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tv   [untitled]    September 13, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing p p. s d like symptoms. jump into this dream and julian global community. if you're on live on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation as well. this stream announces era, ah, a plea to help. i've got to stand the un secretary general. it says more than $1000000000.00 has been placed in a ah madison. this is i'll just hear a live from bill have also coming up now tommy bennett holds talks with the c. c. in the 1st visit to egypt, divine israeli prime minister in a decade on new cabinets, meets for the 1st time as the i m. f, and answers funds to give the crippled country of financial lifeline. north korea
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says it successfully launched a new kind of long range cruise this on japan warns it's a threat to peace ah, international donors have played more than a $1000000000.00 to help us get this done for foreign aid has dried up after the taliban takeover donations followed a plea for help from the un saying africans what an urgent need of a lifeline. its target was at least $600000000.00 to avoid what it calls a humanitarian crisis. secretary general, i'm tony, says he's concerned about the collapse of an entire country. many are at risk of running out of food by the end of the month as winter approaches. our diplomatic editor james bays is at the conference in geneva. the united nations is still seriously concerned about the situation in afghanistan. yes, the 2nd general said he's been very pleased by the response of the international
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community. he came here to geneva for this flash appeal, saying that he wanted $606000000.00 for the next 4 months. and i'm going to start in new money. well, we know that lots of money is being pledged. what the us trying to work out is that some of that money is money that already been pledged by nations. whether it is that new money, but they are, i think generally pleased by the response from the international community bought the secretary general. when i asked him about the possibility of a complete economic collapse. enough chemist on said that was still a serious possibility. financial system for the present moment is extremely limited in its capacity, which means that a number of basic economic functions cannot be delivered. and of course, for people the, they had, as you know, the possibility to get a limited amount of cash, but with enormous difficulties that we are having also enormous difficulties and
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them. i mean, an economy doesn't work without the blogs and the blood of the economy is cash. and so, as i said, i think it is important to avoid the collapse of the economy. and i think the international community to find the ways to do it without violating international rules and norms. he said the situation is extremely urgent and that's because of the calendar. obviously winter is approaching enough kind of stuff. and even if they get the money from the international community, and it seems they have got quite a bit more money, they've got to get the humanitarian aid and get it distributed before winter sets in. unicef is warning that close to 1000000 children and i've kind of started threatened by acute malnutrition. many hospitals relying humanitarian aid are struggling to provide basic services. charles stafford visited one and campbell, 16 months old school soon has measles and pneumonia. doctor said she was too weak
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to be vaccinated against measles because like many children in this cobble hospital, she is suffering severe. acute malnutrition, they are fighting for their lives. 5 months old carson was born with jaundice. he is very on the weight too weak to cry. his mother cannot afford to feed him and she is distraught. even then he stopped urinating and he had diarrhea and he was in pain crying all day and night. i don't have money to buy him milk, so brought into the hospital the india again, the children's hospital receives up to 1300 patients a day. sometimes children have to share beds because there aren't enough 9 months old dora is also suffering from pneumonia. his mother's struggles to give him
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oxygen to a mosque hospital doesn't have the money to fit a central oxygen system. the world bank is suspended funding for about 2300 medical facilities like this one since the taliban retook pow enough. gone as dawn at the hospital entrance, families wait for news of their young ones inside the conditions at this hospital are shocking and staff predict that the situation could get even worse in the coming winter months where normally rates of pneumonia among children increase. the un says 1000000 children under the age of 5 could suffer severe, acute malnutrition, a life threatening condition. if international donors don't step up, the world bank or the international institutions and governments say they want proof baton bonnie sticking to its promises on human rights. before releasing money to treat children like these, there's also the issue of channeling money to
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a country where the new government includes taliban officials on un sanction lists . this hospital has faced shortages and supplies for years, but the situation could now get a lot worse. as moon shuffle corner failure, we're trying to renovate to make more space, but we don't have a budget. we've had problems with supply and medicine for 4 years. and we're afraid that if our staff continue not to be paid, they may not be able to afford to come to work. un says government and international donors have to put politics aside. the international community knows how to do that. they've done it elsewhere in the world, and they can do the same thing. and i've got this done. the international committee has done it in syria, in yemen, in other parts of the world. and we bags, and we pledged the and we urge the international community to apply the same principles of generosity that we have applied elsewhere in the world. that's where we are appealing for our, for i've got this done today for the children. if i've got install,
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i've got it done already, has one of the price child mortality rates in the world without international help, the u. n says many of the estimated 10000000 children here who rely on humanitarian aid to survive will die. child stafford al jazeera, called the situation in afghanistan has been on the agenda. talk soon, caught us foreign minister and his friends counterpart that discuss how to coordinate humanitarian aid and future evacuations. that confirmed flights will continue out of couple airport. how many been billed on mine? autonomy says cut out has asked the taliban to respect women's rights by giving examples of muslim countries for women play an active role. he's urged the leadership to engage with the international community. as we stated from the beginning, the position of state of put that as immediately in the 1st place has been, has remained impulsion. and we have said that ice edition will never be announcer.
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recognition is not a priority, but engagement is the only way forward for all of us live, i spend a lot for them all to the afghan people should enjoy all their freedoms, including women's rights and above all, to sever relations related to terrorism, and allow the delivery of aid and also to have an all inclusive interim government . these were out demands. the response from couples so far is not up to our expectation. we have heard the statements made and we are waiting for the actions. we will continue to exercise pressure on the taliban to fulfill their commitments and israel and egypt have agreed to strengthen the relationship in the interests of both countries. is really premise enough, tony bennett, made the comments after meeting with his egyptian counterpart of the cc is described there, talks as important and very good up to discussing political security and economic issues. bennett is the 1st israeli leader on an official visit to egypt in a decade. the because shown at the meeting was very important and very good. during
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the meeting, we created an infrastructure for a deep connection for the future. we discussed political security and economic issues and ways to solidify the relationship and strengthen the interests of our country, israel's opening up to the countries of the region and the basis for this long standing recognition is the peace between israel and egypt and therefore on both sides we must invest in strengthening this relationship and we did that today. let's bring in heavy force at who's in west jerusalem, how one would imagine that i have been unofficial contacts between egypt and israel because egypt has acted as a mediator in the past, in the conflict between israel and the palestinians. but what do you think? both sides are trying to gain out of this very public high profile meeting. well yes, you're right. it is extremely public and profile. it's the 1st such visit public because it at least by a prime minister of israel since benjamin netanyahu went to the same location
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in 2011. so obviously he is responding bennett prime minister bennett to a, an invitation transmitted through the head of egyptian security who is in israel. and in august and communicated this invitation and very much the red carpet was laid out. and the ready flag as well, which is something that benjamin netanyahu didn't see during his visit. so a very public courting by the egyptians to have this, this major event from bennett, you heard what he said there about an infrastructure for a deep relationship going forward. various issues being discussed, regional issues, but also specifically they talked about the situation in gaza. egypt, as you say, has acted as a mediator before it was instrumental in bringing an end to the fighting in may. and the, the prime minister did say, if they say that the significant role in maintaining security and stability in the
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gaza strip that in egypt plays was part of the negotiations that talks and officials being quoted in these ready media. as saying that bennett specifically asked for further restrictions and oversight at the rough are crossing between garza and egypt. and as well as that, the discussions included trade and opening up trade. we heard that the restrictions on is ready tourists into the sun. i peninsula had been entirely lifted as of earlier in the morning. also the announcement, the adoption, the egypt national airline, would fly 4 times a week from next month between cairo and television. there's also analysis. this is important for egypt in terms of its relationship with the united states. it is the 2nd highest beneficiary off the israel of us military aid. there are concerns about the by did ministrations attitude towards egypt giving the priority that it's
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putting on human rights in terms of international relations and foreign policy. so showing. busy that it is working in such close concept with the united states. other main ally in the region is something that many analysts see as important to egypt as well. thanks very much. indeed. that's harry forces in west to islam. the international monetary fund is to provide more than $1000000000.00 to lebanon, which is grappling with a deep economic crisis. the new cabinet has been holding its 1st meeting since being appointed last week. billionaire, businessman nancy mccarty took charge as prime minister last week. after 13 months of deadlock, the plunge, the country even deeper into crisis in a honda has more from loose. the words of the new prime minister, a lot of work awaits us. they need to rescue the country. the economy is all about collapse. what's behind me? gas stations are closed. there have been crippling fuel shortage for weeks now. it has paralyzed. the economy paralyzed the country. we are at the main thoroughfare.
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it's monday. the 1st day of the business week, there's supposed to be traffic, and as you can see, traffic is very thin. yes, this is a government that is cash strapped. this is a state which is nearly bankrupt can no longer subsidize essential goods essential goods like fuel. and once those subsidies are lifted, not only will the price of fuel skyrocket, the price of every other commodity. so this new government will have to contain public anger. but it has received a financial lifeline. lebanon is a shareholder in the i, m f, which means it has special drawing, right? so it has been able to withdraw more than $1000000000.00, so definitely a lifeline. how will the government spend it? will it continue subsidizing good, a policy which has been criticized because it has led to modeling and importers hoarding fuel and creating a black markets,
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or will it use this money to support what half a 1000000 families vulnerable families who are desperately in need of a $100.00 cash for assistance every month. so the economy has collapsed more than 80 percent of the population port. the currency has collapsed. so a lot of challenges i had, but that $1000000000.00, of course, it will help, but that is the short term solution. what this government needs to come up with is a sustainable path to recovery. still, i had an i'll just hear a call from you and human rights chief for e. c o p. s. government into good. i enforces to take responsibility for the alleged abuses. the government supporters a little to celebrate in argentina as right wing politicians make a surprise come back a the with
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the extreme heat that we saw in iraq of typically iraq and western iran has gone now back as normal temperatures, which is the low fourties this time the something, the breeze, the shamal is going to call it, that normal coming out of iraq is dusty, bringing that sort of weather down towards the gulf states, quarter saudi. we still catching the edge effects in ceylon. those weakening now of the monsoons are overcast and drizzly, becoming a little less so. but this has continued story the next 2 days. and you said very much dry is the story. not particularly when the average temperature is not quite the same in turkey. still the bit of late and late summer for both greece and turkey tension high twenty's or low thirty's. but increasing me is going to be sherry winds of the gene once again fading before they get to the coastal levant. but certainly keeping things a bit breezy over cypress. those shall become quite big. i think during wednesday in the western side of turkey right down to the south coast and as the year is
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changing, the range going slowly. so that's true of trump glasgow not particularly widespread rains here. you can see plenty of these here. highlands in lake victoria. it becomes wet at night in the shelves, move west towards rwanda. but you'll notice the monsoon, which is still there up the coast of somalia, though it's dry the most people will never know what's beyond the stone, the deafening silence of 100000. how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with. every breath is precious. with fear. it's not an option. but when most people oh
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a. you want to go to 0 reminder of our top stories. this are the un says more than 1000000000 dollars in aid has been placed for the following an international donor conference secretary general, until the overture is it says options of facing the collapse of the entire country . and it's important nations engage with the taliban. israel in egypt have agreed to strengthen the relationship and interests of both countries, 5 minutes and the finally bennett is the 1st streaming leader to officially visit egypt a decade on a set to receive $1000000000.00 from the international monetary fund to help its struggling economy the country's new comedy has how that's 1st meetings, students being appointed. united states military says michelle test conducted by
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north korea oppose a threat to the countries neighbors. north korea state new service reported a new type of a long range cruise missile has been tested. victoria gate and has the details. photo is released by north korea state realm media reportedly show a test that took place over the weekend of a new long range cruise missile. or you could call you and it said to aflame 1500 kilometers and hit targets in north korea territorial waters. and it's enough to make its neighbors worry when redemption of nuclear missile activity clearly shows that it is urgent to have engagement and dialogue with north korea. to find a fundamental solution to such problems, i think you're single kid, or if it's true that north korea fired a missile with a range of 1500 kilometers. it's threatening the peace and safety of japan and its surrounding region. we are highly concerned about this. ah,
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described as a strategic weapon, it's fall as provocative in the ballistic missiles, north korea tested in the past and isn't subject to un sanctions, but seems intended as a reminder from north korea of its military strength. i've been even the chinese are concerned about this to write any proper tiny scholars would event. and you know, if you watch chinese tv and stuff like that, they actually talk about like north korea or pullover and sort of restrain itself. right? but if you're north korea, you're building the weapons is a great way to get the locals to pay attention. it's kind of a useful tool for in our praying diplomacy region. there's been gridlock since 2019 over talk same to dismantling north korean nuclear and ballistic weapons program in return for us sanctions relief. but some political analysts say north korea isn't a priority for the biden administration. kim jong admitted 2 months ago that north korea was suffering from the worst food shortage in a decade. a situation compounded by existing un sanctions and self imposed border
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closure due to cave 19 and say this weekend shows strengths may have been partly for domestic consumption. victoria gate and b al jazeera government and julia have fried more than $200.00 prisoners during an attack and a medium security jail, and cover that from the state of colgate. a soldier and policeman were killed during the attack and 2 dogs are missing. the human rights chief is urging if he, if he has government into good i am forces to be held accountable for the alleged abuses during fighting in the region. michelle bosh, lee says that reports in the us investigation will be out in november. i got the job at the vision of the investigation report as part of its efforts to bring about accountability. i also rated my call to the 10 government to ensure accountability for a lead, widespread human rights violation by the forces in the gray region. grievances must be addressed to meaningful peace building and reconciliation efforts to avoid the
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risk that they will turn apart with profound implications. for the country and the rest of the home of africa, cuba morgan has covered the humanitarian crisis integral extensively. she sent us this update from neighboring sudan. more than 60000 refugees have crossed over things, the thought of the conflict, and they all say that they doubt accountability will be served, especially for those who lost family members and who watched people being great. that's something that came up in the report of the human rights commissioner that there was rapes and killings committed against the people have to grow by the european government. she also described the reports of our bodies, found into t over in to dance got out of state as very disturbing. now we have covered that and we've spoken to people who have recovered the bodies from the river. they say that the bodies were thrown into the river, it was by her a malicious and that they were able to communicate to some grant, who are still in,
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in homer and into gray. and that they witness bodies being thrown into the river after being tortured and shot. we also had the attorney general of speaking on the latest regarding the fighting and p grey and other parts of the appeal. we call upon the international community fund the, the human rights council to condemn the use of terrorist tactics, child soldiers, as well as the mosque killing of civilians, organized looting and want and destruction. that the t p has been inflicting enough . and i'm our regional states. if he's high time that the world wakes up to the reality that the t p l, if he's the aggressor and not the victim in this tragedy, and now the left. remember that the preliminary report, this is not the final report, the reports that it's supposed to be final said to be out in the 1st of november. that's when the conflict, if it is still continuing, will enter it 1st year, a former, a defense presidency manual. my home has gone trial after being filmed,
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attacking a protester, alexander, go by now le was seen hitting a man during a made a demonstration in 2018, a faces a dozen charges, including voluntary violence, and wearing a police badge. the 30 year old could be $1120000.00, fine and be sentenced is 7 years in prison. that court has ruled over must employ its drivers on a permanent basis. it says drivers are covered by the collective labor agreement for taxi transportation over says it will appeal against the decision and has no plans to employ drivers in the netherlands rights handing service is argued, drivers who use the app are self employed, entrepreneurs, us president joe biden, is visiting 3 western states to assess the damage from wildfires. bio has just come from the south where he promised support for communities affected by how to can ida star made landfall and louisiana last month as administration is trying to gather backing for the trillion dollar spending plan that includes proposals for fighting
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climate change. white house correspondent kimberly hawkins has more and there's no question that he is using these disasters to how the need for permanent change in terms of legislation to combat the issue of climate change. one that he repeatedly calls and existential threats and the president, in the midst of all of this is underscore in the emergency. he's utilizing the defense production act the 2nd time in order to deal with these wildfires. now this is important because this is a war time measure that he's triggered again because he simply doesn't have the tools that he needs and given the supply chain issues that have occurred as a result of coven, 19 firefighters are actually short of fire hoses in order to combat these fires. so the us president is going to be talking about what he's doing in the short term as well as what he wants to see in the long term in order to address these issues. because they are only getting worse in terms of the wildfires the season now
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lasting longer. 2 and burning hotter. in fact, right now, there are more than 60 and contained fires and 44000 that have already been set and contained this year for his president as soon as popularity plummet, as well as repeated calls for his impeachment because of his handling of the covered 1900 pandemic. now, some of both sonata supporters are turning against him. well, i could not give reports for seals present. j. e both. so natalie is used to having crowns or supporters and re edition nero's copper cabana beach. but this time, many of his voters have turned up to demand his impeachment. philip woke up, usually both scenarios said he had 28 years of political experience, but had never been painted by corruption scandal. i thought he was the man who could change brazil. i was mistaken, brazil's political movements, both on the right and the left, have joined forces against both so nat'l,
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pushing for his impeachment. so for 130 requests have been made and ignored by congress, this is just for my due date. we decided to set aside our differences as left as parties and some of the efforts with brazil's bright wing supporters to find both scenario who represents a threat to our democracy, yet not him. ok. union polls show boss another trailing former president with the natural mother silva. i had of next year's presidential election. many brazilians who are protesting here, do not want la back. they were happy to see louis behind bars and corruption charges, but after seeing both so now to threaten the supreme court during the september 7th independence day celebration. they've changed their minds than the southern was deity supposed by the president and his followers to be
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the beginning of the movement to stage a coup. and to close the supreme court or at least house some of the justices from this group, what it backfired. he was far more isolated and weakened after the events, especially the, the rally in football. and he had to, to make a strategic retreat. brazilians are unsatisfied with rising inflation and poverty rate as well as the handling the corona virus pandemic. so it's almost 600000 dead brazilian has the 2nd largest cobra, 19 death toll after the united states. monica, and i guess i'll just era argentina's wise wing opposition has delta blow to the ruling power, honest party, and the congressional primary vote. rising inflation and poverty have damaged
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public support for the government to both reports from going to service. as soon as you vote against the government, if i were to pay for a man this shocked argentina after sunday's primary elections. the results were unexpected. and show how the opposition is regaining strength since the defeat of former press in modi. feel motley. 2 years ago. it's not to come. we'll see, you know, tonight we are saying it's enough through the polls enough to abuse tonight. more than 7 out of 10 people elected a new puff and our pot was the chosen one. and it's not only happening here in bonus iris, but all around the country, i mean the at the ruling parties headquarters, there was disappointment. i will be the robot. he says, the government needs to analyze what went wrong. the federal government lost the capacity to convince the loss of people. i'm an activist and will always support the government. but there needs to be
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a change of how the handling things may be more determination and transformation. that's what we want albert of a man. this came to power almost 2 years ago. he's part of a centre left coalition and was hand picked by the former president. christina fernando vickers now. this election huge drop on the ruling party. ahead of november's legislative election. there we felt still. there are many people in the country who are not happy with the economic crisis, with a government handling of the damage. and that's why demanding change the legislative election are only 2 months away. left to book or whatever sort of the elections won't solve the problems. people have been facing this year. the problem is that because of the pandemic, psychological problems and uncertainty with a government that can't get one thing right. there are problems with our economy and a lack of jobs. this helps people ventilate all the troubles they face. for them is
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implemented one of the world to test covey. 19 quarantines last year. but argentina has one of the world's highest death rates from the virus. the locked down had a huge impact on the traveled economy. this election, we solve sent precedent over the phone, then there's a clear message. the question now is how he will respond to this. i will, i'll justina when a site is ah, this is all, these are the top stories. the un says more than $1000000000.00 and $8.00 has been pledged for ghana, stan, following an international donor conference. secretary general antonio. as it says, afghans are facing the collapse of the entire country. and it's important nations engage with the taliban diplomatic editor james base as more from the conference in geneva.


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