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tv   [untitled]    September 13, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm AST

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me ah this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm all about this and this is the news i live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes. a plea for help guide us down to you and says at least 600000000 dollars needed to keep the country from a humanitarian crisis. the people that's going to stand, facing the collapse of an entire country all at once. the tale brothers hold talks with the father in the 1st visit to egypt by an israeli prime minister in a decade,
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not 3. it says it successfully launched a new kind of long range cruise missiles. japan warned. it's a threat to peace and his phone number jokers, which is miss down on a tennis ground from the number one beaten by daniel met for the in the final of the us are ah, the guns are in need of a lifeline. and the international community must take action to help touch the plea from the united nations, which is holding a donors conference. the aim is to raise more than $600000000.00 to avoid what it calls a humanitarian crisis. secretary general, i'm tony, says he's concerned about the collapse of an entire country, many of at risk of running out of food by the end of this month. as winter approaches mark, the international community must find ways to make cash available to allow the
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african economy to breed at total collapse with their devastated consequences to the people and risk to disturb you lies the neighboring countries with a massive out flow stop gap solutions. i critical, but the african people will leave our support over the long haul. now we are expected to hear more from until you tell us after that conference finishes, but 1st chance traffic reports from a hospital in couple which is struggling to provide basic services. 16 months old school soon has measles and pneumonia. doctor said she was too weak to be vaccinated against measles because like many children in this cobble hospital, she is suffering severe. acute malnutrition, they are fighting for their lives. 5 months old carson was born with jaundice. he
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is very on the weight too weak to cry. his mother cannot afford to feed him and she is distraught. guys, even then he stopped urinating and he had diarrhea and he was in pain crying all day and night. i don't have money to buy him milk, so go into the hospital. the india again, the children's hospital receives up to 1300 patients a day. sometimes children have to share beds because there aren't enough 9 months old dora is also suffering from pneumonia. his mother struggles to give him oxygen through a mask. the hospital doesn't have the money to fit a central oxygen system. the world bank is suspended funding for about 2300 medical facilities like this one since the taliban retook pow enough, gone as dawn at the hospital entrance, families wait for news of the young ones inside the conditions at this hospital are
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shocking and staff predict that the situation could get even worse in the coming winter months where normally rates of pneumonia among children increase. the un says 1000000 children under the age of 5 could suffer severe, acute malnutrition, a life threatening condition. if international donors don't step up, the world bank or the international institutions and governments say they want proof baton bonnie sticking to its promises on human rights before releasing money to treat children like these. there's also the issue of channeling money to a country with a new government includes taliban officials on un sanction lists. this hospital has faced shortages and supplies for years, but the situation could now get a lot worse as moon chaff. our corner failure, we're trying to renovate to make more space, but we don't have a budget. we've had problems with supply and medicines for 4 years. and we're
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afraid that if our staff continue not to be paid, they may not be able to afford to come to work. un says government and international donors have to put politics aside. the international community knows how to do that. we've done it elsewhere in the world, and they can do the same thing. and i've got this done. the international committee has done it in syria, in yemen, in other parts of the world. and we begs, and we pledge the and we urge the international community to apply the same principles of generosity that we have applied elsewhere in the world. that's where we are appealing for our, for i've got this done today for the children. if i've got a scottish done already has one of the price child mortality rates in the world without international help. the u. n says many of the estimated 10000000 children here who rely on humanitarian aid to survive will die. charles stafford algae, 0 council. well, the situation in afghanistan has been on the agenda talk soon,
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caught us foreign minister and his french counterpart. they discussed how to coordinate humanitarian aid and future evacuations. they confirmed flights. we'll continue out of cobble airports, had been dockman. tony says katara has asked the taliban to respect women's rights by giving examples of muslim countries where women play an active role. he's urged the leadership to engage with the international community. as we stated from the beginning, the position of state of clutter as a mediator in the 1st place has been, has remained in portion. and we have said that oscillation would never be an answer . recognition is not a priority, but engagement is the only way for what for all of us love, i spend a lot for them all to the afghan people should enjoy all their freedoms, including women's rights and above all, to sever relations related to terrorism, and allow the delivery of aid and also to have an all inclusive interim government
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. these were out demands. the response from couples so far is not up to our expectation. we have heard the statements made and we are waiting for the actions if we will continue to exercise pressure on the taliban to fulfill their commitments and mom i vol. has this update from the meeting here and go home. the focus has been on the issue of the sun and particularly the continuation of evacuations of french, the french nationalist. from there he, the french foreign minister said that at least 47 for international javion evacuated today. let me take you to the meeting at the un in geneva for you. and secondly, general antonio, chad is speaking about the situation in afghanistan. we have cit, the city international and regional organizations, and 22 international n g o z. it is a level of, but the patient that shows much does is a crucial issue at the present moment for the international community. second,
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it's fully met my expectations because there was a you nanny, most support to the recognition that these is the moment to mobilize the international community to provide effective you many teddy and assistance to the african people in a moment in which the african people is suffering an enormous emetic humanitarian situation. and the not only these was recognized by all the interventions, but also the idea that that's mandatory and a needs to be provide safely, needs to be provided in full respect of the mediterranean principles in partially to know rally to the independence needs based. and at the same time, the we the particular concern in relation to the participation of women and girls and the rights of women and girls in the context of the program of support and
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assistance to the african people. and 3rd, because there was a, an extremely meaningful announcement of new commitments, new financial commitments. it is not possible to give you a figure about what was the among the nato as spoken. and what was the amount specifically for the flash appealed, but considering the flesh appeal, considering support to neighboring countries and other programs, the depth of several countries mentioned today, we already heard clearly more than $1000000000.00 us dollars of pledges. it is impossible, as i said, to say, oh, much of these will be for the flesh appeal, but in any case, the 3 presents at quantum leap in relation to the financial commitment of
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the international community to the african people. but this conference is not an isolated act. discomfort is part of a clear strategy of the united nations to respond to the cries is and i forgot his son. and in particular to assume leadership in relation to humanity in assistance. i have to say that when i saw the tragic events that we all witnessed, the mass exit, those, the cables at the airport, the situation of panic that, that was shown in all televisions around the world's even the pressure for many of our staff because they will see everybody living and expressing their own concerns . i decided that the us should stay and deliver with all the secretaries and all the m predictable expects of the future. the way should
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stay and the liver and that's un should use it's that additional presence enough gun is that we are, that seems $47.00. and do that in all moments, even during the oven volleyball regime that's un, should use it's traditional presence enough gun, is that, and it's at its value in humanity, in assistance to make you meditate an assist this the main vector of our intervention at the present moment. and to do so, we organize the program of actions that we are implementing at the present moment. first, it's impossible to provide humanitarian assistance inside. i've got, he's done without the engaging with the fact to authorities of the country. and i do believe that it is very important to engage with the taliban at the present moment for all aspects that concern the international community beads about
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terrorism, beads about human rights be it's about drugs, be about the nature of the government. so our attitude is to engage. and so martin griffith went to couple. if you can see that, that under secretary general is in proper called terms, the equivalent to administer. it was the 1st, the 1st visit to gobble to mid to the tale and leadership at that level. and they went there clearly to establish the conditions for effective humanitarian assistance by the un in afghanistan. and for the guarantee that this could be done with the, the full corporation of the taliban. and with them taking fully into concern our own concerns. it is important to say that martin,
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good. if it's beyond the discussions he had received a letter in which together with another received today in which the taliban f committed not only to get into our success to the whole of the 30 tory, but also to provide security to us co voice reaching insecure areas. and so all the main concern with the security of all the stuff was taken into account into they made some encouraging and courage inc. statements that they wrote in relation to the important questions for us about the participation of women in work. in general, let me do many that in work in particular, and the rights of girls for all areas, all levels of education. not to mention
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a number of others that are related naturally to the safety of our staff, to the get in tea. that's all premises will be protected and another group of questions that are important. obviously, these commitments, commitments, mates. we will now if to see what happens on the ground, we know the situation is very complex. we know that in different parts of afghan is down. there are different approaches to the most distinct areas. and we out of course, very much concerns in making sure that you met teddy and assistance is and then 3.4 and effective engagement with the taliban in all other aspects of concern of the international community. i was also very happy to see that the whole
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un family came together. the whole family came together. the, in the preparation of all flesh appeal came together in assuming exactly the same strategy in relation to african is done today for the program that is in couple several of the agency will be going to couple to make sure that in their specific areas we implement the different aspects that we have discussed in the visit of martin griffith. and so there is a strong commitment of un to the liver to deliver you maintain assistance to the people about gun is done. but at the same time, to fully engage with taliban relation to all the matters of concern that i have expressed several times. but there is another observation i would like to make you many, teddy and aids will not solve the problem. if the economy of afghanistan collapses,
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and we know that the risk is enormous, and that that is that a magic lack of cash. we cannot even operate if the banks are not operating given to pay the salaries, lower stuff. so the knowing that there are a number of complex complex questions, the relation to these knowing that the different institutions have different obligations according to the scene, the aspects coming from boston resolutions and things of the sort. but my appeal to the international community is to find ways to allow for an injection of cash in the african to economy, allowing economy to breathe and avoiding the collapse that to have devastate the consequences for the people of afghanistan and possible. 3 maxi of eggs of those,
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with the consequences that you can imagine in relation to the stability of the countries of the region. so understanding all the problems and all the questions that the many countries and institutions analyzed. i my appeal is sought mechanisms to be found to make sure that we don't let the, the economy of afghanistan collapse. thank you very much, mr. secretary general. we now have time for some questions, and it's 1st of all, i want to say it's very great to see my friends here from the, the u. n. correspondence here, based in geneva. and let's see who the 1st question could go to from geneva. a t s. r t s lawrence. nice to see you. yeah, thank you. thank you. secretary general. that has been there have been some warnings
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on conditional humanitarians him for instance, by the i shall see president p tomorrow. and we could also hear from stakeholders within the u. n. system similar concerns in, in the recent weeks for instance w h, who are you reassured about that after that conference today. and they have been also some calls for more inclusive humanitarian aid. and this morning, the high commissioner for human rise as they have been some attacks against i've got angels. how will the un be able to be sure that the humanitarian, the head will be inclusive now in afghanistan? thank you. well that's could be, it's meant was made, but i have to say that the what gets her motor said to they as my full support,
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humanitarian aids abides by you meditate in principles. humanitarian aid doesn't abide by political strategies. and in my opinion, if we want to protect the human rights of the people of, of can you stand the best way is to move on with the military and 8 and the engage the taliban. and take profits of that to meditate in a to push for those rights to be implemented. let's have no illusion. we are not trying to transform, i've got his son into sweden or switzerland. but we know that there are a number of basic rides that is essential to implement and they are in the center of our engagement with the taliban. so i don't think that to the if the fact was taught it is of a country misbehave. the solution is to collect the punishment to their people. i think we need to have clears
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a clear perspective of the primacy of the mediterranean principles at the same time as the top of the 3rd of the nation. to use them as a factor of engagement to make sure that the commitments that were made will be respected, having set so i think that we have today enough gone is done in concrete terms, different situations in different areas. and of course we have in several areas, very dramatic violations of human rights. you have you, not that it's more secured and the normal situation. but as you can imagine, what is news is not when a dog bites a man, what he's news is when a man bites a dog. and so obviously, any incident, any problem gets much more attention, then the things that are running a little bit better. so not this counting that we face still very serious
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problems every month, right. and being fully in the solidarity with the what today was a firm divide the high commission of for human rights. i think it's important to launch a strong program of immune teddy and aids and to use it as a leverage in order to engaging with the taliban make human rights those years move forward. thank you very much. from n h k, we have chicago kurama. no, thank you. thank you for taking my question. sure. go clamor from an h. k. jeff, it's public tv. you just it more than 1000000000 you were raised, but can you tell me know the specific amount of these a specific amount by the end of today, it's impossible. we still have more people to talk than those that have talked. so it's impossible. and as i said, that the, this was not pledging conference,
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these was an event i level event to mobilize slowly that it into african is done and we launched the flesh appealed to support it. but many of the interventions referred specifically to the flesh appeal and many referred to support 2 countries of the region, which is part of an appeal that was launched by un, it's just a few days ago, and many referred to other aspects of their support to i've got this done. so if we take what was 17 now? more than 1200000000 pledges were made. but i cannot tell you the exact number that correspond to the flesh appeal in itself. but the, for all the money is needed for the purpose. thank you very much. all phones press kristof. thank you for taking my question. secretary general
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you were talking about the importance to, to talk was to talk about and to engage with them. would you be ready to go to campbell and under what condition and when this is some sink to the sides at the right moment when the right conditions are met. the next question i'll rubia. thank you. secretary janetta. thank you. a did the you and receive it and assurances from taliban that agencies and that part would be able to operate freely and i've done stan and have complete control of that operations. thank you. the
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answer is yes. in the letter that he received 2 documents, one was guaranteeing the fully money teddy and work of the women, the respect or the taliban. to that truly meditating work. and the seconds there, they are available to provide security to provide even escorts the when that are situations of security that will just the fight. so not only that is an attitudes of acceptance, but there is an attitude of support that was what was written. thank you. i believe we but we will be circulating if you haven't already received it. martin griffin statement to the conference in which the very key excerpts from that letter are outlined. and you can refer to that directly. it's also important to in the line
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that in that letter the tale, but also made appeals to international community to support i've done is done in different aspects in relation to innovation, to the develop mountain relation to drive the nation to questions of security. so, i mean, there is a clear interest of the tale, but also to engage with the international community. and i think this is what gives also the social community some leverage i'm in. and it is, it is relevant to say that i mean, totally been, can see that it will be important to address also the international community still use conference. let me now read
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a question to us from the total news agency of afghanistan. and this is from hyder shot of mead, who is incredible. he was unable to tune in today, but we appreciate him very much for sending us to questions to you. secretary general is the taliban government, a deterrent, or a facilitator to your operation in raising funds and delivering humanitarian support and against. and i'll let you answer that and then i'll ask the follow up. because as i said, the visit, the marketing grief it's paid to couple was very useful and i believe it has helped to create the conditions for cooperation in military assistance. ok. and follow up. there are reports that currently people were deprived from accessing food and other basic needs. however,
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the taliban rejects these allegations. how are you going to make sure people in need in every corner of the country will equally access the assistance you provide? do you trust the taliban by being there, by going everywhere and by engaging with the taliban to make it possible. phase from al jazeera. thank you very much. secretary general. how serious now is the possibility of a complete economic collapse in afghanistan? it is serious. the financial system for the present moment is extremely limited in its capacity, which means that to a number of basic economic functions that cannot be delivered. and of course, for people they had, as you know,
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the possibility to get a limited amount of cash, but with enormous difficulties that we are having also enormous difficulties and them. i mean, an economy doesn't work without the blog and the blood of the economy is cash. and so, as i said, i think it is important to avoid the collapse of the economy. and i think the international community to find the ways to do it without violating international rules and dorms and there are situations in the past with similar things were dealt with. you're watching, i'll just say that we're bringing your live coverage of a press conference being given by the un secretary general antonio is following meeting by the you end to discuss the situation in afghanistan said to general chad as they are just responding to a question by i'll just see it as james, based with regard to the serious risk to afghanistan, the economy,
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secretary general saying that it is very serious and saying that he had was hoping that the international community would put in place and structures to ensure that the economy of kind of stand did not collapse fairly wrong. he said it was important to allow the economy to breathe. he said earlier that my appeal to the international community is to find ways to allow an injection of cash into the economy of afghanistan. earlier on in that press conference, he also referred to on a couple of occasions, commitments that have been given by the taliban to the un with regard to giving access to the whole of the country. he said to all areas and also to give security were necessary to un convoys, too unstable areas. he ate it also, he said, made some encouraging statements about the rights of women. i want to bring in charles start folks who live for us in kabul. charles,
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one of the key things that the secretary general said right at the start of this press conference was that he had pledges from un members of 1100000000 dollars he wasn't able to specify whether or not those were fresh pledges. and much of that was fresh pledge and how much was that was existing cash that had been promised beforehand, but there's no question. is the child this money is absolutely crucial. so i've kind of started right now. the situation on the ground in this country, certainly in the 3 weeks that we've been here suddenly in the capital and in the surrounding areas is pretty horrific. visiting hospitals.


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