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wider context. i'm elizabeth carano. ah, ah, me. this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm money side of this is the knew that ally from joe hall coming out in the next 60 minutes. ready for tools, but with conditions north korea announces it could open dialogue with itself a neighbor needed from the u. s. or try to japan and india that to meet at the white house as part of plans combat china's rising influence in the asia pacific climate change has become the main issue in germany ahead of the sunday's election
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. the flowing men, as sla palmer for russian is flowing, but they all feel about it, and one of the most basely contested events is about to get underway. the usaa taking on a europe 43rd edition of gulf ah, hello and welcome. the sister of north korea's leda says, young young is ready to consider ending the state of war with the south, but only if sole scraps its hostile policies. the statement from came your jung says a declaration of an end to the war is quote, an interesting proposal and a good idea. however, it goes on to say this would not make sense in the midst of double standards and
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hostile policies. kim jo jen was responding to a call by the south korean president moon j in made up the you in general assembly hum, bundle promotion 2 years ago in this very place i declared 0 tolerance for war, a mutual security guarantee. and co prosperity is the 3 principles required to resolve issues related to the korean peninsula. last year, i propose the declaration to formerly end the korean war. more than anything and end of war declaration will mark a pivotal point of departure to create a new order of reconciliation and cooperation on the korean peninsula. i once again urge the community of nations to mobilize its strength for the end of war declaration on the korean peninsula and proposed that the 3 parties of the 2 careers, n d, u. s. or 4 parties of the to create and us and china come together and declare that the war on green peninsula is over. let's bring in rob mcbride, who's life for us in sol, rob, how significant is the statement from kim jones,
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sister? it is potentially quite important. give it that it does come from kim jung, who tends to be one of the more critical uncompromising voices of the north korea leadership when it comes to dealings with south career and also the united states. this was in response of course, to that dim cole from moon j in the president of south korea who is desperate to try to restart talks with north korea and sees a formal declaration to, to the end of the korean war. as a way to do it, describing it as being pivotal for the whole korean peninsula. now he has made these calls before, but a coming with the talks being stored. he really sees this is one of these remaining opportunities to try to restart that. go see ations now initially it was treated with some dismissive ness by north korea with a vice foreign minister saying earlier on friday that it was up to the united states to drop its hostile post during his he put it in order for this to new go
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anywhere but then that was quickly followed up by kim jong with her statement while being skeptical about it and accusing south career of double dealings. saying that it was potentially an admirable idea that if conditions were right then north korea, she says, might be willing to enter into a constructive discussion. so this is being treated positively by south korea, which says it is committed to try to act restarting negotiations and have good relations with the north. and it's certainly a very different picture to what we were looking at just over a week ago when you will recall that on the same day within the space of a few outlets, the militaries of the 2 careers were test firing new types of missiles. so it does seem to be an improvement on that, at least from the throwing efforts. and so thank you. well, asia pacific security is expected to be on the agenda later on friday in washington
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. president joe bought it is hosting the indian australian and japanese lead us out the white house for the inaugural in person quan lee to summit for may known as the quadra lateral security dialogue. the informal group is increasingly seen as a challenge to china's rising power, initially proposed in 2007, but shelved it was revived again on the form of president donald trump. the meeting is expected to include talks on ending the pandemic, tackling climate change and cybersecurity. the recent announcement of the office defense packed between the us. you can, australia, has caused unease among some who fear an arms race with china. let's speak now to younger hotel. she's direct to the asia program at the european council on foreign relations. she georgia now from vienna. many thanks for joining us on the news out. when you take
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a look at who is part of this quote meeting and also who took part in the orcus deal, what does it tell us? is your being sidelined by the u. s. when it comes to handling the growing military and economic threats of china? well, that was certainly the feeling here in europe and particularly in paris over the last couple of days. but i think we have to be a little bit more nuanced in looking at the situation. europe is obviously in the military, we are slightly more detached from the ongoing battle that is, that is emerging there from the security challenges that are imagining in the region. but it is incredibly important for the region and the region is incredibly important for europe. so you have have interest in the end of the big and this has been underlined by publishing its own into pacific strategy for the region. so i would say there is a complementarity of the effort of europe and united states. and that was underlying today also by dec sullivan, by the national security, by the rad closed talk with your leaders as well. that how important it is also for
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the united states to work together with europe impacting the new challenges. could the us have handled orcus better because friction between the u. s. and its allies can only be seen as a win for china? yes, so i think there was some friction that could have been avoided, particularly with regards to some of these going to some of the finality could have been done better. but i think in the substance of what we are looking at, we are seeing a region that is increasing with the security pension by increasing the intense, where you're have to find an answer to that as well. and where this is more about the region and more about democratic partners in the region and their, their security situation. and it is about europe itself. so i think we need to be very mindful also of the interest of our allies in the region here in europe. i've given you say that what are the implications of this open august packed when it comes to europe's own security future?
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that is what we are going to have to look at over the next 18 months. how exactly the going to shape up? how much of a compliment is possible? how much bye, and it's possible going to be supported in general, a stable and secure in the pacific region is in europe interest. so how can you support these methods? how can technology cooperation be supported? how can cooperation between part that's in the region and that includes japan, australia, india, even foster, even more. this is in europe interest in general. so also the quad meeting, looking onto it. this is something that is not against europe in any sort of fashion, but stabilizing the region and pushing back against funding. that is something that is very much to europe and interest. it is clear that the u. s. is becoming more and more laser focused on china in the, in the pacific. but do you think that is short sighted? because as you say, john is influence is not just in the asia pacific, you see its influence everywhere around the globe in africa,
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the european continent. i think what we are looking at is a new one to budge, also of the american side. and the focus on the security dimension is the immediate that are emanating from growing military presence and from growing capacity to protect military power in the region. this is where we're going to florida. we could be in and the question of how this acknowledges space will look in the future . now obviously china is a challenge across the globe, but there's also going to potential to find areas for corporation in certain instances. but these are not in the immediate vicinity, these are not in the immediate security situation that we're looking at in the, in the pacific region. so i think what we will need to see in the future is a very nuanced approach. a very moderate approach to where and how can accommodate new presence in the well. but how and where does the united states and allies we've pushed back to defend their own interest. yeah, good to get your thoughts. young. co tell director of the asia program at the
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european council on foreign relations. thank you. actually plans, he will, has all the news, including the final result is in from russia's parliamentary election. we look at what it means for the hurting party. one troops drive back rebels in northern most be labeled communities are paying the price and it's going from bad to west atlanta, head coach on the team with more on that ah, well, leaders have been told that a warmer planet will also be a more violent one the security implications of climate change will put to a meeting of the un security council during a general assembly dominated by cause a stronger environmental action. kristen salumi has
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a report from the you and the from flash flood, to drought and famine. the united nations warns that a reckoning is coming for climate change. the united kingdom's prime minister boris johnson came to the general assembly with a message for human kind. it's time for humanity to grow up. it's time for us to listen to the warnings of the scientists and if you look at cove, it, if you want to see an example of the gloomy scientist being proved, right, it's time for us to grub and understand who we are and what we are doing johnson is trying to whip up support for major new commitments to reduce carbon emissions before it's too late. the international community travels to glasgow and early november for a major climate summit. well, virtually all countries agree that a warming climate is a risk. some are making the case that it's more than just an environmental problem . they say it is also
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a threat to international peace and security. some argue that means the security council can take action. that's an argument that should have been settled a long time ago. look at almost every place where you see threats, international peace and security today. and you'll find that climate change is making things less peaceful, less secure, and rendering our response even more challenging. china, as the world's largest consumer of call prefers to keep the subject off the councils agenda on the way it would be inappropriate and so forth to replace the collective decision making of the international community. beijing has promised to stop building new cold plants abroad, but the u. k. prime minister argues all countries will need to step up even more to keep temperature rise below the previously agreed 1.5 degrees celsius and humanity on track. we must come together in a collective coming of age. we must show that we have the maturity and wisdom
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to act. and we can the cop 26 climate conference. his hosting is now just weeks away. christian salumi al jazeera, the united nations go on and change is also one of the hall, says topics in the upcoming german elections of to july floods killed a nearly $200.00 people. angry mega has been dubbed the climate chancellor. during his 16 year term. the critic se had commitment internationally is being contradicted by a lack of action at home, steadfast and reports. this is lake knight, one of the dirtiest forms of coal mines from a 50 square kilometer hole that has swallowed dozens of villages and threatens another 6 in the coming years. the gas while mind providing power to the western, most industrialized part of germany, ice in the same state, would that be flat struck last july, a result of extreme rainfall attribute to global warming? it cannot advantage for skin. i can't understand why germany continued just policy
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. they say we will stop in 2038, but that is too late. it isn't thinkable that in 2027 villages will have to disappear to mine coal, the damages, the climate marita family has been living and cook them for generations. a nearly abandoned village now since many residents have left due to plants of the mileage, the houses are w e. the energy company is expanding the mine because according to the coal exit strategy, it can extract lick nitro, 17 more years. he had done was the police actually, most vague merkel has signed a pierce agreement. but here we see that the climate goals are undermined it. the mind should stop where it is now, otherwise, germany does not stay within the goal at $1.00 degrees temperature, right? it. while germany can rely more on renewable energy than other european countries, fossil fuels have recently made a come back to prevent blackouts due to a shortage of wind and solar energy to put pressure on politicians to speed up the
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energy transition. climate activists have set up camp, the village that is about to be demolished by the mining company. these mines have become a symbol for germany. struggle to move away from fossil fuels. to so much shows that uncle merkel should have done more to this or for title as climate chancellor . but to out of this transition to green energy is going way too fast. the style sheet sound for former coal mine is like you are going yakobelli who spent 33 years working underground until the last deep cold mine close in 2018. it was the end of an industry that provide at work for half a 1000000 people in the 1950 and how to rebuild germany after world war 2, jacobo to now guide to it, thinks the industry, how built slows too soon. we kind of color, we don't want coal, we don't want late night. we don't want nuclear energy. and with new forms of energy, we can't generate enough power for our economy. so what are we doing now? we are importing coal climate chancellor or not uncle america. lisa mix legacy,
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looking at policies to reduce emissions. analysts say the next chancellor has no choice but to speed up the energy transition and try to fill merkel fly shoes internationally. angle, american star was also a motor start, so she emerged as a great leader over time. and the only thing what we can hope is that the future chancellor, whoever be the future chancellor is also a leader which it will be respected. germans fold on sunday, which direction they want the country and it's energy transition to go. but many agree, the train moving away from the traditional call industry has become unstoppable as good as death and his lie for us in berlin with more. so not everyone convinced angland michael did enough to protect for climate you are actually out of protest outside parliament. what's happening there? oh, the gone down to the elections in germany really
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begun 2 days before the election. you can see the scene here shows how important climate has been during this campaign. and indeed, most people here is an office can be climate really this, this part of really national image as a reason for show that you have great rating internationally and globally as a leader also on climate, also your opinion. but here in germany, they say people have been different oriented by her policy. and the green party is for the 1st time. now having the candidates also for transfer ship, and although maybe i won't be the next chance, it will make a difference. so people here are really pushing voters, but also the next government really make
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a difference and will the next chance be up to the task to deal with this issue? the will be very difficult for the leading candidate for the chance fail. the issues of i'm gonna shoot you over experience. they will also, if you look at the candidates, especially for the leading candidates, the social democratic party seems to be lacking career. that's going to have bill actually. another thing becomes the new transfer. people have no choice. sure. that line of value and you also high for decision earlier in the year, basically for the government to make sure more cited that time. 2045. that needs to be 0 emissions in germany. so this is
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a huge talk from the chancellor campaign. promises are there, but of course we'll have to see it will also turn as a real problem many thanks for that. in the united russia party. how's the retained its majority of the winning the state duma elections? father cementing vladimir patients grip on power. let's go live to bone. it's smith in moscow. bennett. so these results not unexpected. know this was a confirmed by the election commission, a 2 thirds majority in the state duma for united russia. but body's only part of the story opposition candidates, particularly in moscow won't be electronic vote. a one to electronic vote, a note the 8 of them in seats in the moscow area who when the manual was being counted way ahead, these will, these remain the communist party candidates,
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but suddenly wealth later, the next day when they electronic vote was added and that was added very late, suddenly all those seats were flipped in favor of united russia. now those communist candidates have benefited from tactical voting. after being recommended, as best buys by a system created by lexi nevada. the supporters, as those people best place to defeat united rushes candidates, i like to nevada. these people created an app to help people choose where best play, where to where to put the vote. that was taken down of the apple and google stores just before the election. and the volunteer has accused those 2 companies on his social media channels of being cowards, the accomplices to vladimir putin. the election commission says the worse and regularities, but about $40000.00 votes were invalidated. but that's tiny, in comparison to the 110000000 registered voters. however, if you take the recommendations of the survey, chappelle kin who is
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a very highly respected analyst and track of russia elections is something very, very different. he reckons around 40000000 people legitimately voted for united russia out of that 110000000. but another 14000000 votes were fabricate, to fabricated. and if that's the case, and this is the worst result for the kremlin, since about putin came to power 21 years ago. and he thinks that ben smith efferson most the flow of lava from volcano in the canary islands has slowed. but this fear could still cause more damage. the volcano on la palmer island erupted 6 days ago. hundreds of homes have been destroyed. nicholas hoc reports from the village of corte above the picturesque coastal village of does corte is what seems like a looming storm, but is in reality, a giant cloud of volcanic ash. the crater has expanded,
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does the court, it has not yet been evacuated. the villagers, mayor one a coast, is not just concerned, but deeply worried. lava is moving 4 meters per hour and it's less than 2 kilometers away from the village. when i'm concerned, this may effect the banana plantation. this is the principal economic activities people here. so it was a big losses for so many families. 500 hector's, a banana plantation have been you reversible, destroyed by a thick blanket of ash. microscopic volcano rocks are seeping into the crop, making them inedible amounts of last sized martine to an island. that gets much of its revenue from banana production last year. a devastating fire destroyed the crop, followed by a long spell of drought. and now this looks. no, sir, i'm so upset. it's a disgrace. what we're going through here. we live off and buy the banana plantations. if we can't work,
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we are about to lose everything. it's another tragedy of all. a royal visit from spain's king to boost the small and remote islands morale. thousands of people are displaced their homes and belongings turned to ash. experts don't know if this is going to last for weeks or for months. and so people on this island are learning to live in this new environment surrounded by fire in love and what they describe as an unpredictable and intense climate. can ologist headlong predictive disruption. but failed to anticipate its magnitude there now studying the site for clues for what may happen next. it has left them with more questions than answers. you have a person that may happen. right? so we are dealing with some william adoption, the nomic of the gusting of the k. no, when you set up to use a gun to make these kind of different faces much more process. but this is common to see this kind of changing character movie character. what is this volcano?
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trying to say wonders, mayor costa, who fails to see its beauty. he feels powerless in the face of his force of nature as the future of his village hangs in the balance. o nicholas hart as lie for us in la palmer nicholas. so as you say, the flow of lava from this volcano have flowed, is not a good sign. me. well, what has changed since we last spoke? it's true that the flow of love towards the ocean has slowed down to, to just 4 meters an hour and it still has to kilometers to go before reaching the ocean. but as you can hear behind me, it's getting louder. the crater is bigger, the intensity of this volcano has intensified so much so that it is shattering and shaking the windows of houses behind the sonic boom of this whole
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cane with so strong. i mean, what, what, but what the scientists predict is we're going to see more of this more of these explosion. and so whilst the lava is moving slower towards the ocean, the, the ashes are spreading further. and so we might see, love us flowing not towards the ocean, but gaining grounds in other areas. already, 500 homes have been destroyed. more than 6000 people have been displaced on sunday . vist that this region behind me was lush and green, where people were cultivating banana plantation look at it now. it's a moon like landscape. and the fear is that landscape is only going to get even bigger as there is no sign of this volcanic eruption of letting mullin very challenging situation for the people who have to be evacuated. do we know what's going to happen to them? so yeah, so they're being re,
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how is by the local government of the canaries is also help coming from the european union. remember, this is an island on the, at the edge of europe far away from the capital madrid even further away from brussels. and they've always felt a little bit less behind. so there's promises made that's what we saw the visit of the king yesterday. but what's important to note that whilst they may be re house somewhere on this island, this remains a volcanic island. i mean, through the course above, since the explosion to the course of the last 5 days. so ground has out, she moved up a few centimeters and as the volcano russian intensified, and so there is no place where you can be actually safe from this. okay, so it feels like this has now become the new normal for people who have court and having to adapt to this new environment. and yes, climate change has a role in that. scientists don't know how this is affecting or,
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or whether or not this has provoked the eruption, but what they do know is that there are lots of gas is being emitted in the air from sulfur dioxide, but dioxide bell, so magnesium and calcium. and that's good for reducing this huge c o 2. in many ways, it's as if the earth immunity is reacting to is a growing pollution in the air by these directions that we're seeing more frequently in that's what scientists are predicting. they'll be more volcanic eruptions on this planet whether it be here in la paloma or how we've seen in the iceland, indonesia, or hawaii, and other places as the earth is trying to adapt to this changing environment. what scientists don't know how this may effect us. humans how the release of such gases will affect our ability to live in these, these environment that we're so hospitable to human activity. but now we're turning in hospitable for humans. melina,
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many facts about nicholas hug for us in the fill ahead on out there as soon as the president class, he'll rule by decree, his critics calling it a golden treasure with 10 wrong, countless priceless anxious habit. just making his way back and forth to find out why anthony joshua's latest heavyweight title, rival ease and know nothing, not a hello. there he is, your weather for europe, and we've seen severe storms effect, southern areas of spain, and those torrential downpours, of course, flash flooding in the south west. we had up to a 100 millimeters of rain fall of 12 hours in some of those provinces. now that wet
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weather is set to continue, you can see it rolling up across the west and into central areas. so thunderstorms on schedule for madrid on friday as we go into saturday. we want more rain rolling in across portugal. so very unsettled here. over the weekend, but elsewhere it is looking fine and dryer in the south for it to be, for example, for france, lots of sunshine coming through in the north west and got lots of cloud over britain. some sun breaking through. but we are going to see some briscoe winds blowing across scotland knows join up with a wet and windy weather. hampering scandinavia and the baltic sea states that wet weather moving further east, affecting western areas of russia come saturday. now we've also seen severe storms rolling across the coastal areas of turkey. a bit of a wintry mix coming into play as we go into friday, but on saturday it starts to dry up around the western areas. it's a similar story for greece, with athens, seeing the temperature pick up and plenty of sunshine by sunday.
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the when freedom of the press is under threat in, oh, you just because i thought gender when the about your thoughts towards the making government step outside the mainstream. there has been a implement here just some of access points, shift the focus, the pandemic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext, the prime minister if it clamped down on the press, covering the waves. the news is covered for listening post on the world's lungs being seized. the amazon rain forest is diminishing a rate of football pitcher a minute to meet the market insatiable appetite for logging mining and farming. as both scenarios, government seek to relax conservation laws and increase production.


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