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tv   [untitled]    September 21, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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on 1st avenue in new york. well, that's where he married dr. joe biden. they were actually married here in the shadow of the united nations. so this has real personal residence for the us president, a tough speech for him, though. it was always going to be a tough speech every year. it's a tough speech for the us president to lay out that foreign policy stall in front of the $193.00 members of the united nations. tougher still because it's his 1st time addressing this gathering. as the u. s. leda tougher still, i think because of events in recent weeks. certainly the original message of the biden administrator was a return to multi naturalism. america's back. that was the message they want to give the world. well, that's a much tougher cell. i think. now, in the last few weeks because of the will withdraw from afghanistan, the taliban takeover, even some of the u. s. is allies will tell you not to privately that i think that was handled very, very badly indeed. and then we have spotless emerged in, in the last few days with the french, the, the longest ally of the united states,
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the french. and yet the problem currently doesn't have an a buster in washington dc . they've been withdrawn because of this around the us and u. k. doing a deal with australia, give australia a new nuclear power submarines. and by doing that, getting in the way of a previous french deal with the australians causing real problems between leaders among the nato countries. i'm very, very close allies. you can see him coming on stage now, president biden, taking to the podium and just noting at the presence of the general assembly for mister motives, and now he makes his speech to the general assembly. excellency joseph biden junior president of the united states of america, and to invite him to address the assembly. mister president, secretary general, my fellow delegates, to although to dedicate themselves to this noble mission of this institution. it's
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my honor to speak to you for the 1st time as president of the united states. we meet this year at the moment of inter, mingled with great pain and extraordinary possibility. we lost so much, it is a devastating pandemic that continues to claim lives around the world and impacts so much on our existence. we're morning more than 4500000 people. people over every nation from every background. each debt is an individual heartbreak, but our shared grief is appointment reminder that our collective hytcher will hinge on our ability to recognize our common humanity and to act together. ladies and gentlemen, this is the clara, an urgent choice that we face year at the dawning of what must be
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a decisive decade for our world. a decade they will quite literally determine our futures. as a global community, we're challenged by urgent looming crises wherein lie enormous opportunity. if, if we can summon the well and resolved to seize these opportunities. while we work together to save lives, defeat covert 19 everywhere, and take the necessary steps. progress out for the next pandemic, for there will be another one. or will we fail to harness the tools at our disposal as a more very dangerous variance take coal. when we meet the threat of challenging climate, the challenging climate, we're all failing already ravaging every part of our world with extreme weather. or well, we suffer the merciless march of ever worsening droughts and floods. more intense
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spires and hurricanes, longer heat waves and rising seas. will we affirm and paul, the human dignity and human rights under which nations in common cause more than 7 decades ago form this institution. when we apply and strengthen the core tenants of entered the international system, including the un charter and universal declaration of human rights. as we seek to shape the emergence of new talk technologies and deter no threats. or we allow these universe those universal principles to be trampled and twisted in the pursuit of naked political power. and my view, how we answer these questions in this moment. whether we choose to fight for our shared future or not, or reverberate for generations yet to come. simply put,
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we stand in my view at an inflection point in history. and i'm here today to share with you are the united states is chance to work with partners and allies, to answer these questions. and the commitment my new administration helped lead the world toward a more peaceful, prosperous future. for all people. instead of continuing to fight the wars of the past, we are fixing our eyes on devoting our resources and the challenges and haul the keys to our collect the future. and the new fan demik addressing the climate crisis, managing the shifting global power dynamics shaping the rules of the world on vital issues like trade, cyber and emerging technologies, and facing the threat of terrorism. as it stands today, we've ended 20 years of conflict going to gather stan. and as we close this period
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of relentless war, we're opening a new air re letters, diplomacy, of using the power of our development aid to invest in new ways or lifting people up around the world. already knowing and defending democracy, approving that no matter how challenging or how complex the problem is, you're going to face government by and for the people is still the best way to deliver for all of our people that the united states turns our focus to the priorities and the regions of the world like you end up with civic that are most consequential today and tomorrow, will do so with our allies and partners through cooperation and multilateral institutions like united nations, to amplify our collective strength and speed our progress toward dealing with global challenges is
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a fundamental truth of the 21st century with the nature of our countries and as a global community, that our own success is bound up in other succeeding as well. to deliver for our own people must also engage deeply with the rest of the world. to ensure that our future work together with other partners are partners toward a shared future. our security, our prosperity, and our very freedoms are interconnected. in my view is never before. and so i believe we must work together as never before. over the last 8 months, i prioritize rebuilding our alliances, revitalizing our partnerships, and recognizing their essential and central to america, enduring security and prosperity. we have reaffirmed our sacred nato
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alliance to article 5 commitment. we're working with our allies toward a new strategic concept that will help our alliance better tre gone, evolving threats today and tomorrow. we renewed our engagement, whether you are paying union, a fundamental partner in tackling a full range of significant issues facing our world today. we elevated the quad partnership among australia, india, and japan, and the united states to take on challenges ranging from house, security to climate, to emerging technologies. where engage with regional institutions from asi, on the african union, to the organization of american states, to focus on people's urgent need for better health and better economic outcomes. we're back at the table in international forms, especially united nations,
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to focus attention and to spur global action and shared challenges. we re engage at the world health organization and working close partnership with co back to deliver life saving vaccines around the world. we rejoin the powers climate agreement and we're running to retake as seen in the human rights council next year at the u. n. and as the united states, 6 to rally the world action were laid, not just the example or power, but god willing with the power of our example, make no mistake. the united states will continue to defend ourselves, our allies, and our interest against attack, including terrorist threats, as we prepare to use force, if any is necessary, but to defend our vial. us national interest, including against ongoing and imminent threats. but the mission must be claire and
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achievable, undertaking when informed consent of the american people. and whenever possible, in partnership with our allies, use us military power must be our tool of last resort. not our 1st, that should not be used as an answer to every problem we see around the world. indeed today, many of our greatest concerns cannot be solved or even addressed through the force of arms. bombs and bullets cannot defend against covert 19 or is future variance. to fight this pandemic, we need a collective act of science and political well. we need act now to get shots in arms as fast as possible and expand access to oxygen test treatments to save lives around the world. and for the future, we need to create
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a new mechanism to finance global health security. that bills on our existing development assistance and global health and global health threat council council that is armed with the tools we need to monitor and identify emerging pandemic. so that we can take immediate action already the united states has put more than $15000000000.00 toward global covered respond to global cover response. we've shipped more than 160000000 doses of covered 900 vaccine to other countries. this includes 130000000 doses, her own supply, and the 1st trashes of a half a 1000000000 doses of pfizer vaccine we purchased to donate through kovacs plains, carrying vaccines from united states have already landed in 100 countries. bringing
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people all over the world, little dose of hope. as one american nurse turned to me a dose of hope, direct american people, and importantly, no strings attached in tomorrow. at the u. s. hosted global my team covered 90 summit. i'll be announcing additional commitments as we sake to advance, to fight against cover 19 and hold ourselves accountable or specific targets. and 3 key challenges. saving lives now vaccinating the world and building back better. this year is also brought widespread death and devastation from the borderless climate crisis. the extreme weather events that we have seen in every part of the world and you all know it and feel it, represent what the secretary general is rightly called code read for humanity.
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and the sciences and experts are telling us that we're fast approaching a point of no return in the literal sense to keep within our reach the vile of goal of limiting global warming. to 1.5 degrees celsius. every nation needs to bring their highest possible ambitions to the table when we meet in glasgow for cop 26 and then have to keep raising our collective ambition. over time. in april, i now the united states ambitious new goal under the parish agreement, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the united states by 50 to 52 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. as you work toward achieving a clean energy economy. with net 0 emissions by 2050 and my administration is
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working closely with our congress to make critical investments in green infrastructure. electric vehicles help us lock in progress at home, toward our climate goals. and the best part is making a better investment is good climate policy. it's a chance for each of our countries to invest in ourselves in our own future. it's an enormous opportunity. great. good paying jobs for workers in each of our countries and a spar long term economic growth. prove the quality of life for all of our people. we also have to support the countries and people over hit the hardest and that have the fewest resources to help them adapt. in april, i announced the united states will double our public international finance, the top developing nations package climate crisis. today. i'm proud to announce
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that we'll work with the congress to double that number again, including for adaptation efforts. this will make the united states later and public climate finance with our added support together with increased private capital and other from other donors. will be able to meet the goal of mobilizing $100000000000.00 to support climate action and developing nations. as we deal with these crisis raso encountering a new era, an air of new technologies and possibilities that potential to release and reshape every aspect of human existence. that's up to all of us to determine whether these technologies are forced to empower people or to deepen. refreshing as new technologies continue to a while,
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we'll work together with our democratic partners to ensure that new advances in areas some biotechnology to quantum computing. 5 g, artificial intelligence and more, are used to lift people up to solve problems in advance human freedom, not to suppress dissent or target minority communities. in the united states is trying to make a profound investment, research and innovation. working with countries at all stages of economic development to develop new tools and technologies, help us tackle the challenge of the 2nd quarter. the 21st century and beyond. we're hardening our critical infrastructure again. cyber attacks disrupting ransomware networks, working to establish claire rolls of the road for all nations as it relates to cyberspace. reserve the right to respond decisively to cyber attacks that threaten
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our people, our allies, our interest. we will pursue new roles or global trade economic growth, the strive level of plainfield. so there's not artificially kept in favor of any one country at the expense of others. and every nation has a right an opportunity to compete fairly. we will strive to ensure the basic labor rights, environmental safeguards, and intellectual property are protected. and the benefits of globalization are shared broadly throughout all our societies. will continue to follow the long standing rules and norms and inform the guardrails of international engagement for decades. that have been essential to the development nations around the world. bedrock commitments like freedom of navigation, adherence to international laws and treaties support for arms control measures the
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reduced arrest, the risk, and enhance transparency. our approach is firmly grounded, fully consistent with the united nations mission. and the values we've agreed to when we drafted this charter, these are commitments we all made and that were all bound to a poll. and as we strive to deal with these urgent challenges, whether they're long standing or newly emerging must also deal with one another. all of the major powers of the world have a duty in my view to carefully manage their relationships. so we do not chip from responsible competition to conflict. united states will compete and will compete vigorously and label our values and our strength will stand up for our allies in
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our friends and oppose attempts by stronger countries and dominate weaker ones. but that's a changes to territory by force. economic origin. jack black sport taishan or dis information. but we're not seeking. say it again. we are not seeking a new cold war or world wide it. in the rigid blocks. united states is ready to work with any nation. steps up and pursues peaceful resolution. to share challenges, even if we haven't tense disagreements and other areas because we all suffer the consequences of our failure. we do not come together to address the urgent threat like covert 19 climate change. or enduring threat like nuclear proliferation. united states remain committed for reading and right to preventing a ran,
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granted in nuclear weapon. where are working with the p 5 plus one to engage rad diplomatically and seek a return to j. c. p. o. a. were prepared to return to full compliance for rand. does the same. similarly, we seek serious this sustain diplomacy to pursue the complete dinner clerk is ation of the cramp peninsula. we see concrete progress toward an available plan with tangible commitments that would increase stability on the face and in the region, as well as improve the lives of the people in the democratic people's republic of korea must also remain vigilant to the threat of terror. the chairs imposes to all nations or the, emanating from distant regions of the world. or in our own backyard. we know the bitter string of chairs,
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the bitter sting of terrorism is israel. we almost all experienced it. last month was 13 american arrows and almost $200.00 in as an afghan civilians and have this terrorist attack at couple airport. those who commit acts of terrorism against us will continue to find a determined enemy in the united states. world today is not the world of 2001 know in the united states is not the same country were when we were attacked on 91120 years ago today, or better equipped to detect to prevent terrorist threats. and we are more resilient in our ability to repel them and to respond. we know how to build effective partnerships, dismantled terrorist networks by targeting their finances, support systems countering their propaganda. preventing their travel as all disrupting imminent attacks will meet terrorist threats that arise today to the
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future with a full range of tools available to us. including work in cooperation with local partners. so that we need not be so reliant on large scale military deployments. while most important ways we can effectively and perhaps security and reduce violence is by seeking to improve the lives of the people all over the world who see that their governments are not serving their needs. corruption, fuels inequality, seconds off a nation's resources, spreads across borders. and generate human suffering is nothing less than a national security threat. the 21st century around the world were christian, senior citizens demonstrate their discontent. seeing the wealthy and well connected grow richer and richer, taking pay off some bribes,
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operating above the law. while the vast majority of the people struggle to find a job or put food on the table, or to get their business off the ground. or simply send the children to school. people have taken to the streets in every region to demand that their governments address people's basic needs. give everyone a fair shot to succeed, protect their god, given rights, then that chorus of voices across language, cotton news, we hear a common cry, a cry for dignity, simple dignity. as leaders is our duty to answer that call. not to silence. the united states is committed, you committed using our resources and our national platform support these voices, listen to them, partner with them to find ways to respond,
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then advance human dignity around the world. for example, there's an enormous need for infrastructure in developing countries. whatever structure that is, low quality or that feeds corruption or exacerbates environmental degradation. i only end up contributing to greater challenges for countries over time. done the right way. however, with transfer sustainable investment in projects to respond to the countries need and engage their local workers. to maintain high labor and environmental standards, infrastructure can be a strong foundation, allows societies in low middle income countries to grow and to prosper. that's the idea behind the bill back better world. and together with the private sector and our g 7 partners, we aim to mobilize hundreds of billions of dollars in infrastructure investment. we
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also will also continue to be the world's largest contributor to manager and assistance for food, water, shelter, merchant, health care, and other vital life saving aid to millions of people in need. when they're great strikes, type phone rages or disaster anywhere in the world. the united states shows up will be ready to help and at a time when nearly one and 3 people globally do not have access to adequate food, adequate food, just last year. the united states is committed to rally in our partners to address immediate malnutrition. and to ensure that we can sustainably feed the world for the decades to come to that in the united states is making a $10000000000.00 commitment. then hunger and invest in food systems at home and
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abroad. since 2000 united states government is providing more than $140000000000.00 to advance health is transit health systems. and we will continue our leadership to drive these vital investments to make people's lives better every single day. just give me a little breathing now. as we strive to make life better, we must work with renewed purpose than the conflicts of driving so much pain and hurt around the world. must redouble our diplomacy. commit to political negotiations, not violence as a troll. first resort to manage tensions around the world must seek a future of greater peace and security for all people of the middle east. the commitment united states securities rout question for our support for an independent jury state is unequivocal. but i continue to believe that the 2 state
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solution is the best way to ensure is israel's future as a jewish democratic state, living and peace alongside of bible sovereign and democratic palestinian state. were a long way from that goal at this moment or must never allow ourselves to give up the possibility of progress. we cannot give up, i'm solving regime civil conflicts, including an ethiopian, and yemen are fighting between warm, warring parties is driving famine, heroic ripping violence. human rights violations against civilians, including the constable use of rape as a weapon of war will continue to work and international community to press for peace. bring an end of the suffering. as we pursued diplomacy across the board, the united states will champion the democratic values to go to the very heart of
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who we are as a nation of the people. freedom, a quality opportunity and a belief in the universal rights of all people. it stamped into our d, n a as a nation. and critically, it stamped into the d. n. a of this institution the united states. we sometimes forget across the open words of the universal declaration of human rights, quote, the equal and inalienable rights of all members of human family is the foundation of freedom, justice, and peace in the world. the founding epo. so the united nations place to the rights of individuals at the center of our system. and that clarity, envision, must not be ignored or misinterpreted. the united states will do our
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part. we more successful a more impactful if all of our nations are working toward the full mission, to which we are called. that's why we're the 100 nations united. we get around a shared statement. the security council adopted a resolution outlining how will support the people of afghanistan moving forward, laid out the expectations to which will hold the tale bond. when it comes to respecting universal human rights. we all was to advocate for women, the rights of women and girls to use their full talents to contribute economically, politically and socially, and pursue their dreams free of violence and intimidation from central america, the middle east, africa, daph, galveston, wherever it appears in the world where almost call out and condemn the targeting and oppression racial, ethnic and religious minorities. when it occurs in whether carson sion,
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john or northern european, or anywhere in the world, we almost defend the rights of l, g, b, t, q i, individuals. so they can live in love, ultimately without fear, whether it's chechnya or cameroon, or anywhere. as we stay our steer, our nation is toward this inflection point work to meet today's fast moving cross cutting challenges. let me be clear. i'm not agnostic about the future. we want for the world, a future will belong to those who embrace human dignity, not traveling. the future belong to those one least the potential other people. not those who stifling the future belong to those who give their people the ability to breathe free. not those.


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