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tv   [untitled]    September 25, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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dot a tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis. his death would prove one of the darkest days in the quest for peace in the middle east, who's killing the count on algebra? ah, the taliban are carrying out a major security operation. not the series of attacks claimed by i thought in afghanistan. ah, money by this is out there lie from doha also coming up home at last to canadians, fried by china, arrived back in calgary, greeted by prime minister,
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just intruder political parties. fine for the hearts of germany's merkle generation . as young voters prepared to make their voices had in sunday election, new rivers of novice view their way down the palm of okay, of the intensifying eruption has grounded flights in the region. ah. we begin the program in afghanistan where the taliban says it's rounded up. dozens of sizes linked to iso, the detentions a part of a major security operation launched by the new taliban government in the eastern city of july. about the campaign follows a series of attacks claim by eiffel linked fighters in the country. when the chief spokesman for the taliban says it's a continuation of fair security operation against iso in capital whole day
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when we took over the country last month, some iceland afghan extent operatives moved to cobble in july about we've launched an operation in kabul and arrested many another operation is underway in july about were hunting down those who were sewing chaos and those who are behind the recent attacks we've caught, doesn't so far. i some i been job aid has more on the story from couple. this was the statement by the taliban spokesmen as alondra had to all of their thing that a security operation is underway, not just in july about but in the why didn't the hard region there have been the rest in cobble on the outskirts of cobbled and according to that, which i had these are i saw in going to son fighters who escaped from various prisons as above came to power does not about insisting they're going to continue their crack down. they're going to go off to the perpetrators of the attacks. as you mentioned in the last week or so, where the thought of on fighters have been targeted, there have been multiple attacks of the vehicles on their convoys,
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on their gatherings, especially in the general about the area. and that's where the security operation is focused. i thought about saying that they are adamant they are going to continue the drive to push out all of these elements who are going to disturb the piece of understand. because according to this, out of the sun has not seen this a peace and security in the last few decades after they came to power. and they are saying that they are elements within who want to disrupt it and they will not be allowed to do so. and also that they are committed to their commitments to the international community. that soil is not going to be viewed by any group inside of understand for not just attacking off guns, but neighboring countries. and why that international community as well. so thought about insisting that this is under control, they're saying their forces are in control of the board, is the thing that they wouldn't, will be allowed to attack of the son unilaterally. and they're also saying that they are rounded up dozens of these isolate k. i,
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so for us on our isolated blood on fighters who they say are going to be brought to justice, and they are not going to be allowed to disrupt the peace and security a combo. mindy somali capital was killed at least 8 people and injured thousands. more witnesses say it happened that a security checkpoint in the hammer wean district of southern mogadishu. they say the attack targeted several cars as they tried to cross the security barrier. located about 2 kilometers from the presidential palace has claimed responsibility for that attack. to canadian men have been detained in china for nearly 3 years have arrived home michael cove break and michael favor were met by canadian prime minister justin trudeau often landing in calgary. the 2 men were arrested in december 2018 for espionage shortly after.
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candidate detain the chinese tech executive mang ones june. she is currently due to land in beijing. she's actually her playing at china. fly has actually landed in asia. you can see many thousands of people gathered there to await her arrival. we were looking at a show of be trying to play in just a minute earlier. this is the people in the airport waiting for her to come down from that planed line. just to recap, it's main ones you, she's the hallway executive who's been on the house, the rest in canada for several years now. she's just landed back in the chinese city office and then you shouldn't be north korea may consider taking part in a summit with south korea, according to the north state news agency k cna. the agency was quoting kim jo jones,
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the sister of the north korean leader. she suggested such a meeting could happen if mutual respect was guaranteed. let's get more on this. we can bring in came young john, who's in non stand. he's a member of the national security advisory board, the south korean president's office. he's also a professor at the korean national defense university. many thanks for joining the program. so what do you think? how likely and how soon do you think we're going to see both countries actually sitting down the talk? thank you for having it today. yeah. are you just sent me is between south and north korea could be easily possible or in this year because up to country or have you had the relation between the 2 over the years. so if you're young and in john, one of our lead patients or so invitation from the bike and the vision,
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it can be easily found between the over the punch. given that we've seen miss l test by both parties in just the last few days. what led to this turnaround in strategy? why the sudden push for talks now? actually not has one in nearly an negotiation with u. s. government. she and i and the clothes were in 990. but she tricia was not very good because as you may remember, that chain, you know, with the us to let you in from clinton to george w bush and also in the 990 family. she tre, can not allow any possible negotiation between north korea and the us. so, i mean, it's not, you know, she has all raised one to have a secret,
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to guarantee the specially guaranteed by the us government to so it's not nothing new. and those are the only one to do with and the problem if the environment and it was not allowed to possibly do it so not yeah. so just again and again and today is john sent the same message and why is it? but we are seeing him, john, and take the lead here. actually give me a jon was peacemaker. and be compact still will know it's on 40 or is she when we remember in the count chime or in the winter of the 2018? gimme a john was pissing me, and then i'll pay you over the hon. lee summit negotiation. kim yard young was in crisis as a leadership in the north korea and domestic college. they're trying to separate
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her message on her is some point month. so now kimmy, john naturally took the initiative to least start negotiation stage money. thanks for your time. kim young jin. in non stan, he's a member of the national security advisory board at the south korean president office. thank you. thank you very much. a germans head to the polls on sunday, the ultimately deciding who will succeed chance the anglo michael an entire generation of young people will be voting the very 1st time. and for the past 16 years, many of any known mercury policies and appear eager for a change or the other. hamid reports from clone in the last election effort green party candidate. anna lynn, a bad book, tries to convince voters that she is best suited to become germany's leader, targeting many young people. i look as advising who feel disgruntled by the status
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quo and i'm calling for change. i had some context with that with the classical, more classical, older parties. and i was a little bit disappointed because i saw like that that's not how i want to play politics side. and that's not, i don't feel that i really can make a difference. i can only participate in continuing the same same thing over and over climate change, social justice and equality among top concerns for generation that grew up in the air of globalization and the internet. the youth represent less than 15 percent of the electric and among them. first time voters who have no, no, i deleted an angle, america, but they are trying to have an impact on the outcome of the election. they are the so called medical generation one that most key things. the outgoing chancellor wasn't progressive enough and they've grown more demanding,
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maintaining pressure on the streets with climate protest groups like the friday for future movement. this is also their last ditch attempt to make their voices heard less than 48 hours. i had of what the risk a long breath called a historic election. she has put her future the whole thing. they are more pressing issues to be dealt with 1st. exactly, because of your test and big data, actually we are not thing that he's on hold, for example, now to go on the streets to protest to try our best to change something most august probably won't help me in 50 years. in mars, you call me, we'll have labs war and lots of me for geez. so the 60 plus people decide about the future. so it's so important to convince the old veneration of all young renovation. somehow. this has pushed politicians to listen and address the concerns of young people says that the legal load, he is the co host of my kid,
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only a popular podcast there, links rap and politics. some of the candidates took part in his show, including center left social democrat leader, all of the shows they need for young people because of a see that older people also start to think about the following generations. there is pressure, the risk pressure from the streets, the risk pressure from the young generation of the streets. there is pressure from young journalists. there is pressure from musicians. so i think in the whole society we see that there is a shift, the risk of change, and probably we will also see this change after the election in many ways, angle americans shape german youth. they are minority voters. but in this state race could emerge crucial to ever reaches the finishing line. first, the meat and dizzy were cologne. germany fell ahead on al jazeera
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families and morning and ne in india, where the initial being accused of killing 2 men during 4th evictions. a smelly 1st found beloved in asia. now scientists have found a way to make it out to shall ah, hello hope your weekends go. and while we do have its iconic storm in the bay had been gall shift in toward the west slamming into the indian state of o dish. oh, there is a red weather alert in play here to see upwards of 200 millimeters of rain. give you a wider look at the india right now, because toward the northwest, good tourette's were also seen some heavy falls, but signs at the southwest monsoon is starting to retreats from being further toward the south, which is what we would expect to see for the some of the year, after se, asia, there has been some land slides on through the ways the but we're starting to see
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the rain dial back a bit on sunday. heavier falls, however, it's still in and around the dang, soaking conditions for indo china. we've had a tropical disturbance roll through hanoi, picking up about a 100 millimeters of rain over the past 24 hours. and look at this disturbance settling in western thailand and myanmar where we could see upwards of 200 millimeters of rain typhoon mid to late here out toward the pacific. not looking to impact southern japan until next week, early october. but for now we do have some hefty rain across the yellow river valley, settling into the yellow sea. and here's an update on japan right now. some bursts of rain. expect it for parts of honju support. oh, looks good with a high of 22 degrees. that's it for me. see you soon. ah, the on air or online, be part of the debate or pacific people, the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the. when know how
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big it off the table it says shoot inside atmosphere. people are demoralized, they're exhausted, and many health care workers are experiencing p t f d like symptoms jump into this dream and julian global community. if you're online on youtube right now, you can be part of this conversation as well. this stream announces era ah, the me watching out as a reminder, our top story is our major security operation is underway and i've got the stones eastern city of july, the bud. any people have been arrested. the bracing operation comes off the series
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of eiffel attacks in the area. you can 80 and you've been detained in china for nearly 3 years. have arrived home. michael and michael favor were met by the canadian prime minister just intruder often not in calgary. and these are related picks. now showing main one you the how, how way executive it been on the house arrest in canada. she has just arrived back in the chinese authorities on la palmer, the canary islands are warning more homes could be destroyed as lava from the volcanic eruption spreads further on. the government is expected to declare the site. a catastrophe allowing emergency funds to re house the 6000 people have been displaced. airlines have council slides for a 2nd day nicholas pack has the latest from the palmer. the situation here has
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become more unstable, more violent and look right behind me compared to when we last spoke yesterday. the crater has gotten bigger. not only that, there are other crater formations around 4 in total spurting out lava. and so that has force the authorities that was, that were really taken by surprise by yesterday's big explosion. the creation of the 2nd creator that, that created a sonic boom. we felt that the winters, the windows in buildings kind of shook well, that force the authorities here to evacuate the people on the ground. and even as we down here at this location may also be evacuated. we simply don't know how this volcano is what, what, how it's going to react and what are the next step that's going to occur? what's clear is that the smoke that's coming out for kilometers high up into the sky has grounded all the planes on the ground. it says this,
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it's pulling this earth. this volcanic earth up the ground has raised by a few centimeters since the erupt. and on sunday, now, while this is called old, we're her old summit, it's anything but old. it's a 120000 years old in terms of geo allowed geological aspect. it's a young piece of earth and there's still a lot of moving the, there's these primers that are happening that we can barely feel that really shows the geologist and the scientists on the ground seem to think that there is going to be more options. more volcanic activity around the president polka, gama says his troops cannot remain in northern mozambique forever. he made the comments while on a visit to moses. i'm big, cowboy delgado province. were london troops have been helping local forces fight back armed groups. a 1000 soldiers were deployed into the region in july the divided island of cyprus is under the spotlight of the un general assembly. the
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invasion by turkish troops in 1974 partition. the od in between the un recognize greek separate republic of cyprus on the self declared cash republic of northern cyprus. repeated attempts at negotiations have failed. but on monday, the un sexy general is holding talks with leaders from both sides not cannot reports from the un. one of the world's longest standing conflicts flared up once again in the united nations. it was the turn of the president of the republic of cyprus at the lectern, and he lashed out at turkey's insistence on a 2 state solution in cyprus. but i cannot believe, i'm not just the absurdity of attack rhetoric, which lice in that claim about the air force for a compromise have been exhausted. earlier in the week,
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the turkish president had addressed the general assembly, the conflict. we hope that the problems regarding maritime boundary, the limitation will be resolved within the framework of international law and good neighborly relations. these words incense, the president of the republic of cyprus, present also spoke of the neat or maintaining good may part of the relations. and i won't get the game which country had invaded and to date still occupy cypress. the greek cypriot side insists the solution lies in one island, one government, the turkish cypriot, run side. envision some kind of 2 state solution and insist that can be no negotiation unless there is recognition of the turkish entity. but what could be a subtle shift? the turkish leader in northern cyprus told to 0 that at this stage there is no
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longer an insistence on formal recognition through the un. rather a more informal acknowledgement of the facts on the ground. just to clarify, you saying that that doesn't need to be formal recognition through the us that you would be prepared to accept a statement of recognition. i'm saying is that the person who formerly negotiate this up to a successful says and then i want the acceptance or reaffirmation of my poet and equality. and therefore, international call state is the president of the republic of cyprus and the leader of the self declared republic of north cyprus, held talks in april in geneva. as in so many previous rounds, they ended in failure. we'll be having lunch with the secretary general antonio terrace on monday. but all parties are quick to stipulate that this is an informal event and didn't know way signifies a beginning of
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a new round up negotiation. cypress remains divided by a green line, monitored by us forces, and up to nearly half a century, the line appears no less permanent. my kind of audience era united nations of this week's un general assembly that a mirror of cats are emphasized the importance of the international community continuing to support guns. for 2 weeks conference house, more than 60000 evacuees from campbell most have now been moved to a 3rd country, but hundreds remain. jennifer brag went to housing complex to see how the local community is helping. as the sunsets in doha evening, activities begin to night. it's a production put on by actors from the cut, our national theater, which is this is just one of many ways volunteers and organizations are helping to maintain a positive atmosphere for those evacuated from cobble the community response to
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help those who come from afghanistan has been overwhelming, whether it's donations collected privately through social media or n g o and charities, who are working with afghan adults and children to help them adjust to their new life. hundreds of people have come together here in katara. this compound was built for the fee for world cup in 2022. but now it's filled with afghan children and adults volunteers and visitors, and has the feel of a neighborhood. some children here are unaccompanied, so their identities must be protected. but even though they're on their own, it doesn't stop them from connecting with others through sport and other activities . yeah, you're going to take her in apartment one 09 volunteers are helping children with arts and crafts. art therapy is one of the strategies that's helping them cope with their changing circumstances. it gives you something to do and you can kind of have
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a conversation around that. the goal is much more that base that need for safety belonging trust, those types of things, not dealing with specific, unique stories of trauma that the children have had. student volunteers also come in and out of the compound to play with the kids or just talk to them. her sina is one of them. she's a british afghan, national and a 2nd year student at northwestern university. and doha, we talk about, you know, family, what's happening there. many of them are concerned for their own well being, the welding of their families. and you know, speaking and push dog, i have that instant connection with them. and for them that's like a quick sense of relief. you know, because you're speaking from heart to heart there for his siena. this is personal. her parents left afghanistan during the soviet invasion in the 1980s. her family is
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proud of the work she's doing here. as a british afghan, carried up privilege on my shoulders and as an african in general, i understand what these people are going through. so it's important for me to help out the public's response over the past 2 weeks has been generous. n g o, like the cut her foundation, say there's more than enough to go around there right now, we're just focusing on how to ensure that the current children and families who are still remaining and the compounds are going through an experience that would probably allow them to overcome the trauma that they're going from leaving the country. not everyone knows how long they'll be here or where they'll go next. and while they wait to find out their next destination for now, cutter is their home. jennifer brag, al jazeera doha. the government in the northeast and indian state of som has ordered an inquiry on 2 police killed, 2 men during a 4th eviction on thursday. the local administration says it was clearing the area
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of what it called legal encourages, after opposition parties and activists say all the evictions targeting muslims, catello has heard a young has more in the story. this village community in the north eastern indian state of a psalm says it's been under attack on thursday. police on homes, ordering hundreds of mostly muslim families to leave this viral video that's a wider range. it shows a man running towards police holding a stick. he was shot beaten, and later died. his brothers, as he was trying to descend his home. instead of hanging out, they were demolishing our houses. the police were shooting people were dying. that's why my brother went out with the bamboo stick. he wasn't alone. the other village and when he went out holding the stick, he was shot and showed the police shot the army shot. even if it's hard for me, they hit him. they kept hitting him even after he was dead. i. 6 6 police say they
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evicted at least 800 households and demolish for religious buildings just the past week. a local spokesman for the ruling, but a t john at a party says police had no choice but to protect themselves while doing their jobs . but they are looking into what happened. they've attached the police all the 200 people or the police wasn't there. so it was obvious for self protection at 1st deep fired for give, then blank, then bidding it after discussion. i mean, so i really, when they all, most effect and about to killer police personally opposition parties and human rights activists accused the hindu nationalist party b. j. piece of targeting muslim, it has long promise to rid of farm of what it regards as illegal immigrants from neighboring bangladesh. but many of them here say they are indian citizens who are
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internally displaced. it could happen if the government going to kill us think this should just kill us. we really need to move to homes or mosques. we are very said to them, not humans, thousands of people loser homes and psalms anyway, mom from flooding. got they've got a government in the office to shift to the other side of the river, but the flood 5 meters high. the we will have to seem to get, are we not citizen, if we're not than the coverage to threaten by weather and addiction? many say they don't have anywhere else to go. carty a little bit of a young al jazeera. now dorian is a fruits with a strong smell, but it's loved by many in se, asia, our team of scientists and singapore is finding new ways to make use of it. to tackle food waste by turning the husks of the fruits into bandages that they say are cheaper to produce and buy degradable florence leary has more in the story.
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in se, asia, it's known as the king of fruits. the julian distinctive in appearance encased is very popular in this part of the world. the thorny hust comprised more than half of the fruit and are usually thrown away, creating environmental waste. now, scientists in singapore have found a way to turn them into something useful. bandages, we had a lot of cellulose, a stress in technology to sort of take the center, those out of these 2 and a half. and then convert them into anti michael buell hydrogen piece bandages for me to call p cases. the husks a sliced freeze dried and ground into powder from which cellulose is extracted glycerol. a waste by product of biodiesel is added and turns the mixture into a soft hydro out was the hydro is solidified. we just need to take it out from the
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malls. these molecules are added to make the jo and he microbial amenities of these hydrogen base. bandages he said is moist. so deal with the prevent the wound, phone phone on drying up research a say using waste materials and makes production cheaper than that of conventional bandages. the technology can also be used on other raw materials. the team now hopes to commercialize the bandages and scale up production. so turning food waste into something useful can become widespread. florence li, algebra. ah, this is al jazeera, these top stories, a major taliban security operation is on the way in the eastern afghan city of july . about many people have been arrested. it comes off the series of attacks claimed
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by enough guns don't. the chief spokesmen for the taliban says it's a continuation of that security operation against iso in the capital.


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