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tv   [untitled]    August 30, 2021 10:30am-11:01am AST

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this residential building, which was home to around 70 families, local official, say the place in the building started on a high floor and spreads to the lower levels and the streets, or residents were evacuated to have been new reports of injuries or death. volcano on the italian islands, sicily has adopted again sending ash and lava into their minds. aetna is the largest of at least 3 active volcanoes and lost it in february. the display can be seen by residence in the nearby city of catania. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. several rockets were far to campbell airports. the last us flights taken before a saturday's departure deadline. it's unclear who is behind the attack. the white house says the airport remains functional, focused on so he says 2 of its soldiers were killed in an attack alone. the afghan
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boards are military says attackers from inside of ghana, stanford, a military post in bourgeois district, focused on, says, retaliated, and killed some of the attackers. it's the 1st such assault since the taliban seized cobble over 2 weeks ago. it comes at a time and thousands of afghans around border crossings trying to answer august on palestinians and israelis have met at the highest level for the 1st time. in a decade palestinian presidents mahmoud abbas spoke to israel's defense minister benny guns for over 2 hours in ramallah. they discuss security and the economy in the occupied palestinian territories. at least one person has been killed after the biggest storm in recent years, hit the u. s. gulf coast, or can either boat heavy, rain and strong wind power for the toner city or your lanes. saudi arabia says
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it's intercepted 3 arms drones launched by yemen. susie rebels, saudi state media says they were launch towards the city of homes who shut southwest over kingdom late on sunday. with these have been targeting several oil facilities and airport infiniti, arabia during humans, almost a 7 year long war a corona virus lock. so it has be extended in new zealand biggest city, oakland for 2 more weeks. the restrictions are being eased for the rest of the country. meanwhile, i remember the prior medical condition died after receiving the 5 vaccine. the health ministry says the women died following a rear side effect, which causes inflammation of the hearts and health officials in the sterling face of new south wales of issue to start warning of it. it's cool that i break, they say tours protective to be the worst month since the pandemic began. i'm not sure, today's thir, keep it here on al jazeera than use continues to insight story,
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which is up next. did you know you can watch or english streaming live on? i do 2 channels plus thousands of our programs. award winning documentary and get you to port ah, subscribe to youtube dot com. forward slash al jazeera english. baghdad has her to the gathering of the regions, main players, but can they reach common grounds and why is the united states this isn't my story . ah hello there and welcome to the program. i'm the star. hey, now iraq has been holding a regional son. it aimed at promoting peace and reconciliation in the middle east. now it's hope that these talks will encourage its neighbors to talk to each other,
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instead of settling scores on its territory. this meeting comes maam, soft regional rivals, iran and saudi arabia resumed contact, but failed to reach breakthrough since 2003, iraq has been a battle ground for the united states. and especially for iran, after the toppling a former president. saddam hussein. it's hopes that what wasn't achieved through war could now be achieved through negotiation. yet the united states was no, should be absent, will speak to our guest in just a moment, but 1st month with up. why had, has this report for us from baghdad? iraq stability is key to the stability of the whole region. this is how regional leaders participating in the data conference for corporation and partnership concluded it on saturday. the summer twitch discussed economic integration and investment projects between the participants also addressed political and security
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challenges facing iraq, including the possible resurgence of sil iraqi officials say it's an opportunity to use tension in the middle east. s o d and rain. you know, official hill talks on the side lines of the summit. the fact that we managed to bring private countries together on the same table and initiate dialogue between them is not only important to them in us, but the whole region, the meeting, which was cor denies the by france also addressed the water crisis. what she did the war in yemen and the devastating get it can all mc and political situation in lebanon. when i, when i was, i think it's promising because it's laid the foundation to involving iraq in more bilateral meetings with the participant countries in the future. the presence of france and the international organizations gives credit to this summit. international and regional summit have been held to discuss in a stability in iraq for decades. now it's hosting this one to show it's ready
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to regain a rule in the region and says it will be neutral in ongoing conflicts. back in june, iraq has a trilateral summit to establish trade integration and development projects with egypt and jordan. saturday summit is another step in sending a message of solidity with a rock of 30 years of isolation. without brewer had al jazeera but dut the author more on this, i am joined by our guests in baghdad. we have ali ambry, he's a political analyst, and a civil activist in kuwait city, about an hour safe, an assistant professor wait university and also a non resident fellow at the carnegie middle east center. and in tariff side, my stuff for session and iran affairs analyst and
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a public diplomacy strategist. thank you for joining us gentlemen, and a warm welcome to you all. now i do think it's rather striking that a country that has itself been a battle ground for so many interest is now proposing that it be an arena for conflict resolution. i understand rocky prime minister, the stuff to me has been facilitating what 3 rounds now of talks between iran and saudi arabia since march, april this year. but let me start with you. how much is this process being driven by how to me himself? and let me 1st start by expressing the, the interest and the support and excitement of citizens across the gulf region about this happening. there has been a lot of doubt as to why i number one. this is taking place now. and number 2, why is about the saying the stroke? and i think neither should be surprised. number one, we've seen the region in 2021. take
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a more read conciliatory tradition transition if you may, starting with an early summit in january and saudi arabia going with it across law among the gulf states. the talks about the dive for between the iranians and the saudis, even if you know, different levels. those are all encouraging sign and for about that to be hosting the event and some would say, but that has enough domestic issues. why are they looking at the foreign policy from the look for iraq? it's interconnected. iraq has been a battle ground for various states in the region, and i think it's presenting itself as the regional stabilizing force is a welcome addition for the arab world, for the region at large. i think the causing me administration has done well to be pushing for this role and it comes back to a backdrop of as you know, escalations on a security fund,
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whether it's done or in other areas. so this hopefully would push us towards more understanding peace and listening to one another. well, speaking of security issues, i see that there was a theater on a many bass. how to housing saudi lead forces leaving what 30 dead literally in the hours just after the summit given that this was about fostering dialogue and trying to reach a space where we can have a conversation about peace and the stuff that let me ask you, does this then feel like really nothing has changed. well, you know, the initiative is very much encouraging because it's interesting to see that after decades that some regional states are, you know, or they interested all their security matters into the hands of the united states. and they were all part and parcel of the u. s. foreign policy and the region. and
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this is lead only to the area ration of crises in this part of the world. now the regional states are in back in order to discuss their issues with each other in order to enhance understanding among each other. and this is just the beginning. there needs to be more and more rounds of talks between, especially the original king, things like iran installed the radio. well unfortunately the so these have been looking at talks direct talks with iran from a tactical view, not from a strategic viewpoint. and they have just focused on yemen and thinking that iran has proxies in there. why this is not the case. the yemenis are iranian allies like is below her mouth and many others like syria, like iraq. we view the him and he's as are allies. so we do not order them though, we do have influence in yemen. but what matters now is that the so
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these should realize that if one to establish some kind of security and resolve the problem, they need to all give more care. and look at this issue from a strategic viewpoint to discuss all conflicts and the region with. ready her lawn, in order to practice a real conflict resolution approach with their ron and do not confine issues to yemen where they are their, you know, attack. and they are most of the day that they are somehow struck in yemen. and they just want to resolve their problem in yemen. they need to have a more. busy comprehensive viewpoint but still. busy i do believe with mr. ac in power with a kind of a can nomic agenda that he is pursuing are there is a serious chance that we see are better an improvement of ties. if this will
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really take the chance before it's becoming too late. we'll see whether it's conversations good now, but you mentioned some domestic issues there. i noticed that iraq selections themselves really just around the corner. how much is this summit then about helping the region as we've been talking about, or rather potentially helping iraq itself, projects, stability and, and maybe encourage some infrastructure investment ali. let me read that one to you to start of course the summit as as a good step forward, but is it enough? unfortunately, we have seen over decays and this region that conflict as a way going forward rather than solving conflicts and living in peace and prosperity. and unfortunately, all countries in this region have lost
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a lot of them economy and developmental potentials going through a lot of conflicts, wars and fractions. and still of the situation has not really changed before or after the summer. so and iraq suffering from continue on conflict about the region and among the countries that they mainly the iranians and the straight ravia. and do we have no, we have no say in this conflict to, to be frank. and unfortunately, has always been specially after 2003, the battle zone for this conflict. and everybody's trying to show his triumph over the other on the soil and even they did not or do not think of sovereignty and in future. the most important thing for these countries is to get
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benefits out of the situation. this has been said, unfortunately, the domestic situation in iraq is also played a role in this conflict. and the given the transpose the different countries to continue fighting over the iraqi soil. so the summit is a good step forward, but out of the intentions of different countries participating in summit is truly towards solving the problems of the region and looking forward to for more prosperity, more development, fighting, literacy, fighting get poverty, giving opportunities for people and to live a good life and if it's still time to tell and then, but let me bring you in here. how do you think i have managed to get so many regional heavy weights around the table and does he potentially get some political
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points at home for it? let me 1st, i mean, let me 1st clarify a situation with iran and friends of the gulf. the gulf cooperation council has very many times has expressed interest in laying out the picture with the iran and discussing different styles concerning the regional meddling that takes place. not only in iraq and yemen and other non syria, this has been on the table and as well and other adult space. and you know, there hasn't been much change in that behavior. and i will not speak about how the saudis have changed from a position of combat. i think so now reconciliation and maybe the eman worth has are all the play for sure. but there has been a constant theme of trying to lay out all the cards on the table and to try to come up with a framework that speaks to countries as equivalent partners and not to try to
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impose from one side to the other. i think that's been the impression that the guy has been trying to push forward and the stuff that i didn't want to bring you. i'll come back to you in a 2nd, but because i can see mr. shaking his head this. so let me ask you to respond to that. well, that's not the case. as a matter of fact, we do all know that the follow these, you know, iran is in good terms with some of these person go call person council members like our iran is in good terms with oman. iran doesn't have that to baptize with cal weight. they are in good turns one way or another. it's the follow these as well as somehow pushed by the u a. e. and of course somehow rain, but mainly the you either push into solving this. all these has not been short of taking any kind of hostile option in the last one or 2 decades against iran. though
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there have been often dallas all throughout the past one or 2 centuries. still in the past the case according to the confessions made by top us former and person officials like joe biden, when he was a wife president hilary clinton. when he was, she was a secretary of state marcy and then see what the chairman of the joint chief of staff on the obama in 2014. they have all made a lots of confessions that they're wor, militancy was created by mainly fall, be a be supported by so the array of you in order to wear off iranian allies. and in order to demolish iranian allies in the region in syria and in iraq 1st, 2nd, we do know that of the m b. s. in front of the cameras. mom, there cell mom declared war on iran taking war to the ring. and st. couple weeks later, there were bombings at the uranium parliament, the shrine of my home,
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and me as well as in laws on the march in southeast, in iran. and they have not been short of any kind of hostile action against the one that you've used up all their options available. and when they were in alliance with both trump and neck, ya whole as a regional plan in order to contain iran and the cell. these are still thinking to remain or to give it off. still, even after that, yahoo and trump and both of them are gone. they are thinking of that. and that's one of the reasons why they are giving a tactical importance to these talks with iraq. okay. even dental dental and i do see this is sure. okay, go ahead. let me just just last and as they were doing this, iran was offering them several plans for a for, for you know, it's backless mint of security in the region. the hormone piece initiative collective security plans were offered,
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but you want at the un security account at the un general assembly by mr. honey couple of years ago. and iran has always been asking them to step forward away from the united states, away from trans regional power. clearly gentlemen's, the hope is there are very long differences of opinion here about what is incentivizing these discussions. but we do see there were a number of heads of state that actually showed up in baghdad, but re add and tear on both only sent their foreign ministers. i'm going to throw this one to alley and i'll come back to the other 2 of you gentlemen. in a 2nd, how significant do you think that is correct, and i'm sure in a moment, but i know you wanted to come in here as well. would you expect higher level engagement going full on interest you? unfortunately, the discussion here shows the situation is
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not to listen and you can see that my colleague did it, even if the test to mr. better to continue with idea, and when you try to stop them, he didn't accept your interference because he wants everybody to listen to him. and this is the problem better. i'm not listening to each other and we are stuck with the blaming each other. we don't talk to the future. we don't think of our people politicians in this region do not really think of the most important to values for the people most important interest of the people they think of how they maintain their power, how they expand, been power and this region. and unfortunately, iraqis has always been the victims of this policies. and the reason i'm going to let you come in here, but i do also want to focus on the absence of the u. s. at this meeting. obviously,
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french president macro was that he correspond to the meeting and i am curious about how we will see the role of the u. s. going forward, especially with the vast transition from the trump administration to the button administration. so, but i'll let you respond to what the other 2 gentlemen have said, but i would also like you to address. i'm going to look, look, we cannot have sustainable peace without inclusive talk among all partners in the region and concerned international partners in which we speak, i to i as equal as equal. we cannot go in with one country trying to dictate the agenda is on the other, and this has been a seat that's been ongoing. and you are asking me if the u. s. was not, was present or not. the iranian statement made us very present. i mean, if you listen to all the speech of, they were all conciliatory. they were all opening their hands and the new one, although had traces of the was also attacking. i mean, there was
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a lot of criticism on certain roles in the, in the country and, and to me and not only this, i mean, i'm not sure if this is because it's the new administration in iraq. and they're still picking up. and they're still learning because a, we had wrong information concerning the cross trade between iraq and iran, which broke up corrected 2nd. and i will say this could be part of the amateurish nature of the resume. i mean, the protocol with truck, we had a foreign minister standing on the front row, whereas all the other 4 ministers, branded 2nd row, the 3rd fish and the sound b one. so that, you know, even if it's not intended, it gives you a symbol indication of where things are high. but there has been senior, standing from various countries in the region. i think what the saudis, iranians and the turks agree are by keeping it up and at the foreign ministry level is they're, they're checking each other out. and this new see, there is some kind of interest and further the dialogue. but as my friends from
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that has mentioned, there needs to be much more concerted effort. and we need, as i said, to get to lay our cards very clearly on the table and, and it's not about only furthering one interest and isolation of the interest of other countries. well, there will be a progress on the time. yeah. no, i'm sorry. i want to bring in the stuff i, i know that your not agreeing again. i do want to also address the nuclear deal within this context because obviously that's a big issue that was not necessarily the forefront of these discussions, but very much present. so let me ask you to address what butter has said that, but also to discuss where we're at with those negotiations and, and how that might be affecting the way that, that countries in the region are actually having conversations with each other. oh,
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i was saying when they were you know, trying to exercise their hot bite actions with the home or weekend the ring in establishment these. ready lum republican here, iraq was offering of us all of these, the u. e and others are 2 joint talks to resolve conflict, all inclusive talks. and then they were shrugging off and they do still. but the, so these and their allies know pretty well that after iran is after the peak of hardship on their, the factions, the maximum pressure fail to, you know, push towards regional miss. i've talked with the united states though, iran has always distressed that he's ready to go for talk with the regional states, not with the united states. iran never agrees to discuss these issues with a country that's thousands of miles away,
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but it's always open for talks all inclusive talks with the regional states, especially those on the southern rims of the persian gulf. and now that iran is after the peak of hardship they know pretty well in re dab, if the nuclear deal is revived on their present rate, you see, and by then, then the soul of these will be marginalized, fell these and their allies will be marginalized in regional equations, they know we've pretty well and they are worried about that. so i believe the follow these should take the chance because they have used up all their options. and the nuclear deal could be revised on the new president and they would lose their power a more and more and their staff will be weekend as iran is just regaining energy and strength after all those hardship. and by the way, i know you're sure this time well what was it about. 1 missouri, the lie young,
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that's just me the height. if you got time, i'll explain what happened in that photo op. okay, i want to put that on pause there because i do want to turn to what we've seen in afghanistan over the last few days. obviously they're all major security concerns for the region, and i don't want to leave that aside in this discussion ali, let me ask you, then about the i saw thread. we've obviously seen that it remains. obviously, iraq does have a history with iso that was presumably also very high on the agenda at this meeting . do you think that there was any headway made here? and i'm going to ask you to be briefer well, of the buckets and iraq and that also in syria and re benny. mobilized the bible on regional power or international power to create
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a mess in iraq and in the region. so our tool, which has been used and can be used and will be used unfortunately, and the reason one other. so it's any of the regional or international followed and do the keys and pay as usual. so i would love very much to see these regional powers the gulf country is turkey, egypt, jordan, iranian, of course, to sit together and goodwill and good intentions to stop blaming each other for the current situation for the past and try to look for the future. what is best for these countries, for your countries, for all of us, how we can live in peace and, and, and conciliation and how we can resolve all the conflicts or conflict. henson, all of which my may say, well, at least we're having a dialogue or all 4 of us here are having
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a dialogue. and hopefully the country is that we're talking about will also continue to have a dialogue. surely that is a step in the right direction. well, thank you to all of august ali ambry, about our safe and say it myself for session, and thank you to for watching. you can see this program again any time by visiting our website that's out there a dot com. and for further discussion do goes my facebook page, that's facebook dot com, forward slash 8 inside story. well, you can also always join the conversation on twitter. handle is at a inside story for me and the stars, the pay and the whole team here. and so i for the one of the last remaining ancient forests, in se asia is a lifeline to hundreds of lumberjacks and drive. ah,
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we follow the treacherous journey as they walk through extreme condition together and transport the dangerous but precious cargo. risking at all, borneo on al jazeera america is a region of wonder, a joy tragedy and yes of violence. but it doesn't matter where you are. you'll have to be able to relate to the human condition. you're away. no country is a life and it's my job to shed light on how and why judy life you see bit are the use and there is one of you. when you're right, i do not know an individual that is followed in your life football. my name is nadia is your development manager? it is my nigel my my on are you there?
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ah, ah, unprompted and uninterrupted discussion from london broadcast santana. ah, ah ah, a rocket attack near coble airport as the us races to completed 2 lights form of canister on. ah, hello them have them here. and this is al jazeera life. and so also coming up are we can either balances the us state of louisiana because your city name is a
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rare meeting between top israel and palestine. your leaders are as a prime minister and that's.


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