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tv   [untitled]    September 2, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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in kenya, i mean the farmer and santi, what he did seem to thor, livelihood depend on, was life afraid, or just awe cut. foreign minister says he's officials are talking to the taliban and working with turkey to help reopen cobble airport as soon as possible. aah! hello, i'm emily. angry and this is al jazeera alive from joe hop. coming up in the next 30 minutes talks to and an armed rebellion against the taliban rule. as it tries to cement it's pamela and put together a government tropical storm. i'd as waves 3 northeast in us, killing at least 8 people road to submerged and the subway in new york shut down.
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and the u. s. supreme court upheld the law in texas banning most abortion banking at the strict, it's in the country. ah, britain says it has no plans to recognise the taliban government being formed in afghanistan, but is ready to engage directly with the group. foreign secretary dominic rob was speaking here in doha. after talks with his guitar, you count upon mohammed being up to rum and al. funny said he government is working with the taliban to get cobbled a, pull it back up and running. we are working very hard and also engaging with, by the bond to identify what the gaps and the risks for having the airport backup running. but we would remain hopeful that we wouldn't be able
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to operate it as soon as possible. there are concerns, so it could run out within a month, the un has warrant of a humanitarian catastrophe. with about a 3rd of the countries $38000000.00 citizens facing hunger prices of essential goods have sword. while the u. s. has frozen about $10000000000.00 in national reserves, mostly held abroad. getting a traffic moving is one of the 1st challenges facing afghanistan's new rulers, as the economy, tainted on the brink of collapse, jamal al, show all it was at the foreign ministers press conference here in iowa, and has more details on those if it's theresa operations at cobb levels the color form. so just now on the tiny confirm that a technical team from his country was deployed to i've kind of spun off the 24 hours ago. they're there to assess how to get that airport up and running. obviously, a lot of it was destroyed either by the huge amount of crowds who descended on it or intentionally by the occupying american forces as they left there. so it does
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require some sort of reconstruction or rebuilding. but the more important one is who is going to be running it was going to be man and gets into that the country. foreign minister said that his government was in talks with the turks as well as obviously to talk about the new rotors on the ground to come up with some sort of a mechanism. although that deal hadn't yet been finalized. he did indicate or point to the fact that they do expect something to be agreed within the coming days, which was corroborated to such an extent by word we're hearing from sources inside of kind of stand. who said to taliban are hoping that domestic flights will be resuming in the next few days and possibly international flights within a week or so as senior resource told me that the initial flight cutter would be helping to operate would be either humanitarian or evacuation ones that is their main focus for now? not necessarily civilian. once. the taliban is still facing resistance in the pan
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she valley. the mountain is enclave is 150 kilometers north of cargo. since the capital fell, its being the only province to hold out against the group. there's more fighting after talks between the 2 sides failed to reach an agreement. dozens of people have been killed. rob mcbride is in cobbler with the light. it's from the capital. is stand off and the clashes have been continuing. the taliban. i didn't units pretty much have a hold of this valley surrounded. they also are saying that they are putting pressure on this pockets, by pressuring various strategic points around the valley for their part, the resistance force inside the valley, say they have been putting up a fierce defense claiming to have killed and injured schools of taliban fighters. but the fighting continues and especially with the breakdown of talk now talks have been ongoing for days now trying to find some peaceful resolution of this some sort
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of way for the resistance to surrender as resistance has given way throughout. throughout afghanistan, this remains basically the only pocket of arms resistance now to the taliban. but according to the taliban, they've been holding tools with the lead on the suit, the leader of the resistance. and they say that the reason for the talk breaking down what completely irrational demands from the sued and the resistance fighters that he is leading. they say that for example, the, they have demanded that is part of any peaceful resolution a bit. the force be allowed to hold down or hold onto all of their weapons. now that isn't too outlandish, but then according to the taliban, this group is also demanded a 3rd of the representation in the taliban new government, which does seem to be a big ask. given the fact that this resistance group really is relatively small compared to the northern alliance, which was its precursor,
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the punch in the valley is the home to traditional resistance in afghanistan, it was where the northern alliance was based at 20 years ago. that with the help of the united states, sweat the taliban from power. but you got to say that this force a 2021 is much smaller force. it is nothing like as powerful as the northern alliance. so it seems inconceivable that the, how about this stage is going to give much in the way of concessions. and there is every indication that these classes will continue and could well intensify its feed hospitals in afghanistan could soon run out of basic supplies. child stratford isn't cobble at one of the busiest facilities we went to dialysis. ward have people being treated on dialysis machines. the doctor's very concerned. this in fact, is a world bank funded project. they haven't received any money for about 3 months now . that means none of the staff are being paid, they're running very low on vital equipments and medicine in that department. one
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doctor said that if the people they're being treated do not get treatment on on a regular basis. they could die within 2 weeks. they also spoke about the fact that some medicines had arrived this morning, but only enough for a week. they were delivered by the organization medicine, cell phone chair, and they were actually for the emergency. not the dialysis, not the dialysis department here, a refill scenes as well. one poor, elderly woman on a stretcher. choking on on, on her own blood in a terrible state. and the elevators don't work simple things like that. she was having to be taken up on a stretcher for stories to the war to be treated so horrific and worrying scenes there. we also went to the own college department. now this department is funded or was funded by the former government
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a similar scenario there. the budget had been signed off by the government, but they haven't seen any money yet. big concerns there that the charlie bond, we're not going to sign off on this money for whatever reason, whether it be seeing that that money could be used in, in a different sector. again, salaries hadn't been paid, and death rates, mortality rates going up all the time. anyway, certainly people dying from cancer, again because of what people hear say is the mismanagement of funds that should be put towards raising greater awareness. many of the people coming to this hospital with stage 4 cancer and in a terrible state. so the situation here certainly is this hospital, and as you say, it is the largest and that's gone, it's done is anything to go by the health between this country is hemorrhaging. and there are serious concerns of the withholding of international money could make things even worse, which had brennan is original emergency directive for the eastern mediterranean at
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the world. health organization is, is the agency needs access to the airport to bring in much needed medical supplies . we need to get the airport up and running incapable. so those commercial flights can come in. we need security on the ground. so then once those supplies do arrive, we can distribute them confidently to the clinics and hospitals that need them. we also need the borders consistently open to humanitarian assistance. there are some restrictions from the neighboring countries right now we cannot launch across a large cross border 8 operation right now because of some of the limitations of the borders. the backbone of health care across afghanistan is what's called the the basic package of health services project. and this was funded by international donors through the ministry of health. and it supports essential health services in
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over 2300 clinics and hospitals across the country. because their own laws and regulations, both donors and now no longer allowed to channel the funding through the ministry of health. and what we're looking at is the precipitous closure of up of those health facilities as of september the 5th because they are supported by non governmental organizations. and those n jose have have a written to the government saying we can't sustain services beyond september. the 5th, this would be a precipitous and calamitous closure of health care at a time when needs skyrocketing to the u. s. now, and at least 9 people have died in floods in new york and new jersey is tropical storm. either battle the north east in the united states, many drowned when they became trapped in their basements. new york mayor has declared a state of emergency same as robbie has moved. hurricane ida has been tearing
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across the united states, making its way from the gulf of mexico to the east coast, downgraded to a storm. it continued to plough through parts of pennsylvania, new york, and new jersey, leaving behind chaos and destruction. he was pretty quick when 5 minutes and then everything was decimated. so i turned off the radio and you just heard everything there like a roof. everything collapses. we all jumped under the steps. on wednesday night, new york city mayor bill diblasio ordered the city into a state of emergency extreme weather, causing record rainfall and dangerous floods. in pennsylvania, thousands of people had to leave a town where rain caused dam waters to reach dangerous levels. some residents of maryland and virginia were also forced to abandon their homes, schools, and businesses closing until further notice. the extreme weather event has also
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extended from the appalachian mountains into massachusetts and tornadoes and parts of new jersey. soft flights grounded new works, liberty international airport was also closed. even trains into the terminal were suspended. the impact from ida has been so extreme. the u. s. national weather service issued a flash flood warning in new york city for the 1st time. in the throbbing, al jazeera, still head on out to 0, the rising cost of dementia. what the world health organization is urging countries to do and passive indian administered kashmir are on lock down to the death of a senior separate us later. ah ah
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hello, we got more very heavy rain pushing into central and southern parts of japan. we got the, the may you front, the stately feature rolling in across the area where we have this little bump on that from. that's where we seeing the heaviest rain over the next couple of days. thinking down across their much south careering. q she. the central and southern parts of han shoe sofa friday, very wet day there in tokyo and other wet one really. as we go want to saturday, the consolation i can offer is it will be a tad warm temperatures around $27.00 celsius. so some warm rain kind of in here, we've got right also making its way back into where basing northern parts of china looking very just could see some localized flooding as a result of that chassis and sharp showers, to, to the far south east. usual scattering a showers across much of southeast asia. some big examples lingering across the northern parts of borneo over towards thailand. it, we'll see some very wet weather coming in here joining up with a very heavy rain that we also have pushing up towards me and mano, face,
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and parts of india also seeing some of that heavy rain western parts of india. also say some sharp showers and longest both of brian and we are still very concerned about that wet weather that we do have around good giraffe flooding. certainly lightly here over the next couple of days. and wet weather. also pushing into pakistan the on air or online be part of the debate or the people. the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the when no help take it off the table. it's a shooting atmosphere. people are demoralized, they're exhausted, and many health care workers are experiencing p, tfc like symptom. jump into this dream and julian global community. if you're online on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation as well. this stream. oh, now does era. ah
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ah hello, what changes 0. i'm emily anglin, a reminder about top stories this our britain says it has no plans to recognize the taliban government being formed in afghanistan, bodies ready to engage directly with the glory of foreign secretary dominic rob made the comments during talking with the count as gonna fans economy is close to collapse after the rapid withdrawal of us forces and the taliban takeover prices of essential would have stored while the us has frozen about 10000000000 dollars in national reserve, mostly held abroad. at least 9 people have been killed in the north east in the united states. of tropical storm either brings record rainfall and floods many
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drowned when they became trapped in their banks. since may, bill diblasio has declared a state of emergency the u. s. supreme court has narrowly rejected an emergency appeal against a new abortion law in the state of texas. the court voted $5.00 to $4.00 to allow the country's most restrictive law. busy to remain in place a band procedure from 6 weeks into pregnancy and makes no exception say ripe, or incest. and gallagher reports. on wednesday, the so called fetal heartbeat bill of texas became law making it one of the strictest abortion measures in the us. this is now the only state binding abortions after a heartbeat has been detected at around 6 weeks before many women even realize they're pregnant. texas governor greg abbott, signed the bill in may with the expectation of legal challenges they work together on a bipartisan basis to pass
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a bill that i'm about to sign that ensures that the life of every unborn child who has a heartbeat will be saved from the ravages of abortion. by midnight on tuesday, clinics across the state were turning women away, who are more than 6 weeks pregnant, were having really difficult conversations where patients are filled with anguish and worry and fear as they try to figure out what's next to them. i, men's health group say it amounts to a total ban on abortion, but the new law also empowers ordinary citizens to su, abortion providers. and those who help women get the procedure. we think that we could see lawsuit against a huge range of people including frontline workers. that health center is including counselors to provide genetic counseling to someone about their pregnancy and ultimately refer them for an abortion if that's what the patient wants. several other states mostly in the conservative south,
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have tried passing similar abortion restrictions with mixed success. pro abortion rights group say the legal push, maybe leading up to a direct challenge to the 1973 landmark roe v, the federal ruling. they gave women the right to seek an abortion state of mississippi is now directly challenging that constitutional rights. and with a more conservative leaning supreme court, it may be the biggest test in decades. we certainly have reason to fear what the supreme court will deal with this stretch challenge to row and what's happening today and going forward. and texas is deeply alarming because they may have found a blueprint for rolling back abortion access, regardless of what the supreme court decides with the jackson women's health case. access to abortions is long been a divisive and deeply political issue in the us. the momentum seems to be gathering pace to challenge the choice of women across this nation. and galico al jazeera and the body and ministration has criticize the adoption of that abortion law in
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texas. and more in this let's go to our white house correspondent, kimberly hol, can hello the kimberly with the same vision of demonstrations in texas both for and against this law. what's been the reaction from the rest of america? yeah, well the reaction has been a lot like we saw in texas. if you support abortion, then you are seeing this is a major setback and are going to vow to fight this. and those that are opposed to abortion. see this as a short term when the and are celebrating, but knowing that this is likely to be challenged again in terms of this law in texas now floor it's part the white house, joe biden put out a statement where he said that this law that has been implemented in texas and allowed to stand by the supreme court is extreme. in fact, the view of the president is that this will affect women's health care and
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disproportionately affect communities of color as well as low income communities. okay, we appreciate that update. thank you very much. kimberly holcomb what health organization says the world is failing paper with demand shot and it's calling on countries to take action in a new report, the w. i choices 55000000 people globally were affected by the disease in 2019, but that number will more than double to 100. 39000000 people by 2050 populations grow. older report also says only a quarter of countries, mostly europe have a strategy to deal with people suffering with dementia and their families. there's no treatment for the owners, and mostly women are forced to start working to care for their loved ones. the world health organization wants countries to invest in k programs and services to reduce the burden on informal caregivers. the global cost of dementia is estimated
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to be $1.00 trillion and $29.00 pain, but that could arrive to as much could rise rob issue as much as $2.00 trillion by 2013. for more on this that spring in dr. katrin see her, she's a technical officer with the brain help unit at the world health organization in geneva. thanks for joining us, dr. these are some staggering figures that i just read out. and the report talks about countries having a national strategy, what the national strategy look like. yes, 1st of all, i good afternoon. thank you very much for having me. i'm the, a national strategy is 1st and foremost, the country's response at the policy level to plan for transfer services and, and provide care for people with dementia. and the care is in the country. what we see with our national policy at that action is less coordinated and less concerted
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the. so what, and that's one of the main reasons why we're actually, i'm asking why the global actually planned for it, for dementia that was released in 2017 by o w l members. call for member states to develop such comprehensive national policies and strategies really to map out and plan and that the responses and the activities that are required at country level dr. it's an insidious disease of no treatment, but there are ways to prevent the onset or delay and what can individuals do yes, here at 1st and foremost it's, it's important to remember what's good for your heart is good for your brain. so here we're targeting risk factors that are shared with other non communicable diseases, such as being physically active to be maintaining a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy body way, not smoking,
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not drinking alcohol or reducing it to a minimum. but they're also dementia specific risk factors, for example, such as traumatic brain injury. so that's why we're asked for catering or protecting our heads by wearing helmets. whenever we write a bike or a motorcycle, there is a lot we can do all we're all about 40 percent of the mentor cases could potentially be prevented if we were to reduce the risk factors to, to a minimum. and that's why we keep calling on on countries and the general population to increase awareness about these things that we can do to protect our brains. this report also talks about how 60 percent of dementia patients are actually in low and middle income countries. why is that the case and what can we do to help?
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yeah. so while we generally see that the prevalence rate is higher in high income countries, we do see that the here and number of people with dementia are so much larger in lower and middle income countries because the population is, is bigger in these countries. and here we're particularly looking at middle income countries such as been gear and, and china. so it's mainly i to do with a population size the but we also do see that life expectancy increases significantly in lower middle income countries. so they're catching up to what's been happening or the trends that we've been seeing in high income countries for the last few decades now. and alarmingly low and middle income countries are less prepared to provide services and careful people with dementia, which means then again, that family members and close friends do need to ship in even more. so the rates
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for informal care are even higher in low and middle income country spending than in high income country. thank you so much doctor. i'm so sorry to interrupt you that we're just running short of time. we do appreciate your insights. our doctor kept her and see her. she's from the world health organization. apologies to katie shoulder. no problem. bye. as well as opposition is switching tactics after boy cutting regional and local elections for the past 4 years. after months of internal disagreement, the main coalition has a great to field candidates in november home, a latin america editor, lucy newman, has this report. would they wouldn't say that the questions that finally been answered there after a very conscious and deep analysis with decided to participate in this electoral process regional elections to choose venezuelan governors and mares a scheduled for november 20. first, the nino, physician hard,
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his boy caught in the last presidential elections in 2018 and the subsequent legislative elections in which the loss control of the national assembly. they argued the conditions for a fair, competitive and transparent election didn't exist. in fact, they say they still have no guarantees, but the change of heart is proof that they no longer believe that continuing to bet on a self proclaimed interim government led by opposition leader one why law is feasible for reading the part about you believe in. we'll continue to trading because we cannot continue leaving a fantasy. president nicholas, my ludo congratulated the opposition, but could not resist taking a jab wise all who had favored boycotting the elections again. that he has gone. i told my wife celia to get some good popcorn because i'm going to sit in my arm chair in front of the tv with my popcorn to see one white oh,
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hold on november 21st. and there i will applaud because we managed to include him in democracy again to include him in the constitution. today has good reason to celebrate. he hopes opposition, participation in the elections will ease international pressure and cope restore diplomatic recognition by many you left them. can a north american countries participating in the elections also gives you our position a chance to gain ground, especially while carrying out intensive negotiations with the government to recover the independence of venezuela's democratic institutions? why thought responded to my ludo tweeting, get serious. we all know there are no guarantees of a free and fair election. that's exactly why you are sitting at a negotiating table with those of us who are demanding a literal and political guarantees. and a time table for future elections. mother was demanding that the united states and
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great britain, we move stiff economic sanctions in exchange for progress being made in the internationally sponsored negotiations taking place in mexico city. for that to happen, the government will have to be prepared to make concessions that until now have been unthinkable to see in human houses. era security has been tightened in parts of india and administered cache me after the death of a thing as separate as later. sayed al galani was 91 years old and have been sick for months. have me mental reports say that he shall galani spent most of his life resisting new jellies. authority in indian administered kashmir, the face of the separatist movement in the region. he had been under house arrest for 12 years. after leaving several anti protests. he supported the armed struggle against indian rule and co founded the hoodie a conference which demanded kush means merger with pakistan. last year he quit
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politics. he was old men of the sea determined to reach to his gold in aspect or problems whether anyone accompanied them or not. he was an icon and did people and the most enthusiastic supporter prude him of cash. mute and re succession with bucksta condolences aboard in from both sides of the border park. his dance prime minister him ron con has announced a national day of mourning last year. his government awarded bloody the nation's highest. civilian arno, former chief minister of indian administered fish, meet mabel by most the also offered her condolences onto it. off delani died at home hours after suffering from jeff been. he was buried over night and survived by
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3 children. security was tied to the agonies home and she now go and police cordoned off all roads leading up to the area. only a few relative, the neighbors were allowed to attend. his funeral. galani was davis the figure in india, but many in his home region will remember him for his determination to an indian rule in kish made. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories this our u. k. foreign secretary is in ca tough, a talks in the latest diplomatic efforts to help bring stability to afghanistan. dominic rob says britain will have to engage with a taliban, but has no plans to recognize its government. khattab says it's working with the taliban to re up in couples. airport. we are working very hard and also engaging with by the by.


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