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and the short pot that secured a huge pay day, all the details coming up and for me ah hello good to see you. there is a potential for more outbreaks of rain once again for southern sections of italy on tuesday. but i think most of the action will actually stay out toward the mediterranean. really, the bigger story is these fierce winds blowing through the boss for us impacting its them bolts. i don't think we're going to shake these winds until probably toward the end of the week. we'll see those wind gusts about 35 kilometers per hour on friday, and the risk of some thunderstorms as well in the days ahead. as we look at europe, really the divide between the west and the east high pressure in place. so that's deflecting systems toward the north. and we're starting to tap into a south facing wind. so that's helping temperatures through the baltic states. for
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example, rigor at 20 degrees, but here's the good stuff, paris. 30 on tuesday. i think we'll do a repeat on wednesday, keeping yet 30 degrees, almost a good 10 above average. and we do have our next rain risk on thursday. better chance, i think will be friday with about an 80 percent chance of some showers with a hive 24 degrees. we're going to end this weather reports as we head toward africa . we had some strong storms in n jemina that's now passing through the border of new year and also nigeria, very heavy pocket of what weather can be expected there. same goes through the gulf of guinea on tuesday. that's it for me. in the take the worst possible material uranium, grind it into dust comparable to flour and make a whole lot of it and put it into the face with people taking the call off. and so
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many people as this is a silent dealer. what does it make you feel like you feel like a murder? we have created an enormous environmental disaster and investigation. south africa, toxic city on al jazeera. most people will never know what's beyond these, the deafening silence of 100000 how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with. every breath is precious. with fear, it's not an option, but we're not. most people oh
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the a reminder now the top stories on al jazeera, the leader of the resistance movement, and i've got to stand punch here. valley is calling for a national uprising after the taliban said it now controls the last province opposing its rule. battles raged for days in the mountain region, north of cobbled guineas military rulers, a foreign government officials from leaving the country after detaining the president on sunday. qu leader colonel monday, summoned cabinet ministers and told them to hand over their passports and official vehicle. and the man hunters under way for 6 palestinian inmates whose escape from a high security prison in israel. they tunneled out of their selling give boy jail, just north of the right with the e u. us and u. k. have condemned to the bill of lucy and government after one of the country's
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most prominent opposition leader is was sentenced to 11 years in prison. maria listening cova was a key figure in mass demonstrations last year against president alexander lucas shanker. she was arrested after ripping up her passport to stop bela lucille security forces. from the porting her, she and fellow activist maxim is nak, were charged with extremism and trying to seize power. both denied the charges, calling them absurd. to do this, it is unlawful and not based on evidence during court proceedings. culpability was not confirmed nor with the charges. the defense will appeal within 10 days. the defendants, i think, will appeal as well. relatives of people who died in the downing of malaysian airlines flight mh 17 have been addressing a dutch court. the passenger plane which took off from amsterdam with 298 people on
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board were shut down over eastern ukraine 7 years ago. none of the 4 suspects accused of murdering them is actually attending the trial. but as the bob reports, this was still a big moment for the families arriving at court in amsterdam where for people are on trial for the murder of their relatives. thousands of kilometers away in the coming weeks. judges will hear in person all remotely from dozens of people who lost loved ones on malaysian airlines flight. mh 17. first up was ria and stain whose father and stepmother were killed the alliance and we know they're lying. and they know that we know that they're lying. she started by accusing russia of hiding . it's rolling the downing of the plane, and then she spoke of a psychological impact for years. i have tried to come to terms with death and lose my beloved father. and now do one thing, i don't know if i ever managed to do it. i doing my best like to let things go full
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. but at the same time i met you do full of feelings of hate, both of revenge, of anger and fear. here. but we do not obtain just the passenger play. he was flying from amsterdam to kuala lumpur when it was shot down over east in ukraine. in july 2014, 298 people were killed. international investigators concluded it had been hit by a russian surface to air missile fired by pro russian rebels. moscow denies all responsibility. 3 russians and a ukrainian citizen 1st went on trial and up cynthia in march last year. the russian ego kick in is one of the accused. he's reportedly an ex kernel in russia, secret services, and served as defense minister in the self declared don, yet people's republic, in 2014 the court notes that defend his chicken to pinsky. katrinka have not appeared of the for russian, only pull that off is the only ones to be represented by lawyers. here they said he
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denies the charges. the russian government has refused to expedite any suspects, but for the victims, relatives, this was a chance to address whoever was responsible for the next to the verdict that it is most important day. so for the family members, because they can, they can speak to the court. but through speaking to the court, they speak the suspects, and also to responsible people wherever they are hiding. last week, investigators appealed to russia to come forward with information about the deployment of the missile they believe downs mh 17. these complex cases expected to continue into next year. the dean, bob al jazeera, germany has a q, russia of a cyber attack, against its parliament, and an attempt to spread misinformation ahead of the upcoming election. the foreign ministries as a hacker outfit, cold ghostwriter has been trying to steal personal data from politicians. it says
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it's been happening for some time and can be attribute to the russian state, or it's g o u military intelligence. he will see you and craft the uses in. we regard this unacceptable action as a danger to the security of germany and to the democratic process and a serious burden on bilateral relations. the federal government strongly urges the russian government to stop these unacceptable cyber activities with immediate effect. for the 1st time in almost 20 years, germany's social democrats are the front runners to win the upcoming general election. under the current finance minister or left shots, the s p. d has seen its poor ratings that transformed. he says germany needs a new direction to the one and followed under anglo merkel. but she seems to have modeled much of his campaign on her as dominic cane reports from berlin. the on a late summer's evening paula shut is meeting the people taking time off from his
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day job. looking off the germany's finances to try to persuade these berliners to vote social democrat. some need little persuasion because under shots the policy is riding high in the polls. he was a future government in germany, of course, needs to make clear that the usa and the transit landing partnership play a role needs to make clear. our partnership with nato must make clear that we want a strong sovereign european union, and that we have a strong financial sector and that the economy grows and that citizens are protected. everyone can rely on me for these things. whoever votes for the s p d and all of shorts, and they'll get what i have proposed at events like this is hard to believe. but just over a year ago, the social democrats were a historic, lo 14 for more than 20 point to christie and democrat. now one in full gym and say they support mister shaw and his social democratic party and the other party leaders who are struggling to get folks. he certainly profiting from the mistakes of his 2 competitors on alaina bach and arman la shots
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. and i also think germans are taking a 2nd look at all of sholtes and realize out of the 3, he does have a wealth of government experience experience. i mean, he was labor minister under one government, the minister president of the city state of homburg. and now deputy chancellor in running to succeed angle america shall seem to draw inspiration from her even making a play on words in german, in one magazine to say he too can govern like medical if he gets the top job who was at the moment the best imitator of america. so he, even, he even used her, her sign ashley to, to, to have the, to have her hands like this, which is the kind of mark of angle americo in a photo or serious with one of the big newspapers of the dodge at sites or the one
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factor which may troubleshot is how much he is his own man and how much control the party around him. the 2 co leaders of the s p day are markedly more left wing than shots, and some of the rights of politics say a vote for him would actually put these left wingers in power. for now though, at least publicly the espied a seems to be concentrating on his 1st realistic chance of winning an election in almost 20 years. dominant cane al jazeera berlin. it looks like it's going to be double or even triple trouble for a russian opposition. candid standing and st. petersburg, municipal elections next week. and here is why to other people on the ballot share boris version of skis name and they even look slightly the same. but it's no coincidence. it's a common tactic in russia for opponents to meet people with similar names stand for election in order to split the vote. the real vision of sky scene here holding the
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poster says one of the others is actually a member of president putin's party. the other men reportedly changed their names and their hair styles to look like the original adapting to a change in climate has to be just as important as cutting c o 2 emissions. that's the message from more than 50 global leaders who have gathered in rotterdam 2 months before the world's most important climate meeting in glasgow. the urging rich nations to live up to their promises and pay tens of billions of dollars yearly to developing nations. steadfast and reports floating in a dutch city that lies under water. and you, you and climate office symbolizing that global warming is happening and its impact in nations worldwide have been enduring disasters and extreme weather. scientists have attribute to average global temperatures that are already more than one degrees celsius higher. because so the accelerating climate crisis,
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as was reported by i p c. c. recent assessment report that we have already general point 4 degrees celsius, not 1.5. we have already consuming the 1 point one degrees on to 2050. can we do that or less? we raise our ambition level to want. it's gone down for action to month before the cop $26.00 climate summit in scotland. while the nations are under pressure to deliver on promises of $100000000000.00 a year for developing countries to help them deal with a change in climate. 100000000000 contribution from rich nation is gonna be the most death for glasgow. will they deliver that have from this in 2009, they have from us this in 2015 now is the time to come through. he says the floating global center on climate adaptation shouldn't be seen as
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a sign of the feet in cutting emissions and stat unnecessary defensive measure against the rising tides, especially in low lighting netherlands. the urgent need to help nations worldwide to deal with the impacts of global warming. not only shows that we have moved to a new face in adjusting to a change in climate. it also makes clear that a response by which nations through this changing reality has been far too slow. it's hope somewhat of a time disastrous european weather has risen. the sense of urgency that action is needed now. we are behind as richer world promises to deliver to the developed world. however, it's changing now a little bit and it is also a little bit might not be enough. know, i agree, but i hope i have some hope it's changing. and i some hope that these things will be good on that and the credibility of the richer countries is at stake here with all eyes on glasgow in november, leaders of developing new can say,
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failure is not an option because lives and livelihoods of billions of people are already at risk floating offices may work for a country like that. but the santa, for global adaptation opened by the dutch king. we'll also have to come up with global climate solutions in the years to come. steadfast and al jazeera brought to them a star of french films, golden age, and the face of the so called the new wave of cinema jump will be mando has died at the age of $88.00. it's ashley butler reports on the life for one of french cinemas, biggest star, joe pulled beaumont a shot to international fame in johnny's go down 900. 61. louis breathless novi. several for the french act as a roguish charm. captivated moviegoers and made him one of the stalls of french cinnamon, new wave he went on to work with many of france, his most famous directors, francois truffaut,
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once called him the most complete european actor of his generation. while in 2013, cleared the loose pay tribute to $1.00 of his favorite stars worth discretion. when you consider all the sean paul is done for french cinema, he is still the most important french actor of the postwar period. the son of a sculptor mando was born in 1933 in a wealthy parish suburb. as a young man, he was an amateur boxer. his broken nose became his trademarks, but cinema with his passion and led to a career the span decades from old house to commercial blockbusters. he started in more than 80 movie and often performed his own stunts. but in 2001, he suffered a stroke that effectively ended his acting career. reacting in a tweet, the news of belmont, those death aged 88 french president. emanuel micron called him a national treasure. charismatic and versatile for many friends by monday was the
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embodiment of french style on the big screen. natasha butler, al jazeera paris, and some good news that a 3 year old boy has been found alive after going missing for several days in the remote australian bush. and sidney a, j. l for lack whose artistic and doesn't speak was found drinking water from a creek in putty, which is around a 150 kilometers northwest of sydney. he is believed to be in good spirits only suffering a few scrapes and the lap rush. you wandered away from his family's property on friday. stella had this news. i work in sport health update on brazil. football legend play who's recovering from surgery slough. i'm john henry and chicago were film researchers have found a lost treasure. a film that's been missing for nearly a century. ah
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ah ah ah ah ah me ah
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ah, ah ah, and now here santa with the sport. thank you very much barbara. well and yeah, have taken a to one lead in the series against england. after winning the 4th test at the oval or mesh impressed with the bowl and final innings it taking 3 wickets, including the matching ending england fell to $210.00 all out to tours, winning a 100 and $57.00 run. it was out standing around, feet had seemed likely for after the collapse. so 12747 on day one,
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final match of the series begins in september, the 10th re happy to get this is added and a lot over for going into into this when all the boilers contributed with the bad as well as the bowls of a heavy fall of them and yet really happy and hopefully we get on them over into the next months. but i mean a disappointing, frustrating especially today with when attached managed to focus on preparations for the t 20 world cup in the u. a in just over a month have been rocked, head coach, misbehave, hawk and boning coach walker eunice. have quit their roles. miss la, it says extended periods in bio secure bubbles that had motivated his decision. focus on that lane were stuck and i had been appointed as into coaches,
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fever present, jeremy infant, you know, has labeled the scenes, the dream, brazil's abandon, the woke up call the file adoption tina as crazy. just a few minutes after kick off on sunday, present in health officials walked onto the pitch, claiming some argentine in place has broken quarantine rules. the much will subsequently cold off a few far looking into the matter in infancy. nobody's the incident highlights the need for closer club and country cooperation over the release of plays for international crazy. but we need to deal with these challenges. we need to deal with the we did he come on top of the cove? it crisis and that's why we need your understanding because we need to think about the calendar. i think the nice particular situations that we are living these days with that it is a place show us that we have to do something. we have to protect the heads of
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players. we have to save them. some travels. we have, however, as well to protect the national teams. we need to rethink the calendar from the mentally. and to do this, we need to have a goodwill from everyone present in football. legend police currently recovering having has surgery for coal tumor. the hospital in san paulo cheating the 8th year old says the to him i was identified during a routine check. since having the procedure really has taken to social media to tell his friends that he's standing. limpid gold medalist that belinda been to has reached the last 8 of us opened the swiss had to work hard in her match against the colon b and 6 into one and then the 1st set tiebreaker and took the 2nd sets in 43 minutes to wrap up the mach 7663,
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and we said for the finals flushing meadow feel like from all of these situations, you can always learn something. and now i definitely learn, you know, this how it is to be in the 2nd week, how to manage this quarter final semifinals matches. i also feel olympic tells me a lot in this. i played big matches there as well. and i kind of know now how it feels you know, to go for. yeah. to go deep in a tournament in an important tournament when she will face versus teenager m r a. the panel, her place in the center of the 18 year old has continued her dream us open day for you. she beat shelby rogers in straight sets. the tunnel is yet to drop assess at the schools fees, alexanders barrett has reached the quarter panel last year's runner oper janik center in straight sets, the german who bags the goal that the tokyo olympics has now want to see
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consecutive, not 3 ability on the final whole landed goal. so patch you can lay a $15000000.00 pay day he out to the world. number one, john rom of fane at the final pga to arman lay finishing shop, clear of ram to win the fedex cup title atlanta. when you wisely. at next month, why the cup and informing one the valuable attention will be leaving mercy this at the end of the season to join also a mail send that will place, give me a ride. clinton, who is retiring from f one at the end of the season. he said 2 year old has $19.00 races in and $92.00 thoughtful mercy. this told russell is expected to place both us at message and that's a spot for me. i'll hand you back to barbara london. santa. thank you. a film real from the silent era of cinema. that's nearly a century old has been discovered in the us city of chicago. the masterpiece was
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discovered thanks to the corona virus pandemic, as john kendra and now explains a man in his dog murder, a mustachioed villain, revenge into climactic twist ending. it's all captured in his 98 year old silent treasure called the 1st degree. last like most silent films for decades, i did scan the 1st degree on the machine, then came the pandemic, which gave olivia babbler time to view 5 unexamined reels of film and the chicago film archives. the 1923 silvers green classic had been sitting there since it was donated in 2006 in pristine condition. miraculous considering where it was discovered, it was being stored in peoria in a closet next to a water heater and nitrate film stock. which is flamel, so is certainly not meant to be stored in the fluctuating temperatures. then she check the u. s. library of congress list of last films. the 1st thing i did when i
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was researching the film was checking that list, and it was a bit nerve wracking because to know that you have the only copy of something that is, is totally unique and very old. discovering last films is a rarity, 3 and 4 of the thousands of silent pictures ever made are fully or partially lost. relics of a bygone era, including classics like the 1917 film cleopatra, a few stills and 20 seconds remain. 1922 sherlock holmes. some of it still missing . gold diggers of broadway from 1900. 29. the 3rd warner brothers film shots in technical and long chinese. 1900. 27 london after midnight. destroyed in an m g. m . vault. fire before the hollywood era, many films were made outside of california places like s n, a studios in chicago, films with stars like gloria swanson and charlie chaplin. that era is now lost like
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half of the films made before 1900. 50. those that sir. vive, now lie frozen in time in temperature, controlled film vaults, some with titles you'd never see today. they're incredible visual documents of, you know, era on by and, you know, big films like hollywood films, tell us one version of the story. but then other kinds of works like documentaries or industrial films and things like that. show us another part of society that otherwise would have been completely forgotten. still somewhere in musty closets, dusty attics in archive shelves here and around the world. there are surely many more big screen treasures waiting to be discovered. john henry and al jazeera chicago much more on that story and everything else that we've been covering here on al jazeera, on our website, you can see our top story there is a taliban claiming to have take
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a left kind of punch here and valley. we're going to have more on that top floor and everything else and just a few minutes into stay. ah, i news, news, news. news . one 3rd of all that was produced is wasted with tens of thousands of put out. all in south korea has been transformed from what still found to be the leader in foot recycling either reporting on how your technology is making as possible in
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kenya, i mean the farmer and santi, what he did, the oil life depended, was life for you, or just it's the you case, biggest hospital with eventual capacity for 4000 covered 19 patient built inside a london conference center. it took just 9 days to construct with the help of army engineers dramatically expanding the critical care bed count and other similar sites are under way the actual london numbers could be much higher than advertised researches say that huge gaps in testing capacity that the government is now, trying to close, extrapolate that across the country, and the spread of corona virus appears far wider than anyone thought. i can look my phone with my face. you can access your bank accounts with your voice unique algorithmic measurements of us that are revolutionizing the process of
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identification, biometrics from person, big convenience, and seeming infallibility, comes across most crucially our privacy. in the 4th of a 5 part series, audi re addresses the appropriation of our most personal characteristics. all hail the algorithm on jazz. i ask and resistance leader mad masoud call for a national uprising after the taliban says it's captured the pants she valley and completed its take over. ah, hello and barbara sarah, this is al jazeera life from london, also coming up guineas crew leader bands government officials from leaving the country. and the order of president con,
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visit soldiers to join them. brazil's president's times of the creed changing internet regulations to allow people to repo.


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