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man, nutrition and the worrying image that you see a children who are, who are very thin, who are underweight, and the projection that half a 1000000 children may be severely underweight by next april. 8th also of great concern, if we don't get into shifts food into their stomachs, you know, what movie day forgive me for interrupting. i mean, we mentioned the sort of inequity of climate change. we're madagascar itself, of course, only amidst the small percentage of the world's carbon dioxide emissions. but what else can the world food program do? i mean, obviously, you know, more donations and help for people there. but on the practical, immediate level on the ground, what is it that you can and are doing? absolutely. so water management is critical working closely with the government on water irrigation. making sure that water the priority in the south so that we can also plant crops that a drought resistant, have seeds that don't just depend on,
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on water and rain as much as the current crops, which is weiss in may. so, planting cassava, planting sorghum, looking at sweet potatoes. so it's really important that we look at long term solutions. now reforestation, as well as just really helping to rebuild the community resilience in terms of you know, just just seeing what we can do to prevent you know, this disaster spiraling into, into greater numbers of people who will, who will food insecure and who are facing severe hunger, it is a story that we are hoping to follow here, and i'll just here and again, hoping to speak to you again soon, just to see how things are developing for the moment. shirley factory from the united nations was food program. speaking to us from johannesburg, madam, thank you. but poor still to come on this new hour,
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including the green party candidate hoping to make waves in germany's election, but could a lack of experience derail her campaign. and england stumble against india and the 4th cricket passed the action coming up and forth. ah hello, welcome, good to see you. we've had the storm clouds gather over spain dropping to wrench rain both for the north and the east. i want to take you right now, just north of valencia. look at these scenes. some of these areas scooped up more than $200.00 millimeters of rain in just a few hours of the ground. incredibly saturated and just cannot hold on to any more rain. now on friday, we're still seeing conditions, right for some heavy rain toward the north, through the parent east, into the south of france. so let's go a bit further toward the north. we do have settled weather across the republic of
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ireland, the united kingdom, and also for a huge swath of central areas of europe. disturbed weather moves out of the baltic states into western russia, and we've got low temperatures in wall st. petersburg just getting up to 11 degrees off to the mediterranean, and you know, those heavy rains we had lingering around the black sea region, we start to take our foot off the pedal. so we see settled conditions on talia. $35.00 degrees that will be breezy through the boss for us is wall is symbol with a high of $26.00 of africa right now and around the gulf of guinea. we're still seen our storms light up as we head toward nigeria beneath. so go right through gonna into the ivory coast. so i'll be john has a high of 25 degrees on friday. that's it for me. see soon the eye witness accounts a historical event from arab israeli conflict and finite witness?
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dissident 1st hand from beginning to end. to espionage and the occupied west bank, the jordan government stock destroyed the device from a fight for independence in egypt to an infamous hollywood production. and to out there, a world his personal stories from those who with my own private history on out there are. ready too often of cornerstone as portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film, archives planning for decades, review the forgotten truth of the country's modern history. the forbidden real coming soon on the jessie. ah
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ah ah, i hello, here's a reminder of the top stories on just 0. the taliban is expected to announce the formation of a new government. and if it's done in the coming days, the group is often talks with cat out to try to reopen, cobble air force as soon as possible with the help of turkey. the new government will face an economy on the brink of collapse the you and says it needs $200000000.00 to feed the most vulnerable this winter. and the world health organization says it needs medicine and supplies for cove at 900 people in eastern afghanistan are getting used to seeing taliban guards on the streets. 2 weeks since the safety of july bad was taken without a fight. the taliban says it's establishing a system of security and justice,
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but the group faces an uphill struggle to solve social economic concerns. well, some have been divided will give an exclusive access to the city. after the u. s. withdraw was complete. a few weeks ago, guns had to go through regular security to play football in the park next to the governor's house in july above. since the governor handed over control of the city to the taliban, they don't need permission. they say they continue to play their kids without any problem less than half an hour ago. at the same venue. none of anita is from linger har province were addressing people, most of those in the city and got their, their support for the taliban. one who did the quote that we're very excited after 20 years these i'm a gamer of afghan stan as well as the former government is illegitimate. now everyone is very happy and we have a peaceful life can stand known as stopping us from saying anything on social media . deal all about is the prevention capital. and it's on
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a crucial eastern trade route. the packet son was thought of and leaders are content with their to we progress as the focus remains on security and routing out corruption of this piece now. and how province everyone feels secure, which has encouraged them to continue with their business earlier. that wasn't possible. and people used to close their shops before sunset was as they were afraid of being robbed and killed. but now shops are open till midnight and people are happy with them. there was no violence when the taliban to go over, but business is slower than before. the banks are closed and many people are concerned about the future. they remember the taliban from 20 years ago, and there are also faded, were concerned about the dwindling business prospect in the last 2 weeks. despite this being a period of security and safety. sheffield ourselves, a popular local suite known here. and even before the taliban came in, thousands of government employees had not received their salaries for months and
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he's been struggling to attract customers who are all happy that this piece. but we're concerned about our businesses, as it's hardly any activity, people are suffering. the telephone must do something, should connect with neighboring countries to improve trade. even though fewer women venture out is that if peace in july above the usual traffic jams and loud horns, we asked the taliban, why people are scared of them. they say 60000 soldiers from this province of died fighting them in the last 2 decades will take time for their families to believe that the parlor bonds are not out for revenge, has still above new rulers celebrate victory and work towards establishing a government. people pray these finances can also maintain the social and economic fabric of the cities vibrant society from a job down to the or july about where we can speak now to ha santa bass, professor of international relations at the national defense university in washington dc. he joins us by via skype from washington,
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d. c. sir. thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera. it seems to be a bit of a waiting game right now and parts of ghana standing outside just to see exactly what shape this taliban government will take. what do you think are the considerations going through the caliber leadership? as they, as they say in the next few days, will announce the new government. thank you very much for the opportunity. i think the biggest challenge at this time is about taliban completion. as an insurgent group, it was easy to have so many different fractions and groups, and they could live with those internal, logical divisions as well. because the main purpose was target the government. now it is different. they have to satisfy the her connie group. they have to satisfy some of their groups and from all possible fund spun, they have to satisfy some of the regional beckers and they have to satisfy the old guard and the young players. so to come up with
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a government which presents all factions and shades of taliban, i think is the biggest challenge. apparently they're spending some time thinking about these issues. i mean, you mentioned a lot of internal african players that they need to satisfy. what about the international community? because we've been seeing just out, di, or the economic situation isn't how much worse it could get in the next few weeks. so when a lot of western nations say that they would like to see an inclusive government, do you think the 3 listings and what do you think that means for the taliban? the international expectations are important for tyler bond for the reason that they know they cannot run the country without money. and for this country, if about 30 to 40000000 people, we know that 70 percent to 80 percent of their finances were provided by the international supporters united states to europe, other countries. now that money is gone almost. so they will have the issue of
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getting cash, which we are hitting. people cannot go to banks and take out money beyond a small amount of days, a $100.00 crisis, unfortunately, coming their way. so for, for taliban to develop their credentials or perhaps some credibility with the international community is extremely important for them to be able to run their banks and run the country the way other countries around. so that's why it be, are appearing to be a kind of founding is moderate, at least they are trying to give the impression we've on tend to look at them. and we want women to come back to their jobs on the proof of the putting it in the eating. we'll see next few weeks. what is happening? we are seeing so hot, international journalists there be women, there be head cover, but we are allowed to on the television screen. that's a positive trend. let's see how they play out, because the best available is based on the economic support from the,
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from of globally. i guess what they need right now, what they might show is some kind of pragmatism. so perhaps not necessarily a change in the ology, but i guess making some changes that they know will win them some kind of western support. but as you mentioned earlier, that risks them losing their base people that then could actually go in support groups, for example, like i saw k or other groups in afghanistan. and i mean that's a real balancing act. it's going to have to do that is so true that is the biggest challenge. what will they say to their foot soldier school for the last 25 years. they were giving them a very dogmatic version of comic log. a very kind of shot vision view and, and that's now they're all inspired. those are the groups which are quite magic. they get the young fighters who are conducting suicide attacks and other kind of reactions civilians. now, just to be told on one day, and i'll be waiting
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a different hat and be more pragmatic and realistic. it's not going to work these things, but time 6, dig generally should change at generational change. still, we are hoping if we have enough moderate forces for the lack of any, any other words, let's say pragmatic leaders who the group, for example, seems to be quite reasonable in certain areas, at least if they are at the head of affairs. and they are the ones calling the shots and they're saying we are inclusive and they're think the basic things about women's rights and children and schools. then they will, they will be able to make a case to their own, caters as well, the extremist look. this time we can't afford what we did last time because they must be learning lessons also from what went wrong on didn't they don't difficult forgive me for interrupting. but you personally, i mean, we use these words moderate or pragmatic, whatever we want to use, what things would you be looking for that would convince you with your experience, of course, of the region that perhaps we are seeing a taliban that can negotiate,
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but can function as somehow with the international community and yet keep the stability in the country which is vital. i'm. i'm a barometer you for 3 things. it's a great question. i think 1st and foremost, how are they dealing with the minorities and with women's and we're seeing some signs which tell us the thing that changing points since they were just the requisitions which, ok, which is committed by mostly she has but almost limbs. those are the she has a b, c attack we had seen america has out of this fine, few days ago. galvan provided even security for that. good. so far so good about women. will women be allowed to come back to their jobs in schools and hospitals and other places in banks? this will be the 2nd sign. the term will be how be deal with the regional business, inclusive mess in the farmers, and also means how the deal, the big projects are whether those are part of the government out of one leaning
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too much on one site in the regional battles. these will be the 3 or 4 signs, and then do they have the expertise a bit of crowd, civil servants who are, who either they have left or those who are trying to leave. the taliban government will have to give them some level of trust for them to know that it a spectrum of support or not support for the balance. they as profession and bureaucrats will be allowed to run the government institutions. these would be the important signs to watch in coming weeks. i sent a bass professor of international relations at the national defense university in washington dc ser, thank you so much for your time and for your views. thank you so much. now the voters in germany had to the poles this month to choose a successor, a chancellor angler merkel and for some green party candidate. and the lena bear bulk is the face of the future. but hard questions and now being asked about her ability to lead the country as dominic came reports on
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a late summer day and puts them honestly in a book is on the campaign trail focused on trying to win the general election and to become germany. second, female chancellor, above all, proclaiming what the green parties priorities would be in power. because that's worse than what it was for ice because they have the biggest challenge for us as a society is the climate change crisis. we can't just talk about it and expect it to somehow go away. you know, this crisis is happening right now and we have to do everything we can to get out of it. but to do that, it's not her ardent supporters. she has to persuade. it said it's the 10s of millions of voters across the country who've never before voted green, some of whom worry about the cost of doing so. based on 2 months ago, this policy briefly, the opinion polls now is languishing in 3rd place on the way behind the front runner lead candidate is facing increasing questions about her suitability hi,
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often a scandal over plagiarism. in a recent book, she wrote cost her support in early summer, she admitted making errors in drafting it one issue. the greens have perhaps surprisingly not campaigned intensively on is the flash flooding which killed hundreds of people in western europe this summer. although some scientists suggested these were linked to climate change, the greens have not prioritized it particularly. and so far, at least it does not appear to have affected the poll ratings. one analyst says what has affected their ratings is the concern. some people have of a bell box, lack of ministerial experience. she has never been in any government she, she was in the parliament for a long time. that's true, but she has never any executive, experian, her co chair. well, but how back he was a minister in one of the federal states. he knows actually how it works and the
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government. so why haven't they choose chosen him? so maybe not a bad choice, but it is a question of a choice amongst the greens kinds of people profiting from that question of the social democrats long considered to be a dwindling electoral force. now, there man for the chancellor's ship, current finance minister, olaf shots has propelled his party into the 1st place in some polls. such leads now may not translate into success on election day, but if they are a guide, then it's clear. the green party has much to do. who wants to win? dominant, came out his era, pottstown, greece has lost one of its leading classical music figures. composer make use us so the rockies died on thursday in a career spanning decades. he was known for political resistance early on, and grew to personify the modern face of greek music. so the rockies also compose
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the sound track for the globally, a claim fills, zoar by the greek zed, and circle re challenge. looks back at his life. come on my boy, me its pluck strings and its dance me instantly recognizable and instantly se greece scott meek. if they're the rocket, didn't just sound tracks or but the greek, the movie, found tracked his country to the world and with its countless greek holidays and to the meals. ah. but this musical achievement was just one chapter in theatre offices near century and long life, life entirely, intertwined with greece. his turbulence,
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post world war to history always are believed with 2 sounds. one political, one musical. he told the new york times in 1970. that was during the already veteran communist. he is in french exile after the greek military tune to jailed and tortured him. it was the 3rd time he'd been imprisoned by right wing rulers of grief. when just failed in 1974, he returns to a hero's welcome and immediately threw himself back into domestic left wing politics. as greece returned to democracy becoming a communist party, m p. we have won again. we've proved that we are stronger. they have the tanks, but we have the ideals and the songs for theater, rocket art and politics were inseparable. if art expresses the feelings of the people properly than inevitably, it is political, he said, and his music is inseparable from grief. during the 1960,
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more than half the music produced by the greek recording industry, the theater rocket sung in the late eighty's, he fell out of love with left him and became a conservative politicians. but he re found his socialist voice and enter. the 10 began using it against dos therapy is the e. u and i m f failed out. greece is collapsing, economy cooper from this point on. it's a heavy word. treason, and i'm going inside to tell them myself. you fiercely criticize alexis suppresses government for it, hearing to the bad out terms, am for its deal with macedonia of the use of the dispute. the geographical name, the have of the rebel, and ever striving to voice the views and the music of his country. ah ok. time for the sport. no, he was jim. thank you barbara. england footballers have been targeted by racist
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abuse during the world cup qualifying when a hungry the place of food as they took the knee before kick off and subjected to monkey chance various points that during the match the abuse was largely direct to the right sterling. he called england 1st goal after which he had several drinks cups thrown at him by some sections of the hungry fans as he celebrated selling that provider. as he sat up captain hurricane, who made it to no hurry. mcguire grabbed england's said for that time, rice made it for no. later on the side, england lost 2 in the european championship. finally, italy held to a one drove by bo guerria, federico. he put the italians ahead, after 911 equalized football guerria. the droll means italy much explains reco run of $35.00 matches on just the 7 goals between a stain in belgium, the ts k. to put a stony one there last few minutes and want to call it was about him. hit back
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a chelsea's room call. you getting to if that goes, he's now scolding 10 of his countries last and the world cup, qualifying games. well, it's number one right side. go to 5th, 3, thomas. ok. they want it convincingly. 5 safe. explain it just for a minute to take the lead again. sweeten caught up with the goal, but just a minute later, alexander isa equalized with a right strike suite and then made it to one. in the 2nd half a 3 victor clawson the when a see some go above spain in the 1st place in that grade on the fly when his 1st match in charge of germany team ivana inside a headache and solutions dawn just before half time before leave i saw i made it to now, which is how it finished. and the qualifiers in africa, algeria thrashed g t 8 nil is. i'm sitting on extra money with 4 of the goals for k, fast, the fast food to know when is over. and he's in the other great group, a game now now between kenya and uganda, and to try to between the movie and congress will be for them to nail the
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democratic republic of congo drew one with tens of there and medic, africa last one though, it's been a big upsets in the asian qualified with japan, losing a home to him on the winning goal was scored by you some i'll stop. he was just 2 minutes to go. it's japan's 1st defeats in 9 qualifying games. the great start to the campaign and who were trying to make it to their 1st world cups. japan lost the fees for the other heavy weights in that group, australia they secured a reno victory over china. the, all these have played that how much in chest, because of that carpet restrictions south korea who aiming for a 10 successive appearance of the biggest meant how to, to goal is to iraq. the j so should have on his side in front the blaze to show the off and just both sides. then having to settle for a point, retiring probably one drive, it can be reichen and it says he has no complaints about his 20 year career in the
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sport. the 2007, while champion will finish at the end of the season after reco to $341.00 re stuff a good run hopper chair. you want to win the southern asia the way and i wanted to win a championship. i got close quite a few times and managed to when it was for iris, so happy that it happened, specially with them on nothing. i wouldn't change the single thing an incredible talent. so seeing that 1st hand as a key made for some use was impressed just the, the amount of speed he has right from the get go and the ability to get used to different conditions, different cars. so yeah, definitely. and his place and had obviously a long and great career before i got to phone one being a huge fan of kimmy and,
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and i pay to compete against others being kim, his car. you know, so to then, to this crazy experience of racing against him, losing a championship to him and, and then seeing great lots of lots of great battles. so he will be missing. the usa and tennis play was delayed on day fall because of new york's wet weather, but it brightened off and women's lot number one actually bought. he made them most of the better conditions to put in champaign, a to strong 18 year old car house and from denmark. they will be moving into the 3rd round with a straight that victory to crickets and india have fought back late on day one of the 4th tests against england. india boat out for $191.00 with captain kailey adding 50 shuttle tucker, going with $57.00 creek lakes, taking for wicket and reply in the last 3 before the claim of play, including cats in a run for the series of jo. route site, $53.00 for 3 of them. trailing 100. 38 runs to golf now at the italian open,
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enroll my daughter. marinara gave the home fans or something to cheer about that. the par, 3 7th is t shot from 200. 13 yards i went in for hall in one, not only 5 about the leaderboard, dual site, one in that car. you can see just behind him id celebrate there in the background. kinda sounds a 1st few, palin p and i got the chance to compete for the games and take care who to daddy is ticonda fifa. who arrived in japan several days late after fleeing cobble for paris . during this time on paper, she lost both f fights on thursday, but still made history. nevertheless, that is your sport, barbara, gemma, thank you so much for that. and that is it for this news? i will do stay with a phone. going to be back in just a few minutes with more of the things. thanks for watching. the news
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. me. me. ah. ah, the latest news, as it breaks the storms spared the worst for a long island, which fear to direct it, but it's still whipped up high winds and high wave with detailed coverage of government. consider to still rent pieces and all the children. not only put them from around the world. hundreds of children have been born to women abused by fighters. in addition to social pressure, you can only carry their religion if both parents are around the world with
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powerful entities are working to manipulate and influence the controls. taking algorithms that are being developed and designed to push the content that says click me every click we make is value them so often what, what end in the 3rd of a 5 last series raise in mexico. examining how the propaganda and prop shape content. all hail the algorithm. jeviana a diverse range of stories from across the globe, from the perspective of a network john and analogy era. up to more than a decade of civil war life remains a challenge and see early we follow the citizens of this war to nation because they pushed the limits for supply
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risking. it'll be earlier on al jazeera the news in afghanistan, the taliban government takes shape and talks begin to reopen cobbles international airport. ah, hello barbara, are you watching? al jazeera life from london also coming up the claims of bribery and brutality. african interpreters say that they were blocked from leaving cobble by special units funded by the us government areas of the northeastern us submerged by the remains of hurricane either more than 20 people.


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