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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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to dry up around the western areas. it's a similar story for greece, with athens seeing the temperature pick up and plenty of sunshine by sunday. the news when freedom of the press is under threat, you know, you just because i thought genuinely about your thoughts toward the making government step outside the mainstream. there has been a implement here just some of access port shift the focus, the panoramic that's turned out to be a handy little pretext of the prime minister if it clamped down on the press covering the waves. the news is covered for listening post on the world's lungs are being seized. the amazon rain forest is diminishing the rate of 2 football pitches per minute to meet the market insatiable appetite for logging mining and farming.
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as both scenarios, government seek to relax conservation laws and increased production indigenous communities on the brink of extinction. no, it's the bite of their life. people empower brazil's amazonian battle on al jazeera. ah ah, welcome back and watching al jazeera minded on top stories this hour. one of the sisters of north korea's lead us as young young is ready for talks with sol if it scraps off dom policies. the segment from kim jo jones is in response to south korea cool for a formal end to the korean war. russia election commission has rejected claims
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of widespread vote. rigging, assets specify the election results to support this from the russian communist party protested in moscow. all the widespread claims and fraud and intimidation. volcanic eruption on the canary on and has destroyed hundreds of homes in many a week. now load on la, hama island, thought they all fear it could still cause damage. one forces have read the northern parts of mozambique, of armed groups in just 2 months, which the local forces failed to do. i'll report to malcolm web, send this report from cupboard delgado in mozambique for london. and mose, i'm beacon soldiers and now in control of this town to the y fi, and it's on a key road junction. but just a few weeks ago, it was occupied by fighters from the on group house or bob. and you can see the
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remains of what they left behind. a lot of the buildings have been taught good. some shops have been looted cause have been set on fire as well in the civilians and the savvy really feared the fighters from the song group. then i toria for the headings for abducting people and all of the villages that we passed along the road on the journey here. a still completely deserted around a 100000 people have been displaced by the conflict began 4 years ago. as the insurgents steadily took more towns and villages, more people fled mazur. m big's armed forces failed to stop their advance. rwandan soldiers arrived here about 2 months ago under an agreement between the 2 governments. in recent weeks, they fought the armed group out of one town after the next. and the fighters had fled into the bush. this small town called him bow was the last town, the great fighters occupied and their leaders were head cold today as well. to
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couple of weeks ago, the random forces pushed him out of the following a heavy battle and you can see the remains of it explodes is blown the roof of the in the hole in the iron sheets and in the wall as well on the floor. you can see the remains of the shopkeepers property was one space there before fleeing when the surgeons attacked all the people that used to live here. and now wondering if, when it will be safe for them to come home. somalis, foreign minister has been speaking about efforts to hold long over due elections in his country in an interview with algae. there is diplomatic, and it's a james space. i have that mohammed up the reside did not rule out running for president himself. suppose i know the president standing for reelection, there are also a number of 2 former presidents who are going to stand for this election
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number of other politicians from a prime minister's and so forth. so there will be prime minister. do you think he's a can the current prime minister has said he's not a candidate repeatedly. is a good friend of mine and he said that to me, so i have to believe them and i have to everyone, are you a candidate to be president? i was the candidate in 2016. will you be accounted again? this time i will be a candidate at the right time when, whenever that is whether but what we are looking for really is to avoid any conflict or this whole thing collapse. and so my focus is really garnering the support that we need both technical and financial so that there's elections and i don't want my candidacy or anything else to get in the way. so molly comes 1st and we want to have that the taliban takeover in afghanistan has been welcomed by those who live in the group stronghold of kandahar al jazeera and gained exclusive
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access to the greater candle. have region in the south. ca heider is that greater guns the hall or region defined by common culture and history. richard gross started up on his dawn and conflicting every province, including his mind and his capitol, electric i got off until recently that he was at the end of operations. the us led coalition voted in the national all me some of the most intense fighting of the almost 20 wal vince, that dollar bar and earlier days that out at the remainder, strong board where the new dollar bon governor had a transition of paula moore, the him on the curate situation. thank god. in helmand is stable the entire population in which a had dean and standing with the taliban and welcoming. that's why the situation is normal and there's not been a problem the toward the people with this. if you look at the situation, you would think things would be normal for
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a couple of years and we logically guys gave widespread damage at the avalon army were defeated in august box of destroyed hungry and an armored re good. what remained from the final battle case, most people gathered at the low good square book in favor of the toddler barn de cola. yet no one would like to know the new barn about for sure. no one was here with the previous government, but everybody's happy with the return of the taliban. everyone is in agreement almost out on the world of joyce in opposition to the government. a former president shavani deeply conservative region was compounded by allegations of a drug city. then corruption, people have written a government for to graduate in rural area where they struggle to stamp their own poverty. traveling not to some game, we find more fragile hope in the ruins of wall gives us an outline for to spend fighting a dollar bond,
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but case bombarded domes and strict gotten countless civilian life. watch it as much as soon as the african national army fled. talbert allows people to return. the people came back with whatever they had, and even borrowed money to stuck, to rebuild their destroyed shopping and homes. they did not going to be uneasy dodge the ruling of, vanished on the looming threat of a drought. not to mention the economic crisis, but most people will tell you that they're determined. port one has gone back on it's feet. international help door will be crucial to raise going and according to me, on the brink of collapse. and one big question hanging over the foreign aid. it's how women, good and minority will be a dollar bonnet bag. come out of how you did it all. so no one is don. support is a fee for my castle and leader call us push him all have rallied outside the
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italian conflict in barcelona. following his detention in san dania, he traveled to the italian on and in the early hours of friday, from belgium, where he's been living in exile. spain accuses peter mall of edition for a 2017 independence referendum, which was deemed illegal by its court. on court, i was just wondering if we still don't know when the date for the hearing will be set. it could be late morning today or tomorrow based on the documents and when they will arrive, we've done the judges and we have to consult. we speak to adam writing, who is at the courthouse in so sorry on the italian, on and on dania adam, what are we expecting from the court? well, i mean, we're actually expecting, despite what huge amounts lawyer said there's probably going to be an audience. and perhaps even a decision here on friday, perhaps in a couple hours time. it's right now at lunch break,
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but we're hearing from insiders and the court. people who work here and people who observe it on regular basis, that those documents are arriving in that they do expect the judge to at least have that audience. and perhaps make the decision whether or not push him out will be sent back to spain. or like, go, that's yet to be seen, but that decision will probably come in the next few hours. it's not guaranteed. so that's what we're waiting to hear after this lunch break in a couple hours time. funny, thanks for that. adam rainy 1st installed in the u. s is ramping up expulsions of haitian migrants from its southern border with mexico. the department of homeland security says its conducted 12 deportation flied since sunday. returning nearly 2000 people to haiti, washington special envoy to hazy has resigned because of what he calls the inhumane treatment of patients migraines by his government. and a statement yesterday daniel foot said the policy of deporting thousands of asylum
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seekers is counter productive and deeply flawed. while jazz era's footage showing the miss treatment of patients along the us border cause outrage earlier this week, the white house has now banned the use of horse patrols around the del, rio border area. thousands of patients, though, remain strong to the in makeshift camps of correspondence. she had tansy has more from washington dc on the sidelines of the un general assembly. anthony lincoln attempted once again to present the u. s. as making human rights central to its foreign policy. so when asked about the treatment of haitian refugees, of the u. s. a southern border, the secretary of state blamed disinformation. some people are misinforming haitians, whether in haiti or haitians residing and other countries that they can come to the united states and in state. because of the temporary protected status that was
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granted the haitians who are already here. but there is a fundamental contradiction between the u. s. along haitian refugees to stay in the u. s. under its temporary protective status scheme because of the home countries, instability only if they arrived before the end of july, while deporting those seeking asylum now to a country, it admits is dangerous. it was a question of the white house spokesperson wrestled with in washington. we are still under title 42 because we are in a global pandemic. john sucky neglect dimension is the reason the u. s. is still under title 42 is the bite, the ministration has fought to keep it in its place against all legal challenges. title $42.00 is the obscure, 75 year old public health law that was used by the trump administration to reject and deport all asylum seekers out at southern border. at the time centers for disease control scientist said it's invocation of sensibly to prevent the spread of code that had no basis in science. saki also misstated us an international law regarding asylum seekers. they're not deportations. people are not coming into the
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country through legal methods. in fact, the us immigration and nationality act is clear that any alien, irrespective of how they entered, is eligible to seek asylum. international law also prohibits will refuse more well the expulsion of refugees to countries whether face persecution, a point raised at the u. m. the max expulsions currently underway without screening for protection needs are inconsistent with international norms in may constitute reform. in his resignation, letter, special envoy, down foot didn't just object to what he called the inhumane counter productive decision to deport thousands of refugees to hazy, but took aim at the bike. the ministrations wider policies toward the country, which he said would only work in the refugee situation across the region. he knows that the administration is supporting area home reef as the country's current leader over the objections of civil society put said it was just the latest flawed us intervention. but hubris that makes us believe that we should pick the winner
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again, is impressive. he writes this cycle of international political interventions and has consistently produced catastrophic results. the white house has foot never raised any objections, blink and acknowledge disagreements, but said he appreciated foot passion. foot says he was ignored, i'm dismissed. she every time. see al jazeera washington a u. s. house committee investigating the january capital ryan has subpoenaed for senior members of donald trump's administration. trump's chief of staff, mark meadows, whom advisor steve bannon, are among those who will have to testify. they'll be questioned about what happened at the white house. on the day of the riots, nearly 600 people have now been arrested in connection with the storming of the us capital on january 6. bravo group says the live in coca farmers have fought with police and the capital la pas the farm as 3 rocks and
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fire crackers offices who responded by firing tear gas. it's been sponsored by a months long dispute about leadership of the regional coca pharmacy association. the coca leave trade is controlled by local unions in libya, theft of cultural heritage, an important archaeological objects is a thriving business around the world. many precious items disappeared into private ownership. now one piece of history has been recovered and will soon be on its way back to its rightful home. rob rental has been finding ample. it is a simple tablet made of clay in sized with the script of a long extinct language. but this 3500 year old artifact is beyond priceless. it is a fragment of the epic of gilgamesh, a work of literature written more than a 1000 years before the poems of homer,
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stolen decades ago from iraq. the tablet with formerly returned on thursday. the last out of the returning the iraqi artifacts for me means restoring self esteem and confidence in iraqi society. following the 1st us led war against iraq in 1991 iraqi leader. saddam hussein temporarily lost his iron grip. museums were looted and priceless objects stolen. the loading of the museum hit us in our core because our history is really important to us. our history is what makes us, we're an old country. in fact, i can say where the oldest country in 2014 the tablet was bought for 1600000 dollars by the wealthy fundamentalist christian who was building a museum of the bible in washington dc. the fragment was seized by u. s. government authorities in 2019 fig documentation lead to its resale and transport for other countries. only to have
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a return to the us were an auction house, facilitated sale for $1600000.00. the head of the u. n. cultural organization says the repatriation of the gilgamesh tablet, sends a message. this ceremony here is also a welcome warning to the smugglers and looters of this world to those who use conflicts to steal into traffic, cultural heritage, participating in the destruction of cultural diversity. the epic itself is written as if recounting a dream telling the deeds of the hero gilgamesh, his contests with beasts and gods. gilgamesh sought the secret of immortality. but in the end, the hero learns a hard truth. what you seek, you shall never find. the text says, for when the gods made man, they kept in mortality for themselves. rob reynolds al jazeera,
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for political parties into his ear, demanding an end to what they say is a qu by the president and a joined statement. the opposition said he has lost his legitimacy. often nouns saying he would rule by decree and ignore parts of the constitution fight as held nearly absolute power since july 25th 20 sacked the prime minister. unsuspended parliament fighting a national emergency. now, wild boar on the streets of rome have become an election issue in the cities mayoral race. the animals are a common sight in some neighborhoods of italian capital. they have been increasingly drawn to the city in recent years, attracted by piles of rubbish, while may or candidates are now blaming each other for the issues you're photograph, i'm afraid causes i am afraid. now there are no bull when there are, i'm afraid,
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and it didn't happen just wanted, but many times, once i saw them, i was going to throw out the rubbish. and they came off to me because i was carrying a bag with rubbish. i left the bag and went away while boys always drove here, but we are always careful with them. we are not afraid, because we know they went to taco, but we always keep a safe distance from them. because if by chance there is a mother with a pig, let's be risk being attacked. lots more coming up on al jazeera and we'll be taking a look at what that the right account for most of the golf tournament. ah ah
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ah, ah, ah ah ah, go. ready too often i've gone, it's done, it's portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of us thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction
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. an extraordinary film, archives funding for decades reviews the forgotten truth of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part to the communist revolution on a janita. oh, a good time for the sport he is, andy. thank you so much, molly. well, one of sports most fiercely. confess events gets on the way in just over an hour's time. the 43rd edition of golf ryder cup sets itself in wisconsin. unusually for gulf. this is a team event. with the usa taking on europe 3 days of action starts with full force
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who's matches were, seems to play alternate shots. europe of the defending champions, but haven't won the title in the us in close to a decade now. half of the u. s. team will be making their 1st ryder cup appearances . we have a team with no scar tissue. there's only a few. there's only a handful of us that has even played an erotic up. and a few of those we have a winning records, so we actually don't have guys on our team that have lost the law in ryder cups. they away funds, they're all just part of their article that's, that's what it is. that's what makes the event so special special that's what makes it great. and of course spoke to the guys the experience, guys that have played a few and, and you after throw off the atmosphere and, and, and play you game and, and enjoy and not. so i'm looking forward to seeing what it's like. i'm looking forward to getting stuck in and yeah. off ends. it's all just part of the radical.
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always been talking to golf writer banana about what sets the rod come apart from most of the tournaments. it's going to be it's insatiable battle. that's what, that's as much as like inside between the us and european side. of course, i actually expect you to be pretty close. the u. s. team is stacked on paper, some of the best players in the world, and in fact, old, well, they applies inside the top 21 in the world. not the same for europe. you want to have 4 and that sort of gap and window. so i still think that the european is jamie, is a team of champions rather than a champion team. they're a champion group to get together and i think it's going to be close and i'm not, i wouldn't be surprised if we have a tie which would mean europe would retain the roddick up. well look basically golf is such an individual sport every other week of the year on the pga tour over in the us here and on the europeans or in europe a they just play for themselves but every now and then we have the roddick out to breathe every 2 years and every of you, there's the presidents, cup of the us team as well. and it's finally where they get to play in that same
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environment. something that they haven't really done since that will kids when they played on the sports. and it also has that happy gilmore feel to you as a familiar with that movie, but it's like a football game or an american grid on game where the crowd actually can be lad. they don't have to be stuffy and quiet. i can have a lot of fun and it's just a one on one, competition to one to whatever it happens to be in the format. and it just brings the best out of everybody. i think when you have that, there's a result basically on every shot this he it so it's exciting. the pressure on barcelona cash rental agreement is intensified following. another pool results after a somewhat heat to discussion with the referee, coleman is actually sent off in the final seconds of his nail, drew against offline a 7th in the table. now having taken 9 points from 5 matches loose, hamilton max to stop and fighting it out. for the full one world championship. first practice i had of sundays are rushing grown pres, just taken place. 2 weeks ago, the peck collided at the italian groan. pray,
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hamilton suggested the staff and was feeling the pressure of fighting face. first title i remember is like best thing from my 1st championship and i see on funding for something like my, my 10th my 10th battle, something like that. but i remember what it was like, and i know the pressure that comes with it and the experiences that you go with it . so i can empathize with that. i think what's important is that we just continue to raise hard the fair not surprise any of the stuff and didn't agree with hamilton's comments. the dutchman was playing the crush and he has a 3 place crit penalty for sunday's rice. and so she leaves hamilton in the championship. i find i was a bit surprised to hear that the true plays good bell d myself. but in, in the end of the day, it's what they decided. i don't need to agree with it. i have my own views of course, but we just, you know, move, move on and make the best of it. of course, not ideal, but so the end of the world,
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the calcutta night, wrote us of secured a crucial victory in the indian premier league chasing $156.00 of victory. coca for held off a staff that it won by indians bowling and reaching the target with 7 wickets in hand and almost 5 over night ride is now full in the points table. hey, spot ahead of my mind. this week marks the twin t anniversary tom brady's nfl w. fast forward. how about a case he's had one of the best careers in american sports history. incredibly brady was the 199. picking the draft. he now has 7 super bowl victories and his records include most cray winds and most touchdown passes. i certainly think you know, that in my wildest dreams i could have imagined what's happened. so i just am very appreciative and grateful for all the different things that have happened over time . and really it's about the support system of people and you know, my teammates,
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just over 20 years, my coaches, my family, my friends, you know, just have great memories. and i think sports has amazing way of bringing a lot of people together. you know, sports are kind of integrated in the fabrics of our society for a reason and heavyweight boxing champion, anthony joshua faced the rather striking vision of his pre find press conference opponent. alexander is sick explaining he'd come dressed as batman, his most famous enemy, the joker, the ukrainian, a pretty serious box undefeated in his professional career. so far, the per fight in london on saturday is not complicated. if you told me out why and can call me, i'll give it a go. honestly, if you tell it's an opportunity for me to work, this is my job. under going to work. he's going to work, i'm going to work. everyone have their job. and it is a blesses. ok,
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but if a sport is looking for now, thanks sunday and that's it from me money side for this news out. any anguish will be here in just a moment with more of the day. stay with the news. news. news. news. news, this breaks the millions of people who are filled with uncertainty about what will happen with the economy, with earnings on their lives, with detail coverage. career is hoping china will use its considerable influence over north korea to bring it back to the negotiating table from around the world
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test the law is being accused of trying to found the around the influence here a little is more distressing for a woman than a month 20 pregnancy going horribly well. aside from then being punished for salvador devotion lot, i've seen women incarcerated. some say their only crime was a devastating still, but i mean, the story of one woman struggle that ignited movement. miscarriage, of justice. a witness documentary on al jazeera, a diverse range of stories from across the globe. from the perspective of our network gentlemen, on al jazeera, i'm harry davies and kimberly, in west, in australia or indigenous community. the taming was scientists to create a new approach to marine conservation. first thing you learn,
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but we even that to the government. i'm a firm and do any reporting from review. if you're going to try, protecting by diversity quote defending themselves against the legal invaders. brian. oh no, there's 0. the news ready for toll start with conditions note career announces it could open dialogue with its neighbor. ah, hello, i'm emily angland. this is al jazeera live from dough, also coming up, a climate protest in berlin just 2 days before jim and go to the post. support is for my cadillac late a college food, a mon rally outside the italian,
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conclude in boston, lorna, following his detention in.


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