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these gifts from my scoring icon says that it's a meter right? had it is it is i me to write morocco's meet you write hunter's on jersey. ah, this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah. this is the al jazeera news, our live from london. thank you for joining us. coming up in the next 60 minutes, the international atomic energy agency chief leaves around with assurances that international nuclear inspectors will be granted access to monitoring equipment. cap that is foreign minister hold false with the new taliban leadership and the former president time it's hard. the 1st documents related to the f. b i
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investigation into the 911 attacks are declassified. as the u. s. commemorates the 20th anniversary. please for safety after flash floods destroyed dozens of villages in sudan and thought chunk of it has lost the facts in the us and final class drama, italian world, pre high to rival, but louis hamilton and macs. the 2nd crash with the british dr. lucky to escape injury, ah, the head of the u. a nuclear watchdog has returned from talks in iran with a pledge that nuclear inspectors will be allowed access to facilities to carry out urgently needed work on monitoring equipment. tehran will also let inspectors from the international atomic energy agency replace memory cards and cameras that
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nuclear science something which had been restricted since february. asset base has one months of no movement. but now a small break through iran has agreed to allow inspectors to change memory cards and cameras at some of its nuclear facilities. that came a, c, u, a nuclear chief, made the 1st visit to the country following presidential elections and a new government taking office. the continuity of the operation of the agencies equipment here, which is indispensable for us to provide the necessary guarantees and the information to be a and to the world that everything is, you know, their inspectors access had been restricted by iran following this estimation of its top nuclear scientist, most in fact is i did better on november last year. the decision by iran came after
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8 years bordeaux governors were set to meet and discuss century iran for non compliance. iran had threatened if he had been censured, it would not return to negotiations on the 2015 nuclear deal. well, yes, it's enough to avoid censure. it doesn't do anything else. hardly. i mean, it just, it averts a crisis. that's the big step today versus crisis. it doesn't solve anything. i think it's just that they're going to be able to replace the memory cards and service the equipment. make sure it's all working. i don't think they will be able to take back the, the old, the old memory cards, the 2015 nuclear deals for j. c. p o, a is still stalled. and although there's a new government in the her on, headed by conservative abraham, right. you see the ring and policy hasn't changed that ultimately decided by the supreme needa. iran has always made its demands clear the lifting of all sanctions
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imposed by former us president donald trump. the united states is willing to lift all the sanctions that would impede implementation of the j. c. p. away. but not things that are extraneous, like sanctions on human rights. totally relevant. there are couple of other sticking points. i think they, you know, they can be negotiated if there is a willingness to be flexible questions remain over iran's nuclear program. traces of nuclear material found that, undeclared site stating back to before the agreement still haven't been accounted for. according to the i. e, a, the standoff isn't completely averted yet. many obstacles remain including regional opposition to resolving the dispute. we have been clear and said that we have doubts about the nuclear deal with iran, and we feel that there are not enough inspections. we want there to be an agreement on the iran nuclear issue. existing agreements have many flaws and threats from israel already blame for sabotaging irina facilities, as well as this estimation of factories other unequal fits. but there are any
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nuclear project at the most points since its inception, this legacy that the government carries. and now we are the guardians. we are obligated and will confront this project of him. but it seems this opposition doesn't carry as much weight as it did during the trump presidency. talks between iran and european powers are set to receiving october when it is hoped by many the nuclear deal can be salvaged. as big jazeera alvarez is the around project director for international crisis group. he says a political solution is the only way out of the nuclear standoff between iran and western powers. this was, it is happening because next week there is a board of governors meeting at the a and without the minimum level of cooperation from iran. it was quite possible that the europeans and the us with push for a centered resolution to penalize iran. and iranians had threatened that if there
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is such a resolution, they would not come back to the table to negotiate a way back to the jcp away. which meant that we would have a major nuclear crisis on our hands. and i think this minimum step that iran has taken now defer to the crisis. but it's definitely not going to resolve it. look, the reality is that iranian limited access because of the fact that the us withdrew from the date, the p. o a and reimpose sanctions and european were unable to really help iran weather to storm of us sanction. and then there were, is really sabotage of iran. sutra, fitz, and it has been, in fact, the nation of the top nuclear scientists. so these are all connected. but the reality is that there are 2 issues here. one is that iran has limited access as part of retaliation for j. c. p. away. but iran also has some outstanding questions that it has to respond to i. e, investigation about his task, nuclear activities,
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and those are unrelated to the that's the limit. that's the minimum level of inspection that i will have to do. but the problem is that these issues are interconnected and without a political deal to resolve on the nuclear found of it's quite unlikely that the technical issues would get resolved. cap at a foreign minister has been holding talks and of callous done with the taliban leadership mohammed vin of the rom. and i'll find he is the most senior official from any country to visit since the groups takeover. he also met former president time cause i and former chief executive of the of the law cut that has helped in the reopening of cobble airport, allowing flights to review, shall stratford has the latest now from couples. this is the 1st time we've seen any actual foreign dignitary come and meet officially and meet the members of the interim taliban government. we understand that culture foreign minister met with the interim prime minister molar has occurred and as well as interestingly,
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the former president how many calls i am abolla move of course was the former chief executive officer of afghan. it's done and somebody who played such a vital role in those piece negotiations over the last couple of years that have been a couple of tweets with respect to what is being reported as to what was discussed in those meetings, coding to a local news agency here in cobble, they saying that there were a number of important issues including bilateral relations that were discussed and interested me at suite, from the taliban spokesperson in doha. so hale shaheen. he said that these talks, it also involved discussions about attracting more humanitarian assistance course. we know that the countries have been very much linchpin between the new taliban government and the international community and trying to come to some sort of
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resolution with respect to beginning to end this crisis. something that the humanitarian world, the un described as potentially being a humanitarian catastrophe. at the moment it's all about getting as much aid into this country as possible. law one, car, berlin is the head of policy analysis of the arab, but says different research and policy studies. he explains catherine's role in the rebuilding of afghanistan on the taliban role a link. this is somehow a continuation of active role in the forgotten issue. you know, it started actually a few years ago and it ended with agreement on the was with all of a sudden now continue this all by trying to actually reach out to tony and try to bridge this guy actually between probably by the national community. it's thing to make totally by like more checks that were more responsive to the minds of the
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international community. see, i think the formation of the government concerning the whole woman and politics and society concerning the role of minorities and all these things actually would make it easier for us to convince the international community thought probably by has change and that is time. better have to deal with it as the legit but the government kind of stuff. i believe this is what company is trying to do right now is very sensitive to any sort of interference in oregon internet, especially now the band is like one dis, with it for 40 and one is on the left over the past 20 years. but i think we can also, on the other hand, see that cut out has some sort of liberal authority, but because as you said, it's trying to make this quick pro cool approach with the fact that if you show some flexibility in terms of the demand that the community will be able actually to
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get to some aid because at the end of the day, probably by what one actually told the country the world is over now. and you have to come to the right now. and if you want the country without having much problems, you need to have some sort of international cooperation and helping you out at the country. the taliban says women in afghanistan can continue goes university, as long as they are in gender, segregated classrooms. the higher education minister laid out the new policy just days after and all mail in from government was formed up to buckingham connie says, universities must use separate buildings for males and females. and the subjects being taught will come under review. a compulsory, slimy dress code will also be introduced for women on campus. so those of the policy, the policy of the slum mac immerse that female students can continue the higher education for a bachelor master's degree or
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a ph. d. but they have to where he job it here to his stomach sherry a lot the slavic emerge has committed to having a positive vision towards everything that does not contradict islam and national values in all respects of life. both of those coming up on algebra, this news our we speak to survivors of sexual violence trust by rebel conflict in the critique republic of congo and then sport to hear from britain's new grand slam champion. emma read the kanu on her remarkable when the us open ah the 1st of what are expected to be several documents of the f. b i investigation into the 911 attacks have been released. the highly redacted files describe contact that the hijackers had with saudi citizens, but gave no evidence that the government in maria was complicit in the attacks that
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killed nearly 3000 people. the newly declassified papers were released on the 25th of or through the attacks us. president joe biden signed an executive order earlier this month to released the papers. good morning from roslyn jordan, who is live in washington, d. c. i mean, obviously a long time coming at this release. what's the reaction of the family's being so far? well, the reaction from some of the relatives of those who were killed on september 11th 2001 is c. we told you so this one document a f, b i report from 2004 contains information. although a lot of it has been blocked out or redacted and government speak. and it talks about how to of the 19 hijackers now of all has me and does have the mouth where both are given assistance by a man who turns out worked for the saudi consulate in los angeles in the late
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ninety's in early 2, thousands and the person who was interviewed by the f b, i said that his engagement with them was happenstance. but that as a good muslim, it was his obligation to help them find housing and get food and get transportation because they were new to the country. and that's what people do for their fellow co believers. now the article also goes on to point out that there were other contacts with other people who had connections or business with the saudi consulate . and some of the engagement also involved getting a, has me and me here to the washington area where they also were given housing and assistance to get around the area. now, while the families argue that because of these contacts, they couldn't purely be called once a dental. they say this boulders their lawsuit against the saudi government for
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compensation, for the loss of their loved ones. however, the saudi government has repeatedly said that it did not have anything to do with the 911 plot, and that is supported by that ministrations decision to declassify this and other documents that should be released in the coming weeks and months in georgia with the latest on that from washington dc. roslyn, thank you. heavy rains and flash floods in savannah have destroyed the dozens of villages and displaced at tens of thousands of people. there have been debts in 13 of the countries, 18 states agencies are pleading with the government to help secure people safety. he but morgan reports now from java in white nile state, which is one of the worst affected regions. this is what's new ala village in sudan state of white mile now looks like from above. it was, had more than 80 homes, housing, dozens of families,
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but heavy rains in the east of the country resulted in flash floods that left the houses in ruins. la, right, again in these houses belong to me and my children. then the waters came at night about a week ago and started in the village. they just moved in, but now everything has gone. i. i've managed to save this cupboard, but it's destroyed. i don't know what will happen next. the only way to reach new ala now is by boat, and many of the villagers are using them to pick up whatever they can salvage heavy rains in put down a neighboring. if you're p l means more water is flowing into the nile river, a few 100 kilometers away. people here say it's the worst flash floods they've seen in years. more water came from the valleys and streams than previously. the rain thought that in late july and dozens of people have died and more than 800000 have been effected across the 15 of the dance, 800 states. i'm out how much shows us how the floods destroyed his village of now, about 15 kilometers from nowhere. now, he had to carry his sick mother on his back to safety. going with us,
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it was better if we've lost everything. we've lost the homes of farmlands that most of us only came out with what we're wearing, that we don't have anything. and the government has yet to provide us with any aid . and those villages are not the only ones to suffer. more than 50 villages have been destroyed by heavy rains and flash floods in white now, states alone in the past week, thousands of people have been displaced as a result. and many now live in be open. many like basic necessities such as food and clean water. and with more heavy rains expected in the coming days, there concerns about the spread of what the bond diseases those displays in the state have called on the local authorities to provide assistance. but they say they have limited capabilities and need help from agencies. while i let them in the lumen one who have distributed turns by they are not enough for the people affected . so we need 8 organizations to assist us in the response because beneath a huge need, for most time it's made defense and additional tents. we are trying to help as much
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as we can, but the people affected are too many with any high it in there are still weeks to go before the end of the rainy season and to thousands of people displaced by the floods. don't know how long they have to wait before they can return to their villages and rebuild their lives. he but morgan august 0. joe white mile women in eastern democratic republic of congo. say that they're trapped in a conflict between armed groups who are targeting them with sexual violence every months of the 600 victims of rape any to the province of visiting a hospital run by a women's rights group. catherine saw him met with some survivors in the provinces capital bonia. me. this woman has recently been raped by 3 armed men in have village near the border with uganda. she's one of many newly displaced women caught up in a complex cycle of armed conflict,
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violence and insecurity in providence was concealed identity for protection. when they had guns, when they came and broke into my house, my children started crying. all 3 of the men raped me. they also killed my neighbors. children. stories like has in this spot of the democratic republic of congo are uncomfortably common. i was too weak, but i had children to protect and we needed to flee. so i took my children and we started running through the forest somewhere, wishes also helped us to get to bonia how to give her emergency medication to protect her from getting any sexually transmitted infections. didn't last, then receive a 2nd victim. on this day 7 women reported they'd been rigged. they found us. huh. were escaping from our village. i had my one and
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a half year old baby on my back that killed her with a machete and rape me in front of my brother and father. and i killed them. hundreds of women and gulls seek help at this hospital run by a women's rights organization called the female, fully dirty for integrated peace and development, or software patty. it helps the displaced restock their lives and those who have been raped to get free counseling, medical help, and justice. no ally for says it's a crisis. the majority of about a 1000 patients they see every month are victims of sexual violence. now i don't know that who now their rates by armed from all sides, including government soldiers and police who are supposed to protect them in town. and as i bonia, there's also a lot of sexual violence within the neighborhoods. and that camps for just place people, this is the largest ibp comp in providence. and most of the people who are here
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from an area called dougald where the conflicts pos started. and it's also here, well women and girls who've been draped get to meet health workers and joined support networks to try and deal with that trauma. so here they get to talk about the experiences and life challenges and the need to protect each other. they tell us that even at the come, they're not entirely safe. cathy sawyer, all just 0. it to re providence democratic republic of congo. marley's army says italy. 5 soldiers have died in an ambush that took place in the city of machina. 3 of the attackers were killed, but no group has claimed responsibility. dozens of molly and forces have been killed in ambushes this year. the worst attack in march left more than 30 dead. south african president, serial number of poses, says cooper. 19 restrictions will be lifted and the nationwide curfew short and following
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a decline in corona virus infections. but he has appealed for more people to get vaccinated as just 7000000 people out of a population of more than 60000000 are currently fully protected. south africa has been one of the worst hit on the continent in terms of reported cases. and schools in bangladesh. meanwhile, are open once again after more than a year of krona virus restrictions. hundreds of students return to classrooms for the 1st time in 18 months. the longest, the school cobit 19 shut down, children in lower grades have been asked to attend classes once a week for the 1st 3 weeks. units of had warned that the prolonged school closures during the pandemic would widen the gap of iniquity, inequities for millions. while meanwhile, the number of new cases of coven 19 in miramar has fallen, but many patients are having difficulty getting treatment in hospital distrust of state run facilities has led some people to seek alternatives,
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including in the black market for vaccines fines, flu reports cove at 19 patients are being treated inside his private facility that used to be a boxing stadium. it was converted into a treatment center by a group of business men in yang gone, and it's run as a not for profit enterprise. the idea came about as myanmar was experiencing its 3rd and most deadly wave of corona virus, which piqued in july general de gaulle. we saw that people are in trouble. they could not get a place in government. hospitals that have to pay a lot of money to go to private hospital. some died as they did not get enough oxygen supply off to the military coup in february. and the subsequent crackdown on health care work has to be one of the 1st groups to protest against the new rule. health services deteriorated all the way. my, during the 1st and 2nd waves, both government and private cove, at 1900 facilities, could help the people. but during the 3rd wave, due to the political situation,
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people cannot receive proper medical facilities, even before the cobit 19 3rd wave, people didn't go to the hospitals for other diseases as they were insufficient human resources. many people also came to distrust state run facilities. first treatment center plugs a gap in the health care system, but it's not a fully functioning hospital. and patients who take a turn for the worse, we'll still have to go to a hospital. however, families who have relatives in the center tell us that it's still rather than the loved ones here who we didn't want to bridge public hospitals. we have 3 patients home. we're not able to offer private hospitals because they're too expensive. that's why we're here. for some, the distrust in authorities has extend to distrust in the government's vaccination program. some opting to purchase india made vaccines on the black market. this post on social media is advertising
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a vala vaccine for approximately $400.00 us dollars. 8 times its usual price. latest available figures last month show that only 3.3 percent of myanmar population was fully vaccinated. military ruler, say they aim to have at least half the population inoculated by the end of the year, florence li algae 0 filter, come on al jazeera, this news, our age, the city with the most east culture is in the world. but as all those love affair with this new mode of transport come to thought and the landmark moment for one of liverpool star players, we're going to explain why a little later in fort ah are quite a few people in europe who claim has not been a sum of this year,
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particularly in northern europe. so it will be very pleased to see this is a slow descent into cooler wet or whether they're lazy, low city of scandinavia, bringing lower temperatures, re not so much winds just yet. but there is still an area across the middle of europe stretching from romania across the balkans. a good part of italy and to central france with temper is on the high side compared with the average by about 5 or 6 degree doesn't apply to most of us, i have to say, and they will be a significant say don't spain and portugal in the near future. but here's the line of warmth and it is really if it stands out and say the balkans, hungarian plain temperatures, 566 degrees above average, the border maybe represents that bought a francis done best and he's still hauled evening. sun has told me that that really is summary, whether not with hunger, weather, but the se autumn is coming. and that's particularly true for portugal. and then spain. having had almost a dr. really recently this rain is going to be, but extensive, but pretty heavy,
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where it does fall. it still leaves italy halt. the showers have gone from here across, draws from greece towards turkey. and this heavy rain in the gulf of guinea, heading up slowly toward sudden lodge area that will be particularly wet the take the worst possible material you radio, grinded into dust comparable to flour and make a whole lot and put it into the face where people live picking their cars call often the bad idea. for many pupils. this is the silent either. what does it make you feel like you feel like a murder? we have created an enormous mental disaster and investigation. south africa, toxic city on al jazeera, the latest news, as it breaks to be concerned, is that my sales force is coming round on the mountain ridges. trying to surround
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this area in order to isolate school with detailed coverage, real power, still live in king my how much sick he takes all the major strategic decision from around the world. the water rose so quickly at this new jersey apartment complex. it caught many people off guard ah, the now reminder of the top stories allowed to 0, iran has agreed to further cooperation with the us nuclear watchdog. after imposing restrictions on inspectors back in february, parents will now allow the i e, a to replace memory cards in cameras at nuclear sites so that they can monitor
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production. that is, foreign minister has been holding talks and i've got his son with the taliban leadership becoming the most senior foreign official to visit since the group seized power. the also met former president cars i and former chief executive of love. the last the 1st documents of the investigation into the 911 attacks have been released, the highly redacted files describe contact between the hijackers and saudi citizens in the us, but gave no evidence that the government in riyadh was completed in the attack that killed nearly 3000 people trinity is president, has he wants to push through changes to the constitution? case said they took control of the government and this was the prime minister in july. and is his powerful labor union and the biggest party in parliament oppose any attempt by the president to suspend the constitution said that says he took
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power to tackle economic and political crises. fighting. louisa is the editor in chief of miss carla, tennessee, news and analysis website. he says, president said next steps are unclear. we had seen an advisor of his speech to the process a couple days are going to just that the president was willing to suspend the constitution and to to, to have a new one written and to submit that referendum of last night. the present, extra clarified that he would respect the existing constitution, but he wants to be amended in terms of amending the constitution, it seems a bit difficult at this moment. the constitution currently says that amending the constitution would require a parliament to, to vote on any amendment by 2 thirds majority. the president, of course, has frozen the parliament initially that he was freezing the parliament for one month period. he's extended that indefinitely since then. so it's unclear if he's going to be making him.


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