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tv   [untitled]    August 27, 2021 2:30am-3:01am AST

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i'm so interested too in the future to stare for my people. they left stuff gone a song just before the taliban took over. find out what seems young the scientist, the thing about their country, future 11 on health system on life before medicine, the border, leaving the most vulnerable without treatment. ah hi, there are a lot of ground to cover. get you up to speed with some tropical trouble that we're tracking. so 1st step toward the mexico's pacific coast. we've got this disturbance throwing what, whether it's worth acapulco, let's press play. see where it goes. this could strengthen into a hurricane as it eyes the baja peninsula. of course, a popular tourist destination there of couples and lucas. next award the caribbean sea. and we have seen kat skating brain for jamaica with this disturbance going to
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clip western cuba. it looks to gain strength through those warm waters of the gulf of mexico. this model wants to put it taking aim at the u. s. state of louisiana, which is not good news when you consider places like new orleans low lines. so this will have a big impact. south america, rain still falling across the venezuelan alps where we have seen some deadly landslides, as of late for their toward the south. this cold front punching across bolivia, uruguay into southeastern portions of brazil. it's really knocked down temperatures . so paulo at 19 degrees, poor air quality across 7 us states where there are weather alerts in play and then we're talking about the heat in phoenix at 44 degrees. meantime in canada, the heat has broken for the great lakes toronto a high of 24 degrees on friday. enjoy season. ah. light
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emitted from history kept alive only in the family tales of those sister by had to release people who didn't seem to. these damaging story as the polish women and children who endured the siberian refuge in africa, never to return again. an epic or to see memory is our homeland are now to sierra o a gun. the top stories on the 1st president joe biden has out to hunt down our group ice. ok for the attacks outside cobbles, international airport for byte,
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insisted. the evacuation of americans and afghans from travel will continue the arm group i. f o. k has claimed responsibility for the twin law. as many as 60 people, including 13 american military personnel have been killed. the taliban has condemned the territory international airport, over thousands of people have been gathering desperately hoping to flee upon the san western countries have been using the airport in factory, their citizens, troops and ass down allies. patrick cockburn is a columnist at the independent newspaper and also the author of several books including the rise of islamic state. he says, isis aims to use high profile attacks to dominate the global news agenda. beastly, people are extremely vulnerable and packed together. there are some sort of strange vehicles turning up so it wouldn't be that difficult to do with the minimum or expertise. of course, we don't know exactly who did it yet,
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but it's not too surprising. bear in mind also that i saw likes to top the news agenda when there's something like this in front of all the television cameras. that's when it likes to stage atrocities like this to show that it's still a player, get people talking about it. that's really been the pattern. so in the last few years, what has happened with the fall of cobble makes life easier for i saw with prisoners being released. but even so, it wouldn't take many people to stage an attack like we've seen this morning. again, such a vulnerable target from the ton of benz point of view. yes. so i think they'll be they'll want to show the bearing control that's important for them was they're looking for and national recognition as the new government. they
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were also probably see an advantage to them of ice or being the new boat, even in the international big amount in afghanistan rather than the taliban. of course, original islamic stage in iraq and syria was the size of great britain nichols or norman territorial entity. but it was also made sofa, a target that anybody could attack i saw now as much is behaving much more like so well kind of did in the past that you have a cell structure. and you launch sort of intermittent attacks. but very high profile was usually against very soft targets, but ones that sure that everybody knows that your about this, it doesn't matter if from their point of view i think people denounced them all because that shows they are there, it brings in recruits. it brings in money. earlier, my colleague, mariana marsey,
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spoke to us hell shaheen. the itala bands political spokesman and a member of its negotiations team in doha. she began by asking whether the taliban were expecting an attack. everyone knew that this, this all in one all worked talking, but it was the hatch or huge crowd of people. is it not us but it to take everyone because some of those were inside. but yet, how's about people inside that you're walking outside we are taking them. we are not allowing that one. d day when some of those come to walk out are asking on requesting that we should allow those without the any proper document to, to work with the airport. but we are telling them that. a this is caddies that is
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called for tub because they, they should not be they should have proper documents. if so this happens when you pen for what in best incidence. and it is because of such hold your foul but, and bought me by without any good. can i ask you, i'm not happy. i s k, it is not a challenge to you when they have staged some horrific attacks over the past year. they've taken responsibility for an attack on a maternity hospital on a school, on a school for girls, and also as you well know, there are members of the taliban who have defected from the group enjoined. i asked, kay, because they didn't feel the taliban was extreme enough for them because it will not have any justification. and in the but actually not to continue at that. so when did is no obligation, the country is not to provide by floating forces and there is some gotten in the
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place. they will not have any justification from the ink that me closer to cutting out the data that sabotage activities. but why i'm saying it, it is not a challenge for us. all the twin attacks happened is large crowds try to reach cobble airport to have a chance of boarding a flight out of gun on the 1st attack was a suicide bomb. it struck the our airports a b gates. crowds still appear to be ignoring warnings to stay away. then another attack took place at the barren hotel. people hoping to be evacuated, had been congregating there. the former gun chief executive abdullah de la has issued a statement saying i strongly condemn the terrorist attack. a terrible airport was killed and wounded a large number of civilians. my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families at this difficult time. witnesses to the attack, i've been describing what they saw when the explosions went off. it was time for
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the evening prayer when an explosion happened. i saw about 70 vehicles carried around 150, injured to the hospital on getting my people were standing at the airport gauge for evacuation. when the blood happened. my cousin was also wounded on his leg, so he brought him to the hospital. while there's been international condemnation following the attacks, the french president, somebody, i'm a chrome promise to continue working with the us to evacuate those trying to flee of gone a stone. you don't multiple. it is obvious that the tension is increasing greatly. so we have all known the risk since the beginning, considering the confusion cobble, and potentially that has been there since the beginning of the military airport. the next i was, will remain extremely dangerous in cobble and of the airport. it is, the security situation is not under control. so we will keep with our allies in particular, our american allies in the discussion, which has been developing about the airports. we will do everything we can to
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evacuate french, nationals, and some africans. don't. the german chancellor, anglo merkel has described the attacks as her renders. they can only answer about, we don't know all the details, but the terrorists were targeting people waiting outside the airport gates, hoping to leave. they want security and freedom for themselves, and therefore this is an absolutely horrendous attack in a very, very tense situation. and my thoughts are with the victims and their families. and the british prime minister boards, johnson says evacuations will continue despite the explosions near a couple airports. the bina barbaric terrorist attack was like a series of attacks in a cobble on, on the f. one of the cries at the airport in which members of the us military, very sadly lost their lives, and many african casualties as well. and we extend condenses both to the united states of america and to the people of afghanistan. and i look,
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i want to stress that this threat of a terrorist attack is one of the constraints that we've been operating under, in operation pitching in the the b extraction that's been had that's been going on and we've been ready for it. we be prepared for it and i want to stress that, so we're going to continue with that operation. and we're now coming to towards the, the end of it to the very end of it in any event. and we've already extracted the overwhelming majority of, of those under, under both the schemes, the, the eligible person's u. k. persons that you can nationals plus the, the afghans, the interpreters and others. and it's been a totally a phenomenal effort by the u. k. there's been nothing like it for decades and decades. but clearly what this attack shows is the importance of continuing
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that work is fast and efficient manner as possible in the hours to remain to us. and that's what we're going to do. my can as up the united nations where the un secretary general condemned the attacks in couple. the security council continued with its previously shuttled meeting on the tea gray region of ethiopia, but speaker off the speaker began by expressing anger at the taxing couple and expressing condolences for the families of those killed. the secretary general will be holding a meeting with the 5 permanent members of the security council on monday. and on his way into address today's meeting. this is what he had to say. first of all, i'd like to express in the strongest possible way my total condemnation about the or refill terrorist attack in coupled to send my
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condolences to the families of all those that perished africans and those that's what hoping they're the african since died serving the lives of others earlier, the un spokesman confirmed that there had been no u and casualties in the couple bombings. and he said as well that the us would continue, would separations in a bit to relieve the mounting humanitarian crisis. retired admiral william fallon is a former head of the us central command and focused on combat efforts in iraq and afghanistan . he joined us earlier by phone and says it's clear american troops should have stayed. my reaction is, 1st of all, one of the complete disgust at the decision to go out in the manner in which it was done a going back to the crazy agreement that was signed or agreed to by the former president drum and then the president for whatever reason
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believing that he needed to follow through on that. i think that it's a huge mistake because of effectively the combat was over the major combat. but for quite some time in afghan a stand. we had a residual, a couple of 1000 troops there, which in my opinion should have stayed or some equivalent number of those to do the task that remain. and i would point out the incredible parallel with this decision to pull troops out entirely. and the decision made several years earlier by another president in iraq, in which we completely abandoned the place. and then we saw the emergence of the groups and had to go back in again and, and this is exactly what we're seeing today. so i don't, i think the inevitability is only in the,
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regarding the business of if you don't keep good eye and ear on what's going on and have some ability in hand to disrupt it. we will see you continuation of these terrorist attacks school as a ronald, the afghan youth representative to the united nations in 2020. she says many afghans in capital are in shock and there is a feeling of hopelessness among the youth. all of the sad incidents have a traumatized as so much since last few days. coble is less vibrant. people are in a state of shock and disbelief. majority of people are preferred to stay at home, specifically when it comes to women. when all of them came to call, there was a hope between the only positive thing about everything happening around us
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was that we would like we would like the what is over. but unfortunately, it seems that a new chapter of war is about to begin in upon a time which might be the war between ice and sullivan. unfortunately, innocent one will suffer from this war. everyone is witnessing that a large number of right and intelligent youth is leaving of one son, which is actually blamed and, and it's very sad and it's very alarming for the future up on a sun. meanwhile, a large number of youth who are still living within on a sunday are facing and a very unclear future. a large number of them are unemployed and they are totally hopeless. i strongly believe that international community should, should come further and they should mediate the situation. they should take the control of the situation in order to avoid the consequences or thousands of off
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guns leave. there is concern about a loss of highly skilled people. the afghan girls were body team arrives here in cats are a few days before the taliban take over. their leader hopes the girls can return to have got to stop and help shape their countries future. laura britain, manley has more from the known for their innovation and ingenuity. the african girls who are thought ex team has competed around the globe on projects, including building event later with comp on the far right part is about solving the communities and our community problem. and i'm still interested to in the future to serve my people and help my people they had left couple days before it was taken by the taliban speaking from dough. ha. they say they hope to return. it's in normal that everyone altree bad. and i hope that and they can continue on. i wanted
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from the new government that little bit of a new generation with the gills on board to continue their education. although will take us about what they want for the future as a country transitions and the future is uncertain. it can be overwhelming. and the team leader tells me it's untenable to coordinate getting all girls who want an education out of afghanistan. instead, she wants to engage with the taliban and for both sides to build trust. we have to making sure that our younger generation have access to the tools and guidance to making a better afghanistan to become the next scientist, interpreter and technologist. this is what we needed for afghanistan, and this is what our vision for to ask. and the for the afghan girls are about exchange for they hope to continue their education here and cut the foundation. the future is enough kind of some they hope that life on the taliban rule is different
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from the 1900 ninety's. and they want to continue to compete around the world. the taliban has promised they would respect women's rights within the norms of islamic law. a spokesman's twitter page shows girls going back to school thought despite the assurances. so math can see the telephones gains as dangerous for women . the former captain of the african women's football team, the college up her pals herself, a refugee has been helping to get her former team out of kabul since the fall of the ball. it, her things have become very hopeless for people there. and especially women and girls are very scared, i'm afraid of the future, and some of the progress will be in parallel. i'll disappearing their hopes on reform and to work towards a positive future for women and girls. lore about among the algebra
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a. let's bring you some other world news now and peruse. new president is facing his toughest hust yet less than a month after taking office with the razor thin election victory. hedrick, a. c. o. saw his cabinet off from the government palace before they headed to the opposition controlled congress. they are seeking a confident vote to support the administration's policies. custio's decision to select ministers from his marxist free peru parties, part concerns for the economy. brianna sanchez has more from lima. well, the prime minister, you the, you, the went to congress to ask from legislators or vote of confidence for the next government message of being inclusive and conciliatory, especially taking care of the most vulnerable peruvians around the country. he said that the government will support farmers with credits and technology. he will also
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support popular kitchens were thousands that were millions, really. of peruvians eat every day, prove your wor, extremely poor. now the priority, however, will be to fight the pen demik and to rebound the economy. more than 2000000 peruvians have lost their jobs since up and they make it through last year. nobody you goes to congress, a mid control oversee, of some ministers being investigated for corruption. some of them considered to be incompetent for the jobs and others, investigated or linked with terrorism, including himself. there's been talk, and rumors in the past few days that there wouldn't be some of those ministers. it changed to even precedent. castillo said there would be surprises. but that didn't happen, but you went with all of those ministers, and it will be highly unlikely that the political opposition will, will give you
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a vote of confidence. and armenian politician has been taken to hospital after 2 mass brawls broke out in parliament. members of the opposition started throwing bottles of water, leading lawmakers to take punch and ro objects across the for the government. se tough opposition after last year defeat in the war with us or beyond. for control of the dispute and gordon care back region. the newly forum parliament a struggle to find common grounds. 7, he was capital police officers are suing the former president. donald trump over the storming of capitol hill in january. the federal lawsuit accuses trump and others applauding to disrupt the 2020 election. it says the deadly assault on the capital resulted in their brutal physical assault of hundreds of officers. trump is embroiled and a number of legal battles, but this is the 1st claim he worked with for right groups, such as the proud boys and oath keepers. in
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her, russia has already seen the most current of iris debts in europe and on thursday reported another daily record. $820.00 people died within 24 hours, bringing the national total to just under 880000. it's the 4th worst hit country in the world. in terms of cases. many russians are skeptical about the vaccine. a study 2 weeks ago showed 55 percent of people don't plan to get the job. of a number of people in hospital with a virus across the u. s. has risen above 100000. that's a level not seen since january hospitals in the south are fuller than the rest of the country. many states they're now experiencing their worst wave of infections topping the list of florida, where 17000 people are currently in hospital. the latest outbreak is driven by the more infectious delta variance, as well as widespread vaccine hesitancy. new zealand prime minister just into ours
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are and has defended her government's code 19 elimination strategy. because entry is dealing with its largest outbreak. yes. with more than $270.00 delta infections, critic say trying to stamp out the variance could be a losing battle. japan has suspended 1600000 doses of the missouri vaccine after reports of contamination. the jobs distributor found particle matter and its vials more than a week ago. both japan and mother and i say no safety or efficacy issues have been identified. the suspension is just a precaution. the government insist that will have little effect on the countries vaccine rollout. and the world health organization has the 3rd wave of coven. 1900 infections in africa appears to have stabilized. nearly 248000 cases were reported last week. some countries are still experiencing a resurgence of the virus invests are rising africa. the vaccination target is
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trailing in the world. the world with only 2.5 percent of its population receiving shots, australian airline concerts has reported an annual loss of more than a $1000000000.00, which it's blaming on cobra. 1900 travel restrictions, but the carrier hopes to turn around what it's called a diabolical year and december. when australia is set to reopen to international travel, the airlines expecting to resume flights the countries with high vaccination rates, lebanese cancer charities, say the country's economic collapse is putting thousands of patients lives at risk . even simple drugs are now impossible to buy, and the black market is helping only those who can afford it. then a code that has more from beirut cries for help. lebanon's cancer patients can't find medicine. they are among the victims of an unprecedented economic collapse. cancer patient who discovered his was just nose and said one,
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if you don't give him, he will. he will have his the stage for then he will die. when you don't want the lives of tens of thousands of patients are at critical facilities have been falling apart. the health sector has particularly been hit with hospital supplies drying up. it's not just cancer patients who are struggling. it's hard to find aspirin. the states may like dollars to import what is needed, but a subsidies program has made the situation worse by creating a black market. importers and distributors have been forwarding subsidized medicines to sell at higher prices. officials have done little to stop this. but how do you know they need to raise their houses and people in jail, not like what they have been doing. what they are doing is a propaganda and the cartel. politicians need to agree on an economic recovery plan to save the country. instead, they have been fighting about seats and
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a new government for more than a year. please form a government started the reforms and give a chance for a better future for labor known. if this situation is remaining, you know, we are just going to a disastrous situation with really an acute looming humanitarian crazes say the slim can't wait because diagnosed with bone cancer. 4 months ago, she has the have to start treatment, but the majority of lebanese can't afford to buy medicine from abroad. i know you had to this didn't muddy. i want to speak on behalf of all patients, least this is genocide. politicians don't care about it and they have decided are the avenue or that is the said he says she is scared all she wants is a chance to live than
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a hood there. elisha zita bailed. that's it for the news are on 0. we will take a short break and we'll be right back with much more of today's who's and all the latest updates for you from. i've got a son with bucket him and i use use
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with ah me frank assessments to find where it is. again, freedom, surprising informed opinions what you saw happening, give market. it was what it was was petune is the critical debate here. it's not between cool. and then we have concrete here that 4 years re running to keep them people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera. soon as the sun goes out, russia is challenging place to work from as a journalist,
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even though you can do it, it's not allowed. we are still pushing. we're always pushing a boundary part of the time for most always. andre love people being the same for the, for the marks. and here we are the ones traveling the extra mile where auto media don't roll. we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. ah, we will hunt you down to make you pay us president joe biden warren, those behind you talks outside cobble airport and values to get all americans out of a sun. ah, euro alive from headquarters in del finding gays are also ahead.


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