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stroke here, but we are always careful with them. we are not afraid because we know they went to taco, but we always keep a safe distance from them because if by chance there is a mother with a pig, let's be risk being a top. ok . hello, i'm in language, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories, the sister of north korea late. it says young yang is ready to consider ending the state of war with the south. but early of so scraps its hostile policies, kim, jo jung was responding to a cold weather south korean president moon j in made the un general assembly. it is potentially quite important given that it is of course kimmie o jung, who tends to be the more critical uncompromising voice of the north korean government in dealings with south korea and also the united states. and this is in response to the call from boone j and the president of south korea at the un
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general assembly, who is desperate to try to restart negotiations with the north calling for a formal end to the korean war, which you said would be a pivotal moment for the whole of the korean peninsula. now he has made this call before and initially it was greeted by north korea. with some dismissive ness rushes election commission has rejected claims of widespread vote rigging as it so to find the result of last week's parliamentary election. it confirmed the pro kremlin united russia had won the pole with around 50 percent of the votes of volcanic eruption on the canary islands has destroyed hundreds of homes and nearly a wink. the flow of lava has now flowed on the palm island, but there are fees that could still cause more damage. hundreds of homes have been destroyed. as we mentioned to the volcano erupted 6 days ago, and the former head of cat along is government has been arrested inside dania,
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carlos, pre german or travel day from belgium, where he had been living in exxon for 4 years. spain has charged the separate us later with sedition. the us is speeding up expulsions of haitian asylum seekers from his southern border with mexico. washington special envoy to heidi resigned on thursday for what he calls the in humane treatment of haitian migrants daniel foot . so the policy of boarding thousands of refugees is counterproductive and deeply folds and fortune is in political parties, demanding an end to what they say is accrued by the president. the joint opposition statement says cost aid has lost his legitimacy. after announcing, he would rule by decree and ignore parts of the constitution. the parties have described it as an absolute power monopoly. that's all from us here at al jazeera, speak around for inside story, and they'll be more news at the top of the hour. ah,
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ah ah ah, as fall out from the security patch between the u. s. the u. k. a straight reverberates joe biden is seeking to come france, the us president called an outrage. your money on the wrong, the canvas call sue the tension across the atlantic of the circle or chris alliance, and will europe go it alone and defending itself? this is inside story. ah, ah. hello, welcome to the program. i'm adrian said again, it's meant to counter china's influence in the contested south china sea, but the so called orcus deal between the u. s. the u. k. a straight here has
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threatened ties between allies. france is angered by what it's called a stab in the back packed and it's rallying european partners. it says it found out about the agreement only a few hours before it was announced. and the security partnership has cost paris, a multi $1000000000.00 deal to build submarines for camera. the u. s. in france, paid efforts to ease tensions after a 5 day stand off and manual mccall agreed to send the french ambassador back to washington after a phone call with the us president and jo, biting pledge not to cut paris out of future decisions in the, in the pacific region, the 2 leaders agreed to meet in europe next month. there has been ongoing discussions and engagements at a variety of levels between the united states and france. so certainly the possibility of a meeting was something that was naturally discussed in advance, but also natural for the president to raise that and discuss it at the leader level
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in terms of the tone of the call. it was friendly, it was one where we're hopeful in the president is hopeful. this is a step and returning to normal in a long, important abiding relationship that the united states has with france. will. france also recall, attend, voice was trailer and a rest step among allies, president emanuel mac wrong didn't take a call from australia's prime minister scott morrison says he'll be patient in mending time with france. we understand the disappointment and that is the way you manage difficult issues. the difficult decision was a very difficult decision and of course we had to weigh up what would be the obvious disappointment to france. but at the end of the day, as a government, we have to do what is right for strategy and sit astride is national security interests, and i will always choose australia's national security interest. first. meanwhile, britain, the prime minister, urged him, i own a crown to quote, get over his anger and give him
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a break. i just think it's time for some of our dearest friends around the world to pony our grip. about all this done in the break. because this is fundamentally a great step forward for global security. it's 3 very like minded allies, standing shoulder to shoulder, creating a new partnership for the sharing of, of technology. it is not exclusive, i did not trying to, to shoulder anybody. i did not at the stereo towards china, for instance. european union leaders have rallied behind france over the dispute. it was seen by the german minister of europe as a wakeup call for the block on the importance of uniting on foreign and security policy. that show of solidarity came as european leaders, a calling for more independence from the u. s. on defense. and the route threatened to delay a major cooperation summit between the u. s. and the u on trade and technology.
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the that's bringing our guests for today from paris are joined by emanuel do plea president of the institute for european perspective and security from brussels. theresa fallon is director of the center for russia, europe, and asia studies and from london. much trouble robin is a managing director for europe at eurasia group. so welcome to the program. all of you much trouble if we can start with you by going over some relatively recent old ground front says it's been stamped in the back. what on earth will these allies thinking or were the orcus eyes? not thinking of it at all? was this a deliberate ploy to keep france in the dark or a diplomatic snuff? who? i think the guests will be able to speak to you know, how the french of the see what happened. i think the react from paris is driven ready by 4 o'clock to one is a believe the trust and integrity between eyes and mouth. clearly, and this is,
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this was not the case. given. secret talk have been taking place for more than 6 months, apart from those have some interest in the pacific region. and the disagreement obviously come across those quite to direct way the political economy . you know, the loss of the contract from the jobs, i think not as an important talk to my driving is reaction as well as the domestic electoral considerations. i think it's a feature needed to get out from the, from folks and regarding what happened. and i think certainly speak to and public opinion on his side, but i don't think the reaction is fully deterministic. the motivated by domestic politics. that's how the french feel in terms of what the allies were doing. i think it's, it's a combination of opportunities and on that you take by a change in political leadership, on your radian side and frankly told diplomacy and sloppiness. on the american side,
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teresa, do you agree with that? was it sloppy? what are we to make of the joint statement from the white house, from the at least a palace saying that the situation, perhaps in hindsight, would have benefited from open consultations among allies? well, i think this is kind of a world of speculation, because i would imagine we've seen the strength of the french protest, her wine deployment, diplomacy about this. and i don't think this would have been able to take place even if there were previous consultations. so i think that was why it didn't leak out at all. it was so important. but on the other hand, in the shelly empress, there have been complaints about the french not meeting their delivery dates, the explosion in costs. and the problem of cyber hacking of the plan. so i think that this was also a concern in australia. does drilling, it's made that known to the french. i think the french are acting a bit to surprise that this actually happened. and it also means that france feels
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that they feel it's their biggest fear to, to see not important on the international stage. so they've not only lost this very important contract. it seems that they're kind of historic rival, as well as a breakfasted u. k is working more closely with united states and australia. so this is something that sending a seismic shake wave across europe and macro and it's an election year for him. he has to act very tough on the international stage, or at least domestically in france. and i think that all of these things have added up, that we've seen an olive branch being sent out by president biden to macro. and i think that the statement, it actually gave him a cross everything he pretty much wanted. he wanted more support in the hell which he's getting. and there was a lot of talk about ending a very important e u. u. s. cooperation schemes. for example, the upcoming technology cooperation council was going to be cancelled because the french were so upset. but i think we should be careful not to complete,
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complete france with the e u, because it's a bilateral trade issue. and it's not that everyone in the us necessarily supporting france on this. ok, a manual. do you agree with that? particularly the bit about sending extra help to the hell. the statement said that the president biden reaffirms the strategic importance of france and the european engagement in the pacific region of the u. s. is going to supply extra help. the french lead anti terrorist operations in this a hell. is that going to be enough to put kate france? absolutely not. these are words. this is absolutely not good or expecting. president biden did not. i think comply to totally, to what france or assistant person found. so expecting, of course, he used to diplomatic words of having better consultations. but does that mean that fans would be engaged with the united states? great britain. the quote, the countries were gathering today,
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united states in the southern pacific. i'm not sure. does that mean that france an issue have been partners, will have the certainty that you've been union and the united states on the same track when it comes to reassuring the participation of the united nations. a chapter 7 operations ahead, united states doing the trump administration, as well as a demonstration never accepted to put the g 5 side of strategic corporation under chapter 7. i'm not sure that's contrary to the country of what the method you have to get spoke about that because of my home as obtained what you wanted. absolutely not. ok. so, just diplomatic stuff were told that the call between president biden and mac wrong was friendly enough. what can we expect of the meeting manual between micron and bio next month? we to, to be, to be honest, we should have expected that united states would not interfere in the other
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contract that we are biding for in the region. i have, for example, i would take the example of the 36 file that we're going to send to india in which united states are trying to get to try to pose. i'm having mine as well. the upcoming $36.00 casado deal that we're going to strike with indonesia. it is obvious that united states are pushing for the $4745.00. so i'm not quite sure that the diplomatic language that was used between the 2 presidents are sufficient to call as the situation like least. this is a political statement. this is a domestic issue. that is true. there is huge pressure on president michael not to go and to put to put aside a certain number of statements and to be likely to be more assertive. a
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huge part of the political upper opposition here in france, according to what you offer to meet you. command of natal, theresa is france deluded. its sense of importance, middle, terribly, politically and diplomatically. that's an interesting term that you used to looted . i think that the biggest fear for france is that they're going to be seen as irrelevant. and i feel that this is what most diplomats i've been speaking with. have mentioned that the real fear of irrelevance. and that the u. k. seems to be the chosen partner rather than france and all of this. and there's also a monetary issue in, in regard to this, the previous speaker mentioned, you know, this idea of selling weapon system. so i think france would like to have these contracts, but we see now there's a political as well as the military in defense security cooperation. so i just really chose france because it wasn't seen as so frightening, i guess, in regard to the neighborhood. but now the strategic landscape has changed
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dramatically. and so countries really feel that they need to work with not many power, like friends, param, major power, like the united states. okay. which time would you agree with that is france or i will use the way to relevant them rather than to looted no, i think well, certainly certainly not irrelevant. and we know all about manual agenda for not only from the french, how, when the union, in the opinion, even being more autonomous, having the capability to use the power of the single market to be more strategic, thomas in the world and to look after its values. and protect it, so an interest i think on the back of what's happening with or if you will see my attempt to european eyes. what is essentially and i agree with your, of the speakers, essentially a bilateral problem that we have seen interventions from the commission president from the working council president european parliament president as well as from
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a number of the foreign ministers. and i suspect that pressure within france and in your root will grow. what will it alternate? the results and i think remains remains unclear, is you're going to put as many where its mouth isn't develop real hard. our capability problem, probably not. but you could see the european, again deciding to leverage the single want to do more in the area of trade tech plant using it. i can only can regulate tree leverage in a way that enables some of this strategic goal told me to take on more practical meaning. so i don't think the french are relevant. i do think i do think what has happened does have a long term structural consequences and understanding what those off i think it's going to take some time and money as, as a g 7, a g 20 economy, a prominent member of the security council, a key member of nature, one of the key decision makers in the you and a pacific power will the office eyes
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a straight, especially come to regret the treatment of france. well, you are right. you have right to mention that france created the pacific pacific commission in 1947. that it was one of the leaders and which in $1084.00 created the engine commission. so we are definitely a pacific country, 1600100000. sorry, hunch, live in that area. we are 5000 troops deployed there. and as you know, as we have the 2nd biggest naval, met our 3 for 75 percent on that see in asia pacific. so we are definitely asia power. but i'm not sure that current wants to be part of the a to a a, to build up for various reasons. first of all, the ages built up is an agency broadly created to contain military, the rise of china. is that a huge big patient, or is
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a huge reservation for france and other you've been partners? i'm quite sure. a certain number of r, e. u and nato partners. do believe that's i bird welfare political diplomatic agenda off on camera as well as, as moscow is a biggest threats and a big fear for them. so i'm not sure that sounds wants to engage in it in your sex and built up of course, singapore. when we join maybe the acres, of course, the quadrant meeting today with prime minister yo, she, he de suga plus prime minister scott, my son and prime minister and moody is of course, abiding the fact that there is this way to contain the rise and the power china, so getting maybe 2 elements. first of all, that the deployment of the soft and hard inference of china is not only in the south pacific or into into pacific area, it is in the african continent. and there we have a say on that. and of course, in euro isn't agenda. and of course, the situation of dentist on has shown that
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a china as overwhelmed and it's the shuttle american. and in the end, by the end of take in consideration that the chaos of the departure. and of course, we have to take into consideration that china is operating in europe. so the biggest threats and a big, huge assessment to contain the right of china, not only in the asia pacific area, but in there. you've been content. teresa here to agree with what you just heard down and where, where does francis relationship now with the orchestra allies go from here? and is it deliberately prolonging this? this spat 5 bit of diplomatic theatre if you'd like, in order to get something compensation perhaps is because we call the chinese diplomacy, wolf, warrior, and summer calling wind diplomacy. so the more noise france makes more that can get in exchange because clearly as our previous speaker noted, china,
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russell france has 1500000 people in this region has a lot a great deal of blue territory. and they are working very closely with the us, the french navy and the u. s. navy worked together in this region so many analysts have assumed that france, you know, after they have this period of protest that they will actually have to go back and work with the us because they have interest there. and there is close cooperation anyway. and so this idea of strategic autonomy in europe, this has been going on, you know, granted day it keeps happening over and over again. the u. k has left, they were huge defense partner with the you, but now they're gone. so this idea of strategic autonomy is very, very weak and the only alternative is to create a stronger european pillar within nato. and i think that this goes against gall, this thinking in france, they always like to think that they're going to leave the rest of europe. but i think that this is a huge problem. and the other idea that recurring constantly in europe is that ross
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is really a problem now because the u. s. is becoming more and more laser focused on the endo pacific, and that means your brain will have to up their anti. we'll have to improve defense spending, burden sharing in, in their own neighborhood. and as the previous speaker pointed out, we've seen russia, china cooperation in the mediterranean with naval exercises, russia, china cooperation in the baltics. but i don't think it's really waking up many europeans into wanting to increase defense spending. so i think that there really has to be a wake up call and less, as you mentioned, political theater and real efforts, enough of the talking. and now it's really time to do something. what must have, what's your, your view on that? what are the implications of this, this focus deal that diplomatic spat the treatment of france for the you in particular and its own security and defense policies. now visions i think the answer to that question is bobs quite straightforward and all the boring not, not much, frankly,
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i mean look at the internal debate within germany is they had their election on sunday. well, the thing at a german chancellor probably oh la, show sitting and fragmented 3 party coalition mini idea. we're going to have strong german leadership in europe. i think is wrong. manual house, his election on the 10th and 24th of april, which means effectively legislative elections in june, which people always forget. so, you know, you're, you're really looking for the next year as a complete like a synchronization between france and germany. no real leadership in your beyond what happened structurally, i think, i think, you know, is you know, at the margin incremental integration but nothing meaningful. one piece, i think we should bring out which is important is french u. k. ties those i think are extreme, the strained. we've got to remember the concepts are the bilateral franco u. k. u k, for the relationship, it was already once where there was really little trust because partial got
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government behavior on implementation regarding the protocol. and this is obviously fit into our context, you know, relations we're not starting from a blank sheets of paper. and the last points i will be very briefly is i do believe we're moving to a situation for the you can your, which will be a bit more tense and a bit more escalate tree. it's highly likely that they will spend the northern ireland protocol notified by the commitments they find 2 in 2019. but again, it's going to, i think, really. okay. and then how does those comments from, from boris johnson go down there in france when, when he told president micron to get a grip and give him a break? well, well, nothing about that. you know, we consider as rich and as a junior partner. and this is one of the reasons we did not come back to catherine court and the french investor in london, london is just begging i am an agenda. and i think it to be very honest. we cannot,
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of course, compare the huge strength me to strengths of the united nation of the united states . more, less, $7000000000.00 of the defense defense funding. of course, with the minor european invocation. not more than 186000000000000000, sorry, of euro's but to be honest with you, we can compare some elements. first of all, they are only 3 major military hours in the western or what have to have the full spectrum of me to capacity and that is font that is great britain and that is united states. we build submarines, we have nuclear deterrence. we are deployed around the world and we have a full spectrum capability of deploying troops. we are great troops in africa. we are going to be in syria and iraq, and we still are playing some truth in iraq. so i think not to bullying on the great britain side. we have to take in consideration that there's
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a lot of political agenda both, both in france and both in great britain. a certain number of australia leaders are not very happy about this decision made by scott marson, previous prime minister, kevin rod, or malcolm toward one or 20 habit, decided to get to be very precise thing. it was a political mistake to young from and to only decide to this to, to speak with the, the american. and i think this is the same thing we've written about, i'm sorry to put the button here, but we're running out of time here. teresa just want one more question here about president biden, a french politician, described by the sidelining of france as a blunder amounting to a strategic blindness that will only benefit the chinese. is he right? how damaged is biden's reputation in europe? i think everyone really understand that this wouldn't have happened if it was if
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there was consultation. and i think the u. s. has made it quite clear under the bite and administration that they're going to work with many laterals with coalitions of the willing and these smaller groupings because otherwise it's just too difficult to do. for example, with the 27 members say it's impossible to get them to all agree on one thing. so all you need is one member say to block it and we've seen that happen over and over again. so another kind of upping it. this offices is the beginning, i think of more money laterals, and i think this is the future. i think france will understand and get along because it needs to, it needs more defense and security cooperation with the u. s. and this period i think of protest will end, and i think that everyone understands in french interests as well. and as i mentioned earlier, i think we must keep an eye on the ball here that it was because france was unable to deliver and that they had increased dramatically. the cost was showing that australia thought, why don't we just buy nuclear armed subs are what powered submarines, because that was pretty much the price of francis charging them for diesel engine.
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so i think that france should really reflect on this, and it's not only australia that has been complaining about the french military defense complex as your germans complaining about your other countries. so i think that they really do need to maybe look inwards and if they want to be a big exporter of these weapons systems, they need to improve. ok. there is we must leave it many thanks. indeed, in money order, we teresa final and much taba roman. thank you. as always for watching, just because you can see the program again at any time just by visiting the website, algebra dot com for further discussion. join our facebook page that's at facebook dot com forward slash ha inside story. and you can join the conversation on twitter . handle at a j inside story from me, adrian again on the whole team here in bo, thanks for watching. we'll see you again. bye for now. the
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over north korea to bring it back to the negotiating table from around the world. the law is being accused of trying to expand the around the influence here. ah, i'm on the inside and down here, your top stories on al jazeera, the sister of north korea, lead us, says peel young is ready to consider, ending the state of war with the south, but only of souls scraps its hostile policies. kim jo jones was responding to a call by the south korean president moon j, and well mcbride has the latest from so it is potentially quite important. give it that it does come from kim jung, who tends to be one of the more critical uncompromising voices of the north korean leadership when it comes to dealings with.


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