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on tuesday such $7.00 is just to degree point 2 degrees off the record for september in contrast to the cold, further south and that's antarctic, as it started the snow falling months again in the victoria now and across in new south wales. so you like spring skiing? well this is springs. they are, they have to 20 centimeters. actually fairly want to, these is all, this is parish up now that slowly warming out and the sun is coming out, the cold reg cross towards using 20 and sidney and about $28.00 in purse. so that just cool down a little bit so far. no new zealand, the rain is easing inside fall and this is a tongue through the north during wednesday, but on thursday it looks like a proper circulation sets up at the north on it looks particularly wet though not particularly cold. thy tina gets been the l g 0 recounts the shocking story of the assassination of counts full cabana dot. the
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1st you and envoy trying to bring peace to the middle east. how is negotiations with himmler help save thousands of jews from nazi concentration camps and how these mediation skills put him at the vanguard in the quest for peace in the middle east? killing the count on algae there. when the news great. on wednesday, it was the 8th largest fire in california history. when people need to be heard, any people who are writing people even know what i am with exclusive interviews for horse era has teams on the ground with intensifying rain. people here appear that these are temporary solutions to bring you more award winning documentaries and life need. oh,
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i might have a job. so is this sedans governing sylvan cancelled says it's falls and attempted to. it says the process have been arrested under being questioned to try to take control of several government institutions, including state tv and radio. canadian primary adjustments woodall has been reelected following their stop poll one monday projection show the routing liberals will remain the single largest party, but it is falling short of to those aim to win a majority trading in volatile and asian markets, amid concerns about the possible collapse of a chinese property giant ever ground is more than $300000000000.00 in debt. chinese regulators say is putting the countries financial system at risk. well,
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let's get more on top story now. that filed cru attempt in su, done while each model is the founder and president of sit on policy for him. he says there's been a lot of concerns surrounding the common leadership for us. the question now is why the question is, what exactly are these offices trying to? we look at the situation now in so done, it was supposed to be only 3 months after now we've had to be 3 years of any signal that cbs component of the government is, is fine to formulate that. so you, you combine that with the comments as i is a comics country. see if
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there's any sort of you know, that can be the country out of what my that the slow me that is happening in the country now. and lack of in digital articles. all because recall breakthroughs has a lot to do when we look at the situation of the 15 when it was it was the movie, the very 1st course with the we need the officers the and they are giving some sort of beauty. i don't think that they will allow any sort of an agreement that we bring into that and now it look, it doesn't seem that this is a transition of government because there aren't any thinking to put
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together a law for elections, a law for them. because the census hasn't been done getting mentoring for it on the i think be design. so a see that even the public is now very few years about the lack of the nation determination of part of the c p. s. to make the government they are trying to reach some sort of government and that could be so many people covered climate change and conflict of the agenda of the un general assembly that gets under way in new york in a few hours time. the u. s. says tend to avoid a corona, virus super strider event, but despite the pandemic, dozens of heads of state and travel to new york to speak in person including us. president joe biden. did somebody get it a james base reports, joe biden,
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arriving in new york for his 1st united nations general assembly. as the us president becomes at a time when he faces an array of foreign policy challenges and tension with a key ally. his 1st meeting was with the un secretary general antonio good terrace to discuss climate cobra, 19 and top of the agenda. the situation in afghanistan. the 2nd general is arguing that the international community has no choice but to engage with the taliban. and the u. n's high commissioner for refugees who's just back from cobble is warning. there's a real risk of a catastrophic economic breakdown. the implosion would mean the ceasing of the functioning of the vital functions of state like the health system. for example, the public administration who will pay the salaries that you know until now were paid to a combination of bilateral, multilateral funds and national funds. this whole construct has collapsed now. so
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if that happens, that kind of inclusion would push for sure many to leave the country. cobit 19 will also be a key issue this week. protest is here, and there the un or angry about the biden administration's plans for cobit booster shots when many around the world are unprotected, they call it vaccine apart 8. but the president will on wednesday hold a virtual summit in an effort to increase vaccine supply to countries across the globe. the whole message of the biden administration was supposed to be america's back, a return to multilateralism. but that message has taken a knock in recent weeks. key allies believe that the pullout from afghanistan was badly conducted and the reason spat with the french has led some to think that biden's approach to foreign policy really isn't that different from trumps. james base al jazeera, the united nations,
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thousands of migrants from haiti had been hoping to find refuge in the u. s. are being sent home instead. many have been staying at a makeshift count but a texas border time where conditions are set to be going from bad to worse. as john holman reports mccone many across the back onto the mexican side of the border to avoid deportation. looked inside to make ship camper more than 8000 people, mostly haitians in del rio, texas. they crossed the river illegally and we're hoping the u. s. would let them stay most of the shelters. it just blanket plastic and even river. it's propped up by sticks together. with a lot of rubbish, but little water or food, someone inside the camp film, these images for us, us thirties, have largely blocked the media from seeing it. and now they are entering the place . irregular migration poses a significant threat to the health and welfare of the welfare of border communities
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and to the lives of the migrant themselves and should not be attempted. if you come to the united states illegally, you will be returned daily flights of taking off from the us, sending people back to haiti to avoid deputation some people like vicki of cross back into mexico. we found them in a park with his 20 month old son, adams, but he still hasn't given up on his drink today, and i'm 30 years old. and i don't know how many years i have left before i die. but my dream is to enter the us, if i cross today, and they send me back to haiti, i'll try it again. welcome and asked him why was already talking about dying. he told me he'd been deeply traumatized by parts of the 5000 kilometer journey. get this po jim helped him well. many people died in the jungle. you could be waiting through the water and the river would take you away. a pregnant woman hungry people
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who couldn't walk and died in the forest. i saw many things. and these images haunt me. most haitians, we talked to had similar stories. and now mexico isn't a safe haven, eva. authorities rounding up migrants here aiding the u. s. f. in essence, the now trapped, i guess it was, you know, here we are prisoners. nobody knows what to do. some people have decided to go to haiti, but if they arrive like this with nothing, it's going to be very tough with the poverty, the crime, they'll just get even poor. so instead, job was hoping for the best had him back to the u. s. and the camp of getting nappies and milk for his son. we left him as he waded into the river, crossing between 2 countries, neither of which want him. john home and al jazeera aconia, mexico. the french foreign minister says this country was blindsided by a submarine deal announced last week between the u. s. cecilia and the u. k,
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the fact effectively council, the long running agreement with france, british and us technology will be used instead. there's only like graham is demanding answers, saying the situation has caused a crisis of trust, where the european union has expressed its solidarity with frances mike, han reports, lead ice of nations. as expected, the gathering of ministers on the sideline of the un general assembly expressed full support for france and it's ongoing dispute over the lions forged between the u. s. australia and the u. k. earlier, the french foreign minister told reporters that french anger had in no way dissipated several times. use the word brutal or brutal to emphasize the depths of french fury at the formation of this alliance level job title. it's not just a bass, a brutal, unexpected, and unexplained breach of the contract,
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the 2016 contract that was being implemented with strayer, what matters now is the breach of trust between partners and alliance means transparency and predictability. it requires explanations and involves talking to one another, not hiding from one another on matters of importance. that did not happen. and we need to talk about us. foreign minister le john made clear that he would not be meeting with the us secretary of state, all the australian foreign minister here at the u. n. g. a. however, the french president mccall is expected to hold a phone call with president biden in coming days. this will be a virtual conversation, as president mc con has remained in france within coming days to there will be a meeting of the quad, an alliance between the us, japan, india, and australia. the 1st face to face meeting of this alliance significantly, they will be discussing a strategy in the endo pacific. this is going to infuriate the french and the
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e. u. even further, given the fact that they believe that every move us has taken to date, has excluded partners from discussions, partners who are intent on forging a collective rather than unilateral strategy. in this critical region. the us is relaxing and 18 months travel by and loving fully vaccinated visitors from the e. u and the u. k. to enter the country from november, they're going to have to show proof of vaccination before boarding flights and negative court with 1900 test. but they will need to quarantine in the us. why does correspond them can re, hawker to force under pressure from allies. the biden administration is finally lifting its 18 month ban on international air travel to the u. s. starting in november, new restrictions take effect that will apply to all international travelers into the united states. air travel is permitted,
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but only if you're fully vaccinated and tested negative for koby 19 within 72 hours of travel, unvaccinated americans can also travel by the lead, a negative test within 24 hours of a flight. add another test within a day of arriving. but land border restrictions to and from canada and mexico remain in place. that means travelers from canada and mexico can fly to the us, but not drive a car, a restriction certain to irritate canadians still open their border to all vaccinated american travelers. in early august, the lack of enforcement of the cupboard restrictions, the southern border with mexico may be another friction point for canadians as illegal entry to the united states or mexico continues to search. the travelling hospitality industry has been urging biden to lift the trump air of flight restrictions since taking office air. travel to the u. s. from europe is down 67
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percent from pre pandemic level, and the hospitality industry is hurting the changes provide welcome. really, it's not just taking passengers from one point another that are allowed to travel safety, all those connecting travelers from india, from europe, from other geographies. that's going to make a huge difference for the health of the airline industry. but the timing of the announcement is being questioned with relations teds between the us and some of its top european allies. despite promising multilateralism biden ignored world leaders recommendation to delay the ask and to pull out. last week, the u. s. infuriated france by forming a security alliance with australia and the u. k. to supply nuclear submarines to australia, leaving france in the dark. but the white house insists the new travel requirements are not an effort to ease tensions. if we were going to make things much easier for
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ourselves, we would have done it prior to june when the president has 1st for trip or earlier this summer. despite whitehouse denials the travel requirement announcement appears deliberately time to ease tensions with allies. now the u. s. president is armed with good news as he prepared to meet face to face with world leaders and address the un general assembly. kimberly held it al jazeera, the white house, pfizer has announced it's covered 1900 vaccine is effective for children between 5 and 11 years old. the pharmaceutical giant child the job with a lower dose from adults and find it produces enough antibodies. pfizer will send its findings to us regulators to request approval for a global rollout. hundreds of construction workers who march through the trillion city of melbourne after being told they must get vaccinated against covert 19. victoria state government requires them to have at least one dose. by the end of
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this week, the premieres closed on building sites for 2 weeks. same. the movement of workers were spreading the virus and regional areas. the former head of egypt, military council that ruled the country following the out of spring uprisings 10 years ago, has died. the same time it was $85.00. he served as egypt defense minister for more than 2 decades. and he was considered a close ally of former president, hosted nevada from tale was removed in 2012. soon after mohammed morsey was elected president. hundreds of soldiers have been deployed to patrol the streets of columbia as capital and other cities. the supporting police says they fight a wave of violent robberies. the increase in violence coincides with the full reopening of the economy. after months of coverage 19 restrictions, alessandro m. p. s. reports from baton. i'm soldiers on the move in book patrolling crime hotspots in the city, checking identities, and frisking passers by freely to deployment of hundreds of soldiers in columbia.
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the main cities followed an appeal from mayor claudia lopez to the national government in england gas or military says, you know that this is not a military is asian of the city, but it is convenient for the army to support the police in to tass, dissuading climb and searching for weapons, while critic say the measure is dangerous and unconstitutional, some believe it's a necessary evil. it's a difficult recreation. there is lots of a lack of security. so i think it's good when the robberies in violent crimes have seen a sharp upward spike since the economy started to recover after months of corona, virus confinement so far this year the city has registered 754 murders, a 15.7 percent increase. and more than $65000.00 robberies, but what worries the most so tory, this is the level of violence. 15 year old loud m,
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what alice was shot in the legs at close range by a t. despite giving up her phone. is, can we low he create a truck car, it's crazy to attack a defenseless child. i can understand mugging an adult, but now they are shooting kids. i can't understand how anyone could do that. but i mean, you know, the situation has become so dangerous that some banks are offering insurance to protect the atm withdrawl for less than $2.00. you're protected for 2 hours in case of robbery. it covers the money, but also violence that domestic military deployments remains controversial. in a country, just emerging from decades of war and soldiers were deployed with the police in may in response to anti government protest, it's parked the international condemnation. when dozens were killed. in the experts say that repeated studies in latin american cities show that deploying the army, does not improve security. it's william west of course as well. that what it shows
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is the inability of the local and national government to manage security policies properly. and it shows that nobody prepared for a wave of crime so strong as the one with dealing with them because increased poverty levels in columbia to more than 40 percent in nearly one in 5 people is unemployed. a desperate situation for many and few believe soldiers on the street is anything more than a temporary solution. allison and the address here, i've gotta still ahead and i'll just say to the chief of pakistan and cricket heads out of england decision to counsel the to the country that's coming up with andy and this board. ah,
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the who's with me. ah ah
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ah, that's a sport he is, andy, thank you so much, rob. while the prussia is growing on barcelona. cultural came in the spanish not only just affording debate against struggles, granada in the league on monday or not ahead taking the lead and the 2nd minute true. mangan also had to wait until the injury, someone to rescue a draw on their head a security point to one more. also all repeats in, in the league of a 7 on a whistle met with whistles from the boss alone, a crown, not for the 1st time human facing questions about his future, about the whole bunch, one or not. but i don't, i don't think it's necessary to ask that question because i'm not going to talk about my future any more. and the other thing is that obviously we're unhappy because we want to win games, especially at home. but as i explained to the game today was complicated,
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and i think that we gave our all to day on peach and perhaps with a little more locked. we could have won the game and i think that needs to be considered too well. it's not, not easy because when they score the beginning, it is quite difficult to come back into the game because they, they try to make it fall every way they could and willing wasting time and everything. i think apart from this they didn't really create a gen, raining champions, athletics, madrid can retain help support from roman jude later on. if they beat it's half a they've lost their 1st 5 games. let's go sit 2 points behind that cross city rogers. so it is national team has a new man in charge. german under 21 coach doesn't consist taken over from us. and again, us he left last week construct the under twins. he wants to the european title early. the ship is 1st much in charge will be a world cup, qualify against norway on october, the 8th and the backend name has returned to the pitch romeo,
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the son of former united ro, madrid, and england. play a david making his professional debbie for fort lauderdale. it's actually a reserved seem to in some miami, which is partly on by his father, the 19 year old played 79 minutes when the right wing, just like it's like right now, securities being tightened around new zealand women's crickets. same after they received a threatening email, the theme is on soar in england, the team playing in less the right now the message was sense, the england and wells cricket ball. he said they treated it seriously, but ultimately decided it was incredible. the threat follows nice aliens decision last week to abandon the mentor of pakistan over security concerns. pakistan's, cricket board chief from georgia has he found at england its decisions to counsel the tools of his country. english men side was supposed to fight too much as a woman for the t 20 well cut, while the women's side it would you to find pack them for the 1st time, had 5 fixtures. dcp said it had increasing concerns about traveling to the region
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or replace the teams, which is looking for excuses. you get a block ag, australia, new england, england got these teams a part of a blog, extremely new zealand, england. who do we complain to? because they were supposed to be part of the cricket family, but obviously they have not made off your heart of them. and they just look facility to wriggle out of pocket. how we go out of our way to accommodate them. we honor their wishes. we are one of the best hosts in the world, and then when we go to visit them, they even mistreat. they'll play as well in quarantine yet we accept all of it. and so it's a lesson for us out there. a europe's ryder cup captain project harrington says his team's success or failure in the coming days will go a long way to defining his career. the reading champions have not flown into the united states ahead of the events which stops in wisconsin on friday. folks are captain speaking on the state for he saw major champion harrington is taking an
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experience, things for us, for this 3 days, competition while the americans have 6. or if he's in the 12 my lineup coverage, travel restrictions mean the european female face a policies on home crowd of the whistling strikes. cos if there was 40000 us fans and no europeans, we prefer to have no fans. and that's just a reality. we want the noise, we want the excitement, we want the balls of it all. yes, the players will have to deal with it. yes, they have to embrace it. but they what monte alternative having no fans is no phone . so you know, they're going to enjoy if you realize you're going to have a home course or home field advantage basically with when it comes to the the fan so you know, you discard, embrace it, you know, let them energize you, let them pick you up. yes. soon i'm a show off form, right? it seems like our teams over the years, the teams that have played,
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well they get to the point of almost like they show off for the home fans, you know, and, and hopefully that's what our guys are going to do. this week, kansas city royals catch a sound little perez has made some baseball history. oh, be high in the air, deep was failed. and that was for us this $46.00 home run this season break. johnny bench is all on record for homes. why catch it in a single, even a monkey set back in 1970 prizes f at helping you seem to a 70 went against the cleveland indians. on a major milestone out of the 2022 will cutting cattle took 4 days, but it has now been laid at the sale. stadium, which will host 10 much is including the final next december. it's the largest of the stadiums. hosting the tournaments hold $80000.00 fans to to be completed by the end of the year. ok, but it's high school's looking guy. me. thanks very much. indeed. i'm to emily, i'm one is going to be here in a couple of minutes with more on all the stories i am the mattress and thanks for
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being with by for a ah, ah, ah. ah frank assessments, by way it was a game freedom. surprising informed opinions what you saw happening get from market . there was 40 to come up with 2 new critical debate here. it's not between kula and any other group that we have corporate here. that 4 years re running that even people in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside
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story on our jazeera, there are some of the media stories a critical look at the global news media out on al jazeera government shuttle access to social media, phone, and online be part of the debate or pacific people. the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the when the healthy get off the table shooting atmosphere, people are demoralized. they're exhausted and many health care workers are experiencing p t f. d like symptom, jump into this dream. and julian, a global community. if you online on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation as well. this stream announces era. we town the untold story. ah, we speak when others don't. ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes a police fin here, guys,
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my eyes and power impulsion. we tell your story. we are your voice, your news, your net back out here. ah, sedans government says it's foiled to attempt by people loyal to the deposed president. my alba. she and arrested all the perpetrators. ah, hello, i'm emily angry. this is al jazeera, alive from joe. how also coming up? i see canadians standing together together in your determination to end this can demick canadian prime minister just in today. when's a snap general elect.


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