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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2021 10:00am-10:30am AST

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locked up in the 1st of 2 special report. $11.00 east investigates straightly is indigenous incarceration process on which is 0. me i me the taliban pushed to control tension valley the last bastion of resistance to the rule of i've got a song. ah, the whole rahman watching on their line headquarters here in doha, also coming up ethnic tensions flare up in montenegro with protest as attempting to stop the serbian orthodox church, inaugurating a new bishop also farmers in india protest against the agriculture laws. they say threatened livelihoods and help big corporations today mean to remove celebrities
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from the spotlight, trying to impose this new rules on the entertainment industry in a bit to promote so called traditional values. ah, welcome to the probably the battles, the control of a gun. his phones punching valley is showing no sign of eating with taliban and resistance fighters both claiming they have the upper hand. the region walled off by mountains north of cobble is the last to hold out against taliban rule. there are reports of more fierce fighting between the national resistance front made up of militias and form africa and security force members. and taliban forces both sides claim they've inflicted heavy losses on each other. the top us general has warned the conflict could lead to civil war. that's got the very latest off from charles stratford who's in cobb alumnus and we do start with that an update that we need on the situation to punch a valley. a very fluid situation at the moment between the 2 sides.
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that's right. so yes, claims encounter claims by the 2 sides. you understand there's been heavy fighting in the last 24 hours. we spoke to people who are inside the body yesterday. they said that, yeah, there's been a lot of shelling, lot of panic, about desperate to, to basically try and keep, seemingly people away as well. the security situation is seemingly deteriorating, massive concerns, but what is understood to be between 152200000 people in the valley, mainly ethnic tactics. we understand according to an italian medical organization that they have been treating casualties inside the valley as well. it's not about say, or had said this morning that they taking control of for the 7 districts that it's
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been refuted by the limited information that we're getting out of the pine. she valley the n r f saying that putting up stick resistance we get to reports that they reach a town called nava. sorry a district called nava which is on the southern end of the valley. they said that they are reporting that they blew up a bridge to try and hope to talk about evolves. we know that the child about it was suddenly, according to them surrounded the valley. we also know that the ref, i've got a lot of weapons in there when we were at the entrance close to the entrance a couple days ago. speaking to villages, just outside of audi, they said that around the time just before the taliban took control of cobble, there was a big effort, seemingly by the n r f to get as many weapons as they could into the valley. they say that they've been preparing for, they sort of fight for a long time for years. so expect you to believe there are serious amounts of
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weapons in there. but of course they are hugely out. numbered. tyler bon is obviously very strong. and as i say they have surrounded the, the valley to just say though that this isn't just one valley. this is an area with, with a number of different valleys in it. and as we know, it has been incredibly difficult for firstly, the soviets and the 1980s they never took control of it. know the time about massive ramifications. not only for obviously the huge concerns the civilian population in the area, but also the politics of this country. it's all about being saying to the last, well, born a week now that the point of announcing the formation of a new government, a government that they say is going to be inclusive of all ethnic minorities. will attacks represent about a quarter of the population of this country. so some analysts to saying that they say it's inconceivable that it's all about could come out and announce said you
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inclusive governments with this ongoing conflict with that topic area, the punchy of valley. so the out there are huge questions about the safety of thousands of people and the political stability of the country in general, that she would keep close eye on that with you. charles is aide and a few days ago you explained very graphically sort of the medical leads for many seeking help and aid has started to come in. now the airport is reopened. partially, but it needs to go beyond the urban areas, doesn't to but right. interestingly, we understand, we know that a casa flight coming from doha is in afghan space. it may well have landed by now. we understand that that is carrying aid. there was an a flight yesterday that came in from doug are also carrying a we understand you a, we know the you a, not you to remember it's of also sent a flight to cobble. we also know that some aid agencies of also be flying to some
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of the provinces as well. the organization m. s. s. flew on a flight to kandahar in the last few days, but yet the humanitarian effort here is absolutely massive and very obviously huge . the urgent we know that the un pulled out a lot of its international stuff in those evacuations. they try to buy into control and we now hear from the us that they will be sending a lot of those international stuff back. they going to rough it out effectively, but they need to get out to these provincial areas. i mean, it's understood that around half the population, half the pushes around. 20000000 people in this country are in need of urgent humanitarian aid. they rely on age. it's also known around a 3rd of the population is food insecure, malnourished children,
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more than half the children under 5, malnourished. so there are absolutely huge needs here, and it seems as if gradually, at least the international community and the u. n. a beginning to step up. of course the situation is di here in cobble and we went to the country's largest public hospital and spoke to medics. and this is what they told us. all on the czar had to travel 12 hours with his sick mother to this cobble hospital to get the life saving diana's his treatment. she needs if she isn't treated every couple of days, doctor saying she could die within 2 weeks. among the facts and they gave him, several people are living in poverty. the situation is bad. patients need dialysis and treatment. if they don't get it on the foreign aid stops, and if people can't afford the treatment, it's going to be very difficult. this is the largest public hospital and i've gone
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histone. the dialysis department is mainly funded by the world bank along with money from the previous government. but hospital staff say they haven't seen any cash for 3 months. they come by vital equipment and medicine and the last receipt their salaries in may. doctors say the situation is critical and it could potentially get worse because soon after the taliban retook power, the world bank said it was freezing. hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for afghanistan, like other western institutions and governments. it said it once, proof the tale barney's keeping its promises to protect rights before money is released among the boys amongst up. and we used to be given money for the project and patient's medicine. now all the material is finished. we have nothing in 6 months like this. these problems did not start to tell about what if the world bank stops helping, especially in the health sector. and god forbid, some of the hospitals, most basic facilities are in need of repair, lift is broken,
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and elderly and infirm. patients have decline flights of stairs. those in a critical condition, a carried up on stretches their 86 female staff members at the hospital despite fears the taliban would tell them to go home when they took control of cobble. they say it's all about actively encouraged them to continue their work. like thinking about whether hey job and i come and go with ease, i want them to let me wet because i study todd for this job. they shouldn't ignore my education. my wishes that they left me to work and help society. experts say i've got a sense health sector would collapse if it wasn't the international aid and their big concerns about billions of dollars of afghan cash that he's being frozen by western governments and institutions. staff at this hospital say their biggest fear is whether the taliban can better manage a system that has been close to breaking point for years. this is the hospitals,
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oncology department. we used to be funded by the previous government. doctors tell us, many of the cancer patients here won't survive because they started getting treatment too late. none of the staff in this department to be paid for 3 months either and millions of dollars that the previous administration signed off on for this year is now in limbo because of the sudden change of power. fortunately, it is on which it's projects, it's not depend to the any international donors as the budgets. so take a little bit of time, but should approve this with no indication as to when the tunnel bond would announce a new government, a no definitive timeline for international funds to be released. there's probably, i've gone a standard sick and vulnerable who suffer most. johnston offered jazeera cobble last minute protests are being held to disrupt the integration of the orthodox church leader in montenegro. the ceremony anointing. bishop young. he here is the
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new as the new head of the serbian orthodox churches to, to be held in sitting you. but demonstrators have been blocking roads and fighting police in an effort to block it. opponent, see the church as a symbol of serbian influence over montenegro. 15 years after its independence out there, a bolton's report, the even part of it joins me now from the city. you could have with us, even on the program, just bring us up to speed on the demonstrations and the obstructions that we've been seeing in the early part of the morning from the public that you might say disrupted those routes. oh well this is mainly question of an identity in montenegro since this country again independence, 15 years ago, larger number of population identified themselves as the montenegrins. there is also another part of the society which is that to find themselves serves. so
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montenegrins would love to reestablish the montenegrin orthodox church, which was alive til $980.00. but now that the, the church exist, but it's not recognizing the author the floor. so the only legal church it's been orthodox church. and since the notes of the church leadership hearing month, a negro involved hugely during the election last year, they directly called the other believers to vote for serbian park this in the country and bow the serbian countries of the serbian party is our own power. in this country, among the negroes are feeling that the serbian orthodox church is the just one more one way of belgrade to interfere in this country. so that's why they don't want to give a freedom to a priest to go to settings and setting a self is a symbol for all month and eagerness for the montenegrin state and montenegro
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national identity. they believe that it would be the final step from sort of being from belgrade to, to make any plans in this country. so we can see pictures now of tires vehicles being burned to on the roads. just tell us how, how the public a disrupting the sit olga ration this in integration of the new archbishop. well, i believe that you can see the smoke arising from the sites where the professors are from the rubber that you mentioned. we are not allowed to go any further from security reasons from the police. you can see people are waiting here. some of them are also would love to go to their, to the sites to, to go to get involved. because the protest this in this, them, the, that they want to bond to do to allow the priests to go to, to
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a setting at monastery. so this country is hugely divided on this issue and it's actually now very tense situation in the country. all political parties are calling for peace for relaxing the tensions. there's also that we can hear some calls from international community from europe in delegation. they want to involve a huge political dialogue. this is also a political issue, not only a religious one, to solve the situation, the worst would be that these divisions to go further and that the country goals of the per in the political crisis or shall continue to monitor what goes on there in montenegro from our sister channel al jazeera balkans, even part of it. thank you. tens of thousands of farmers are rallying in northern india again. its controversial agricultural laws introduce last year, organized to say the rally and other states as a show falls ahead of legislative elections next year. talk with the government have failed to break the deadlocks and farmers protests began. 9 months ago,
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buffy met their lives at the protest site in missouri. was a for no good. we saw thomas protest much of 2021, bob ne. but this one is not just happening in the capital is happening in the heart of b, j. b territory. yes, this is all about politics and there are no 2 ways about it. more than 100, how far are you on the choice of venue significant? you see the standard, what's a position you're going to election next in about 70 number, which is where this is being head had been meant by you. you see the city, it's too loud community. the muslim now saw a decade. these 2 communities coexist peacefully, but 8 years ago, riots ro called and benefited to be, to be immensely nearly 70 percent of the present vote went to the ph be passed away
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from the movie to become prime minister. 2014 in 2017. to be a time to talk today about the show. 2 due to the gap community, defendant communities such as a be just be that the are trying to men bridges with them with them trying to be good calculations ahead election into the sorry bobbie middle in was a for no good in order pradesh. thank you. well, fella had here on out, was there a state of emergencies extended in the democratic republic of congo? hundreds of debt and half a 1000000 have been false from the home. i
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hello, nice to see you. thank you for joining in. we've still got some jolts and bolts for southern areas of italy hopping over the seas, so impacting southern areas of albania, and we could get some pretty intense thunderstorms across greece as well. now, for turkey, quite a brisk wind through the boss for us. also, the risk is and thunderstorms here as well. and we're really cranking up those way . and so here, let me show the next 3 days anywhere from 50 to 60 kilometers per hour. unsettled and we'll lock her temperature in to 24, which is exactly where you should be off to europe. central areas, we've got some clouds drifting in progress. 22 degrees, but in north wind has been dragging temperatures down across the east. so st. petersburg, 11 degrees says the best i can do for you. also got some cloud drifting in for the republic of ireland in the united kingdom. of course it's been cloudy as of late,
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but hang tight, things are about to change, an abundance of sunshine for london. and will crank your temperature up to 27 decrees. so it's looking pretty good. off to africa. we've got our storms through western parts, but also some heavy downpours for equitorial guinea and intense rain through senegal, the gambia and see are the own free towns got a high a 28 degrees on sunday. that's it for me. catch you later. the frank assessments, by way it is a lesson freedom, surprising informed opinions. what you saw happening is come on to it was 40 to come up with one is the critical debate. the real cost here is not between go any longer than we have concrete here between 34 years re running to keep people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on our jazeera
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oh a book and i can watching on that with me. so he'll run the reminder on top stories. the battle, the control of a gun, it sounds punch valley is showing the sign of easing. there are reports of more fierce fighting between the national resistance front and ton of unfold this with both sides, claiming that they have the upper hand. less than that protests are being held to disrupt the integration of an orthodox church leader in montenegro. the 70 anointing bishop you yonder here asked the new head of the orthodox churches too to
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be held in some 10 year and tens of thousands of farmers in northern india around a agricultural loads. and the last gen which they say are hurting their livelihoods . organize the say the runny and for the interesting show of legislative elections next year though, the democratic republic of congo has extend to the state of emergency in the east. rival groups have been fighting in to the province, leaving hundreds dead and forcing half a 1000000 people to flee from their homes. catherine saw reports now from near conder, where some of the displays to returning home after the military pushed rebels out. most of this people in this town, since our economies, they have come back from i d t come in areas like a borneo with marshal capital of porn province, who have been rocked by conflict with different rebel good fighting against government forces. so the people here are basically receiving some cash vouchers
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from and yields where they get to buy mattresses and load and food. they left with nothing but the clothes on their back. they said that the things that they left in their homes have also been looted the homes have been born so that trying also to figure out how they're going to rebuild their homes and you know, just leave in safety. marino bible has just come back home. she left her village in coon, day in may, during fighting between government forces and a rebel group called s p c. when they went back. yeah, mas let you, but the fight was too much, that will lead to everywhere. we were lying on the ground in the house. luckily, we all came out safely. but in many other areas in this province of people are still living in fear. we have many id peas in different parts of the province.
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people saying they're still afraid to go back to their homes. these are the lucky ones. many of those that we have talked to saying that they're waiting out to see how the situation is because it's still those suited ended. as well as government says negotiations with the opposition to resolve the countries long running political crisis on making progress. a 2nd round of talks is being held in mexico last week. the opposition agreed to take part in regional and municipal elections set for november. it won't guarantees the vote will be free and fair. meanwhile, president nicholas bureau would like international sanctions, relaxed them all we update. we are very attentive that all the economic guarantees that have been cut off blocked and stolen from the venezuelan government restored. this is a good opportunity for the people in our country to recover their right to economic freedom, the right to constitutional order, so that no one should ever have to leave here. so what all of them for i know these
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early agreements will seek to lessen the crisis, but the crisis has severe and line problems. the model failed in venezuela, which does not recognize the democratic and constitutional order with the rescue of democratic constitutionality. we will be able to solve the immense economic problems in our country is experiencing building new zealand had been trying to deport the man who stub several people at a shopping mouth on friday. afternoon, the article mohammed some su dean injured 7 people at a supermarket before being shot dead by police. these for lang can national was released from prison in july this year when he could no longer be held in law. some so dean had appealed against the deportation notice served after he fraudulently obtained refugee status at every opportunity. we have been looking for ways to support this individual. and the very 1st briefing that the prime minister is aware of getting in may 2018. she raised the issue of deportation.
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deportation is a long process. generally, we have to bear in mind, we're talking here about a person who had refugee status. and while you were aware of that is a process that went on about revoking their el salvador talk called her rule. the president comes of 2 consecutive terms. it opens the door for nan brooklyn to stay in power beyond 2020 full ruling was handed down by judges, recently appointed by parliament that's controlled by the ruling party. now the court ruled 7 years ago that presidents have to wait 10 years after leaving office before they can run again. people in morocco all set to vote and local, regional, and national elections this week. the 3rd since and you can constitution was introduced following the arab spring, but executive power is still held by king habit. the 6, the way boats are allocated has been changed to stop one party dominating parliament. bennett smith has more for mark cash. the every vote counts here for
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the largest party in morocco's pond, but the conservative justice and development party has to reckon with a new and unusual system of allocating votes that the parties lead to say is specifically designed to reduce their influence seats in local and national assemblies will be divided by the number of registered voters regardless of whether or not they can balance should. unfortunately, the aim of this law, which was passed by opposition parties and those and coalition with us, is to minimize the justice and development party. that's why we rejected it from the outset. it's a strange, a very strange law. it's aim is to limit the page idea chance of winning the biggest challenge, all parties waiting people to vote one major survey suggest 64 percent of all them on the real power bill,
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either hand he takes all the major strategic economic decision. the king allowed constitutional reform after the arab spring 10 years ago. political parties were given a greater role in policy. but mohammed the 6 appoints the government and hi as all fires, cabinet ministers matter. and the new way of calculating how seats are located will stop one patio dominating, which is what happened in the 2 previous elections. when the p j. d shift important result. now the door will be opened for smaller parties because the 2 tional court has also rolled that this new law doesn't go against the constitution. the 2nd largest party in parliament is the authenticity. modernity, founded by a former adviser to the king. it's viewed by diplomats in the local press as being close to the palace, its candidate, the marin cash project, suggestions that the new law is unfair to them. i'm hoping that you can stop
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morocco from trying its own experiment. once we have the right to do our own experiment, or do we have to always worry about what the fee is? we'll say, every time we've taken a step forward in democracy with our own tools, the new system is expected to result in coalitions made up of many parties that could make government weak. and it's being brought in during the pandemic. when the king is consolidating his power by taking all major decisions from buying vaccines to economic support packages, bernard smith al jazeera marrakech chinese government is cocking down on its entertainment industry. it wants to remove what it called negative and chaotic influences in order to promote socialist values. now it's targeting celebrity fan clubs, online gaming, and l g b t q i groups. katrina, you has more from beijing, millions of young fans loyal to famous actors and sing as our lucrative force in
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china's entertainment industry. now, celebrity fan club has become the latest target of government regulators. authorities has banned activities, which encourage fans to spend money on their favorite start. online celebrity rankings, and discussions about the salaries are also prohibited. state media and newspaper. the global times says fan clubs could be used to manipulate lines and split chinese society. mega rich entertainers have been criticized and punished for tax evasion and other undesirable behaviors. the moves are part of aging efforts to promote chinese socialist values among young people and cracked down on so called negative influences and entertainment culture. it follows the announcement of new rules limiting how much time young people can spend playing online video game. mon is can now log on for 3 hours a week, maximum and only on weekends. aging says the cubs unnecessary to call that gaming
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and internet addiction. the critic se it'll do the opposite of prominence. i don't think the new regulation makes any sense to help teenagers or for the less access you get, the more curious you will be on the surface. these changes seem like rules designed to stop unhealthy or obsessive behaviors. among young people, but for the chinese communist party, it's much more. it sees the entertainment industry as an ideological battle ground that needs to be kept in check. regulators have also been the portrayal of a feminine men and online l. g. p t q. why communities have been censored? activists are mean says the government is actively trying to mold the identity of young chinese hoshal your aria and the government wants a traditional image for its people. not taught diverse. why do i think this really limits the imagination and creativity of the young people? it shows the societies becoming less accepting to those who are different. i mean,
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and others like him are worried daryl changes head and the freedom of chinese youth will increasingly be replaced by the agenda for the communist government. yeah. katrina, you al jazeera beijing. ah . got you on there with me. so rob, the reminder of our top stories, the battle control of a gun, it sounds fun. shit. valley is showing no sign of eating. the national resistance front. and taliban forces reported to be engaged in face fighting with both sides, claiming to have had the upper hand. charles strafford has war from cobble to understand there's been heavy fighting in the last 24 hours. we spoke to people.


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