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heed from history kept alive only in the family tales of those who to buy had to believe for people who didn't seem to. the astonishing story of the polish women and children who endured the siberian refuge in africa never to return again. an epic or to the memory is our homeland. and now to sierra, the side secures interval as the us launch the drain strike against deisel retaliation for thursday that the clock. this is out through life and coming around and saudi relations and spotlights. as the leaders diplomats from across the middle east to meet him back that 50000 dead russia record is high month. the whole 19 with vaccination.
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well, behind the government can needed pharaohs toward the southern united states where you expect to strengthen into a dangerous i so the united states says it's carried out to drain strike against iceland. eastern afghanistan attack in 90 province follows warning from president joe biden. he said his forces would hunt down those behind thursdays, suicide bombing outside cover leopard. at least 175 people were killed, including 13 us soldiers. while the u. s. embassy in car bullets warning americans against traveling to the fort because of security concerns to panic and says, are specific credible threats against a facility? official say any americans waiting that should leave immediately. the us and allied forces are racing to evacuate the citizens and vulnerable africans before the
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deadline to withdraw troops on tuesday. gabriel is under his more now from washington d. c. the us central command saying that a drone attack strike if you will hit a, i saw k planner in the words of the us central command, and that the strike was successful and killed that person. they said this happened in eastern afghanistan in anger. har province issue in that province in eastern part of the country, part of it borders pakistan. they say that there was no civilian casualties that the u. s. military knows about. now the reuters news agency here in the united states reporting for that information from unnamed us officials, that it was a drawing that was launched from a base in the middle east and that it killed this. i saw k planner who was
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driving a vehicle with another associate and they both were killed. we do not know exactly when this operation took place. and we do also do not know if this is one of more that are to be expected in the future. but clearly the united states, its 1st retaliation for the attack outside the capital. cobble airport on thursday . i. let's hear from charlotte bonus. now hes the latest from couple well we went down to the airport earlier and i can tell you that the taliban is slowly taking over more areas of the water inside the permit. and then also, externally, the telephone told us that they moved in extra forces inside the airport last night . the version essentially official forces. they call them the victorious strike unit and they move them in the commercial side. they now, so as the us are starting to evacuate, this taken are the 3 areas of the military side of the today or externally on the
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north side of the airport that have been one of the few areas they hadn't been in charge of. the us had put a cia funded militia as almost to buffers or in between been and the taliban. for the last 2 weeks, i talked to the unit, people in those unit earlier this week, and they said we're going to be evacuated. at the end of this, we went down today and sure enough, most of them had been evacuated in the telephone, went out in control of the areas of family control to be in high exterior airport. now, with the us just holding a small area on the inside, there were also thousands of people still down there still undeterred by the massive explosion and attack that happened here on thursday. we also took some victims of that attack. here's our report. to come to had served as an esco soldier, he went to cavalier port on thursday, hoping his service would be enough to qualify him for an evacuation flight. the father of 4 was killed at the gate. shaders that goes on. he's
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a massive because he died for a good course. he wants to the best future for his family because there's no work here and so much fighting. he wanted out of this place and he died for it to come to spend his childhood. and final days under taliban rule, he wanted life to be different to his children and hope to raise them in the united states. the people here say the us has offered little and taken a lot of, but he's all this misfortune and all the explosions or those he said attacks all this because of the american mason. i'm tom wish to sit outside emergency hospital with her mother. her uncle has called from california. they are all waiting for news on her father who survive the explosion and his being treated in size, much as they didn't give us permission to see him and his abdomen and hands hurt. he was brought here in a cart. we've only seen pictures of him and he was bloody dozens of the wounded
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were brought here to emergency hospital. these are some of the most severe and everyone here had been at the airport hoping for an evacuation flight to escape the violence and stairs. they're going to stop. i just going to report to taking back to baghdad in the middle east regional summit where the image of katha speaking convening important. and i hope that we can use this as well, but then at the moment, but i think today was much in my over the local well the the to what to her to check the router and lisa faulkner please sure. over a month ago. but are you still with so we are
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watching pictures of the mir counter who is addressing the middle east regional summit. we just lost the trophy. i believe it's back. listen to those things, rocky institutes and institutions and having the iraqi weapon on the 130 is very important to iraq. ladies and gentlemen, that we are in the theater of kept believe that iraq is ready to play an important role in bring give be the ability to our region. and we are quite keen to help iraq duty store it's play is to play a role in the region and a international level. also, iraq has to enjoy stability as all countries in the region to claudia. but we are with the iraqi people and we will have the iraq is to restore security
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and stability to have its development. iraq is a rich country with the natural resources, but because of the rules and terrorism, so many problems have been there. and so many problems have prevented iraq to use properly. so says that's why now we are sure that iraq will read is cover. it's point of this thing for the sake of the country. and for the sake of the people, what we urge the international community to gave them necessary support to the iraqi people and all the to build the military and civil and still just to bring stability to the country. to me the aspirations of the iraqi people, after all the sufferings fine. and i'd like to stress confirm that the said to have
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kept his own was standing in support of the iraq iraqi people when all was leave supporting and helping iraqi to have their own prosperity. and we also hope that the national community will do it best in this regard. and all the braces of the iraqis and peace be upon you. what's the model? what model law he will, but i can't do that is the counter addressing the regional summit to invite the middle regional summit to me and saying that iraq ready to play an important role to bring peace to the region. and the urging the international community to give necessary support to bring stability to iraq, iraq records and seeking to establish itself as a mediator between arab countries in iran and baghdad has been brokering talk since
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april i between regional heavy weights are read entire on or on on mending ties and 7 in 2016, let's listen intermediate. she present stuff because we mean this conference in about might be here with you in iraq and rock solid state in the out of country in the muslim country. her daughter and iraq, m bodies as symbol partnership with our neighbors. and we have that desire on his desire to have and use tax of corporation within certain criteria and certain mechanisms. and so i decided to, within the day in, in iraq a and the gyptian within the entire region in
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a way that will made the aspirations and the interest of the iraqi people should be. and this must be based on certain criteria that we have to add here to abide by for the sake of the entire region. what your majesty is, excellence says high. and that says probably this fight was out of other countries . when he not to forget that terrorism has its negative, it's a negative impact in our region and all on all the neighboring countries as well. also, we have seen some external efforts, some external interventions at the terminal of some countries the we need to know that the challenge of terrorism is an international challenge,
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but we have to put an end to conflict and to put an end to disputes in order to overcome this problem and let's be daddy for we can also see the bad effect on that virus. the covered 19 and they impact on this on the coming generations. we have to be united in phasing this virus and we have to have development red development. paula says that the coke into maya international world with the community, the people everywhere. because i'm working hard with us. i go ahead and get it. we must have our own clear participation in giving momentum to the amount of tarion attitude in facing these threat.
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and i think that our brothers him into an in iraq to, in any have little will that will encourage us to work hard with them in order to achieve the goals of the iraqis. egypt is highly appreciating the shipments that and imagine iraq during the last period on the leadership of stuff on call the money and the countries institute some have been very successful incorporating. and in order to put an end to the threats iraqi army, the security forces have put on and so the project of dash, bison they have brought me back the unity of the entire iraq. the seamans need to be also complimented,
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supported by economic reforms, because the strong economy means the iraqi government is quite key to the chief of development crew have continuing to her the efforts. and also we hope that the iraqi said, hey, i'm going to be very successful and having the coming election for the sake of the iraq is and in order to be able to achieve the iraqis, the goals and aspirations in this connection age, it is quite stanley and supporting the iraqi government in oh, it's still cheaper stability to restore its historic plays across tony store. it's a vital arabic, i'm regional,
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international roller we in asia. ok believe that the corporation between the brothers in the world is quite important. and the trapper type cooperation between egypt and jordan. c plus lation of the political will of the 3 countries and all that to all the way for the era pan out of work and time out of corporation. we have directed, well, started pouts. that must let the iraqi people and how the egyptians jillions feel the progress that is being achieved and we home and such corporation will be expanded to include more countries in the region in this regard, left to confirm our will to continue on implementing the joint ventures that have been started within
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a certain mechanism for the benefits of the people as of the 3 countries aged probably in support of the iraqi government pockets towards diamond ring back at the national stage and supporting the end of the country in order to protect double doesn't to protect the endless of iraq, iraq is age, it rejects categorically all external intervention, all aggressions in iraq or again, is the iraqi territories. we urge everyone to respect the board does the great iraq . and that's the option that president l. c. c is saying that egypt fully supports the iraqi government and achieving stability and restoring its historic regional role. iraq needs to be part of
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a pan arab cooperation which needs to be expanded. let's bring enough mahmud up the way to the regional conference in baghdad and very much receiving the full frontal support of the delegations at the conference. well yes indeed, nick, it's clear from this speech is delivered by the leader so far president of the frank macro king of the law of jordan. i mean to me of book and we just have all a stress on the fact that the stability and security of iraq is since look for the stability and security of the whole region that also entails supporting iraq. according to a macro of france. that intake supporting gate or continuing supporting iraq and it's fight against
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a tourism. remember this is this tech can summit. there has been also other summits over the past year. and that also entail can on the integration with regional power. last june, the have a rock hosted summit and it cannot mac integration summit with jordan and egypt. so iraq by hosting such comments as trying to regain as i feel like it's a positive, effective rule and region. also, it's worth mentioning that does not only political, there's not only economic and security summit, it also entail the political issues, political, crucial issues and the region, remember, saudi arabia and iran are invited. and there have been talks about bilateral meetings between delegations of both countries. iraq has been also involved in
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talks by folks, has been also involved in mediating between rival power to in the region including get towed and iran. so iraq bite, this is trying to send a message to the committee that it is he to feed back to the country to continue the fight against tourism quickly. the fact that the producers of ice and have been rising great lead on will continue supporting iraq and terrorism that's being just from it like that. thanks my reporting from the middle east summit where the national leaders from the region have been going back to our top story. and i'm pretty strict to to end the evacuation mission from afghanistan and the coming out . but the head of the case, onforce, it says hundreds of people entitled to resettlement in the u. k. will be left
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behind. i'm afraid it's absolutely heartbreaking that we can't bring everybody out . and i think that points be made very strongly certain by the said section. others have lost them 10 days or so. personally, i've probably had over a 100 messages from different afghans who i know in my long association with the country. and many of those friends of mine would make it out for me in another day, possibly my without me having a bit of a chair in my about sort of that or let's get more from that. bob jones is life from london and not him. so the evacuations in today it shows the case concern, but many going to be left behind. absolutely, and you heard that admission and the desperation of a sadness from the chief of the u. k. on forces. ben carter said that there were very few flights still to come back to britain. well, they carried on friday night into saturday morning u k. u time, but it's just in the last hour a royal air force plane has landed at
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a base in oxford show north of london carrying members of the military, some of the 1000 or so personnel still based in afghanistan. so it seems that the military pull out has already started, and of course that happens that has to start happening once the civilian evacuations a done so it really does seem like the civilian evacuations are being wound up. and nick carter has put the number of people eligible to come to the u. k. on the repatriation lists, but who haven't made it at what he said the how you hundreds on friday the government was saying 802-1000 afghans and then 10250 british national. some sources in the u. k. believe it's significantly higher than that, given the high number of calls, for example, m p. 's have been receiving from constituents with relatives in afghanistan and charities. here in the u. k as well. whatever the case,
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the u. k is saying that it's done the best in the circumstances. those were the words of nick carter. they've got almost 15000 people out since mid august. it has been chaotic. it has been extremely upsetting and distressing for those people who made it through let alone the thousands of people who have been trying to get into cobble airport and have failed. now the government is stressing that this is not the end of its efforts. there's a lot of, it's been sent to members of parliament by the defense secretary, the foreign secretary and the home secretary. and the last for hours, insisting that they will continue to use every leave that they have to try to get people out of afghanistan who pay for their lives. know to be those who worked with british forces or with british non governmental organizations. but they haven't said exactly what they can do right now and nothing but what's been the reaction in
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the u. k. it's what's been unfolding, and that's going to stop when they come, there has been a lot of concern and expressions of really discussed from some quarters. the way some of the operation has been handled. that was before the terrible explosions that we saw outside cobble airports. because many conservative members of parliament have been saying this is effectively a betrayal of africans who worked with british forces over the years in afghanistan . and particularly interpreters who put that lives on the line as a similar message from human rights groups. here in the u. k. who say that it simply was left to relate the, the, the practical logistics of getting people onto those flights. i've been in touch with people here in the u. k. who say it's been left to individuals,
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to citizens here, to, to, to campaigners to try to actually get afghans who they know are fearing for their lives through the airport gates on to planes. and there are many, many witness accounts. now here in the u. k. of, of people who being told now not to turn up at the airport because the flights are ending and because it's a dangerous place. but who has the paperwork, they had the right to come to britain. but in some cases would just turn back by members of the british armed forces who are overwhelmed. they were at the same time trying to secure the airport along with the americans and also deal with paperwork . it was an impossible situation. there are cause for some kind of accountability as to what happened now. all right, i didn't think so. that's another rather the in the in china has dismissed at declassified us reports on the origins of code. 19 colgate
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political manipulation. it shows intelligence agencies a divided over where the virus began, but agree wasn't developed as a buyer weapon. current of ours was 1st detected in the chinese city of hon in 2019 . the intelligence community says chinese need is didn't know about the virus before the pandemic began, but they couldn't agree on whether it was 1st transmitted from an animal or league from a lab. well, russia has reported its highest month the current of our death toll since upon them it began revise figures from state statistics. agency ross that i show more than 50000 people died from 900 or related causes in july. and that brings to total number of just more than 365000, which is the 4th highest in the world after the u. s. india and brazil. less than a 3rd of russians have been vaccinated, which is well below the government target of 60 percent by the autumn. russia has no lockdown measures in place. the scene is unpopular, had
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a parliamentary elections in september to all of which is a political and listen lead experts at the center for actual politics. he says it's still unclear how effective locked downs can be in reducing cove at $900.00 related death. while the russian government knows very well that strict stringent lockdown measures that were instituted last spring, were extremely popular among the russian population. in fact, there were even some civil disturbances in the area called the north in the south of russia last year. during the lock down, and of course, ever since them, the russian government and local officials decided to deal with this epidemic with this medical crisis. in less strict ways. russia is
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in the 4th place as far as guarantors, depths. of course, the united states is the poor thing officially more than $700000.00 deaths. and even though the population of the united states is more than twice the size of the russian population. but those figures are also quite, quite high. so the it is still a question as to how, how effective for a large balance and other measures have been around the world. since we have seen that even the countries that have instituted a lot of downs have kept serious issues with their death rates as the united states did as category one, hurricane is made landfill in cuba and is making its way towards the united states as a major hearken, julian wolf has more fierce winds, batter cuba coast as the streets of the capitol. havana light empty. hurricane ida hit the caribbean islands, south west toppling trees and tearing roofs off home where the strong winds has
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been weeping all over. it took a roof there. winds of nearly a 130 kilometers an hour force people to take cover, but many felt relief saying it could have been worse. the category one hurricane is now heading for the united states, but expected to make landfall as a category for. we do have a major storm heading our way. we are activating every single resource at our disposal so that we are prepared to respond from mississippi to florida. state are on high alert with the us national hurricane center warning of catastrophic danger. winds are expected to reach up to 225 kilometers an hour before ida makes landfall along the gulf coast late on sunday. life threatening storm surges are predicted to hit coastal communities. stories are
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urging people to seek higher ground. this will be a life altering storm for those who aren't prepared. but time is running out with people rushing to stores for sandbags and supplies. oil fields in the region that supply nearly a 5th of the nation's oil have halted operation. louisiana has declared a state of emergency and told tens of thousands of people to batten down or evacuate immediately. hurricane ida is the 9th named storm of the atlantic hurricane season and is expected to make land for 16 years to the day that hearken . katrina struck a day. no one wants to relive julian wolf al jazeera right away. hearken either is make his way to the united states gatherings. trenches. it has the strength that heads towards a gulf coast. i has already had cuba, where it's brought down trees and tone of rooms as it crossed the western part of the friday. the national weather service predicts it will become, it's an extremely dangerous catch before hearken. by the time it reaches louisiana
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later on sunday, by tomorrow night, tropical storm force winds will begin to move on to the coast of louisiana. and so the next 24 hours are very, very important. now is the time to finish your preparations. and i wanna encourage everyone to understand that by nightfall, tomorrow night, you need to be where you intend to ride out the storm. ah. so this is, are, these are the top stories in the united states says it's carried out to drains. dr . gates isis in eastern afghanistan and believes it's killed a member responsible for planning attacks. it follows avoiding from president joe biden, that those behind thursday, suicide bombing outside couple airport would be hunted down the u. s. embassy, a couple in boarding.


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