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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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the tribe, protected by diversity, defending themselves against the legal invaders. bride on al jazeera. mm morning, allow government al jazeera where ever, you know, i thousands are on the streets. a chin is demonstrating for and against the president's moves to consolidate power. ah, 11 o'clock, this is our life and also coming up, funerals are held in the occupied west bank of to 5 palestinians,
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killed and raised by israeli forces demonstrated in east and sudan block oil pipelines and protest against government. peace deal with rebels and the leader of germany's christian democrats, whose cost is pilots and $1.00 of the most competitive elections to replace the market. ah, so thousands of people are protesting against that units in president, in the capital. supporters of case said, are also on the streets of tunis. on wednesday he announced he would rule by decree and ignore parts of the constitution. his lexia brian, under a heavy police presence, crowd gathered on the tune as in capitals main boulevard to protest against the president. the anger has been growing since july, when chi said suspended parliament and said to the prime minister, 2 months on, they still know policy. no prime minister and people here say no plan to improve
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their lives. but when you know me, when i was, but he's acting like he is the son that is rising on the country. the general prosecutor, the president, the parliament, the government, he's acting like he is everything. that's an issue to people and it's movement. don't want play site. president side says his actions were needed to address economic stagnation and a poor response to the corona virus. his critics are calling it a coo and cy. he tightened his grip on power on wednesday, announcing hid rule by decree and ignore parts of the constitution. but that constitution was a hard forward product. at the 2011 revolution that triggered the so called arab spring, protest is say, the president who is a constitutional law professor is endangering the progress, has been made, calling his actions at the trial of democracy. we need to go back to because the tuition you need to go back to the flow, we are
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a democracy and nobody has the right to break the 60 days june. as he, his largest political party enact is facing a crisis of its own over a 100 party officials announced today resignation on saturday, accusing its leadership of failing to counter side's actions. it's quite clear that can easy, but up will be what it's going to lead or what it's going to be or the gothic, let's say $42.00 parties after 10 years of 40 there. and i think that this, we again may be more and more support before the test, depending on the kind of situation in the upcoming few weeks or months. local and international human rights groups have condemned sides actions warning of a slight towards authoritarianism. but they've also been demonstrations in support of the president chi side has promised to uphold people friday. but there are still
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fears here of a return to absolute one man rule. lexi o'brien al jazeera. it's me now to jamal a shell who's visit the region many times reported from the road to what degree could this spar, what kind of momentum could develop? why has the potential becoming another major turning point in? can you just pulse or more than 20 path towards some sort of democracy? obviously it's been a 10 year path that's gone on. if we look at the significant steps in the pop up, if you're over throwing the regime banal event introducing the constitution, which was maybe the peak of the cruelty to can you democratic trinity that we saw. and then as the economy failed to revive itself, fast forward to the issues that were taking place in libya, spelling over into to men, cove, it and so forth. people became more frustrated with not being able to live properly and lost the sense of importance with regards to governance and that path towards democracy. and that's what
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a site built his decisions on. he built it on the frustration of the people had and he said, you know, his decisions on july 25th, 2 concentrate power to suspend parliaments were being done in order to improve people's lives. now true and a bit months on no parliament, no independence. judiciary is concentrated all the power in his hands, essentially got rid of the constitution. we're seeing people realize the us think here is far greater. and that's why these protests are so significant because they've been increasing in size and in their volume, so to speak over the past few days. and now we're getting other comments coming in . now the political fizz making mentioned was indeed, i mean this is something that's very important because in the beginning of this place, i try to present this as a conflict between him as the president and not the party, which was the largest political party and whose leader was the head of the speaker of the parliament. now we have the head of the republican party coming in saying that this decisions were cool. but he is now essentially on
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a puff of confrontation and clash with the will of the people. i'm not lamenting him, essentially, for refusing the calls by different political parties of the trade unions to have some sort of a national dialogue. and this is why coming back to the 1st point. there is great potential in this being transformative because the more diverse, the voices are the participate in these protests. the more becomes about the system of governance about freedom, about fluid ism rather than it becoming about a political program per se, or an individual. what we're missing here in terms of elements is there isn't a real figure head meeting your position, number one, number 2, the regional international role is still not clear. and then finally, very importantly, the role of the security forces, the military police, that is still something that appears to be, i'm bigger, right? there are those, of course that support. so you don't there and he would say himself and his actions
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were necessary given the state of the country at the time. for sure there is. but there's 2 things to brand mind. obviously he came about to free and fair elections . so he does have a support base. that being said, prior to those elections, i saw you'd with an unknown entity. he wasn't somebody who was a barometer political party. he was not, for example, of a trade union. he was a university professor. so his support base isn't one that deeply entrenched, it's not my me, it's for him as a, as a figure number one, number to the support that he has a large part of it was more protest vote against the status quo than it was in favor of whatever political agenda he's had, a number 3. those 3 supports with him. we've seen on the streets. a lot of people said we supported the measures. he took control of the 25th, but so now he hasn't given a roadmap. he hasn't said when the emergency excessive power measures that he's taking will come to an end when the parliament will be reinstalled and that unknown kind of elements of things is what's worrying people,
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particularly those who your memory isn't about short. they still remember living under an authoritarian one man rule of an idea and therefore his support is dwindling from that respect. sounds like and crucial as a heads up. thanks. thank you to the occupied west point now where a funeral has taken place. one to 5 palestinians killed by is ready forces. yeah. the bodies of before others are being withheld by israeli authorities. troops storm several villages in geneva, romanella early in the morning surrounding houses and opening fire. israel says that soldiers rated the villages tourists, what they call home as operators. did it ever, him has more now from algebra in the occupied was back. what happened early on sunday that these really forces have rated 5 different villages in the occupied west bank, including here in the maybe they've killed 5 palestinians all in all. and 3 of them were here and look, maybe we went to see the house where these palestinians were hiding in. and we've
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seen the remains the belongings of those palestinians. of course their bodies were in there because they were according to witnesses, left to bleed to death. fit then were taken by the israeli forces. these 3 people are from hamas and the party has more their death calling for more resistance against the occupation. and one of them is the head on who has been on the run for weeks. israeli forces has tried to arrest him and his house when they couldn't. they understood his wife and parts and other members of his family as a way to force him to surrender. of course, did it. this didn't happen. and it ended today with his that now also in g mean to palestinians were killed and according to the palestinian health ministry, one of them was a 22 year old. and the other was a 16 year old. now, 4 of those bodies that were killed of the 5 today are still with these really
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forces, but one of them, the 22 year old has been laid to rest in jeannie and in a funeral that we've also seen his fiance crying. she was, they were supposed to get married next month. the father said that he just celebrated his birthday yesterday. so it is a very tense situation here in the occupied westbank in many palestinians are saying that this is part of the price and the pain there. and during, under these radio occupation, well, israel has released a prominent palestinian politician after 2 years in detention highly. the jara was arrested in 2019, during an overnight raid on her home. she was accused of inciting violence and belonging to a band organisation. in july, she was refused permission to attend the funeral of her daughter. jerome was released at the selim check point. you need demonstrate his in sudan blood to oil pipelines and protests against a peace deal with rebel groups toughening in the eastern city of port sudan. the ministry of energy says there are enough oil reserves to last up to 10 days law. so
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take several rebel group, signed a piece, deal with students, transitional government, but protest is from the back to tribe. so the agreement ignores their interests. so don's government is warning the disruption could cause huge financial losses. that's because port sudan is it countries main? c, port and vital for the economy. one of the blogs pipelines brings in crude oil to the capital of called team. the other transports oil exports from neighboring cells to done, which produces 162000 barrels a day. the oil is brought to port sudan and then ship to global market. cartoon government receives around $25.00 for every barrel of oil sold from sales, who done it, but morgan has more now from cost to and all goes back to october, 2020, which is about a year ago when a group of opposition, an armed group signed a peace agreement with the sudanese government after months of negotiations. now the b to tribe is one of the main tribe that is counting ethan sedan and they have
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rejected this piece agreement saying that it is not representative. and as does not address the root causes of marginalization and of under development in the eastern region. now it's worth noting that there are b to cries or beecher groups that did find an agreement with the food in the transitional government. but those currently blocking the roads and highways leading to the recipes, they say that the group that signed an agreement with the transitional government does not represent them. so there's an issue of who exactly represents the tribe right now. the be just a group of elders or the council of the elders have loved the main road that leads to the rest the states as well as the road that leads to the main ports blocking that course effectively on, on, on saturday they also blocked the pipelines causing economic disruption. now this is something that has caused so much concern that members of the sovereignty council and the executive council here in the transitional government have flown to the, to, to the rest, the state capital of ports down to try to negotiate with the processors to open the
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road that need for the state, but also to open the airports as well as the ports to make sure that the operation and the economic activities continue to make sure that the country that is suffering from an economic crisis does not suffer further. i still ahead here and there a river of melting lovers, still flowing and palm, and the canary threatening and explosive reaction and see and 1st in europe, iceland. electra parliament, where a majority of members are women. ah hello, good to see you right off the bat. we've had this iconic storm slam into the indian states of o disha and under pradesh for press play, see where it goes. it moves toward the west, but right now i want to zoom out, give you a wider look because we do have red weather alerts in play for chinese scar and
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taylor gonna, we could see upwards of about 200 millimeters of rain here. heavy falls across the west coast of india in particular for careless states, next se, asia, thunderstorms on the menu here, call them poor singapore and some jolts and bolts for jakarta. with a high of 33 degrees. you know, in the philippine see we've got typhoon linda lay spinning around here. it could strengthen into the equivalent of a category 5 hurricane. it's keeping its distance from the philippines, but dry and in some of that moister. and all of the conditions will be perfect to see the intensification. it's looking to target southern areas of japan by later this week toward the north, we've got a run of rain for the yellow river valley, just west of jung. joe, there's been delayed now as it creeps closer to japan, but for now, here's what's going on in japan. we've got this onshore wind and some showers, so that's pressing down the temperature and tokyo to a high 25 degrees, sunshine and soccer. at 29, that's it for me. see you soon. the
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news when freedom of the press is under threat in oh, you just because i thought, genuinely about your thought toward the government step outside the mainstream. there has been a implement here some of access points, the introduction shift, the focus, the pandemic. this turned out to be a handy little pretext for the prime minister to clamp down on the press covering the waves. the news is covered for listening post on a oh the me
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again, what you know is there a reminder about top stories this thousands of people are protesting against the chiles in president, in the capital tunis, supporters of ty said are also on the streets a wednesday he announced he would rule by decree the pewter of it's taking place or want to fight palestinians killed by israeli forces bodies of for others, a be withheld. israel says it's still just carried out rates to detain high mass offered to down. government won't have huge financial losses. also, protest is brought to oil pipelines in the main seaport, rally gates a piece, deal with rebel groups which they say discriminate against the a growing fuel and food supply problem. so for the u. k. government to make a u turn on pace friction immigration policy will in 10000 temporary work visas will be issued to truck drivers and poultry workers to e, severe shortages. the reason will run from next month until late december to cover the christmas period. starting baba has more now from london. the transport
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circuitry gone shops has been conducting media interviews, saying that if people around britain behave normally, as he puts it, then there will be no problem insisting that there is no shortage of petrol in the country. but that doesn't tell you the whole story because many people a turning up at petrol stations and finding that the pumps are actually off. although there's nothing for them. there have been cues around the country of drivers right down the road trying to get into petrol station. so some people are calling it panic volume. it's not clear how many people are just turning up to do that normal filling out the car for the next few weeks, very clearly is a problem in distribution. and it's the same story with some goods going into supermarkets at the heart of it is a shortage of h g v. have a good vehicle drivers. the government's now thing is going to use military trainers to train up around $4000.00 people in
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a hurry says that the coverage pandemic lead to testing having to be halted. but there is a, an underlying problem which goes back to breakfast because the shortage is estimated at 100000 drivers in the u. k. that includes tens of thousands of drivers from an e u. member states. you've either gone back home or gone to work. busy in other countries in the last few years that have been warnings going back months, if not years about the labor shortage. and in the last few months there have been warnings about those food stuffs and other goods, not being able to get into british supermarkets voting underway. in germany to decide who will succeed chancellor, anglo merkel, after 16 years in office, more than 60000000 headed to the polls up to 3000000 voting for the 1st time, or the major party candidates of cost. vote in what is the most competitive parliamentary election in years. but as hammett has more now from this old off. and one of the top of the agenda is climate change. and what to do with
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that across the board, germans do want all parties to do more when it comes to that more when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. and then there is the panoramic actually, if you look just behind me in the courtyard of the school, that is a pulling station where there is a truck. and voters today can come here with 2 cards. one the health card to get a vaccine. and then they can continue and go inside the school to cast their battle and now they're voting that they're going to have to both one as the national national, the federal level rather. and then one at the state level. so you do, you have, it's happened in apartment 2017. you had a good numbers of voters who voted in 2 different directions. and these 2 ballads because the concerns could be different. but climate change is one that unified
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many german social justice is another one specially among youth. and then you have the issue that the elderly are looking for. and those issues are very important simply because the elderly we're present the majority when it comes to the number of voters more than 40 percent above the age of 60. so they are very important and they're looking at issues search of their pension. so you do have a variety of issues, but i think what must this, could this election different than the previous one is the, is really the prominence that the climate crisis has. they can and has been basically taken on board by all the candidates. that is something they could not ignore any more, especially after the floods in summer. iceland has become the 1st country in europe to have more women than men in parliament. those is elected 33 female empties out of 63 seats. follows a general election where the routing left right coalition increases majority left
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green lead to country in yucca was at dock here remains prime minister to funny. oscars dot is an associate professor in the faculty of political science at the university of iceland. and she says equality between men and women in nice land it politics. it's been a long process. it's taking a lot of a decade, but slowly, but surely we have made this far. and by now, it's only recognize that successful country needs to enhance a lift up. i mean, what kinds of people, women and men from us and also my social context. i mean, the infrastructure come to what makes it possible for women to, to, to, to, to lease or have success in the workplace, etc. but the ocean is do play plus education women last year was reading chinese thing for iceland, because it depends on what's on tourism. so we have 2nd was recession here, when the economy retracted by from 6162,
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we can start. so up and up again, this summer and spring, we either experts, exports have been doing well. the economy has started to grow very rapidly, so it's not projected, but we will have it going on the growth this year, which is a good thing. but there are many challenges i had apprentice how to sort of push into the green economy. not everyone is talking about and the usa seal initiative, et cetera. these are important issues explains canary islands of volcanic eruption on la palmers. continuing to destroy property, these a life pitches and extraordinary scenes. the lava erupt. thing from the volcano, flights that grounded and almost 7000 people to be forced to leave their homes. the government has promised aid to those effected it was hack has more now from
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republic. the crater on one side is throwing up gases for kilometers up into the air and mixture of, of oxygen, but also sulfur dioxide. the level is not threatening to human. that's what vulcan ologist are saying. but there's quite a lot of, of, of stuff going up into the air, and that's causing 4 flights to be grounded and for people to be locked onto the island. at the same time it fresh lava flowing out. and the danger with this 2nd crater is that it's flowing on top of the existing love. that was, that was spewed out last sunday and it's accelerating this process of this flow of love, a river of love, a going into the ocean yesterday with going at the rate of 4 meters, an hour. now it's 30 to 40 meters an hour and you'll take another kilometer before it reaches the ocean. what would happen? there is thermal shock. imagine this lava at the temperature of
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a 1000 degrees celsius, hitting this ocean around 14 degrees. there's fear that would be even more toxic gas emitted. and what we've noticed in the last few days is of course as she longest cloud of provoking a micro climate in the afternoon. there's rainfall, what feels like a rainfall of ash and, and there's a blanket of ash covering this city. it's as if it's slowly being buried by this, by the thick molly's prime minister was accused france were binding his country as most french streets prepared to leave speaking the general assembly showed well a coat color. megan said his government is justified in seeking other partners. kristen salumi reports from the us. france 1st deployed some 5000 troops to northern molly in 2013 a mid worsening violence from armed groups to be able to check. now, as most french troops prepared to leave,
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molly's prime minister told the un general assembly, his country feels abandoned and needs to look elsewhere for help with the security . liability does need to send you back on the new situation resulting from the end of operation bar cane puts molly before a fait accompli abandoning us mid flight to a certain extent. and it leads us to explore pathways and means to better ensure our security, autonomously, or with other partners. so as to fill the gap, which will certainly result from the withdrawal of bar kane, in the north of the country. but and with anti western sentiment on the rise in molly, a shift is emerging away from france towards russia. its foreign minister survey law rob confirmed molly had requested the assistance of a russian military contractor, but didn't mention the wagner group by name. he said it had nothing to do with his government, but it was still that he's wrong. that's because it's there combating terrorism incidentally. and they've turned to a private military company from russia and the connection with the fact that as i
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understand friends wants to significantly draw down its military component, which was present. and as everyone understood, so you should have been combating terrorists who established a presence in dallas, but they didn't manage to do that from libya to the central african republic. the west has accused wagner of meddling and conflict zones on moscow's behalf. and allegation russia denies. but the european union has worn such a move, and molly would cross a red line and threaten relations with the west african nation. these latest maneuvers add to the tensions in a country where the united nation has more than 13000 piece capers. and the security council has been pushing for elections since the military took over in a qu last year. christian salumi al jazeera, the united nation. it has been 7 years since the abduction of 43 students in the mexican state, guerrero, or them presents have been killed. but any,
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some bodies have been found. case spart movement that continues to demand justice, accountability, and government action menorah. pella reports now from mexico city. it's one of the most emblematic missing persons cases in modern mexican history. the forced abduction and disappearance of 43 students from the you'll see now a teacher's college on september 26, 2014. some but not all remains have been found. all 43 are presumed to have been killed in the weeks and months following the student's disappearance. the calls for justice from family members and survivors who managed to escape grew into a nationwide movement and mexico. right? yeah. really been, accrues a father of one of the survivors became a leader in the movement. he says after 7 years of activism, the calls for government accountability have only grown up for not only would be personally and as a big him because i am the father,
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one of the survivors. i don't believe a we level where do we have trust and justice? i know that those were responsible are punished because for the families continue to solve for the torment every day and night of not knowing where the learners i demonstrations commemorated the anniversary of the students disappearance are now held every year in mexico. for some, the work of demanding answers from the government has become a full time job. you know manuel velasquez, one of the students who escaped has also been one of the loudest voices of the movement of the after years of protesting against the government. today he serves as a lawmaker in mexico's congress, seeking to reform policies related to cases of torture and abduction, and place more responsibility on federal officials in cases of missing persons. but no, no, coming in that you might never imagine i would be here, let alone evoke in the social movement where let me come when my family in the town
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where i'm from, that are never involved in social movements because it's an already allergic control. the criminals and people don't usually pick up the we are not in mosul following a botched investigation. in the case of the missing students and evidence linking their disappearance to members of the mexican military and federal police, mexico's president. and that is manuel lopez over the board established a special commission to find out what really happened. mexican authorities recently announced that new forensic evidence has opened another line of investigate. in the case of the a, your teen up a 43 years. and every year, mexico's president continues to meet with the family members and survivors of the massacre. to personally update them on the ongoing investigation as mexico morris. it's 7 years since the disappearance of the 43 students, mexican president, under this manuel hope is over, will update family members and survivors on the status of arrest warrants that have been issued against the federal officials who are believed to participated in
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a cover up of the missing persons investigation since records began in 1964, mexico has recorded more than 91000 pieces of missing persons. despite a massive social movement and continuous efforts to reform the law. it's clear the country still has a long way to go to truly address the challenges linked to force disappearances. manuel up a little al jazeera mexico city. ah . so this is out there. these are the top stories and thousands of people are protesting against each unit. the president and the capital supporters of cedar, also on the streets of tunis. on wednesday he balance, he would rule by decree militia has more indeed, what we're seeing here is that rather than supports increasing for the president who.


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