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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2021 10:30pm-10:54pm AST

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me to hold that title because i'm going to be the 1st black female pilot spacecraft . there have been 3 black female reaching for the stars. and what that means, they can find much more on our website. the address for that is al jazeera dot com . ah, now reminder of the top stories on algae 0, north korean leader kim jones assist or has threatened the complete destruction of ties with south korea. after both countries conducted ballistic missile tests, just hours apart. tensions are soaring in the korean peninsula and diplomatic talks have sold the u. s. s. condemned feeling young over its launch. without mentioning south korea's tests, you are still in pic, gymnast civic, use the f. b. i of turning a blind eye to the sexual abuse that they suffered at the hands of former team.
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doctor larry nath, sorry for athletes, gave emotional testimony to authentic dish re committee, which is looking into the f. b, i's miss handling of complaints against the sports doctor. master has been jail for sexually assaulting hundreds of women and girls. i report to the agencies conduct accused the f. b. i of making fundamental errors. to be clear. p 1000000 people could be pushed to the brink of starvation in just 2 weeks, around $10000000000.00 and assets of remain frozen abroad. banks are running out of cash and warned that they may have to close their doors unless the government releases more dollars. at least 2 people have been killed after a year. many security forces fired on protesters and aden and mccalla, demonstrations have interrupted in cities across southern yemen over widespread poverty and electricity outages for testers, blocked to major roads by setting tires on fire. the saudi back governing alliance
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is struggling with a complete collapse of public services in areas that they control. unemployment and spiraling inflation have compounded the mystery under half an hour. i hope you'll join me then by me and our live discussion. here's the situation. international aid money needed to keep the health care system going has been held up because of the taliban international designation. as a terrorist group, al jazeera is charles trappers recently filed this devastating report. after visiting the country's largest public hospital, all on the czar had to travel 12 hours with the sick mother to this cobble hospital to get the life saving dialysis treatment she needs. if she isn't treated every
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couple of days, dr, saying she could die within 2 weeks long. the fact that you can observe people living in poverty, the situation is bad. patients need dialysis and treatment. if they don't get it on the foreign aid stops. and if people can't afford the treatment, it's going to be very difficult on from you. what was the plan for ask in health care system by the u. s. and by the government and cobble after the us announced that they were leaving thank you very much. the withdrawal and the transition happened just out of the there the, the way it was expected, it did not give the opportunity for helps us delay in the challenge goes beyond the last 3 or 4 weeks. so, you know, can you eliminate why,
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why they haven't received their pay for the last $3.00 or 4 months when the taliban overtook only took over a month ago? a said the focus, the major focus on the form of government for the last few months of the system was full on conflict in money to the ministry of defense ministry, intruder affairs and the mid term budget review, which had to happen in the last month. unfortunately, was delayed due to the, the on bringing the escalating conflict in the country. but so i step they the change in the contract with the implementing partners in different form and says, and we're obviously of the government as well as the world bank was another factor, delaying the process of contracts to be signed with the different engineers, the challenge which we are now in today is a multi dimensional which routes and different factors. but the main topic was a,
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was and then the, the conflict in the emergency which escalated in a way that was not rejected by any national, international role play or in the country. and yeah, but i can't believe it wasn't at least one of the possibilities that was being considered. i mean, i'm sure they hope that it wasn't going to happen this way. i'm sure they hoped it was going to happen as fast. but they had to say, what if, what if the taliban roles in before the u. s. is even out of here and in that case the, well, i don't know when were you, when did you leave a couple de la i left cobble on the day of last kind of phone. it was a terrible experience i was working on prior to leaving got gone, it's gone, i was working advisory role. i was providing technical help support to the ministry
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of public health. i was working in close collaboration with dr. michael, now i remember working on increasing health need or ibp and i thought and call 91900 response and ensuring cross pictorial collaboration in regards to the 2 important area. but as of the last week there was increasing final cost of that government and their profits were falling one after another starting from new roles and being up in kandahar and got all about the money that we were not even predicting the bank. there was a lot of flesh on bank bank and if we, there was a weight loss. the values in these are defined of collapse. and then we were informed that tyler bond had reached to cobbled doors and there
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were signs shooting. and that's how i managed to go to the airport and i was able to come to the last flight and but money people had a lot of trouble. a leaping, i've got a phone, i'm the only one left from my family and my family still in college. are you worried about them? yes, my thirst who are also healthcare professional. they have work in health, but they're dr. baron coble. i'm worried for them and they're cool. what do you hear from your sisters or are they still going to work? and what's the situation like my say the are not boy to work at the moment over the taliban. they have announced that the women who are working in health care they're allowed to go to work. but theo is very dominant, and there are in wheezing it from the report. we hear from
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a gun and weaving human rights while asian people are scared, including my sisters. but they are not going to work specially that they were working at police and, and military health. 6 are not public health. 6 or the moment they're not showing up. rick, you're with the who wears international organizations on this. did they see this coming? did they anticipate that the money was going to be cut off and that those health care system could collapse? well, i think i've talked to said that hadn't been much money flowing into the health system for the few months before the government collapsed. and i think that our focus as she miniature in agencies during the, the taliban and vans was, was really responding to the key humanitarian needs. the, the d y referred to the internally displaced people, but high levels of trauma and so on. but we did not expect to see
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i can't say that in our planning, we anticipated the acute pause of funding coming from the main donuts and then which was announced around the 26 the warmest. and then you saw the n g o is that are implementing the basic package of health services. the doctor merge mentioned, you know, they write a letter on the 31st of august to the ministry saying, you know, where we're not going to be responsible for the continuity of health service after the 10th of september. so now we're faced with this very high risk of, you know, massive closure and health facilities. so, you know, we've got to have an immediate response to that where we're working with, with, with health sector partners. right in a fight around $530.00 a health facilities priority health facilities across the country for, for immediate support. and at the same time we're trying to work with done is to find out, you know, as you rightly said,
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because of their own internal rules and regulations, they're not able to fund any structures in a telephone, red gap, the government. but we're going to find some other mechanism to fund the health system because, you know, they responsible for funding over 2300 health facilities across the country. so we're working with them to say, you know, okay, we'll try and fix things with the 530 a priority facilities. but we need an urgent fix to ensure that the money starts flowing again through a new mechanism. so we can get those over to 1000 health facilities back on track that i'm sure you are now part of the taliban government. what. what are they saying about this internally? well, and so there in the ministry one out of several roles. i want to place to communicate extent to the challenge. the people in the health sector is facing and communicate the sense of urgency. i've been trying to me to make sure
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that i am successful in the role the some ports i should say that i feel the failure the sense of urgency. we have in the way we expect that it is felt on the other side. different is different. but a police worley, i'm assured that they're there, they're concerned about it and they're trying to find a solution to that. but then in the day, this is the technical part of the ministry. me and my parking, my friends, who are, who know the language of donors, the limitations donors are facing west and the possible mechanisms of successful experiences in similar context. here an afghan astound 20 years ago in other regional countries. which door had to shift their approaches the policies, but at the same time, there were possibility of channeling funds contributing to the health
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sector through a different mechanism. just to reconnect to your question before it is one part of the question in the game was the how we anticipate it in the other part is while one is in one or understanding of the responsibility of our donors, just to be very honest, i thought they would act more responsibly, rather than just raising everything at once. and i should say that the impact of the fonts being frozen goes beyond the direct abuse of the world. bang in you report, you noted out the him a dialysis project which is implemented in general hospital in 10 other hospitals around the country is funded through the government. but unfortunately, but although we have proved legal contracts for the supply of provides in supply for him or else centers around the country. but this contract that, along with 2 more,
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more 100 more other contract or not for illegal and contractual obligation because they say that when the major provider, the major kind of which is bad, has stopped as foods and their fun. how can you guarantee that the government or other smaller donors will continue to follow their commitments? the effect that they are the, the, the reaction have goes beyond the 2500 health facilities with a burglary funded by to be in the world bank. you said europe in union, and fortunately, the government run hospitals which are 22 in couple 13 and other promises are in the worse condition compared to those of well bank funded facilities. so i really wanted to do that on well, yeah, i, you know, i, i think that, you know, this is, this is the big issue right now with, so, you know, with the world health organization, i mean, we are having conversations right now with the donors. i mean,
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they understand the issue, phone conversations going on at global level about how we can free up that funding to get those 2500 health facilities. ready going again at the same time, earlier in the week, you had the big humanitarian conference with around over $1000000000.00 now released for humanitarian assistance. that's a different different source of funding. we are doing now, but in the health sector we'll get close to at least $66000000.00 support a lot of these health facilities till the end of the year until we find another mechanism, but ended up here and we can handle that kind of way can last the year they were as you're trying to jump into. and so jose, thank you. well, i agree with cali that on hope 6, or is it the versus a lot. i know if we want understand what the with lack of funding to ask, and it's important that we find out ways understand the con,
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concerns of donor for china lane, not, not a channel. they want to tell the bus, we need to find out a furnace. he's making use, let's not forget that over the past 2 decades, at the more than 80 percent of the services and i've done it on, were delivered by non governmental organization and yield. so we need to support you. there can be an opportunity or a credible intermediate. you like us or your fee to, to support. but we shouldn't give up on the health sector. it's important and also to know that what, what we shouldn't do, as i called my colleagues, said that there are places we had a conference, a human hearing and a conference done. and it's important for the international community to revisit humanitarian aid that was being provided between 995 and 2001 and the taliban era.
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we have the results of those that's kind of investments and i've got a category health system with the queen iniquity today and, and the 20 years we have a publisher health system with a population based intervention. it's important that we keep the system that is run by a low coming due by community, by african professional here, and needs to support these people. i take your point, do i think it's important when we're talking about the kind of bureaucratic stuff people are dealing with. and the rules and regulations is to remember that someone's mom is on dialysis in a hospital and cobble right now. and i don't know what the future holds for that family. we have some questions coming in from youtube. here's one that says our other relief sources or aid there. how can patients be helped and have a comment from m s. f? can we actually bring this up? this is from k tundra. sorry. he is the afghan of stan operations coordinator for
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myself. and it says has been working against and since many years the health care system has always been very fragile, but to be in the same system and in the wards, there are no rubber gloves. there are no anesthetics, there are no antibiotics. there aren't even paracetamol tablets available here. and it's been like this now for 3 months. dr. missouri, can you walk us through? what does this look like if nothing changes in 2 weeks? one month, 3 months, 6 months? health system, which proved as resiliency doing 3 ribs, of course 19 health system, which is resilience in neutrality and impartiality during emphasis entered conflict and $34.00 problems. the last few months will collapse. at least $150.00 mothers need us to certain sections will be deprived every day which most of them will lead to death. unfortunately,
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the size that we conduct about $500.00 apparation surgery operations every day in our system. at least 50 percent of these patients in need of emergency intervention . otherwise they will end up to death. more than 5000 children will be deprived of immunization services. a day in about 20000 children will be deprived of nutrition services every day. thousands of mothers and children will be affected and based on the figures that presented, the joint achievement that we made with along with our dorms and implementing partners when it comes to maternal and mentality will be unfortunately. but the effect of the same time health system was said by the colleagues, which was billed out doing last one years, where the pennies, what isn't dollars paid by tax payers will be a lot of lack of synergism. but in the longer term, everybody has to pay for that unfortunately. so i quite there, i call a whole donors in old partners the despite of the limitations they have today,
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which i respected in the past, we thought that they, they will look at the ministry of public health, the health sector, the neutral technical agency. and as patients is the right target group, but unfortunately the context is different today. we have no other options, but to respect the limitations. despite of that, we believe that still the ministry of public health as then technical institution can play the positive, coordinating role lining the ministry, taken it and taking it out of the coronation mechanisms. disrupt the system that we, bel, i think all the dinos do. so in the u. s. is providing some humanitarian assistance right now through a different, a different funding mechanism from the one that's supported the 2300 health facilities. and i think that they have to step up in other ways as well. we talk
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about so we've got the immediate humanitarian needs, but then we need the reinvestment in this big health project that had a budget of $200000000.00 a year that was running the 2005 where maternal mortality is reduced by of which of 60 percent child mortalities reduced by with the 50 percent. i do know i did my 1st visit to afghanistan in 2000 when it's all about still in the health sector. there was a credit. there's been tremendous progress. we cannot afford that rolling back. so we are putting a lot of pressure on the donors right now to to make their decisions. i think dr. merge is absolutely right as well. we, we can not be setting up parallel systems. we've got to build on, on what exists, build on the n g o that, that have the local knowledge that are on the ground. so i've got like 60 seconds left and i want to get the one here one more time. can you give us kind of the last word on this and i'm curious what you say to your sisters now and what they're
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looking at in the next few months are still working for african health system. not everyone has less stuff going on. we still have women showing up in health facility to save a life every day, including with friction on higher education restriction on work with and other field restriction on social mental health. and that's concerning, that will impact health pick. so one way or another that is concerning the we're to cut you up there because we're at the end of the show, i want to think ah, i lose has become
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a dangerous business one or one east and those who refuse to be silent. now, how many nukes has too many new america has in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british parties. there are fewer regulations to own a tiger than there are to own a dog. how can this be happening? you know, we take on us politics and, and that's the bottom line. 2015 percent of all that children. the only challenge cases in the new way.
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i i ah, me hello and barbara, sarah london, these are the top stories on al jazeera, north korean leader kim jones, powerful sister has thrashing the complete destruction of ties with south korea. after both countries conducted ballistic missile tests,
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just the hours apart. tensions are soaring in the korean peninsula and diplomatic talks have fall does rob mcbride explains now from sol.


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