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they don't have to come in and tell me things around my, my dear, on i'll do. there is a tale of 2 presidents, venezuelan, military defectors, me american mass, and reese, ah, and the bizarre told daisha attempt at regime change in the ball of every in republic of venezuela. people empowered the bay of pigs on al jazeera. oh a
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book about kill watching the algebra renews. with the whole rama reminder bought up stories. i've got a song capital rates on edge a funeral to help for some of the victims with a public tax of the apple who was behind the glass that killed more than 100 people at one of the gates of cobbled international. and also the attacks kill 13 members of the us military president joe biden, to strike back against those responsible and he's promised evacuation operation will continue to spice. the violent and dozens of school children have been freed in northern nigeria, that's abducted from the atlantic school 3 months ago. gunman kit that $436.00 students from the time of the clear harmony of being relieved. the telephone take over in the sun is compounding fear and misery, the african refugees in the northern french ports that have kelly all left have gone on several months ago or even years ago. and they're desperate for news of
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loved ones back home and worry about what will happen next. latasha butler spoke to some of the guns in colleagues. they said they don't wish to be identified. a security reasons. this man says he fled kabul nearly a year ago because he feared for his safety. now he's in the northern french port of kelly and wants to reach britain. he says been for taliban takeover in afghanistan, soap worrying about his family back home. no telling to me today to pick us wrong because we are not maybe they can be killed by the ones. so they already worry about distributions. skaggs, while thousands of afghans trying to leave, i've got to stand now. those in cali left several months or years ago. most say because of taliban violence. now they survive outdoors in green conditions.
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i am really scared for my country. i didn't want to leave, you know, i want to leave their home. but now we have no choice because the situation is really bad, was really, really scary time. it's a very unfastened time as well for people because they don't know if that means that i don't make what's gonna happen, obviously after the deadline as well. so the really, really scary we're in time for that. people have few afghans in cali, want to stay in frauds most want to reach the u. k because of a language or family ties each day. some people attempt to cross the english channel by hiding in a laurie on an inflatable boat. the british government says it will take him 20000 african refugees over 5 years. but there's no indication that that would include any of those stuck in can i know farrah. we are all following things and couple day
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flight people. one of the stuff because this situation is very difficult. there it is why we left our homes. so why don't they take, i've got 4 year frustration, fatigue and a desperate existence made worse by anxiety about loved ones. far away. few here say they regret their journey's, but most hope that was happening in afghanistan will help people better understand why they left natasha. butler jazeera kelly security concerns on the thrusting the flow of a to earthquake. damaged areas of haiti relief efforts are continuing nearly 2 weeks after the trauma that killed more than 2000 people. john holmes is the this is how earthquake aid is moving in haiti convoys heading out from prince with a heavily on police escort. they need securities, one of the biggest concerns here, gangs have been running rampant for years, and haiti's recent political term,
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which has only made things worse, traveling the only road to the disasters own can feel like running a gauntlet. mostly because the agency trucks have to go through the multi song neighborhood on the outskirts report prints. it's turned into a bloody battle graham between 2 gangs. about a month ago, the guy here actually kick the police out. you can see the, the bullet hole here in the police station just a week ago. there's no way we could have been here. kidnappings and killings were constant, but now that's changed if only temporarily. this is this right to be 8 organizations have been especially worried about here in the district of my song. but there's something new here i produce a jeremy to call actually went to speak to one of the gang leaders who confirmed to him that they have made peace. the 2 groups fight this territory. during that for allow a through. as you can see, the traffic is taking up again in
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a way that it hasn't done for a month. who knows how reliable or long lasting that piece will be. but it's not just those 2 gangs, making positive noises. the leader of a major coalition of our groups. the g 9 has hailed the truth and also called for others to give help. god did not get a whole lot. we know actually that the victims need water need food that they need to kids do your best to help you help will be very appreciated. and what we want is to help our brothers and sisters that are in a very tuition after the earthquake. that's why we say better to give little nothing. but that doesn't mean all is now safe for aid organizations. tim callaghan, who leads the usa disaster response team, says it's the last mile distribution in the earthquake zone itself, which is tough. it will show up with a truck full of food and you don't have a when you haven't ordinated that with the local authorities or the or the haitian . you can see something it make,
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you know where people around the truck because again, what i've seen so far is that most people just want to help. they want it in the last week, a trucks have been ransacked and looted a work and said the situation can be chaotic and dangerous on the ground. in rough make shift camps across the affected area. the still great need. know my back, i went back, we are here with our children, but we need to feed them. we need food and water, we need medication. and now we use this place as a shelter. so we need to feed my children ourselves. i was more than 130000 families depending on the help that international organizations on the government can bring. it's a critical point for the earthquake relief effort. john holman, al jazeera, both of the secretary general says the situation is too dry. region is now
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a humanitarian catastrophe. he's calling for an immediate end to the 9 book wall. more than 400000 people are living in conditions close to famine. but the government continues to resist calls to give aid organisations more access. all parties must immediately end or still it is without preconditions and sees the property unity to negotiate the last things his fires. foreign forces should leave the country and restricted, humiliated and accessible all it is he need must be guaranteed. and medicaid and workers must be respected as to humanitarian assistance. the government is fully cognizant of its obligation to the citizens. sensationalize ation and politics of situation doesn't inform our response. we will continue to deliver on our obligation using all ms and locating all available resource palestinian se attack spies. rarely settlers have become more violent and frequent. they say the settling
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of being emboldened by the lack of accountability and because they getting support from the israeli government. the, the abraham reports now from the occupied west bank. the life of most of us offer the has turned upside down after his brother nador was killed in may. his death broke me. he says, now most of us responsible for his brothers 3 children and a 4th one on the way. for last night at la la southern passive lot, there were calls from locals to put out a fire settler started the field. settlers were there shooting at us, protected by the army before my brother was shot, 2 others were wounded by rocks and bullets. this is the moment before somebody was shot. he was one of 11 palestinians killed that they during confrontations across the occupied west bank. human rights organisation say 4 of them were killed during
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subtler attacks. can see the settlement of its how up on the hill over there. and what happened is the settlers invaded the village of reef. israel has long allowed many of its settlers to carry guns, but the criteria to get to weapons was expanded in 2018, making it even easier for settlers to obtain arm the violence in states back. this is not the work of loans that are acting as if by their own when, but it's is actually state policy. it is part of life in the west bank, under israel as apartheid regime. palestinian c, sutler tax have become organized so far this year. the u. one has documented more than 300, nearly a 3rd have led to injuries more than previous years. so had our florida has experience settler attacks several times? none has been as devastating as losing her son in me. false, we don't know who killed him. we saw the video showing it's really soldiers and suckers next to each other. how would we know her essential?
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sam was shot by the israeli military in confrontations that began after satler's attack. the village that use these radio army often backing settler attacks. these really army told them just needed, these allocations are not true and it's regularly investigate operational activity . one incident is really army says it's investigating is of a subtler taking a soldier's weapon. many palestinians like stuff say these investigations are way to say face, because often no one is held to account neither but he elisha zita, yaki pied westbank the crucial confidence. though tom proves new cabinet is due to be how president better castillo is facing his toughest test yet. and guessing the opposition control congress to prove it, protested from both sides, gathered on thursday when the vote was due to be held, the police were forced to step in and separate them. castillo took off is less than a month ago, re. sanchez has more from the capital,
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lima. 2 where the prime minister you go, you went to congress to ask from legislators a vote of confidence for his next government message of being inclusive and conciliatory, especially taking care of the most vulnerable peruvians around the country. he said that the youth government will support farmers with credits and technology. he will also support popular kitchens were thousands that were millions really of peruvians eat every day. peruvian war, extremely poor. now the priority, however, will be to fight the pandemic and to rebound the economy. more than 2000000 peruvians have lost their jobs since up and they make it through last year. nobody goes to congress, a meter controversy of some ministers been investigated for corruption. some of them considered to be incompetent for the jobs and others investigated or linked
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with terrorism. including the u himself, there's been talk, and rumors in the past few days that there would be some of those ministers. it changed even precedent. castillo said there would be crisis, but that didn't happen, but you went with all of those ministers, and it will be highly unlikely that the political opposition will give you a vote of confidence. brazil supreme court is to basic law case about the protection of indigenous land. indigenous groups have been camping out in the capital. they want to pressure the judiciary to protect their ancestral reservations from legal minus farmers. monica yet to hear more from priscilla. just where the people here were losing hope and starting to pack their bags to go home. they heard that the supreme court would finally sit down to discuss a landmark case that will decide the future of brazil, $1000000.00 indigenous population and their rise to claim their answer for
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$1000.00 of indigenous protesters. i've been camping in the heart of the capital and have been marching for 3 consecutive days to the supreme court, just sitting outside, dancing, and waiting for their voices to be heard. if the largest indigenous gathering years since $988.00 and the democratic constitution was approved, giving indigenous people the right to demo this, harry was now the powerful form lobby and president jane bolton out of the constitution should only protect the lands that were occupied by indigenous peoples, 988. when the constitution with indigenous people, they say a cutoff date is unconstitutional and unfair because many were kicked out of their lines violently and have only been able to return in recent years. the keys being discussed by the supreme court will decide which interpretation is correct and took precedence for $800.00 other pending lamps when. now the indigenous case has been to stone during many years,
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contribution to the increase of land invasion by legal minors and loggers. the news that it would finally be discussed was received with relief, but also frustration because nobody knows when we're the fact that the supreme court has started to discuss the indigenous case finally does not mean that there will be a solution any time soon. next week, the supreme court justices still have to hear 35 people testify, some of them in favor of the indigenous cause, others against it. then they'll have to vote. but just the fact that they're sitting here to debate this represent a victory for the indigenous people. well still had on the news are full time. the incredibly rash be received by the boston red pizza story. that was quick and you'll never see a
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news. the news news with me ah
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ah ah welcome back. primary and secondary school students in china will soon be learning about presidents cheating things political ideology in the classroom. the goal is to encourage loyalty to the chinese communist party and its leader between the u husband, from the capital beijing. we are as chinese president, she didn't appeal to the countries, no doubt. speaking about the importance of preserving relics of the past. officials in beijing were announcing changes to ensure loyalty to him and the chinese communist party in the future. the political ideology of sheet and ping, known as she thought,
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will soon be produced in school curriculum and be taught to children as young as 60 years old. younger generations, things in the waste, somewhat different from the older generations. it becomes even more important for she camping and the communist party to reach out to them and to make sure that they think the right faults. and therefore, making shooting thought part of the regular school curriculum will catch them when they are very young impressionable, china's ministry of education has primary school children will be taught to love the country. and the chinese communist system. high school children will be taught party history and be encouraged to think in line with its political values. central to these lessons will be the importance of she didn't ping an unwavering trust. in his leadership, the president has made so called patriotic education,
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a priority. the government bad, the use of foreign textbooks and schools earlier this month, finish that and watching it are young people should make it their mission to contribute to national rejuvenation and aspire to become more proud and confident and the should their identity as chinese people. she thought was 1st enjoined in china's constitution in 2017. she is the 1st leader since mounted, don to have his theories elevated and taught woman power. so what is she thought? well, according to the government, it means building a strong china, which leads the international stage. it's the elimination of poverty and the promotion of green values and an uncompromising approach to national security. but most importantly, it's the belief in the chinese communist party, as the only force capable of uniting the country. studying she's ideology is already compulsory for university students,
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china's 900000000 communist party members and increasingly, leaders in the private sector. but as the world becomes more globalized and the exchange of ideas more free, the chinese government hopes these changes to its education system. will encourage young people to turn in woods for guidance and not to the west or elsewhere. katrina, you, i'll just 0 teaching his partner, his pizza. so thank you. mentioned the city football, a benjamin mandy has been denied bail of the facing charge. the full counts of rape and one of sexual assault duty. 7 year old appeared at a pre trial hearing, a chief magistrate court on friday. he didn't enter a plea, but as denied the charges, the case has been adjourned until september. the 10th, maybe has been suspended by 30 pending and investigation. police say the charges related incidents and legislative taken place that he's home between october last year and this month mandy joined that he for monica in 2017. and was part of
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france's world cub winning squad a year later. so that he managed pepco ellison will be up to christiane or ben elder if he joins them in the strong window. but manchester united are now also reportedly in talks with a former store for now has told you vain to see no longer in chains to play for the club and set out training on friday. you've also reportedly want to sell the fonts on bat, onto a winner before his contract runs off next year. in the 3 or 4 days left to to transfer window shot, everything can happen, everything can happen. but in my personal view, there are few play as few players that and i think percent around is included and messy, of course, and the ones one day decide where they're going to play. so day out. absolutely. it's live in roles in the english ations and everything and desire when the, when a play, or nelda has also been linked to paris, angel man. and they're currently weighing up an improved offer from brown madrid
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for killing. and bump in the spanish side have increased the bit for the french world cup winner to just under $200000000.00. a p s g of fits the holding on for around 10000000 more to match the price they paid for him in 2018. bought a wants to move and p s g face losing the strike for free next year when his contract expires. so p s t, i mentioned the said he making transfer headlines and they've also been drawn together in the european champions. the group stage both teams have spent hundreds of millions of dollars assembling squads in recent years. but this is the trophy that still eludes them. they both reach the final but never want it. and if she were not out of the semi finals last season by city, that's an opportunity for revenge. or, you know, it says that the 0 we will last last year say final will be more division for our players or manager. you know, the interesting for the viewers. so the big matches, it's one of several interesting match ups that come out of the draw. so it's
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quickly run through the groups in group a. it's measures to 30 p s g or b leipzig and club brooder. there's a strong line up in group be with a letter from madrid, liverpool, porto and ac milan group see has sporting, has been document i x and best shipped us, the tournaments most successful team, rail madrid, or up against into milan, shafter than yet, got mulled over new come and shit, if 2 spoke and other tasty match up in group, easy by munich and boss alona along with ben weekend in mac, give edge of the united own group f with viet a l. atlanta and young boys from switzerland, group g. it's french champions. low with via if c, salzburg and bolts food. and finally defending champions. chelsea on group h up against you. vent a thinness and sweetens melma to time and then big $100.00 me to go. middle of shirley, anne phrase the price is the 3rd fastest women's time ever. the 34 year old did the sum thursday at the diamond leave meeting and move on to beat the current. and the big champion named thompson hara, who got the better of her in to,
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to last month for the price, finishing in 10.60 seconds to take europe when 03 2nd off of her personal base. brazil met a golden star today. one of the athletics at the tokyo paralympics blind run, a yeltsin jock changed the 1st gold of the day in the main 5000 me to t live and final ever taking japan's kenya. kinda saw us on the final bend competitor. so vania cost the elevator who is also blind, leaped clear of the competition when the women never long jump, golden consume too much. that meant to her there was also a handful of would sit on the 1st track and field competition. china, jose shia got one of them may and the women's t one and t 35 final should be straight. if i told at some 13.00 2nd, mino trillion paralympic has become the latest subject of a bobby. don't create by american teufel motel. 43 year old francisco, my goodness,
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who's represented a country in wheelchair tennis, short putting disc is throwing an javelin as got her own dough. marvin se is the latest member of the companies. she rose collection, which was created to recognize female role models. and you know, when you down the board it makes a lot of sense because in the end, what they want to highlight is not my disability. but my cell performance, i value that very much because we are all actually we all sacrificed equally. that they gave me this recognition among very few people in the world is very nice, comforting and exciting. india have begun the task of trying to save the food cricket test against england and leads they are 79 for one in a 2nd. it is sufficient for java and robert sean at the creek for the physicist who bundled $78.00 1st round earlier in the rollout for $432.00. now through remarkable feet by boston red sox pitch a chris sail on thursday,
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boston were up against the minnesota twins in major league baseball, sail, managed to pitch an immaculate, any the 3rd of his career. that is to say, he struck out 3 our position bess's on 3 pictures each. put it in context. the only other pitcher on records of pitched, 3 korea immaculate, innings impala famous, sandy co, facts. surprisingly the rate of $1122.00 and of the snapping a 19 game losing sequence the day before the baltimore orioles. for now, i want to to game winning streak and might still have the worst record in all of major league baseball. but they did not look too bad here against the los angeles angels with the bases loaded. pedro several, you know, get a home run for a grand slams out. baltimore. 2131 victory. while the new n f l season is less than 2 weeks away. now in covered 1900, visited the tennessee titans quarterback, ryan tannahill and coach mike rebel, or among those who have tested positive plays association of cooper,
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daily tasting. but the league is instead proposed testing vaccinated plays every 7 days. currently they are tested every 14 days, will unvaccinated play, or test the bally the will top golf a john rom says he's ability to put the past behind him and helping him play better from the test positive because twice the season, forcing him to miss out on the lympics move into a share of the lead on day one of the b m. w championship outside baltimore fan. it sits alongside will re macro and san burns on 8 on the po and it's created popular tv shows he left with improving he's mentality you've seen the show. i have not, i'm sorry, no. so it's basically happy as animal in the world as a goldfish. you know why it's got 10 2nd memory self man play great golf last week, just couple. that's where he's on the stretch. and as important thing to remember, i'll be here again later with most both need. so thanks very much peter. that is the news and i'll have more news on the other side of the break until and for me,
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how many, but your time as a i think of some of the biggest companies in the world today. all of them are big tech, with algorithms that they're called, the move that we do to them. the more data we pritchard. we're in the midst of a great, great, and big tech companies around the empires are rising on a wealth of information and we other commodity. in the 2nd 5 part series. 90 re examined whether corporations are colonizing the internet, like me, moderately and power of big tech on a jazzy around $200.00 ways. myers have struck turkey in recent weeks, and also support has how to bring them under control. almost a decade ago, west spaniel. martine was an exchange student in turkey's booster province. she had no idea. she will be delaying plans over 30 years of age and coastline to have
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combat wildfires be that is one of a dozen tie fighters who everite from spain to counter fires that have eaten up for us and testers. a long turkeys a gym, and mediterranean causes. in the distance headquarters feel their empty bucket for another go at the fires, though many are now contained, others have stubbornly spread due to change in ruins. craft have played a white role in this operations because they can cover long distances in a matter of minutes, especially in mountainous terrain along turkey, southern coast. i'm alike of ours in the south of india and find out call me back. in this, steve brought an extensive mining operation to a gun. corona virus wept across the world with devastating effects, and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife trade. here in
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vietnam, we visit a rescue center for some of the worlds most threatened to animals and joined the call for an end to the global war. on alex oh i i've got a son in morning afternoon attack on cobble left more than 100 people that the us to punish those responsible evacuations of continue despite the violence, but several countries ending narrow operations. ah.


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