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told by the people who let them know my professional salma. the book says this if you're on al jazeera ah trinity as president de points, the country's 1st female prime minister of domestic and international pressure pulling his suspension, opponent, ah, alarm tyran. jordan, this is just a lie from also coming up, the un humanitarian chief, was the people in e t t y region. they stop asia unable to act as a vital life. the death told in a prison fight in ecuador rises to more than a 100 dozens more injured in the violence,
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demanding justice victims of the bay rude fort exposure family is running in support of a judge is enforced to suspend an investigation. ah, trinity has a new prime minister. she's not moved in a geologist with little political experience and the 1st woman to hold the position . president kind site has tossed with forming a government for weeks. he's been under pressure to appoint any prime minister. in july he suspended parliamentary what the opposition calls, a qu smith report from national a boot and has been plucked from a relative academic obscurity and thrust into the spotlight by unity. as president high side, she becomes a prime minister at a moment of national crisis. why the president has been under mounting pressure to name a government after he dismissed the prime minister, suspended parliament and assumed executive authority in june. a move opponents
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called a qu, why the law many yet? i see a lot more citing corruption is our starting point. we will book relentlessly to do this and to respond to all requests you to news. he ends in all fields including health transport and education. my god, help you and your team that i hope will be for me quickly to catch up on time last to the quarrels and disagreements in so many ministries that became arenas flowing with blood. the professor of geosciences were booed and has little government experience. her appointment comes just as political parties and civil society groups were becoming increasingly frustrated with the president's failure to consult with them in the 2 months since he seized power to unity as powerful workers union is not impressed with the announcement was. 6 either way, altogether with full transparency and we are partners in london, we agree amongst ourselves. school, we have people whose faces in peaceful and civil struggle that will point towards
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the same goal, which is in the best interest of the country. the major political parties could try to challenge the legality of food and appointment at any policies. her new government tries to enact without the suspended parliament's consent, the national boot and is a name of prime minister. but she serves at the pleasure of a president who rules by decree. so what real power she has to act independently remains unclear. the prime minister will be under pressure to move quickly to seek financial support for a budget and debt repayment. talks with the international monetary fund were put on hold in july after president side power ground bonus hodges era, and choose people in a few years to go i region are starving to death. that's the warning from the un humanitarian chief. martha griffin, i recently visited the area, says, hundreds of thousands of people are an urgent need of food aid. fighting between the regional forces and government troops began in november last year,
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alexia brought report. this boy is a victim of what the u. n says, is the world's worth hunger crisis. he may not look it, but a don, my ways is 14 years old. his uncle said that after spending months hiding from violence in ethiopia to dr. region, he weighs less than 15 kilograms. and he's not alone. the un estimate, hundreds of thousands of people are suffering famine conditions and try and millions more at risk to fighting left many hospitals and clinics closed or destroyed the combination of lack of medical care. most of the health institutions that are inoperable and lack of food will mean that people will start to die. fighting broke out into grey in november between ethiopian military and the regional force. the to gripe people's liberation front were looking at almost a year of fighting that had a tremendous impact on the economy and of the culture and the ability of people to
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produce food. so now which we see, but many people, they only have one mule per day. the quality of their meals have also deteriorated . some people and now eating roofs and flowers to survive. the un says a de facto government blockade of the region is preventing food, medical supplies, and fuel from gaping in something. the government's denied it is, is a stain on our conscience because the, the, the facts show that accessed to gray, where we have been wanting to have a 100 trucks every day arrive, integrate to meet the needs of the over 5000000 people. there will never reach that . we've never had that, and it's been about 10 percent of that. over the last 2 or 3 months, un humanitarian chief, says ethiopia leaders appearing into the abyss, and his calling on all sides to stop the fighting for this man,
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made the famine get worth. alexia bryan al jazeera people in china is northeastern province is being forced to rely on torches and generators as power cuts into a 2nd week. co shortages and local government attempts to curb electricity use of left homes and factories about power. people on social media express their concerns about not having electricity or heat as wind to approaches. state media says local governments of time, long term cold contracts and railways of stepped up deliveries to prevent more outages. remo brian has more now from hong kong. it is a combination of factors, it's past partly the cost of coal. it's also the system by which coal is used in energy generation in china and how that's charged. but it's the coming together of a number of different factors that has caused these rolling power cuts across something like 2 thirds of the provinces of china. it's affecting don't only
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domestic supply. so people are having to enjoy power cuts, but also now really impacting industry, especially the energy hungry industries like cement production of the number of cement plants of how to close down. but also some high tech production such as test because apple is also been impacted. companies that rely upon simple mechanical components, for example, further down the supply chain from china, so that is being impacted. so it is a real concern. in fact, some predictions for the g d p growth for this year in china. now having to be revisited with predictions that it might be a full half a percent less than was anticipated. so the government is taking various measures to try to deal with it. it is introduced cole rationing, also looking for other supplies from neighboring countries like russia or other parts of asia. but it doesn't necessarily mean that the price of the coal is going to be the last of the fact that's part of the problem is the system in place in china. because the government controls the price at which alec tricity is sold to
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the country as the price of coal has risen. that's made it harder for power generation companies to actually make a profit. so they've had to cut, they've been cutting back production. and in some cases, even closing down unprofitable, coal generated electricity generating coal fired power plants. the death of battle between rival drug gangs prison in ecuador has risen to at least 100. it took police and soldiers 5 hours to regain control of the jail or latin america editor lucy newman, reports. it was a gruesome scene inside the liter penitentiary and nicholas doors largest city. why a key police confirmed. they found more than $100.00 bodies of inmates. 6 of them beheaded, at least 50, were injured, 2 of them, the lease officers, while desperate relatives surrounded the prison. al tried president the more last or met with the security council and declared a state of emergency in the country's entire penitentiary system.
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we want justice, mister president, at least show your face for all the mothers who suffer here for our children. we want information because we don't know anything about our families, all our children because i have a son here. i don't know anything about my son. inside the prison, there were machine guns, explosives, knives of fool arsenal, as 2 rival drug gangs, los lobos and los needles. 40 doubt the right to began tuesday, but they weren't the 1st. at least 220 people have died behind bars this year in 2 separate prison right clinic. what or in the 1st, at least 80 men died in writing in 3 different prisons. 2 months ago another riot from the president. he had more last or 2 also declare a state of emergency in the prison system. but the fragile truce didn't last long, ecuador, his presents are understaffed, overcrowded,
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and full of rival gangs armed to the teeth. the former director of military intelligence says that the gangs worked for mexico's to top rival drug cartels and that this latest massacre illustrates just how far organized crime has penetrated the prison structure. the president last. what promises to carry out of inquiry and respect the human rights of all those involved. but diffusing the country's prison, powder keg clearly requires much, much more to see or newman, i'll just euro. yes, republicans of call the withdraw from a dentist on an unmitigated disaster at a congressional hearing into the conflict defense secretary lloyd austria non joint chief of staff chairman mont. milly had appeared on the 2nd day of hearings. president biden has been accused of lying about recommendations to keep troops on the ground and playing down warnings about taliban victory. general miller says there's a real possibility extremist groups could rebuild as early as spring taliban sitting
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a couple significant emboldens the radical jihad movement globally. the analogy i've used with many others, is it likely we'll put a shot of adrenalin into their arm? if i'm secretary lloyd austin told the committee that he did not support keeping troops and i've got to stop for longer. and in my view, there wasn't, there is no, was no risk free status quo option. i think that the taliban had been clear that if we stayed there longer, they were going to recommend attacks on our forces. i think while we, it's conceivable that you could stay there, my view is that you would have had to deploy more forces in order to protect ourselves and accomplish any mission that we would have been assign. north korean leader kim junglin says he's willing to restore communication lines with the south in an effort to promote peace. north korea said last week that it may consider a summit with its southern neighbour,
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but kim shrugged off recent us off as for dialog, calling them cunning ways to conceal american hostility. latest piece, overtures come a day off, the north korean state meter announced the country had tested a newly developed hypersonic missiles the u. s. s. it has no plans to normalize or upgrade diplomatic ties with syria and isn't encouraging others to do said, comments came off a jordan political reopened. it's main border crossing with syria in an effort to improve economic activity. in both countries, syria has been struggling with the impact of the sanction in a decade long civil war, jordanian and lebanese officials the verge, washington, to ease its measures in order to facilitate trade in the water country. and the model was we value the decision of his excellency, the minister of interior for cancelling the back to back transportation system for shipping. this will ease the flow of goods carried by jordanian trailers to syria. it will also easy entry of goods carried by syrian trailers to jordan from lebanon and syria. this decision came at
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a time when there is an increase in importance to syria by 600 percent through the port may put on this opening of the board that would be cheapest for traders. if a jordanian trailer and to syria, it would cost less than transferring goods between $2.00 of them at the border. families of the victims of last year's beirut port explosion, i've held a rally in support to the judge investigating the incident on monday. terry baton had to suspend his prob, officer complaint by a former interior minister, sent out a report from various family members of more than 200 people killed in the bay report. the explosion aren't angry and they're standing behind a judge under fire from lebanon's political establishment. thought it better is leading an investigation into one of the largest non nuclear explosions in world history. it's been more than a year, and there are no answers that i thought is doing that i just going under the past.
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and that's what the price and the politicians are being accused of obstructing the prob, to avoid accountability authority, say the blast was caused by highly explosive material stored at a warehouse in the port illegal challenged by former interior minister and had much, no accusing baton being biased has led to the prob, being suspended, the case presented by the minister must present with no legal basis and in front of a court to have no jurisdiction on the. so it's going to be dismissed. but meanwhile, meanwhile, it's a way to store covers idiots from 29 to 22021. the theater where john wouldn't have taken action against parliament is now in recess a time. when m. p. 's lose their immunity from prosecution since july, but are, has been trying to initiate the prosecution of those believed responsible for failing to act once they were told of the potential dangers of the materials stored
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at the port. that's beside is one of those very rare judges who did do everything in his power to go after the political elite based on the evidence that he had. they started with media campaigns against him, harassment report that threats the tar is reported to have received a verbal threat from his the law that it would remove him by any means. the iranian back group has not commented. we have reached a new level in this country where the judges that cannot be bolt or drive. now are threatened, but not only threatened threats and publicly using the press investigation is leading somewhere where they will. they don't want to go. but ours predecessor removed in february by a similar legal challenge brought by senior officials. he had accused of criminal negligence. so far, the investigation is focused on who was responsible for unsafely, storing the highly exclusive material at the 4th. but it's still not knowing what
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caused the fire that triggered the block. and there are unanswered questions surrounding the ownership of the ammonium nitrate. these families say they won't give up until they get justice, but they know they're up against the system that shields the power. then their elders, either without the time for a short break here and out 0. when we come back for my french president, nicole a suck on the set to find out, he'll be jail for corruption and fighting misinformation. you choose to block content to make full claims about vaccine. one that i use hello, that is more wet and windy weather on the way for salvation the days to come. and that's thanks to, to tropical systems where watching to the east and to the west of india. this one
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here has bought some very heavy rain to pots of moon by and the surrounding areas. it's not pulling away from the good direct peninsula making its way into pakistan, taking with the torrential rain, the very strong winds, and it's expected to move to the south of iran in the days to come now to the north east. we're also watching this system. it's moving further inland and we have got an amber warning out for heavy rain for be hot by the time we get into friday. but it does why up around the bay of bang gods. why than it has been recently for the very heavy rain. we have to move to the south. you can see those storms and showers, strengthening as we go into the weekend. now as we move to east asia, all eyes on typhoon min lays, it pulls up to the south of japan. it's not expected to make landfall, but it is going to get pretty close to the south east of han shoes. the tokyo is going to see some very wet weather. by the time we get into friday, we could see new gale force winds and some very strong rain coming in to play. by
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the time we get into saturday, doug, clear, there'll be plenty of sunshine and the weather will fit in the high twenty's. ah, the al jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of counts full cabana dot a tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis. his day would prove one of the darkest days in the quest for peace in the middle east. ah, killing the count on algebra. ah,
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the me welcome back. a quick recap of the top stories here, this our trinity as president of the point, the geologist with little from it's going to experience as a country's 1st female prime minister. these national food in the forming of government last week, i say that our people who by decree and ignore the constitution spock in large protests the un calling on the if you're in government to allow food a to into the sugar i region, hundreds of thousands, they're starving humanitarian chief martha griffin has warned the heiress, facing the world's worst hunger crisis in a decade. northeastern china is facing a 2nd week of severe power cuts. the outages are being blamed on coal shortages and local government attempts to curb electricity use. now in the coming hours, a french court is expected to hand down its verdict and the corruption trial for my
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president nicholas uncle z. he's accused of illegally over spending on these 2012 election campaign and faces up to 6 months in prison. and as natasha butler reports from paris is not the 1st time saw cosy, has been accused corruption. nicholas saw cozy failed to be re elected as french president in 2012. despite a lavish campaign, the scale of his rallies was designed to impress, but instead it's set off. alarm bells. a police investigation accused saw cozy in his campaign theme of spending more than doubled the $27000000.00 legal limit. that by the date and hiring a p all company called big 1000000 to help cover up the over spending with a system of fake invoices. symbolically important to say that a president doesn't get any immunity and has to respond to the load is also important because the campaign for 2022 is coming. so we have to have this
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reflection about out prevent illegal financing for a political campaign in may so cozy face trial in paris for illegal campaign funding alongside to 13 co accused. among them, one of his former campaign managers were home lever, le admitted a role in our system of fake invoices, but said it had not been his idea. it is very cool to parents during the one month trial fall can be denied any wrong doing. he said he wasn't involved in or aware of the overspending cover up for prosecutor said soccer, and we fail to supervise his campaign, financing, and ignored warnings from his accountant. so cozy, served one term as president from 2007, a straight talker with the love of luxury. he was tough on immigration and crime. you retired from politics in 2017. in recent years, the political right wing has struggled in france,
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but saw crazies remained prominent for lots of french's and vote for the right side . and you could check with these t as in cat enough, all time somehow, yes, hearing figure. if so cozy is found guilty in the big malian trial, he could face a 6 month jail term. it would be another blow to his reputation. in march, he was convicted of corruption in a different case and he could be back in court soon. he's accused of receiving illegal campaign funds from the late libyan leader. mohammed get duffy for co these legal problems. it seems a far from over natasha butler, al jazeera harris residents who have not lost their homes following the volcanic eruption on the island of la palmer, i've been told to seal doors and windows in the houses. lot from the latin bread you have ok now. has now reached the ocean setting of huge prunes of steam and toxic gases. nicholas are report palmer in the canary,
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either fear on the island of the an unstoppable torrent of lava destroying everything in its path and altering the landscape now flowing into the atlantic. plumes of toxic gases below, above the fishing village of as equity its mer is getting ready to evacuate them all and there are no words to express what i think or feel. there is no way for us to anticipate how this disaster will unfold. authorities have set up a 3 and a half kilometer cordon around the con, review hovel quino. the thermal shock of molten rock entering the ocean is producing a cloud composed of sulfur dioxide and acid lava. in some area, the ocean has turn grey and murky. if not just talk the chemicals that are being released, but also mineral scientists believe that in the long run, this will make marine life even richer and more diverse. in this disaster, they see an opportunity to better understand volcanic eruptions,
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so as to anticipate what can rivera will do next. well can ologist are recording increased seismic activity on the southern flank of the volcano. that suggests that pressure on the crater is increasing as powerful magma from below. the earth breaks through the surface. i got to predict. what i can tell you is this russian, this is i can predict this disruption is going to continue the same way we've seen . so there will be be yourself activity, how you see low intensity. so you have to the some repose videos on i'm believe in charlie. it may last weeks or months. we don't know. but what i can tell you is that the behaviors going to continue the same, more of the same means more destruction. close to 7000 people are displaced in more than 500 home buildings and churches charred to ashes and the lava is widening its
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reach as it closes in on to the core 10. nicholas hawk al jazeera the court, a fain, la palmer israeli forces have shot that to palestinians and separate incidents. a woman was killed near alex, a mosque unoccupied eastern. soon after allegedly trying to stab offices with what's described as a sharp object and a 22 year old man, died after his ready special forces carried out raids and occupied westbank. witnesses say 50 personnel, storm the village of berk. in dawn, there was gunfire off the 2 young residents, arrested athletes who aren't vaccinated against corona virus. phase $21.00 days in quarantine for february's winter lympics and beijing officials say vaccinated athletes will undergo daily testing and will only be allowed to move between games related venues. for training and competitions, organizers say foreign spectators won't be allowed to attend. and they've stopped ticket sales to people living outside of china. youtube says it will been all empty
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vaccine content. any videos relating to vaccines, including those against measles or chicken pox. be taken down if they claim the jobs are ineffective or dangerous. move comes as countries tried to convince people to get the cove in 1900 vaccine. the video sharing giant of already been post a spiteful smith's about corona virus treatments. what mark douglas is president of the us tech for a mountain, he says some difficulties could arise when determining what is misinformation they are affectively already is a band right now. if anyone puts out an at bax content, youtube, the monetize is if they are a popular podcast or, or any other content creator that makes money on the you to platform. so you tube essentially exercise control over their content using a method. what they are announcing now is that control is, or that censorship is going to become more explicit for people who don't monetize
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on their platform. and i think their ability to do it from a technology perspective is, is very straightforward. there's no doubt they, they can, if they want to. if you put out content that you tube doesn't like, then they say we won't let you to make money locked that content. so it's a really strong incentive for people who are putting out the content. so now what they're doing is they're extending that small content creators, the bill, which is the more explicit mean, today's mis information or less, call it last week. smith information is often today's truth so that the whole idea misinformation is essentially in the eye of the beholder. and quite frankly, in the moment that the information is being posted because you know, information about cobra, about vaccines, about any topic involves over time and is really rapidly above during the pandemic . so i think that's the big yes, actually, backlash again, youtube is. who's to say what you're blocking now is not the truth, literally 2 weeks from now. and that's happened over and over again during this
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pandemic. and so people aware of it for that reason. us senators are set to hold a hearing later on thursday to discuss what they call the toxic effects of facebook and instagram. it comes to days after the social media, john put off plans to unveil all kids version of instagram. facebook accused of trying to hide research about the danger the platform poses to young people is rob rentals. around a 1000000000 people use instagram every month. but the social media giant behind the photo sharing app says it will hold off on developing aversion aimed specifically at children. under 13, i still firmly believe that it's a good thing to build. a version of instagram is designed to be safe for teams. but we want to take the time to talk to parents and researchers and safety experts and get to more consensus about how to move forward. the retreat comes after an expose a by the wall street journal showing instagram's corporate parent. facebook
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conducted research showing exposure to instagram harmed teenagers, especially girls we need. another. researchers reportedly wrote that 32 percent of team girls said that when they felt bad about their bodies, instagram made them feel worse. they also found significant numbers of teens who reported suicidal feelings threaded instagram as a reason. instagram posts often show attractive people in glamorous settings, which may make users feel inferior by contrast, so that invariably, people come away from these online experiences. feeling that they will never measure up feeling that they can never be pretty enough 1st smart enough or charismatic enough, but 2019 presentation for company executives reportedly declared. we make body image issues worse for one in 3 team girls. the research was reportedly cited in
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a presentation to facebook, c, e o, mark zuckerberg last year. we do know sen, ed markey, of massachusetts, who will be holding hearings on the matter on thursday. wrote that the least information was, quote, appalling and adding that facebook has completely forfeited the benefit of the doubt when it comes to protecting young people. and he called on the company to abandon plans to launch a version of instagram for kids under gene. instagram says it is developing a feature to actually suggest when young people should stop viewing its content in it. you could put your instagram on pause for a period of time if you're in a moment of vulnerability, maybe going to a break up. you just switched high schools. facebook claims the published internal documents were taken out of context. rob reynolds al jazeera. ah tough. okay. check.


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