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i'm afraid to do any reporting from review. if you're going to try protecting biodiversity pro defending themselves against the legal invaders. brian, on the news. molly's prime minister says he's country feels abandoned by departing french truth, as russia defend most, and marines getting involved. the hello, i'm emily angland. this is al jazeera live from joe. how are coming up? a major security operation in eastern afghanistan, the taliban. dozens of iso link fine to campaigning over and poll just hours away from opening, in what's being described as germany's closes election right in decade. and these
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a live pictures, the rivers and molten lava flowing down the homeless. okay, now in the canary threatening and loss of reaction, in the same awe, molly's prime minister has accused france of abandoning his conflict own country, as most troops prepared to lave. speaking of the un general assembly ciocca. well, kyla, my eagle says he's government is justified in thinking of the pond is that's an apparent reference to a private russian military contractor, which has been linked to the kremlin from the un christian salumi. repub france 1st deployed some 5000 troops to northern molly in 2013 a mid worsening violence from armed groups to be able to check. now,
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as most french troops prepared to leave, molly's prime minister totally un general assembly. his country feels abandoned and needs to look elsewhere for help with the security liability near the last and the button. the new situation resulting from the end of operation bar cane puts molly before a fait accompli abandoning us mid flight to a certain extent. and it leads us to explore pathways and means to better ensure our security, autonomously, or with other partners. so as to fill the gap, which will certainly result from the withdrawal of bar kane, in the north of the country. but can and with anti western sentiment on the rise in molly, a shift is emerging away from france towards russia. its foreign ministers target law rob confirmed molly had requested the assistance of a russian military contractor, but didn't mention the wagner group by name. he said it had nothing to do with his government, but it will still that he's wrong. that's because it's there combating terrorism
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incidentally. and they've turned to a private military company from russia and the connection with the fact that as i understand friends wants to significantly draw down its military component, which was present. and as everyone understood, so you should have been combating terrorists who established a presence in dallas, but they didn't manage to do that from libya to the central african republic. the west has accused wagner of meddling and conflict zones on moscow's behalf. and allegation russia denies. but the european union has worn such a move, and molly would cross a red line and threaten relations with the west african nation. these latest maneuvers add to the tensions in a country where the united nation has more than 13000 piece capers. and the security council has been pushing for elections since the military took over in a qu last year. kristen salumi al jazeera, the united nations sources in yemen have told al jazeera who the rebels have hit
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a neighborhood in marine with a missile and drawing, causing a number of casualties. fighting has been intensifying for control of a cd, which is the government's last northern strong hold control of the oil rich region could strengthen the refuse position in any future pace tools. the taliban says it's rounded up dozens of find his linked to. i saw it spokesman told al jazeera, the detentions are part of a major security operation in the eastern, the african city of july, after several attacks. hashem, how barbara reports from cobble. this is a few moments after roadside bomb went off in july about one of the many attacks that have targeted the city. and the last week mostly carried by i said enough god, his son, the arms grew known as islamic state of haul. our son is a regional affiliate of ice whole. our son is the historical term for the region
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that includes more than de of gun is done. it was behind the attack at fort last month, which kills a $170.00 people, including 13 us troops established into a $1015.00. the group considers the taliban its enemy and has vowed to spread its own ideology for the whole law, which i hate the taliban spokesman. it's just a matter of time before i said enough god is done is defeated or daisha. when we took over the country last month, the meisel, k operatives moved to cobble angela battle. we launched an operation in cargo an arrest. the many. another operation is underway, angela bad were hunting down. those who are so in kayla. and those who are behind the recent blog of course doesn't say leaky on the streets of capital. taliban
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fighters have established checkpoints, the searching for suspects the group praises itself for restoring stability across the country. it's fighters. i don't alert to prevent any blast or suicide bomb attack in the capitol. last year. the taliban agreed indo how to prevent our groups from using of god is done as a base. now the us and others in the international community want the taliban to deliver on a promise. more and fight is affiliated with al qaeda left afghanistan. we don't see them here anymore. but as far as i sort of concerned, it's fighters are mainly africans. we embraced a radical ideology. we're doing our best to stop them. clamping down on al qaeda and i feel good pays away for international recognition for taliban and convince the biden administration to freeze billions of dollars in afghan was
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held in the us. but taliban is under mounting pressure to restore stability and security. but the attack, the injured out about raise many questions about whether it's the, the with able to push back against ice and i'm going to after the 8th and i've got these arms rules remain. washington's biggest concern also is true. pulled out last month has about about i'll just the ra, capital, russian foreign minister. so gay leverage has criticized what he describes is a hasty withdrawal of us troops from afghanistan, saying it had been carried out without thinking about the consequences. he also said it's important. the taliban case promises its mate sung secretary, but the lib vision the new. so those sanctions that have been imposed on the taliban have loopholes 1st and foremost exemption. so there will be a dialogue when possible. so that means that the security council recognizes the taliban as an integral part of african society. so of course,
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we will encourage those who have taken power now in cobble after the flight of foreign contingents for them to behave in a civilized manner. and our diplomatic editor james base was in that briefing and says russia like other powers is worried about the chemist on the path ahead. well, every time that he comes to the un, every year he gives this very wide ranging news conference. it lasted almost 90 minutes discussing all sorts of issues all around the world. but clearly the focus of attention was on afghanistan. and the russian position clearly seems to be for now that they're going to be patient and they're going to judge the taliban by the actions. he agrees that there is a real risk of an economic collapse in afghanistan, and he says, consideration should be given to and freezing some of the international assets. but he says that for now, russia is not going to recognize the taliban. that's not on the table right. now and also with regard to the sanctions living, imposed by the un security council,
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he says there's going to be no meeting of the security council to consider lifting those sanctions. he said that thought needed for now, because already there exemptions that will put in place the time when the talk started. indo ma'am all there have been protests in new york across the street from the united nations against the taliban takeover of afghan. this done, the protest is concerned about how the new government will trade ask and women, given its hotline rule between 1996 in 2001. the taliban claims will respect the women's rights with fame and islamic framework, which if so far not defined, they should be your image and has been on the people that have not been elected by the african people pose in japanese election open in 3 hours time with voters selecting a new leader to succeed angler merkel was stepping down after 16 years as chancellor. the election ease the closest in more than 70 years. with the social
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democrats strongly challenging miracles, conservatives. step batson reports from puts them just a week ago, paul showed the santa left candidate all of shawls, could easily become the next chancellor. his espy, the party, germany, social democrats, with comfort to be in the lead. but the race has tightened. shoals is the finance minister. i'm glad merkel fight chancellor. if you would come the chancellor. how are you going to convince the world and europe that you can fill the medical large shoes? germany is a big country in europe and the biggest cost for all of us will be that we work very hard to get a sovereign european union. and this is why i am very much supporting the transatlantic partnership. and i would very much move very much that we will be successful with the cooperation in nato because it will be him someone our be for over here in germany. it's the new child. why the survey have
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adjusted the majority of miss america. i was 16 years as a channel ability, an experience to bring stability in europe. and here in germany, like last year and i brought all the law to didn't. mocha mostly stayed out of the campaign, but in the last week she's been out campaigning for lunch at the prime minister of north west valia and candidate of a center. right? christian democrats. and i mean that's it. i'm unless it is a bridge builder who takes people along with him and that's what he's shown throughout his political life, that he can do it. not just the radically, but with passion and heart lash at needs medical help. his phone numbers dropped dramatically after he was seen laughing during the speech of the flood, killed nearly 200 people last july. lasha has been warning of a swing to the left shoulder when they are cons. i said, i'm best who can do that the best. and i'll tell you straight up,
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does anyone believe that the red, red green coalition will be able to do that? well, that was about 23 people who believe that the rest of the germans don't believe that the pool say that germany's political landscape is likely be a lot more fragmented when all the foods accounted. if that happens, coalition negotiations could take weeks, even merkel in place as a caretaker. while sundays, when us negotiate the shape of germany's new government steadfast and al jazeera berlin, a chinese take executive has returned home nearly 3 years after she was detained in canada. while while chief financial officer among joe was grated by a large crowd in the shins in on saturday. mm. soon after her release to canadians were frayed from prisons in china. mung had been under house arrest while awaiting extradition to us for fraud that reached a deal with american prosecutors. each after more than 1000 days of suffering,
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i finally returned to my home country. the long wait and a foreign country with torture. but when i stepped on the steps and had my see on the ground, the warmth of the homeland filled me with excitement beyond was motherland. i am back. and canadian prime minister justin rideau met the true men who now being fraid from china as they landed in calgary michel coverage. and michael's favor were detained accused of espionage. not long after among one joe was arrested in canada coverage and fabulous arrests were widely labeled by western critics as host stage diplomacy. earlier this year, when monk extradition hearings began, there was concern that alleged political interference by then president donald trump could have resulted in the case being thrown out. she had were tansy explains from washington dc. don trump pretty explicitly said that this was as far as he was concerned, a political prosecution, that if china accepted a trade deal,
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that he would intervene in the case and that clearly was not doing. the prosecutors and the favor is also a lot of this hinges on the concept of us secondary sanctions. mon was dealing with hsbc and hong kong about a deal with chinese company and iran was just going to do with the u. s. it only has something to do with the us because the u. s. is in post secondary sanctions on companies dealing with around. but these a unilateral sanctions that basis an international norm, they have been tested in international law. these are united nations sanctions. so that was also, it's gonna be right, it's gonna be very tricky for them. i'm not underlying basis for this hasn't really been tested and there's a lot of legal expertise which, i mean, do you have has that power to intimidate other nations? but we're not sure about the legality to do have secondary sanctions in business deals will have nothing to do with it. and then of course, i will be entering going forward because hallway still faces 16 counts in the us.
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and that case is still moving forward. it'll be interesting to see how that goes, but that's what, so what we have right now there is that this deferred prosecution agreement in which monk does not plead guilty to any charges. but the dear j has presented a statement of facts, a 4 page statement of facts in which they state that contention not proven in court that mung, misled hsbc bank into being in to join the in the in a while. a deal with iran against us sanctions and mung is simply agreeing tacitly the but contention by the d. o. j is proven in court but accepts no guilt and that's, that's the end of it. and it seems very much like the d. j is rather pleased, this is now no longer all the docket. lays 3 people have been killed and trained around mentioned the us state of montana. many more people are engine. it happened in a remote part of the states as the amtrak train headed from chicago to seattle,
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at least for carriages came off. the track. still ahead on al jazeera will explore the possibility of a summit between the leaders of north and south korea and the painstaking work. it's trying to bring closure to families who lost loved ones in a decade long civil war. the hello there. you're headlines for the america right here. right now. we've got some wet weather coming across the sections of chile, but look at this. it's not going to make it into santiago, temperatures looking pretty good there. we do have cloud cover for bogus i high of 20 degrees. same goes for lea might 18 but or pulses of what weather moving into more central areas of brazil on sunday. here's the latest on hurricane sam. it is dane toward the east of the leeward islands. but we will continue to watch this one
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elsewhere for central america, some aggressive rain across nicaragua on sunday. also look at this pocket of rain over a guatemala. we'll consider watch that because that area has been a problem spot for some flooding. nice conditions across the u. s. galls states, new orleans, i think we've got you in for a high of 28 degrees and you'll certainly get there with that abundance of sunshine . lot of disturbed weather across the eastern parts of canada and the us sub tropical storm teresa meeting up with weather and look at this deluge. we're going to see over new brunswick flooding will be something we've got to watch for what weather pivots in to the south. coast of british columbia, affecting vancouver with the high of 17 degrees, and we do have some air quality alerts for southern portions of california on sunday. okay. i'm out of time soon. the teaching is you can watch the english streaming lied,
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and i get to channels plus thousands of our programs award winning documentaries. and you get to choose to scribe. you choose dot com. forward slash al jazeera english. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world and might have when you call home will be used in current affairs. that matter to you. oh, a hello you what you do? 0. i'm emily anglin, a reminder of our top stories. this, our, molly's prime minister has accused france of abandoning his country as most trips
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prepared to labor speaking at the un trouble. well, my, you get said he's government is justified in taking other partners, apparently, referencing a private russian military contractor. which i live on says it's rounded up, dozens of 5 is linked to i fill in afghanistan, eastern cd of july. the band. your ration comes after a series of i feel attacks in the area and at least 3 people have died after a passenger train. and riled in the us state of montana. it happened in a remote area, full carriages. people over the amtrak train was on his way from chicago to seattle, north korea. and i can see there is some with south career, according to young young state news agency, me. it quotes kim, jo, john, the sister of north korea laid them fishes. she suggested rather talks could happen if mutual respect was guaranteed. but added that this is her personal view. it was
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kimmy jo jones, 2nd statement in just 2 days. she earlier edge south korea to end its hostile policies after president moon jay, in cold for a declaration which would officially end the korean war. rub, mcbride joins us live now from south korean capital. so hello there, rob, how likely is his 2nd statement from kim jo jones going to result in positive talks between the north and south. it is certainly an interesting development and interesting overture from kimmie. jung does seem to be part of a building effort from the north, sincerely trying to restore relations. so it has been treated seriously here in a south korea. it follows on from similar statements she made a couple of days ago. now that was in response to this call from boone j in the president of south korea when he spoke of the un and suggested that with a formerly end, the korean war with the signing of the official peace settlement,
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the kimmy john said that that was an admirable idea and is now said gone further with his latest statement that after a couple of days of reflection, she says and considering what she says of the prevailing attitudes in the south, the relations could be restore to the point of which they could hold a summit. meeting again between the leaders of north and south. now she does add the caveat that the south koreans should and what she calls double standards when it comes to weapons testing. now this follows on from a day just over a week ago when within the space of a few hours, the militaries of the north and south both tested new types of ballistic missiles. now, when the north does that, that is rather be condemned by neighbors as being a provocative back that's in contravention of un resolutions at the south. defend its testing of weapons, saying that it's but defensive purposes, which seems to be accepted by the international community, which the north koreans always regard as somewhat hypocritical and ro,
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what's likely to be the reaction coming out of south korea to his statements. south koreans say that they are always committed to improving relations. moon jay, in the liberal precedent here, he's well into his last year in office and is made of the cornerstone of his presidency to improve the ties with the northwood. desperately like to see talks at resume, so they very much wanted get it back on track. the trick will be trying to give some sort of incentive to get the north koreans back to the negotiating table. because of course, south korea is restricted by any kind of economic aid or incentives by international sanctions. so it will have to try to find ways possibly with us diplomats and the bible administration has said that they are committed to following up on diplomacy with north korea. of finding some way may be through humanitarian aid, some way without lifting sanctions pressure,
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but will be enough to get the north koreans talking again. rob, thank you very much. rub mcbride day with the update from so at least 8 people have been killed and 9 others injured by a car bomb. in the somali capital, it happened near a security checkpoint question a president's residence in mogadishu. the target was a convoy heading into the palace. elisha bab, which wants to overthrow the government has said it was responsible in spain's canary islands. the volcanic eruption on the palm or eas, intensifying flights are grounded, and almost 7000 people have been forced to leave their homes. these alive pictures that were saying at the moment of the lava stealing out of that volcano, nicholas hoc reports from palm island in the village of tessa courting. from the ocean, it appears even more menacing. the evacuation cordon around the country via hovel county corruption in spain's la palmer island is widening extending to nautical
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miles into the sea. fishing boats are docked, bringing the port town to a standstill. fishermen, nicholas and whispered es is worried that a giant wave of law could submerge, does a court date. we are afraid, we don't know how things will evolve. there is such a reach really versity here, and he's a scary to see that they are. if i waited people in this area with at least 2 active craters, volcanic activity is intensifying. liquid lava is overflowing, and a cloud of ash, shooting 4 kilometers into the sky. grounding all commercial flights. more villages are being evacuated, putting spain coord eskoville on high alert from the coast. the volcano sounds like a huge crashing wave in with each explosions. at times comes a sonic boom. shaking windows. you can feel it in your body and soaking the wine
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lights in the ocean. the reception is reverberating into the ocean. sensing danger are rare, blue sharks and pilot whales. if the wind 1000 degrees celsius love continues its path to the cold atlantic ocean. scientists predict a thermal shock sending plumes of toxic chemicals into the air killing. many of the life beneath and its passivity, led to the lab. and we could see a delta of lava flowing into the ocean while it would cause an explosion in the short term. eventually, in the long term, it will bring you minerals into the ocean and bring button more biodiversity to move in. life. ignoring the possible dangerous tourists, flocked to the islands, attracted by the volcanic landscape. the unusually black sandy beaches are the result of previous eruptions. some on the island would refer to come to view as the sleeping beauty. now woke in it is showing its true nature,
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powerful and unpredictable. nicholas hawk al jazeera does a court date, la paloma spain, chronic fuel and food supply problems have for the u. k. government to make a u turn on post for exit, immigration policy. well then $10000.00 temporary word phases will be issued to trunk drivers and poultry workers to a severe shortages. the phases will run from next month until like december to cover the christmas periods. hundreds of protest is in surely have gathered to voice their anger against and documented migrants. demonstrators, the same setting, tens denied him belonging to the migraines on fire and local officials dispersed a camp on friday which housed mostly venezuelan migrants. they said it was a risk to public health rights group say more than $23000.00 undocumented migrants crossed over in the 1st half of this year alone. so you said that they flooded us
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with sick migraines. with ignorant haitians who also speak another language, charity begins at home with chile and who are unemployed without jobs. forensic experts in columbia are, if you mean it remains from hundreds of unidentified graves looking for people still listed as missing from the civil war. the work is renewing hope for people who've longed, full closure. alexandra ram, p a t t reports grave after grave. hundreds of an identified human remains are being catalogued by a forensic team at the cemetery in the riverside town of width. you can see there is an injury in the scale that could be the entrance point of a projectile. each bone in east of gloating its closely analyzed in search of people who went missing years ago in columbia civil conflict. the grave marked and n, or for no name, young boy must encounter r k b. and in this part, we are looking for particularities. for example,
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fire injuries or the way the buddies lay down, the bodies that have been thrown into the grave without any care faced down and their arms in weird positions or without close. this makes us suppose they are what we're looking for, especially if they're young, an estimated, 820000 people disappeared during nearly 60 years of fighting a national plan to dentist fi last victims. as part of the 2016 piece deal. i look, it's renewing hope for people like cross your battery or who steam each some vanish 2 decades ago. if you don't have it, you never lose hope. it's a wound that will never fully hill, but i'm hopeful that i will be able to see this is my son. i just asked god to give me the opportunity to give him a proper christian burial to know where he is resting. what the bit of you and it's cemetery have become emblematic of columbia search for it's disappeared until the
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mid to thousands. hundreds of an identified bodies floated here on the mac. the lena river locals perform burials for the unknown victims in time. a call to developed around the nameless that with people adopting some of the remains. first marking the grave as a school kita or chosen offering them flowers or decorating the graves in exchange for favors somewhere even given new names. and this has helped preserving many of the remains of wood otherwise and in mass graves. my dear li, the adopted one of them. she renamed her mother, los angeles and revered her. she believed she helped her daughter find the job among other favors. so she bought the body and knew grave just to be content that it's hard for me to let her go. but i am happy if she can be delivered to her real family. and i hope they will call me to thank me for taking care of her line of 68
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bodies. the possible victims have been recovered so far in the cemetery alone, up to 500 could be here. it will be an arduous task to finally reunite the living with their dead. alexander and the al jazeera with w. ah, hello, i'm emily ang, with the headlines on al jazeera wiley's prime minister, has accused france of abandoning his country, as most troops prepared to lay with speaking of the un chug, well cook island. my ego said he government is justified in seeking other partners, referencing a private russian military contract, malignant pensive to construct molly regrets for the principle of consultation and concentration, which should be the rule between privilege partners. it was not observed before the french government's decision. the new situation was.


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