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see soon, the joy applica launch trade and investment in south africa into african trades that gives you access to more than 1100 exhibitors and 10000 visitors and buyers and more than 5000 conference delegates, more than $55.00 countries participate in trade and investment deals with $40000000000.00 as good with a government to come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibition. boots to you by the african export import. back at the premium partners, the atl 2020 was transforming africa. i'm the like of us in the south of india and find out call me back in this gave brought an extensive mining operation to a grand corona virus wept across the world with devastating effects, and it's widely believed to be connected to the legal wildlife slave. here in vietnam, we visit a rescue center for some of the worlds most threatened to animals and joined the
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call for an end to the global wildlife earth rise on al jazeera. ah ah ah, hello. are you watching al jazeera? let's remind you about top stories here. the fallon, the pentagon says to high profile ice ok numbers were killed in a drone strike in eastern afghanistan. the attack followed those days explosion. a couple apple that was came by i full came. meanwhile, the u. s. embassy in couple is warning americans against traveling to the airport because of security dangerous. the pentagon says specific credible threats against the facility remains. united,
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read the vice president says he's met the wrong foreign minister on the sidelines of a regional summit in baghdad. iraq is hosting the gathering in an effort to promote peace and reconciliation in the middle east, if they mean to improve ties between saudi arabia and ron. of more than that, let's bring in jasmine zacky. she's an international attorney specializing in post conflict countries and countries in transition. she joins us now from washington. d . c. jasmine, iraq itself has been such a battle ground to various countries and interests for so long. now. it's trying to rework its image into a place to rather resolve differences. it seems kind of stuff yet. thank you for having me. yes, that's exactly right. iraq is seeking to reclaim its historic leadership role and status in the region. this is not the 1st time they hold a regional conference for dueling entities and rivals to come together in 1936. there was a side of the treaty, 1955. there was a baghdad pack, but since then it's been such a d,
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stabilized part of the world. and so many countries have been using it as you said, as a battleground. so this is a chance to start transitioning from being a bible ground state to being more of a, a mediator and a political leader in the region. that's a huge challenge that how did they get such regional heavy weights, including some of the big rivalries, like saudi arabia in iran, all to the same table? well, everybody in the picture, everybody who attended to conferences is in agreement that a d stabilize iraq is in no one's interest. so we're talking about spillover of criminal and terrorist activities into the region. and so, even though they all have conflicting interest and conflicting ideas about what a stable iraq is, they are all at least under the agreement, that's a stable iraq is necessary, beneficial to everybody. well, how much then with this summit about helping the region which was authentic, the what it was about, or rather helping rugs, reputation in the region. and then also potentially trying to encourage
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infrastructure investor? well, both actually, so the prime minister called them is doing this in advance of an election. so it benefits him. it's going to benefit iraq because again, it's helping to re grand itself as less of the battle brown and more of a, of a diplomatic and political space. but also it's going to help hopefully the rest of the region, if nothing else to come to the negotiating table and try to hash out their differences. now, are they going to really help their differences? the reality is because their interests are in such conflict, it's going to be hard to square those interests in iraq. but if nothing else, you know, getting your ron and saudi arabia to at least agree to take steps to end the open conflict would be that she's meant for the entire region. well, i say french president, micron has also styles himself as a bit of a global media was present, whereas the u. s. and potentially the brits and well the one of the,
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i think the summit took place sort of in light of the u. s. withdrawal from afghanistan following trillions of dollars of investment in the us life. and so the message that's being sent to the region is we are not going to be supporting you forever. and so the u. s. while they are encouraging and applauding to summit, they've made it clear that their presence in the region is going to be significantly diminished, which may be one of the reasons that you know, the france and other countries are taking advantage of. of that power vacuum space . jasmine, you mention what's been happening and i've kind of started when we really seen this week, how real the threat is from groups especially related to i. so how much will security have going to focus at this meeting, especially given iraq's own history when it comes to iso it's a huge focus because the other issues that are talking about, including economic and political cooperation, cannot actually advance without the security component being established. first and so we're talking about these non state actors also known as she militias in iraq
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funded by iran, but also the saudi side, which is funding sort of those, those religious extremists causing terrorist attacks. not just in iraq, the throughout the country. it will be interesting to see what happens in the aftermath that jasmine is out. he then international attorney, specializing in post conflict countries. thanks so much for sharing your insights with us here on onto their jasmine. thank you for having me. now moving on and in the democratic republic of congo, at least 19 villages have been killed by a rebel group, had happened, and benny in the province of north kieffer. no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. but the ice linked to allied democratic forces has been active in that area. on careful reunions have been held in northern nigeria after the release of more than a 100 abducted students. well, the routines reported 3 separate releases all in the past 24 hours. thank you. 90 children taken by gunman from their school and i just say 3 months ago during
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officials say one child dies while being held hostage and for others on receiving medical treatment. now chill is oldest and largest indigenous rebel group can, has officially declared war on what it calls capitalist groups in the south central region, especially the forestry industry. this unprecedented move comes as a constitutional convention is rewriting chili's constitution to include some indigenous demands. this in human reports. now from my echo province, i an unprecedented funeral ceremony for a week chaffee. indigenous my put your word for warrior up to 4000 mob, which is from all over south central chile, paid tribute to 29 year old pablo mar chant, who was a member of the my put him militant group at alco, michel coordinator, or term. he was killed in a confrontation with special forces police last month while carrying out acts of sabotage against the municipal forestry company. and they were to come has
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responded by officially declaring war until is powerful forestry industry, adding it does not recognize the chilean state, the total blank, delmore, the killer, received them. i put to communities have the right to self defense and declared themselves. and i believe it's an international life. anyone who does not feel part of a state has a light rebel against the ritual. and it's one petune is and i put a community chief or long call and one of the comes highest ranking leaders. he then takes us through a dense eucalyptus forest from him, the trees and moves his clearing, land that 13 families are claiming as their settlement. not all the trillions take reduced us little by little until we had no land, no inheritance. we can't live without our land. so when the younger ones decided to take a stance, i agreed to join them both so and get it
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a little bit. i'll tell you when you want to cover your intestinal land, they call you a terrorist. that's why there's only a few of us here because much everyone is willing to take the risk, but it is for me. so he means confronting the militarized police over and over. that's why he says they ask the come for help. in other words, military support. what the government labels of terrorism, they call armed self defense check. it explains the stumps of trees surrounding their camp or to slow down police armored vehicles. the com is promoting and providing protection for scores of other impoverished come up with communities who are reclaiming land. they say that julian stayed stolen from them a 140 years ago when i left. and when i was young now, so parents, why are we so poor that they might go for the told us the history of our people? and the reason why we have almost nothing. all we inherited was marginalization and poverty. when they come from a nearby settlement,
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where 80 families live on just 300 heck dares. oh, now they've just planted wheat on part of what was the eucalyptus forest. you seem whether it comes with this is the change that we all want to be able to support ourselves and live off the land. but imported eucalyptus and pine trees have seriously depleted soil of nutrients and especially water. in the late 19 seventies to these former military dictatorship, offered to subsidize 75 percent of the fledgling forestry in history in order to promote its expansion and expand it has subsequent governments have continued to subsidize what is now a multi $1000000000.00 industry. despite irrefutable scientific evidence of the damage that the pine trees like these and eucalyptus are causing to the environment and the confrontation that they're generating with my put communities. the meaningful forestry company has declined multiple requests for comment. the come
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and other groups, meanwhile, say they'll continue fighting to expel them. adding there won't be peace until they're gone. to see in human al jazeera michel province chilly, i'll place called divisions and peru have spilled onto the streets after the new government won a vote of confidence. and congress opposition protested scuffles with the police. also that vote in favor of president petro castillo, left. when cabinet supporters of the president's social policy is also turned out, castillo is a free period class. he has a minority and congress that is currently controlled by a center right coalition. marianna sanchez has a report for us from him. loving 73 legislators in favor and 50 against a cabinet approved plagued with questions, lack of experience, allegations of corruption and prime minister. either we either accused of making
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a so called apology for terrorism by appearing to support the shiny pass extremist group. it put off, even some of the moderate legislators shouted at b, either for making remarks indian did not get to a language even though he was calling for a new start. can we want to face a different future difference from the unfair centralize, elitist in deeply exclusionary country? the newly inaugurated leftist government will now focus on peruvians left behind b. this is the priority will be to tackle the pandemic that left nearly $200000.00 peruvian instead of 30 percent of the country in poverty did not. they should be the priority of our social policy. it is time to begin to close this gap and access to rights. the shameless as peruvians, the it won't be easy. it's been a confrontational 1st month in office for precedent. federal castillo,
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analysts say a powerful and united right wing alliance in congress. me crush, gusty, you and his team looking into one enormous, there is an enormous lack of knowledge of how to govern a very complex state of understanding power and what you need to do if you want to achieve a certain governance and the country in crisis castillo is the 5th president in the last 5 years, some of the politicians who give him the cabinet. a green light are also sending him a message. fire the ministers and start over proceeding castillo tweeted, thanks for giving his cabinet the vote of confidence. he said the consensus will allow them to govern with the people, however, and only see the political battles will likely continue. nearly 50 percent of peruvians didn't vote for castillo, and the political opposition in congress may guarantee an appeal battle for a precedent and a cabinet with hardly any experience in governing madana santa. so just leave me
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a bit of a man convicted of assassinating us. senator robert f kennedy could be released from prison after more than 5 decades now. 77 years old sir hunter has shot and killed kennedy to campaign event in los angeles back in 1968. so labelle reports for 53 years. it has been no after no hemmed number 16 got so hansa hun, the result he wanted. i'm i got the shooter convicted of murdering robert f. kennedy. a man many believed would be president, and the progressive was gone down in a busy hotel in 1968 by a palestinian furious about his support for israel, a crime. so hon has never denied but says he doesn't remember. i was always there. but i don't remember the exact moment. remember when my guns out of my bike
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now to be freed on parole after intervention from the senate says children some douglas appearing in person to say, so hands should be released along with another man shot on that night. the i'm busted a hotel with the murder took place, was knocked down years ago, replace with this memorial, which really highlights what that moment took from this country. the man who killed robert kennedy not acquitted, but you to be released on parole. and all these years later, many still believe he wasn't even the government. among them, some of senator kennedy's family, his son roberts, who wrote in favor of hans release, even visited him in prison, saying i went because i was curious and disturbed by what i had seen and the evidence. i was disturbed that the wrong person might have been convicted of killing my father. that theory that there was a 2nd gunman because more bullets were fired than sir hans good could hold. and he was facing the senator who was shot at point blank range in the back one medical expert telling this book's author there is very compelling evidence that sir hannah
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was nothing state at the time of the shooting. i was somehow program to be as distraction for the real shooter who is behind edge behind kennedy's right here. so he won't be freed immediately. there is a long administrative process that could take months or even see the release block altogether, and he's likely to be deported to jordan because he is not a us citizen bringing an end to one of america's most high profile and shocking criminal cases. philip out al jazeera los angeles, he's still going to still ahead here on down to 0. pressure is mounting on the also manager after an embarrassing last semester. the city, those highlights, coming up shortly. ah, september analysis era has morocco records would be impacted with 19 the country voted parliamentary elections that will shape the future by listening post dissects the media. how they operate,
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the stories they cover. and the reason why the 911 attacks all the world, 20 years on the war that followed that finally ended. and i've got a son. but that's what caught, this didn't real office a unique catch it on african happy in history, through the eyes of the fearless and vision we to make it. germany goes to the poles and elections the, the i'm going to merkel replace after 15 years in power. what will the results mean for german and european union? september on al jazeera, with the cushion sit to rise on the cookie paralytic. when i, when he investigates japan problem, history of caring for people with disabilities on how do 00 the
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ah, welcome back. now a reported rise and attacks by bears in romania is fueling calls for them to be hunted again. but conservation is say, the problem is rather due to human activity. andrew simmons reports not from our minister in the copy and mountain. it's a wilderness, like few others in europe. the copy of mountains, primeval forests, absorbing the poisons of modern life greenhouse gases. but there endangered, just like the wildlife with romania as rangers. are aware that illegal logging isn't the only threat. here we have 2 or 3 conflicts, laureen hollis one's mind is firmly set on animal welfare. and are we welding project he's working on? but he can't ignore a new issue. there are 2, it's
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a small one. he finds footprints of 2 brown bears wild animal. and he already feel us. if it's around here, he run a long time ago. more than 300 kilometers to the east. the bad population is higher and there has been 137 attacks on people in the past 2 years. some of them fatal fear has spread with social media posts of attacks. here a bare has been disturbed by a wild boar hunt. the hunter, assuming this survived the attack in 2016, the brown bear became a protected species in romania. but because of the attacks, the government planning a population census, if the numbers are deemed too high, it isn't rolling out a return to hunting. vincent out there for me, if the density is low, we will not bring hunting back in italy. we have a number of options to protect the funds, the villages, the people. but i am not prepared to say whether we will bring back hunting in one
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area that seen some attacks. there's a political determination for hunting to return. and so the future for the bad population here may well be in doubt. but for another wild animal, the european bison hunted down more than a 100 years ago when lost from this vast wilderness. its future is assured. these are the latest arrivals set free here 3 months ago. there are now more than a 100 bison, roaming wild, finding their own food and ranger florine. how strong is monitoring them for a re wilding program? trucking them by gps and radio links, the bible, marcia before 100 years ago. here they have they own roles. it's a chain for this. we said we need 1015 years from now to demonstrate today, own roles in the forest in bio diversity and companies in the area and the bison, already breeding, born into the wild, one of the cars is seen here. this,
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we wilding program does look successful. the face of the bears, though, is causing consternation, hunting lobby on one side, conservation is on the other. andrew simmons al jazeera in the copy, the mountains of remainder while it is now time for sport and his lia thinking this last year for arsenal have been humiliated by manchester city. 5 mill. the gunners now losing their opening 3 games of the season for the 1st time in 67 years. the rough afternoon for the visitors included a red card to their captain. granite jacket for this tackle in the 1st half by the man city were leading by 2 goals. it was 3 mill at half time and the forest came soon after the break, when roger scored his 2nd fellow spaniard fer torres, also grabbed a double arsenal. failing to score and their opening 3 matches of the season for the 1st time in their 128. your history of english leak football stark contrast to man city who won their opening to games at home of the season 5 now. so
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we had to stadium with this lovely day with these amazing and most fear, you know, with a 2 nails renewals to 10 and 11 is easier for us to offer for the opening. i don't thing today's the day to talk about any process to they have to talk about the result and what happened on the pitch and then on that it's already been this group. what yes i do is not i wouldn't be sitting here to have manchester cities. biggest rivals went head to head on sunday. chelsea opened the scoring against liverpool thanks for a fabulous header from chi, hovers late in the 1st half. the liverpool were given a penalty when chelsea defender rece james stopped the goal with his arm. and then, much to the surprise of many, james was sent off for home itala, converted the spot kick the match, finished one off from manchester,
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united goalkeeper marg, boston. and i believe the return of christiana rinaldo to old trafford, will be a game changer and could help united when the premier league for the 1st time since 2013. earlier we spoke to bunch i think is a 100 percent the right news for himself, but also for majesty neither. but of course that the hard work will stop now. second, last season, and although they are a contender at the start, the season before the song, i didn't see them as a serious contender. and i still think that matches the city will remain to be favorites, but they did. the gap is closing in terms of the odds after the saw, and i see it as a, as an icing on the cake signing from only gonna, sol, scott and especially with some of the other ones that are coming. veran a jayden santo, things are looking really well for matches the united, but they've got to now produce, well i think everybody's even safe from, from a football perspective. we'll know that that would be expecting the same play that
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they sold 12 years ago. but you just look at these recent record, even that event this, i mean, he's got 101 goals from 134 appearances net in syria, which is renown for having some of the best defensive set ups in the world. a he one to syria titles. he won a cop. he wanna supercop a, he's a syria. when he mentioned the fact a one over 30 trophies and you know, he's got a lot of players there at manchester, not a top quality players who would be able to help share the workload or share the pressure if you like. he's used to press, he's played on the pressure for out his whole korea. switching gears to formula one and rain caused a few issues in the qualifying for the belgian ground. pre maclaren lando norris crashed heavily in the wet condition. he was able to get out of the car without assistance, but was later taken to hospital for an x ray on his elbow. max stop and narrowly grabbed whole position ahead of george russell, who gave williams a spot on the front row of a grid for the 1st time since 2017. louis hamilton will start from 3rd. been
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a really tricky call saying, you know, it's hard to keep the contract switching the tires on as all other i fine. so i don't see, you know, the long break thing to do in the future. it's capital in and learn the trick conditions again. but at the end, when we were 1st, i don't really know what happened with without 3, but unfortunate because we have to rebel far away. so that's gonna make it a little bit harder in terms of strategy. but because i think up to the dental field. so that will do everything we can and has it that mars another day. i hope that it's not crazy. very light did. and moto g people as far god will start sundays, british grand prix of the front of the grid. the spaniard qualified fastest ahead of francisco bonnie with championship liter fabio cards morrow. and 3rd, the us open starts on monday and tournament officials have announced that spectators 12 an up need to show proof of having have at least one dose of the coven 19 vaccine. the grand slam is returning to 100 percent capacity after all,
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fans were banned from attending last year because of the pandemic. it's still not clear if the rules will apply to the players as some have been reluctant to shot. there's plenty at stake for know that job, which at the us open the serbian can reach $21.00 major titles, surpassing roger federer and russell and adult plus victory in new york will secure all 4 grand slams in the same year. something not achieved in the men's game since rod laver in 1969. i don't want to say it's now or never for me because of you know, i think i'm going to have more opportunities in my life to win slams. i don't know if i'm going to be having more opportunities when a calendar slammed the twice it's, it's obviously a very unique opportunity. but at the same time, you know, i don't need to put any additional pressure to what i already have, which is pretty, pretty big, you know, from my, from my own self. and from,
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of course, people around me. i know i haven't played that many matches. and i know that, you know, i haven't even gotten to a quarter final, but actually i feel pretty happy with how i'm playing. like i thought i played to really tough matches, and cincinnati and the girl that i lost to she played really well. i feel pretty confident with where i am right now. of course i'm not like declaring that i'll do amazing here. and for me i'm, i'm the, like one match at a time tape person. so yeah, hopefully i'll work out in the end. and cricket, england's jo root has broken the record for most winds as captain. his 27 victory in charge of england came at the expense of india and the 1st test, the home side warning by any means and 76 runs with more than a day to spare. and how about this for a lesson on what not to do as a goalkeeper. this comes from a lower league in spain, where the goalkeeper struggled to clear the ball. he tried, but it costs his team,
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a goal that's all for me in regard to natasha. and thanks so much. well that is it for me and i saw it a and a half of this news out, but don't go away. i'll be hunting where it's in london who are more of the day's news and just too much. ah, news. news. news. news news. a story of love, deception, life and death. an israeli spelling operating on the deep cover in syria. knowing that discovery would mean that and algae 0 well health gripping story markets by l. e. calling operated on the cover in syria,
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in the $960.00 notation career that ended in public execution. eli cohen must have agents 18 on al jazeera ah whoa, and i'm and home story from asia and the pacific. on now to one of the last remaining ancient forests, in se asia is a lifeline to hundreds of lumberjacks and drive. ah, we follow the treacherous journey as they walk through extreme condition together and transport the dangerous but precious cargo. risking at all, borneo on al jazeera, the town, the untold story. ah,
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we speak when others don't. ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes a police finn and you guys are in power in passion. we tell your story. we are your voice, your new your neck out here. ah . the taliban forces 5 shots to clear crowds from cobble airport. as the us says it's killed to high profile. i feel k targets the fact that 2 of these individuals are no longer walking on the face of the earth. that's a good thing to thousands of afghans pour into pockets. dawn seeking safety. ah.


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