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when 15, miriam company revolutionizing the system, you think planned an artificial intelligence here in flight. you have you have the right phone al jazeera ah, the u. s. u k, in us trailer unveil a new defense for the in the pacific region, angering from that loses a multi 1000000000 dollar submarine this ah, the alarm darn jordan is out there at live and also coming up the international criminal court and investigate alleged atrocities in the philippines war on drugs, but the government says it was corporate. a man from from the taliban takeover of cobble after sell their possessions to put food on the table.
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and making history for civilians are sent into orbit on a space 6 rocket with no professional astronauts on board. ah but u. k in the u. s. and agreed to help australia develop nuclear power submarines under a new partnership. they're calling the in the pacific security alliance. it's seen as a way to counter china's growing influence in the region. the deal involved corporation in cyber and underwater defense and artificial intelligence. mike has more from washington d. c, l 3 nation committee. it was an unusual prelude to a bite in white house briefing video extolling the depth and length for the relationship between the 3 countries. the only time the u. s. a shared at nuclear propulsion technology was with the u. k. back in 1958. now
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a trailer will become part of the exclusive club in an alliance, labeled the us presidents joined remotely by the other 2 leaders. the 1st major initiative, a bogus will be to deliver a nuclear power submarine flight for a strike. i have the next id months we will work together to seek to determine the best way forward to achieve this. only a handful of countries possess nuclear powered submarines and it is a momentous decision for any nation to acquire this formidable capability and perhaps equally momentous for any other state to come to its aid. and president biden confirmed a few emerging us strategy in the, in the pacific region allies. we need to be able to address both the current strategic environment in the region and how it may evolve. because the future, the reach of our nations in indeed the world depends on a free and open and up a civic, enduring and flourishing. in the decades ahead,
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dan osmond came only alice off the north and south korea conducted miss altus, hugh and around looking up tension in the region and just need ginger says in bundle china was quick to make a call for restraint. amidst mounting international criticism, the word china was not mentioned by any of the leaders during the washington announcement. but there's no doubt that what is regarded as chinese expansion isn't . is a motivating force for the formation of this new alliance. and clearly it would appear china think so as well. the chinese embassy here in washington has been quick to issue a statement, saying, countries should shake off the cold war mentality. an ideological prejudice the u. k and the u. s. have long maintained a significant naval and air presence in the in the pacific region. in competition
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with china, the injection of australia, nuclear power submarines could well intensify this new cold war under the water as well as above. mike hannah 0, washington. well, the new alliance compass, a multi $1000000000.00 deal that from sign 5 years ago to make submarines for australia and joint statement where the defense minister, the foreign minister shall lead vienna said the american choice to push aside a european ally and partner like france from a structural partnership with a straight ya the time we're facing unprecedented challenges in the, in the pacific region show, the lack of coherence that france cannot acknowledge and regret, well, the line, so that comes a low point in time for tina australia and china, malcolm davis is a senior and left at the australian strategic policy institute. he says the relationship would only get worse. it's really important because the 1st thing it should be seen as is an anchor for us commitment in the pacific region,
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particularly after the withdrawal from afghanistan, there was a lot of concern about the us essentially walking away from its commitments. i think this agreement has recreated, does concerns and makes it very clear that the u. s. and the u. k. to give women are committed to maintaining a pre and i've been in the pacific region and counter balancing and deterring arising. china. secondly, from an australian perspective, this really elevates our role in the region. the fact that we're getting nuclear path submarines i think gives us much more capable naval force than we had before and allows us to be a strategic partner to the us in the u. k. and play a strategic role in the region. china's in tampa presentation, paying is to us strategic privacy in the region and impose its own sphere influence on the, on the region. and the strategy is not prepared to sit back and allow its security
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interests. all the interests of its pop is in the region to be traveled over by a shape. so it's not a case of us trying to mend fences. we're basing we done with not about bending the need facing what we need to see. if we're trying to take a more pragmatic and sensible constructive approach to its relationship in the region. more details are emerging about wednesday's missile launched by north korea state me to say a new train mounted massage system was tested. images released by the case the, an a news agency appeared to show a missile being fired from a train to ballistic missiles reported the flu. 800 kilometers before landing in the sea of north korea's east coast. with an a sign of escalating tension. south korea conducted its own ballistic missile testers, hours later, with a launch from a submarine is the 1st country without nuclear weapons to develop such a system. rub mcbride reports from this highly provocative miss. l test was carried
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out while china's foreign minister one year was in sol for tools with his south korean counterparts with north korea high on their agenda. but of course, we all want to contribute to the peace and stability of the korean peninsula. for example, not only in north korea, but also the countries are conduct the military actions. so we should have all parties make joint efforts to region dialogues. this was wangs last stop of a foreign nation tour of east asia. as china looked to counter the increasing influence of the us in the region and north korea risks angering beijing with this latest launch, south career res, hoping china will use its considerable influence over north korea to bring it back to the negotiation table. but with each missile lodge but seems less likely and shows even china is control over its neighbor, isn't limited. north korea has also claimed to have tested a new type of long range cruise missile over the weekend. and it comes after
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a military parade through the streets of young gang last week, facing an economic crisis from international sanctions. and from the pandemic, combined with food shortages for damaging storms. it seems the show of military muscle is intended as much of a morale boost at home. as showing the world, it is still a force to be reckoned to it. and it comes as south korea develops its own military hardware. on wednesday, at successfully testified, a ballistic missile from a submarine becoming only the 7th country and the world to master the technology. it also announced advances in high powered ballistic and supersonic cruise missiles . as both careers continue to develop their articles. robert bride al jazeera sol. the government of the philippines says it will not cooperate with an investigation by the international criminal court into its so called war on drugs. the icpc
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approve and inquire into president detective campaign. on the wednesday, prosecutors will look into claims of human rights abuses. the country's chief presidential legal council says investigators will not even be allowed to enter the country. german target has more from many of us. when it comes to the international criminal court, the reaction and the official statements coming from the philippine government has always been consistent that he does not recognize the jurisdiction of the c over president through the good that there at the end is government. and that he will not allow independent investigators who come into the country to pro cases. now the philippine government has officially withdrawn from the room statute as a signatory in 2019 but the i think he believes it has jurisdiction since the 1st complaint of filed against president d. good day by families of the drug war victims happened in 20. 17. no. president, rodrigo derek, launched the so called war on drugs in 2016. even. it started, well,
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he was campaigning. as president of the republic. the philippine government figures put the death toll at around 6000 filipinos killed into police lead operations, but the whites groups believe that the number could go as high as 30000. and even though the philippine government dismisses all of these developments that the have, and even though the pre trial chamber meet the time before witnesses are asked to testify or even a warrant of arrest will be issued against president would be good that there. and he is allies, the families of the victims already believe that this is a moral victory. this is a step towards justice. it's something that they have been praying for and hoping for for many years. and they say, even though the president remains popular here in the philippines, he holds the distinction of being the only president to be tried in the international criminal court for crimes against humanity. haiti's prime minister
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ariel already has appointed. a new justice minister comes a day after he dismissed a prosecutor who wanted him charge in connection with the assassination of president java, no noise. john holeman is following developments from mexico city. the battle lines are really being drawn right now in haitian politics between those who are still behind the prime minister re and those who are increasingly opposing him. now this is all happening this week, but the origin of all of this was in july when the country's president was assassinated in his house. now this week was come to light is that the public prosecutor in haiti has said that there were coons between a chief suspect in the assassination close to the house with the president and the country's prime minister. now, on re now, he said that there's enough evidence of that for the prime minister to actually be charged as a suspect. in this case, the prime minister earlier on rate than sacked,
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the public prosecutor. and now officials coming out either for or against him. now the person who is just for resigned is called right now lube race, and he said about i don't read that he come with its own who doesn't intense corporate with justice seeking on the country by all means to obstruct it. so he's now going away from the prime minister. also the among those who are breaking away is the head of the senate. joseph lambert, who has said that he will become the president of the country. hate to usually has a president and a prime minister and a sort of division of power there. but he hasn't received recognition from very many politicians to or basically be international community. but there is definitely divides here and a worsening political situation just at the moment when haiti doesn't need this. it's already got a big problem with gangs who control areas of the country of the capital city and
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also a major earthquake. the just a month ago devastated the south west of the country and left certain communities without shelter, without food supplies in the country. still try to get to grips with now it has this sort of vacuum of leadership of legitimacy perhaps as it tries to do that. let's come here now to very including israel. the prison authorities face allegations of abusing palestinian prisoners captured following a daring escape. and frustration threatens to boil over him. southern mexico was migrants not prevented from leaving smart enough stainless ah hello, they will have a look at the weather in africa in a moment. but for now,
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let's look at the middle east and it's hot, dry and relatively quiet. we have got to ship now wind blowing down from iraq kicking up some dust for q weight for guitar and a you a so plenty of hazy sunshine. a round would also see temperatures edging up over the next few days. the temperature in doha, sitting in the early forty's. now for the weather we have to go to coastal areas. although mom we are seeing some showers and storms affecting areas between the la muscat. but if we have to go to africa, if we want to see the real wet weather, we've got the swelling weather systems bringing wet and windy weather to sierra leone to the ivory coast and guinea. now we could see flash flooding as those torrential rains. kick in no systems will eventually swirl off towards the atlantic, but those pulses of heavy rain are going to continue across essential areas of africa. coastal areas of cameroon, expecting to be inundated with rain over the next few days for the final dryer conditions. we have to move to southern parts of africa. what swan is in plenty of
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sunshine with heat coming through, the temperature is going to pick up in cape town. but we've got rain in the east coast and we go into the temperature dip in johannesburg. the meet the young river traders resume they can neither read nor run that they know how to code their great and dangerous again with their he'll do anything just to freaking you know when else ah
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ah, welcome back to remind about top stories here, this the u. s. s trailer and you have announced the new indo pacific security alliance. it's the innovation strategy. 2 accounts of china's growing inference in the region alliance will include corporation in cyber and under the defense the straight to receive nuclear pilots, submarines. more details are emerging about wednesdays. miss are launched by north korea state media say a new train mounted missile system with tested south korea report that its own test just was later on the government of the philippine sands. it will not cooperate with an investigation by the international criminal court into circle war on drugs . the icpc approved and inquire into president rodriguez detective campaign. on wednesday, prosecutors will look into claims of human rights abuses. now it's been one month
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since the taliban captured combo and sees control of afghanistan, the groups interim government now faces the challenge of providing for millions, facing poverty, starvation and with foreign funds, drawing up a cash crisis. also looming. some have been jervey reports now from candle if you're looking for bargains, gobbles german market is the place to be from fridges to carpets. all household items are bought and sold here. but this market wasn't here a month ago. this trade began after tens of thousands of people left the african capital when the taliban took over these days, many others are selling what they can to make ends meet. as jobs have dwindled, the population of cobbled has increased tens of thousands of people move from their homes at the thought about the territories across. have gone to sun, many, a sheltering and make shift camps in the city. nobody will send a slightly hard to the government of i've kind of stunned is doing everything you
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can to provide job opportunities to africa and we call enough care to stay and not to migrate and to help develop the country. although our guns have not seen this level of peace and security in cobble for decades, people are still concerned about the future. i don't have hope like before, the security is now better, but the state of education will likely be affected in the future. but there is a generational divide in the opinions of women. and so there's mother says she's happy, there is no more bloodshed and insecurity since the taliban, segregated people by gender, she believes the model problems of youth have been resolved. so the and her mum came to the bank to get some cash, not some short supply for hundreds of these people who are coming to the bank every day. the biggest problem is the cash trench every half hours, only a few of them are allowed inside and then they go in. they can draw just about $200.00 every week. most of the people here are government employees are $77.00 who
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have not been paid for a month because of the cash shortage prices of everyday items are rising and with people's dictates purchasing power. businesses are suffering. mohammed is a business student who has learned to fix the mobile software to make and meet the q at the bank extends to his shop or not. he's losing customers. he needs to pay his monthly rent of $700.00. like many i've done, he's concerned about the future, but willing to give the taliban a few years to see if the group is sincere in its promises to make people's lives better. maybe if the taliban government are going well and they bring some facility for our pupils, different the i will stay here with the country. they're frozen the gun central banks assets until the taliban delivers on. it's human rights pledges in the queue that banks will continue until the unblocked those billions of dollars. some a bon jovi, the other the are couple. i've got his towns acting, deputy prime minister has denied reports. he was hurt in a class with a rival fraction in a video released by the taliban up to a gun. it,
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but i said he's safe and well, it follows days of rumors that support is about it had clashed with members of the her connie network. that's the taliban affiliated group based pakistan, the border lawyers for 2 of the palestinians who broke out of jail say the prisoners have been tortured by israeli officers since they were captured among 6 inmates to escape from prison last week, triggering a major man hunt for have since been apprehended for reports from all about eastern well, up until now the information about the interrogation of these 4 men has largely been in the form of leak to the israeli media of exactly what they've been telling their interrogate is. this is the 1st time that we've heard directly, or at least one remove from the men themselves through the voices of the lawyers. because this is the 1st time that the lawyers have access to these 4 men. now my food ida is the one who's been reported to be the ringleader, the mastermind behind this escape,
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and that is very much the claim that he's making for himself. it seems saying that it was his idea that this was an operation limited to the 6 men who escaped. there been reports, news rarely media this week that they are a suspected 11 prisoners to being involved. he says, no, it was just the 6 and they received no help from the outside as well. also saying that they requested no help from locals in the lodge, the palestinian israeli towns in the area of northern israel where they were on the run and where they were captured on monday. again, israeli media report suggesting that they did ask for help and that they, they were informed on by palestinian israeli. is that something that is not being corroborated in the men's testimony to the lawyers? they're saying that they will simply chanced upon by police patrols. as for mohammed alada, my cousin, he is saying that the 5 days of liberty were worth the 22 years of being
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imprisoned and it was worth this escape attempt. he's also telling his lawyer that he's being mistreated in the interrogation procedure that he's being kept awake, deprived of sleep, deprived until the day before of food. and that the conditions are extremely harsh . muddle from the habit has been subjected to extremely cruel torture. he still is, he was subject to excessive aggression during his detention. he had his head bashed against the grain, his head was injured, he has an injury above his right eye, but he's not received you medical care up until this moment. he has scratches and moons all over his body. that was part of the escape and the hunt for him. and zachary, as who bady by the occupation forces. he was transferred to nazareth investigation center. after he was detained, there he was interrogated in a way that was extremely terrible. some 20 intelligence officers investigated him in a tiny room. they stripped naked. and we've also heard from the lawyer of zachary who,
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bates, the latter locks the martyrs brigade leader, the highest profile of these escapees. again, saying that they deliberately avoided palestinians really areas of northern israel, so as not to incriminate people. and they were without water for the entire time making do what does what they could in terms of fruit that they found in the fields . his lawyer also saying that he received a broken jaw and broken ribs in his arrest on that early saturday morning. of course, there are 2 who remain at lodge. there are reports for the remaining 2 have now got into the west bank into their home area in and around jeanine. and that makes it, if true, an extremely difficult and potentially very dangerous recapture attempt if that were carried out by the israeli military. because if there were a fire fight, if there was bloodshed, this could spill over into wide violence. tens of thousands of migraines hoping to reach the u. s. remains stuck in southern mexico. public services in the border city of tampa,
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schuler and now overwhelmed manual rapid. i was there and sent us this report o. desperation is growing in public. on wednesday, hundreds of migrants mainly from haiti and central america took to the streets in protest. they're frustrated over mexican government policy that prevents them from leaving the city. not that we just want to get out because we're not here to stay what you are going through. we have no money, no food, nothing william present here without anything. and the government does not help some protesters or parents with children who say the city is overcrowded in food and shelter are becoming harder to find. so i thought with my children, it's very difficult. there were no jobs, no food, we're living on the street. we have many problems. i have nothing we need help. the since the start of the year, the number of migrants arriving in southern mexico has only grown and so have
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tension between them and a sword. but i'm afraid that this cannot be happening. like we just came from africa and chains like modern day late. you know, the most, everybody has to be 3. it was off of us with shelters, from migrants and asylum seekers already over capacity. many say their patients has run out demonstrations like this one with hundreds of migrants blocking off traffic have become quite common place here into a shula and local residents. tell us that this is the worst micro crisis. the city has experience in recent memory. in estimated 40000 miles are currently stuck into a chula. some have been here for months and more continued to arrive every day. and i'm a little bit. so when i call president lopez about door to stopping a puppet of the united states, to stopping the guard of the united states to follow the mexican law and sub repressing the migrant population. stop beating up, migrate,
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stop combating and treating migrants like criminals. despite the mexican government strategies to contain migrants in the southern part of the country, experts where the impact on overall migrant numbers reaching the u. s. southern border is negligible. instead, the policy of limiting their mobility has only turned the city of death at sheila into a pressure co intentions are ready to explode. monumental, apollo al jazeera death, eula, mexico. the pan american health organization says corona virus infections of surged by 20 percent across the americas. in the past week, cases rose by a 3rd across the united states and canada. in the past day, the us reported nearly a 144000 new infections. and at least 1800 deaths. the country's average daily death told is now at its highest since the peak of the crisis last winter. an earthquake has struck southwest china killing at least 2 people. the shallow magnitude, 6 trend, i hit fish,
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one province. local media say hundreds of homes were destroyed. emergency crews have not been sent to the area for civilians have just made history optimist. sent into orbit on a space next flight with no professional astronauts on board. inspiration for mission blasted off from cape canaveral, florida. robbins has a lift off for inspiration for lasting the world's 1st all civilian crew into orbit. the space ex falcon 9 rocket took off from florida on a 3 day mission that will take it. 575 kilometers above the earth. higher even than the orbit of the international space station. on board businessman and pilot, jared isaac, men who chartered the rocket from space ex isaac men, has piloted a variety of aircraft and will be at the controls. i just really felt at the time, inspiration for was created and knowing that this was, this was going to be
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a 1st and there's a lot of responsibility that comes with that. you know, we had to send a message that they're real, real problems in real obligations. we have to pay attention to here on earth in order to earn the right to make progress for tomorrow. the price tag to the flight was not disclosed. but isaac, my hopes to raise approximately $200000000.00 for st. jude children's hospital in memphis, tennessee. he donated 100000000 from his own funds. isaac been also paid for a tv ad promoting the mission that aired during the superbowl. the chief medical officer on board will be haley arsenault. she is a physician's assistant and recovered cancer patient who was treated at saint jude's at age 29. she's the youngest us citizen in orbit. i'm really honored to be representing with cancer and how to cancer survivors. but you know, everyone in life has, has been dealt a certain and everyone's had to overcome something. and i hope that those who are in the process of overcoming something can,
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can look to me and see the importance of holding onto their fellow am, it's your astronauts include c, proctor, a geologist who barely missed being selected as a nasa astronaut in 2000. and 9 have been 3 black female astronauts have made it to face. and knowing that i'm going to be the 4th means that i have this opportunity to not only accomplish my dream, but also inspire and inspire the next generation of women of color. the 4th space traveler as chris sim, browse sky, and aerospace engineer at defense contractor, lockheed martin. the capsules docking port has been replaced for the occasion with a large window like transparent dome inspiration for is the latest foray into space tourism following sub orbital flights in july by billionaires richard branson and amazon founder jeff bezos. space ex,
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owned by yet another billionaire ilan mosque is one of the leading companies planning for a lucrative mass market in space tourism over the coming decades. rob reynolds al jazeera, all the news of course on web site. there it is on your screen. the address to sarah dot com ah, type of quick check of the headlines here on the are the us australia on you have announce new in the pacific security alliance. it seen the strategy to counter china's implants in the region. orchestra alliance involve corporation in cyber and underwater defense restrain it also gets new nuclear power submarines.


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