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tv   [untitled]    September 4, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm AST

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sections the both shape it's feature. but how will unemployment struggling health care system and a new election law? i think the focus on september, the special coverage of the morocco parliamentary elections are now just sarah. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, this is a news our on al jazeera, fully by people live in bill coming up in the next 60 minutes, campbell was reopened. the 1st commercial flight takes all factor repairs are made to the runway and communication systems. not backing down more protest in thailand against the government, even as a prime minister when a vote of confidence in parliament. also this,
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our documents related to the september 11th attacks could soon be made public. after the u. s. president orders files be declassified and lining up for whatever they can afford. 80 percent of lebanon population is now living in comedy. i'm joining go with the sport defending champion. they are me soccer is knocked out to the us open and says she'll take a break from the game and i've got some problem pins. hello to 0. they won't return to their home country, but still hope to complete the paris game in 2024. ah, thank you for joining us cobbles. international airport is up and running. a civilian commercial flight has taken off from the afghan capital for the 1st time since it fell to taliban forces last month. these are exclusive pictures of the plane, leaving it a domestic service. by for the northern city of my
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e. sharif. its departure follows repairs to the runway and radar, with the help of technical teams from kata and turkey. as bringing charles stratford, who is ly forest in cabal, charlie, an important day today for cobbled airport, even if it's not fully operational yet. that's right, a very significant day in terms of afghanistan's hopes, but being able to have access to vast amounts of desperately needed humanitarian aid and being able to freely move around this country potentially around the world as well. we understand that there has been a 2nd commercial flight taken up since that not one tomato serif earlier, another commercial flight. having taken off for hey, right. we have seen an incredible effort put in by technical staff, especially from cuts. we believe turkey also in recent days trying to put in as much repairing of various of the runway of various bits of technology really and
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storing things like radar and so on. very mines is that according to the un, around half these countries population, that's around 20000000 people are in desperate need of urgent humanitarian aid. so the opening up the sample though it is just at the beginnings is a huge importance. and only today we had a customer on the bus today who was down on the tarmac. he was speaking to the media. let's have a listen to what he had to say. but even when he was soon, we will achieve everything. and we are doing an assessment of the progress so far, also assessing that damage that was done by the masses of people who had come to the airport. hopefully in a short period of time, we will be able to achieve everything. we have been able technically to put the airport and operation and you can see this aircraft just landed and more with come tomorrow and the after to morrow. the deputy board diplomatic
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moves also happened today in cargo the head of poppy sounds aspire agency. the i s i 5 meet as come in to cobble, we believe talks. certainly we understand possibly with the, with the countries and our partners, not a huge importance. obviously, a large navy sharing a border around 2500 kilometers. where the stand, the focus of the attention will be on pocket on security. and rick, the g concerns focused on already plays host to around 3000000 african refugees and previous conflicts and war. although the west is accused focused on accused elements within the focused on military and intelligence in the past of actually helping to fund the taliban, which of course the focused on he's accused, he denied there is no denying that pakistan does have influence over the taliban. and he's very keen,
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obviously to see stability here because of the potential ramifications across the border focused on is also potentially being seen as a lynch pain between the west and that's all it. so yeah, diplomatic movements on that front as well. but some positive news today out of cobble from the airport. thank you for that. chinese stratford ly, for is there incredible? well, it's now between the ation specialist alex, my cherice, who joins is via skype. here in doha, alex, very good to have you on the show. so as charlie said, they're an important day talk us through the kind of work that went into getting coupled airport up and running again. the airport, i understand was a terrible state, a lot of damage. sure. the runway, basic infrastructure destroyed. what are some of the equipment and technical systems that were needed to get to get it up and running again where it's still very early days folly. and that's because that's kind of stone as a country right now is still without traffic control provisions. the flights
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mentioned by your reports on the ground currently being told that they can only be domestic flights. and so they all african airlines. and so they are only able to operate in the daylight hours and that is because right now this is still an apple, that is pretty much totally off limits not just to the rest of the world, but it's still not yet fit for any kind of significant return of commercial service that i've kind of sound had just a month ago, but in terms of the technical things that are on the ground, now, we know that cutoff in collaboration with turkey, leading the efforts to ensure the basics, the fact that the runway and the stuff up the wrong way, secure and intact because there was a lot of damage that was reported off to the dramatic event from the 15th and 16th of august. in addition to that, we know that they are working to try to secure an element of air traffic control provisions that primarily for aircraft. and that require little to no assistance in arriving really to deliver aid. they are relying on that aid as you explained. and
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so having these military across to be able to come in, is that priority? thought i was going to ask you about the priorities. now, as you said, the board is not fully operational. what is the, the top priority right now? because every one of course wants to get 8 into have gone, is done what needs to happen at the airport for that to be possible. well, that needs to be some kind of establishment of security that fast. and we know that katara say that they are in talks with the taliban to try to convince them that they must accept a foreign security presence if this airport is going to welcome back. any kind of commercial airline, jet beat, passenger, or cargo? i'm shake mohammed up the roof man. the foreign minister katasha told media yesterday that he was convinced that the band ideation security is a little more than just securing the perimeter. well, the apple side itself, we need to have the international community assured that there are people qualified individuals on the ground able to supply traffic control provisions,
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able to guarantee the safety of these at croft. and i think we are still a way off of that at the moment. right now we will have only these that cross that are able to let me use the environment in an uncontrolled manner, but it's not sustainable for the long term. and that's why these efforts are underway, so to maybe establish something and it's more sustainable and have the technical support. and how long alex, do you think until we see international flights operate again from the airport. they might be a political element involved in that very much for sure. so what we know at the moment is that if countries like katara and turkey with our nato allies are able to secure the apple side in a manner that gives the surance to the rest of the world in tons of security and safety for airliners. then that message will be spread among the ideation community, but to be very honest fully, it's going to take a lot of convincing and reassurance to have a foreign airline fly, not just over afghanistan, because over flight is off limits. now we're to,
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but to afghanistan, we're talking about across that are insured by 3rd party companies and leasing companies that will say, no airline. you are not able to take that that cross day because we can't guarantee that it will get out in the state that we required and so on. there are so many complications and how to try to become the provisions of fuel. for example, would be that cross be able to be refueled on the ground or not engineers on the ground. you know, the worry about the brain drain and the fact that a lot of skilled costs now have gone down. what does that mean for situations unfolding with across that are going tech, for example? so all of these, how do we have to be cleared? and it's going to take a lot, not just to get across to fly over afghanistan, a very key over flight region. but to have them operate to and from the country. thank you so much for talking to us. alex, thank you for your insights. always good to having to show alex my chair is joining us down from meanwhile, more fighting has taken place in the last pocket of resistance against the taliban
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in afghanistan, span sheer valley with both sides, claiming advances. the national resistance fund is made up of militia and former gun security force members. and is the last group to hold out against taliban rule? for the taliban says the whole country is now under its control and verified report that taliban had taken fun. she is fond, celebratory gunfire cross campbell on friday night, but falling bullets left several people dead and dozens injured. b u. s. secretary of state on to me, blink and says he will travel to contain germany to visit diplomat central says when as afghan evacuated, afghans evacuated from campbell, he says a taliban must honor its commitments. if it wants really from sanctions, we have worked intensely across the international community to set a very clear, international expectation of what the world is looking for from the taliban when it comes to freedom of travel. now enshrined in among other things that you want
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security council resolution that by the way is significant a number of ways one of which is that as you know the taliban among other things is seeking sanctions relief un sanctions. it is seeking the ability for its leaders to travel freely which again under you want sanctions they currently cannot do absent an exemption. and if taliban like government is in violation of this latest security council resolution on freedom of travel, it will be pretty hard to see how they would get, for example, that kind of relief. while rushes president vitamin protein has criticized america's lengthy involvement in afghanistan, saying it's 20 years of war achieved nothing. earlier i spoke to andre quote and all was director general of the russian international affairs council. he says moscow is concerned about keeping stability in the region. i don't think that russia has either capacity or intention to feel the vacuum left by the united
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states and the allies are rational goals and i'm going to stand are much more limited. i think russia is concerned above all are about potential spill or impact or for go. ready in, you know, again, it's done on central ation partners and allies, that she's concerned about potential flows of refugees and for my guns, but also about potential activities of some terrorist cells on the territory of getting astound that might land operations. a subversive operations. centralised attack in central asia and the dash of roper. finally osh, it's very concerned about the rock traffic comments from again, stand to saddle, asia, and to russia, and definitely would appreciate any effort that the new leadership gets done can make the car tail of these dark traffic and future. the biggest very that taliban
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will tolerate. i'll tie the sales or maybe even the ice is sales on its territory. and these cells will conduct a terrorist action into russia or will try to infiltrate gosh neighbors in central asia. i think this is something that they are concerned more than about anything else and that's why they now have quite sizable. busy military exercises together with us, becca, stunned and tragic is done to defend the southern borders of g cust on against possible infiltration or even innovation. a women's protest in afghanistan, capital hester, and violent after the taliban prevented them from marching to the presidential palace. the they're calling for the gun taliban leadership to protect women's rights for a 2nd day in
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a row. for the taliban reportedly fire gas to disperse the crowd. a taliban official recently promised they would be a place for women in afghanistan, government but not in the cabinet. now, many women, the fear returned to battalion, seen when the group last held power 20 years ago. but taliban officials say they are different and women are only afraid because of propaganda. algiers was, how am i been? java got exclusive access to the city of joanna bad and spoke to afghan women. there is my country to 22 year old. which con is a medical student, she works part time to support her family. because her father, who is an engineer, has been out of work for a long time. she says the images of off guns clinging to plains, frankly, the country was painful for her to watch. she emphasizes with their fear, but once up guns to serve their country, regardless of who runs it. because it met no sentiment.
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institute is what are you going to stay in the summer williams? is there because the doctor who i should so is my country in purpose, my best hopes in to the country. so it says there be no problems for her. and her elder sister to go to school. the taliban has said, schools will be segregated for boys and girls. this is one of the few private schools in gyla, but since linda har, province's 900 education institutions are still closed. and to september, the 15th. nearly a 1000000 students and almost 16000 teachers are at home. but the servants were not paid for months before the taliban to go over. among them 2300 female teachers. many who are very of working under taliban rule had been under har, regional hospital patients and female staff said there has been no disruption. segregation of sexes which the taliban has announced is already in place here. that
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is, what is all of this is again, even before the game. yes. yes. you want us would like because in my car, the contrary is all that he was in bed with his job, but not everyone is convinced the thought about has changed. dr. being it remembers that donavon government, which according to her was that islamic, nor pious north, but it love to go home because in 2 weeks we haven't seen anything bad. but i can tell you that they don't have people of high caliber or talent. if they want to govern, they have to have people who are highly qualified, who are to to the nation. they lou now reminds us of old times. they blew up our homes and killed our brothers in front of us. how am i supposed to trust them? we have no shoes with the taliban. we want them to safeguard the resources of the
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country. we are also muslims alone, not just this. he is ours. as well, nearly every woman we spoke to say they're nervous of what will happen under the taliban. ready and officials told al jazeera issues such as mil begins and company . women only need to be there in guest. the journey is more than 3 days. a lot of confusion arises from propaganda and assumptions. and those who are coming out of their home, say so far, the taliban fighters have been respectful and not what they had imagined them to be less moody to we did the we were very afraid of the taliban when they took over, as we thought they would be the same brutal taliban we thought 20 years ago. but now we're more comfortable with them. they came and gave assurances to get back to work without any issues. and thank god they are supportive women and under hearts, the rulers are acceptable. as long as they do not depressed and work for the people and the country, the taliban now has to prove it can deliver some of
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a job down there. to learn about. 20 more edelman use our, including more animal species, are added to the endangered list, but from types of fish back from the break present job, i guess the 1st time look at the devastation caused by hurricane ida in louisiana. promising the recovery effort won't leave any community behind and veil neo saca say she is taking another break from. can you stop pretty frustrating defeat of the us open? that's coming up in for say, temperature. ah, in other world news protesters in thailand have rallied in bangkok demanding the resignation of prime minister pri, huge channel cher they accuse pri, you to his government of corruption and bungling the corona virus response. the protests which are banned under covert 19 restrictions have gained momentum recently and at times have turned violent early on saturday. pray you 20 confidence
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vote in parliament by a comfortable margin. is the 1st motion of its kind. the prime minister has survived since the 2019 general election. jade navigate door, not any case. chairman of the faculty of law at the college of asian scholars. he says, the prime minister has lost popularity and the vote doesn't reflect the situation on the ground. vote. last much longer, maybe we could be be by law and by both the down with the jordy gate. and so there's another year, it's pretty much the letter that it's both back for government.
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but in the country, the people are not also in the oh, it could be that the majority is in mind. or it could be on the way around that. but also like the union made by the population. those on the boat is pretty much at the lowest and the prime minister shows not a lot of people who are supporting me if it's less than those who supported me. this the u. s. government could release some classified files linked to the september 11th attacks. frozen joe biden has already full review of
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the documents just before the 20th anniversary. last month, families of victims accused us of deliberately keeping the documents secret. they say the papers proved found your baby had close links to the attackers who few planes into the world trade center. and the pentagon. hillary man leverett, is a full member of the national security council. any former state department official. she says the classified documents may relieve, reveal embarrassing mistakes. there is no reason to have kept these files classified, that i knew i, when i was either in the quinta, administration or the bush administration. there of course, were mistakes in the states and intelligence mistake analysis. mistakes and judgement, but those all the american people have a right to see and understand what happened and why, who did what and when there's really no reason to keep them classified. even though in president biden, executive order that he issue today. there is a little bit of a call that he's keeping for himself for the u. s. government to preserve some
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documents that they say are of such enormous significance to national security. it'll be interesting to see what actually does come out and what is withheld. with 17, the hijackers being from saudi arabia, there has got to be more information there that has not come out. that would be embarrassing if not to the saudi government, to at least the families and people who know who knew those saudis who are involved . but there is, there isn't one enduring question which i had when i was in the us government never got an answer to and to this day, 20 years later, i still don't understand which is why did the u. s. government can't get so many saudis out of the united states on airplane right after 911 when the aerospace was close to everybody else. i was in the white house at the time and i didn't know the answer to that 20 years later. i don't know the answer to that. that's something i'd like to know. and i think it probably could be embarrassing to the saudis, but i really don't know. yesterday, and joe biden has promised to help the fate of louisiana recover from damage caused
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by hurricane ida. he surveyed the devastation in new orleans on friday. the storm kills dozens of people across 8 faith and cause major flooding in the northeast. christian salome report from the badly hit city of elizabeth in new jersey. more than a day after i'd a barrel through the northeastern united states, many parts of new jersey are still under water. but in elizabeth, where the floods retreated, it leaped cars, flooded homes and death in its wake. the water rose so quickly at this new jersey apartment complex. it caught many people off guard. it's submerged vehicles, and pushed up against the doorways, trapping for people inside. people who lived on the 2nd floor got calls from neighbors below. the lady will be you, she called my mom. she was like, oh, you know, can you open it or we couldn't open a drawer because the water was so high. 6000 here have now been evacuated after the
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fact. nearly $12000.00 or without power. because the water line came up here in the water got as high as many cabals, front porch emerging, the lower levels, 6.3, feel water. by the time he got the flash fled alert, the water was already rising. he's lived here 20 years. we've had a little bit a little bit like anywhere else, but this was extreme, like never in my while the streams trying and dissipate stuff. you've seen the movie stuff that's going on down south in new orleans. i got that. we're by bodies of water, but not here. we're in the middle. a city, new jersey governor, still murphy says it's clear where the blame lies as we continue to contend with the reality of climate change. it is no surprise that the storms are happening with greater frequency and greater intensity. this conversation is one that we will continue having probably for the rest of our lives in the state of louisiana, where i'd 1st made landfall on sunday. the death toll was lower,
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but hundreds of thousands of people across the state remain without power. i'm had no air, no power when no generator. because see the power line is down. i can't get out of my car to my car to do anything. and everything, no gas, no, nothing. and i want to cry. on friday us president joe biden came to see for himself some of the worst effected areas. and he had knowledge the need to harden us infrastructure to future storms coming in and seen. all pulls down. well, you know, we were billed back better. i mean, you know, we know if it's under ground to help cause lot more money. but guess what? it says have more money. long term damages from ida are still being assessed, but expected to be in the billions of dollars. kristen salumi al jazeera elizabeth new jersey on time. not for a check on the world whether his jeff with more on the unusually chilly
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temperatures in australia. hello, hope your weekends go and while shivering in the cold, into areas of western australia, let me show you what i'm talking about north then. ok, we'll call it minus 2 degrees over the past 24 hours, making it your lowest temperature. and can you believe it? 2 years on saturday during the daytime things are looking good, perfect, 22 degrees and we've got unsettled weather, really plaguing eastern parts of australia. but enough about that, let's focus on the good stuff in perth. we'll get back to you. i think we could get yeah, pretty close to the 30 degrees on tuesday and we've got a rain risk on wednesday, but only about a 40 percent chance at that. afternoon zealand, we've got what weather moving in said that southern elves and it will envelop both islands but not until we get toward tuesday. it's a quick move in system. so we'll exit by wednesday. we'll see some so and fierce winds up to southeast asia. we've got some dry spells coming across the malay peninsula. also areas of borneo and java, jakarta, and nixon funding cloud with
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a height of 30 degrees asia pacific. this was a highest rainfall. talley, i could find an harris shima, prefect, sure. 78 millimeters of rain, but the bulk of that energy now out toward the pacific. but the next batch of what weather, waiting in the weeks. that's it from the season. get ahead on the news r o y a bella, russian pro, democracy activists living in georgia, fear they could be soon deported. done yet. and in addition, known as elvis presley has died for look at his life and legacy and cricket returned to campbell for the 1st time since taliban take over our stories coming up in for slater with joe famous. ah, my name is sandra white. i'm the foster. i'm in the county junior refund.
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ah, if you bought for the living mechanic was shop, you will see that you said your contractor baby. i might not do that. is it possible for you specially misconduct and not the my judy are women are strong with my, my dear analogy there, ah, take the worst possible material uranium. grind it into dust comparable to flour and make a whole lot and put it into the face with people live taking the call off the bad idea. for many people, this is a silent killer. what does it make you feel like you feel like a murder? we have created an enormous mental disaster and investigation south africa, toxic city on al jazeera. oh,
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a watching the news, our on algae 0 with me fully back, people are reminder of our main stories. a civilian commercial flight has taken off from the afghan capital for the 1st time since the city fell to the tiny band. last month, they follows repairs to the runway and radar, with the help of technical teams from cut off and turkey. protesters in thailand, capital i've called on the prime minister to step down hours after he wants confidence vote in parliament accused by you channel chinese government of corruption and funding the corona virus response. and the u. s. government to release classified documents from the september 11th attacks present, joe biden has ordered a full review phase before the 28th anniversary. families can see the papers found
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every hello hi to attack brazil's worst route in nearly a century is drying up reservoirs in threatening its energy supply. water levels in many hydro electric dams have dropped to record lows. the government says it may have to start rationing energy. brazil relies on hydropower to generate 2 thirds of its electricity. now climate change loss of habitat and over fishing are damaging marine life around the world. that's according to the international union for conservation of nature. that has released a red list of threatened species more than a 3rd of all sharks and res could become extinct. over fishing is the main cause. although habitat laws effects 31 percent of those species, the largest living lizard, the motto, dragon.


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