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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2021 10:00am-10:31am AST

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regulation to own a tiger than there are a tone, a dog. how can this be happening? your weekly take on us politics and. and that's the bottom line. ah ah, is really for those killed to palestinians during separate incidents in the occupied west bank. ah. hello, money by this sound, is there a lie? also coming up a stain on our conscience? the un monetary and chief give some of the sharpest criticism after almost a year of conflict in e t great region. equity was president declared the state of emergency in the
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prison system off at least a 100 people are killed in a riot. the french call is to hand down. it's that it in the corruption trial. if the former president nicholas, because he faces up to 6 months in prison, ah, israeli forces have killed 2 palestinians in separate incidence. a woman was shot dead, nay, ox, a mosque in occupied ease to reach them after allegedly trying to stab offices. and a 22 year old man died during dorn raids and the occupied west bank. witnesses say 50 personnel, storm the village, back in that was gone far off the 2 young residence were arrested last spring and harry for his life 1st in west jerusalem. harry explain what happened in this incident where the woman was shot dead near the alex, i'm well, yes,
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according to these ready police. the one was coming out of the election most compound through the chain gate in the old city and occupied east jerusalem. and they say that she attempted to to attack a police. so security forces at a checkpoint at that gate. and she was short and pronounced dead at the scene. these ready forces have released a picture of a black handled what looks like a kitchen knife, which they say was the weapon that she was using. this is a 30 year old woman who is from who was from the area around jeanine and the north of the occupied west bank. it's not clear exactly how she got through into east jerusalem, but this is not the 1st such incident even this month. interest on september the 10th, there was a 50 year old man, a doctor in fact from east jerusalem, a palestinian man, who again was seen on camera trying to attack and stab the one of the
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israeli security checkpoints in and around the area of alex. he was shot and killed at the scene as well, and later in west harrison, 3 days later, there was an attack by a 17 year old. from the west bank. he tried, tried to attack ultra orthodox men stubbing and injuring to them. he was short and injured so that was referred to as an escalation. certainly went on the stage of what we saw from october 2015 that the shit number and level of such attacks. but september has been relatively high in these sorts of incidence. ok, harry, thank you, harry, for that for us in west doris lamb, we can turn out to need a abraham who's in ramallah for us. so it took us through the separate incident, a man dying during dorm raids in the occupied west bank. according to the palestinian health ministry, a 22 year old palestinian has come to his wounds after he was shot by the israeli
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forces 4 times in different parts of his body. his funeral has already taken place in jeanine after what witnesses said, an armed clash that happened between the palestinians and israelis side. it's important to know that the janine has been the center of these raids lately. more and more weapons were seeing coming out of genie that becoming more visible. and we've seen that particularly after palestinians escape israeli prisons. and many are telling us that this is part of palestinians showing defiance to these relays that are increasing the rates to the palestinian cities. just this, since the beginning of this year, when or at around $75.00 seniors were killed in reeds that were committed by the israeli forces. many thanks for that. neither emperor him in ramallah
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un humanitarian chief, has described the crisis in ethiopia. i was staying on our conscience, as one of martin griffith's most sharpie worded criticisms after almost a year, a conflict, she gray, which has put the region on the brink of famine, alexia bryan reports. this boy is a victim of what the un says is the world's worst hunger crisis. he may not look it, but a don, my ways is 14 years old. his uncle said that after spending months hiding from violence in ethiopia to dr. region, he weighs less than 15 kilograms, and he's not alone. the un estimate, hundreds of thousands of people are suffering famine conditions and to grind and millions more at risk. to fighting left many hospitals and clinics closed or destroyed the combination of lack of medical care. most of the health institutions that are inoperable and lack of food will mean that people will start to die.
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fighting broke out into gray november between ethiopian military and the regional force. the to gripe people's liberation front. were looking at almost a year of fighting that had a tremendous impact on the economy and the culture and the ability of people to produce food. so now which we see that many people, they only have one mule per day, the quality of their meals have also deteriorated. some people and now eating roofs and flowers to survive. the un says a de facto government blockade of the region is preventing food, medical supplies, and fuel from getting in. something the government's denied. if you know is, is a stain on our conscience because the, the, the facts show that accessed to gray, where we have been wanting to have a 100 trucks every day arrive, integrate to meet the needs of the over 5000000 people there. we've never reached
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that. we've never had that, and it's been about 10 percent of that. over the last 2 or 3 months, the un humanitarian chief says ethiopia leaders appearing into the abyss and he's calling on all sides to stop the fighting. for this man, made famine gets worth. alexia o'brien, al jazeera ecuador has declared an emergency in its prisons, after a battle between rival gangs behind bars kills more than 100 people. it took police and military 5 hours to regain control of the prison on latin america. as lucy and human reports. it was a gruesome scene inside the literary penitentiary and nick wars largest city. why a key police confirmed. they found more than $100.00 bodies of inmates. 6 of them be headed, at least 50, were injured, 2 of them, the lease officers, while desperate relatives surrounded the prison. l tried president. the more last i
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met with the security council and declare a state of emergency in the country's entire penitentiary system. we want justice, mister president, at least show your face for all the mothers who suffer here for our children. we want information because we don't know anything about our families, all our children because i have a son here. i don't know anything about my son. inside the prison, there were machine guns, explosives, knives of fool arsenal, as 2 rival drug gangs. los lobos and los needles fought it out the right to began tuesday, but they weren't the 1st. at least 220 people have died behind bars this year in 2 separate prison ride clinic. what or in the 1st, at least 80 men died in writing in 3 different prisons, 2 months ago, another riot from the president. the last or 2 also declare a state of emergency in the prison system. but the fragile truce didn't last long
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and could always, prisons are understaffed, overcrowded and full of rival gangs armed to the teeth. the former director of military intelligence says that the gangs worked for mexico to top rival drug cartels and that this latest massacre illustrates just how far organized crime has penetrated the prison structure. the president last. what promises to carry out a full inquiry and respect to the human rights of all those involved. but diffusing the countries prison, powder keg clearly requires much, much more. to see newman al jazeera to initiate as a new prime minister. she's in the de la boot in a geologist with little political experience, the 1st woman to hold the position. president side has tossed with forming governments for weeks. he's been on the pressure to appoint a new premier off the suspended parliament and what the opposition called a coo and it's smith reports now from genius,
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natural food and has been plucked from relative academic obscurity and thrust into the spotlight. by tonight he is, president said she becomes a prime minister at a moment of national crisis. why the president has been under mounting pressure to name a government after he dismissed the prime minister, suspended parliament and assumed executive authority in june. a move opponents called a qu, why the law many yet i see a lot more fighting. corruption is our starting point. we will vote relentlessly to do this and to respond to all requests to needs. he ends in all fields including health transport and education. my god, help you and your team that i hope will be for me quickly to catch up on time last to the quarrels and disagreements in so many ministries that became arenas flowing with blood. the professor of geosciences were booed and has little government experience. her appointment comes just as political parties and civil society groups were becoming increasingly frustrated with the president's failure to
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consult with them in the 2 months since he seized power to nearly as powerful workers union is not impressed with the announcement was either we're all together with full transparency and we are partners in london. we agree amongst ourselves. we are people whose faith in peaceful and civil struggle that will point towards the same goal, which is in the best interest of the country. the major political parties could try to challenge the legality of boot appointment at any policies. her new government tries to enact without the suspended parliament's consent, the national boot and is a name of prime minister. but she serves the pleasure of a president who rules by decree, what real power she has to act independently remains unclear. and the prime minister will be under pressure to move quickly to seek financial support for a budget. and debt repayment talks with the international monetary fund were put on
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hold in july after president side power grant. bernard smith alters era sled on al jazeera. we look at what's behind the work out and just seen in china for years. why instagram says it will hold off on developing a child friend version of the social media platform. ah hello, that is more wet and windy weather to come from much of europe at the end of the week. i'm afraid not just in the north and in the west, but also in the south and we've seen some heavy rain effect northern parts of italy . we had flooding and landslides around lake como. this is the 2nd time in 3 months . this is happened. and that wet weather is set to continue on thursday because for
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the real wet and windy weather, we have to go to the northwest and go to weather system. moving into britain, an island on thursday. that's going to bring some windy weather, some long spells of rain ahead of it. we've got a weather system affecting scandinavia and we've got some wind warnings out for northern parts of germany. from that that's going to eat its way to the east. as we go into friday. some of that heavy rain is going to affect poland and you can see that rain edging down as well into the balkans things if any rather qu here temperature is slightly below average. we've got rain on the menu for grease. it is going to ease as we go into friday and that brisk wind is going to continue blowing down from the black sea. speaking of brisk winds, if we go to southern front, we've got quite a wind blowing down with some wind warnings out for sardinia in italy. but for the iberian peninsula, it is looking a lot finer and wire, with sunshine in madrid. the
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white representation participation, democracy means that people have the right to choose their leaders and governments in free and fair election, and exploring why democracy has never been filled in. so many parts of the world, documentary theories examines the biggest challenge, is to democracy from those who undermine it. to those who are ready to die for democracy may be coming soon on 20 o the me. hello, you're watching l 0 reminder stories. this is really forces have killed 2 palestinians
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. a woman was shot said alex, a most gulf allegedly trying to stop offices. a 22 year old man died during dorm raise in the west bank. the you and his calling on the government allowed to date into to dry monitor in chief law in griffith says one and 5 people is now suffering malnutrition in the region. after almost a year of conflict from the battle between rival drug gangs at a prison in ecuador house with more than a 100, the government has declared the state of emergency across the president system. the wealth, biggest coal consumer is rationing electricity as it struggles to contain a growing power crisis, which is now in its 2nd week long hours of outages on not just affecting residential areas of china. fact trees are also hit, many of which are working, reduced hours. spend cool with my combination of high coal prices, tight supplies,
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and tougher emission balls. the subway was still in operation. water and electricity were all costs. many people came to buy candles and borrow portable charges to charge. making deliveries to high rises was a problem. you have to climb up stairs. if people live on high floors, when power was cut, you have to climb 10 floors or more than 20 floors. some young people are not willing to come downstairs, if they order delivery, we have to deliver it to them. rob mcbride says this is going to have an impact on china's economy. it is a combination of factors. it's past partly the cost of coal. it's also the system by which coal is used in energy generation in china and how that's charged. but it's the coming together of a number of different factors that has caused these rolling power cuts across something like 2 thirds of the provinces of china. it's affecting don't only
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domestic supply, so people are having to endure power cuts, but they're also now really impacting industry, especially the energy hungry industries like cement production in the number of cement plants of how to close down. but also some high tech production such as test because apple is also been impacted. companies that rely upon simple mechanical components, for example, further down the supply chain from china. so that is being impacted. so it is real concerned. in fact, some predictions for the g d p growth for this year in china. now having to be revisited with predictions that it might be a full half a percent less than was anticipated. so the government is taking various measures to try to deal with it. it is introduced cole rationing, also looking for other supplies from neighboring countries like russia or other parts of asia. but it doesn't necessarily mean that the price of the coal is going to be any less. and in fact, that's part of the problem is the system in place in china, because the government controls the price at which alec tricity is sold to the
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country as the price of coal has risen. that's made it harder for power generation companies to actually make a profit. so they've had to cut, they've been cutting back production. and in some cases, even closing down unprofitable, coal generated electricity generating coal fired power plants. north korean leader kim jones says he's willing to restore communication lines with the south in an effort to promote peace. it comes a day to state media announced that the country has tested a newly developed hypersonic missile. the chemist shrugged off the recent us offers for dialogue, cooling them, coming ways to conceal american hostility. last week, young young said that it may consider a summit with its southern neighbour. a french court is expected to hand down its verdicts and a corruption drawl, as the former president nicholas on cosy keys, if illegally over spending on his fail 2012 election campaign. and as natasha
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butler reports from paris, it's not the 1st time the cozy has faced a corruption trial. nicholas saw cozy failed to be re elected as french president in 2012. despite a lavish campaign, the scale of his rallies was designed to impress, but instead it's set off alarm bells. a police investigation acute saw cosy and his campaign theme of spending more than doubled the 27000000 dollar legal limit that by different date and hiring a p o. a company called big 1000000 to help cover up the over spending with a system of fake invoices. symbolically important to say that a president doesn't get any immunity and has to respond to the loan. is also important because the campaign for 2022 is coming. so we have to have this reflection about our prevents illegal financing for
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a political campaign in may so cozy face trial in paris for illegal campaign funding alongside to 13 co accused among them, one of his former campaign managers were home lever, le admitted a role in our system of fake invoices, but said it had not been his idea. it is very cool to parents during the one month trial because he denied any wrong doing. he said he wasn't involved in or aware of the overspending cover up, but also to, to say soccer. and he failed to supervise his campaign, financing, and ignored warnings from his accountant. so cozy, served one term as president from 2007, a straight talker with a love of luxury. he was tough for immigration and crime. you were taught from politics in 2017. in recent years, the political right wing has struggled in france. both saw crazies remained prominent for lots of french votes for the right side and you could check with the
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team as you've got enough all time somehow. yes, hearing figure, if so cozy is found guilty in the big 1000000 trial. he could face a 6 month jail term, it would be another blow to his reputation in march, he was convicted of corruption in a different case, and he could be back in court soon. he's accused of receiving illegal campaign funds from the lately be a leader mohammed get duffy for co these legal problems. it seems a far from over natasha butler, al jazeera paris residents who have not lost their homes following the volcanic eruption on the island of palmer. i have been told to seal the doors and windows of their homes. lava has now reached the ocean setting of huge plumes, the steam and toxic gases. nicholas hark reports from la palmer in the canary islands. fear on the island of the an unstoppable torrent of lava destroying
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everything in its path and altering the landscape now flowing into the atlantic. plumes of toxic gases below, above the fishing village of as equity. it's mere is getting ready to evacuate. but there are no words to express what i think or feel. there is no way for us to anticipate how this disaster will unfold. authorities have set up a 3 and a half kilometer cordon around the can review hovel, quino. the thermal shock of molten rock entering the ocean is producing a cloud composed of sulfur dioxide and acid lava. in some area, the ocean house turn grey and murky. if not just talk to chemicals that are being released, but also mineral scientists believe that in the long run, this will make marine life even richer and more diverse. in this disaster, they see an opportunity to better understand volcanic eruptions, so as to anticipate what can rivera will do next. well can ologist are recording
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increased seismic activity on the southern flank of the volcano. that suggests that pressure on the crater is increasing as powerful magma from below. the earth breaks through the surface. i got to predict. what i can tell you is a user option. this is, i can predict this disruption is going to continue this same way we've seen. so there will be p use of activity. how you intensity low intensity. so you have to the some repose videos on, i'm believe in charlie. it may last weeks or months. we don't know, but what i can tell you our breathing is that behavior is going to continue the same. more of the same means more destruction. close to 7000 people are displaced in more than 500 homes. the buildings and churches charged to ashes. and the lava is widening its reach as it closes in on to the quarter. nicholas hawk al jazeera,
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the court, a faint, la paloma, about 8 percent of people in afghanistan are addicted to drugs, and many children with a crumbling economy and insufficient aid rehabilitation centers and are running out of the medicines they need to treat them. some a bunch of aid has a report from couple this appears to be an ordinary classroom for these children are being treated for drug addiction with mothers who were addict, student pregnancy. some became indirect uses in the room. what are this? it was when they were breastfed or their parents smoke drugs in their presence. does that make all this is que, contravene his identity? he is 12 years old and loves to thing in he became a heroine user after injecting himself using his father syringe. you an office on drugs and crime, says half of the parents and have gone to the son who use drugs,
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give them to their children. when addict can affect the whole family. that's what happened to me nervous. she's on suicide. watch so much money because of my husband, i became an addict. i have 2 sons and 3 daughters. all of them are here. i'm scared of my kids becoming addicts because i've seen how terrible gets with my husband at the center has run out of medicine because of the economic crunch and after feed my best and government since 2001 took over the country, doctors and other staff members have not been paid for months and you and says only 10 percent of addicts to read the treatment for rehabilitation, they need to fire mommy from the centers for addicts are not enough. there should be more centers and good treatment plans. some addicts are homeless and they live under the burnt bridge. get a special. this is the bird bridge in cobble. we cannot go closer to film, and some attics here have threatened to stop people with their syringes. one can be used by many people and spread diseases such as aids and hepatitis his heroine.
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myths cocaine, amphetamines and cannabis are all readily available. according to the united nations 90 percent of the world elicit or b. a drugs originate in august on the taliban has announced it will ban opium production, but without enough income from an alternative agriculture that might be easier said than done this man trying to escape from any other rehabilitation center in cobble that can hold a 1000 people for both social workers go out to catch others, but only when they have capacity, drug users must go through detoxification, rehabilitation and social care. many of these men have only been here for a few days. they've been pleading to us to let them leave. but doctors here tell us that they need to stay here for 45 days so that they can go through this phase of a draw and actually get treatment, or keeping people drug fee is
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a major challenge. up to 30 percent of people had returned to using drugs and those treating them say, unless the economy picks up many more will join them from a job down to 0. trouble you. i sent that to hold a hearing late on thursday to discuss what they call the toxic effects of facebook and instagram. it comes just days off of the social media giant, delayed plans on a kid's version of instagram. facebook is a keys of trying to hide research about the danger the platform poses to young people. rob reynolds reports around a 1000000000, people use instagram every month. but the social media giant behind the photo sharing app says it will hold off on developing aversion aimed specifically at children. under 13, i still firmly believe that it's a good thing to build. a version of instagram is designed to be safe for twins. but
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we want to take the time to talk to parents and researchers and safety experts and get to more consensus about how to move forward. the retreat comes after an expose a by the wall street journal showing instagram's corporate parent. facebook conducted research showing exposure to instagram harmed teenagers, especially girls. we need another po, researchers reportedly wrote that 32 percent of teen girls said that when they felt bad about their bodies. instagram made them feel worse. they also found significant numbers of teens who reported suicidal feelings freighted instagram as a reason. instagram posts often show attractive people in glamorous settings, which may make users feel inferior by contrast to that. invariably, people come away from these online experiences feeling that they will never measure up feeling that they can never be pretty enough 1st smart enough or
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charismatic enough. but 2019 presentation for company executives reportedly declared. we make body image issues worse for one in 3 teen girls. the research was reportedly cited in a presentation to facebook, c, e o. mark zuckerberg last year. we do know sen, ed markey, of massachusetts, who will be holding hearings on the matter on thursday. wrote that the leach information was, quote, appalling and adding that facebook has completely forfeited the benefit of the doubt when it comes to protecting young people. and he called on the company to abandon plans to launch a version of instagram for kids under gene. instagram says it is developing a feature to actually suggest when young people should stop viewing its content in it. you could put your instagram on pause for a period of time if you're in a moment of vulnerability. maybe you're going to break up, you just switched high schools. facebook claims the published internal documents were taken out of context. robert olds, al jazeera,
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china says athletes who are vaccinated against current of ours phase 21 days quarantine for its winter olympics. the beijing olympic and paralympic games which takes place in february will be taking place in what organizes call a closed loop management system. vaccinated athletes will undergo daily testing and will only be allowed to move between games related venues. foreign spectators won't be allowed to attend the games. ah, this is al jazeera, these, your top story. israeli forces of killed 2 palestinians. a woman was shot dead near the moscow allegedly trying to stop offices. a 22 year old man died during dorn raids in the occupied west bank. israel says amount was a member of our crews brigade on exchange gum fi before.


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