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tv   [untitled]    September 13, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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start folks who live for us in kabul. charles, one of the key things that the secretary general said right at the start of this press conference was that he had pledges from un members of 1100000000 dollars he wasn't able to specify whether or not those were fresh pledges or much of that was fresh pledge and how much was that was existing cash that had been promised beforehand, but there's no question. is the child this money is absolutely crucial. so i've got to start right now. yeah, the situation on the ground in this country, certainly in the 3 weeks that we've been here, certainly in the capital and in the surrounding areas is pretty horrific. visiting hospitals, health facilities, some of them without even basic things like power seat them all people who haven't been paid off and been paid for months. for example,
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a hospital that we visited yesterday, the largest children's hospital here in cobble doctor saying that a times children having to share beds, patients having to ship it because there aren't enough in there. there are serious concerns about what happens in the next couple of months. of course, as we go into winter when things like you made pneumonia rates go up. it is a desperate situation here with reference to the economy that we heard that from the un secretary general. i mean, just every day on the street say you see thousands of people queueing up panicking to try and get access to to money in the banks. the banks only allowing people to withdraw a certain amount. there is a grape sent of impending, a really serious crisis being played out. so it is very obviously important that as we heard that the international community starts gauging with the taliban
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through their intermediaries through the un to keep this aid that is coming through how to trickle at this rate. coming into the country, we know that there are convoys of a trucks that come through from the pakistan border. there was another delivery of a today delivered by a charter flight to cause a chance or flights or a couple of flights yesterday as well. it is nowhere near enough, and as you say, as i say when, when you walk into a clinic as we did last week, just outside cobble, and the doctor's only 3 saying will look, these are our shelves. there's nothing there. we've got children who got mothers who need to keep us. we've got no rubber gloves. we got no anesthetics, we've got no anti virus. we don't even have power seats. and they described having not petrol for their generators, for example. so in electricity blackouts, constantly having to help women get fusing the talk cheese on their mobile phones. the situation is indeed very grave and i think it's also important to point out,
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as we heard, emphasized there by the un secretary general, that aid is not going to solve this problem. it has to be some way for the international community to inject some amount of cash into this economy that doesn't in any way contravene international law. because we know course the members of this into entirely about governmental un sanctions list. he said that a wasn't going to solve the problem. so there are huge challenges ahead and at the moment all emphasis is, is trying to work out some sort of system to get the taliban engaged, to get the international community engaged with them as a say through intermediaries. the vote contravene international law to help the what the un estimates could. if things don't change, why around about this time? next j could see 98 percent of this country's population under the poverty line,
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some very dramatic, allowing statistics until you go towers. we're talking romancing before saying that the taliban had given certain commitments with regard to giving access to the un to but to parts of large parts of kind of stand and also guarantees with regard to security and various other things. obviously, signing a very positive note. but there is a difference on the ground, isn't that charles and you're there because you know that what it can be agreed at the top level of the taliban doesn't necessarily prove to be the case on the ground in all cases. so those guarantees that are given by the taliban and it's going to be interested to be how that plays out in real life as it was on the ground. such right? certainly hearing, cobble in our experience. and i think it's fair to say the experience of the majority of the international media and foreigners here,
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the tyler bond that you see in the streets at checkpoints, and so on. a very, pretty much by large, well disciplined and respectful. there have been incidents mind as well as we proposed to to during small protests, taliban fighters, being accused of treating protest is roughly beating protest is up the ton about to be very quick to come out and condemn that kind of behavior they've in the past. off a telephone numbers that people can call if they have complaints against taliban allegations that need to be made. and they said that full investigations of any kind of allegations will be made. and those if found guilty will be brought to justice that sin cobble. but it's also important to recognize also this is a huge country and there are various different groups, although they come under the brother of the taliban. it is. so analysts say fall from a cookie group and they're happy,
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was it insolence people that we've spoken to? certainly traveling through from pakistan to get his cobble that have had problems with what they described as, for example, aaron commanders or eric tyler bond fighters who have caused problems for them of intimidation. and not a slightly seemingly more serious incidence as well. those incidents were reported to the taliban leadership here in cobble and we understand that those the, the, the come on is that committed, that have been seriously reprimanded, but yeah, it just shows highlights yet again, the situation has improved dramatically. the security situation here since the taller ball and have taken control, despite the stretch from ice will despite the risk bombing attack that we saw during the evacuation. and every day afghans will tell you that. but there are huge challenges ahead, especially in, in some of the provinces and some of the remote areas. but as we heard the 60 general saying that the view and we're committed,
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we know that lots of their stop the foreign staff that left during the evacuation whole left as the taliban came into cobble. they, we understand many of them have come back the u. n. c very committed to, to try and do all they can to keep the humanitarian coming in and get a lot more into charge. thanks very much. indeed. that's charles stratford in couple ah, i'm moving on to other world news now. natalie bennett is in egypt, on the 1st official visit by an any prime minister in a decade is met president of l. c. c. resorts, city on the sign i'm peninsula that talks will focus and issues including israel, palestine relations, and the sci fi in johnson. how are you force it has more from west jerusalem. this was an invitation that was given through the egyptian intelligence chief from the
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presidency c, during the intelligent chief's visit to jerusalem last month. and it is one which has seen the egyptians rolled out the red carpet or more accurately the israeli flag. there are pictures of the 2 men sitting together, natalie, but in front of it is ready flag. unlike what took place 10 years ago with benjamin netanyahu. there's obviously a real effort here from the egyptians to show that they are trying to build on and submit this relationship in a, in a more public way than usual. there's some analysis here that that is because they want to demonstrate to the americans, their concern potentially about changes in the foreign policy towards egypt from the, by the administration. egypt as the 2nd biggest recipient of u. s. military aid in the world. so being friendly with the biggest recipient in this public way, presumably makes sense on that front. the egyptians also talking about regional
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developments, speculation that that will include the situation with iran. but almost certainly there will be a great deal of focus on the situation in gaza. egypt does mediate between the egyptians of, excuse me, is ready rather, and hamas, and the other fighting factions. within garza, it was crucial in bringing an end to the fighting. in may, the international monetary fund is to provide more than $1000000000.00 to lebanon, which is grappling with a deep economic crisis. the new cabinets been holding its 1st meeting since being appointed last week. billionaire businessmen, nancy mccarty took charge as prime minister last week. after 13 months of deadlock to plunge the country even deeper into crisis in order has more from beirut. the words of the new prime minister, a lot of work awaits us. they need to rescue the country. the economy is all about collapse. look behind me, gas stations are close. there have been crippling fuel shortage for weeks now. it
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has paralyzed, the economy paralyzed the country. we are at the main thoroughfare. it's monday. the 1st day of the business week, there's supposed to be traffic. and as you can see, traffic is very thin. yes, this is a government that is cash drops. this is a state which is nearly bankrupt, can no longer subsidize essential goods, essentially like fuel. and once the subsidies are listed, not only will the price, the fuel skyrocket, the price of every other commodity. so this new government will have to contain public anger. but it has received a financial lifeline lab and on the shareholder in the i m. m, which means it has special drawing, right? so it has been able to withdraw more than $1000000000.00, so definitely a lifeline. how will the government spend it? will it continue subsidizing good?
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a policy which has been criticized because it has led to smuggling and importers hoarding fuel and creating a black markets. or will it use this money to support what half a $1000000.00 families vulnerable families who are desperately in need of a $100.00 cash for assistance. every month, so the economy has collapsed more than 80 percent of the population for the currency has collapsed. so a lot of challenges ahead, but that $1000000000.00, of course, it will help, but that is a short term solution. what this government needs to come up with is a sustainable path to recovery. and the united states military says miss all the tests conducted by north korea pose a threat to the countries neighbors. north korea state new service reported a new type of long range cruise missile has been tested. victoria gave me the details. photo is released by north korea state realm. media reportedly show a test that took place over the weekend of a new long range cruise missile. or you could call you and it said to aflame 1500
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kilometers and hit targets in north korea territorial waters. and it's enough to make its neighbors worry when redemption of nuclear missile activity clearly shows that it is urgent to have engagement in dialogue with north korea to find a fundamental solution to such problems. single kid or if it's true that north korea fired a missile with a range of 1500 kilometers, it's threatening the peace and safety of japan and its surrounding region. we are highly concerned about this. are described as a strategic weapon. it's fall as provocative in the ballistic missiles, north korea tested in the past and isn't subject to un sanctions, but seems intended as a reminder from north korea of its military strength. i've been even the chinese are concerned about this to write any proper tiny scholars would event. and you know, if you watch chinese tv and stuff like that, they actually talk about like north korea or pullover and sort of restrain itself.
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right? but if you're north korea, you're building the weapons is a great way to get the locals to pay attention. it's kind of a useful tool for in our pre diplomacy region. there's been gridlock since 2019 over talk same to dismantling north korean nuclear and ballistic weapons program in return for us sanctions relief. but some political analysts say north korea isn't a priority for the biden administration. kim jong admitted 2 months ago that north korea was suffering from the worst food shortage in a decade. a situation compounded by existing un sanctions and self imposed border closure due to cave 19 and say this weekend shows strength may have been partly for domestic consumption. victoria gate and b al jazeera government and jerry, i have freed more than $200.00 prisoners during an attack and a medium security jail in cub that's in the state of colgate. a soldier and policeman will kill june. the attack into guides a missing was staying in nigeria, nearly 70 students had been released by the captors in some for the state. they
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were abducted along with several teachers almost 2 weeks ago. kidnapping for ransom is becoming increasingly common in nigeria. the military is carrying out an offensive against armed gangs in some of the un human rights chief is urging ethiopians government and to guy and forces to be accountable for the alleged abuses during fighting in the region. show boshoway says a report in the u. s. investigation will be out in november. i also the government of job at their own vision of the investigation report as part of its efforts to bring about accountability. i also rated it my call to the return government to ensure accountability for a lead, widespread human rights violation by the forces in the gray region. grievances must be addressed through meaningful peace building and reconciliation efforts to avoid the risk that they will, the counterpart with profound implications for the country and the rest of the home of africa. paper morgan has covered the humanitarian crisis integral extensively,
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and she sent us this update from neighboring, su, done more than 60000 refugees have crossed over things, the thought of the conflict. and they all say that they doubt accountability will be served, especially for those who lost family members and who watched people being great. that's something that came up in the report of the human rights commissioner that there was rapes and killings committed against the people have to grow by the european government. she also described the reports of our bodies found in to teach over into dance, got out of state as very disturbing. now we have covered that and we've spoken to people who have recovered the bodies from the river. they say that the bodies were thrown into the river by her militias, and that they were able to communicate to some grant, who are still in, in homer and into gray. and that they witness bodies being thrown into the river after being tortured and shot. we also had the attorney general of speaking on the
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latest regarding the fighting and pig right and other parts of the fuel pm. we call upon the international community and they the human rights council to condemn the use of terrorist tactics, child soldiers, as well as the mosque killing of civilians, the organized looting and wanton destruction. that the t p has been inflicting in our fall. and i'm our regional faith. if he's high time the world wakes up to the reality that the t p l if he's the aggressor and not the victim in these tragedy, and now the left. remember that the preliminary report, this is not the final report. the reports that it's supposed to be final said to be out and the 1st of november. that's when the conflict, if it is still continuing, will enter it 1st year, argent is writing opposition, has built a blow to the ruling, pat honest party and the congressional primary vote. rising inflation on poverty have damaged public support for the government. treatable reports from going to
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service as soon as you vote against the government. if i were to go for a man this shocked argentina after sunday's primary elections. the results were unexpected. and show how the opposition is regaining strength since their defeat a former press in modi. feel motley, 2 years ago it cannot come. we'll see him though. tonight we are saying it's enough through the poles enough to abuse to night, more than 7 out of 10 people elected a new path and our path was the chosen one. and it's not only happening here in witness areas, but all around the country. i mean the at the ruling parties headquarters, there was disappointment. i will be involved. he says, the government needs to analyze what went wrong with the government lost the capacity to convince a lot of people. i'm an activist and will always support the government. but there needs to be a change of how the handling things maybe more determination and transformation. that's what we want. i want to fun man. this came to power almost 2 years ago. he's
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part of a center left coalition and was hand picked by the former president. christina fernando vickers. now. this election, he would drop on the ruling party ahead of november's legislative election. there we thought still, there are many people in the country are not happy with the economic crisis, with a government handling of damage. and that's why they're demanding change. the legislative election are only 2 months away to book or whatever. so, but now that of the elections won't solve the problems. people have been facing this year. the problem is that because of the pandemic, psychological problems and uncertainty with a meant that can't get one thing right. there are problems with our economy and a lack of jobs. this helps people ventilate all the troubles. they face fernandez, implemented one of the world to test covey,
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19 quarantines last year. but argentine has one of the world's highest death rates from the virus. the locked down had a huge impact on the troubled economy. this election results sent president albert at the firm and this a clear message. the question now is how he will respond to this. i will, i'll jessina when a site is. so i had an audience here in sport, heartbreak for the world. number one, a new york, all the tenants actually coming up in just a moment a
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ah me ah ah ah,
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i did. thank you so much trouble, no joke, which has failed in his bits when. oh for this she is grand slam titles. joclett was one match away from crating history, but last out, c rushes daniel meditative, in the final of the us open. so hell malik ripples. daniel made video said he was determined to stop the nova joke a bitch from make history. and from the very 1st set of sundays flushing meadows final, the russian look dead set on making good on his word. yorba which never really found his dried off the dropping the 6th floor. he lost the 2nd by the same school line. yeah. and it to sit down the dream of being the 1st man since $969.00 to sweep all the major's in a calendar year, while also seeing
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a record breaking 21st grand slam looks to be flipping away. so i did show some glimpses of resistance, but it wasn't enough to 2 and a quarter. i was on pool midway, there would finally have this moment the russian taking the fool to win his 1st grand slam and ruin. what could have been the biggest moment of joke of which is career? and despite you being so compose the gravity of what had happened, seemed to take an emotional tone on the world number one. kind of visualizing myself standing here in front of you guys and what would i say? and i would like to say. busy tonight,
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even though i haven't won the match, my heart is filled with joy and i'm the happiest man alive because you guys made me feel very know what he was going for today. and i just want to say that i mean what i want to accomplish this year for your career. i never had this to anybody else. and right now for me, you are the greatest tennis player in the history special day for med with a man that will long be remembered for his history denying victory in new york to hell malik geneva? well, we've been talking to veteran sinister. i said craig gabriel about the scale of med for depth achievements. well, it is historic in itself. i mean, there was
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a history that novak jock of which was going for by tried to win the cat on the grand slam and when a 21st korea major. but the historical aspect for danielle negative is the fact that he has water. that with this incredible result of a novak going into this final jarvis should lead the head to head 53. now it's 5 water jug events that. busy has been narrowed and no sorry danny will med but has . busy produced the match in his life, they played it. the struggling open final this year was pretty straightforward to, to jock image amendment to learn from that experience. this was just the final of the majors and his 1st grand slam championship. liverpool mohammed seller has reached a premier league landmark and his team's 3 went over lead the egyptian for the same head here for 20 minutes. that was his 100 goal in english subdivision on the for
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the place. of course that's oakland. few games. is it a 2nd after the break here from the beanie o ceremony was to make it 3 know in stock based on that was his 99th. go for the club room, i level points to the top of the table with manchester united and chelsea. i'm interested in a form we had been move on the title. i am interested in the best possible shape begin of now, and i don't even know it far away from being perfect is called nice goals, but be, should have had more clear cut chances will finishes. but that's not a problem today for analysis. brilliant. but we, we know we have space for improvement and we have to do that. well for the 1st time in 560 days, romans refunds back of the been a bio source, the theme say come self. vega, the state has been close to renovation. the project isn't due to finished until the end of 2022, but work will carry on in between matches, right? you saw a lot of kind of ink already looking right at home. he came with a bunch to make it w in school. just
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a few minutes like to combine the completed his hattrick su minutes from tommy finished 5 to to re out in the plan for one will champion, louis hamilton says he was lucky to escape serious injury during sunday's italian grown pre hamilton and south rival macs. the stop and colliding midway through the ice in missouri. how much and belief is called halo head protection. system safety like stewards with the find the stuff in laws you to blame that given him a 3 placed grip penalty for the next race. you thought i was going to be fighting someone who is of course, also realize that so after the war nearly moved to the left on the breaking. so i already had to move on to the green side of the truck next to the check came out. i want to make sure on the positive, on the outside and the head going into into the corner and they seem to know, but nevertheless, i thought we're going to have a nice 5 and someone to return to that soon as i was next step on squeezing more and more to the last couple of minutes. so unfortunate and i so both
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will just have enough space to make it. it can kill me. you run me a bit too much out of road for then i clipped before her up. and that's why we thought she went away from that trouble, australian dunny ricardo started from 2nd, but took the lead and the 1st corner stayed in front the remainder of the race claiming his 1st victory in 3 years in atlanta, north. the 2nd with mclaren, when the 1st grown priest in 2012 ounce rebuffs who got to the back of the grid, he finished inside to lead literally from start to finish. i. i don't think any of us expected that, but i don't know if there was something something in me on friday. i knew something was something good was to come, so let's just set up. okay, more for me in a couple of i was telling but that is high school is looking for now. thank you very much indeed. and that is all for this news. i'm going to be back in a couple of minutes. was more on all the story. be with me if you can to forget the
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website, i'll just 0. don't com mattresses to box enough. ah . news news. i take the worst possible material you radio grinding into dust comparable flour and make a whole lot of it. and put it into the face where people live, can often design for many people. this is a silent killer. what does it make you feel like you feel like a murder? we have created an enormous mental disaster and investigation. south
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africa, toxic city on al jazeera bus clearings and now taking over what used to be pristine forest, where giant trees one stood tall and cheaper to use. roll conservation is said, the area is warming with eco timber, lockers and porches. 4 years ago. the government in steering in the east, the ban on the timber trade. but not decision only opened a flood gate and controlled illegal logging steadily on his home to more than 5000 was to japan sees more than 1500 of them. i found them the loan amount to regional and they're far from safe because the vision is under pressure to save them after the resumption of looking and the return of cultures around one percent of electricity globally is consumed by data centers, many of which provide promote storage facilities or what is also known as the cloud . i'm in no way to see how one center is honda thing. the energy of the fuel was to
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stole our digital information without a heavy comp and footprints. and i'm russell beard off the north coast of the u. k, where the global green energy revolution, taking on a new elements, earth rise on al jazeera. i me a plea to help us kind of stand the un secretary general says more than $1000000000.00 has been pledged in aid. ah, that isn't, this is all the rely from dell ha. also coming up. it's not funny. balance holds talks without the c c and the 1st visit to egypt by an israeli prime minister in a decade. north korea says it's successfully launched a new kind of long range, cruise missile japan, ones. it's a threat to peace.


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