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tv   [untitled]    September 13, 2021 1:00pm-1:30pm AST

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they want to encourage them bases to come, but listen, we need a lot of 4 more to be done by them and our advice, and urging to them all the time that to be offering to be engaging, to fulfill the expect ations that been to the national community as much about like the put the shell my that sheila, that love the i said i agree with the what his excellency mohammed said words are not enough. so i've got, we are all the king actions you and doesn't allow assembly will be seen next week. there is no doubt that they have again, issue will be on the top of gender. also within our internal meetings. this issue is on the top of the agenda, named the evacuation of the frame subsidy. what other photo notice is going
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onto all those who have been cooperating with the french government? there's going to pursue by working with within the french street, the organization. and i've again, a stand on other vulnerable out again is the shouldn't be own, allowed to leave on. if you do, they get together with other i've got any horror sharing the same values or feel vulnerable should not be forgotten. and by virtue of ration don't go with the state of cutter. we manage recently to have 47 friends, subjects returning a number of citizens there and we hope they will be home soon.
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while you've been listening there to the country, foreign minister has been until rahman l funny and french foreign minister don't even drown. addressing the media after meeting and joe hall to discuss the situation in afghanistan, the country foreign minister became the highest level for an official to visit task alliston. since the taliban took power after a visit to come yesterday. and well, it's now a here from child stratford, he is in the african capital 4th. charles, as we know the taliban has been seeking international legitimacy and support what you're reading after that press conference of how about going well, i think the underlying message certainly from the countries and agreed upon also bought by, by the french foreign minister is one of and efforts to try and galvanized some sort of consensus in the international community about how to deal potentially with
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the tyler bond through intermediaries. and we know that the countries are right at the very forefront of that very much the linchpin between the rest of the world and this new interest tyler bond government. it was very much more of the same, but great emphasis put on things like women's rights and protecting the country's ethnic minorities. calling again for inclusive government. when one indeed is is announced there was interesting statements as well with respect to eventual recognition of the taliban. this was addressed by the cause of foreign minister and he said that recognition at this stage would not be helpful. he said that now the international community is looking for proof of commitments made by the taliban before anything like that goes forward. of course, there's questions with respect to the ongoing efforts to try and get as much aided
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as quickly as possible because as we know this country is facing what the u. n. is cooling, a humanitarian crisis. we know that that have been a flight in recent days. there were a couple of flights at least yesterday. we know that there was a lot of aid coming in through the borders as well. but as we go forward today, this conference in geneva, humanity, you and conference calling donors for more aid, we know that there's going to be a lot more emphasis on that because so much more needs to be done. but i think, yes, i think the underlying message is yet again, and we have seen foreign ministers from other countries visiting casa as well in recent days, that again, the underlying message is one of look how does the international community deal with this? we're not gonna recognize it's all about, it's too early, but we have to engage with them. if this country is going to avoid the sort of economic humanitarian crisis that the u. n is saying and the right agencies is saying it's bright on the horizon. as you say,
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child's we've been getting these reports of food insecurity, the shortage of crucial things like medical supplies. i know you've been visiting hospitals that can you give us a sense of the need there at the moment? i'd say it's quite unbelievable really that the need for something in some instances, just basic medicines. last week we visited health facility outside of cobble one for around 2300, but well funded by the west bank. by sorry, the, the world bank, the world bank. now having to spend that funding to switch out a balance of power. now in this, in this facility, there were pregnant women that were to get birth. there was no anesthetics available. there were no rubber gloves that weren't even power seat them all available to get patients who were coming in, you know, one woman suffering, just simple. eric, for example, yesterday we were the largest children's hospital public childrens hospital here in cobble, a similar scenario. the doctor saying that on times, you know,
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they weren't even enough beds for children, children having to share beds, they would desperate for this money to be, to be released. but as we know, the international community international organizations and institutions of moment, very reluctant to release that money until they see proof that the sullivan a sticking by their words on human rights, women's rights, and building what they say they will build, which is an inclusive government here it's important to recognize that the taliban repeatedly say that they want to engage with the world. they want good relationships with other countries as yet. it's early days. and as we heard in that press conference, there's a lot more work to be done. there's a lot more that the child need to do to prove to prove that they will act on those promises and a child structured. they're on the ground for us in cobbled thanks so much. charles, and as you've been hearing afghanistan is at risk of
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a humanitarian crisis. that's the warning from the united nations, which is seeking to raise $600000000.00 during a during a conference on monday. that's crossover to geneva and speak. tragic medic, i said james base. he's across that. 4th james's. we've been hearing the wells really has said it will evaluate the taliban government by their actions and their policy decisions. has the taliban done enough to ensure that money will actually continue flowing into the country or, or review? well, the un says it's absolutely vital. the money gets into the country because otherwise it won't be the taliban who suffer. it will be ordinary people in afghanistan, and that's why they're launching this flash appeal 2 hours from now big meeting, taking place in the room behind me. the 1st speaker will be the un secretary general. he'll be backed up by the other key heads of the different humanitarian agencies of the united nations. 600. the $6000000.00 is required just for the next
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4 months. the end of the year, very concerned that those drought has been drought in afghanistan. there's a real problem with food insecurity. they believe they need to, to help some 11000000 people in this next 4 month period. and they believe that time is really running out because the winter is coming in afghanistan. and they are going to need to get those supplies around the country and do it very, very quickly. indeed, the problem that you've highlighted is that there are some countries who may not want to get money at the moment, worried that those funds will not go to the starving people of african stone, but instead will go into the hands of the telephone. well james, i see in terms of countries, china and pakistan have been very proactive about offering aid to the taliban. some fancy $1000000.00 already offered from beijing. is that more about shared border security or political influence here?
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yeah, well remember those, i know china only has a pretty small border with afghanistan, but those are african austin's neighbors. certainly, pakistan has some of the better links with the taliban of any country. and as you know, china and pakistan therefore, policies are pretty closely aligned. these days will need to watch in the coming hours to see how much more money is coming in from other countries around the world . this isn't the conventional touching conference, so they're not expecting all the money by the end of the day. but they do say the situation is extremely urgent. and while this meeting is about to start in 2 hours time, another meeting has been on the way to the un human rights council. and the high commission of human rights michelle bachelor, has been speaking. she says she's profoundly alarmed by the escalating humanitarian crisis. you also mention what's been going on with regard to the new government formed by the taliban, the entrance government, and the role of women. she said that africa women have been progressively excluded
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from the public sphere over the last 3 weeks. and that's going to stop. shame faced with all the laser forties, keeping an eye on that during a conference force in geneva. thanks james. i mean, while it's, we've been saying the country foreign minister mohammed have been abdul rahman, l sony, and the french foreign minister on isla drown, have been addressing the media after meeting here in doha to discuss the situation in afghanistan. let's speak to correspondent, move out. he's been up by the press conference for us this morning mom and can you talk us through what else we had from the to foreign ministers? that was a real emphasis, as we've been saying on the need for women's rights. yes, actually they said they discussed the 3 major files, but the most important among these files is i've got to find the focus has been on the issue of fun and particularly the continuation of evacuations of french, the french nationalist from there he to the french foreign minister said that at least 47 france national harvey evacuated today with the help of the capillaries
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and he put special focus on that. and he, he, he fact cut off many times during he's, he's false to the questions, the facts car for it's rolling up front. he said it is a key role since the beginning of this, of this operations in mid in the middle of last month. and he said he has discuss how discussions, very fruitful discussions with his cover, the cost of parts we understand the problem. he's unhappy and it's not hiding it from. he's unhappy with the taliban before he left for all. for yesterday, the french foreign minister, he said the false would not establish ties with plenty, but he accused thought of lying to the international community. he said the part of i'm from is to give free freedom for evacuations, and people who want to leave the country. but the promised also to establish a comprehensive national consolation government and that they have re need on those
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2 promises. he said francis will not establish ties this i'm talking about what he said before he left off and today or so. he hinted at it. he said, cuz he's still going on through the pro, cut power through the agency of top. and he said that the on the tardy band response to those demands by the international community and physically by froth. there will be always a problem. and france will not be able to publish direct ties. we understand that from called, if the boss of the 2 parties, both of the $22.00 are going to sign it. he's unlikely other countries, the european countries of the united states who re established the embassies in afghanistan. here in doha, saw the 2 ministers having discussing this problem and also humanitarian helped off on the sun and the continuation of evacuation. he says, the french for mr says there are still dozens of french citizens, enough come to son, and also many others who have been cooperating with the french and france is very much interested in helping those people leave off. going to start lots of issues
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have been discussed also between the 2 ministers, the country foreign minister, he said, but there is a strategic relationship between the 2 countries in terms of security. in other matters, regional matters. he talked about his visit to cobb yesterday and he's meeting with probably about leaders, again, recreating the fox that the priority now is not for international recognition for the government. but for engagement with the government of part of the channeling of international a to the people in need and i've got to stand. so that's basically the gist of what they said in the press conference. mama vall, that for us inter, how thank you so much mom and when i sell plenty more and here this needs are including the calls for brazil's president to step down, grow louder. why some of both scenarios supportive and now turning on him,
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the government supported arch in tina have little to celebrate. the rights makes a surprise come back in primary elections. and one of the most dramatic moments of the, for me, the one the season. we've got all those details for you later when i was 11 on the where the newly formed cabinet is holding its 1st meeting at the presidential palace in bob. on friday, the new prime minister and president michele own signed a decree forming a government, the billionaire businessman the g, because he took charge off to 13 months of deadlock, which had plans to the country even deeper and to economic crisis. well, let speak to santa corda, she joins me now from the capital bay route. then as we've been saying for weeks now, months, the country has been paralyzed and i understand and coming days, subsidies will also be lifted. so the main toss tracing,
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the government is stopping the economic collapse. will it be able to do it well, in the words of the new prime minister, a lot of work awaits us. they need to rescue the country. the economy is all about collapse. look behind me, gas stations are close. there have been crippling fuel shortage for weeks now. it has paralyze the economy paralyzed the country. we are as a main thoroughfare. it's monday. the 1st day of the business week, there's supposed to be traffic. and as you can see, traffic is very thin. yes, this is a government that is cash strapped. this is a state which is nearly bankrupt, can no longer subsidize essential goods essential goods like fuel. and once those subsidies are low, that not only will the price the fuel skyrocket, the price of every other commodity. so this new government will have to contain the public anger, but it has received a financial lifeline. lebanon is a shareholder in the i, m f, which means it has special drawing, right?
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so it has been able to withdraw more than $1000000000.00, so definitely a lifeline. how will the government spend it? will it continue subsidizing goods? a policy which has been criticized because it has led to smuggling and importers hoarding fuel and creating a black markets. or will it use this money to support what half a $1000000.00 families vulnerable families who are desperately in need of a $100.00 cash for assistance. every month, so the economy has collapsed more than 80 percent of the population for the currency has collapse. so a lot of challenges that but that $1000000000.00, of course, it will help, but that is the short term solution. what this government needs to come up with is a sustainable pass to recovery. well, it also faces another challenge, doesn't it? and does this government have friends in the international community, particularly our country?
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well, the international community, the united states, the urban union, united nations, they all welcome the formation of the government. they called it an essential set, but they all said, it's not enough. the politicians need to carry out the reform. they need to fight corruption. they need to reform a structural reforms in ministries. there's a bloated public sector, which the fall of fissions really have been using for their patronage networks. so the political parties have been governing this country for decades have been reluctant to do so they're going to need to talk to the i m f for a bailout plan. and the i m f is going to demand the forensic this of the central bank of state institutions. and that's going to expose corruption. but our countries have so far remain silent. traditional supporters of this country who have really taken a step back, not providing any financial support to a government, they believe as controlled by husband, law, and ally of iraq. lebanon is entangled in the regional power struggle. so those are
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countries so far, not issuing any statements. not welcoming the government, they're likely waiting for the government's policy statement that will be presented to parliament, but definitely a lot of challenges ahead in a country really, which is drowning then there with all the latest forest from bay route. thank you so much. santa for moving on and the united states military says that missile tests conducted by north korea over the weekend post threats to the countries neighbors and beyond. north korea, state news service reported a new type of long range cruise missile was tested. victoria gate and b has a detail. photo is released by north korea state realm media reportedly show a test that took place over the weekend of a new long range cruise missile. it said to aflame 1500 kilometers and hit targets in north korea's territorial waters. and its enough to make its neighbors worry for cantankerous among the pass. there was a question about whether we were notified by the north korean military about the
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massage. i will answer the question by saying that as you know, the south north military communication hotline is not working single till if it's true that north korea fired a missile with a range of 1500 kilometers. it's threatening the pace and safety of japan and its surrounding region. we are highly concerned about this. ah, described as a strategic weapon. it's flawless, provocative, and the ballistic missiles. north korea is tested in the past and isn't subject to un sanctions, but seems intended as a reminder from north korea of its military strength. i've been even, the chinese are concerned about this to write any proper tiny scholars would event . and you know, if you watch chinese tv and stuff like that, they actually talk about like north korea or pullover and sort of restrain itself. right? but if you're north korea, you're building these weapons is a great way to get the locals to pay attention. it's kind of a useful tool for north brain diplomacy regional there's been gridlock since 2019
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over talk, same dismantling north korea's nuclear and ballistic weapons program in return for us sanctions relief. but some political analysts say north korea isn't a priority for the biden administration. kim jong admitted 2 months ago that north korea was suffering from the worst food shortage in a decade. a situation compounded by existing un sanctions and self imposed border closure due to cave in 19 and say this weekend shows strengths may have been partly for domestic consumption. victoria gates and b al jazeera, now flights and trains services in china. largest city has been cancelled as a typhoon, approaches chan through with blasting, winds of more than 150 kilometers an hour as it moved up that coast towards shanghai, schools, offices, and shops of all been shot. not typhoons already had tie one with heavy rain and wind. while brazil's president has seen his popularity plummet and repeated calls for his impeachment because of his handling of the curve at 1900 pandemic. and now
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some of both scenarios are informal support is tending against and mechanical report. the brazil prison, j e is both. so natalie is used to having crowns to support them. readmission nero's copper cabana beach. but this time, many of his voters have turned up to demand his impeachment. philip woke up, usually also, mary said he had 28 years of political experience, but had never been painted by corruption scandal. i thought he was the man who could change brazil. i was mistaken. brazil political movements both under right and left, have joined forces against both so nat'l, pushing for his impeachment. so far when 230 requests have been made and ignored by congress. this is useful, ma, a judy we decided to set aside our differences as left as parties and some of the efforts with brazil sprite wing supporters to find both scenario who represents
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a threat to our democracy, yet not premium pulse shobel sonata trailing former prison. we've seen nasa, luna, the silva, i had of next year's presidential election. many brazilians who are protesting here, do not want lola back. they were happy to see lula behind bars and corruption charges, but after seeing both so now to threaten the supreme court during the september 7th independence date celebration. they've changed their mind then the 7th was clearly supposed by the president and his followers to be at the beginning of the movement, to stage a coup. and to close the import, or at least house some of the justices from this group, what it backfired. ah, he was far more isolated and weakened after the events,
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especially the, the rallying from ball. and he had to, to make a strategic retreat. brazilians are unsatisfied with rising inflation and poverty rates, as well as the handling the corona virus pandemic. so it's almost 600000 dead. brazilian had the 2nd largest coven 19 death toll. after the united states. monica, and i guess i'll just 0. now argentina as a right wing opposition has delta blow to the ruling power, honest party, and the congressional primary voters, rising inflation and poverty, they have damaged public support for the government. despite signs of economic recovery and fewer corona virus cases and to read the by reports now from gunners. aries, i soon, emmy, vote against the government. if i were to bill for a man, this shocked argentina after sunday's primary election. the results were unexpected
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. and show how the opposition is regaining strength since their defeat of former precedent. mowdy feel, markley 2 years ago. it cannot come. we'll see him now. tonight we are saying it's enough through the poles enough to abuse tonight. more than 7 out of 10 people elected a new puff and our pot was the chosen one. and it's not only happening here and when a fire is but all around the country, i mean, ah, the ruling parties headquarters, there was disappointment. i will be over. he says, the government needs to analyze what went wrong. the government, the government lost the capacity to convince the loss of people. i'm an activist and will always support the government, but there needs to be a change of how the handling things may be more determination and transformation. that's what we want to for man. this came to power almost 2 years ago. he's part of a center left coalition and was hand picked by the former president. christina
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fernando vickers now. this selection you will draw on the ruling party ahead of november legislative election. the response. so there are many people in the country are not happy with the economic crisis, with a government handling of damage, and that's why they're demanding change. the legislative election are only 2 months away to book or whatever. so, but now that the elections won't solve the problems, people have been facing this year. the problem is that because of the pandemic, psychological problems and uncertainty with a government that can't get one thing right, there are problems with our economy and a lack of jobs. this helps people ventilate all the troubles they face. for man, this implemented one of the world to test coven 19 quarantines last year. but argentina has one of the world's highest death rates from the virus. the locked down had a huge impact on the troubled economy. this election results sent president taylor
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at the firm and there's a clear message. the question now is how he will respond. that is, i will athena when a site is still ahead here on out of canister on health care system. on the brink of collapse, the u. n is hoping to raise $600000000.00 to avoid a humanitarian crisis. we visit the world's 1st penn demik institute and see how they're preparing for the next big outbreak. and a landmark my mom for one of liverpool stop will explain why and ah, disappointment returns the loss of cloud in northern europe and given its not a particularly brilliant some of the fact this is all closing in from the north and
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the west to good prospects so summer and there is still some lights on around his limited probably. so we'd argue the hungarian plane and further south and east for spain in particular this increasing class will be helpful with his 5 are still burning. portugal the rain for as they were monday, very wet in portugal. but that whole mastercard is spreading rain further into france to spain and across the period into france, which means bordeaux's $29.00 or 30 come down is thunderstorm turning to try the wet conditions. but the general picture of, through italy and eastward is still a fairly warm one to the north of that temperature still hanging on. but much of this part of europe now as low twenties wet should be more disappointed. possibly as the matter reign over england, london still it's 20 but as over lay the colors, the reds here very obviously, as i said, probably south of austria and still north of greece. czar grabs a case in point forecast and actually about 28 degrees with sunshine. the average
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is 22 for september and we do not change right up to this day. the around one percent of electricity globally is consumed by data centers, many of which provides remote storage facilities or what is also known as the cloud . i'm in no way to see how one center is kind of thing. the energy of these fields to store our digital information without a heavy comp and footprints. and i'm going to be off the north coast of the u. k, where the global green energy revolution taking on new elements. earth rise on al jazeera. examining the headline, we can have a political defensive, political difference should not be the reason for kill other women invest because his german location we've gained access to training can run by
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a boy from different corner. i never see no american dream in america. you just feel like your caged animals, things like that. my child shouldn't go through the program that open your eyes to tennis. if you, well, today on alex oh, i know they are watching out there and that's remind you about top stories, the salad. unicef has wanted the close to a 1000000 children, and i've kind of drawn up threatened by severe acute malnutrition. the un secretary general is holding a donors conference aiming to raise $600000000.00 to avoid a humanitarian crisis. on the situation in afghanistan has been on the agenda,
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talks between us foreign minister and his french counterpart. not been until rahman funnier says counsels role is neutral and taliban leaders to engage with the international community. as we stated from the beginning, the position of state of put that as a mediator in the 1st place has been, has remained impulsion. and we have said that the nation will never be an answer. recognition is not a priority, but engagement is the only way forward for all of us live. i spend a lot for them on the afghan people should enjoy all their freedoms, including women's rights and above all, to civil relations related to terrorism and allow the delivery of aid and also to have an all inclusive interim government. these were out demands. the response from couples so far is not up to our expect.


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