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work for a country like the madeline. but the santa, for global adaptation opened by the dutch king. we'll also have to come up with global climate solutions in the years to come, steadfast and al jazeera brought to them all the news, of course, on our website. there it is. on the screen, the address al jazeera dot com, that's contra 0, dot com. ah, type of quick check of the headlines. the leader of gun stones, resistance, movement, and punching valley is calling for a national uprising. it follows a tele but announcement and it's taking control of the area. meanwhile, the world health organization says 90 percent of hospitals and clinics in afghanistan would run out of money and shut their doors health care in the country . it relies on international donations which have been frozen. so the taliban to controls guineas military rule is
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a bod. officials from leaving the country to lead us summons ministers and told them to hand over their passports and official vehicles from us to set up a transitional government. me and my shadow government has declared with its calling a peoples defensive war against the military. the national unity government is made up of politicians deposed in february qu it's calling on all citizens to join the resistance to the military crackdown. got hired last more from bangkok. this is the, the strongest announcement when it comes to going against the junk and the forces of the genta from this body, the national unity government. in the past, they've said this is what they were going to do. this is what they were going to try to do, is to fight back against the john to and unseat the junk. what you can look at it now from this message is that it's a literal call to arms. that is to the ethnic armed organizations that are along the border that have been fighting the me in my army for decades. but obviously
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that is ratcheted up since the, the cool back on february 1st. but it's also there calling for soldiers and border guards that do work for the agenda to also turn their guns around and go against the just textbook and twitter have criticized a decree by brazilian president j both an arrow that changes social media rules good aims to combat the arbitrary removal of certain accounts, profiles and posts. the president's office says the decree, bottex free speech, but facebook says the measure makes it harder to limit abuse on its platforms. cuba has become the 1st country in the world, vaccinate children as young as 2 against coven. 19 the government plans do not at all children before schools reopen. those were the headlines. the news continue 0. now just era. after counting the cost station tense, watching back enough eye witness accounts, a historical event from arab israeli conflict and sinai. i witness dissident 1st
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hand from beginning to end to espionage and the occupied west bank. the jordan government stock destroyed the device from a fight for independence in egypt to an infamous hollywood production antennas, al jazeera world, his personal stories from those who are that my own private history on al jazeera, i lose, i'm fully back to go. this is counting the cost on al jazeera. you look at the, well, the business and economics this week. china's designs on the indian ocean bay, jane, investing billions, and course in the marsh lanka and pakistan. can india counter china's geopolitical and economic might. jack brent fenn, shoddy maintenance,
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the tenant who had enough and pushed berlin for a local referendum to strip a german stock market. listed company of tens of thousands of homes and a toxic relationship. we look at how organized crime, who have turned to mania into europe's dumping ground. ah, after it's wrapped a van, chaotic withdraw from afghanistan after 20 years of war and failed. the nation building. washington was keen to reassure countries, mostly in se, asia that it would stand by them as china asserts more control over what it considers its territory. us vice president, common harris on a trip to singapore and vietnam, accused paging of bullying. and call this claims to the south china sea, excessive china vietnam brunei, malaysia, the philippine van taiwan lay claims to parts of the south china sea, which is caused by vital shipping lanes and contains gas fields and rich fishing
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grounds. china has established military outposts on artificial islands in the south china sea and objects to foreign warship failing through what a plains is, its sovereign waters. but china is extending its reach into other territories to protect what it considers its maritime sil, quote, which is part of a multi 1000000000 dollar spending package, better known as the belkin road initiative. and that route saw in shanghai call is in that port. stay in hong kong, thailand, singapore and malaysia. and crucially, it's paying billions of dollars to build poor se myanmar, to ensure lanka, and pakistan as you can see, it completely in circles. india raising concerns in new delhi about its influence and china is expansive foreign policy and navy, which is many times bigger than its own fleet. and with good reason, sri lanka, lost control of a strategic $1400000000.00 hamburger total port to a chinese company after he couldn't keep up with debt repayment,
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which has become known as china is debt trap policy. china is also developing the only d. c. port in south asia and should august capital colombo. that's the problem for new delhi because 40 percent of contain a congo are offloaded to a smaller ships for the short trip to india. and then there is the quad. our port in pakistan built a spot of china's belton road initiative called the china pakistan economic court, or a $60000000000.00 project linking the arabian sea to china's land lock, western beach and access to the indian ocean. see room, see it's critical to beijing as today. china is the world's top oil importer purchasing 542000000 tons of crude oil in 2020 last year. 53 percent of china's crude oil imports came from the middle east and passed through the indian ocean. well, let's get some analysis with collin co, a research fellow at the s. roger raton. i'm school of international studies,
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is joining us on skype from singapore. thank you very much calling for being on counting the cost that china has been very strategic in the way to expanding its reach and in the indian ocean. what is its end game? ultimately, i know want to ensure that is on national interest are being met. and i think in this sense, you know, that continue express who the self communicate ends that will guarantee and interrupt the excess energy supplies that he gets from the middle east and not a rico and lunch, expending it the mummy each for us in the region especially even the investment and the bank will initiate the at the, i know also was the good that interest property in the long right? beijing is coming of course. so to be protecting its trade rules, but it's also very clearly circling. india is biggest regional rival. well, i mean,
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to call that and so much might be an overstatement. while china might be able to master code the trends along the border. and so far, the only reliable lemme base the neighbor who will be pakistan. whereas, you know, we would talk about the c bought, i don't think that is one a real which i know clean to and india beyond the building of puerto infrastructure . and because given the dynamic between india solved asia, the coral neighbors in the region, i don't think that is and possible. and so called new dally, right. but efforts by india to, to county china have been less successful. for example, new delhi and tokyo japan have offered to build a port in sri lanka, but there is times seem to be less successful. why? why do you think that is?
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we have a few factors to consider a one star that has to do with the fact that i know dos, you know, make it easier for what they do receive in countries such as sri lanka, who excess is investment, what we call no fuel strings attached on those fees, but more importantly is to do with the requirements that you need in order to receive it. by contrast, it, we talk about japan is locked in a way. i mean, it ends to be more on the way it comes to, you know, the film and our requirements. we talk about environmental impact assessment for instance, and are the requirements and some form of job environmental inability, but also more importantly, disco, sustainably be. and for india, i think when it comes to you for shock, india has never been a leading actor,
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compared to, i know in japan in the sense, so we talk about an india and i not foss. blanca example. more to pen play a bigger role than india. i do think democratic countries common are those that say they want to protective all space consensus. do you think they can collectively counter china when you look at the long term strategy? well pushed was democratic, so sorry. these uri, maybe of all booked by the rest of us, all, you know, transparency and accountability that i have to address. we do have an answer to multiple stakeholders, not to say that you know, less democratic. all different countries do not have the christy endo but you know, the thing is that for democratic country, these very often constitute a structural impediment when it comes to responding to you. know what will be c,
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s a m, so under my order, whether you're talking about no or breeze or approach law firm where exam book is possible to come together for this. and i think it is also important to be realistic about the prospect of having, you know, a concert approach all the time due to what i will see as not just about the omen political interest or just the but what to do is, you know, report the you know, the spring each bus has a queen size ultimately, and you know, each democratic and b will mastered their own resources and their own people believe these based on got a constant. so i think the, the heard those that i believe in or what have to be overcome, you want no more approach you with, i know, do you think finally, call in that china's asian neighbors are convinced that the us will stick with them,
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or is it better for them to stay neutral that, that need, that has always been a sense of a deep we talk about western pacific region means east asia, right? there has been a long standing concern about you as you will get the when comes to the region. but that being said, wow, that has to be what we will call. busy within the, at the that we will, we will see any topic we comes to ongoing in the us where the nami, or in terms of depend, security. but it's quite clear that, you know, there is some hedging that in place when countries around china are exploring options you on the us by deepening the ice. we are the huge press, the like, my, the power such as for reasons india and, you know, runs germany. you, i think that, you know,
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approach the right to your it, you more than one basket is going to be the approach that is going to be undertaken in our context of uncertainty, calling co. thank you so much for your analysis. thank you for joining us on counting the cost. thank you so much for having the recipe. she's a firefly found in the for the stuff task color in federal mexico, a dying out. unsurprisingly, humans are to blame for the destruction of the force due to logging and agriculture, and even tourists who come to see the so called forest of lights contributing to the extension of the firefly, algiers, john home and reports a symphony of light in the force of plus gala central mexico. these 5 flies posts and seats in unison, great groups participating in a joint courtship ritual that coordinated displays. what makes this species for
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penis plus your c special? and in the last few years, they've had never increasing audience. this is a present for guy l from his girlfriend, erica, that come all the way from france. they felt that this was a nice idea for his where they already know ladia and different it was a surprise until today. yes, i'm here with the state authorities say the number of visitors to see the fire flies doubled in the 6 years before the pandemic. the that's a cause for celebration, but also worry the scientists like carlos called darrell fil as almost have it in a moment or relevant a critique or this was me. we're going to see them in a critical moment in their lives. and then we disturbed that we disturbed the relationship between them and therefore their reproduction and torchlight phones spoke. distract them sound too, if tourist straight from the path. they can also trample the females who can't fly
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on. the concern is that if tourism or prices here don't take care, they might lose what attracts their clients in the 1st place. we had an up to see the fall flies right now, right? you have quite smooth tool group, and each tour operator has a number of people that they're allowed to take up to see the fire flies each night . we're being told is that the problem can be, is that to operate, to sometimes exceed that number or people that haven't got a license to just take people up anyway, incleanse assign tools. it's a problem in a region with a lot of economic necessity, 92 months a year to make money from the luminous beetle, but many are aware and regulating themselves in quanta locus in columbus like i like in a lot of the education we give to people is about what not to bring repellant white clothing to be silent for a waiver to begin. let's just begun. hopefully go. i'm ping recycling local
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materials to reduce the environmental impact on mass. so on the, on the sun industry, these platforms are from an industrial part of tough, scala. there is wood not only for the platform, but also for the bed bases. we use this wood that was in place for these quite rustic tape and all the while he's trying to reuse would others chopping down trees all over the forest? it's perhaps the biggest threat for the fireflies logging which squeezes their living space. the now every june through august, the visual symphony continues. the challenge for the future is to keep the lights from going out. john holman, audi ozetta plus gala mexico. now the housing market has been on a bit of a tear in many developed nations. there are many reasons the cost of borrowing has been held down by central banks, tax cars, and a desire to move out of cities. but home buyers are also having to compete for
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homes. again, some of the world's biggest financial institutions, j. p. morgan leonard and p s. p. investments are pouring money in, just not being up family homes. financial jain, blackstone is buying whole partners of america for $6000000000.00. the company own 17000 homes, not interestingly. the company allows tenants to buy their rentals in the u. k lloyd's banking group plans to buy 50000 homes over the next 10 years. and retailer john lewis planned to build 10000 rental homes. but there is some pushback against giant landlords. berlin will be holding a referendum in september that would allow the local government to buy 240000 properties from germany's biggest publicly listed residential landlord. while let's talk to one of those campaign is dr. joanna kusha, who's a research fellow in urban studies at kings college, the university of cambridge, and she's joining us 5 kite from berlin. thank you so much, joanna for being on the show with us. so why has the city decided to vote on
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seizing these properties from the company that owns them? but linux decided to use the power they happened to democratic system and organize this referendum to and domination of financial markets over our housing system. so what the initiative is trying to do is actually not so much for the city to buy that department, but actually to expropriate them to seize this property from the financial corporation and be privatized and taken back to the city with compensation. so have the people been evicted from their homes because they haven't been able to pay the rent. but these are relatively strong rental protection laws, so often eviction is not directly to be, but it's been and pictures of people have been priced out of the apartment or evicted under the guise of modernization. so despite the strong make our protection, but tenants is building this corporation,
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they have to own legal department and they have been very good in finding new coal in tenant protection laws. give us an idea, drawn out of the rental prices in berlin. has they been an increase? oldest been an unprecedented increase in especially some accounts really attractive of the city like prospect of mister. we've been the last well you, we could see price quadrupling. so the stock prices are renting an apartment would be now 4 times bigger than 12 years ago. so our investors wealthy investors, you think adding to the crisis by, by buying buildings and leaving them empty? absolutely, the corporation could be created with this referendum operate on the financial markets and they are loyal to the shareholders and not to the tenants in 1000000000 . it's structurally logical, but the housing markets in the city. but john, at the question also of why the city would be a better landlord, then
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a stock market listed company. well, so many reasons being that the city politically must be loyal, good citizen, and not the shareholders web based locally abroad and up in tax haven. so the city could also use the income from this rent to build more apartments, and also in this way to, to said it over come to housing prices. and lastly, 1000000000 has a huge experience in public landlords. they exist already. and all the, all the poll showed the tenants tend to be more happy in public housing than been in private, the corporate housing. you talked about john an increase, an unprecedented and for unprecedented increase. you said in rental prices, to what extent did the pandemic contribute to that, not just in berlin, but also in the rest of germany is, is there an increase in the number of renters when germany is wanted to remember
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that in comparison to the world, it launch gemini, and been in particular, very high number of friends. it's belinda, 85 percent rental. so seeing if the system for all levels of the society, almost everyone is a tenant in bill and what the antenna, what the global pandemic shown, of course, is how important housing is. so, so many kind of policies, including health policy, including economic policy, supporting people who are the fund damage. so bethany pandemic was attracted building political mobilization because it made me even more dire right now. the extra creation initiative is based on article 15 of the german constitution, which says land, natural resources and means of production can be reclaimed for public ownership in exchange for compensation. it's never been tested in practice. so what are the chances of success?
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yes, that they citing because it's one of the baby cloth of the german dish and it actually has never historically been tried so eagerly. we have to speak with what weapon, potential new precedents. at the same time, all the lead to appear show that legally speaking it would be possible. and if it, if it be possible, we'll see here in the upcoming gra, her end of the latest. paula show that the slides majority is for propagation. so it is, there is a very exciting political moment. it seems that it's possible, but wouldn't the money required to buy all these properties drawn? i would need be better used to build new homes. well this would, this would be much less money available for the, the new home because the city is not going to bind the apartment. is expropriation with compensation and compensation. legally speaking has to be below market prices because the actual temperature for what we're trying to do is socialization is
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about increasing the common who are using the common destiny. the compensation pay for this corporation must be below market prices, right. rental price is extremely high. as you said, how easy or difficult would it be to stop speculation and rising rental prices in germany? well, if they're not random and successful, we can expect that this back to just financial speculation on building housing markets could be stopped in a way that the lobby unprecedented. it would be the 1st case in the world of a locker graphic initiative managing to break the domination of global financial capital. and that's make the politically so exciting not just willing but for the whole world. but the cities attempt to impose a rental cap was struck down by germany's highest court on what ground the problem
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was not, not with the law itself, which was not faulty. the problem was competent. so within the federal system, it should have been the federal state imposing such lo and it was done in berlin under locker level, which in this case could be, you would not possible. this is not going to happen with the expropriation and with the referendum, precisely because there's no the president, the federal face, has never attempted anything like that. and therefore, legally speaking, which is also land in federal state, has the right to right. and the post that will be certainly very interesting to see how the spans out. thank you so much for talking to us, john. a cool shack jonna joining us from 1000000000. thank you for being on the show. thank you. romania has become a dumping ground for most of europe. see legal waste. government officials have told are just era criminal organizations within the country have made it a big business. and simmons report from the eucharist. this site was registered as
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a recycling center. yet it became a mountain of waste mixed with building rubble ignored by local authorities for more than 10 years. until now, i think a lot of plastic domestic waste may be induced to wait in that part, the new head of romania is national environment agency, octavian. but chombo knew nothing about it until sewage pipes beneath the tip collapsed a few weeks ago, flooding a suburb of bucharest, aside from the acrid stench and the colossal scale of its tip and others like it. romanian now has an even bigger problem with illegal waste. go east to the black sea port of cassandra and rubbish is a criminal commodity with millions of dollars and a determined prosecutor here is taking on the cartels. the mantel for the problem
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of illegal waste trafficking is compatible with drug trafficking. to doing its faces an overwhelming challenge, but he did smash warner de should plan to import a shipment of toxic waste from italy, so called business men were involved and they attempted to bribe local officials way bills from other european consignments, like these sho, recycling centers. as destinations, but instead they go to basic consideration sites all landfill dumps. pollution on a big scale. this is part of one consignment from the u. k. host of cop 26, the u. n. global warming summit june november, needs to says the u. k. is incorporating enough on getting prosecutions. i was to have a more collaboration of, of, of, from the partner for video shot or it is where fighting against and be crimes. and then the crimes regarding not romania and not beaten. in my opinion. it's
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a huge problem for me on the planet, october on, but sean, who says his investigation team is poorly paid and it faces intimidation from criminals, exposing your family. busy your life, it's a problem to be put on the mound, but john, who stands beside, symbolizes a different era of ways. crime now dwarf by matthew cartels, bribery, corruption here and overseas. and there's pollution never seen before, coupled with inaction and apparent indifference in other european states. andrew simmons al jazeera, bucharest, and that is our show for this week. get in touch with us, my tweeting me actually bought a g and don't get to use hash tag h t t c. when you can or drop us an e mail counting the cost at al jazeera dot net is address, but is more for you online at all just there, a dot com slash ctc that will take you straight to our page,
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which shows individual reports sending tie episode for you to catch up and that's it for this edition of counting the cost. i'm fully basketball from the whole team here in doha. thank you for joining us. the news on i'll just use september on the right russians closed in parliamentary elections, imitates the president putin, 21 year grip on power. the listening post dissects the media how they operate, the stories they cover. and the reason why the 911 talk over the world 20 years on the war that followed, finally ended and i've gone to sun. but that's what caught, this didn't real, obviously, unique, attractive on african, happy in history, through the eyes of the fearless and vision we to make it. germany goes to the poles and elections of the angular merkel replace up to 15 years in power. what
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will the result mean for german and european union? september on al jazeera, when freedom of the press is under threat? in, oh, you just because i thought gender one about your thoughts toward the making government step outside the mainstream. there has been a implement here just some of access points that shift the focus, the pandemic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext. the prime minister clamped down on the press covering the waves. the news is covered for listening post on a just my name is sandra ball. i'm the foster mom in july to find out if a book for the live in the conic was shop, you will see that your car, laughter, baby, i mine i do that. is it possible for you specially miss on it and not the my judy
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are women are strong with my, my dear on out there. ah hello, i'm down jordan into the top stories here now just here at the world health organization says most hospitals and clinics and i'll be honest on i'll set to run out of money and shut their doors. health care relies on international donations which have been frozen since the taliban to control the w h. i was trying to find emergency funding to prevent what it calls a humanitarian catastrophe. shala's balance reports from combo to give you some numbers. they're saying that a.


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