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tv   [untitled]    September 19, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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a 1000 people have been evacuated after volcano erupted on la palmer in the canary islands. it follows a week long build up sites greek activated caribbean. which last for up to 50 years ago. the canary islands, both knology institute for that love, it had been accumulating below the surface of days. companies by small ah, so this is out there are, these are the top stories and units f is appealing for help is malnourished children and many in fact with measles, philip hospitals, across afghanistan. it's warning, but many of them could die if they didn't get urgently needed. health supplies. there's still no word on when girls will return to secondary school in afghanistan, boys were back in the classroom on saturday. after an order from the taliban girls have only been able to return to primary schools at this stage. more than a dozen,
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i've got women gathered in couple to protest against the taliban, the cordial and the group to protect women's rights, including access to employment and education. the health science calling for the participate participation of women in public life. they study happen. but in his long women are given more rights. why are they taking our rights? we need schools for ladies to reopen again. women should go back to their jobs. all the employees should go back to the job and they should start working as they used to. we are not asking for anything else we need our human rights. united states is preparing to deport thousands of undocumented haitian migrants who cross the border from mexico and estimated 13000 people are staying at a make shift company, texas ton of del rio philippine boxing icon in many pack. y'all says he will run for president in the 2022 election hours now senator. it was nominated by a fraction of the ruling party. it comes after a rival fraction named to senator and long time aide of president rodriguez has had
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a choice. they also name to touch a vice presidential nominee poles have started to close. on the 3rd and final day of 18, russia parliamentary elections. 450 seats are up for grabs. more than 100000000 people are eligible to vote. united, russia, which banks president vladimir putin, is expected to retain its majority. most criminal critics were barred for running after a year of credit. on calling political liter voting for a powerful committee which will choose the cities next leader. fewer than 5000 people eligible to vote. it's hard to the 1st election since paging over hold it electrical system. a chief executive carried him back at critics who say that hong kong government is completely under china's control. alright, yep. date with the headlines here and not 0. got more news coming up right after $11.00 east buy for me.
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the for more than 2 decades home comb with the only place in china with people could speak up openly and freely against the leadership in beijing. but the sense is now a dangerous business. here you go to congress can see inaccurate to the national security law. in 2020 dozen of democracy activists have been arrested and nearly all of hong kong, prominent opposition, politicians have been jails. hong kong leaders carry lam insists the law was necessary following months of sometimes violent anti government protests. the
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implementation of the national security law has effectively restore stability in the hong kong society government imposed in the in the lead up to 2 major anniversaries. one on one, although the home congress who refused to be silent while the old old young you got my about, how are you? oh i every year for more than 3 decades, hong kong victoria park would transform into a sea of lights on the anniversary of the gentleman crackdown. after the handover in 1997, the city became the only place in china where it could be openly commemorated.
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pay my point of becoming stock or from the juvenile that you had told me from a very young age. but that's my 1st experience of participating in a muslim label in the whole you layman with what i some i why you'd have been well yet seem to be active. this child hung tongue is vice chairperson of the group behind the vigil. it's been and affection to see that this issue got a satisfactory resolution to see that justice can be done for the orders would come a quarter to 10 minutes africa you got
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what's the difference as the hong kong people compared to those is i china, have this freedom, this space to express an opinion with the government, and that's sunrise by the kind of like in the in the in 2020 the government spend that uniform visual for the 1st time, cited the fiction linked to the code that 19 pandemic. the what's the point home congress with the term and to go ahead the, the national security law was be away from being, you know, has been this is really
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a decides to go into the town join the act of civil disobedience. 7 thousands of people, including some of hong kong, best known democracy activists, to pass on official visuals. it's ended peacefully, but then can be arrest. the police charge $26.00 activists with participating in an unlawful assembly. child hung tongue was one of them. she refused to plead guilty, but for activists do so. and in may this year are given sentences of up to 10 months in prison. outside the law courts chow and says they've done nothing wrong
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to fall. it's coming again. we have been lighting candles and we're told me a powerful 31 years and we will continue. and this for a 2 year. but it's not to be police band a memorial. citing yet again. kofi 19 restrictions. 3 days before june, the 4th hong kong chief executive, kerry lam, issues this warning seen by many as a veiled threat aimed at charles organisation. william hall, young joe, they talk last what their time you see young if i go so do you think we can find joy as a lawyer, child knows the price that they might have to pay the national security law. criminalizes secession version, terrorism for collusion with foreign forces. those found guilty could face
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a life sentence because our aim, so i to add one party to pay to ship. so the worst thing is that they, we use that and say that this is a source of organization and all the new issue is committing the offensive wedding . the country on the morning of june, the 4th child was arrested earlier on social media. she had urged people to commemorate the correct down wherever they were. police say she broken the law, but it's an offense under the public or the ordinance. if anyone take part in or if it's well publicized than an authorized assembly. the maximum penalty is 5 years in prison. a little past mid day when you the police shut down large sections of victoria park
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or whatever measure in order to maintain the public and public safety. we believe it will be the most effective match when any unauthorized ah, i'm a threat that i'm all like that. he read the same thing the next among 5 years. it's not just victoria punk, that's under surveillance police on every way today. they conduct multiple stock searches. ah, we go towards evening activist ref i alone and members of his group, the leak of social democrats, set up
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a street stand undeterred by dozens of police nearby i in previous years, hong kong pro democracy groups would line this road on the evening of june. the 4th, i think young today there's just a handful of activists come home in your hands. i am, i eyeball, i got, i got a vice, i'm going to buy food i was going on. why haka yolanda output may not get off on elia. can people on the me, the national security law has been used against 2 prominent members from the league of social democrats than now when jail awaiting trial to others, also serving sentences, the protests related offences. the one himself has been charged with
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organizing and authorized assembly during the 2001900 protests and is due back in court soon. the old email from all the old jody. how are you? and i think i'm yeah, i don't name on the me on hold on hold on, hold all the i called on the guys lingle hand on my was on yahoo all. and i got mostly on the go on how he got over in the shopping district, of course, 20 year old won't get in from
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a group known as student. political is also trying to speak up to see how you all have evening or something. again, you guys on forgot all the late, i was one thing wrong in the law. could see how you validate the more laid over data on the outside of the home. i have going it up high or they get down john. i guess the ones on the on got you got my i got the the
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the, the the, the, me the phones and all that you'll have comes with a full home, went back in from the each it was i was told hi. i'm going to come by and say they'll come back and see how do you think that cable your ah, back in the area around victoria park. hundreds of hong kong as find ways to knock the anniversary. despite the ban, i handle search. my
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name here. might police around rockwell wong and another activist. they've been trying to walk towards the palm or they don't want to be so you can see all the, the women on oklahoma. you might want to talk when we're lying on the night on a month on the young i'm working on the bags. i searched the. ready details taken, i eventually least released the 2 men ah. ready but instead of leaving the activists cross the road towards the park, wait a again a
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number of their lead away. questioned. and then let go. it's unclear if they will face charges. hi michael. i'm tired. him only going to be in play. not so why young wife was just activist one yet in his out on fail or the high on on safety the cable. i will take the whole going
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to die. se coble, his alleged offenses include unlawful assembly, disorderly behavior in public and inciting, others to take part in unlawful assemblies will handle. they'll be in the whole, whole living room later on the whole game or they move made it all. i don't want to deal with or that i don't me yet in is relatively new to activism. i eating accounting. all you guys. i am white volunteer. roger. so you'll get like dave,
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hundreds of thousands are full. congress marched peacefully to protest the bill to amend the cities expedition, and they fear to change would undermine hong kong. so economy and rule of law when the government is related to christian with the 2nd reading of the bill, just some days later, tens of thousands of home college surrounded the legislative council complex. the news why am i speaking though? correct? hello. hey joe. hi, uncle john grossi a keynote, her case that little girl violate. although the why yes. on
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coming from the high wire. yeah. one thing, thing thing i want to quite the me on the $30.00 a month, the child hung tone is also out on bail. but she has more than just her own case to worry about. she's a lawyer for several opposition. politicians detained for allegedly breaking the national security law. you called at the time? i think i've been to prison for the last 3 days in a row. she's going again today to discuss the bail hearing with one of her clients, but she might not be able to act to the him for much longer expecting that you are coming to you. so i have to return all the way. last
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some friends have a child to step away from activism. others have even suggested that she go into exile. i find that more difficult to bear the same stand. the repression cannot have any effect means i'm working on issue that you've used to treasure the author a 2 hour bus ride was finally it's the prison child was visiting today, but it's likely she'll be in jail one day awaiting visitors. she insists she's ready. the alternative is that worth living a life where you can never speak freely living alive that you have to profess your loyalty and your love for the, for the part here. right. and i don't, i just, i think and more feeble of that kind of like that i live in prison way.
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it's 2 days before the 24th anniversary of hong kong hand over to china. police have banned the annual pro democracy march, citing yet again covered related restrictions. cow is representing activists. appealing the decision we're not allowed to film proceedings. an hour and a half later. it's all over. the appeals been denied. one half years since the covert 19 has a single it would have been allowed if you want advertising in the hearing, that the government is the obligations, especially he protests and they're not doing that. they're doing everything to stop all form expression expression on this very important day to the party, right? 100 grocery shopping to hear what do you plan to do for july?
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i haven't quite decided. i quite want to go into this trip that i have been told that i maybe need that as an oil child doesn't get to make that decision. police revoke her bail a day later, and she is re arrested and detained me to this. it's the 1st of july 2021. the 24th anniversary of the hong kong handover and the 100 percent of us 3 of the founding of the communist party of china. the annual flag raising ceremony is on the way i was all there by roughly long and other members of the league of social democrats have
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a message for beijing and the hong kong government. well, i don't want to comply with coven ruth, just for activists protesting. today they march surrounded by scores of police and media. i really like being old a young lady. i called on voc doable when i went through the type thing. all, some generally, you know both, all we don't on my side. i'm already and i don't the hotline vehicle or they're hung on i. so you don't, my son was the acting chief executive, the honorable, but it's a very different message from acting chief executive john lee, hong kong on like i said, you bring up quite a while. we'll walk on to bon jones on june. john bo young, young kid highway walked onto that tom,
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see the man gauge up the lung son man. that way, the way done. the outside security is tight. according to media reports, some 10000 police have been deployed across hong kong today. they occupy roads at a shopping district that would normally be filled with pro democracy st stands on this day. people are stopped. questions and searched most of victoria park. traditionally the starting point of the annual march is once again how to bounce back. one gets in has spent the morning watching light streams from various
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locations around hong kong. his group student politic ism had earlier announced plans for a st. stand on july. the 1st all the whole guys, i'm really no phone. all right. so you, all these all can go behind several phone calls later. they have a plan on hiring k. don't take the pattern. but by the time we get to my call, the police appeared to be one step ahead on how long golf our guys out gave us touch all. so you got a golf log, all i know you've got gold ones on there, but we don't offer the he hits there anyway.
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i got a time and all his friends are waiting. and so the police and then they go it's not long before got around than what i have initially, police seem willing to let them proceed with a few restrictions but then something changes in the things that are there and the 3 active lead away the day granted bailed the next day. it is
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the 5th time one gets jim's been arrested. along with him come, don't touch mcdahl with. i'm not the only thing you know you can be on the bottom. hold on. hold on. i think, i'm sorry. let me help her telephone call, but i guess i guess i know you want to come on a sweltering off the noon a few days later, a small group of hong kong is gather outside the west county. the magistrate court shall hung tongue has just been denied bail, and is being taken back to prison. me
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like this. i know a regular sight in hong kong has more and more activists are arrested, charged in jail. supporters run off the prison band waiting signs and shouting words of encouragement. i therefore the phone callers who refuse to play whether you lose candles in the wind. i me i
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learn more in the going under the not to become tall. ah, when i want to investigate the length some people are willing to go to reach new on al jazeera news, news, news, news, news. talk to al jazeera. what gives you hope that is going to be peace because the situation on the ground seems to be pointing otherwise we listen. we were never on. 3 whatever road to off migration we meet
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with global news makers and talk about the stories on sierra ah animation appeal from the un is mel, nurse children fill up hospitals across the guns. if there was no life at the end. at the end of the tunnel we will not be here ah, this is out there a life also coming.


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