselves, which is a very undisciplined organization. there could be elements with them within them who did this, so we don't know a lot of things right now. we only know that there's a bad situation became much, much more dangerous. well, there are, as you say,
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a number of different armed groups involved here. and we know that i feel ok formed when some form of taliban 5 is disconnected. what is the relationship like now between the 2 groups, especially as we go into this potential transition period? it's a good question. it's not a good relationship. you know, the taliban leadership has committed itself to not allowing the presence of ice ok well in afghanistan. but it's an open question as to how much command the taliban leadership exerts to taliban is a very decentralized, vocally based organization, individual afghans in the outside of cobble in the provinces. they often move back and forth between different groups based on local grievances, not government policy. so, but we have seen, you know, actual combat between taliban units and i, so k units, they fight amongst themselves. you know, it's, it's almost in some aspects, it is a religious difference. so, you know, it's, it's the fury unleashed upon
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a pa states. but i don't think that's something that western leaders can pin their, their hopes for afghan security too. so i'm sorry to give you the same answer, but it's a very fluid situation about which we know very little. but it is extremely dangerous . you mentioned earlier professor that there will have to be a policy decision made in washington, particularly around withdrawal and evacuations. where does this leave both the americans and the african allies, all americans in cobble at the moment. we know that the state department says that they are going to stick to a specific deadline to get people out. they'll be a deadline for air lifts, but they'll still try to get people out. what does that even mean? well, what that means is that there might be accelerated ways to process afghans who manage on their own to leave the country to people who proceed overland through the spin ball. crossing the quite a who goes through the the past,
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the khyber pass wind up in the shower and other areas that traditionally you know, have had large tax standing or larger african populations. you know, and in the north you know, people who ex filtrate through the north but you know, the president and the military leaders. ready have said that this, you know, the most visible and perhaps the easiest, at least for people in cobbled way of vigorous that will shut down at some future point. president biden, so far, so pretty firm that it will be the 31st of august. and the taliban of emphasize that it will be the 31st of august making a not very subtle threat that they will turn against you if it extends beyond that . so, you know, i think what that's basically saying is that this venue for aggress will shut down, but if you are able to leave the country, we will find other ways to resettle you. david ross, the professor of national defense university here in catherine, also
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a former pentagon director of rabies peninsula says, thank you so much for sharing your expertise with us on out there. so thanks for joining us. thank you. her. let's now return to the white house and speak to the correspondent kimberly how good, who's in washington d. c. kimberly. as you were saying earlier, present, biden's spent some time in the situation room today. can you give us a sense of where things are out there now? yeah, we're watching very carefully because the president had been scheduled to meet about now with the israeli prime minister nestali bennett. but so far we've not seen any cars coming down the driveway and well, there is, is really media assembled here at the white house. a lot of questions about what the upcoming schedule of the white house will be. now we should point out that the israeli radio is reporting, in fact, that the meeting has been delayed. the white house has not confirmed that. but we are being told by the israeli side that the meeting has been delayed due to the
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afghanistan situation. but again, the white house schedule remains intact and we are awaiting any further indication of what will happen moving forward. what i can tell you though, is that it has been a week of delays as a result of the rapidly changing and evolving situation of an afghan. not just of the white house, but the state department, the pentagon, given the fact that things are changing. so quickly, schedule briefings are often having to be delayed in order to get the information necessary to brief the media because the events are moving so quickly. now in terms of the events, we should point out, the bio ministration has confirmed that there have been 2 explosions that there are u. s. and civilian casualties. but we don't know the numbers. we don't know the extent of any of the injuries. what we do know, according to the statement coming out of the by no ministration is this was a complet attack and that there were attacks at 2 locations, the abbe gate,
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as we've been reporting, and the 2nd one on or at the baron hotel in cobbles. so what we can tell you.


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