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tv   [untitled]    September 14, 2021 12:30pm-1:01pm AST

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vaccinated us congresswoman alexandria acadia. cortez made her debut route and to our city for full thing. it down over the very difficult year for making sure that we're getting back to needed so that we can have the opportunity in the moment. we're getting tested everything that we are so close. we're right at the moment. and so we make sure that, that we encourage anyone else that needs to get back to native of their 2nd shot or whatever it may be a this is al jazeera, these you top stories, international donors of pledge, more than $1000000000.00 to try to humanitarian crisis in afghanistan, it follows an urgent appeal by the un at a conference in geneva. humans actually general says he's concerned, i've gone the sounds. economy could collapse the us sex. your state says pulling
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american troops out of afghanistan was the one decision. anthony blank and told a congressional committee that staying would have drawn in more troops on trial and ramallah for 14 policy and authority. security officers accused of being an activist to death has been agend, is up on us, died in june off to being arrested harry, forth that have more there were reports that there may have been an issue with the lawyer of the defendants, that he may have had a coven issue, we understood that he had a negative test and he was expected to appear, but in the end, he did not. and so we didn't even get to the stage of the charges being formerly read out. it was agend in very quick fashion. so we expect to have really a replay of what should have happened today next week on the 21st. those charges
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against these 14 security officials range from not obeying military orders to a beating, leading to death to premeditated murder. hurricane nicholas has made landfill along the texas coast lashing the u. s. state was powerful winds and heavy rain. the tropical storm came ashore near the eastern part of the matter gord peninsular, and picked up strength in the gulf of mexico. monday becoming a category one. hurricane with winds of 120 kilometers an hour apple house really software to fix a security floor that allows hackers to in fact, i phones and all the devices without a single click from uses such a say they captured the malicious code from pegasus spyware, made on his railey company. okay, does he headlines nice, continues and they're off to witness dispatches from don's revelation. how many nukes is too many new america has in many ways driven the arms race
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parties are much more like the british parties. there are fewer regulation to own a tiger than their our own a dog. how can this be happening? your weekly take on us politics and, and that's the bottom line. the the the why you the allies in the you know, what i can you been with me the want to have for you? they are gonna let us i'm the mother
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in law. no one on the number of anything going on. you know what let me no one machine gun. no, no,
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no. the guy who came on me. no, no, no, no, no, no. and i don't even get out of the, you know, seems she was the i don't, i was just with the one on almost, i don't know. i hope when i'm like, you know, what have been done a good a bit behind that you might have to deal with the child begins with
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you know, i'm, i'm hi yolanda and john quinn said as the the . c c little hidden within them on i've got mom and i did get to hear through
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the event that i'm with them in the ministry. well the i need the lead to not off on that. i have a soda that had done a soda sanders on the soda and had this but the shad. so darney i was in that album going on as well. yeah. i don't know where you got my
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last last the made on you know why it was up when it does it was outside of the the but i don't know. i'm not going my yes i did. so i was
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really what what, what do i know? i know that i gave you, but i'm not going to do about that . i don't have the order of i don't know, i've been doing the back . i mean, i said that if you would give me that
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but then i got a good i don't, i don't get back and i'm going to get out of the law now you said yeah, in the me the what she won't get all the guns done can you might have that i want to shut them in at the i want you to the manager.
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i don't with the morning away. go with it in the day the the the the that no mm.
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mm. mm. mm. mm. the oh. where
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my, where like the little auction where jesus did you my copy from the sure of the law. so it's been getting like, i mean yeah. i think you have me on my mind. yeah. but i think a lot about it because i'm jeannie. okay. and i'll get nothing but a little theme and then i get done. yeah. republic aziz's any the higher that we need that. and none of trinity seen even a shuttle that shut it down.
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i'm going to give you an idea. i didn't know if you had this in loudecker then we've had these guys i'm not that i didn't i'm about a. ringback day my my job, my last year and i didn't quite a bit to do i still use that the bottom of got it off a bad damage. right?
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yeah, i do about it again about regina now would you fly? we bought the car. that's right. yeah. then go to you about a new any news me got on the phone with me on the 5th and i decided when to when i was on fast when a nova will not want any gave. there was diana. when i was with the me
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name. i mean, we don't want a job that i don't want to know what it was, what i, what i was the and the live get them see how they've been overcome center this is marsha allow me to just be in my july and just was under the plan, i'd imagine you know, how you get a deaf flag and you will help them the by
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the level and i'm looking at the home i know shorter than i would've said been wanting to them and how you will do me the color nice. you know, was damage 30 i was i was, it was like that i had a was a boy with
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that is what i why hadn't been with that had been i had them are or how many tiny love me fair design little thing. if i was almost, i don't know if you going to go i did kita, mom are over going on live and let to some a few things out of the year. and if you me, and i don't know for the, at the moment the lot of the
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rooms you know, the, the note that you're going to give us a quick i would have been in mind somebody might have worked at nice that would be better to be better, you know that, would that help you. hi there with any one with any i'm i was actually i'm, i got to be that board but at the, you know, model well you. 6 6 know. 5 6 i didn't know they show up guy and do
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you pay for them in for dish for gonna be affordable without paid with a forklift of these results. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah.
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the the the me. well yeah, because we didn't know the other the way it was on
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the oil, oil, oil, oil, the good one, but i'm not, i'm sorry you, i didn't know on my on the
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the the me the i think you know what, what, what i. c know the
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got i need to know who tie young minded some kind of thought a lot for the visual she initiated shouldn't like the sort of like i you know,
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a lot of mom which i was making me me an upgrade umbrella. dana had the nix n as in den,
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get it. and he said and done it over again. 100 so i mean nothing. danny noon as a motor window with the la sharlene from us are no good. i. i knew, and it's my shit aside, shall i live in this. i don't want to say that again, and i'm in a lonely, short short enough to give near the wal mart. i'm the one with a so i have them with the said, look, the one diners and we little said the wheeler. i know i last said another, he's not at the the homes in the you know it over lead ab and
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a lot of high level for most of our lives. i've got why i stated that as good or the letter that i'm getting. so then the worry who linda and then if you want to get in with it. so give me a holler when you get there. i if you sent it in or that other knows i'm going to be doing in december when i get them to somebody on monday because i was looking at them show do it because it didn't last month. i don't want to know when a man and
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i didn't have it when i was when i needed the new gun, the one that i had of what had dinner. i had a good door to go monday. see a guy and you go on to 100. he had ethical and this is alice. hello shiela. how's alicia noah? how's it going? how have you ever been in logan? i live in the headlight is going on. i know what i did. you know, we had somebody who doesn't finish good annual analysis.
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it was meant to be that day. just here's a car was going on quick. i could put a project attack stunned the world and the us president a guy came in and whispered something into the president's ear. what did he just waited for? the school children present, the events of september, the 11th defined the world. they grew up in just a huge moment. these are their stories. $911.00, witness on al jazeera, the latest news as it breaks. the concern is that masood forces are coming round on the mountain ridges, trying to surround this area in order to isolate to school with detailed coverage, real power fill live and how much sick he takes bowl to major fatigue from around the world. the water rose so quickly at this new jersey apartment
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complex. it caught many people off guard. ah, this is al jazeera. ah. hi there, i'm kimbell. this is the news online from coming up in the next 60 that don't is the urge to turn pledges into cash as soon as possible. after promising more than a $1000000000.00 for almost all facing pressure to set a timeframe for election. guinea to lead is open talks with the school policies and where they just need a report from living on that call valley with theory into sled war.


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