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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2021 9:00am-9:31am AST

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an indian ocean, what is it? and again, we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in without being national aid. what do you think is going to happen? the kind of common counting the coast on al jazeera, we understand the differences of cultures, the cost, the amount of what we've been using current does that matter to you? me just going to $600.00 odds. gmc here on al jazeera, come all santa maria. these are your headlines. the us special envoy for haiti has resigned over what he calls the inhumane treatment of haitian migrants by the us government's in a statement. daniel foot said the policy of deporting thousands of migrants and refugees is counter productive and deeply flawed. deportations that have been criticized by members of president, jo bivens own democratic party. more on this was she opportunity in washington?
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what a letter is so often that you read a letter that so dominant, it wasn't just about what, what the old boy called the or the inhumane expulsion of patients. many of you have never lived in a she hated potentially back to haiti, but it was about decades of us policy. and the implication for me was that i was brought in, and it was actually request from members of congress to be a special like i was born to look at, look at the underlying causes of instability and haiti, and why we have refugee problems every now and then from hating and so on, and the gist of it is, i mean, completely ignored as far as the bite and ministration it's business, as usual, most recently now with joe biden and the white house completely supporting home re as prime minister, despite so much civil society with in haiti, so no, we don't want this man, but once again in the letter, the old way says you're doing this again. you're picking, you're picking your winners here in haiti,
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and that's why we always get catastrophe. and hatred doesn't have self determination. so it was a immensely dialing, dialing letter on buttons. why do i have a problem which the invoice says is going to lead to ever more refugees? not just across america, but across the region and catastrophe. in addition to this, the white house is now saying horses will no longer be used by us border patrols in del rio texas after office there within whipping migrants with the horses rain. damages captured by out of iraq and voices earlier this week. critic, se reminiscent of the historical mistreatment of black americans by hoarse mountain police and slave. your secretary, said antony, blinking as disinformation is wrongly encouraging haitians to try to reach the united states. one of the very unfortunate developments that we've seen is that in a variety of ways and righty of places,
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some people are misinforming patients, whether in haiti or haitians residing and other countries that they can come to the united states and in state because of the temporary protected status that was granted the patients who are already here some months ago. and that misinformation is very, very unfortunate because it's causing people to make very hazardous journeys to put themselves in danger. yet the headlines in the u. s. a house committee investigating the january 6th capital riot is painted for key members of donald trump's administration. trump, chief of staff, ma meadows and former vines of the van and are among those who will have to testify that the question about what was happening at the white house. on that day, nearly 600 people have now been arrested. few in secretary generals warned the security council that climate change will make the world more violent and unstable
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. the you in general assembly has been dominated by call for stronger environmental action. from head of catalonia government's been arrested in sardinia, carlos preacher mon traveled there from belgium. he's been living in self imposed exile. the 4 years space charge the separatist leader, with addition saying he helped organize a 2017 catalogue independence referendum. fortunately and political parties demanding an end to what they say is a qu by the president. the joint opposition statement says, site is lost to legitimacy. after announcing, he would rule by decree and ignore part of the constitution. off on a live look at the volcano on the canary islands right now. the love is slowing, but they are a fee, as it could cause more damage instead of the law. but just heading out to sea of ok now on the palm island erupted 6 days. ago hundreds of homes have been destroyed about 6 in the morning. they are on la palmer. all right,
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those are your headlines al jazeera world. his next let. ready me ah o writers can be solitary figures. very few successful one existed a complete vacuum. sometimes the relationship between different writers allows them to exchange ideas with like minded souls and confine their creativity. these relationships can be unusual, complex, but fascinating and often influence the work that folks produce in this
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program, the intertwining lives of l. their come youth and content. yes, seen in algeria. ah, but 1st 2 writers from very different cultures who met in morocco. both faced huge adversity in their early lives might easily have drifted and failed to leave their mark on the world. but the french writers only showing a moroccan novelist mohammed shook re used their experiences of life on the fringes of society to become well no literary figures. ah, they were close friends, but decades and also managed somehow to bridge 2 very different cultures. ah, she was born in paris in 1910,
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but lived much of his later life in morocco and was heavily influenced by arab culture. ah, he met and lived around palestinians. and in his sixties, wrote about the arab israeli conflict. didn't you leave? because you need to be a say, i get the family that get the family it leave of the larger me. of course i korea fairly senior. what is your killer feet all jo in the bone village junior, dully go. he didn't consulted the legal affair. the camera view open, kenya, ah, can you know that and a half of friends here that they call them? and if listening, why and, and let you know if it was,
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can see any tickets or who if to them who they are for the last. so he had been spending, madam i, as you can allow for on south georgia, nice early is were difficult and he fell into a life of petty crime. he was sent to a detention center aged 15. but when he was released, he joined the french foreign legion and got his 1st taste of the arab world. after being discharged, he travelled to morocco. now let's show the shelter near, i think removed a harbour presentation bhaskar. if you get anything else you needed to new an offense another the south lock on allow me a little for you to treat us city. fioma medina, funds are list medina had the number. let's see how we
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knocked by mishawaka yesterday. if you will. if you thought if, if the, i need to use him as being a mom of a shout body, a little bit more thought that the model number of, you know, an issue was already had to be either money or leave me a for me see where you don't so hold on more on been over more and the lawyer says, what i was going to handle if you could the i was see the, the whole heart of waterleaf bhaskar lafitte. this to v i. yeah. in district will be on the hawks that does any children above fresh cheek? no, they'll send you a van kit. tell you. i love for you to do him
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a hawk, mickey. he will be a man and a $200.00 hope. ship oscars said, particularly when john a 1st travel to turn jeer in northern morocco. he embraced it completely. and it was there. he met another writer, the moroccan novelist mohammed shook re. the 2 men had much in common. they both had very difficult childhood. janae was gay and also been in jail. they lived on the margins of society in the shadows. but their friendship and literary partnership lasted for decades. and during that time, both became well known right to come to healthy tunzia, meet them and missed your key them and so still be could terrible as anybody or done it went home to mr. williams, miss georgia and
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a portable soon i just need them a hoc in how to clean i called the mom cuz he rekey wanston. he needs like gump, mcafee dodgy, because it's hard for him. how much he don't remember. you don't, it's a clause. he also causalities. it's called miss him. how many click veteran mohammed yuki? no, i don't see in the lubbock basket. well, how much of the, you know, in the family junky lot, 2 out of them were mitchell could he was always another about what our fee in the declination, my own medina funds are far as always really bad. the unattainable did mozilla. let's talk about the he had humor the panza. well, was, had them and been hostile. so our follow up with about one more thing we'll put
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in a can always to in the banjo was or the team we actually was or the number, how much homelessness, ya know, we have them anymore. i don't or yeah, g, could you think of the clever i look at how much key to mom or light to be up to the reaction. you know, gonna come in your products or plan it revert to a lot of producing vandal or can they didn't you know, to me dollar amount on the pool toddler, whether it sounds, casual, key, attribute, concrete level for delivery and delivery. the sheila cushion the chicken grounds, made them kindred spirits. janae's mother abandoned him
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a 7 months old and he was raised by a foster family. he left school at 12, and even after his time in the foreign legion, he was still in and out of jail for theft, vagrancy, and other crime in all shall cree grew up in the door and turned in a family where each of his brothers and sisters died from neglect. young mohammed ran away from home at the age of 11. he only learn to read and write in his 20. both he and jenny were completely self taught as writers, but drew heavily on their experiences with the toughest side of life and their fiction and nonfiction. and since he had the many really nice, if you look at any, can me they a term mean i'm me. ok,
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the fulsome side bonds. i was put in in a bunch of stuff. they're out of the pool madison kits. you know, you can and she knew him and i was innocent as always, you know, you know, the hand of susan that was part of a lot of confusion in tellico out of from earlier that he had had what am i i met with elephant off again well sure. what fucker? what summer wood had he hires? who had he let out as we have to be met to know if it even longer fit good to reduce the amount the diesel from bid you good to doing sunset underneath do the the job before
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you do new path, then putting the house of a g m a desk to join the new e e in yaki because shows the lock the lock, all plea shipped. oscar assessor card. you see in, in tundra the geneva, how much you treat janae's troubled life, continued it's downward spiral. during his thirties, he spent several of those years in prison and wrote his 1st novel behind bars. our lady of the flowers was published in 1943, an am if he copies were printed of the 1st edition. but in 1949 things changed version. he'd accumulated 10 previous criminal convictions, and under french law faced a life sentence, but several leading autistic figures including the right to john cato and the philosopher john paul saw successfully petitioned the french president to have the
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sentence such a signed me. shanae was free and never returned to prison. instead, he threw himself into his writing and became the free spirited literary gay icon he's known today. ah, shoot, i don't know. danica. edit them like a sub libya. i'm a lot of lisa lynette if you are building and then it's an elite delica. you delicate him, a little water melody, the water home with enough lot of them to a dinner. and i'm not in any way to say i was rude to. mattie was l. jeanette really telling me
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well, julian shook re had a lot in common. there were also key differences between them. jenny was 25 years older than sugary. he also traveled widely while sho, cruise lines, and world views centered on north africa. um yet the surroundings presented inspiration attempt return. 10 year was a created hub, a place where writers came together to share ideas and to collaborate with one another. me. it was in turn. jan that shook re met the american novelist pole bowls in 972 and both translated shook his memoir for bread alone into english. was shook creek watershed moment. the book described the writer's early life with an outcast vagrant and drug use. for bread alone, with band and morocco become insects
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a band that lasted until the year, 2000 in cash for showcase dungeon and let them be what most of them are. how can we do now and no can make i can do to half more. he money, but i can, can you ask me how much is in america about the half, you know, in the to have the lunch hour and he can newnan who can yet and, and just head up and have to, he needs to call about not doing any no higher to keep you know, way particular y'all would've been hired to my mom asha works about the war and it's not. is it an island?
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yeah. i mean, i'm not sure where he was. and michel, please. dr. mckay did i'm in the yeoman physician. ah, mohammed shook tree was a familiar face in tangiers, fashionable kathy's restaurant, and it was in one of those cafes that he 1st met. joan genay shook re approach jenae with some fear and trepidation, knowing the frenchman's reputation for having a short temper. but they became firm friends because of their problematic early lives and their shared passion for writing. ah, web community. and how much azure ne p took edition read visioneer should. should you like go, oh my how much of
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a is johnson name? we're not going to shoot a briskin some top of the kenesaw, i need them with you don't know hopper height above the should you read me as children up out of them? how much will lead to the rest of this year? need me both and shook re wrote about their childhood and adolescence. their accounts were wrong, sometimes brutally recounting the harrowing, detail of lives dominated by physical abuse, drug use, and crime. and the case is sexuality. it was a world that would have shocked many readings, but which found a new audience interested in themes which had rarely been written about before. just fine, their age difference, their social backgrounds, gave them a common purpose. janae was already well established. chicago was an emerging
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talent to some observers believe that shanae was shook, read literary mental. but that role probably fell to poll both the american writer who lived in tangiers for more than 50 years. i wish i could, he was alternate and then is enough to read that also nation about him so obvious, he can see him injury with him actually you know what? i didn't can, who from sure who even know that he can come was delicate and as well because of the lot of the ones that were that contributed and he's always, i don't city but i had not come for the will that can initiate the approximate moons as at this i'm, this may be a few, mo,
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should they feel stupid, and they can move the fish to look at me and i show you and your name was didn't know any can anderson group him into a little bit, a shake the in the any and share him and that can be and i could tell him that she could eat can fees always. who need matt? i hoping to see only tell you i'm not a manager at the merger. i am on the a 10 gym in the 1950s, sixties and seventies attract circle of international writers. they influenced one another creatively and often translated one another's work. they also wrote about
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each other's experiences. though when she'll cree roach about a life in tangiers, the frenchman was not at all pleased. the roll call of this 10 year literary circle is loan and impressive, and includes the american play right, tennessee williams. as well as the rights as truman capote and go down it was a city where they could work without destruction. writers who were well known in europe in america could find peace and quiet until no moroccan coast. they might be literary celebrities at home, but they were anonymous visitors in turn nothing's an electron. 62 left hand is a nice restaurant. maybe there's a need for sunday school will let you know, sir. k, jeanie news is just to buckle boundary. lean of a joke to pack on. call to try to come in contact with
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a teacher falls on the bar. you will hold really clever. you can't take leave for the individual picks on the 11th at the nema him metro. keeler saw her at the new model center, boost coolant people. that's more, i'm not sure about. but as always, you know, i thought i know about how long you've been. well, actually had an amount of time as far as the apartment and the some if ms. long got lucky to let you talk to me and and then you know, melissa and viet homeless, almost minimal men seal affects. how much of a creature li and disposition me, jan in the mail. can. it keeps your name if i may be locked up, the sky next up there to pick some elected them. metric pasco, city, the guy. he but that veneer not by the length of the support because you made the u
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. k. spent the later years life in morocco or not in tangier, he preferred the relative solitude, the coastal town of love hush. so we also paid occasional visits to france. he was diagnosed with stroke cancer and in april 1986 was found dead. a paris hotel shenise body was taken back to lush, where he was buried in the christian cemetery. mm. law school edition. deep on the street. the destiny on the hook. and i'm happy to show you the la hush hush ga to invite to the speaker on to the, to the do curriculum and so on. but for the $100.00 p
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at noon pneumonia must be medina today should also be a huge fan of what we cannot medina to ada issued matter to butts corner taylor lima, uniform shop. if you don't need to move your sponge with me, he says the law and the way from was he was the one for the year than we are the us curiosity. so nerve justin facility you need like a late fee of a let the local priest, the killer, the remote available, the good news that will settle. and then each year he was the death of a shorter both of us looks in dominate lot put
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a lot. yeah. can you show you that the lot could the left oh, my homage. sure. great. also developed cancer and died in the moroccan capital robot in 2388. me he's. he's friends in organized a memorial for him and recognition of his place as an icon of north african literature. i coming up to leading jury and writers on very different sides of one of the bitterest colonial conflicts of the 20th century on the streets of grief. and team grin violence is on the rise, the road you have to go from. i will tell them that this is from foxes and increasingly migrant farm workers of the victims of the vicious beatings. jo reed
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is helping the pakistani community to find a voice. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack, this is europe on al jazeera. we know what is happening in our region. we know how to get to places that others can. i was just thrown here guy by the police on purpose. i had the time in it programming. go live on the on the go live, the were another story that may not be me cream. it's happening. as far as i said, i'm more number 50 by the way that you tell the story. what can make a difference? i'm harry davies and kimberly, in west, in australia orientation is community the painting with sciences to create a new approach to marine conservation. first thing you learn,
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but we even that the one about my grandfather. i'm not i don't do any reporting from review. if you're going to try to protect him by diversity defending themselves against the legal invaders. brian: oh no. just 0. ah, will get you back to part to yvonne to 0. well, in just a moment, the 1st to check on the headlines. the us special envoy for haiti is quit over the treatment of haitian migrants in a letter. daniel foot described us policy on deportation, says in humane and counter productive that he potations have been criticized by members of president. jo biden's democratic party is more from chaper tansy in washington.


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