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jamal cushion g murder in a saudi consulate upon our jazeera part of the time. must always good luck. we are the was traveling the extra mile. there are the media. don't go. we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. ah, kennedy as president names a little known geophysics professor as the country's 1st female prime minister. but how much power will she have? ah, taylor, this is al jazeera alive from london. also coming up here is, is a stain on our conference. you in monetary, in chief says people are starving to death in tinker. i. as the government stops late getting into the region problem, our residence, knocked down as
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a river of rama. cascade officials warn the volcanoes to table and in a ram, move the u. s. government because the ivory build woodpecker and 22 other species extinct. ah, i was again introduced where the president has named do physics professor with little political experience as the countries fast female prime minister. naturally dens appointment comes one day after fortune is your political parties from the coalition to oppose. president kyle said he's been accused of carrying out a crew after suspending parliament in july and announcing last weeks but he plans to rule by decree. opposition? politicians say they'll call for protests unless i reverse as his moves to seize power. present. sorry. it is all would end to form a government as quickly as possible. what mara?
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a few people with us. this is a historical moment where we see, for the 1st time ever a lady who is a prime minister in our country, we will be taking care of our responsibilities in such a moment. it's an honor to us and fortune is in women. seeing you as our prime minister, women can be successful leaders just as men can and have a clear vision exactly like man. i hope with the blessings of god that you can within the next coming days, nominate the proper names, your cabinet. we've lost a lot of time and we need to act quickly with full harmony between members. if your cabinet work hard to fight corruption without venice. smith has been falling developments from the capital tunis natural a boot and is a geologist. very little political experience. she has worked for the world bank and she seems to been plucked from relative academic obscurity and thrust into the political limelight by president chi site at
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a crucial time for this country. she serves at the pleasure of the president and he rules by decrease walk power nationally. boot will have to act independently, remains unclear, but would be an awful lot of pressure on her to quickly find some sort of financial support that you nivia talks. so they can make a budget and stop debt repayment towards the international monetary fund will put on hold and case site seized power in july. and she's also got to persuade these other political parties and civil society groups that should be able to do her job. remember, all this is happening when the president has seized power, suspended parliament. and it's not clear under legally how she's able to do her job . and the suggestions that the parties in parliament could try and challenge the legality of her appointment and the government. she points when and if they try to enact policies ah,
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military. and she says the crisis in issue appears to dry is a stain on our conscious martin. griffith's recently visited the area and says, people are starving to death because deliveries of food and all the vital age have been blocked. the region has been devastated to the fighting, broke out between government troops and local forces in november last year. alex here, bryan report. this boy is a victim of what you in the world worth hunger crisis. he may not look it, but down the ways is 14 years old. his uncle said that after spending months hiding from violence and ethiopia to dr. region, he weighs less than 15 kilograms. and he's not alone. the un estimate, hundreds of thousands of people are suffering famine conditions and try and millions more at risk duty more to fighting less many hospitals and clinics closed or destroyed the combination of lack of medical care. most of the health
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institutions that are inoperable and lack of food will mean that people will start to die. fighting broke out into grey in november between the p o. p and military and the regional force. the to gripe people's liberation front, were looking at almost a year of fighting, but had that tremendous impact on the economy and culture and the ability of people to produce food. so now which we see that many people, they only have one meal per day, the quality of their meals have also deteriorated. some people and now eating roofs and flowers to survive. the un says a de facto government blockade of the region is preventing food, medical supplies, and fuel from getting in something the government's denied. it here is, is a stain on our conscience because the, the facts show that accessed to gray,
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where we have been wanting to have 100 trucks every day arrive, integrate to meet the needs of the over 5000000 people there. we've never reach that. we've never had that and it's been about 10 percent of that. over the last 2 or 3 months. un humanitarian chief says ethiopia leaders appearing into the abyss and he's calling on all sides to stop the fighting. for this man, made famine get worth an extra brian al jazeera nigeria military has been accused of killing dozens of civilians in an ass strike near lake chad. residence in quater massage, say, a fighter jet targeted to fish market and avalanche on sunday morning. military denies the claims and says $28.00 members on group i saw were killed, becomes less than 2 weeks after another strike on a village kill civilians. i'm a did, reese a whole my degree it's claims and counterclaims but by both sides,
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civilians in quite on what to double my center in the lecture region, a remote community in the lecture region. and of course, the response from the german military, especially the air force. now what the air force or the military in nigeria is saying, is they targeted a group of fighters belonging to quite a fraction that is allied with islamic state, known as this like state in west africa province. and that they killed at least 28 people long with collaborators. they also insisted but fishing activity has been banned in that area. so the claimed by the community that they all fishermen, since fishermen doesn't hold water. now the military uses system that as these area they bombarded is not occupied or is not a settlement, but an open space. why they notice the gathering of a large crowd of individuals. now this is not the 2nd, this is not the 1st incident. this month. in 16 september, there was
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a military strike in the north east that killed at least 9 civilians. in the initial, the initial stage, the general air force insisted that they were pursuing members of the boat quite a function. i like to this nomic state in west africa province. and then days later, after investigations and after evidences appeared, they recounted their story saying that it was a mistake. and i apologize for that lava flowing from a volcano and the spanish island of la paula has now hit the atlantic ocean, sending out plumes of steam and the fresh of toxic gases. the columbia volcano has already destroyed hundreds of homes. and that to the evacuation of thousands of people has been up to now for 10 days. and nicholas hack reports from a panama experts they could get more intense before it stops. fear on the island of the an unstoppable torrent of lava destroying everything in its path and altering the landscape now flowing into the atlantic. plumes of toxic gases below,
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above the fishing village of as equity. it's mere is getting ready to evacuate. was that there are no words to express what i think or feel. there is no way for us to anticipate how this disaster will unfold. authorities have set up a 3 and a half kilometer cordon around the can review hovel quino. the thermal shock of molten rock entering the ocean is producing a cloud composed of sulfur dioxide and acid lava. in some area, the ocean house turn grey and murky. if not just talk the chemicals that are being released, but also mineral scientists believe that in the long run, this will make marine life even richer and more diverse. in this disaster, they see an opportunity to better understand volcanic eruptions, so as to anticipate what can rivera will do next. welcome, ologist. our recording increased seismic activity on the southern flank of the
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volcano. that suggests that pressure on the crater is increasing as powerful magnor from below, the earth breaks through the surface. i got to predict. what i can tell you is, these are options. this is i, company, days, disruption is going to continue the same way we've seen. so there will be be yourself activity. how you didn't see the low intensity. so you have to the some repose periods. i'm believe in charlie. it may last weeks or months. we don't know, but what i can tell you is that the behaviors going to continue the same. more of the same means more destruction. close to $7000.00 people are displaced in more than $500.00 homes of buildings and churches charge to ashes. and the lava is widening its reach as it closes in on to the quarter. nicholas hawk al jazeera to the court in spain, la palmer,
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youtube head. it will ban all anti vaccine content after a push to remove current of our specific content. any videos related to vaccines, including those against measles or chicken pox, will be taken down if they claim the jobs are ineffective or dangerous. youtube had resistant police in content to heavily, but it's been blamed for letting skepticism widely used in life saving shots spread . channels associated with prominent anti vaccine activists can also be removed. russia has accused youtube of censorship after it blocked a state turn broadcasters, german language channels. a criminal spokesperson said the video hosting site grossly violated russian laws. youtube says russia today breached its standards on code 19 misinformation. russia, as communist party is filed, multiple lawsuits. contesting results from online voting in moscow. during the recent parliamentary elections, it says is discovered several cases where candidates from the united russia party,
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which backs vladimir putin were losing their shorter head off to online votes, counted the communist party, which came 2nd, was to invalidate the results of online voting and moscow. and abolish its use in future directions. the bullitt, so the move from the platform of the courtroom. we will shed light on all the methods with your authorities used to falsify the results of the election this publicity in front of the whole country and dare i say the whole terrified them terribly. we will follow through on this matter, at the very families of the victims of last year's port explosion have rallied in support of a judge needing an investigation into it directly. tom has been under pressure from politicians. he's trying to question over possible negligence. is investigation suspended earlier this week, following a complaint from the former interior minister. its the 2nd time this year its been delayed. i'm going to say that angry that new top officials have been held accountable for the blas which kills more than 200 people. still to come this off
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out. an estimated 8 percent vaskins are addicted to drugs. many of them children have a ton of take over some pre efforts to treat them. going back was not an option. remember a post tenure man who spent a year on the rudder from israel to breaking out of prison. ah, ah. hello, that is more wet and windy weather to come from much of europe at the end of the week. i'm afraid not just in the north and in the west, but also in the south. and we've seen some heavy rain effect northern parts of italy. we had flooding and landslides around lake como. this is the 2nd time in 3 months. this is happened. and that wet weather is set to continue on thursday because for the real wet and windy weather,
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we have to go to the north western go to weather system. moving into britain, an island on thursday. that's going to bring some windy weather, some long spells of rain ahead of it. we've got a weather system affecting scandinavia and we've got some wind warnings out for northern parts of germany from that's going to eat its way to the east as we go into friday. some of that heavy rain is going to affect poland and you can see that rain edging down as well into the balkans things if any rather qu here temperature is slightly below average. we've got rain on the menu for grease. it is going to ease as we go into friday and that brisk wind is going to continue blowing down from the black sea. speaking of brisk winds, if we go to southern front, we've got quite a wind blowing down with some wind warnings out for sardinia in italy. but for the beer in peninsula it is looking a lot finer and dryer. with sunshine in madrid, the
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housing has become a commodity instead of a human right. is somebody with the ability to take advantage of others, the least feel free to violate basic laws, the working classes that have lost a lot of ground in our society. a un special report here on adequate housing travels the world, investigating a global crisis that people are evicted to clear the way for investors and property too often left mc. push a witness documentary on a jazz. oh, i want top storage to 0. unity as president case i head has appointed the country's 1st female prime minister. you've talked to angela bowden with for many government
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last week, say denounced, he'd rule by decree, and ignore the parts of the constitution. the un monetary in chief has warned that people are starving to death in ethiopia to region because the government is dumping deliveries of food and other vital age and longer flowing from a volcano and spanish island. paula is now pouring into the atlantic ocean, sending a plumes of theme and a stretch of toxic gases. yes, republicans have been trying to pick apart president biden's defense of his withdrawal from afghanistan in a 2nd day of congressional hearings with military leaders, defense secretary lloyd austin, joint chiefs of staff chairman, mark, milly, and the head of central command, kenneth mackenzie, or appearing before the house on services committee, the administration has been accused of being unprepared the full of cobble with the taliban now in control general many says there's a real possibility extremist groups could rebuild as early as spring television
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sitting a couple significantly emboldens the radical jihad movement globally. the analogy i've used with many others is it likely will put a shot of adrenalin into their arm. a talent has warned of negative consequences if the united states does not stop flying dreams over africa space. in effect on twitter, the group says the u. s. as violated international laws, as well as commitments made in the doha agreement with its use of drones. since the american ministry withdraw and taliban take over last month, us officials are repeatedly said they will maintain over the horizon capabilities and responding to threats. and i've kind of on at least 10 civilians, including 7 children, were killed in the u. s. to strike in couple last month. it has made an 8 percent of people in afghanistan suffer from a drug addiction and increasingly many children, the crumbling economy and insufficient aid rehabilitation centers and are running
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out of the mentions they need to treat them. some have been driven reports from couple this appears to be an ordinary classroom for these children are being treated for drug addiction with mothers who were addict, student pregnancy. some became indirect uses in the room. what are this? it was when they were breastfed or their parents smoke drugs in their presence. does that make? oh, this is q. we contravene his identity. he's 12 years old and love to thing. when he became a heroine user, after injecting himself using his father syringe, i think good the un office on drugs and crime says half of the parents and have gone to son who use drugs, give them to their children. when addict can affect the whole family. that's what happened to me nervous. she's on suicide. watch. make a month because of my husband, i became an addict. i have 2 sons and 3 daughters. all of them are here. i'm scared
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of my kids becoming addicts because i've seen how terrible gets with my husband. this center has run out of medicine because of the economic crunch and assets feed by best and government since to 1001 to go over the country. doctors and other staff members have not been paid for months and the you and says only 10 percent of addict for to read the treatment or rehabilitation they need to fire momma. the centers for addicts are not enough. there should be more centers and good treatment plans. some addicts are homeless and they live under the birth bridge. get a special. this is the bird bridge in cobble. we cannot go closer to film and some attics here have threatened to stop people with their syringes. one can be used by many people and spread diseases such as aids and hepatitis heroine, meth cocaine, amphetamines and cannabis are all readily available. according to the united nations 90 percent of the world elicit or be
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a drugs originate in august on the taliban has announced it will ban opium production. but without enough income from an alternative agriculture that might be easier said than done this man trying to escape from another rehabilitation center in cobble that can hold a 1000 people for both of their social workers go to catch others. but only when they have capacity. drug users must go through detoxification, rehabilitation and social care. many of these men have only been here for a few days. they've been pleading to us to let them leave. but here tell us that they need to stay here for 45 days so that they can go through this phase of a draw and actually get treatment or keeping people drug free is a major challenge. up to 30 percent of people had returned to using drugs and those treating them say, unless the economy picks up many more will join them. job. some of the job done to
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the, or a couple a new post just overwhelming support among palestinians for 6 prisoners who escaped from a high security is ready jail. earlier this month, 87 percent of those asked saw the jailbreak as an inspiration towards ending the occupation when it was a rare event. it wasn't the 1st time that happened. very fortunate spoke to a former prisoner with a similar story from 25 years ago. the escape of 6 palestinian inmates from one of his rose highest security prisons prompted shock and embarrassment in israel and celebration among palestinians for her son. madame. it also prompted memories. michelle and that can, that our feelings were all over the place. one minute we think we caught and it's over and then feel more confident, especially after inspections failed to reveal our plan. again about calming ha madeau. he was convicted as a teenager in 1990 of stubbing and wounding and israeli settler, and setting 2 buses on fire. you said it's to 17 years, but in 1996, he and
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a cell mate escaped. after months of laborious tumbling cluck mckinney, small jord if there was no room for despair, we used to dig with a nail some days. we hardly dug out an extra load of concrete. it took us to $54.00 days to get through the slab. we were 4 people, but 2 of our colleagues thought we were closer to failure than freedom. so they went back and we had worked for monitor going back. it was not an option in may on a an old chablis, like the so made headed to the occupied west bank contacting just one trusted friend who helped sustain them as they hid for a week in a cave from italy. it was a start of a year on the run before his eventual recapture can at their futrell sob. the time on the run was very difficult. it was no when the normal still much better than jail where we would wish to sit under the shade of a tree. when the 4 of the 6 recent escapees were recaptured within days,
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still inside northern israel. apparently exhausted and unsupported, and driven in until they left the tunnel. it was flawless. i can't judge because i'm not familiar with the conditions surrounding their escape. but if i were in their shoes, i would have fled to the janine refugee camp and let the israelis know i'm there. everyone would have been held responsible. people would have protected them in the, in the final 2 prisoners, re arrested in jeanine without the firefight. some had predicted lawyers and family members of 4 of the 6 say they would be during their arrest, then question for hours and deprived of sleep. madame, he says he suffered similar treatment. his jail term was extended by 2 years lower, reject the if i had my time again, i would do it again. no question this. why? because we have a strong faith in freedom to seek it as individuals and as a collective. the recent escapees have also said the time on the run shore as it
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was, was worth it. israel, his welcome, the end of his latest escape saga palestinians. still celebrating that it happened at all. hurry for said al jazeera in the occupied westbank prison officials in ecuador, se 30 inmates were killed and tuesday's gang riot as a trail in the coastal city of queen. 47 more prisoners are being treated in hospital of the riot, which lasted for 5 hours before police and the ministry regained control. 2 guns, they los lobos and most tornadoes fought inside the prison with guns, knives and explosives. japan's ruling party is elected a former foreign minister as its new leader for me. okay. she is set to replace promised to you. sure. he does. suga who's stepping down often just a year in office. his appointment comes ahead of a general election which must be held by the end of november 1st and re report
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julio case. she is the new chief of japan governing liberal democratic party. he's also set to become prime minister as his party and coalition partner control the houses of parliament is the 2nd time the former foreign minister has run for the leadership after competing against outgoing premier yoshida to god last year. in his acceptance speech, he should have promised to lead the party to success in next month's general election. but that's why i want to firmly show a reborn, liberal democratic party to the japanese citizens and urge them to support us. from today i will, with all my energy gets straight to work, party members around the country and members of parliament, please work with me. a 1st round vote had failed to produce a majority winner and 2 female contenders dropped out of the race in a run off. he should have faced taro, co, no, and outspoken minister in charge of japan's cove at 19 vaccine roll out. who been
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ahead in opinion polls, but widely regarded as a safe pair of hands. kesha had the support of lawmakers and beat his rival by 257 votes. 270. analysts say case, she does rise to the premise ship is unlikely to affect defense and international relations. he supports close ties with western democracies to counter china's growing influence in the region. on the economy case, she has pledged to spend big on the stimulus package and emphasized the need to distribute more wealth to households. but 1st he faces a difficult challenge, a general election that has to be held by november. what i expect to see is something ambitious, like a very large stimulus package dedicated to pandemic management and the health system in general. although of course, nothing is really going to be implemented. this going to be no evidence of success
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in time to the election. so when allowed to a large extent key, she is going to be selling hope and asking the electorate trust him. rather than demonstrating any concrete results there can she may be seen as a stable choice. but some analysts say his bland image may work against him in the upcoming polls. florence louis al jazeera people in china's northeastern provinces are relying on tortures and generators, as extensive power cuts into a 2nd week. major coal shortages plus cuts to meet official energy targets of f t homes in factories without electricity. and the factors have been ordered to suspend production or short working hours, which threatens to disrupt global supply chain authorities. and now, urging railway companies to step up cold transportation as the winter approaches to
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the subway were still in operation. water and electricity will cost. many people came to buy candles and borrow portable charges to charge making deliveries to high rises was a problem. you have to climb up stairs if people live on high floors, when power was cut, you have to climb 10 floors or more than 20 floors. some young people are not willing to come downstairs. if they order delivery, we have to deliver it to them. the 1st british troops deployed to dr. civilian fuel tankers will be seen on the country roads in the next few days comes as the 1st of a fleet of government, reserve tankers began deliveries to try to ease the country's fuel supply crisis. putting stations have been running dry for nearly a week after a shortage of laurie drivers claimed on the pandemic and briggs, it sparked panic. buying governments offered temporary visas to foreign truck drivers, but many say they're not tempted. on what i heard about this thing visa for 3
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months, ok, you give me a contract for 3 months and then once i leave my job in my country, what i have a contract, a work for you in the u. k. for 3 months, you give me a salary and you k pounds. maybe it'll be a good salary, but after 3 months i might wait for a month or 2 to look for a permanent job. if they go into a contract for say, 5 years with all conditions for work and safety at that moment, the problem is solved. first of all, you need to offer a decent salary to a truck driver, and modest salary us government scientists and officially given up trying to find 23 species, declaring them all extinct include the ivory build woodpecker, which is attracted public attention several times down the years for unconfirmed sightings of fish and wildlife service officials say they've now exhausted efforts to find it wrong with 10 or 10 other bird species. 2 types of fish and 8 kinds of under water muscles. it's a sad thing. it's a difficult thing. there will be some lawson's, but at the same time,
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i think it's important to reevaluate from time to time where we are and because the species haven't been seen in a very long time, despite a lot of effort to find them. you know, i think it's probably time to declare them extinct and hopefully learn the lessons that we need to learn and move on. and remind you can catch up any time with the news on our website address that is algebra. dot comments ah, top stories on out here to news he is president, his name, the geologist, with little political experience. as the country's 1st female prime minister, national ab dentist appointment comes one day to fortune is in political parties. formed a coalition to oppose president case. i had been accused of carrying out a crew after suspending parliament and announcing he was ruled by decree. president sanchez aspirin to form a government as quickly as possible.


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