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now the positive thing is, is that a lot of the u. k. cinemark associations been quoted as saying that the biggest and humans of online home contexts, the movie the also the most frequent been them all go is as well. so, you know, we don't wanna lose them all streaming or anything like that, but i do think that, you know, you can go and feel that you already get your money back. we're going to bring more people back into the cinemas. ah, the headlines on al jazeera, america's top military officer has called the end of the 20 year war in afghanistan, a strategic failure during questioning by senators on capitol hill. defense officials admitted that taliban forces advance on couple more quickly than anticipated. radical haine has more from capitol hill. the germans guarantees the staff mark. milly say that there was an intelligence failure. and he said one
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reason for that could be could be that they withdrew advisors from those units 3 years ago. again, that would have been under the trump administration and he said, you can't really tell if people are willing to fight. if you're not around them, we can count tank so we can count gun for we can't know the willingness to fight unless we know the soldiers. so that's really the only clear indication that the military is starting to realize what went wrong in this absolutely chaotic withdrawal, italy band says it's planning to reinstate a constitution from nearly 6 decades ago. again, it found new role is one to apply the 1964 charter but only way doesn't conflict with their version of islamic law lava from comb brave. you have ok now on the spanish island of panama has now reached the atlantic ocean. a huge cloud of toxic vapor and gas has been released into the air as the lava mixes with sea water, spain is declared the island in the canaries. a disaster zone. nicholas hoc is in
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la palmer whitmore. the spanish, gorgeous he built, pushed all of the people that were there to watch the spectacle out of the port. i have told people to stay on log down to where goggles cover their mouth stay close as much as possible, not exposing your arms because in the air is not of gases such as sulfur dioxide. now they're monitoring the level of sulfur dioxide from these toxic gases also is hydro gloried and in other gases emitted by this volcano. the world health organization is promising reform and accountability after dozens of allegations of sexual abuse by work is sent to fight the bowler. in democratic republic of congo, the agency's head has apologized to victims and a group of political parties. indonesia has announced the coalition to oppose the president. the group says kai said has lost legitimacy, accusing him of a cold. those are the headlines next inside story. stay with
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me ah ah, a few crisis and one of the richest nations petrol pump and the u. k. are running dry because the truck drivers to deliver the fuel is, brings it to blame. and house basically the deeper problems within the whole industry is it's a walk into a program. i'm in ron con. it's not something you see every day in the u. k. dr. is
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waiting hours in long queues to full that calls at the petrol station. the government says panic buying is partly to blame for the pumps, running dry fuel companies say there's no shortage. petro just a lack of tanka drive is to deliver supplies. the government has placed soldiers on standby to help, and it's grunting temporary work visas to 5000 truck drivers. but industry leaders say the measures aren't enough to solve the crisis. andrew simmons reports from london a new working weekend. this isn't the normal london morning. good luck. the fuel station here ran dry 2 days ago. it's been waiting for this moment. tanka drivers are in short supply, not the fuel, whatever the results, the same misery for some not kind of buying ada by the top. she ran out of fuel 100 meters from the petro pumps, after a search that started in the early hours. and i was very emotional. so i can,
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i cried. i cried was on the to vision message. i cry that i feel probably look the people who are going for assuming their wife lives disrupted this driving instructor trying to get fuel to prepare his learners for their driving tests. that's about 56. this is kind of between now and next week . really, truly terrified what might happen to them for these guys. so i've been going around like a list you can about linda. nothing. an opinion poll suggests that more than 60 percent of the voters feel, the government is mishandling the situation. and some of the messaging for ministers isn't helping the public mood. the only reason that we have an issue, the moment with some petrol stations, not petula, for course, is that people are buying petra and they wouldn't. the most important thing everyone can do is just get back to normal fill that calls up as they normally would. and not by the actual list they needed. it would seem to be wishful thinking
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that this crisis is going to go away without government action crisis. what crisis has been the government stance up to now? now it's changing because people don't like being referred to as buyers in a situation such as this, there is a tide of public defense. and so the pressure is on the government as the tension on the for courts increases, some companies have introduced rationing competition measures have been stopped. so the fuel, his can corporate own logistics. another move the government has made is to try backing up u. k. tank drivers with foreigners, no longer able to work here because of that short term. these is are available for 5000 foreign truck drivers. it isn't guaranteed to work. andrew simmons, which is 0 london and the lack of truck drivers, is contributing to the u case worse, shortage of basic goods since 970, from building materials to medical supplies and groceries. many items are in short
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supply supermarkets, a warning of empty shelves. i had of christmas the pandemic in britain's departure from the e. u of also disrupted supply chains. now the shortage of truck drivers is a problem across europe as well. transport analysts say poland was short of more than a $120000.00 drivers law ship. germany needed another 60000. the industry has been struggling to attract new workers, as many leave for jobs with better pay and working conditions. since the start of the pandemic, the industry has faced more process to deliver essential goods. the huge growth of online shopping has also had an impact. ah, let's bring it, i guess in edinburgh, doug rankin a. lori driver and the editor of truck and dry the magazine in london, vicky price chief economic adviser at the center economics and business research and in level timmy di. i can roy, senior lecturer in procurement and supply chain management and the full john
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moore's university. welcome to the program. let's begin. and i did refer with doug rankin. the government says this is panic. buying the holy ginger. she says actually this is a lack of dr. is due to briggs. what's the truth of it? lack of dr. of blacks, that with grossly over simplify the situation of talking about the fuel crisis at the moment, but seems to be the public because collectively go and offering one is not really affecting scotland. curiously, i've noticed and time called dr. o's, house of south. busy application for a d, off to the level of benefits such as petro and diesel. and i don't understand where a huge number of suddenly disappeared to one week to the next. this was originally i'll problem associated to b p and nothing that i still sort of tank of industry and the supply of fuel. so something's got very blowing,
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propulsion in the press and the media with what's going on because it doesn't shortage of fuel as no difficult to keep your stations replenished. and people seem to be continually panic, buying the message doesn't get to tell them not to do so. it's very strange and unusual times right now as a driver because the driver shortage situation does keep evolving from one week to the next a. but what is the reason behind that dr. a shortage, i still have really understand is it a lack of dr. is, is it simply because dr is from the you just want to come to the you k anymore? because why would they do this too much pipe work? breakfast isn't a major factor and the driver shortage. it's played a tenet, but those are storage number of different factors which have all come to play at the same time. and that was the tax change. i felt a 5 which made a lot more. busy difficult for drivers to operate on a self employed basis and it made a lot less attractive. so the last driver there was
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a driver cpg deadline and 2019 reports lost a lot of older drivers to the industry because lot of drivers need to do fact if 5 of those training all the way up to 5 years to keep the license and a lot of guys can just decided about going to bought out and cut all of us in the lockdown. so my pre paid to that. so the last a lot of old drivers and they wouldn't be full time, but we'd take up a lot of the slack and they would do all just see it and and those also. busy last year the d v l a in the d v i said don't tools very correctly. and the one set of the pond demick and we had no nor drive us coming through last year at all. and nobody, nobody was passing driver's tests. so those are a lot of different factors and that you could also say that those people, if you want to become a lot a drive and it's very expensive. so people who want to can't do, and there isn't enough support. and also the industry has an image problem by the
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enough people wanting to become lot age hi vas i about the root of 300 tests for vocational driving tests, not taken up with the late last week and the one hundreds before bought hundreds before lunch and the government is going to create a best thing those i'm needing to know the facts, truck capacity, but using the ministry of defense, but they don't have enough people. one thing to take the test to the moment or able to. so that's curious, one from outside. i'd like to know a little bit more about but just to kind of thing on one simple fact. it's not just church like comp stated with multiple things all going on. not the same time. a perfect storm if you will. vicki price in london, you're an economic advisor. what do you think of the advice coming out from the british government? we're going to have 5000 temporary visas that's going to magically sought out the problem. surely. what we seem to have is a shortage of about a 100000 long drive for all the reasons have just been explained for breakfast,
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play depart as well. and it's interesting if you talk to the retailers who have been shouting about us for quite some time. and if you don't talk to the general distribution companies as well, i, which are suffering right now from shortages. people prepared to drive the trucks that should really be moving things around. breakfast is actually being blamed quite a lot and the worries are the, the, the reaction from the government so far has been a bit slow. and very bitty, in other words, you know, if you have a 100, hasn't bacon says, and you bring in 5000 in of with some special licenses and hope that they will do the job for 3 months. and then go back because they're meant to be temporary to the problem simply isn't going to be solved. so it is an issue plot. of course, the way in which trade is happening across what you find is not very many foreign laurie drive is want to come in or even in a business is want to engage because they can't do what they did before in the u. k
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. they don't have the freedom to move around and pick things and move them somewhere else, which means that you've had that shortage there to the unwillingness for people to take on a load and bring you over to the u. k. we said, deprive you, of course, all workers who might be able to drive other tracks or even their own truck and take things around because of the change in the capital room. she can't do that very easily any longer because we are outside the u. s. i am just going to come to you in just a moment. i want to bring in doug you rankin hit. one of the interesting things about this is this temporary visa situation. meghan issue 5000 temporary truck driver licenses. they get a last 3 months, but i was on a couple of romanian chat platforms where they were reacting to this, this particular in romania where they were like, why would we build it? why would we go for just 3 months? i've got a good job here. not going to give it up just to go and help the bread. so yeah,
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it says the holiday the roads college association has been asking for a long time to say, you know, ready to be ready to get late. but and from. busy you we need to get people on but . busy we've been asking the question over and over again, who is wanting to come here for a long lane of drive us. we are prepared to come over to the u. k. and how does that going to work of it? how on earth are we going to get people who are going to leave the job and say for example romania and come here for 3 months. and then what happens? i've got to go home again. did they have a job to go back to and remain now because perhaps that employer. busy is going to look very favorably on them for just upping stacks when are they going to love? doesn't make any sense at all. the short tell visa effects it's. it's bizarre if they want to go and look to get dr. sudden from other countries. i don't think you've got to look beyond. busy judah, but it needs to be it's not,
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you're not going to get a correct fact. so you're probably looking at asia, and you're probably looking at africa to get drivers to want to emigrate to come here and live parliament. what am i doing? like those us desire from europe to come here. this is simpler and that's visa. let's, let's. so i wanna, i wanna, i want to put that thought to me die. i can really tell you that you've got a fascinating job title, procurement and supply chain management. now, as i understand that supply chain management as it currently stands means everything is done quite last minute. you bring in your goods, you take them to say the midlands and then you get another truck and you drive that full of goods from the midland into europe. for exit is paid to that the supply chain was always last minute breaks. it doesn't allow for that. is that right? yes, i think these big stock, those tucker,
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next we have the supply chain within the country. it's linked also to availability of the phases of the sub larger. so logistics, transportation or possibly take to goods, movements of goods and services, whatever country and these are linked up to different life, my delivery. so for instance, some of the shortages in, in, in truck drivers, you know, it's not possible way shot people just reacting to the needs. and that's what's posted. the product bind. so looking for station all supermarkets have delays delivering objectives and sciences and population. you know, we don't know when decent we're not stop, i don't know whether this will continue. the ripple effect will also be felt or does have to be economy. so, but this is not just one factor which will look at it from the systemic point of
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view. there are different factors playing out here, and the supply chain cannot be exempt from vicky price for the reasons. one of the things that makes the supply chain work is this idea. the immigration actually does work in certain sectors of the british a economy. i'm the son of immigrants. my father is incredibly suspicious. he came from pockets on to the u. k. because he was asked to do so by the brisk of him by them because there were certain amount of jobs that the british people just didn't want to. dick. there was the wind rush generation of black british people from the caribbean, who came over some of those have now being deported. back to jamaica, there's a miss trust here, of the british governments and actual promise on whether they'll deliver on these v like these visas in this list, idea of immigration making things. what. so that's putting people off from coming here and working. it's also mixed messaging that's going on. and i could make advisor. i mean,
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are you shaking your head the way the messaging is coming out from the brits? yes, a little bit. i have to say communication hasn't been at his best, but as the interesting thing is, if you look at the evidence, migration has been a great contributory factor to the growth of you can call me. and of course, joining the you has also been beneficial from that point of view because businesses have been able to expand without worrying too much about whether get the labor from . and of course yes, in some areas, perhaps wages were kept slightly lower than they otherwise should have been, but not very many. in fact, the evidence suggest that overall is, hasn't happened across the economy, but it has helped companies respond to the demand that it's also cause helped a grow the economy will generally and therefore create more jobs. so we had very low unemployment as despite the fact that with so many immigrants coming in and working and many of them become permanent from, from the you. and that now, the fact that we've left is giving a bit of a shock to the economy to which we haven't quite adopted. and the messaging,
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therefore, is really quite important. people are not really against engaging, starts to realize we need them in so many areas such as know right now the cast extra re streaming for more labor as well as it isn't just a laurie drive us who generally get paid a lot more than people who work in the cast sector, but he seems to have been spreading across including the construction sector. so it's not good for the economy, the short term and what the o. c. d has said you're going to thank you for it from corporation development that has been looking at inflation expectations and various countries. it has highlighted the u. k as a one country, which is going to see more of the push in terms of inflation because of the supply chain constraints that he would just discussing earlier. which are going to be much tougher in the u. k than perhaps in other places which are also having some of those issues. but not to the extent that we're explain to them here the rank in the british tabloids having a field day with this. i keep reading headlines that suggest that truck drivers
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that are being offered signing on bonuses of like 2000 pounds. there's wages of like 70066270000 pounds a year for a truck driver. how much of that is true and how much of that is actually gonna work like, can you bribe the people into becoming truck drivers quickly? i think a lot of those huge wage forgot her absolute nonsense. that's not. busy why i'm hearing from. busy drivers, let me turn on the ground level. there's a lot of suspicious sort of figures there. got bonded by very large companies doing sort of one phase and 2 phase. and probably golden handshake sees big firms. but we can also find a lot of places that are not good companies won't fall. in many cases a lot. it does a lot of undesirable unpleasant lot. busy of driving jobs, which companies are struggling to get people to do on the other putting these big wage for goes, but that's not the whole part of it. there's other conditions that drive us of us
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are pretty terrible. there's nothing said from the government, but a tall and proving parking facilities for dr. ho's grant because it's difficult for some of them to get a safe place to park at night and rest. and again, the money, the money i'm very suspicious of and i don't believe it goes well translate into sort of the real bottle. busy just quickly, just quickly, end up getting up just quickly to get how long to actually say safe. i want to become a truck driver in the u. k. now, how long before i make that decision to actually getting into a truck and driving like how long does that take? well it, it depends how quickly the d v l, a of processing your license at the moment because they are also culpable. and the been very slow getting licenses back to people. i know someone at the moment who had an accident and lost the license,
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due to medical asher and no offense and well in the past and ready to go and have been waiting months and months for the license back. but if you want to be a truck driver, but all several steps you need to jump through, they are trying to fast track people for. so you can go straight from driving. i can turn, i'll talk to later, last a. but as so, but also several steps, you guys go through, you've got to got a medical, and you've got to go into a field, a test or how's a perfection test? you're going to do your drive and grow and the process of changing lots. you don't need to do reverse thing maneuver, but you can't just store and do it and then to be driving, not even close, it's quite tough conrad to process ok. tammy, dire in liverpool is throwing money and short cuts as doug was saying, short cuts into in the exam test. be a solution to this problem because that's what the government seems to be. unfortunately, no, it's just a momento. re essentially, you know,
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calling people that's come on, gets more money and then you become a truck. and i think some of the others of the common truck drag within 24 hours. so within 2 weeks i've been set. there lot of this, this is true, but i think what it's important now is for the different stakeholders in the logistics on transport set to, to be speaking together. so we walk into bit on speaking to each other at the moment you hear different response from the dog man needs, you know, trying to put together the soft truck process for you to become a truck driver. we can't walk inside, so we need all the state, including professional. they need to talk logistics on transport. the need to walk together and find a solution to the spot. i to be the sweat. that's the walk in condition of the drive. i mixed the job on
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a truck to so even young people in england, a lot of the truck drive us. they eat or sleep over in their property, don't rest. so there's need for improve what you condition for them. and the government needs to intervene here to bring out new employment policies that are targeted progress. and some of the starting just that the workers are facing vicky price in london to make a terrible pun. but you can see this truck coming a mile off, couldn't you? you knew the ones you'd left for exit. you were going to have problems in supply chain in getting goods into the u. k. because borders had changed. absolutely, and of course, were the government here is doing the realize that except put any extra pressures, of course, on any inputs coming in. and therefore a new trucks come in fully loaded. that would also make things conserve us in terms of getting goods to where there should be going. and we have, in fact, waived the,
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the rights of we've had to impose this restrictions to next year now. so already there's been a delay in that a number of times this year, so it's understood that it's an issue, though we've done that in terms of impulse. we don't seem to have really accidents at all fast in dealing with the other problems, all the supply chain to have in effect the so substantially by the shortage is that we have been discussing today. so yes, this truck was coming and we should have edged out of the way, or at least on something to slow the speeds. but for the moms, i'm afraid with look like we are fighting one panic after another and not untasted to a well. there are people who saying that it's just transitory issues and it will all be solved. but it looks to me and to any comments we've seen that as either pretty negative in terms of what we might mean for growth. even in the short term, we've seen g d p here already slowing down this bounce back. we've had since the
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opening up has slowed down very significantly. and i'm suspecting that when we get the data was september is not going to be particularly good either because of all the shortages and also the price increases. we're seeing it doug. iran can august in london, vicky price has said a lot of people think this is transit tree and it's going to be sold. but i do you think that a lot of people are going to have a miserable christmas because this is not going to finish in the next 3 months. this is going to take a while. i don't see my people necessarily. busy need to have a miserable christmas unless the media certain sections of a determined to agitate the public enough to make sure that we did then perhaps that well, because if they want to stop panicking people matter. and so that already i'll be buying a frozen tough case before the stuff even off the shower was and it could happen, but it's not a transit today. thing that needs to be kind of some fundamental changes in the way
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the road transport operates your carry, the industry has got to get people and to drive these trucks, those not terrible. busy image problem and then district. and there's also a y dot problem in the u. k. of getting people to be interested in vocational qualifications as well. because you can get a struggle for people and companies to get people want to be a truck mechanics and tradesman in general. what's something that's a struggle as well as getting drive and to get people to, to get people to how do we make the whole agenda street more attractive? how do we get people to say yes, i think i want to drive a truck because even but he loves focus on money getting funded. other people still don't want to do it for an awful long time. a lot of these have been like seen is done pay smelly things that are nuisance, but getting your way when you're wanting to go,
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what can things and then the street has got a big problem and improving the damage and, and also the conditions as well. but goes back to the government because i think a lot that needs to do to force their parking facilities for supermarkets to treat drivers because i could go off as a whole separate area. unfortunately, doug, here we are running out in the us. we are running out of time. it's a fascinating discussion and one of the things i think is coming out of this is that we need more truck drivers. i want to thank all i guess, doug, you rankin vicki price and tell me diet conroy. and i want to thank you to for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website. i'll just dot com for further discussion. go to our facebook page at facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. and you can also join the conversation on twitter. we are at a inside story from me and ron kon and the whole team hit by for now. the
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news news. news. ah al jazeera. where ever you, ah, all stories that need to be find a way the window into another life. these are my babies. my students where i go,
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where i see them. it's just like we were in 2nd grade. personally, endeavors in epic struggle. took a lot of sacrifices in individual journey witness showcases in firing documentaries that changed the world on algebra. ah . can truly bachelor del how with a look at our main stories on al jazeera, america's top military officers called the end of the 20 year war in afghanistan. a strategic failure during questioning by senators on capitol hill. defense officials admitted that taliban forces advance far more quickly than anticipated. radical have reports from capitol hill. are the ones in unusual move,
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the top military brass walking a fine line, but up here into public good question. their boss, us president version of events in afghanistan, buddy, how you doing president.


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