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ah, why we're tired school of families, businesses and media organizations, simply blown up. girls a 60 minute warning on our just 0 me the news. this is al jazeera. ah, hello, i'm your entire, this is the out there. news. i live on the coming off to this year's president name's a little known geologist as the country's 1st female prime minister. how much power will she have us here is, is a stain on our conscience. you end to monitor in chief says people are starving to death and try as the government stops vital age getting into the region. an
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estimated 8 percent of afghans are addicted to drugs. many of the children, how the telephone takeover is hunkering efforts to treat them. and le my residence knocked down as a river of lava cascades into the atlantic. official say the air is face to breathe . and in sport, the crisis deepens at bos, alona, and feature of be some of the 3 nails and his bosses. second straight chem complete to see i genius, president, his name, the geologist, with little political experience as the country's 1st female prime minister angela gordon has been taught with forming a government as quickly as possible. her appointment comes a day after fortune is in political parties, formed a coalition to oppose president case age. so they accuse of carry out a coo, ben,
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a smith reports from tunis, natural food and has been plucked from relative academic obscurity and brought into the small flight. by tonight he is president high cited class. she becomes a prime minister at a moment of national crisis. why the president has been under mounting pressure to name a government after he dismissed the prime minister, suspended parliament, and assumed executive authority in june. a move and code seal fighting corruption is our starting point who we will be relentlessly to do this and to respond to all requests your needs. and as in all fields, including health, with transport and education. my god, help you and your team that i hope will be for me quickly. catch up on time last to the quarrels and disagreements, getting so many ministry that became arenas. flooding the law, the professor of geosciences boot and has little government experience. her
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appointment comes justice, political parties and civil society groups will becoming increasingly frustrated with the president's failure to consult with them in the 2 months since he seized power to nearly as powerful workers union is not impressed with the announcement. one of the. 6 either we are all together with full transparency and we are partners in london. we agree amongst ourselves all we are people, his faith in peaceful and civil struggle that will point towards the same goal, which is in the best interest of the country. the major political parties could try to challenge the lead galaxy of the appointment at any policies her new government tries to enact without the suspended parliament's consent, the national boot and is a name of prime minister. but she served at the pleasure of a president who rules by decree. so what real power she has to act independently remains unclear and the prime minister will be under pressure to move quickly to
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seek financial support for a budget and debt repayments, talk to the international monetary fund were put on hold in july after president side power grant bernard smith hodges era and she hadn't. elisa is editor in chief of the jan is your news and analysis website. miss gal. he says the new promises appointment could be seen as symbolic. she wasn't one of the people on the short list. there are quite a few short and if they were being spread around, people were assuming that it might be an economist, given the fact that tunisia is how it was with just the negotiations with the international monetary fund. but she seems a bit like a political outsider, a bit like the president himself. it does seem that even a group that were initially supportive of the president are starting to become more concerned starting to voice their criticism much more separately. this may have been some of the pressure for him to, to name a prime minister as well. we'd expect that he would name
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a new government much earlier. he had initially given a 30 day period, but we've seen that that's gone way power. so certainly when we're seeing this, part of it may be to, to sort of lay the fear that people who say it doesn't matter who don't have a direction of where he's going with the country. you, military and chief says the crisis in if you refuse to cry is a stay in a law conscience bought him. griffith recently visited the area and says people are starving to death because deliveries of food. and although the vital aid have been blocked, the region has been devastated since fighting broke out between government troops and local forces in november last year. alex here bryan report. this boy is a victim of what you in the world's worth hunger crisis. he may not look it but done. the ways is 14 years old. his uncle said that after spending months hiding from violence in ethiopia to dr. region, he weighs less than 15 kilograms,
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and he's not alone. the un estimate, hundreds of thousands of people are suffering famine conditions and try and millions more at risk duty more to fighting. let many hospitals and clinics closed or destroyed the combination of lack of medical care. most of the health institutions that are inoperable and lack of food will mean that people will start to die. make sure she's fighting, broke out into cry in november between the european military and the regional force, the to gripe people's liberation front. we're looking at almost a year of fighting but had that tremendous impact on the economy and culture and the ability of people to produce food. so now which we see that many people, they only have one meal per day. the quality of their meals have also deteriorated . some people and now eating roofs and flowers to survive. the un says a de facto government blockade of the region is preventing food, medical supplies,
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and fuel from gaping in something. the government's denied it is, is a stain on our conscience because the, the facts show that accessed to gray, where we have been wanting to have 100 trucks every day arrive, integrate to meet the needs of the over 5000000 people there. we've never reach that, we've never had that and it's been about 10 percent of that. over the last 2 or 3 months, the un humanitarian chief says ethiopia leaders appearing into the abyss, and he's calling on all sides to stop the fighting for the made payment gets worse . alexia bryan al jazeera, was a 100. hershey rebels, and pro government forces have been killed and fighting in yemen over the past 2 days. that battling for control of merab, the last northern city held by pro government fighters. it home to hundreds of thousands of people who fled to conflict in other areas of the country who stepped
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up there to seize mario in february. us republicans who sought to pick apart president biden. the defense of his withdrawal from afghanistan in 2nd day of congressional hearings with military leaders. this time different sex, troy austin, joint chiefs of staff, chairman, mark, milly, and the head of central command. kenneth mackenzie, appeared before the house services committee. the administration has been accused of being unprepared for the full of campbell. the taliban. now in control, general milly says there's a real possibility extremist groups could rebuild as early as spring taliban city and couple significant emboldens the radical g. how the movement globally. the analogy i've used with many others is it likely will put a shot of adrenalin into their arm defense. i've trained, austin told the committee that he did not support keeping troops in afghanistan forever. in my view, there wasn't, there is no,
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was no risk free status. quo option. i think that the taliban had been clear that if we stayed there longer, they were going to recommend attacks on our forces. i think while we, it's conceivable that you could stay there. my view is that you would have had to deploy more forces in order to protect ourselves and accomplish any mission that we would have been assign the tar banners, warned of negative consequences if the united states does not stop flying drones over africa space. in a segment on twitter, the group says the u. s. has violated international laws as well as commitments made in the doha agreement with its use of drones. since the american military withdrawal and taliban take over last month, us officials have repeatedly said they will maintain over the horizon capabilities and responding to threats. and i've got to stones, at least 10 civilians, including 7 children, were killed in the us to strike in coddle last month. it's estimated 8 percent of
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people, enough kind of sounds suffer from drug addiction and increasingly many a children with a crumbling economy and insufficient aid rehabilitation centers are now running out of the mentions they need to treat them. sullivan job aid reports from couple disappears to be an ordinary classroom. for these children are being treated for drug addiction with mothers who were addict student pregnancy. some became indirect uses in the room. for this, it was when they were breastfed. are they parents smoke drugs in their presence? does that have on that make oh, this is q. we contravene his identity? he is 12 years old and loves to thing. when he became a hetero and user after injecting himself using his father syringe, i think the un office on drugs and crime says half of the parents and have gone to
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son who use drugs, give them to their children. when addict can affect the whole family. that's what happened to all nervous. she's on suicide watch. so much make a month because of my husband, i became an addict. i have 2 sons and 3 daughters. all of them are here. i'm scared of my kids becoming addicts because i've seen how terrible again with my husband the center has run out of medicine because of the economic crunch and assets free by birth and government. since it's all about to go over the country. doctors and other staff members have not been paid for months and you and says only 10 percent of addict surveyed the treatment or rehabilitation they need to fire momma. the centers for addicts are not enough. there should be more centers and good treatment plans. some addicts are homeless and they live under the birth bridge. we don't get a special this is the bird bridge in cobble. we cannot go closer to film, and some attics here have threatened to stop people with their syringes. one can be
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used by many people. and spread diseases such as aids and hepatitis heroine, meth cocaine, amphetamines and cannabis are all readily available. according to the united nations 90 percent of the world elicit or be a drugs originate in august on the taliban has announced it will ban opium production. but without enough income from an alternative agriculture that might be easier said than done this man find to escape from another rehabilitation center in cobble that can hold a 1000 people for both of the social workers go out to catch others. but only when they have capacity, drug users must go through detoxification, rehabilitation and social care. many of these men have only been here for a few days. they've been pleading to us to let them leave. but doctors here tell us that they need to stay here for 45 days so that they can go through this phase of a draw and actually get treatment, or keeping people drug free is
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a major challenge. up to 30 percent of people had returned to using drugs and those treating them say, unless the economy picks up many more will join them. some of the job done to the ra couple. coming up on the news hour from london and lebanon's political chaos contributing to last year's devastating port bloss. is it now helping some people escape blamed on the road with police trying to save india traffic, child workers, a scandal? feds be much bigger than the official numbers suggest. allen sports spectators will be allowed to attend next year's winter olympics and beijing and they will be here with more ah lava flowing from volcano and the spanish island? paula has cascaded into the atlantic ocean, sending up plumes of steam. official said the air is still safe to breathe,
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is alive pictures of a caribbean volcano, which has already destroyed hundreds of homes and legend. evacuation of thousands of people spin, interrupting for 10 days now. and as nicholas had reports from the expert say, it could get more intense before it stops. fear on the island of love, how an unstoppable torrent of lava destroying everything in its path, and altering the landscape now flowing into the atlantic. plumes of toxic gases below, above the fishing village of as a court t. it's mere is getting ready to evacuate. but there are no words to express what i think or feel. there is no way for us to anticipate how this disaster will unfold. authorities have set up a 3 and a half kilometer cordon around the can review hovel quino. the thermal shock of molten rock entering the ocean is producing
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a cloud composed of sulfur dioxide and acid lava. in some area, the ocean has turn grey and murky. if not just talk to chemicals that are being released, but also mineral scientists believe that in the long run, this will make marine life even richer and more diverse. in this disaster, they see an opportunity to better understand volcanic eruptions, so as to anticipate what can rivera will do next. well can ologist are recording increased seismic activity on the southern flank of the volcano. that suggests that pressure on the crater is increasing as powerful magma from below. the earth breaks through the surface. i got to predict. what i can tell you is this a russian, this is, i can predict this disruption is going to continue. the same way we've seen so there will be be yourself activity, how you didn't, does it the low intensity. so you have to the some repose videos on until
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eventually it may last weeks or months. we don't know. but what i can tell you is that did behaviors going to continue the same, more of the same means more destruction. close to $7000.00 people are displaced in more than $500.00 homes of buildings and churches charged to ashes. and the lava is widening its reach as it closes in on to the quarter. nicholas hawk al jazeera, the court in spain, la palmer torres now via skype, is leading vulcano just to professor david rothery from the open university. thanks very much for being with us. so long if you could talk us 3 more detail, what happens when the lava hits the water and how dangerous that can be over there? as we mentioned, the facts on the rain life, which isn't my fail. so i don't think that's the biggest thing to worry about and then the re locked around these ons is bad because the johns end up being built the
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volcanic li services a pop purchase, part of nature taken its course, but the people living nearby it's dangerous because when labrenz's to save as a risk of steam explosions. so people being kept away very wisely was also the release of gases. and the sulfur dioxide comes out with the law of the source. but also when law the answer to see the reality of the soul in this, in the dissolving the say to produce hydrogen chloride droplets or hydro cloyd as a gas. but it's hard to cloris acid gas a is a respiratory irritant. he don't want to breathe, but anybody want to break the sulfur dioxide that the source you've got to show that acid gases involved once you reach the se, soap and oxide, hydrogen chloride, and understand picks of being asked to to, to keep in doors it been there by you do not want to be breathing, that stuff. it's an irritant. also the dust particles as well from explosions, volcanic ash, particles about if you inhale them. so you have to keep away from the clouds.
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basically. what about the kind of the long term short term effects you're saying about the bill on respiratory systems. what about the longer term effect? well, the longer term i saw, i can see i got this via canada. he fell to the island, the people living down health in the vent, a losing their homes. now the law of the earth could go on for weeks, possibly months. the good news, it probably won't spread very far sideways. he's going to pretty much straight down the lives of the seas, said to be loved to flow on much the same course. gradually getting wider, devastated a very, very wide strip of coastline because it will go straight downhill into the se, and he's building at a law of the delta and extending the shoreline, which won't be stable in the long term. on my dash, i will get to stay for the front and collapse of some points. and you mentioned that kind of the uncertainty of how long this could go on for. does anybody have
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any idea? well, i don't think so. the eruption was tracked for about a week before the russian broke surface earthquake small tremors. it began about 35 kilometers deep over tommy rush and began phase tremors. it reached the shadow, adaptive, only 10 kilometers mel. this is the niagara fracturing the rock as it makes its way up. and so we could track the rise of the magma a nice trim is, is still going on. so it's probably still being injected into the volcanic. we know it is because it's coming out to the top, but there's more coming behind it. so we know it's going to continue for a while under no signs yet. it's slowing down where our causes, as there always are. but after a pause, it carries on again. so prediction when it will turn off is not simple. and now we can do reliably at the moment and in terms of kind of seismic activity elsewhere, i'm going to talk to how it squeaks and volcanoes are linked and can you,
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can you expect seismic activity in regional nearby? okay, well the biggest, quite just about a thomas russian broke service as long as she had 4.2 on the richter scale. and this is a, a bulk kind of mathematica. quite nice enough, craig, cause for the garage in the woods. this. i'm not many vocab. this is not near apply . boundary sciences shell is broken into plates. they pull a part of the ridge. one goes under another name, mary could open a japan under lots of ok knows that this is not of the plate boundary on play boundaries where most big earthquakes are because rock matches the pushing past each of it here with in. but we're away from the edge of the plate, but the magnet is because a plume of hot material rising from deep within the mantle. some people say from his date as a co mantle boundaries, or possibly a very data source of stuff rising up was which projects his mouth top or not,
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which penetrates into the crust and builds these honest but canary ons of bad because they're on top amount of plume on the rising, magnet uses smaller quakes, not the bigger quakes apply boundary, but smaller of course, because mike was, boy mike was rising upwards. professor david rather is a fascinating to hear you. thank you very much and have it on just i'm by route families of the victims of last year's port exposure have rallied in support of the georgia investigation it tara tara is under pressure from politicians. he's trying to question over possible negligence investigation was suspended earlier. this week, after a complaint from the former interior minister said a 100 reports from 11th capital law, family members of more than 200 people killed in the bay report. the explosion aren't angry and they're standing behind a judge under fire from lebanon's political establishment. thought it better is
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leading an investigation into one of the largest non nuclear explosions in world history. it's been more than a year, and there are no answers. but that's the thought is doing that. i just going under the past and that's what the price and the politicians are being accused of obstructing the probe to avoid accountability authority, say the blast was caused by highly explosive material stored at a warehouse in the port illegal challenged by former interior minister and had motional accusing baton, being biased has led to the probe being suspended the case presented by mr. marshall. it's presented with no legal basis and in front of the court to have no jurisdiction on the so it's going to be dismissed. but meanwhile, meanwhile, it's a way to store covers it from 292272021. the field where john wouldn't have taken action against parliament is now in recess
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a time. when m. p. 's lose their immunity from prosecution since july. but our has been trying to initiate the prosecution of those believed responsible for failing to act once they were told of the potential dangers of the materials stored at the port. that's beside is one of those very rare judges who did do everything in his power to go after the space on the evidence that he has. they started with media campaigns against him. harassment reports at the tar is reported to have received a verbal threat from his below that it would remove him by any means. the iranian back group has not commented. we have reached a new level in this country where the judges cannot be both or dr. now are threatened, but not only threaten certain publicly using the investigation is leading somewhere where they will. they don't want to go. but taras predecessor removed in february
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by a similar legal challenge brought by senior officials. he had accused of criminal negligence . so far, the investigation is focused on who was responsible for unsafely storing the highly explicit material at the 4th. but it's still not knowing what caused the fire. that triggered the blas and there are unanswered questions surrounding the ownership of the ammonium nitrate. these families say they won't give up until they get justice, but they know they're up against assistance that shields the power. then their elders, either activists in india say the pandemic has pushed more families into poverty. and that's putting children at risk falling incomes and rising prices forced some parents to send the children out to work and human traffic is a waiting for them on the streets. elizabeth for on i'm joined to police on a rescue mission. money sharma and his team of rescue workers drive to
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a slam in the eastern indian city of port nia. they received information that traffic to children being kept. they're joined by police officers. they moved through the dark until they find some children hiding and clearly terrified. but as they tried to lead them to safety, they're attacked by a group of men. no one is seriously injured, but in the confusion the children run away. police arrest the man they believe is the ringleader of this child trafficking operation. but the activists leave without the children they came for sanjay. sather traveled more than 230 kilometers from the city of that bunker to put near to find his 13 year old brother don got sanchez . his gun got arm has been held in the slum by the traffickers for several months from them. or, you know, my brother is working at the processing unit and he has a little the, he's not there on his own bill. even if he or others like him, tried to talk to a family member, they're always listening like an increasing number of people in the eastern state
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of behind those in the slammer, often forced to work for little processing. one of the regions biggest exports, low to see behind is the world's largest producer of low to seeds, which are known as fox not once have been roasted. the popularity of the seeds is growling in india and broad. but children being used to meet the rising demand with more than the work has aged between 5 and 17. b hard has the 2nd highest number of child and adolescent work. as in india, many a traffic. it is one of the greatest cell in this we are facing. see what is happening that this area near the street is bothering the streak of this, went on and it is get sick of the not. so we are facing major issues of childcare seeking. and some of the children are employed in the sector. also
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the latest crime figures suggest that human trafficking cases in india declined by more than 20 percent in the past year. but many sharma says that's not right. as many cases aren't registered, definitely increase who bodies and coming during the band of trafficking has increased many for up because of the covered 19 people lost jobs and traffic has used it to their advantage. their locals, the identify, paid and lost their jobs, learn them money, and later traffic their children and push them into child labor. i rested in the remains and he's investigating suspicion of human traffic and charm but rights group say, until the government addresses the root causes of the crime, poverty, poor education, combined with an understaffed police force and the tories, the slow justice system. and these children will continue to be at risk of human
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trafficking. elizabeth koran and al jazeera pulled nea be hard, more still to come this hour, including a true cost of china's help. why taking out loans for beijing? belton road project is saddling poor nations with a future headache. second time, lucky for the man said to be japan's new prime minister. but he could lose the job within weeks. and in sports, find out what's next for money, but you know, after the boxing great, cause time on this sporting career. ah hello, that is more wet and windy weather to come for much of europe at the end of the week. i'm afraid not just in the north and in the west, but also in the south and we've seen some heavy rain effect northern parts of italy
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. we had flooding and landslides around lake como. this is the 2nd time in 3 months . this is happened. and that wet weather is set to continue on thursday because for the real wet and windy weather, we have to go to the northwest and go to weather system. moving into britain, an island on thursday. that's going to bring some windy weather, some long spells of rain ahead of it. we've got a weather system affecting scandinavia and we've got some wind warnings out for northern parts of germany. from that that's going to eat its way to the east. as we go into friday. some of that heavy rain is going to affect poland and you can see that rain edging down as well into the balkans things if any rather qu here temperature is slightly below average. we've got rain on the menu for grease. it is going to ease as we go into friday and that brisk wind is going to continue blowing down from the black sea. speaking of brisk winds, if we go to southern front, we've got quite a wind blowing down with some wind warnings out for sardinia in italy. but for the iberian peninsula, it is looking a lot finer and wire. with sunshine in madrid,
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the china has been very strategic. the way to expanding a switch in indian ocean. what is it? and we bring you the stories and developments that are rapidly changing the world we live in without the international aid. what do you think is going to happen? the afghan economy? counting the coast on al jazeera bus clearings and now taking over what used to be pristine forest, where giant trees one stood tall and cheaper to use roll conservation to say the area is warming with eagle timber lockers and butcher's. 4 years ago, the government in theory and the on east the ban on the timber trade. but not decision only open a flood and controlled, illegal logging sanity own is home to more than 5000 was to seize more than 1005.


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