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tv   [untitled]    September 19, 2021 9:00am-9:31am AST

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nazis and fascists have no place in san polly to day. how many nukes has too many new america have in many ways driven the arms race parties are much more like the british parties. now, there are fewer regulations to own a tiger than there are to own a dog. how can this be happening? we take on us politics and, and that's the bottom line. ah, hello, i'm fully back to boy doha. with a look at our main stories on our jazeera israeli police have captured the last 2 of 6 palestinian prisoners who escaped from a high security facility police arrested when i deal in fi it in a command g in jeanine, in the occupied west bank and being a 2 week man hunt is really, prosecutors want to add an additional 15 years to each man sentence on charges that
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they were planning a new attack. harry foster has moved from west jerusalem. there were reports leaks that there was a military operation in the offing. according to the, one of the men themselves who called his father, the building they were in the eastern union, had been surrounded by the israeli military and police. and according to his father, they decided to give themselves up to prevent further civilian casualties. they said they'd been threatened that the building would be destroyed if they did not come out. these were the military saying both of the 2 remaining prisoners and 2 people who had been helping them were all arrested. and the now being question, there was a statement from israeli military saying that there were violence. there was violence afterwards with locals from the area they said throwing rocks and improvised explosive devices at police. they reported live fire as well. certainly, we do know that there have been protests. there was concerned that if there was a major violent end to this, this man hunt that it could end in
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a very buddy way and potentially spill over into wider violence. so i think is ready. we'll be happy that they managed to get these men back without that kind of gunfight. at the end of it, france has accused australia of duplicity and a breach of trust. batteries cropped a submarine contract and signed an agreement with the united states. instead, the new pack means france loses a multi $1000000000.00 deal to sell it submarines to australia. you muscle there have been lies. there has been duplicity. there has been a major rupture of trust. there has been contempt. so it's not going well between us, not at all. that means that there is a crisis. and at that point, there's 1st a symbolic aspect, meaning we're recalling our ambassadors to try to understand. but also to show to our former partner countries that we have very strong discontent, really a serious crisis between us. and if they come,
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it's also way to reevaluate our position to defend our interests both in australia and in the united states. and denisia protests have been held for an against president case said in tunis. it's the 1st major demonstration since he sees power and dismiss parliament in july. his critics accuse him of a relatives of the family killed during a us drone strike in campbell are demanding compensation and to be relocated from afghanistan. it comes after the us admitted it, mistaken the target and aid worker and 9 of his relatives instead of iso fighters. and at least 3 people have been killed and 21 injured out. a vehicle belonging to taliban forces hit a roadside mine. it happened in the afghan city of joanna, by the capital of manga ha province switches and i saw strongholds thousands of haitian migraines, who crossed into the us ought to be deported. it's estimated that more than $13000.00 people are staying at a make shift to camp in the border town of del rio,
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the only border crossing there has been closed. del rios may, has a state of emergency describing the situation as unprecedented. and surreal. polls have opened for the final day of voting in russia's parliamentary elections. the ruling united russia party is expected to retain its majority. most crime in critics have been bond from running following a year of crackdowns and hong kong. political elite voting for a powerful committee which will choose the cities next leader. fewer than 5000 people can vote for the territories 1st election since paging over hold electoral system. finally, a french dead of all has wild crowds in paris, says the wall 600 meters on a tight rope between the eiffel tower and a theatre in trocadero square. nathan pola relied on a narrow strip of rope just 2 and a half centimeters wide. as he walked 70 meters above the ground,
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those are the headlines. next, it's a documentary killing the couch. ah, me. the smallest street north of jerusalem. me today it's derelict. understand. but for years columbia red port was the gateway to palestine. ah. on the morning of the 17th of september, 1948, a white plain carrying un and red cross markings landed here. with the 1st arab israeli war,
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already raging across palestine. the un mediator count font kept my daughter had come to do is i use that same often as it passed through the israeli controlled part of the city is convoy was and one jeep block. the way 3 guys with machine guns came out to other went up to the 1st core. 3rd one went directly to the 3rd shot through the window by 5 pm. trump, bernard was dead. ah. the assassination was carried out by an extremist desire.
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fighters for the freedom of israel. i don't think anybody in israel shed a tear about them or the turn to be and then in the state of israel and of design the streams. yes, only 3 years earlier, bernard arts had made another flying into nazi germany on the biggest humanitarian efforts of world war 2 key would save more than 30000 prisoners from the concentration camps. the 3rd of june then the adult was not an enemy of the jews, and there is nothing to suggest anti semitism in his entire record.
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this is the story of how peace can be frustrated by extreme cow assassination. can turn the tide of history with the consequences, but still the middle east with this is the story of killing the true ah, the villa thesis in the french would be the winter home of camp bob hill. youngest son of count fulton ah. loves this place where his father and mother 1st met in the late 1920
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the the, the era was and still is a favorite holidays estimate from the rich and titled and royal families from around the world. in the winter of 1928. can go stuff the king of sweden was spending his holiday but at the back of his mind, he had a widely nephew for no dog who's his uncle was the king and them he was every year down here on the bridge. and he had met what he thought a very nice american family that had the young daughter my father was by that time over 30. and i think his uncle felt it was time that all got married. so he sent
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for him. and they were put together and my mother told me it was a big success from the beginning. it became like positive boston sometime and proposed to me that's how it started. ah, in the autumn of that year, folk across the atlantic in the company of friends and relatives from sweden's royal family. ah, this was big news in america. the 1st wedding of european royalty on american soil . ah ah, in poker burn adults,
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a destiny man. when merited on the 1st of december 1928 unpleasant new york 1500 guests attended the wedding party on the private estate of estelle's father, a millionaire american industrial father of the bride home with reading and quite a few of his friends came over the history print stuff, although he was there and some of his brothers was at the wedding and another friend. i thought of it. and of course, not of american wedding party. after the wedding, estelle sailed to europe with funky to live with her new husband in the swedish capital stock home.
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oh, this was the world that forged a talent for mediation, a talent which would take him to the center of world politics. in the same city almost 34 years. count photo burn adults of the sport had been born 2 days into the new year of 18. 95. his father, prince oscar. dot was the son of king oscar. the 2nd king of sweden and norway ah, at school in stockholm focus showed himself to be practice rather than intellectual . a gifted linguist, he spoke fluent english, french, and german. it was a talent he would put to good use in later life. i in 1918.
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he graduated from the military academy of college, a skilled horseman. he rose to the rank of major in the elite dragoon cavalry unit . ah, but not long after his marriage, he was forced to resign his commission on medical grounds. ah, shortly after, when the boots were absorbed in the swedish army, banner dodge decided to rent the drug goon garden is units form a headquarters a spell. the millionaires daughter transformed this military office into a luxurious home fit for a prince. but
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in 1934 family life that dragoon garden was struck by tragedy couples. 3rd son, frederick died shortly after his birth. 2 years later, the eldest son, gustav died. he was just 6 years old. ah . after the last 2 of his son's camp, an adult decided to see can you goal in life in 1937. he became the head of the swedish scout.
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you had to this it is died. the 1st was we have not come to this world, it will be happy ourselves, but to make other people happy. i thought i would stop and the 2nd one was, what is possible is already done the impossible to be done. my good causes became the new focus and then adults life dog know about oh the yeah. yes. the utopian world burned adults and sweden were living in was about to end. the on the 1st of september, 1939. the 2nd world war began when german troops invaded poland
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the following year, hitler turns to sweden. ah, by the summer of 1940, the nazis had occupied norway and penmark. gustavo sweden incredibly active at the age of 71, attended the reason maneuvers held by his on in swedish forces were put on alert and threatened by the nazis and the russians looked the defences me
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soon, bun adult was mobilized the and with his country in fear of invasion, he began working to integrate the scouts into sweden's defense plan, training them in anti aircraft, and medical assistance. but sweden's defences would not be put to the test. jelly did not invade sweden for at least 2 reasons. sweden was not of very strategical importance . the 2nd reason is that sweden was quite willing to supply the german armaments industry with the necessary raw material. i am in particular and sweden, everything. the 1st part of the 2nd one was leaning towards the not even allowed
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the german navy to cross swedish waters. the law into the german plains to violate the ass space. so officially they were neutral meaning to germany. and that was easy for the agenda. i mean, they got almost everything they want. the but during 1943, the tide of war would change dramatically. the seemingly invincible nazi germany now found itself losing on several from ah, the allies had been victorious in north africa and had landed invasion forces in southern italy. ah,
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on the eastern front, the red army had begun the huge counter attack. the pushing german troops west from 9 to 43 always. as soon as the swedish government 10th are recognized that germany is going to lose the increasing lean towards the allies. so change in this with attitude the in october 1943. the swedish red cross by now under the energetic command of folk dot organized a prisoner of war exchange between the western allies and nazi germany at the swedish port of gothenburg. ah,
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a year later, a similar intervention brought fentler's prisoners re penetrated to over 10000 on their way home at last. thank you just waiting for the vital played by that country in the organisation of the good news. folk had been adult, had successfully established sweden's role as an intermediate demo. but in germany, there were other prisoners in even greater need or the swedish count skills as a mediator allied naval forces supported by wrong air forces. we got a lot of big allied armies. this morning, all the northern coast of the the
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as allied troops pushed towards berlin from east and west. they began to encounter concentration camps, o, and tens of thousands of prisoners living and dying in desperate conditions. mm. of january 1945. so the troops entered the largest center of the nazi industrial killing machine. me rumors were circulating, the hitler had given orders to heinrich himmler, the commander of s. s. troops. for the liquidation of concentration, camping nights. there was to be no evidence left behind. no
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prisoners to tell the tale. quick and decisive action was needed through 6 years of neutrality during world war 2, sweden had remained a country at peace. unlike its neighbors, norway and denmark. nothing has been able to stop the danish habit as were continually blowing factor buildings. darting 5 d reading trains until those code resisting the nazi occupation had been removed to concentration camps in germany in the resisting ideology of national socialism. they were a region as long as they were not jewish people who had been put to germany into
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concentration camps out of political reason. because they resisted in norway or in denmark. they were a re, in the eyes of the us and they were ok. many of them were able to understand and to talk german, which made them more human to the s s because they could talk to them, they could give them order. they were understood exploiting this special status and adults and the swedish red cross had already managed to get more than $70000.00 parcels of food and clothing to scandinavian inmates in nazi camps. the danish government had lists of the prisoners that had been brought to german concentration camp. the list was a privilege because people in denmark knew where who was in which concentration came. and this meant that the relatives knew where their loved ones were,
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and that the government was able to send packages, red cross packages with food and with clothing to people. personally, if you sent packages to a concentration camp without a special name on it, dss just took them and never gave it to the prisoners. but when the official packages from the red cross came, vss gave them to the prisoners and that made danged prisoners. they had more to eat and they had a better situation. by february, in 1945, a privileged treatment had been overtaken by the threat of total liquidation as the situation in the camps deteriorated, the swedish government stepped in. those identified as scandinavian internees in german concentration camps were to be rescued by a swedish red cross expedition. ah, chumps,
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halted nor dance. was the men who were believed i, the relationship between sweden and germany had by historical memories, been very good before the war. then i think actually that they were stated, pressed of a member of the king's family to take on this work. i think there must have been on the men bene, dot would have to impress, was finery him, commander of the ss. the notorious power military defense falls, a leading member of the nazi party. he had reasons become minister of the interior . and by now the 2nd most powerful man in germany on hitler's orders. it was him who had set up the concentration
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camps, controlling them through his s s troops. this was the man with whom bernard dart would have to negotiate to secure the prisoner's release. but how to reach him. that was the crucial question. felix caston was himmler personal mess, baltic german physician. he lived in stockholm, but travelled regularly to germany to treat him was chronic, abdominal cramps, phoenix, castle acted as a kind of intermediary between bene, ordered him. and as soon as ban dot offered this kind of neil him the sense that this might be a chance that only to rescue him to save him as a prison against revenge of course, but also maintain and even increase his power. he still had power. you have the power over the lives of the prisoners test and
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gave a green light to stock home. himmler had agreed that sweden could send an invoice to germany. on the 16th of february, in 1945, banner dots embarked on one of the most courageous humanitarian efforts in history . estelle accompanied her husband to stock holmes brum, a airport as count folk had been adults boarded and german aeroplane to berlin. it was a journey into the situation was desperate from the point of view, german, rudy. and from the point of view of the noxious course ban, adults wanted to take advantage of this. and to pressurized the not to
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lead to concede the relief of some prisoners. but to achieve this, been adult would have to take a crucial step ah, negotiating face to face with him. the man who controlled germany's concentration. russellville and southern england, where few farmers turn safari park. pioneers fits the attractive nature in the driving seat. i was just absolutely astonishing the life, the poor back even that the very 1st life and i miguel santiago when one by your company revolutionizing the system, you've been planned in artificial intelligence here in flight. you have you have
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the rise on al jazeera. there is a huge group of people at work behind the screen and the power they have is massive that urge to keep swiping through your twitter feed. that's design. the way we all click, i agree to the terms and conditions that's designed, and most of us never even give it a 2nd. and actually, that's designed as ali riggs is how designers are manipulating behavior in the final episode. all hail the algorithm on a job. ah, the health of humanity is that the stake a global pandemic requires a global response. w h o is the guardian of global health. delivering life saving tools, supplies, and training to help the world's most vulnerable people, uniting across borders to speed up the development of tests,
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treatments and the vaccine keeping you up to date with what's happening on the ground in the ward and in the lab. now more than ever, the world needs w h. making a healthy, a world for you everyone ah, the her, i'm fully bachelor into her with the headlines on al jazeera israeli police have captured the last 2 or 6 palestinian prisoners who escaped from a high security facility police arrested when identify it in a command g in jeanine in the occupied west bank and being a 2 week man hunt is really, prosecutors want to add an additional 15 years to each man sentence on charges that they were.


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