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tv   [untitled]    September 6, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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many of you know, era on by and, you know, big films like hollywood films, tell us one version of the story. but then other kinds of works like documentaries or industrial films and things like that. show us another part of society that otherwise would have been completely forgotten. still somewhere in musty closets, dusty attics in archive shelves here and around the world. there are surely many more big screen treasures waiting to be discovered. john henry and al jazeera chicago. ah, hello again. i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera, the leader of the resistance movement, and i've got a fan span. chair valley is calling for a national uprising after the taliban to control of the last proven supposing its rule battles wage for days in the mountainous region. north of campbell cha, stratford has more from the african capital. there has been over
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a huge concern for the 152200000 civilians in the punch valley talking about spokesperson john had earlier saying that they hadn't been a single civilian casualty. and he called on all f. danny's to to respect punch punch series, as they called with the same respect that they would treat any other afghan. he said the food had run out or food was running out. they've been shortages in the valley during the fighting. he said that food was going to be sent in, and he said that telecommunications communications and electricity was also going to be re started. guineas. military leaders have hailed a victory parade on the streets of the capital con cree after the opposing president african day. and a cool on sunday early a cool leader, colonel, monday to boy summoned cabinet ministers from the acid government, telling them their bond from leaving the country. man hunt is under way for 6
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promised indian prisoners who escape from a high security prison in israel. they dug a tunnel under the game of prison just north of the occupied west back. yeah, zealand is east corona virus rish restrictions in all weekend except it's largest city, oakland from tuesday. it's recorded 20 new cases in australia. the state of new south wales has reported more than 1200 infections down from a record high on friday. late his outbreak began in mid june and his being fueled by the more contagious delta variant. millions of students who get not started a new school year, but most are attending virtual classrooms because of the ongoing cove in 1900 lockdown since april educational institutions have been close in some of the most haunted areas. i'll be back with the algae here and use our in under 30 minutes next inside story. stay with us. news. news.
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news. news. so just have the those guinness president and is all the kind of situation they say they acted in response to the people as well . so what's next for the west african nation and can military coups wish toward democracy? this is inside story. ah, ah hello, welcome to the program i'm hash and how about a guinea has a long history of instability and military takeovers, the west african nation. our faces political uncertainty after elite soldiers overthrew president of gandhi into a 1010 con, they became the 1st him
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a radical elected leader in guinea. since it's independence from france, him under the constitution to allow him stay in power beyond the to term limit and want to turn in a disputed election that moves spot widespread protest. and his opponents accused him of veiling. twas of italian rule. on sunday, he appeared in a video surrounded by guards after a heavy gun fire was heard near the presidential palace in the capital. tonight re on soldiers announced on television, the president was detained, then dissolve the constitution and imposed a nationwide curfew. they say that acting in the best interests of the nation. so he just showed up with the personalization of politics, of political life is over. we will no longer entrust politics to a man. we will entrust it to the people who become only for that. it is the duty of
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a soldier to save the country. the only thing that motivates us is that we are going to put in place a system that does not exist and we must have all the better the system together. to move has drawn concern from regional and international leaders. the west african economic block, a co us has condemned the takeover and is reckoning sanctions. and the un has called for for con, these immediate release, members of dean as are going cabinet gathered in parliament after being funded by the code. eda nicholas hop. how's ball? some government officials and prime ministers have answered the calls made by the crew leaders and made their way to the people's palace otherwise known as the national assembly. we saw the prime minister under heavy escort going there. the message was clear from the coop louder is that if the ministers or government officials did not show up to this meeting than they would be seen,
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it would be seen as an act of rebellion. there would be consequences to that already overnight during the nationwide curfew, several high officials and commanders of the security forces have been arrested. so have been a few of the ministers now. the cool leaders lead by mama, the doom boyar who is the head of guineas special forces. a former french legionnaire says that he has dissolved the constitution, the national assembly, and take it full power in order to restore institutions. that reflects that people during the process of the coup, we saw people taking to the streets in celebration. there's always also the expectations that more than $400.00 political prisoners would be released following this. who still in the hands of the crew? leaders is former president or president of guinea alpha con day,
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who is still being held, despite demands from the international community that he be released. nicholas hawk for insight story. gay is a 3rd west african country in 5 months to experience a violent transfer power. in april, the president had food charge for 3 decades was killed while visiting soldiers fighting rebels and replaced by his son. in may, molly's vice president, a rush to the president prime minister defense minister in the 2nd school in lie month. the same month emitter 3 unit, inger made a failed qu, attempt days before the inauguration of the president. but while the number of crews is increasing in some parts of africa, countries such as finnegan and south africa have no history of military takeover. and gunner has held 7 back to back. elections is 992. the lead to bring in our gas. in
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casablanca, i'm a guy is journalist, author, and woman, director of information at co us, in accra questioning director of research of the cofi ana, an international peacekeeping training center, in up for yes, per beyond. nathan is celia with searcher of the nordic africa institute. welcome to the program. are donna, what do we know about this national committee of valley and development while we're talking about disgruntled soldiers, mutineers, or officers who said is about time for a real change in guinea. the outcome of rage to raise to life even because the gentleman was 1st to say call that he's been candy was the man yet believed to me when you brought him to 3 years ago or my mama you get it. do you do boy?
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from other people, so there is a ready when the no, no get in question we are one year ago we sent again a constraint but didn't use my body to be so when you realize that he was going to we side run by can be decided to pass to the next page and make the go. so is the brands are for we don't like him to the money and get a surprise to you know, they have no money to you again. ok, quincy, this seems to be an act of betrayal. i'm a guy has been saying, but it seems that mother don't boy, the qu, leader is taking advantage of the growing feminine simmering discontent in
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guinea where i think i agree with them, but it's not just about the going discontent. it's also a reflection of the disrespect for established rules and cbs relating to command and control related to promotion relating to training. but the quality importantly defense of security force assistance from those who have supported the gimme and government. and again, the military type. i think i'll talk on the end, his government also by load the demographics that says or frustration that says screws in a sense or victim hoard and a sense of disposition. so if you listen to the narrative come in from my mom, you know, moving away from this, you know, politics of christian in
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a new system in which everybody gets involved. as i have said, he's pumping into their way into public disaffection. that the people are hostile to buy long term, particularly with respect to his successful attempt at tweaking that wants to she and and for him to illegal is the ok. and this is terribly unfortunate. it's painful, but it's just not who leased surprising. it also to please us a little dream. most of the time is a dignified exit. but does that does not seem to be the case with alpha county. we saw the pictures of him being tied the shovel surrounded by officers and taken into custody. is he to blame for what, what happened yesterday? well, i would certainly argue that he bad responsibility for the unfortunate development
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we've seen in the past 5 years, which is a growing move towards as you said in the introduction, more storage area and need to ship style. the constitutional amendments last year suddenly was, was a step in that direction. so of our conduct been signaling that he would be continuing on to power, not just by grabbing him in office, but also by centralizing power around the presidency. so in that sense, i would definitely say that he has a large part of the blame and you can see why the beginning people would be frustrated with that development. other than what is fascinating about getting is that most of the time, a soldier, a dictator, would either live from call the constitution for political gains. but this is an activist, an opposition leader who understands the very complex political landscape in the west african in west africa. yet he decided last year
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to trump or the same constitution just for him to stay empower indefinitely. what happened to alpha only convey is just become crazy. not the day i've known since 999 to 90 when he was a friend of us in 1st and in the africa when we will company for the repetition of . so last year i wrote a piece and i just thought you should leave. you should know that your time is gone . you should allow other support or takeover. don't bring your country, you should, you should, you should remember what happened to your close friends. was taken into your house in that room by me that that you for you. and this can happen to know what up and so on. is not the one renew rule fighting for democracy. if somebody will turn
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into cross seat or you will no longer waiting for both of them, you know, or to get in order for them or like a young boy who insisting that it will contain meant in, in, in both long as he could remain that you was willing to pay for you what surrounded by friends from even tony blair became, is economic advisor, converting let's say the mind in the beginning of human to manage and the likes of cushioning, form of friendship putting up in minutes but by doing web and then doing the just the election, but you didn't actually work because it was a victory of his men opponent, gentle dental dental. but they were the democratic crusader give him a jump despite the conditions under which he fitted to follow. but unfortunately,
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and i tried to talk to you when i met you at the african union 4 years ago when you what the president of the african union. but they literally wanted to read me physically because you just use it the dummy in my prison unit. you will see on the edge become a crazy person and i see a point in the went reality quickly out and you don't turn overnight from being a political lead on opposition leader into a dictator. don't you see other elements converging here like influence of international key players, particularly countries interested in the booming mining sector, whom i have advised him to stay in power to consider de their own financial gaze there. but i think that it's only possible by their primary challenge. it's what i
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have said that we didn't know him any more. this and it's certainly african center out, present africa and lead this community else who approved a narrative and, and discourse and the language of the rule of law. respectful human rights of practice trans tissues of free media and free elections only to hide and con people to get power when they do that. and i think has demonstrated this and several african leaders there wants to. so then get, it's turned out, forces are lead us to back them to provide the necessary tools of oppression. so that descent destroyed, people are med and people and then undermined stages 2 sheets. so for example, in giving and i think i have mentioned some names, these are people who will be able to perform and be in
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a similar manner in the countries. okay. but then the columbia gave investments, security for assistance in terms of training, meant setting up the military schools outside and then using these tools to press their own people. let me make this point and make it very clear. because i'm trying a mouse. and now gimme a signal has be sent both to the countries and west africa and not to the oppressed people that they can see power back on. fortunately, their military interventions are not the most useful most of the time. and it's supposed to be all right. yes, but what kind of message does the qu in gay send to the rest of the african content, particularly in, in west africa?
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does it increase the appetite of army officers to say, you know what, why don't we do the same thing? well, i think that has been a trend and it goes back at least 1015 years of a combination of 2 type 2 types of crisis. i think we should think of military coups as a symptom of another kind of crew which has been happening across not just west africa, but the continent and widely, which is the most constitutional crisis. you haven't come from the presence of changing the constitution as well in order to stay in power. and you have a general sort of lack of confidence in the electoral system in many parts of the continent. then i think these things go together, in the sense that there is more room for maneuver for military actors to them, claim a role in the political game, so to speak. i would also just want to say that i think the international community bad, the part of the responsibility as well. i think it's sort of striking how little consequences that i've been towards the qu macon in,
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especially in african countries of late. and i think the thing that the national community sending is that security is the top priority. as long as countries stay relatively stable on the surface. and both elected leaders and military accidents can get away with quite a lot of abusive power. without any real consequence, quasi awning, we had a sense about 2 or 3 or 4 years ago that the, the trend of military coups is starting to move downward in africa. and that this could perhaps osher in a new era of pluralism, democracy elections. now this does not seem to be the case anymore. we've seen the trend moving upwards. what i think the optimism of the mid 2000, the optimism of
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a much more you can see the more proceed transparency, rule of law, the respect for human rights. back to ms. m. has the beautiful. so we've got a group of individual. also i've used that narrative and directory of proceed missed. you get power an entry, and am i the same is true. she's by let me tag into what you want me to feel not going to mess now community to hold these lead, best responsible and accountable. so for example, i mean these, the states have signed on to a lot of instruments by a co and african union. but there has been an inability by dc institutions. plus there appears to hold you your friends accountable because gimme just did not happen. it was got well incremented out iraq
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soon as not freedoms are constitutional. right? and that's just by says, the combination of under my new use now burned by the deliberate much we, manipulation often shows an electron is to, she's kept in to the frustration that we are seeing. so desert the multiple levels of fear, but mystically best actually. okay. dennis mfc dash, 3, lot of these fearless are not dealt with. we will see at least 2 or 3 more to the task before the end of the year. yes. but what do you think should be next for the african union? they, the african unit itself had a goal about, about silence in the guns put in and to the culture of military coups will be able to put more pressure on the military. john,
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turn now in canada very well. i think that what we've seen in similar cases, so for example, in the case of modern more recently is that there's only so much you can gain from isolating minnesota regime. i think that's the way for what is definitely through dialogue. and i do think that the african union has a fairly good track record of encouraging dialogue with all in both parties. and i think that must be the road ahead here as well. so rather than threatening sanctions, a nice a nation only. i think, you know, the african needs to be very proactive. now i am sending a delegation gimme involving both the military and wanted to call parties in a, in a broad base dialogue in order to ensure a transition that hopefully will have civilian need. or eventually, i think that should also be part of the goal here is to take the military as much out of the equation as possible. as soon as possible. quest,
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the ways trying most of the time to stay away from drawing general conclusions about what is happening in parts of the african continent. but don't you get a sense that military coups are endemic to the continence? is the independence of most of the african countries. we've seen somehow 200 military coups. this is normal. no start. and i think the case of guy, man, authentic out of south africa, about swanner, of my media of care are trying to demonstrate that with strong civil societies. with good leadership, increasingly embedded political process. and by shared values and shared norms that we can be shipped societies away from and debit military them built in democratic is due to she's and processes added to bob's that can be rebels
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and they've been, the missile just for situation starts out. and some ago they are okay shoes, where the conversation become fairly, turn descend ascendance. you know, when demonstrations do, do take place. their route control measures can be quite tough. but about the less sophisticated side, the leadership and in the role of the media we can begin to see got was shipped to once you see that logic process. and when double classes begin to in which you've been doing the kind of situations that says optimism in that as we continue to dial the head of the coast to new to me. here is a concern. i'm going to go to yes. in the pass code were built against the backdrop
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of a previous ministry, who so it was an army officer batting against his boss. now you have something different, which is a military coup against established democracy for at least one decade or 2 decades . and when you look at the west africa, you're seeing this path in which is basically military officers taking over in places like molly and you see what happens in body. you have now a new case, a chart, and then you have the failed. coo, inger, and you get a sense that there's something wrong about that part of africa. well, this is a part of africa that is struggling in terms of, of the comic development as well in terms of quite a lot of measures of human development more broadly. so you can see that these are states under pressure and in many ways that are not just about the weighted state of ministration is structured. but i think that that what one lesson that i do from,
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from the development in money is that even on the civilian whole, the military is never far away. the military is always close to power. and that is a problem. the problem is that it is too easy for different segments of the military establishment to sort of decide on their own initiative to draw a line and conduct the crew so, so there's definitely need for some form of reform in many of the military structures. i'm sure that chris is much more sort of knowledgeable about these things that i am, but i think there is a problem with the military being too close to power. and then i also think that that even in countries that are not in the midst of this kind of kind of upheaval, we need to have more sort of committed conversations to what is happening with constitutional democracy. because it does seem that there is about a wrong election, even in stable countries. we've seen it in kenya for example,
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that you do have widespread accusations of fraud. you have process, you have violence. so i think there is a deeper conversation to be have to be had about the roots of the constitutional democracy. but also of removing the military from you in a circle. the power will have to leave it. that gentleman. yes. the nathan quincy, unfortunately, will not contact with a dumber guy a while ago because of technical problems looking forward to having you in the near future from walk invitation about different events unfolding in the african continent. and thank you for watching. you can see the program again anytime by visiting our website and dot com for further discussion, go to our facebook page that facebook dot com forward slash a james i story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. i'll 100 is a james nicely for me. how about and the entire team here in the bye for now
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the ah, ah ah ah ah, challenges, attractive circumstances pushes forward. let us step into uncertainty and experience the happiness of the moment. let us persevere. the 4th al jazeera comes into national documentary film festival in san diego, and don line from the 10th to the 14th of september 2021, a. j b dog. don't be a ah, they wanted 43000000 pounds worth of weaponry. that was 6000000
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pounds in commission. there was no hope of any more because there's always a small combo people for really, really good lives. in athens, we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function war shadow. on al jazeera journalist and government panic, they didn't have the infrastructure they needed. they promised results in 5 days. but it's been a year examining. the headline. is this another potential flashpoint for conflicts voice is from different corner. every house here has someone who has made it to the top of ever. it's not the one the several time program that has been your i to not punitive view of the world today on algae there. ah
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al jazeera when ever use all. ah, me. this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm fully by people. this is the news. our on knowledge is here, a lie for my headquarters in doha. coming up in the next 60 minute, the taliban raises its fly, gaster declaring victory in the final pocket of afghan territory. that remained outside its controls. the military leaders in guinea hold a victory parade on the streets of the capital. after the posing president alpha con day in.


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