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tv   [untitled]    September 2, 2021 10:00pm-10:30pm AST

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risking is sierra leo on al jazeera. oh, i enough. galveston, a taliban government takes shape and talks begin to reopen cobbles international airport. ah, hello and barbara. so are you watching al jazeera life from london also coming up? an emergency called for gamma stones, hospitals with a warning they could soon run out of medical supplies, resisting the taliban, the mountainous region north of kabul, which is refusing to give in to the armed group and the areas of the northeastern
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new west, submerged by the remains of harwick and ida, more than 20 people have been confirmed that ah hello, thank you for joining us. we begin the program in afghanistan. we're just days after the final us troops left the country. the taliban is expected to soon announce the formation of a new government. what forms that administration takes could define the way the country's new holder is engage with the world that you could. government says it has no plans to recognize the taliban government, but is ready to engage directly with the group. foreign secretary dominic rob was speaking in doha, after talks with catherine foreign minister, also on the agenda, how to reopen kabul airport. we are working very hard and also engaging with autobahn to identify what are the gaps and the risks for having
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therefore to back up and running. but we would remain hopeful that we would be able to operate it as soon as possible or getting your traffic moving is one of the 1st challenges facing afghan, astounds new rulers. catherine foreign minister says his officials are talking to the taliban and working with turkey. the help reopen cobble airport. as soon as possible, jamal shell has more from the the custody form. so just hung up on the sunny, confirm that's a technical team from his country was deployed to of kind of spun off 24 hours ago . they're there to assess how to get that airport up and running. obviously, a lot of it was destroyed either by the huge amount of crowds who descended on it or intentionally by the occupying american forces as they left there. so it does require some sort of reconstruction or rebuilding, but the more important one is who is going to be running it was going to be man and
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gets into that the country. foreign minister said that his government was in talks with the turks as well as obviously to talk about the new rotors on the ground to come up with some sorts of a mechanism. although that deal hadn't yet been finalized. he did indicate or point to the fact that they do expect something to be agreed within the coming days, which was corroborated to us. that's an extent by word we're hearing from sources inside of kind of stand who said to taliban are hoping that domestic flights will be resuming in the next few days and possibly international flights within a week or so. a senior partner resource told me that the initial flight, but i thought would be helping to operate would be either humanitarian or evacuation ones. that is their main focus for now. not necessarily civilian. once of canada stands, new government will face and economy on the brink of collapse. prices of essential goods including food and fuel,
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have sword. while the u. s. is frozen about $10000000000.00 in national reserves, mostly held abroad. nearly half of garrison's population already rely on aid. before the taliban took over afghanistan, 90 percent of the population lived in poverty and with the flow of international aid trickling to a stop. 38000000 africans are now facing food shortages. the you and says it's a stockpile of emergency food for hundreds of thousands of afghans will be exhausted by the end of this month. and with winter approaching, the un says it needs $200000000.00 to feed the most vulnerable needs. a total of $1300000000.00 for its overall 8 efforts. and the world health organization says it needs medicine for hospital food for malnourished children and supplies for coven 19 measures. for the w. h o stress that hospitals across afghan, his son could soon run out of supplies. charles stratford has been to one of the
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busiest facilities in the capitol cobble and sent us this report. we went to a dialysis ward here, people being treated on dialysis machines. the doctor's very concerned. this in fact, is a world bank funded project. they haven't received any money for about 3 months now . that means none of the staff are being paid. they're running very low on vital equipments and medicine in that department. one doctor said that if the people they're being treated do not get treatment on on a regular basis, they could die within 2 weeks. they also spoke about the fact that some medicines had arrived this morning, but only enough for a week. they were delivered by the organization medicine, cell phone chair, and they were actually for the emergency not the dialysis, not the dialysis department here, a refill scenes as well. one poor, elderly woman on a stretcher. choking on on, on her own blood in
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a terrible state. and the elevators don't work simple things like that. she was having to be taken out on a stretcher for stories to the war to be treated so horrific. and worrying seems that we also went to the own college department. now this department is funded or was funded by the form of government a similar scenario that the budget had been signed off by the government, but they haven't seen any money yet. big concerns there that the tale bond, we're not going to sign off on this money for whatever reason, whether it be seeing that that money could be used in, in a different sector. again, salaries hadn't been paid. and death rates, mortality rates going up all the time. anyway, certainly people dying from cancer, again because of what people say is the mismanagement of funds that should be put towards raising greater awareness. many of the people coming to this hospital with
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stage 4 cancer and in a terrible state. so the situation here certainly is this hospital, and as you say, it is the largest and that's going to start is anything to go by the health. between this country is hemorrhaging. and there are serious concerns of the withholding of international money could make things even worse. people in eastern afghanistan are getting used to seeing taliban guards on the streets. 2 weeks since the city of de la bud was taken without a fight. the taliban says it's establishing a system of security and justice, but the group faces an uphill struggle to solve social economic concerns. well, some of the binge of i was given exclusive access to the city after the u. s. withdraw was complete. a few weeks ago of guns had to go through rigorous security to play football in the park next to the governor's house in july. about since the governor handed over control of the city to taliban,
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they don't need permission. they say they continue to play in their kids without any problem less than half an hour ago at the same venue. not monday, this from longer, hard problems were addressing people. most of those in the stadium gathered to show their support for the taliban. mom who did that good. she we're very excited after 20 years these i'm a gamer and i've kind of started back as the former government was illegitimate. now everyone is very happy and we have a piece for life kind of stand known as stopping us from saying anything on social media. deal all about is the prevention capital. and it's on a crucial eastern trade route. that box fun. what does it, but a lot of our leaders are content with their to we progress as the focus remains on security and routing out corruption of this piece now. and how province everyone feels secure, which is encouraged them to continue with their business earlier that wasn't possible. and people used to close their shops before sunset was as they were afraid of being robbed and killed. but now shops are open till midnight and people
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are happy. there was no violence, spend the taliban to go over, but business is slower than before. banks are closed and many people are concerned about the future. they remember the taliban from 20 years ago, and there are also traded. we're concerned about the dwindling business prospect the last 2 weeks. despite this being a period of security and safety. sheffield ourselves, a popular local suite known here. and even before the taliban came in, thousands of government employees had not received their salaries for months and he's been struggling to attract customers who are all happy that this piece. but we're all concerned about our businesses as it's hardly any activity. people are suffering. the talib must do something, should connect with neighboring countries to improve trade. even though fewer women venture out is that piece and you learn about that. it's usual traffic jams and loud horns. we asked the taliban, why? people are scared of them. they say 60000 soldiers from this province of died
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fighting them in the last 2 decades will take time for their families to believe that the taliban are not out for revenge. as jill above new rulers celebrate victory and work towards establishing a government, people pray these fighters can also maintain the social and economic fabric of the cities vibrant society. some of the job of the or july about, well, lessons generation angela. but the taliban is still facing armed resistance in the punchy or valley. the mountainous enclave is 150 kilometer is north of cobble and its afghan stands most important stronghold of armed and p. taliban forces. since the capital fell, its been the only province to hold out against the group. the area also resisted taliban rule during the 900 ninety's, there's been more fighting after talks between the 2 sides failed to reach a settlement. dozens of people have been killed by a doula, but here is a lecturer the american university of galveston. he says the situation in punchier
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could lead to a civil war. this quite tricky situation and very difficult time for the country as well. because we're looking at a possible as civil war in case these negotiations fail. we have to keep in mind the demetri in capabilities and capacity are fighting as well. the resistance movement in been chair is 5 percent of the force that the fall upon have again, the tyler bond to surround them from all sides as well. we do understand that the resistance movement was front for certain countries, foreign countries that were trying to make sure there was a site enough on the fund that negotiated for a certain way of life. we've heard from masoud through his office as well that there are trying to negotiate certain liberties. but at the end of the day,
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the information that we're hearing now are moms with regards to participation at demand that the toddler, bon diem unfair. with regards to the share that is expected. so we, it's a very difficult situation. the taliban so far have shown restrained relative to how quickly they would act historically. and we're hoping a political way comes out of it. dozens of women have taken to the streets in the western city of her out to demanding the right to work and pursue education under taliban leadership. since re taking control of the country last month, taliban leaders have insisted that they will honor women's rights. but protest or say they are uncertain about the future and women should have greater participation . and if you go on in other news, at least 22 people have been reported dead in the northeastern united states. after
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the remnants of hurricane ida hit the region with record breaking rain, philadelphia it was one of the cities voice pit with flooding reported over 400 kilometers fresh from maryland to new york. the city of new york is under a state of emergency where christmas salumi is in hoboken, in new jersey, just across the hudson river from new york city. so kristen, what is the situation like where you are while many in the northeast are still in a state of shock over the intense rainfall and the damage and death and destruction that it caused overnight. as you said, at least 2 dozen people we know now have been killed as a result of the storm. aid of them in new jersey where i am more than 9 and 9, i'm sorry, in new york city. as a result of rain flooding basement,
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pouring into homes, trapping people in basement apartments, flooding the streets like you can see behind me here, seems like this. i can tell you are all over the northeast from maryland up to new york. and including here in new jersey, the rain came so hard and so fast that many were caught off guard to be fair. new york did issue a flash flood warning emergency on wednesday evening. but it is such an unusual event here. the 1st time such an alert was ever issued in new york. it really seemed to catch a lot of people, including emergency responders and officials, a bit off guard. the record was broken for rainfall in an overnight period overnight. more than 20 centimeters fell in new york central park . normally that's what new york would see for the entire month of september,
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not just in one day. and it broke a record that was set for the most rainfall in an hour record that was set literally a week ago, almost doubled the previous record. so it was a very intense storm. and really just calculating the damages in that, in the destruction. here it is, is what's been happening, it's, it's course not just loss of life, but the subway system in new york city was massively flooded. parts of it had to shut down, are still shut down as those areas attempt to drain and the damages are assessed. and likewise, this car behind me has been here for hours now. we've seen cars being towed from other areas, but there's just so much distraction and devastation that it's taking a while to get everywhere. yeah, i can well believe that. and then chris and the u. s. president spoke
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a little earlier and actually he linked the flooding that we're seeing and like you said, the record breaking rain to the wider climate change crisis. what did he say exactly? while he said this is more evidence that we have to confront the issue of climate change. you talked about not only what happened with hurricane ida, but the fires that are happening out west one the calendar fire. you know, the california areas has wildfires for as long as anyone can remember, but the gravity of them, the extent of them is just gotten so much more serious and much like the storms that we're seeing here in the eastern united states. the what's interesting is hurricane ida had already been downgraded hit in the south 3 days ago. they were still dealing with power outages and property damage is there when it made its way
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up to the northeast and did the damage that we're seeing around me now. so president biden promised that federal emergency funding would come to state and local governments and also to individuals whose homes were damaged. he called on insurance companies to not hide behind the fine print and help people as well. so and present and bite him saying that this is the evidence that he needs to push back to encourage to increase funding for climate resilience going forward. chris is salumi with the latest the from the new jersey. kristen, thank you. so the come in this half hour a near total van on abortion in texas, upheld by these the u. s. supreme court, but described by the us president as an assault on the constitutional rights of women. relying because food crisis sugar by the shed load. yet people still have
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the queue for essential supplies. ah hello, welcome. good to see you. we've had the storm clouds gather over spain dropping to rental rain both for the north and the east. i wanna take you right now just north of valencia. look at these scenes, some of these areas scooped up more than $200.00 millimeters of rain in just a few hours of the ground. incredibly saturated and just cannot hold on to any more rain. now on friday, we're still seeing conditions, right for some heavy rain toward the north, through the parent east, into the south of france. so let's go a bit further toward the north. we do have settled weather across the republic of ireland, the united kingdom, and also for a huge swath of central areas of europe. disturbed weather moves out of the baltic
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states into western russia. and we've got low temperatures as while i st. petersburg. just getting up to 11 degrees off to the mediterranean and you know, those heavy rains we had lingering around the black sea region, we start to take our foot off the pedal. so we see settled conditions on talia. $35.00 degrees that will be breezy through the boss versus wall is symbol with a high of $26.00 off to africa right now and around the gulf of guinea. we're still seen our storms light up as we head toward nigeria beneath toko. right through gone into the ivory coast. so i'll be john has a high of 25 degrees on friday. that's it for me see soon ah ah, they wanted 43000000000 pounds worth of weaponry. that was 6000000 pounds in commission. there was no hope of ending war because there's always
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a small cobble of people for really, really good finances we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function war shadow on al jazeera o. a reminder now of the top stories on al jazeera, the taliban is expected to soon announce the formation of a new government. and if counted sun in the coming days, the group is also talks with catherine to try to reopen cobble airport. as soon as possible with the help of turkey, the new government will face any common me on the brink of collapse, the un says it needs 200000000 dollars to feed the most vulnerable this winter. and
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the world health organization says in medicine and supplies for coven 19 measures. at least 22 people have been reported dead in the northeastern united states after the remnants of hurricane ida hit. the region with the record breaking range flooding has been reported over 400 kilometers of stretch from maryland to new york . the u. s. president has condemned the nation supreme court for an unprecedented a fall to all the women's rights after it narrowly rejected an emergency appeal against the new abortion. abortion law in the state of texas, the court voted 5 to 4 to allow the countries most restrictive laws remain in place . below bands abortions from 6 weeks into pregnancy and it makes no exceptions for rape or incest. joe biden says his white house will fight the decision and the gallagher reports on wednesday, the so called fetal heartbeat bill of texas became law making it one of the
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strictest abortion measures in the us. this is now the only state binding abortions after a heartbeat has been detected at around 6 weeks before many women even realize they're pregnant. texas governor greg abbott, signed the bill in may with the expectation of legal challenges they work together on a bipartisan basis to pass a bill that i'm about to son that ensures that the life of every unborn child who has a heartbeat will be saved from the ravages of abortion. by midnight on tuesday, clinics across the states were turning women away, who are more than 6 weeks pregnant, were having really difficult conversations where patients are filled with anguish and worry and fear as they try to figure out what's next for them. i'm in the health group say it amounts to a total ban on abortion, but the new law also empowers ordinary citizens to su, abortion providers. and those who help women get the procedure. we think that we
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could feel lawsuit against a huge range of people, including frontline workers. that health center is including counselors to provide genetic counseling to someone about their pregnancy and ultimately refer them for an abortion if that's what the patient wants. several other states mostly in the conservative south, have tried passing similar abortion restrictions with mixed success. pro abortion rights group, say the legal push maybe leading up to a direct challenge to the 1973 landmark roe v wade federal ruling that gave women the right to seek an abortion state of mississippi is now directly challenging that constitutional rights. and with a more conservative leaning supreme court, it may be the biggest test in decades. we certainly have reason to fear what the supreme court will deal with this stretch challenge to row and what's happening today and going forward. and texas is deeply alarming because they may have found a blueprint for rolling back abortion access,
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regardless of what the supreme court decides with the jackson women's health case. access to abortions is long been a divisive and deeply political issue in the us. but momentum seems to be gathering pace to challenge the choice of women across this nation. and to galka al jazeera like many around the world, people in sri lanka have struggled during the past year. basic food prices have gone up and foreign currency has become scarce. so the government is taking action to ease the burden for millions of families. now fernandez explains how from colombo, sugar, sugar everywhere, but not a green to buy has been the complaint from consumers in sri lanka. the government says, this is one of the reasons hoarding by trade is to create an artificial price increase on wednesday, government officials rated warehouses in colombo. they said we're not registered with the consumer affairs authority and see 32000 metric tons of sugar from
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the stock. so we made available to the public. we distributed through government retailers at an affordable price range like this to acquire hidden stocks. follow president, go to raj boxes decision to impose a state of emergency and introduce regulations on a central food supplies. under these rules authorized officers will be able to take steps to provide essential food items at concession rates to the public by purchasing patty rice and sugar, including guaranteed prices or based on customer value on important good to prevent market irregularities. consumers have had to deal with increasing prices as a result of a weakening, lank and ruby and inflation. on thursday, many q did government retail shops to buy this and shows at cheaper rate. in again, a local not got that. it's very difficult. i usually buy 3 killers of sugar and
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lentils, which last me one month. but now they only given us one killer. what a time, and i can't stretch it. the government's decision to invoke the seat of emergency has had mixed reaction. q is like this one to buy sugar milk, powder lentils, and other essential becoming a common site. actually, lanka, struggles to balance consumer demand with increasingly dwindling. foreign exchange is of the government says the state of emergency will help, but others are worried. among them amazed london and opposition m p, who explained his reservations to geneva the poly. you weren't entirely in the hands of the president who becomes parliament himself in the sense that he can make regulations that override ordinary laws. his only subject to the constitution saw at a good thing,
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those powers to himself with the history of emergency room. this country has had for a long time, immediately alarm bells ringing in i is important to see they're not happy with the latest developments, but declined to comment on record as a government works to address bigger economic issues, including debt repayment, inflation, growth, and have been its currency many here just want their central goods at an affordable price. manip fernandez, jazeera colombo, the communications watchdog and russia is threatening to fine apple and google unless they remove a nap created by a position leader alexis found the from their stores. they found these allies hoping to use the app to organize the tactical voting campaign in this month, parliamentary elections. it's the latest in a series of crackdowns, the prominent criminal critic who was controversially jailed in february for
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violating pearl conditions. security has been tightened in parts of indian administered kashmir after the death of the senior separatist leader siad alisha. gilani was 91 years old and had been sick for several months privately. midtown that looks back on his life to say that he shall galani spent most of his life resisting new jellies. authority in indian administered kashmir, the face of the separatist movement in the region. he had been under house arrest for 12 years after leading several anti in the protests. he supported the struggle against indian rule and co founded the hoody a conference which demanded fish means merger with pakistan. last year he quit politics. he was old men of the sea dictated when to reach to his gold in aspect thorpe problems, whether anyone accompanied them or not. he was,
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and i go and did the walk and the most enthusiastic supporter of pluto cash mute, andrew succession. the bucksta condolences are boarding from both sides of the border park. his dance prime minister him ron con, has announced a national day of mourning. last year. his government awarded villani the nation's highest. civilian arno, former chief minister of indian, administered fish, made maebelle by most the also offered her condolences onto it. off delani died at home, hours after suffering from just been. he was buried over night and survived by 3 children. security was tied to the agonies home in chicago and police cordoned off all roads leading up to the area. only a few relative, the neighbors were allowed to attend. his funeral. delani was
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a division figure in india, but many in his home region will remember him. for his determination to an indian rule in cash made, if you'll find much more on our website at the address, you can see it on your screen right now. i'll just 0 dot com. ah. and now reminder of the top stories on al jazeera, the taliban is expected to announce the formation of a new government in afghanistan in the coming days that you can government says there is no plans to recognize the taliban administration, but is ready to engage directly with the group, the taliban is also focused on reopening the cobble air.


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