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tv   [untitled]    September 6, 2021 4:30am-5:00am AST

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things affect people we revisit places day, even when there are no international headline houses there are really invest in that. and that's a privilege. as a journalist. ah hello and has a c k endorse the headlines on a jetta? soldiers in guinea have detained president alpha con. day in a qu, they dissolve the government and the constitution replace regional governors and impose an overnight curfew. economic community of west african states is threatening to impose sanctions because i want to see about to the left. so we have decided to dissolve the constitution. because we will write a constitution together all of guinea, we will bring together the 4 regents to the diaspora and have inclusive consultations to decide the future of this country. nicholas hark has more from dot
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com in neighboring synagogue. there's call men an ear recall on the capital corner cree with the military deployed patrolling the streets of the capital. there's a sense of fear whether or not there will be reaction from part of the military that continues to support president alpha con day after those images that we saw earlier today of president alpha con de, detained by those that are meant to protect him. those dramatic images have really shocked this nation with people wondering who's actually in charge of the country tonight of the economic community of west african states is now threatening to impose sanctions, echo us, the african union. and the united nations have or condemned the coo and demanding con days, immediate release. the leader of the opposition group resisting taliban forces in
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afghanistan's pan. she valley says he's willing to stop fighting the arm group if it withdraws. both sides claimed they've inflicted heavy losses since the fighting intensified earlier this week. at least 3 civilians have been killed in a syrian government attack on a rebel held enclave. the shelling in the southern city of that as follows. a 3 day cease fire, broken by russia. a world cup qualifying match between argentina and brazil has been called off just minutes off to kick off because of corona virus regulations. health officials walked onto the page and tried to corn teen for players. from the argentine team who they accuse of breaching brazil's isolation rules, they've been playing in england, premier lead health regulator says the players gave false information on the immigration forms. those, all the headlines you're up to date now, but 2 edges in a world.
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the. ringback ringback ringback awe today. ready a child in medicine and told me, i'm sorry, i can't wait to hear from us. yeah, i don't see it. so i just like in my head enough to show in medina edition had this can be studied me. no. i actually had the slide flirted hanging medina. i thought it had the i was 52 more thought it was sufficient mostly wasn't economical and come sourcing center it then you it is more back to bottles on and how can i go in europe and the medina name? how did you get on the rumor and the letter on her shamperdeen of your
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awe in mac, in the one not to be in this limit your mouth just okay. and can i have her headman of you name was thornton. yeah, that wouldn't delta most emerging disability can do what the whole session can feed . her motto can been in the hands degree on for they were meeting at healy can be a she her g, u, n. d. and jaime, while she had us in the household and were deal can one of the women was but if muffled in here, thought it topple, she kept most of the leading candidate leads to date. and horrible of me. it was almost in here. no started from from hardin homer. i like that. how about by the pay sort of aluminum washington. you can remove
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when gated can i tell you when know who my sexual typical feet murdered. so yeah. to be mostly, how long can it can be in the home? i thought that was an i knew you to menu made a fool mom, a man. oh, can you get a new hockey gita exact heated? the must massage curve for car head to the choice and vicious would be most convenient tom tow by the in that you can put in a lot more most
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of the use if you can was to mention i'm can be how useful for coffee huff and was a huddle and the how flow from a lot of multis in english. how about if i choose a little way both can be will be
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good news indeed. and it was here and victim a whole who she i talked to the photo who can come in now one was a little who can be a side salish and the actual mock of most than that that it can indeed speak. and he can, we can shut it off. mean facility will by the young man with a $6.00 and a half english horn on this. and i'll head up the whole year because if the exams will elkin hillock use if you didn't do was made will be how do you think that
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should be her feet in the house on the market? ah, who may i wish there was a little soul? who can she use if you can d wallet again, d who can come in and defend the argument or can thought about the was my seo command, can i'm a buyer's market. can the fish from a walk and she said you can in and it must be in a position with mom the want to deal with i in will not. why do you know how many credits total with the middle? and then when putting it in
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and use it again. jaime ship ah, what is the end of the sharp and what the but i didn't know what that is, is the one from a stocky one. this is valid when the ticket and then what it is, but it can modification so bad need can call up and hoist. can do little minimal hold. guilt. we don't want to do. what do you have been hor, share what up on that kind of haggling and then we can use to stick them in this and go to
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the oh i me any uses while what was in the home in the lot the shorter gene it's victor will meet them in here, jump up, just been on for a sneed and shorter the listen to what he can. he just comes in the mail. me gosh, what do you start to show me? who should i use can move
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my mind with dell, mark it on us. we should be more should be more again be before you come in and out in the home my you for was the shooting the victor last year with the with you follow get a woman. don't get it to, to pick from a lot in the bottles or it was his this book. and if it was, it thing you need to do the michelle should look at victor risk analysis and can and had to be loved in heavy if they used to work on monday. i mean, you know, get quickly to 7 mach into the bomb. the can be dim,
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putting the distance which can be shabbots, ballistic in the machine that you're looking for. and if you go, when i sit down in, this is sort of the most that it didn't work today. but the boy behind in my dad thought, well, if he was hor, will left it, there was a fool. and if i answer for the privilege this down as a normal resort law firm and has 1000 lease in my back, or hum yes for a year, and he can the good indication and lizzy from us and be back to her as if the alicia and cocker, within his old neck photo had hum your hospital. medina with the little seats,
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but once they get then we're back to mac. this is claire. the include the sleep news if you do you like list? like the medina for the quarterly medicine hallmark by 2 is my 100 and the way to troll with my home. can a more be really go back to the la la la la sion yada. meaning to be bought a whole reading lease. and if you get a can, i just need to know more with the infant nursing medina, with market to soda and whom i said the machine was in dollar lynn. hi mia leon to show you how we sort of thought that lizzie, nikita kenton, i thought a cameo scalia limiting exist. medina, i name in in taking her thought of l one for the p. michelle utley fee. michelle. harder than yes of in the had medina to net especially women when after i did read it a little bit i use if again do you can it will look in hor, hub the fee can be cur. fios a lot with ads of one. again, claudio,
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the mexican for fees, whereby they can someone who fucked up with me on a cosmo, been caught on wooden feet most. and lloyd the list, especially off the one with the shortly the f. and it's hot and mostly indicated many of the thomas air. when was what's on the menus, begins the wallet, and i uses for the fact that i'm the 7 by 101. it can about the 100 and shopping the door . you call him clear landa, from what existence 100 the least. this is to the multiple to get my folded
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satellite. set it as if there's anything you're looking for the frog on my law edition, you go month to month. i didn't use this entire took this. yes. he jose, me more than was d of melissa, and it's about abilene late was effect. she goes up her summary of december, senate for her being on the bus. thought. i knew united was a kid in brussels of
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the me . mm hm. yeah. that was not the rule. can you hear me? not too much about that. i mean what
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how does that mean she's when i defined you devotee. phoebe how i'm a 50 year. well yes, but if it of you can let it get you would evaluate to be in a levy mode them and they didn't. did he was he thought well at them any more than the the css pelican dodge as me . ah dr. medina. my not amy was sick. so he'll medina to let you anticipate
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be if there was not any one bed or not sure why it all day and we'll see we're canada. little he had him. italy, me say 21. me a mom or the jenny? oh, you them can hello mckenna, to set it up. i show plato and humans, but as of yet for time, you know what those dean that yes, i mean, that will have a few minutes later. but again,
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if you move the wireless, but if you don't mother on the visit the demo, usually dean one home or home, she hub drama, leaf l e members as well. again as wide as he could. he miss her soul be. and if he does room and when dia and the dean was the me, the morning, i don't really plato and other cameras here. you said he couldn't cinema. many meters, really famous, but he's a male on one tissue was just really wanted to share math. when was that jojo all in the feedback? when he said, and he said to me,
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based on what and what it was. so we're in wilma city and the job. well, i'm out to be it says emily. misha celine was an madman. jemma opted beef. bob budwani, him the, the central ah, ah, mom. i me .
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i wind of hollywood sorta things. yeah. we're to be that he got a letter. she said, no, i didn't my easy be copays and then doesn't mean, i mean, what did i mean to show you? it was set out either canadian without liberty, clearly but, but actually i'm like, and i'm, i'm one of the worley, a young gosh, what would you move? what this little each other and the she says leave but them until it either teacher but he got are in not what he supposed on. he was late but i know somebody out there. she didn't commute them suddenly as 1700 will female. the hurt in which will show you how to medina on your
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side as someone from like of was on the recording and wish them and have those. but the melinda, they had to put up with the shadow. what glinda? glen hoffman absolutely had. one of the only mcneish some how many of us emotion something different many for math with not when you speak td smith when after the meeting matter why and i mean not us how to sign up that pretty much that was too much because if you do decide sheila ones i thought to jackson that they
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can ask him about and know him and already relation that it does. he did ask me, ask them how we looked at yet a lot of the way a woman guy you know about us lit before him out like in the, in the new year, a year to man with him and to self tenure made. she had a lap and even if the one with the union, what did he have? jimmy, when i was getting ready to buy them out, the warner was go day. but why was they show me a 2nd? i was lucky enough. see was full for me. not out a notice of decision, you know, what on he why you had them, but you know, you should and even ice that sent me about us and
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i the on the and this one with them. one of them and see us here for the above 11 mugs and we, well bob lucky it we affordable. and if you will, it is what i can do. my shut out and the wife tomorrow, how dash at aol. my community just want to know that you had a little bit about mac bottle me know me know who should be shorter. becky and can obviously but miss lee luna 1115 at it on his way over the top of your mac. i'm a look here open, should he, when he left, going to go to any mom, what african lee, what was said? and then i taught in and how for them when i'm send them that mission completely as he's one of the boy mothers. and he says, you need to really need to make it for one. 0,
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i feel i mean, why the steam stood out the mathematician a by the hands at the shore with him. any a dash or a yeoman meant that he could come at the maxima holloway steamer home, but ashleigh sharp was happy and minim decision. ah ah, let me put you on the salt to the shop for can i put you on hold or
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if you move it to the one of the more can at loaner that you show him at the not him at the unit. i can tell you this with a schooner, which no one has a luck, but she's a livia to our visual, naomi, and full time, you know, those being that the wonderful work when you get to shop ah, once all the food produced is wasted with tens of thousands of put outlet fall in south korea has been transformed from west offender if the global leader in foot recycling either reporting on how your technology is making as possible in kenya, i mean the farmer and sunday, bloody heavily to think the livelihood depend on wall life for you,
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or just use ah ah ah, the weather is not extreme the moment in the u. s. or in canada that there is some rain around this circulation i think will throw some showers back through the great lakes and probably towards the northeast of the u. s next day or so, but he's just noble rain than the a line of potential thunderstorms from the southern states as well. west. that's the general looking fine until you see are coming to pacific for the western side of canada. that's a storm system. in the meantime, fairly fine weather. there are 12 things to point out. beyond this rain, there's
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a hurricane just the very edge of your screen which will stay of the open water. my head towards been bermuda and the mom soon. res. so take you back, stepped on the desert, south west, where heat is more of the story. once again, with warnings up for las vegas, for example. it is warm to the central valley of california, but not too excessive levels. there's recently been some pretty nasty study in columbia, and this is the everywhere rainy that is heaviest. also significant rain in this part of mexico. all of mexico is proven to a few big showers, including acapulco and the pacific coast in south america. as the rain start to think about going back south again, it's hot in the middle between this rain and maybe late winter, right? so suns yonder, 37, then 40 the units, trailer aboriginal children as young as 10 being arrested and locked up in the 1st
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of 2 special report, $11.00 east investigates trailers indigenous incarceration crime on which is 0. the latest news, as it breaks, the storms spared the worst, her long island, which fear to direct it, but it still whipped up high winds and high ways with detailed coverage. the government themselves are still too risky to send all the children back. not only put them from around the world, hundreds of children have been born to women abused by fighters in addition to social pressure, these can only carry their religion if both parents v ah, they wanted 43000000 pounds worth of weaponry. that was 6000000 pounds in commission. there was no hope of ending more because there's always a small cobble of people for really, really good. in athens, we,
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in the united states, have privatized the ultimate public function war shadow on al jazeera. ah guineas, military leaders declare a nationwide curfew after detaining president alpha con day and seizing power. yeah. celebrations on the streets of connect crate, supporting the move, but regional neighbors are threatening sanctions. ah. but on hasn't think of this is.


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