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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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her independent scientific review and based on that review, the majority of americans who were fully vaccinated with the pfizer vaccine are now able to receive the booster shot 6 months after they've received their 2nd shot. 6 months after we received the 2nd shot, you're eligible. those eligible include, in addition to meeting requirement of 6 months after the 2nd shot, those people were 65 years or older. adult 18 and over with certain underlined health conditions like diabetes and obesity. and those who are at increased risk of covered 1900 because of where they work or where they live, like health care workers, teachers, grocery store workers, that's over so that that group makes up 60000000 americans who are now eligible for a booster. 6 months after their 2nd shot and up to 20000000 or received their receive, their earlier,
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pfizer shot at least 6 months ago are eligible today. so those january for those folks are eligible now. now, and i've made clear all along the decision of what a booster shot to give when to start the shot and who will get them is left to the scientist and the doctors. that's what happened here. and while we waited and prepared, we brought enough we bought in a booster shots and states, and pharmacies, doctors, offices and community health centers had been preparing to get shots and arms booster shots and arms for a while. and like your 1st and 2nd shot, the booster shot is free and easily accessible. booster shots will be available in 80000 locations, including over 40000 pharmacies nationwide. so, i message today is this. if you've got the pfizer vaccine,
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you got the via the pfizer vaccine in january, february, march of this year. and you're over 65 years of age. go get the booster. or if you're and i have a medical condition like diabetes, or you're a frontline worker, like a health care worker or a teacher, you can get a free booster now. i'll be getting my booster shot on i. i hard to acknowledge him over 65, but i'll get my booster shot. it's a baron and i tell you now, but i can decide. i'm forgetting my booster shot. i'm not sure exactly what i'm going to do it as soon as i can get it done. of course, many americans got the madonna and johnson and johnson vaccines. my message for you is this. you still have a high degree of protection. are doctors and scientists are working day and night and lies the data from those 2 organizations on whether and when you need a booster shot. and we'll provide updates for you as the process moves ahead. again,
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the bottom line is if you're fully vaccinated, you're highly protected from severe illness. even if you get over 19. in fact, recent that indicates there's only one confirm positive case per $5000.00 fully vaccinated americans per day. you're as safe as possible. you're in good shape and we're doing everything we can to keep it that way, which is where the booster comes in. so let me be clear. yes, we made incredible progress in vaccinating americans with over 182000000 people being fully vaccinated. as of today, but this is a panoramic of the unvaccinated and as caused by the fact that despite americans having an unprecedented and successful vaccination program, despite the fact that for almost 5 months free vaccines have been available in
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80000 locations. we still have, we still have are 70000000 americans who failed to get a single shot. and to make matters worse, there are elected officials actively working to undermine with false information, the fight against colbert 19. this is totally unacceptable. the vast majority americans are doing the right thing. 3 quarters of the eligible have gotten at least one shot. but one quarter has not gotten any countries. large lars, that's 25 percent minority, can cause an awful lot of damage and they are causing a lot of damage. young vaccinated over called her hospitals, over running emergency rooms and intensive cade's, leaving no room for someone with a heart attack or a cancer operation needed to get the life saving care. because the places where they would get that care are crowded. they are not available. the vaccinate also
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put our economy recovery at risk, causing uneasy economy around there and caught in our knees around the kitchen table. i can't imagine what's going on. the conversations this morning, a lot of parents wondering what's going to happen, what's going to happen? those women vaccinated what's going to happen? potentially slowing economic growth crossing jobs. the refusal has cost all of us refusal to get vaccines cost all of this. i'm moving forward to vaccination requirements. wherever i can. these requirements will cover 2 thirds of all workers in america. and i am pleased to see more businesses and organizations institute, their own vaccination requirements. i've had business leaders, call me and thank me for setting the policy. so allow them to do the same thing. they are able to do it any way, but it gives them the ability to move forward for making progress. for example,
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united airlines, which required vaccines about 7 weeks ago now has 97 percent of our employees actually just 4 weeks ago the department of fence required vaccinations for the military and already 92 percent 92 percent are active duty service members are. am are on track to administer 24000000 shots in arms in september. so please to the right to the right. and i understand there's a lot of misinformation you've been fed out there. but try to look through, get, get to people, you trust. the people who've been vaccine and ask them, ask them to get the vaccinate, but don't just take it from me. listen to the voices of the unvaccinated americans who were lying and hospital batch taking their final breath sane. and literally we've seen a st. television. if only had gotten vaccinate, if only if only for leaving behind was small children,
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people who adore them. people are dying and will die. him don't have to die. it is not hyperbola suggest, is really a tragedy. please don't let this become your tragedy. get the vaccinate, it can save your wife your life and say the lives of those around you. you know, texture, zip code 2438829. for 3 days. if you're just joining us, we're just watching and listening to us president joe biden, who's speaking about america's response to the pandemic, making a plea that to people who haven't been vaccinated to get vaccinated. he said, this is a pandemic of the on vaccinations in the course of people have still not been vaccinated in america. of course yesterday, the us drugs regulator announced to shots for people who are $65.00 over 10 to
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kennedy hall. kids who is live for us at the white house, us president joe biden, essentially just making a plea that for people to get back to make he was the president. yeah, there wasn't a lot new in what the president had to say, but it's clear that the, by the ministration has made a choice that they want to have this president be the faith of what they see is the solution to this pandemic in the united states. and for that matter, around the world, the u. s. president is talking about and really trying to clear up a lot of the confusion that exists in the united states about who would qualify for a booster and who would not. and who needs one and who would not. so what you heard there was the president clarify that as of now in the united states, those that are $65.00 and older or perhaps in a high risk group or frontline worker immunocompromised, that they would be eligible for
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a booster shot if they have already been fully vaccinated with the pfizer vaccination for covered 19. now, for those that have received a med during a vac seen, or the johnson and johnson vaccine here in the united states, the data is still being reviewed. and so that's what the president was talking about. but then you also heard him underscore what he sees is the solution. and the problem of getting there in the u. s. and that is that 25 percent of americans still have not received one shot. as a result, we're seeing searches and states like kentucky, wisconsin, among others where right now there's a rationing of care going on. given the fact that the hospitals are seeing an overwhelming number of coven patients that are not able to treat people with other conditions. so the us president talking about this trying to sort of send the message to those that have not yet been vaccinated, that in his view he believes they need to do. so. thank you for that. kimberly hall
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could that 1st live at the white house? every element of my academic please give me lawyers fer catalonia, as former leader call, as peter mall says he will be released from italian detention within the hour 2 jamal was taken into custody by police install danielle on thursday. the movie fox rallies outside the italian conflict and barcelona, i am, the co insulting port is asking for the you to step in spain accuses to do more of addition for a 2017 independence referendum, which was deemed illegal by its court as case adam ready, reiney who is at the court house on the italian island? sardanio. what is the latest way you are?
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just moments ago you had the lawyer for please come out. and he said he will be free. our, our base will be free today and there were some clapping from activists here who, who support the former cadillac leader and then the lawyer came out went further and his case will be continue to be reviewed. so although he won't be held in prison, he's being held inside of dan, you can't leave the island legally. or if here continues to review this case, this extradition order. so it's not, you know, what is going to happen to him in the coming days. just not far from here, perhaps of kilometer. so is the prison where he has been waiting since last night and thursday night here in virginia and all the people at 1st were quite pleased with the news that settled in and they realized wait, not so fast. we don't really know where this is going, so what we have is kind of the middle ground is lawyer, convent officials here and the judge that there is no reason that he should be held in a prison per se, but he cannot be violent. and he may even be required to stay on site and i hope
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tell or in a private home and not leave. if it does leave, he will be monitored on some level. so a little bit of a stalemate here, not the decision somewhere or think it might happen if you need to be freed or be held longer or sent to spain immediately. there's going to be a few days here, perhaps even longer in which we don't know yet. it will be sent back to spain or be free, completely unable to go on his way, perhaps back to belgium. and he does have quite a bit of support where you are just any and this is kind of the only place in the world that this could have happen that has this connection with at, along because not about ghetto, where he flew into on thursday night is a former colony catalogue, hundreds of years ago, there's cadillac speakers here. there were many people the 55 and the cattle in
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flag activists were tying their battle for independence. the cattle in battle for independence. so what we see is this, this unique place in the middle of the mediterranean on said daniel, this city of some 40 to 50000 people. an activist came out in the dozens more to support him. not because maybe they followed him so closely before, but they seen him as a vessel to follow their own fight. and that's for me perhaps, independence down the road for them. and that's not nearly as strong as the move in and what we haven't had long. yeah, that's why we've seen reaction here in the activist camp out all day here to see what i am rainy there for us in sardinia. apologize for years for the poor sound connection that thousands of climate pro testers have taken to the streets in cities all across germany. just 2 days before the country goes to the polls. the protests are part of a global climate strike cooled by school. students, climate change is one of the hottest topics in sunday's elections after july. the
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flood killed nearly 200 people. if there's one other thing that this pandemic has shown us, it is that the climate crisis has never once been treated like an emergency. it is clearer than ever that no political party is doing close enough. but it's even worse than that. not even their proposed commitments are close to being align with what would be needed to fulfill the price agreements as go to step boffin in berlin, stock penn, out at those climate protest. we had the eclip from gretta thornburg, what people saying to you and does it give us an indication of how the election could play out on sunday. yeah, absolutely. 2 days before the landmark elections here in germany on sunday, tens of thousands of climate protests, of really send
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a strong message to the photos, but also to the new government to, to take this climate, the crisis as seriously. they were shouting things like stop for coal mining, the coal mines, night mines. i still open on until 2038. a climate set, of course, has been internationally very much on the agenda of america. but it's been seen here domestically as quite a failure of her policy to keep these coal mines open. so climate definitely has been dominating the election. said this, this campaign. and while the protest now leaving you here, the parliament building, you can see that still tense behind me where climate protesters are basically on a hunger strike for the last 25 days. and they have given an ultimatum to the leading candidates candidates all up. sure. if he doesn't admit that the germany is in a climate crisis, they have actually threatened to stop drinking altogether. so the situation here is
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that climate is a very, very important issue, especially after what you set the flats have hit here in july. and that made people realize that climate change is not a far away issue that i've been seen on television affecting far away countries. it's actually really hitting home as well. anything to that, that fast in the 1st, in berlin. russia's election commission is rejecting accusations of widespread vote. rigging says, find results, show that, you know, i said russia retained its power in last week's parliamentary elections. a group of defeated parliamentary candidates in their support to say they will try to overturn the results which they insist is fraught with corruption. smith has the latest for moscow. a 2 thirds majority in the state duma, the united russia. but that is only part of the story. opposition candidates, particularly in moscow, want the electronic boat
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a wanted the electronic vote. i know the 8 of them in seats in the moscow area who when the manual was being counted, were way ahead. these was, these were mainly communist party candidates, but suddenly, well, later, the next day when they electronic vote was added and that was added very light. suddenly all those seats were flipped in favor of united russia. now those communist candidates have benefited from tactical voting. after being recommended, as best buys by a system created by lexi nevada, the supporters, as those people best place to defeat united russia's candidates, the election commission says the worst and regularities, but about 40000 votes were invalidated. but that's tiny. in comparison to the 110000000 registered voters, however, if you take the recommendations of survey chappelle kin who is a very highly respected analyst and track of russia elections, it's something very,
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very different. he reckoned around 40000000 people legitimately voted the united russia out about 110000000, but another 14000000 votes with fabricated. and if that's the case, and this is the worst result for the kremlin, since vladimir putin came to power 21 years ago. this is steph. north korea's leader says young young is ready to consider ending the state of war with the south . but only if so scraps. it's tom policies. the statement from kim, yo jones says a declaration of an end. the war is quote, interesting proposal on a good idea. however, goes on to say that this would not make sense in the midst of double standards and hostile policies came, joan was responding to call by the south korean president moon j and made up the un general assembly hum bundled to my 2 years ago in this very place, i declared 0 tolerance for war, a mutual security guarantee and co prosperity is the 3 principles required to
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resolve issues related to the korean peninsula. last year i proposed the declaration to formerly end the korean war on more than anything and end of war declaration will mark a pivotal point of departure to create a new order of reconciliation and cooperation on the korean peninsula. i once again urge the community of nations to mobilize its strengths for the end of war declaration on the korean peninsula and proposed that the 3 parties of the 2 careers, n d, u. s. or 4 parties of the 2 korean and the u. s. and china come together and declare that the war on green peninsula is over. rob mcbride has more of the story from sol. it is potentially quite important. give it that it does come from kim, jo jung, who tends to be one of the more critical uncompromising voices of the north korean leadership when it comes to dealings with south career and also the united states. this was in response of course to that a call from moon j in the president of south korea who is desperate to try to
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restart talks with north korea and sees a formal declaration to, to the end of the korean war. as a way to do it, describing it as being pivotal for the whole korean peninsula. now he has made these calls before, but a coming with the talks being stored. he really sees this is one of these remaining opportunities to try to restart the go see ations. now, initially, it was treated with some dismissive nus by north korea with a vice foreign minister saying earlier on friday that it was up to the united states to drop its hostile post during his he put it in order for this to new, go anywhere, but then that was quickly followed up by kim jo john with her statement while being skeptical about it and accusing south career of double dealings. saying that it was potentially an admirable idea that these conditions were right then north korea, she says, might be willing to enter into a constructive discussion. so this has been treated positively by south korea,
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which says it is committee to try to restarting negotiations and have good relations with the law. and it's certainly a very different picture to what we were looking at just over a week ago when you recall that on the same day, within the space of a few hours, the militaries of the 2 careers were test firing new types of missiles. so it does seem to be an improvement on that at least french president, man micro met with lebanon's, new prime minister in the g mccarty in paris because he's newly formed cabinet one vote of confidence in parliament. earlier this week, the government was put in place of this month after more than a year of political deadlock. natasha butler has moved from paris the french president. my no, my cross certainly been leading international efforts to try and help a lebanon come through its political and economic crisis. and that is why and jeff mcafee chose to come to paris as his 1st overseas visits,
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since being appointed a prime minister early this month. now, emanuel mycroft said that he had received from mcafee assurances, that the new prime minister would push through urgently needed reforms. lebanon, in areas such as banking, finance, energy, a structural reforms, reforms with micro said. we're desperately needed to alleviate the suffering over the lebanese people. for mcafee's part, he said that he had promised him out of macro in their work in launch that he would do everything that he possibly could to push through those reforms that are absolutely key. not only, of course, for the population of lebanon, but also to unlock that much needed international aid. michael made it very clear off to this be thing that frauds remains out lebanon's side, that it is a long alloy. however,
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over the past month was french officials increasingly feel is that there is a sense that they have been let down just so many times by lebanese politicians, the flow of lava from a volcano on the canary islands. how slowed but those fear it could cause more damage? the volcano on la palmer island erupted 6 days ago. now. hundreds of homes have been destroyed. nicholas hark reports from the village. plaza corte above the picturesque coastal village of does a corte is what seems like a looming storm, but is in reality a giant cloud of volcanic ash. the crater has expanded, does the court, it has not yet been evacuated. the villagers, mayor one coast is not just concerned, but deeply worried. lava is moving 4 meters per hour and it's less than 2 kilometers away from the village. one. earlier this year, i'm concerned this may effect the banana plantation. this is the principal economic
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activities people here. so it was a big losses for so many families. 500 hector's, a banana plantation have been you reversible, destroyed by a thick blanket of ash. microscopic volcano rocks are seeping into the crop, making them inevitable amounts of last sized martina to an island that gets much of its revenue from banana production last year. a devastating fire dest toward the crop, followed by a long spell of drought. and now this looks here, i'm so upset, it's a disgrace. what we're going through here. we live off, and by the banana plantations, if we can't work, we are about to lose everything. it's another tragedy of a royal visit from spain's king to boost the small and remote islands morale. thousands of people are displaced their homes and belongings turned to ash. experts don't know if this is going to last for weeks or for months. and so people on this island are learning to
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live in this new environment surrounded by fire and lava and what they describe as an unpredictable and intense climate. well can ologist headlong predictive disruption, but failed to anticipate its magnitude. there now studying the site for clues for what may happen next. it has left them with more questions than answers. you have a person that may happen, right? so we are dealing with somebody adoption, the nomic of the gassing of the kid. when you set up to use, going to make these kind of different faces much more expressive, but this is common to see this kind of changing character movie character. what is this volcano trying to say wonders, mayer? why the costa who fails to see its beauty? he feels powerless in the face of this force of nature as the future of his village hangs in the balance. nicholas hawk algebra lewalma in the last few months,
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rounds and forces have rid northern mozambique of armed groups. the past 3 years, the province of cover delgado has been the target of frequent attacks. bringing the area on the complete control was simply something local, mozambique, and forces were unable to achieve mock website. and this update from cover delgado rwandan and mose. i'm beacon soldiers and now in control of this town to the wifi and it's on a key road junction. but just a few weeks ago who was occupied by fighters from the group house, bob. and you can see the remains of what they left behind. a lot of the buildings have been taught good. some shops have been looted. cars have been set on fire as well in the civilians and the savvy really feared the fighters from the group and notorious for beheading her abducting people. and all of the villages that we passed along the road on the journey here, a still completely deserted around a 100000 people have been displaced by the conflict began 4 years ago. as the
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insurgents steadily took more towns and villages, more people fled mazur. m big's armed forces failed to stop their advance. rwandan soldiers arrived here about 2 months ago under an agreement between the 2 governments. in recent weeks, they fought the armed group out of one town after the next. and it's fighters have fled into the bush. this small town called him bow was the last town. the armed groups fights is occupied and their leaders were head cold today as well. just a couple of weeks ago, the random forces pushed him out of the following a heavy battle and you can see the remains of it. explodes is blown the roof of the building and the hole in the eye and sheets and in the wall as well. on the floor, you can see the remains of the shopkeepers property. it was one they said before fleeing when the insurgents attacked all the people that used to live here. and now
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wondering if, when it will be safe for them to come home faster, the cultural heritage, an important ok all is go. objects is a thriving business around the world. many precious i to disappear into private ownership. and i, one piece of history has been recovered, will soon be back to it's rightful home. rob reynolds has the story. it is a simple tablet made of clay in sized with the script of a long extinct language. but this 3500 year old artifact is beyond priceless. it is a fragment of the epic of gilgamesh, a work of literature written more than a 1000 years before the poems of homer, stolen decades ago from iraq the tablet was formerly returned on thursday. the last out of the returning the iraqi artifacts for me means restoring self esteem and confidence in iraqi society. following the 1st us led war against iraq in
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1991 iraqi leader. saddam hussein temporarily lost his iron grip. museums were looted and priceless objects stolen. the loading and the museum hit us in our core because our history is really important to us. our history is what makes us. we're an old country. a fact i can say we're the oldest country in 2014 the tablet was bought for 1600000 dollars by the wealthy fundamentalist christian who was building a museum of the bible in washington dc. the fragment was seized by u. s. government authorities in 2019 fig documentation lead to its resale and transport for other countries. only the habit returned to the u. s. were an auction house facilitated itself for $1600000.00. the head of the us cultural organization says the repatriation of the gilgamesh tablet, sends
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a message. this ceremony here is also a welcome warning to the smugglers and looters of this world to those who use conflicts to steal into traffic, cultural heritage, participating in the destruction of cultural diversity. the epic itself is written as if recounting a dream telling the deeds of the hero gilgamesh, his contests with beasts and gods. gilgamesh sought the secret of immortality. but in the end, the hero learns a hard truth. what you seek, you shall never find. the text says, for when the gods made man, they kept immortality for themselves. rob reynolds al jazeera ah, is algebra. these top stories,
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thousands of climate protesters have taken to the streets and cities across germany just 2 days before the country goes to the poles.


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