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tv   [untitled]    September 2, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm AST

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no matter where it takes a police fin here, guys, and power impulsion. we tell your story. we are your voice. you knew your net back out here. oh, this is al jazeera ah, you're watching and is our life from a headquarters and i'm telling you navigate. coming off of the next 60 minutes, cats are for a minister says his officials are talking to the taliban and working with turkey to help reopen cobbler ford as soon as possible. tropical storm ida sweep through the
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northeastern us killing of police. 20 people, roads are submerge on the subway. in new york is shot banning artists from tv and limiting childrens access to video games. china's sweeping campaign to tighten control over business on society, continues on the greek composer and politician misuse, so that our keys has died at the age of 96. he was a major symbol of resistance to military rule in the 1970 on devin ash with fought qualifying for cass all 2020 to continue with them on putting off a big shock to beat japan as they move close to reaching 1st wildcard me welcome to the news our britain jazz. it has no plans to recognize that taliban government being formed. and i've gone astonished, but is ready to engage directly with the group foreign secretary dominic rob was
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speaking here and they'll have to talk to katherine for a minister. mom i been up there, man. and so he said his government is working with the taliban to get couples airport back up and running. we are working very hard and also engaging with, by the bond to identify what are the gaps and that it's for having therefore to back up and running. but we would remain hopeful that we wouldn't be able to operate it as soon as possible. now there are concerns that food should run out within a month. the un has warned effect catastrophe with about a 3rd of the countries $38000000.00 citizens facing hunger prices. of essential goods of sword, while the u. s. has frozen about $10000000000.00 and national reserves and getting air traffic moving is one of the 1st challenges facing i've got to stand new rulers . a 2nd category jack carrying a technical team has now landed in couple the team is evaluating how to resume
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operations, but has not yet agreed to provide technical assistance to marcia, i was at the foreign minister as press conference in dell hall and has more details on efforts to restart operations, a travel airport, the color from us now, but on the tiny confirm that a technical team from his country was deployed to kind of start off the 24 hours ago. they're there to assess how to get that airport up and running. obviously, a lot of it was destroyed either by the huge amount of crowds who descended on it or intentionally by the occupying american forces as they left there. so it does require some sorts of reconstruction or rebuilding. but the more important one is who is going to be running it was going to be man and gets into that the country. foreign minister said that his government was in talks with the turks as well as obviously to talk about the new rotors on the ground to come up with some sorts of
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a mechanism. although that deal hadn't yet been finalized. he did indicate or point to the fact that they do expect something to be agreed within the coming days, which was corroborated to us. that's an extent by word we're hearing from sources inside of kind of son who said to taliban are hoping that domestic flights will be resuming in the next few days. and possibly international flights within a week or so as senior resource told me that the initial flight but i thought would be helping to operate would be either humanitarian or evacuation ones. that is their main focus for now. not necessarily civilian once the world health organization has worn but african hospital, it's good to run out of supplies. troll stratford has been to one of the busiest facilities in cobbled we went to a dialysis ward here. people being treated on dialysis machines. the doctor's very concerned this in fact, is a world bank funded project. they haven't received any money for about 3 months now
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. that means none of the staff are being paid. they're running very low on vital equipments and medicine in that department. one doctor said that if the people they're being treated do not get treatment on on a regular basis, they could die within 2 weeks. they also spoke about the fact that some medicines had arrived this morning, but only enough for a week. they were delivered by the organization medicine, cell phone chair, and they were actually for the emergency not the dialysis, not the dialysis department here refill scenes as well. one poor, elderly woman on a stretcher, choking on on her own blood in a terrible state and did the elevators don't work simple things like that. she was having to be taken up on a stretcher for stories to the war to be treated so horrific and worrying seems
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that we also went to the own college department. now this department is funded or was funded by the former government a similar scenario there. the budget had been signed off by the government, but they haven't seen any money yet. big concerns there that the tale bond. we're not going to sign off on this money for whatever reason, whether it be seeing that that money could be used in, in a different sector. again, salaries hadn't been paid and death rates, mortality rates going up all the time. anyway. certainly people die from cancer again because of what people say is the mismanagement of funds that should be put towards raising greater awareness. many of the people coming to this hospital with stage 4 cancer and in a terrible state. so the situation here certainly is this hospital, and as you say, it is the largest and that's gonna start is anything to go by the health. between this country is hemorrhaging. and there are serious concerns of the withholding of
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international money. could make things even worse in eastern afghanistan, people are getting used to seeing taliban on the street. 2 weeks in the city of july, all about was taken without a fight. itala bon says it's establishing a system of security and justice. but the group faces an uphill struggle to solve socio economic concerns and mistrust from people. remember the taliban from 20 years ago? it's all been job aids was given exclusive access to the city. after the u. s. withdrawal was complete. a few weeks ago, guns had to go through rigorous security to play football in the park next to the governor's house in july. about since the governor handed over control of the city to the taliban, they don't need permission. they say they continue to play in their kids without any problem. less than half an hour ago, at the same venue, not a bandito from the province were addressing people. most of those in the stadium gather before their support was the one who did the quote that you were
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very excited after 20 years. these i'm a gamer of afghan stan as well as the former government was illegitimate. now everyone is very happy and we have a peaceful i can't stand known as stopping us from saying anything on social media does all about is the prevention capital, and it's on a crucial eastern trade to fun. what does it but i thought of our leaders are content with their to we progress as the focus remains and security and routing out corruption of this piece now and then go how province everyone feels secure, which has encouraged them to continue with their business earlier that wasn't possible, and people used to close their shops before sunset was as they were afraid of being robbed and killed. but now shops are open till midnight and people are happy with them. there was no violence for the taliban to go over, but business is slower than before. the banks are closed and many people are concerned about the future. they remember the taliban from 20 years ago and there are also traded. we're concerned about the dwindling business prospect in the last
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2 weeks. despite this being a period of security and safety. sheffield luxury, a popular local suite known here. and even before the taliban came in, thousands of government employees had not received their salaries for a month and he's been struggling to attract customers. who are all happy that this piece, but little concerned about our businesses as it's hardly any activity, people are suffering, the telephone must do something, should connect with neighboring countries to improve trade. even though few women venture out is that piece and you learn about that, it's usually traffic jams and loud horns. we ask the taliban white people are scared of them. they say 60000 soldiers from this problem died. fighting them in the last 2 decades will take time for their families to believe that the color bonds are not output. revenge has deal above new rulers celebrate victory and work towards establishing the government. people pray. these fighters can also maintain
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the social and economic fabric of the cities. vibrant society from a job down to the or july about well, the taliban is still facing armed resistance in the pans. your valley. the mountain is enclave is 150 kilometers north of cobble. since the capital fell, its been the only province to hold out against the group. there has been more fighting after talks between the 2 sides fail to reach a settlement. dozens of people have been killed. rob mcbride is in trouble with the latest on the fighting. its stand off and the clashes have been continuing. the taliban and its units pretty much have a hold of this valley eye surrounded. they also are saying that they are putting pressure on the pockets, by pressuring various strategic points around the valley for their part, the resistance force inside the valley, say they have been putting up a fierce defense claiming to have killed and injured schools of taliban fighters.
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but the fighting continues and especially with the breakdown of talk, talks have been ongoing for days now and trying to find some peaceful resolution of some sort of way for the resistance to surrender as resistance that has given way throughout. throughout afghanistan, this remains basically the only pocket of arms resistance now to the taliban. but according to the taliban, they've been holding talks with the leader of the, sued the leader of the resistance. and they say that the reason for the talk breaking down, what completely irrational demands from the sued and the resistance fighters that he is leading. they say that for example, they, they have demanded that is part of any peaceful resolution of this. the force be allowed to hold down or hold onto all the weapons. now that isn't too outlandish, but then according to the taliban, this group is also demanded a 3rd of the representation in the taliban new government, which does seem to be
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a big ask as given the fact that this resistance group really is relatively small compared to the northern alliance, which was its precursor, the punch in the valley as the whole, to traditional resistance in afghanistan, it was where the northern, the lines was based at 20 years ago. that with the help of the united states, sweat the taliban from power. but you got to say that this force in 2021 is a much smaller force. it is nothing like as powerful as the northern alliance. so it seems inconceivable that the hell about this stage is going to give much in the way of concessions. and there is every indication that these classes will continue and could well intensify. all dozens of women in afghanistan, the 3rd largest city has saved your protest, demanding the taliban preserve their rights. a group gathered in front of the governor's office and her rock holding a cards and chancing slogans. taliban leaders have promised to allow women to work and attend university, but in separate classes from men. many fear gains and women's rights over 2 decades
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will be rolled back under the groups rules. plenty more had on the news hour, including this parts of india and administered kashmir on lockdown after the death of a senior structural leader. back to class. but for how long the education crisis in lebanon was leaving school on parents to fend for themselves. this couple of romantic, certainly on track a proposal at the paralympics stories coming up in sports. ah. but 1st, at least 20 people have died in floods in the u. s states of new york and new jersey as tropical storm ida batters, the ne, many drowns when they became trapped in their basements. the new york mayor has declared a state of emergency the same bus robbie has more hurricane ida has been tearing
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across the united states, making its way from the gulf of mexico to the east coast, downgraded to a storm. it continued to plough through parts of pennsylvania, new york, and new jersey, leaving behind chaos and destruction. he was pretty quick when 5 minutes and then everything was decimated. so i turned off the radio and you just heard everything there like a roof. everything collapses that we all jumped under the steps. on wednesday night, new york city mayor bill de blasio ordered the city into a state of emergency. extreme weather, causing record rainfall and dangerous floods. in pennsylvania, thousands of people had to leave a town. lorraine cause dam waters to reach dangerous levels. some residents of maryland and virginia were also forced to abandon their homes, schools,
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and businesses closing until further notice. the extreme weather event has also extended from the appalachian mountains into massachusetts and tornadoes and parts of new jersey south flights, grounded in newark liberty international airport was also closed. even trains into the terminal were suspended. the impact from ida has been so extreme. the u. s. national weather service issued a flash flood warning in new york city for the 1st time in the throbbing, odysseus. while the us president joe biden had called for unity and has promised to bring aid to those affected by the storm. my message to everyone effect it is we're all in this together. the nation is here to help. that's the message i've been making. clear to the mayor's governors, energy utility leaders in the region who my administration has been working closely with over the past few days. we know that there is much to be done in this response
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. on our part, we need to get power restored. we need to get more food fuel and water deployed. i get hourly updates and the progress from fema wellness, the knife and will be working around the clock until the critical needs of the region are fully met. and we will meet them or christmas and new life for us over in new jersey. chris, chris and talk to us a little bit more about what the president had to say. what sort of help are people getting on the ground? that's something that the president did mention as well. yes, well, present in fine and was still dealing with the after effects of hurricane ida in the south. mostly power outages and cleaning up the destruction from the winds down there. when ida hit with unexpected ferocity here in the northeast, unexpected for us today we are seeing 20 people dead as
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a result and that number could rise as the day goes on. officials here so very much taking stock and most of the death them, the damages here were due to flooding. really unusual for this to happen the way that it did. new york city issued a flash. d flood warning on wednesday evening, the 1st time it ever done such a thing. and i think it took a lot of people off guard, new york, pennsylvania, new jersey, all under a state of emergency at some time. so basically the officials here are still taking stock of the damages, but the president issuing some promises and federal assistance for local and state government and also for individuals through fema, the federal emergency management administration, saying that they'd be there. and he also called on insurance companies to help as well not to quote, hide behind the fine trench. i was talking particularly about places that were
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flooded in the south and, and technicalities about whether or not they would qualify for emergency housing or not. so he is calling on those companies to be generous, but officials from the national level to local level, i facing questions now about whether or not they were prepared or not for the given kind of damage that we're seeing behind me and all over the northeast. yeah, and christina, yeah, and any idea on the extent of the jack damages or perhaps when services will be back up and running because we know, for example, the subway in new york is shot, which is quite unprecedented. right. so it has been slowly coming back to life. parts of the subway are up and running. the rest of it is expected to be up and running before the end of the day. that was the last update by the m t a. the transportation authority here, but again, the damages will probably take months to fix and costs tens of millions of
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dollars. if not more of the last time we had a storm like this was a super storm sandy back in 2012. that was supposed to be a once in a generation event. and here it is less than 10 years later. and, and we're having similar, similarly catastrophic flooding and so many areas in the steam behind me is, has played out so many areas across the northeast. basically i've been talking to people who were out driving. one man told me that he was in a truck. he had just driven down the street and 20 minutes later he tried to return to that street. initially, the water was, you know, below the hub caps on his truck. and suddenly a gush of water came pouring down the street and it was up to his, almost up to the window of his car. and only because it was a big truck with 4 wheel drive, he was able to throw it in reverse and, and back away. but it was terrifying moments for his daughter who thought that they
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were going to drowned. and sadly, some people did. there were people who were washed away from their vehicles. there were people who were sleeping in their basement and what was broke and water came in and they weren't able to escape. so from a 2 year old child to an 86 year old woman trapped in their home, this is really unprecedented and very frightening, but very unexpected. for so many. so given the realities of climate change that people are talking about in a study, i'll just say came out yesterday from the world here, a logical association that found that extreme weather event had increased fivefold in the last 50 years. and damages from those events had increased 7 time, so the storms are getting more frequent and more expensive. and that's putting a strain on communities all over. ok, not an isolated incident anymore. so this is what we're dealing with. thank you so
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much. kristen salumi from new jersey. well, president joe biden says that he's launching and all our government effort to counter a new abortion law in the state of texas, which the u. s. supreme court's conservative majority has let stand for now. biden is calling to long, but benz abortion from 6 weeks into pregnancy. an unprecedented assault on a women's constitutional rights and gallagher reports on wednesday, the so called fetal heartbeat bill of texas became law making it one of the strictest abortion measures in the us. this is now the only state binding abortions after a heartbeat has been detected at around 6 weeks before many women even realize they're pregnant. texas governor greg abbott, signed the bill in may with the expectation of legal challenges they work together on a bipartisan basis to pass a bill that i'm about to son. that ensures that the life of every unborn child who
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has a heartbeat will be saved from the ravages of abortion. by midnight on tuesday, clinics across the state were turning women away, who are more than 6 weeks pregnant, were having really difficult conversations where patients are filled with anguish and worry and fear as they try to figure out what's next to them. i'm in health group say it amounts to a total ban on abortion, but the new law also empowers ordinary citizens to su abortion providers. and those who help women get the procedure. we think that we could see lawsuit against a huge range of people including frontline workers. that health center is including counselors to provide genetic counseling to someone about their pregnancy and ultimately refer them for an abortion if that's what the patient wants. several other states mostly in the conservative south, have tried passing similar abortion restrictions with mixed success. pro abortion
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rights group, say the legal push, maybe leading up to a direct challenge to the 1973. why mark roe v wade federal ruling. they gave women the right to seek an abortion state of mississippi is now directly challenging that constitutional rights. and with a more conservative leaning supreme court, it may be the biggest test in decades. we certainly have reason to fear what the supreme court will deal with this direct challenge to row and what's happening today and going forward. and texas is deeply alarming because they may have found a blueprint for rolling back abortion access, regardless of what the supreme court decides with the jackson tells case. access to abortions is long been a divisive and deeply political issue in the us. but momentum seems to be gathering pace to challenge the choice of women across this nation. and to galico al jazeera colin's president has declared a state of emergency along its border with bella ruth vance. after a wave of undocumented migrants mostly from ghana,
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son and iraq crossed into poland and other states in recent months, the european union has accused sellers of using migrants and what is called a hybrid war. to put pressure on the block. russia is threatening to fine. apple and google over an app created by the kremlin critic like st of only the opposition politicians. allies want to use the app to organize a vote and campaign ahead of parliamentary elections. this month of only was jailed earlier this year for a legend, parole violations. supporters on western powers have called the move politically motivated with a different looking start to be academic year in front says millions of children returned to school. current virus restrictions and students who are older than 6 as well as teachers must wear masks while indoors in primary schools. if a child test positive for the virus and their class will be closed for 7 days. president, am i run my call has urged everyone age 12 and over to get vaccinated. like so
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many people around the world. people in for lunch have struggle during the past year. basic food prices have gone off and foreign currency has become scarce. so the government is taking action to ease the burden for millions of families. you know, fernandez has more from colombo, sugar, sugar. it's everywhere, but not a green to buy. has been the complaint from consumers in sri lanka. the government says, this is one of the reasons hoarding by trade is to create an artificial price increase on wednesday, government officials rated warehouses in colombo. they said we're not registered with the consumer affairs authority and see 32000 metric tons of sugar pump on these stocks we made available to the public. we distributed through government retailers at an affordable price range like this to acquire hidden stocks. follow
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president good job. the raj boxes decision to impose a state of emergency and introduce regulations on a central food supply. under these rules authorized officers will be able to take steps to provide essential food items at concessional rates to the public by purchasing patty rice and sugar, including guaranteed prices, or based on customer value on imported goods. to prevent market irregularities, consumers have had to deal with increasing prices as a result of a weakening sheila and ruby and inflation. on thursday, many huge government retail shops to buy this and shows at cheaper rate. the local not got that it's very difficult. i usually buy 3 killers of sugar and lentils, which last me one month. but now they're only giving us one chemo at a time, and i can't stretch it. the government's decision to invoke the seat of emergency
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has had mixed reaction. queue is like this one to buy sugar milk powder, lentils, and other essential is a becoming a common site. actually like a struggle to balance consumer demand with increasingly dwindling. foreign exchange is of the government says the state of emergency will help, but others are worried. among them a nice london and opposition m p, who explained his reservations to geneva, the poly you want to entirely in the hands of the president who becomes the parliament himself in the sense that he can make regulations that override ordinary laws is only subject to the constitution saw at a good thing, those powers to himself with the history of emergency room. this country has had for a long time, immediately alarm bells ringing. and i is important to see they're not happy with
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the latest developments, but declined to comment on record as a government was to address bigger economic issues, including debt repayment, inflation, growth, and having its currency. many here, just want this central good at an affordable price. manip fernandez, just the ra colombo. coming up on the algebra news hour and just a moment. why there are last minute delton, germany over the green party candidate for chancellor. the sports there is you'll find out why this italian gopher have reason to celebrate and ro ah hello very little in the way of any right across the middle east, over the next couple days. lots of hazy sounds shy me. we have got
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a little more caught up towards the caucasus and went to where the coming into were, ga, my, see a shower or 2 into as a by john, and also into armenia. but elsewhere, as you can see, hot sunshine, pretty much sums you not warm enough, have in doha, around 44 celsius over the next couple of days. might you see one or 2 showers just creeping into the western side of yemen? we'll see some wet weather just around the southern path of the red sea and further showers. certainly a possibility to just around the open heart as pulsing their way further west was easing over towards setter western side of africa. gothic anything more heavy down pause and one or 2 showers just around the times in the air some showers to know the parts of most and be could catch a cheryl so we may see one or 2 shout to into the eastern side of madagascar, south africa jenn reset for, for the time being as we go on through the weekend, we will see some heavy rain, grassy pushing through the eastern cape. certainly, we're seeing one or 2 showers as we go through saturday. southern cape could also
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see one or 2 showers as well as he go on through the weekends and weather weather, grassy coming through here. and we'll see the rain really gathering for the east by sunday. the around the world, the powerful entities are working to manipulate and influence the controls, taking algorithms that it's being developed and designed to push the content that says quick me every click, we make the value off. what's, what end in the for the 5 last series raise in mexico. examining how the propaganda and profit shaped content. all hail the algorithm. jeviana joy africa, the largest trade and investment phase in south africa into african trades that gives you access to more than 1100 exhibitors and 10000 visitors and buyers and more than 5000 conference delegates, more than $35.00 countries,
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