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to get it done, video, see if you're able to oh i this is al jazeera ah. hello barbara, sarah. this is the al jazeera news, our live from london. thank you for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes. afghan resistance leader off my my food calls for a national uprising after the taliban says it's captured the punch here. valley and completed its takeover. guineas to leader is ban government officials from leaving the country and order president condos or soldiers to join them. israel
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a launch is a major man hunt for 6 palestinian prisoners who tunneled the out of their feld. and brazil, president signs that the creed changing internet regulations to allow people to re post the band the content and found the how much not have all the sport india trials, the oval to take us to on the lead in the test series against england. ah, the leader of the resistance movement and gun his dance punch here valley is calling for a national uprising that's after the taliban said it had won the battle for the province and completed its takeover of a dentist on the mountainous region successfully resisted soviet forces in the 1980 s and the taliban itself in the late 19 ninety's. this is the 1st time in recent
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history that it's been taken over. well, key to this resistance was on that show must suit the nor than elias leader known as the ion of pen sheer while kind the assassinated just days before the 911 attacks the national resistance from that battle, the taliban there for days is led by his son and a former vice president. i'm a masood has tweeted that he is safe and cold for afghans to rise up against the taliban. shallow bellis reports from couple the pan she valley a learned the taliban has never controlled until now. this was the last pocket of resistance to the groups rule in afghanistan. less than a week after the last us troops deposit. the taliban now says it controls every corner of the country. when as the taliban a prison and pension of province were engaged in the purging pension, the capital pension was under the control of the taliban. the enemy suffered
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a lot of damage, but we didn't suffer any damage. after the taliban took cobble, 3 weeks ago, full no vice president, umbrella selah flayed to pen shear, joining local resistance later ahmed masoud and other soldiers who refused to surrender. they called themselves the national resistance, runs the group, and the taliban fluctuated between faxing and negotiations until talks broke down last week by hum. but i am a little high. but now delegations went there. they received a negative answers and they couldn't resolve matters through negotiations and dialogue. so the islamic emory decided to send to military forces to get rid of this violence nest of terrorism. the taliban launched an offensive into the valley with communications down both sides, launched a propaganda war. claiming de, we're winning the fight for another target. we're in our positions and fighting is
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ongoing with the enemy has been exterminated. i took this weapon from a taliban fighter. their dead bodies are spread out on the ground. the pantry valley was used to successfully resist. soviet forces in the 1980, and the taliban and the 1990 s and early 2001 of the united states biggest allies during that era was northern alliance leader. i'm a charmer suit. he was assassinated by all kinds of suicide bombers 20 years ago. 2 days before the 911 attacks in the united states, his son ahmed masoud, was the face of this generations resistance to the taliban voice, nor was sent up by his spokesmen on monday. oh, to 0, could not verify when it was recorded. how much panama, my dear countryman, wherever you are, inside or outside of canister on me, i want you to start an uprising, you know, whatever you can do, stand up and raise your voice and nobody knows where the 3rd escape to where the
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other resistance leaders laid also, still, they remain hopeful they can transplant their uprising from penn sheer to neighborhoods across the country. the taliban meanwhile remains triumphant. charlotte bellis? 0 couple of the taliban cut off communications in pen sheer last week and there are a fear civilians they are. are stuck in dire conditions. one resident has told al jazeera, there is a massive shortage of basic necessities, while shops and bazaars are empty. he says some fighters are entering civilians, houses, and taking whatever they want. shall stratford has more from cobble. there has been over a huge concern for the 152200000 civilians in the pon. she valley talking about spokesperson, which i had earlier saying that there hadn't been a single civilian casualty. he said that the food had run out of food was running out. they've been shortages in the valley during the fighting. he said that food
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was going to be sent in. and he said that telecommunications communications and electricity was also going to be re started. but there was some fiery language from him initially as, as you heard describing this battle with the self declared or so my, and all rest, the national resistance front. that's all about describing this is a victory over the last nest of terrorism in the country. whilst at the same time calling for unity. so yeah, i'm sure those words are going to be looked chats and interpreted by obviously worried, concerned afghans and all the see concerned members of the international community too. but what we do know, seemingly, is that yes, this is a historic day in afghanistan, the charlotte bomb seemingly having taken full control for the 1st time of the punch of alley. let's talk more about this with david lloyd, the author of the long war, the inside story of american. the gallus done since $911.00,
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and he was also communications adviser to the former african president, ash rough ghani. so thank you so much for joining us here. now 0, we were just hearing how the pan she valley managed to keep out the soviet managed to not have to surrender to the taliban back in the late nineties. so what happened now that effectively caused the taliban to take over in a matter of days? well, i want to say one caution only use from today. if the taliban have you taken the capital of at least taking the floor? it's not true guerrilla territory. it's easy to defend and difficult to take the time of an all round about the same. going to places the russians were in about like on one of the 7 occasions that they went into the violin to try and i'm, i'm a charmer. i'm a father with the come on. so it's difficult to hold. and i think if, if the,
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some of these fight managed to get into the side probably will be where they will manage that back from it. it's a remarkable natural portrait surrounded really on 3 sides by, by mountain know, the west and the to the no one to get into it. and it's very tough to get into with any this narrow choking valley south, where the john country river crashes through the course of the time by my kid must have lost lots of men in fighting that way about and in taking out. so if they do control it now it's going to be in might be difficult, the whole. ok. so i think your point that taking is not the same as keeping and obviously like all things that have gone is then we'll have to see how things develop. but then it's surprise you though that this area did, however, seem to fall again, as i said in a matter of days considering its history, the time in the food he studied was studying. but i mean
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in college, love them where i have to be. it's not a practical cause, i think give them the fact that there was a moment to run the right that some people from the african army. you didn't want to surrender. some malicious to one to 5, but what it, what, whether organized the way they might have been, i think a determined about is always going to get into by. and remember whether there are tens of thousands of internally displaced. people refugees who lack of a rough kind of an anomaly in among the eagles. very complicated, a gorilla more trying to me as soon as tweeted saying he is safe, but he's also called for afghans to stand up to the taliban. what do you make of that? call or do you think it's wise for him to do well already from the like we see responses
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from the north west. some things on social media from harassing people saying they are rising up as requested by and see if he could emerge from the stand the parent resistance, how much space and still able to operate. then i think this could be the beginnings of some sort of a national resistance. we've heard from other parts of the country where they may be potential on the next. and i think in the show clearly, but huge relief from the population will weigh on the taliban side. but quite soon, the, when it comes, given the fact that there's no money in the banks, huge problem with the economy and real challenges in running a government very different skill set from running it in search. and then i think might see that pocket resistance, i think it will begin to grow and about across the country. you were where you are
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a former communications adviser for the former african president, sheriff gunny. so i'm sure that it was a disappointment to say the least for you to witness the events of the past couple of weeks. so unlikable in lots of what you've just explained about the potential weaknesses that the taliban me faced going ahead. how do you think the international community should act right now? do you think that they should perhaps give some financial assistance or, or aid depending on the kind of government the taliban forms? or do you think that would just be prolonging the difficult situation? the africans are in this is an attempt to find the western countries at least, to try and can united way if you don't have one recognizing and delivering agent particular way and another one, dig it in a different way. clearly, i think china was very close to the top. and once that ministration is formed, and it's very surprising that it's taking longer form, i think china will recognize the administration of the town of africa. russia very
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much sitting on the west and in recent years now have a challenge as to whether they can put in my area a probably through un channel 3, the well food program, you and hcr, etc, and still keep the others development paid as something conditional for the taliban in order to only get that kind of tech to come to getting a lot of providing that they do civilized, social norms around women, etc. and providing they get requests minority and those kinds of conditions could be attached. but it's going to be very difficult for the west, but the west feel very divided now american fields can significantly weaken by what happened in credited by his secretary of state and defense secretary, now traveling across the middle east to try and consult people that,
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that phill i'm friends, so i think it's going to be a real challenge international community to deal with the government in david's law in author of the long war, the inside story of american garrison since 911 and also former communications adviser for the former african president, sheriff county so thank you so much for sharing your views with us while african students are beginning to return to university for the 1st time since the taliban paco takeover development, being closely watched by the international community for the reasons we just heard . some campuses appear to have divided male and female students in the classroom, and there are reports that some women are being restricted to certain parts of universities. western governments have said the continuation of aid hinges on how the taliban treats women when the group last through the scanner on it band girls from school and women from university all work. but the taliban says it will treat
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women fairly based on slimy law. he was secretary of state anthony blanket defense secretary lloyd austin, have made the mayor of catherine though half a high level talks of canister on lincoln austin and the in the year shaky coming. been hundreds of funny this discuss the ongoing efforts to evacuate remaining us citizens from afghanistan earlier blinking release the statement, thanking catherine for supporting the us lead evacuation operation. and officials have confirmed that the u. s. has facilitated the 1st safe departure as of for americans via an overland route from us can stop. well, coming up on this news, hour from london, widespread condemnation after bella, ruth's jails, leading opposition figure, maria loosely called her for 11 years. laugh alliance. we know they're liking and they know that we know that their line relatives of those killed when
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flight mh 17 were shot down. speak out in court even though none of the accused are present and enforce. mercedes are saying goodbye to one of their drivers. the latest formula, one news with found that they were in the program. ah, in other news guineas, military rulers have bar the government officials from leaving the country crew leader, colonel, my, my, the don't. boyer, someone to cabinet ministers and told them to hand over their passports. and official vehicles, the form of friendship, legionnaire officer and lead and military unit, which ousted president out for con, there on sunday. and as promising to form a transitional, national unity government, or west africa correspond with nicholas hoc reports. and the people's palate is also known as the national assembly. members of president of alpha,
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conveys our government derive after being summoned by guineas, who leader, lieutenant colonel mamma de. doomed buoy. out behind the closed doors, he demanded their passports and told them not to leave the country. but you also said there'd be no witch hunter the outlines a path forward. it was not to be the stock consultations in order to get a thing in place for this period of transition. and then a government of national unity will take you. i mean on last monday and i found it on sunday when president kennedy was driven away from the presidential palace in custody, crowd chanted freedom. it was on the streets that also they had ordered security forces to fire at protest. years with live rounds. scores were killed in almost 400 people were arrested when they don't need the money. you have a blue the, the, the really and there was no more security, no more just confused. financial state. everyone was doing whatever they wanted. so
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i think we're the best thing for me because i'm whether we're on the streets like animals. when could you have no idea? i am, believe it video, getting vast mineral wealth includes the world's largest reserve of box site and or refined into aluminum. the takeover triggered world condemnation and sent global aluminum prices soaring, half of china is import of the element come from guinea. despite this mineral abundance, the west african country remains one of the world's poor estates. says the corrupt economy must be overhauled on how far they would be, why we will not give you a history today, but i just want to remind you that our country has suffered from the disreputable behavior of it. so could you leave it up? we found ourselves the situation of injustice and corruption, nepotism, and the deprivation of freedoms. commonplace who are in guinea. the pressure is on to explain how he will begin overturning a system. he says,
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has stolen from the people for too long. nicholas harker al jazeera on join. now by poll melinda consulting fellow from the africa program at the london things tank. chatham house. so thank you so much for joining us here on our busy right. it seemed that the crew leader, colonel, the mighty boy, is trying to present a sort of image of stability lisa of a sort. and it's talking about forming a government of national unity. what do you make of it and how do you think he was? and the african union will eventually respond well, he's clearly saying all right, things now about transition amounts and inclusive political approach. reminding people of the need for the reforms, all the governance failures of the past. all of that. but the real test is going to lie really in the, in the couple of phases of the next few weeks. first of all, in his internal discussions, he's got to secure the acquiescence if you like, of
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a broad trash of the political class and civil society in this transition. and although a lot of people are expressing relief that are for conte has been turned out, that's not quite the same thing as signing up for him. all the details of the new transition. and then next state be a difficult negotiation with eco s, as you, as you say, the, the west african block of which guinea is a member. and which really has a pretty firm constitutional rule that soldiers cannot take long term power by force. occasionally there's been a democracy cou, but immediately echo has put very heavy pressure on the country concerned only soldiers who've taken over basically to say we need a clear roadmap for transition back to normal constitutional multi party elections . so there are those 2 difficult phases to go through. and we've seen in one or 2
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other countries in the region. for example, in molly at present. there are people who welcomed the crew that took place last year, but were later uncomfortable with the way the soldiers have conducted the transition more recently. so it's not a given that to the scenes of delight in the streets, people welcoming the developer called his rule will automatically ensure real buying into the transition of the transition to look particularly credible in guinea. because passed periods of military rule have been characterized by really awful brutality because as one of the worst human rights records in west africa wanted to focus as well on alpha on the himself. because he is quite a sort of interesting and divisive figure. i mean, someone who's almost gone full circle who spent decades fighting for them aqua. see and now seems to be in a position where people are toppling him because they're saying he's not democratic
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. what do you think of the man in self and do you think it says anything more widely about the situation that we're seeing in other countries in west africa? well, i think what mark taylor called it out, and it's almost a generational thing. he's 83 years old. democracy in most west african countries arrived in the beginning or, or the early may, 900 ninety's, but in guinea it didn't come until 2010. so by the time he was elected president, then in the 1st ever democratic election in the country, he was already 70 more than 70 years old. he was very much, if you like someone who'd been shaped by the years after independence. he was associated with progressive politics. he done jail time himself after being a presidential candidate in guinea, back in 1998 and being arrested in the aftermath of that election. and so
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he knew the struggles that were required as it were, to return democracy. but he seems to have been powered by enormous self belief so that us as his 2nd term came towards an end. somehow he believed that he was the person who, who was needed to take guinea further forward down the road is of gradually rebuilding the economy. tackling will these problems that had been up in the past. but in order to do that, he ended up forcing through a constitutional referendum last year that was clearly not a normal democrat exercise, followed by elections that were very questionable, got him, his 3rd term and the arrest of a lot of opposition leaders. so not just repression. of st. protests but prominent politicians arrested. and so in a sense that it's that final stage which is if you like something of a personal tragedy in his political career after his struggles earlier on. formerly
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we're going to have to leave it there, poll mellie joining us from the london thing tank. chatham house. thank you. now a man hunt is under way for 6 palestinian inmates who've escaped from a high security prison. an israel 5 are members of the slamming. she had movement while the 6 the is, zachary is a, the, a former field commander associated with the fata party. hurry for cit, reports now from google prison. florian head count uncovered one of israel's biggest security lapses in recent memory. 6 palestinian prisoners in a high security facility had vanished overnight through a hole in their so floor about. it wasn't exactly a case of just speaking a tunnel. it appears that there was an exploitation of the structure of the cells of the space underneath the prison inside israel, and just north of the occupied west bank was built quickly on supportive columns on
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a site prone to sink holes in 2014 an attempt by another group to get out by getting underneath was prevented and remedial work carried out. but the weakness remained. the 6 cellmates emerged through this whole directly under a watchtower. and what israel says, there's a coordinated operation with help from the outside caller mama team. because the well, if it's a focus on catching the pieces, catch them into a duty and they will be caught in the meantime, who in the event, josh was why the men all come from in or around the city of jeanine, nearby in the occupied west bank 5 members of palestinian islamic jihad, 4 of them serving life sentences for attacks that killed israelis. the 6th escapee is zachary is waiting a high profile figure. in fact, us armed wing the alex, a martyrs brigade, on trial charged with attacks against israelis. he was also once detained by palestinian security services accused of collaborating with israel. for israelis,
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there's widespread shock. think he said it's a binding to the guy that works. all this facility should be checked against israel's government is under enormous pressure to recapture these men with the public security minister saying they may have made for the jo damian board or they could have headed into the occupied west bank or may still be inside israel planning to carry out attacks the palestinians. there's been celebration this scene is a demonstration of israel's military power is not absolute. in garza sweets were handed out to mark the occasion. i'm asked which controls the strip calling it a heroic and brave act. in the men's home town of janine most celebrations, even in the knowledge that israel's military could soon be coming in force. it's something that next may be with them and have them go to see all the prisoners here . ready? israel is moved 80 other palestinian prisoners out of gilbert as the hunt continues for 6 vanished in the night and have to hurry for said al jazeera,
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northern israel. but those presidents jaytal sonata has signed the decree to change internet regulations, stopping what officials call the arbitrary removal of certain accounts, profiles and content, both scenarios, press officers. the decree will give people the right to re post band the content and provide clarity over social media policies on council door suspend that accounts. the government says it aims to protect freedom of speech. well daniel filer joins is live now from argentine as capital windows iris. good to see you daniel. what more can you tell us about president bush matters decree on this. what really, barbara icing that many of his critics. i mean, this is exactly what they wanted him to have passed. freedom of speech, all the tree, removal of accounts, making kind of giving clarity to policies as social media companies to cancel or suspend the count. that's exactly what his critics would have been calling for.
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they in theory should be welcoming. i think many of them will be scratching their heads as to exactly what it is. john ball scenario is playing out because he has been friends the freedom of freedom of speech. since he took off this, it was criticized last month by human rights watch blocking the accounts of journalists, opposition, politicians of all those who were critical of him and his government. so exactly why he's now promoting freedom of speech. many people will be confused about what his supporters will be saying, which is the man who supports freedom of speech and supports our freedom. again, difficult to try to interpret, i think maybe in brazil will be hoping that things will become clear off in the next few days. i suppose the let me ask you that very question, though it may be difficult to interpret. what do you think he's trying to achieve and why do you think he's making these moves now? well, i think he's trying to deflect criticism that's come his way. his supporters already
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gathering tens of thousands in both on the sell. paolo, the political and economic capitals of brazil for tuesdays independence day celebrations, 199 years independence from portugal job also using not to rally his support in show of strength he, his tree is trailing his main opponent in opinion. polls for next year's presidential election known as the former president, many fear that he's got and so he's supporters pay, he's going to lose that. this is a show of strength. that's why it's a goal stuff. he's support decrees like this one of freeing up the social media. you've been a great social media use or jive or son are like 18000000 people on the internet on his various accounts. he has 40000000 people on his facebook account. he has been
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accused of promoting what is called good news in promoting himself to the presidency and when he was in office. so yeah, many see this as ready times time to coincides with the independence a celebration to try to both his support to undermine his opposition in the presidential election with next year. and finally, with the latest on the going from, i didn't tina's capital windows iris. daniel, thank you us more still to come in this news our we're going to look at why the favor to take over from germany's angle and merkle have been copying her campaign style. a star of the golden age of french failed to jump on. the mando has died. we'll look back at his life and the short pot that secured a huge pay day. all the details coming up in for me
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with hello good to see you. there is a potential for more outbreaks of rain once again for southern sections of italy on tuesday, but i think most of the action will actually stay out toward the mediterranean. really, the bigger story is these fierce winds blowing through the boss for us impacting its stem bolts. i don't think we're going to shake these winds until probably toward the end of the week. we'll see those wind gusts about 35 kilometers per hour on friday. and the risk of some thunderstorms as well in the days ahead. as we look at europe, really the divide between the west and the east high pressure in place. so that's deflecting systems toward the north. and we're starting to tap into a south facing wind. so that's helping temperatures through the baltic states, for example, rigor at 20 degrees. but here's the good stuff, paris. 30 on tuesday. i think we'll do a repeat on.


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